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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bayfair mall in san leandro, better get a jump on it. there's some things we've got to tell you first. stick around for this friday, november 23rd. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> we are following a developing story in the south bay. injuries to a south bay fire captain may be more serious than first thought. he was hurt while battling appear apartment fire in san jose and he remains in the hospital this morning. the damage was done at the apartment complex on willowleaf road. christie smith joins us with the latest on the fire captain's condition. good morning, christie ir. >> reporter: good morning to you. i finally spoke with a fire captain on scene. he said a chance to speak to that injured firefighter and he's still in good spirits, still feeling some pain, though.
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he was injured when a section of ceiling collapsed on him and he was actually trapped under that for just a little while. there is still a crew here on fire watch this morning. there was some concern still about the stability of the burned building. it was burned so badly and they sprayed so much water on it, that's where the concern is coming from. it started around 8:30 last night at this townhome complex on willowleaf drive. it took about three hours for firefighters to knock the flames down. when they arrived, they say flames were pouring through the roof and spreading through the attic. 18 people displaced, six units damaged but everyone made it out okay as far as the residents go. but a captain told me from the moment they arrived, everything happened first. >> it quickly went to a second and then a third alarm within minutes of their arrival. the fire was burning pretty hot. we were trying to make an interior attack on it and try to control it. that's when the firefighter got hurt so we did end up backing out, going to a defensive mode
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for a few minutes. basically we're just fighting it from the outside. >> reporter: i wanted to show you some pictures of what firefighters were dealing with. that firefighter suffered a fractured vertebra in his neck and a concussion. he's going to stay in the hospital overnight with more tests expected in the morning and they're telling me they should have a better idea of how he's doing and when he'll be released by midday. there were some reports as far as a cause that one of the residents had a fire in the fireplace. it went out, it reignited and firefighters are telling me at this point they still don't know exactly how this fire started but they believe that it was accidental. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." happening now, black friday is in full effect this morning as holiday shoppers across the country get a jump start on discounts and deals. look at that crowd in philadelphia. push nearly came to shove as shoppers mobbed sale racks of
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what appears to be a walmart store, an orderly and subdued scene as people filed in to get their shopping deals. meantime in los angeles, a helicopter flew overhead to catch this line of customers wrapped around a k-mart store which also opened early. not everyone was thrilled with stores open thanksgiving. walmart employees walking off the job nationwide, including here in the bay area. employees handed out flyers, carries signs outside this walmart in san leandro protesting the new black thursday work schedule and what they say are poor working conditions. >> this cart machine has been out three months. i've been having to manually push these carts. now for me, i'm a young, in-shape man so i can handle it. but i work with older individuals and younger individuals and it's really wear and tear on their body. i like to see them help us have the material so we can get the job done. >> a walmart spokesperson called the strike just another exaggerated publicity campaign aimed at generating headlines to
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mislead retailers, customers and employees. similar protests are planned for across the country, but it looks like nothing really stopping shoppers from getting a good deal. we have team coverage on this black friday. christina loren has a look at our forecast, jay gray is at the mall of america in minnesota. but let's begin with bob redell. he's live at the brand new paragon outlets in livermore where you've seen quite a crowd. >> reporter: yeah. i know christina will tell us just how cold it is out here. she doesn't need to tell me. i can tell you right now my finger tips feel it, it's in the low 40s, but that did not stop a lot of people from coming out here to the paragon outlets when they opened at 10:00 last night. a lot of high-end accessory stores, clothing stores here that are already discounted and you add the 40 to 50% black friday discounts, throw in some door busters and you're going to have these massive crowds. this is at the el charro exit on 580. we heard that when people were
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trying to get in, when they got to the exit in their car, they're waiting appear hon hour get off the exit and over to the mall. once they got to the mall, it was 30 to 40 minutes just to find a parking spot. it got so bad livermore police around midnight, 1:00 this morning considered shutting down the traffic because they were almost at full capacity not only in the parking lot directly surrounding the mall itself but in the overflows in the field that are just across the street. that's how bad it got. but it just shows you to what extremes shoppers are willing to go through to save a few bucks. >> kate spade, i got 60% off. was it worth the hour driving and hour parking, maybe? but it's black friday and that's what you to. >> reporter: how much money in dollar terms did you save? >> maybe about $750. >> reporter: we know of two brothers, one from san bruno, another from hayward, who spent the night in a hotel in
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livermore thinking that they would get a head start on the drive. normally what was a 10 to 15-minute drive took them 40 minutes to get here. they said it was worth it. we just spoke to the manager of the mall. he actually had some people who arrived at the mall last night. they had just flown in from mexico. they went to find him because they were asking him to hold their luggage while they shopped. he said, yeah, we'll hold your luggage so you can come and spend money here. it's not clear if they came to the bay area just to shop but they did come directly from the airport to do some shopping at o-dark 30 last night. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thanks. let's continue our black friday coverage as we check in with jay gray live at the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota. i spoke to you about 30 minutes ago. have you done any damage to your plastic there, jay? >> reporter: not yet, but i am in another store and taking a
