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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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headed, how this could impact your holiday travel. more importantly, what's to come for thanksgiving. and we're following the now, here the wet roads and more warnings from chp. we'll let you know about this slowdown i see as well coming up. taking a live look outside this morning, it's tuesday, november 20th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. happening right now, the port of oakland wrapped up in a labor struggle as union workers walk off the job this morning. this is all part of a 24-hour strike that first started at oakland international airport. that happened overnight. christie smith is live at the port of oakland right now where the timing of this strike is absolutely no coincidence. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, they timed it very close to thanksgiving. we know they were supposed to --
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they got started about 20 minutes ago. we are on middle harbor shoreline park here. these are a lot of electricians and other workers. there are trucks out here waiting to get in the port but these workers that are on strike saying that they are hoping the truckers and other union workers actually support them today and don't go in. their plan is to shut down operations at the port of oakland today after holding a picket line at the oakland airport last night. started on the busy thanksgiving travel week. these are members of seiu local 1020. >> christie, if you can hear us, we might want to get you on a stick mike and continue this but this wind is just dominating. we'll work on getting better audio and check back where you can see the picketing is under way. we'll keep you posted on that. >> a lot of activity out there so we'll continue to follow that story. new video to show you in
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redwood city. a water main break buck ed the intersection of brewster avenue and warren street. it's close to el camino real. water from an eight-inch line flooded two garages. no other damage has been reported. the busted pipe also causing a five-foot sinkhole on west 11th street near york street in pittsburg. crews have shut off water in the neighborhood while they repair the water main and try to fill that hole. right now we have breaking news out of israel where a man armed with a knife and an ax attacks a security guard at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv this morning. the guard was slightly hurt in the leg but was able to fire a warning shot into the air and they were able to catch that suspect. police say the attacker is an israeli citizen in his 40s. the man's motive at this hour unclear, but investigators say the incident may not have anything to do with israel's conflict with hamas militants. now, security there has been increased at that embassy
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following this strange and sudden attack. the stabbing comes as violence continues to develop in the middle east. this morning more than 100 palestinians are dead as israel continues its air strikes in gaza. half of the palestinians killed are civilians. israel has attacked more than 1300 targets since the attacks began november 14th. but palestinian militants are firing back. this morning at least one rocket fired from gaza landed in a town in southern israel causing damage to cars and a bus. israel is still sending thousands of troops to the border with the gaza strip and has not yet ruled out a ground invasion. lebanon and iran are calling on arab states to help hamas in its fight against israel, but the majority of global leaders are cog for a cease-fire. but israel and hamas have very different terms for a truce. israel wants hamas to stop its rocket attacks and put an end to arms smuggling into gaza.
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hamas wants israel to stop assassinating its leaders and it wants israel to lift its blockade. and u.s. now taking action to try to put a stop to that violence along the gaza strip. this morning president obama taking his most forceful stance yet, sending secretary of state hillary clinton over to the middle east. this, of course, is an abrupt departure for secretary clinton who had been with the president in cambodia for the east asia summit. marla tellez is joining us in the newsroom right marla, secretary clinton is expected to meet with leaders on both sides of the conflicts. >> reporter: yes, she is. she will meet first with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. then palestinian president abbasn west bank. egypt is known as the strong mediator between the israelis and palestinians. as you touched on and laura mentioned, a cease-fire truce is a long ways off as rockets
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continue to fly into southern israel and gaza city. just moments ago a new air strike aimed at jerusalem was reported. officials say this is only the second attack, rocket attack aimed at jerusalem since the fighting began wednesday. but police say the rocket apparently did not reach the city and authorities are now searching for the blast site. to make matters worse, a top hamas military commander is urging his fighters to keep up the attacks on israel. all while top diplomats, including clinton, are working toward peace of the one of the problems is the israelis want more than just a temporary cease-fire. >> if a cease-fire is going to take place, what is the dpa guarantee this is not going to break down in a couple of weeks. >> just in the u.s. state department saying she will emphasize the united states' interest in a peaceful outitem that protects and enhances israel's security and regional stability. that can lead to improved conditions for the civilian residents of gaza. now, clinton isn't necessarily
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taking on this diplomatic mission alone. u.n. chief moon is calling for an immediate cease-fire. he is helping negotiate from cairo. >> thank you very much. as we mentioned, president obama wrapping up his tour of asia by coming face to face with china's growing economic power. this morning he sat down with china's outgoing premier during the southeast asia summit in cambodia. it is likely the president's last meeting with the premier, who is stepping down, along with the president. in china leadership changes every ten years. now, coming up at 6:30 in morning, hear why the president says he is committed to working with china despite the ongoing strain between the two economic superpowers. >> a lot of international news going on right now. keeping our eye on that. 6:06. christina loren is keeping an eye on the skies and weather happening right now. >> you just saw christie smith live out there at the port of oakland. wind speeds sustained at 13 miles per hour. we certainly noticed that wind gusting out there.