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look around along with thousands of people here at the mall of america. it's been a huge day here. it started last night. this is one of the areas where black friday actually begins on thursday evening. the turkey was still warm, but already the shopping was hot. black friday for many actually getting started on thanksgiving thursday this year. >> i want a 50 inch tv and a 40 inch tv. >> why? >> because i don't have one. >> reporter: but not everyone is buying into the retail strategy. >> i just feel like thanksgiving day should be kept for thanksgiving day. >> reporter: for most, the focus of this annual shopping frenzy is still friday. >> it's huge. black friday for every retailer, it's the super bowl of retail. >> low prices. of course officially everything that you've been looking at throughout the year or thinking about buying is going to be on
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sale, we're going to have it in stock. >> black friday will be fun and games or a real workout. >> all gaming equipment, consoles, video games, those generally go down. also fitness equipment, elliptical equipment and treadmills, we traditionally see the lowest price for those products on black friday. >> reporter: of course finding those deals and fighting through the crowds will be a workout as well. >> i'm going to start giving out tickets to everybody here. >> reporter: a holiday exercise that actually started on the holiday this year. and it shows no signs of letting up this morning. look, i guess a lot of people trying to work off that extra piece of thanksgiving turkey or pie by carrying some heavy bags and walking for long distances because that's what's going on here at the mall of america. that's the latest live. i'm jay gray, marla, back to you. >> i'm glad your still smiling. thanks so much. 6:09. black friday isn't for the feint of heart, it's a day where you can tell the veterans from the first-timers. >> it's like the new people come
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and sit down, they don't know what they're getting into. it gets cold, it starts freezing and they have got to go home. >> they're just so not prepared. at the best buy in san jose, we saw people with board games, generators, food, tents. most pass the time quietly but some people kept busy in more unusual ways. >> i'm standing on my head. i've been here since 10:00 a.m. and i've done a lot of things, bunch of things. it's cold out here. >> okay then. a majority of people we spoke to in line were just waiting to get their hands on some of those flat screen tvs which seem pretty darn popular. >> did we ask him why he's standing on his head? i guess not. meteorologist christina loren, bundle up outside today. >> yeah, it blows my mind how we're all giving thanks for the things that we have and then not only 24 hours later we're trampling one another to get things we don't have. 6:10. taking a live look, beautiful,
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clear start over san francisco. this is the embarcadero and temperatures are going to be really comfortable throughout the day today. we just have this cold weather to get through for the first part of the day. by about noon the cold mixes out. 39 in napa, 46 right now in sonoma. an it's cold enough for some frost in petaluma this morning at 36 degrees so keep that in mind. travel cautious up there, especially over your local bridges and overpasses. 38 degrees in gilroy and we're at 44 here in san jose. winds are going to pick up as we head throughout the day today. it's a dry north wind. that is going to also mean it feels a little comfortable in places that get the warmest. it's going to be chilly enough for the coat, though, at the coast with winds picking up throughout the day today but this is not too shabby for the day after thanksgiving. after all we're getting into late november. 71 inlane, 70 bayside, 69 degrees at the coast as we head throughout this afternoon. we do have some changes just around the corner. we'll take you through that.
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the seven-day forecast is ready to go in my next report. 6:11. military secrets unsealed. what we're learning about the burial of osama bin laden at sea just ahead. also, thanksgiving turns to fight night as fists fly at halle berry's house. the investigation into the brawl that sent the oscar winner's ex to jail just ahead. ♪
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6:13. at least two people are dead and 60 more hurt following a suicide bombing in eastern afghanistan. police say the bomber blew up a car filled with explosives in kabul. it happened near a joint operations center run by after fan and coalition forces. the taliban has claimed responsibility, saying the attack was in response to the recent execution of four taliban detainees at the afghan government's main detention center in kabul. we're learning more this morning about the burial of al qaeda leader osama bin laden.
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the u.s. military released several e-mails describing bin laden's burial at sea. it was carried out aboard the uss carl vinson the day after bin laden was killed during a raid on his pakistan compound. the e-mail states traditional islamic burial procedures were followed. one e-mail said a military officer read a prepared religious remark which was translated into arabic by a native speaker. it also revealed fewer than a dozen people aboard the ship knew about the burial. it is 6:14. here is a quick check of the day's top stories. israeli troops shot and killed a palestinian man along the gaza border today, just two days after a cease-fire was announced between the two sides. nine other people were injured. israeli forces say there was a disturbance on the border but would not elaborate. halle berry's ex is charged with battery after getting into a fistfight with the actress's fiance at berry's home in l.a. gabrielle aubry went to the
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hospital before eventually going to jail. aubry and berry are involved in a custody fight over their 4-year-old daughter. it's unclear what led up to that fight. and the holiday shopping season is on. shoppers at the paragon outlet all night long. some people say it took as long as 40 minutes just to find parking. here's a great feel-good story for you. every year around this time hundreds of kids get huge smiles thanks to one south bay family. they hand out christmas presents to needy families and give out thousands in scholarships. >> for many the santiago family is known simply as santa's helpers. daim y damien tran trujillo sat down w the family of the year. >> reporter: alviso is nestled in the heart of the silicon valley.