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that can make for a very rough commute in addition to the very strong winds and the gusts that could hit you as you head over the open water bridges. we're also watching out for debris on the highway. the leaves are now falling off the trees so take it easy this morning. we do have slick conditions over parts of the bay area. the main event has not be began to push into the area. but showers are starting to move to the south. very light, spotty activity pushing into the richmond district all the way to the sunset district this morning. nothing heavy just yet. that doesn't arrive until 5:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we are going to see pretty good-looking rainfall totals. we'll tell you how much we are expecting. highs today will be in the 60s. let's check on the drive with mike. >> tv is a visual medium but i have a bad picture to show you. it's changed over the last five minutes. we now can no longer see that half of the bay bridge from treasure island over to the city. the red slow incline and now the mist and drizzle kicking in.
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we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza and that's why the back upand metering lights have formed. now it's slow from the berkeley curve to the toll plaza itself, again with metering lights on. we'll also show you more of that weather impacting your commute coming across the golden gate bridge. now we see the wet roadways, water kicking up off of the roadway and with that mist hitting the windshield, folks are having to use windshield wipers. remember, if you have windshield wipers on, you must have headlights on steady as well. farther north we've been following slick conditions through san rafael and further north. just use caution, folks. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:08. coming up, did o.j. could it? one man says he's coming forward with the answer. we'll tell you about the death row confession that is prompting a new twist in the killings of nicole brown smith and ron goldman just ahead. one of the most spectacular business disasters of all time. the kind that they will talk about in business class forever happening right now in palo alto.
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we'll take a look in business news. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in san francisco where baring it all could get a thumbs down from the board of supervisors. that story coming up. right now we give you a live look from the port of oakland. workers there are picketing. we have coverage of that. christie smith is there with a live report. it is 6:09.
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welcome back, everybody, on a tuesday morning. how about this for a nice little shot. some low-hanging clouds, a little fog mixed in with the lights as we roll toward the holidays. the first one on the hit list is thanksgiving and then it's the shopping spree heading towards christmas. >> here we go. >> yes, we do. >> buckle your seat belts. well, speaking of san francisco there, controversy in san francisco comes to a head today as the board of
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supervisors takes a vote on a proposed nudity ban. >> that is right. nudity has been allowed for years in the city but the supervisor who authored the proposal says this one has gotten out of hand. bob redell is live at city hall with a vote that will happen later on today. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. if the board of supervisors here in san francisco passes this ordinance later this afternoon, you'd still be able to bare all within the santa city limits bu during permitted events and parades, like gay pride, bay to breakers, events like those. what the proposed ordinance would stop are scenes like this where you have people, mostly men, walking around or lounging about completely in the nude as they go about their day-to-day routine. supervisor scott wiener has proposed this ordinance baz it's happening primarily in the castro, the district he represents. he recognizes that public nudity is not new to san francisco, it just seems that it now has become so much more prevalent,
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so much so that people are just becoming more fed up with it. >> i'm getting letters from customers who regret that they can no longer shop here because they can't bring their children down here. >> why would anybody want to walk around buck naked in public? >> freedom. freedom. just to be free. >> reporter: and there is a group of nudists who have already filed a federal lawsuit in case this ordinance does pass to, quote, protect their freedom, their freedom of expression. they're saying if this passes they would be infringing on that and they want to stop that ordinance from going into effect. if the ordinance is passed, the first violation would actually be a citation, $100 fine. it's the third time you'd be facing a misdemeanor charge which would result in a $500 fine and possible jail time. reporting live outside san francisco city hall, bob redell, "today in the bay." time for a quick check of
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the day's top stories. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the middle east today discussing the violence in the gaza strip and urging a cease-fire between israel and hamas. the white house says clinton will meet with israeli, palestinian and egyptian leaders. u.s. officials in israel investigating an attack on the embassy in tel aviv. officials say an israeli man attacked a security guard there with a knife and an ax today. the guard was wounded, but he was able to catch the suspect. the fbi will talk more about four men from southern california now in custody facing terrorism charges. the fbi says the men were planning an attack on americans that timed to join al qaeda and the taliban. coming up, we'll take you live to los angeles for a live report. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. right now we have a big-time story happening right here in the silicon valley area. mouths just wide open as the business world looking at hewlett-packard saying it was tricked to the tune of nearly $9
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billion. >> scott mcgrew says hp's purchase of autonomy officially a disaster. >> a disaster. it was a mess, laura, we knew that. we can move the peg up now to disaster. hewlett-packard paid $11 billion for the british company autonomy. it didn't go well from the start. this morning, though, in its routine quarterly report, hp dropped the bombshell that autonomy was not telling the truth in its books at the time. it's hard to think of anything worse for hp other than maybe their headquarters burning down this morning. we expected the company to say computer sales were sinking. they said that in the report. we expected printer sales were sinking and they said that. what we did not expect was to see this kind of language in a financial report. these words, serious accounting improprieties, failures, outright misrepresentations. in financial language, folks, this is akin to swearing. hp is on the phone now in a conference call with reporters.
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that's kind of the normal flow of things following a financial report. but all of the questions this morning are centering around what happened and who knew what when. the board, hp's board, has quite a history, approved this deal. about the only person off the hook this morning is meg whitman, the ceo, because he wasn't there when this deal went through. all this happened under a previous ceo. he was fired even before we knew about this. but hp stock could fall as much as 15% this morning and it's already at an incredible low. so we will watch this and continue to try to pick apart these numbers and figure out what happened. bottom line, hp says it was fooled into buying a company. >> mind boggling. >> thank you very much, scott. >> one to watch. 6:17. christina loren is watching our weather. you've been predicting and forecasting it, the rain is on the way. >> it is on the way. in fact it's spreading a little bit further to the south at this point.
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starting to get our first showers along the peninsula. i'll show you exactly where coming up. i wanted to show you what you are headed to work under this morning. a little bit of light rainfall, and you can see the highway here is nice and slick over the golden gate bridge. that's basically where the showers are kind of staying put. just to the north of the golden gate bridge. 6:17 now. you can see still people charging to work. a lot of people actually heading out for holiday travel. if you are one of those people, just want to keep in mind you're going to have two opportunities to do so without having to dodge the wet weather. so the first opportunity is right now, especially south of san jose, you can get out of town with nice, dry conditions. we're going to see these showers start to move in as we head through the second half of the day. there is quite a bit of rainfall in parts of the pay area, especially the north bay. so it all works out like this for today. low pressure starts to move through. this will provide some pretty decent rainfall totals anywhere in the vicinity of a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch. also expecting some airport delays out of sfo in particular
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and wind will pick up throughout the day, 15 to 25 miles per hour sustained with heavier gusts at times. so highs today, 68 in livermore, 66 in santa teresa and 66 degrees in los gatos. i want to spend a little extra time on your seven-day to help you make those plans. a lot of people have family coming into town after all. thanksgiving day looks good, 65 degrees inland, 64 bayside and 63 degrees at the coast. we'll get another chance for rain as we head through sunday into monday. but yeah, starting to feel a little bit more like november around here. mike, other to you. >> with wet roads we do have to issue a caution. but first i got word from caltrain a couple of minutes ago, there is a deadly accident. train 103 in the northbound direction has hit and killed somebody so the train is halted on the tracks. now, there's a bus bridge that's been put in place between san antonio and palo alto. that's very quick action by caltrans, but i wanted to let you know as soon as i could. the roads might be an alternate for you and here is palo alto.
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again, the roadways getting a little misty along the peninsula so we'll watch for that. so far the speeds are holding up right here. heading south into the south bay, let's get a look at the maps for san jose. an easy drive here for 101. we have this burst now hitting 101 north, 680 to 880. there's a slower build for the south bay even on a traffic tuesday. we kind of expected that. it's vacation week. we'll hit pretty hard between 7:30 and 9:30 is my guess in those typical spots. west 580 starts to show the slowing. no problem through sunol for 680 south into fremont. a look over to the bay bridge where we have the backup here, all lanes because the metering lights are on. there's a little mist and droplets have hit the lens. a little tougher to see. in fact look at our camera from emeryville. basically the bay bridge, golden gate bridge, anywhere north of there you're going to get hit especially through san rafael
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and coming down through marin county. back to you. a new documentary claims a serial killer on death row and not o.j. simpson may have murdered nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. "my brother the serial killer" an investigation on discovery chronicles -- or on discovery chronicles the life of glen rogers. it features interviews with rogers brother who said he's certain his brother killed simpson and goldman. rogers knew o.j. simpson and includes interviews with police, family members and a criminal profiler who claims rogers confessed the murders to him. a myth buster now hoping to bust a burglar who stole a bag out of his car. adam savage, a co-host of the popular series tweeted out this picture of his bag. savage said somebody broke into his car in downtown san francisco saturday night. he says there was really nothing of value in that bag, but the
6:21 am
bag itself has sentimental value. savage right now offering a reward for the bag's safe return. it is 6:21. coming up, next up, los gatos. the new light rail route that could help you ditch your drive in the south bay just ahead.
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good tuesday morning, everybody. it is 6:24 right now. the santa clara vta planning to extend the reach of its light
6:24 am
rail line. the plans are on the table to add an extra one and a half miles to its original corridor project. that line will connect los gatos to the downtown san jose area and campbell line. the vta will hold a public meeting december 4th at the campbell public library. no matter how you're getting to and fro today, we want to see if you've got to pack that umbrella, checking in with christina for a look at the forecast. >> or else you just plan a speedy exit and entry as you head out to work this morning. there are some showers on the radar. let me get my words correct here. san francisco starting to get a little bit of light rainfall an those showers extend up into the north bay. now here is the deal for today. if you're waking up with us in the east bay and the south way, the bulk of the moisture doesn't even arrive until about 5:00 p.m. we'll time that system out, tell you what it means for your holiday travel coming up. first, maybe you're just trying to travel to work this morning. if so, mike is here to help you out. >> the roadways are fine on the
6:25 am
peninsula, we do have a smooth drive 101 and 280 through palo alto. also an alternate if you're using caltrain because trains are held up at charleston. so the bus bridge in place. there's a fatality on the tracks northbound train 103 association we' -- so we're waiting on more information on that. the san mateo bridge, a heavier volume with the commute over to the peninsula. the peninsula roadways looks like you're going to get a little sprinkle coming up. plans for a new warriors arena are moving forward. today the board of supervisors is expected to sign off on the financial feasibility of the arena project. it's expected to bring 4300 jobs to san francisco. the warriors, however, promise to give current oracle arena employees the first crack at those new jobs. in the meantime the new niners stadium will reportedly also be home to the kraft fight hunger bowl. the santa clara stadium authority is expected to make
6:26 am
that announcement later on this afternoon. the bowl game is currently played at at&t park. it would just move when the new stadium opens in 2014. did you happen to catch the niners in their old stadium last night? trouncing the bears. colin kaepernick, first start in the nfl, ran the table. made the bears look like peewee leaguers. congratulations to the niners and colin. nice start. still ahead, an explosive equation. a chemical plant engulfed by flames in pennsylvania. we'll have a look at all the damage there with all those flames jumping into the air. a possible environmental impact going on. we'll have that just ahead. plus ear u.s. embassy under attack. lingering questions about how a man made it onto the property armed with an ax just ahead. right now we take you to the south bay, a live look over san jose as the sun slowly starts to creep up over the horizon. you see those blue colors layering in the background. christina loren telling us an umbrella needed sometime today. 6:27.
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engulfed in flames. a scary scene here as the fight goes on to get the upper hand on an out of control fire ripping right through a chemical plant. plus u.s. embassy attack. a security guard stabbed after a man with an ax makes it onto the property. more on the investigation just ahead. we also have some very startling news to tell you about from hp as we ring in that opening bell from wall street. the big question is how will this news affect the action there? we'll find out in just a moment. scott mcgrew will be along to break it all down as he does with the inside scoop as we wait for that bell on this tuesday, november 20th. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelly. good morning, everybody.
6:30 am
shock and bewilderment in alto alto. hewlett-packard said it was sold a bill of goods when it bought a british company and may have been fooled to the tune of $9 billion. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew is live in the newsroom. scott, crazy details here. >> i've never seening in like this. hp brought a british company called autonomy last year. most of us thought hp overpaid, that it was a bad decision from the get-go. but this morning as part of its routine quarterly financial reports, hewlett-packard claims it's been fooled by ataun mutond the books were cooked. those are my words. their words, there were failures and outright misrepresentations. hp paid $11 billion for the company. while the $9 billion that they're talking about in losses isn't the same as burglars making off with bags of money, it's a paper charge. it's still shocking. hp's stock, which was at a terrible low, is now down 13% just in the last, what, 30
6:31 am
seconds or so. and, laura, that was already a stock that had sunk to almost all-time lows. we will continue to watch this throughout the morning and honestly for months to come. >> no doubt, no doubt. we'll see where we go from here. thank you very much. also following some breaking news. an update for you in israel. still waiting for a comment from the u.s. embassy in tel aviv after a security guard was stabbed in the leg today. israeli police have detained a suspect, a man in his early 40s. officers say he was armed with an ax and a knife during that attack. at one point the guard shot at the suspect. it's unclear if the suspect was actually hit. the attack does not appear to be politically motivated, but police still are not sure why it happened. the stabbing comes as violence continues to develop along israel's border with gaza. today hamas is returning fire into israel as the death toll in gaza climbs to more than 100. and this morning the u.s. is
6:32 am
taking a stand by sending secretary of state hillary clinton to the middle east. this as the president of egypt just predicts a truce by day's end. for more on the developing story, we're joined by tracie potts live in washington, d.c. secretary clinton tried to negotiate that truce but the united states does not negotiate with hamas because it's considered a terrorist group. who is the u.s. relying on to be the middle man here? >> reporter: primarily egypt and that's why it's so critical that we got this comment from egypt's president this morning. he was actually attending the funeral of his sister and when he came out he was asked about the negotiations and said that there should be positive results, i'm looking at his statement here, in the next few hours. and no elab rags beyond that. it looks like there should be some cease-fire perhaps by the end of the day. >> in the meantime president obama wrapping up his tour of asia while keeping an eye on the
6:33 am
unfolding crisis in the middle east. there are talks of a ground war as well. that could be a game-changer? >> reporter: it certainly could. israel has said we are on the ready. our troops are ready, we have backup reserves. if they don't stop sending these rockets into southern israel, we're going in. they held off for a bit during the negotiations. but you're right, laura, if in fact we see a ground war, it could change the entire landscape of what we're looking at there right now. >> if the israelis push across the border using land forces, the narrative changes, the picture changes in ways that will make it that much more difficult to get back to a negotiation. >> reporter: so the bottom line, if we see ground troops go in, laura, it can make it a lot harder for long-term peace between these two. >> in the meantime hamas and israel have such different views for what they want even as a truce.
6:34 am
both sides demanding very different things. >> reporter: right. hamas says we want to move around freely, we want trade freely in gaza, in this region, and of course they also have been saying that they want israel to stop targeting its military leaders. we've seen that just in the last day or so. israel, on the other hand, says, look, we're not talking about anything until you stop sending those rockets into israel. we're defending ourselves here. you guys have got to stop. that's what's made it so difficult. each side wants the other side to stop firing before they even talk about anything else. >> we'll see where that truce goes. thank you very much, tracie. it is 6:34 right now. happening right now, the port of oakland the center of a labor strike. we have a live look right now over the port of oakland, a pitt foggy out there, as union workers walk off the job this morning. this all part of a 24-hour strike that started last night at oakland international airport following stalled contract negotiations. now those picket lines are moving to the port's container facilities. this is an effort to shut down
6:35 am
shipping. the union which represents about 220 maintenance and custodial workers accusing port leaders of withholding important information about its finances. we will have more coming up on today's strike in a live report in about 15 minutes from right now. also keeping our eye on the weather because some rain headed our way. we want to check in with christina keeping an eye on that storm. >> forgood morning to you. this is not what you want to drive through if your holiday travels take you through san rafael or the north bay, keep in mind we've got some active weather right now and showers are starting to press to the south as we speak. give yourself extra time from pacifica north through san francisco, even all the way through marin county this morning, getting that wet weather. showers will press to the south. look at all this moisture on the way to the bay area. it doesn't arrive for quite a few hours. we're not expecting significant rainfall until 5:00 p.m. tonight. your futurecast tells the story. that's when the heavier rain starts moving to the north bay. the front slides to the south
6:36 am
over the course of 12 hours so between 5:p.m. tonight and 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning, most of the rain will come through which is good news if you wanted to travel tomorrow. we should be nice and dry by about 9:00 a.m. we'll take you through your full forecast in just a few moments. we've got a winter weather advisory in place. above 5,000 feet we're expecting an additional 10 inches of snow in tahoe so bring those chains. let's check on the roads everywhere across the bay area with our own mike inouye. >> the roadways are getting wetter, especially north of the golden gate bridge so just use that caution right now. we'll focus on the south bay to start. here's that traffic flow really starting to bump up the volume a little bit later and more gradual during this vacation week but still it's a traffic tuesday. we'll see a pretty heavy commute here. the map shows you the slowing already in place and north 87 coming into downtown all the way up toward the interchange with 280. overall the flow is pretty nice
6:37 am
right here and only 85 is the only additional slowing that we see northbound. but the gradual build throughout the south bay really going to kick in about an hour from now. we'll get a live look outside -- i'm sorry, let's show you the oakland area past the coliseum. a smoother drive but mist empty air as well. if we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see there's a little mist on the lens and the roadway as well, some sheen. the east shore freeway, visibility is getting a little tough coming town through richmond and across that richmond/san rafael bridge. >> be careful as you head out the door this morning. it's 6:37. still ahead, a chemical plant up in flames in pennsylvania. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley,
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new video this morning as a massive fire burns out of control at a chemical plant in eastern pennsylvania. it is happening at an industrial building used to make coating and lining products. crews have been on the scene since sunrise. no word of any injuries and the cause is still under investigation. another dangerous scene, the indianapolis house which exploded and killed two people, left entire blocks unin habitable now a homicide investigation. no suspect has been named but officials say they believe natural gas was involved in this blast. two homes completely leveled. the couple living inside one of those homes was killed. nobody was in the other house during the explosion. you can just see the mess left by all this. the couple living there, they were at a casino in the other house, the ones that weren't injured. the woman's daughter was with friends and the cat was being boarded. it is 6:41. coming up, four arrests in a
6:41 am
homegrown terror plot here in california, including a man who once served in the air force. what we're learning about the federal investigation that stopped it all before it could even start just ahead. plus moving in. the u.s. sending its strongest message yet to the gaza strip. we'll have that just ahead. we'll have more in a live report from san francisco as well this morning on the nudity ban there. a beautiful live look outside. also keeping our eye on the forecast with christina. 6:41.
6:42 am
6:43 am
new details this morning in the arrest of four california men charged with plotting to kill americans overseas by joining al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. we now know one of the men
6:44 am
arrested once served in the u.s. air force. for more insight we turn to toni guinyard live in front of the fbi office in westwood. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we anticipate the fbi will be providing additional details later this morning, possibly after 10:00 a.m. one of the men who was arrested is a naturalized u.s. resident. naturalized u.s. citizen, but was born in afghanistan, served in the air force for a period of one year. take a look at their names. they have been identified. a former resident of upon mona is the gentleman who did in the air force. the federal complaint that was unveiled, unsealed yesterday in riverside court really detailed what they allegedly planned to do. according to the complaint, three of the men planned flying to afghanistan to meet for
6:45 am
training and meetings with al qaeda and the taliban. now, kabir allegedly claimed he made contact with people who had connections to terrorist organizations. the fbi learned much of what was allegedly being planned through a confidential source who wore a recording device. but the men also used social media to communicate with each other, allegedly talking about bombing u.s. military bases overseas and government buildings, all according to the complaint willing to commit violent jihad. now, if convicted these suspects are looking at 15 years in a federal prison. i'm toni guinyard, reporting live from westwood. laura, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. right now we have breaking news out of israel where a knife and ax-wielding israeli man attacked a security guard there at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. that happened this morning. the guard was slightly injured in the leg but he was able to fire off a warning shot and they ultimately caught that suspect. the police say the attacker is an israeli citizen in his 40s.
6:46 am
the suspect's motive at this hour still not clear. now, security has been increased following this attack to try and beef things up. the stabbing comes as violence continues to develop in the middle east. this morning more than 100 palestinians are dead as israel continues its air strikes in gaza. half of the palestinians killed are civilians. israel has attacked more than 1300 targets since the attacks began november 14th. but palestinian militants are firing back. this morning at least one rocket fired from gaza landed in a town in southern israel causing damage to cars and a bus. israel is still sending thousands of troops to the border at the gaza strip and has not yet ruled out a ground invasion. lebanon and iran are calling for arab states to help hamas in its fight against israel, but the majority of global leaders are calling for a cease-fire, including the united states. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton is on her way to the middle east to help with
6:47 am
those cease-fire talks. clinton cut her tour of asia short to fly to jerusalem to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. she'll also meet with palestinian officials west bank and egyptian leaders in cairo. >> we'll keep you posted on everything happening. 6:47 is upon us and that means time for a check on the weather. what's going on outside? >> locally we have some problems coming in. three-hour flight delays out of sfo and a lot of people trying to make their way home for the holidays. you might be picking someone up from the airport, you want to check ahead throughout the day as we have wet weather happening right now that could slow down your commute significantly. wind out of the northeast at 13 miles per hour sustained right now in oakland. watch out for gusty winds over our open water bridges. we'll see the winds pick up as the front starts to drop into the bay area but not expecting the bulk of the moisture until we hit later tonight. i'm talking about 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. that is the window you need to
6:48 am
remember when it comes to wet weather. if you can avoid that time frame for your travels, you'll be better off. safer conditions for you. so it all works out like this. you can see where the showers are coming down from san rafael, san francisco, even oakland getting a little activity right now. zoom in on this batch of rain headed through san leandro. and then as we head throughout the day at that, we'll start to get showers here in the south bay between about noon and 5:00 p.m. the heaviest rain comes down between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and then the showers will subside as we head through tomorrow morning. they're going to quickly clear out of here but i think we'll see another rough commute tomorrow. mike and i will be here to help you track that. 68 in livermore today, 66 in napa and 67 in redwood city. seven-day outlook tells the story. highs don't fluctuate all that much. as we head throughout the next few days we're talking about the mid to upper 60s. thanksgiving weather to be thankful for. we'll see the showers clear out, great air quality. 65 inland for your family and
6:49 am
friends, 64 bayside and 63 degrees at the coast. as promised, he's very important this morning as every morning but today with the showers kind of rough out there. >> it is, it is. going to be a slippery commute for a lot of folks, even though it might be an easier commute, there's that compressed slowing through 7:30 to 9:30. right now we're focusing on the backup that has formed and the misty conditions. slippery, slick roadways as the storm continues to come in and we do have a tougher visibility down the east shore freeway. the backup at the toll plaza. oakland coming up from the south looking at northbound, starting to jam up right around high street where it's tougher to see. and slippery conditions on the southbound side. there's slowing because of the volume but no accidents through the stretch of the nimitz. we'll take you to the maps. south 880 slows to the bottom of the screen but the big concern is north 238 just off the castro valley y. an accident moving to the shoulder causing some backup over here and that's a sudden change over the last 15 minutes.
6:50 am
880 continues slow down through union city and fremont. a little slowing at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. but i take you to the peninsula not because of the roads, but caltrain has service stopped at charleston. there's a fatality on the tracks, someone was struck and killed by train 103. so there's a bus bridge between san antonio and the palo alto station. a quick look at the golden gate bridge. continue with the theme of the wet roadways and you see all those clouds north. from the golden gate bridge all the way north through san rafael, santa rosa, slick conditions and some of the mist and drizzle coming in now. 6:50. happening now, the port of oakland now wrapped up in a labor struggle as union workers walk off the job this morning. it's all part of a 24-hour strike that first started in oakland international airport overnight. christie smith is live at the port of oakland this morning where the timing of the strike no coincidence. norng. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, very close to thanksgiving. you know, we have a much smaller
6:51 am
crowd at the port of oakland than we did 20, 30 minutes ago. these workers went on strike before 6:00 this morning. there's a smaller group because they're spreading out to cover 15 different gates up and down the port. they wanted some of the truckers in line to support them, to not go in, but i tell you i've been speaking with a couple of those truckers and they don't like that idea at all. the plan today is to shut down operations at the port today after holding a picket line at the oakland airport last night. it started on the busy thanksgiving travel week. these are members of seiu local. they say the port hasn't been very transparent about its finances. but the port says that's not true, they're facing financial challenges. union workers say they are digging in. >> we're out here to make a statement to the port. this is sort of the first shot
6:52 am
across the bow. take us seriously or you'll see us out here again and again and again until we get the results that we want and that's a contract at the bargaining table. >> reporter: some of the union workers say it's odd to them the port is asking the union to make a bigger contribution to their own retirement fund when at the same time port leaders have been in the news for their own spending habits. back here live i wanted to show you this giant rat they have set up here. they say that that represents the other side. within the last couple of minutes, what they're telling me that they're going to do is allow some of these trucks to get in because they say that's not really their target. they really want to speak with the port workers. reporting live at the port of oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we can also tell you about another strike happening right here in the bay area today, this one involving nurses. for the very first time in years it involves nurses in the south bay. marla tellez is in the newsroom with a look at that and other overnight bay area headlines. >> reporter: in just a few minutes at 7:00, nurses from ten local hospitals will walk off
6:53 am
the job and i just hung up the phone with one of the nurses in san jose who tells me nurses there have not walked the picket line since the early '80s. she's one of 1500 nurses at san jose's good samaritan and regional medical center who are going on a one-day strike. she says they have been negotiating since may and they are fighting for better patient care. in the east bay a two-day strike is planned for eight hospitals operated pie sutter health. the nurses there fighting for similar issues. all hospitals have hired row placements. a few water main breaks could affect you this morning. the first couple in redwood city. one is at the intersection of brewster avenue and warren streets. that's where this work is taking place. the road is buckled so be careful. we've just learned another one at allerton and standish streets. also near the court house. and in pittsburg where some folks do not have water today because of a busted pipe that's causing a five-foot sinkhole on west 11th street near york
6:54 am
street. crews there rushing to fix the pipe absent sinkhole. while they do that, the water has been shut off in that particular neighborhood. laura and jon. >> thanks for the update. no private parts in public places. san francisco's board of supervisors votes today on a controversial nudity ban. >> bob redell is live in san francisco right now. bob, what's the vibe like up there? how's it going in the city that's known, well, i guess we could say for letting it all hang out? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. well, you do have some people, even business owners, who are tired of having that visual forced upon them, especiay in the castro where public nudity as of late seems to be becoming more and more of a constant presence, where you can be having days where it's hard not to find someone sitting or walking around in their birthday suits. public nudity is certainly not new to the castro or san francisco, the rest of the city for that matter. it just seems that now it's more pronounced, which is why scott
6:55 am
wiene rech wienee has proposed this ban. the first violation is a $100 citation. the third time is a misdemeanor charge with a $500 fine and possible jail time. >> people who maybe a few years ago didn't care that much have gotten fed up with it. it's gay people and straight people. people with kids, people without kids. it's pretty broad-based. >> reporter: if this ordinance passes, public nudity would still be permitted at street fairs and parades, events that are permitted by the city like gay pride, bay to breakers, folsom street fair. a federal lawsuit has already been filed on behalf of some of thuz nudists who say this ordinance would be a violation of their free speech. they have already done a counter punch so if this ordinance is passed, that suit is already in the queue perhaps in their view. in their opinion they would strike this ordinance down. the board of supervisors will vote on this nudist ordinance a
6:56 am
little later this afternoon around 2:00. bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:56 right now. new this morning, monumental news here. one of silicon valley's oldest and most important companies just reeling this morning on news it may have been sold a bill of goods and fooled out of billions of dollars. >> billions. hewlett-packard shares are down 13% so far this morning, wall street just stunned. scott mcgrew says if all the accusations are true, it is one of the biggest business disaster ever. >> well put. we are still hearing from hp on this. cnbc will have ceo meg whitman on in about 40 minutes. this is one of those stories that's going to last at least for months. if everything we are hearing is true, i think we're talking about possible criminal charges as well. at root here is hp's purchase of a british company called autonomy for $11 billion. it wasn't a good idea at the time and it's partly what caught hp's previous ceo fired. but this morning hp says there was actual fraud in the
6:57 am
financials at autonomy. it was fooled, the company says, when it bought autonomy. shares in hewlett-packard this morning are down better than 13%. i've been covering silicon valley for 13 years. i've never seen it this low. so we're talking at least a 13-year low. about the only person off the hook this morning is ceo meg whitman because she wasn't at the company when it made the purchase. but boy, has she got a cleanup job this morning. >> scott, quick question. does hp have any recourse in this? if this is fraudulent can they void the deal? >> the only person -- the only company they can sue is their own company. there's going to be lots of finger pointing and figuring out what happened. but no, there's no going back on this. >> wow. >> we'll see where that stock goes today. thank you very much, scott. 6:58. one final check with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. three-hour flight delays out of sfo due to the wet weather. you want to give yourself plenty of extra time to reach your
6:58 am
destination safely. the bulk of the moisture doesn't arrive until 5:00 p.m. this evening. spotty showers will turnpike over to moderate, steady rainfall so make sure you're ready for that. we should see heavier rain subside by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll track these showers for you minute by minute throughout the "today" show all the way through 11:30. let's check on your drive with mike. we're expecting a lighter action more compressed commute. right now north 101 heading up towards 680 things really jam up. also 87 coming into downtown. bottom of your screen here, highway 85 slows from 87 all the way to saratoga, so no relief for folks on 85. the rest of the south bay a little lighter through wet roadways. we're single tracking the deadly accident that have things tied up at charleston so they're boarding on the southbound tracks but plan on delays for the caltrain system. but the freeways themselves are enclosure along the peninsula. driving might be an option for you. ending with soupy emeryville, a slow drive westbound 80. there you go, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. time for one last check of the day's top stories this
6:59 am
morning. san jose police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading them to a second suspect in a deadly weekend crime spree. the two men allegedly robbed four businesses and then shot and killed a 22-year-old man at a convenience store. and also we can tell you this morning the fbi planning to talk more about four men from southern california now facing terrorism charges. the fbi says that group was planning an attack on americans both here at home and abroad and they wanted to join al qaeda and the taliban. >> a lot of news going on in the world today, including here in the bay area. we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> enjoy yourself, stay dry. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great one. good morning. breaking news. secretary of state hillary clinton on h


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