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there's not much wealth here but there is a lot of pride. that pride and vibrancy were challenged in 1983. the levees gave way in the south end of the san francisco bay. alviso was under water. >> everything is just ruined, everything. they lost everything. >> it was really hard. really, really hard. to see all those poor little kids. >> reporter: judy santiago and her family saw the images from their home in sunnyvale and they mobilized. >> we were asked to come out and be santa. >> reporter: joe santiago put on his santa suit that he used when visiting shelters and community centers. judy became mrs. claus. and together they helped bring the hope back to alviso . >> to see all those poor its kids standing in line to see santa. they had nothing. we left there, and the first
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thing my husband said was oh, gosh, mom, i hope some day we can make enough money to buy them presents. >> reporter: the santiagos have been delivering presents for 29 years now. four generations of the sabt ya -- santiagos are santa's helpers. >> when i go i help out with toys. >> it's like part of what we do during the holidays that saturday. i don't know, no one ever pushed us to do it. i think we wanted to. it was fun. >> reporter: judy and joe were both single parents. he had four children, judy raised three, and it was not love at first sight. joe coached a baseball team against judy's son. >> i can remember one day joe came out of the dugout. he was a rival coach. she basically yelled at him, told him to go sit down and be quiet. chased him back into the dugout. >> reporter: the couple later mended fences. they married in 1975.
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the wagners and the santiagos became the brady bunch. >> yeah, we were the brady bunch. at school, everybody referred to us as the brady bunch. >> reporter: but tragedy struck the family in 2003. joe lost his battle with an infection that led to kidney failure. >> i was really young when he passed. just coming here every year and see him dressed as a santa claus and sit on his lap. we get our own presents every year. >> i wish they had a boat up there. i'd tell him, you know, just because you're gone, things haven't changed. >> reporter: the family continues its charity work, providing christmas presents to more than 500 children in alviso every year. and through its santa visits alviso foundation, the santiagos
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began awarding college scholarships, almost a quarter million dollars to date, all to children who still stay in touch. >> it makes me cry. they go to college. a lot of them, their siblings now are following. and they're like my kids. they come and visit. they write me. >> reporter: a grandson now wears a red velvety uniform of old st. nick for the kids in alviso. judy still stands by pringle's side. no one says they arrived on a sleigh in 1983, but maybe they did. that's why the hispanic foundation of silicon valley recognizes the santiagos as this year's la familia, the family of the year. >> well deserved, don't you think? it's just amazing, that giving spirit. not to forget about it this holiday season. now that turkey day is done, bay area cities getting ready to ring in the christmas season. today the lights will be put up
6:20 am
in san francisco for the eighth year in a row. -- 48th year in a row. ghirardelli square will light up its christmas tree and our own meteorologist christina loren will be there. that will be fun. >> you get to eat some good chocolate. >> a lot hopefully. hopefully i can put some in my pocket. what's really cool, though, my mom is going to be out there. i don't get to see her very often. >> hopefully she's up earl with us. >> hi, mom, my very best friend. so that's going to be very special. come on out, it's a free event. bring the kids. santa will make an appearance and chocolate, yes, chocolate will be out there as well. that's reason enough to head on out. i wanted to show you some live pictures and show you what you will be driving through. not a whole lot of traffic but we do have some haze and fog starting to develop. we're expecting light, patchy fog. we could find a little of that dense patchy fog at the immediate coast. i wanted to show you oakland as well. oracle arena, you can actually see the mountain line in the distance here so we're looking
6:21 am
good. temperatures will be really comfortable today. we'll deal with the fog for the first part of the day and lose it by mid-morning, i'll say 10:00 a.m. we're done with the fog. ten miles of visibility up and down the coast. napa three miles of visibility. you're dropping off a little bit in concord as that tule fog is creeping in from the delta. if you're headed into los angeles in particular, just travel cautiously as fog will be a factor for most of the day. 40 degrees in livermore, 44 in san jose and 42 to start you out in sunnyvale. hour-by-hour forecast looks like this. we stop the clock at noon. a lot of people will be doing their decorating today, hanging the christmas lights. make sure you're aware of the win the second half of the day. 64 at noon in livermore, 62 in fremont and 62 in oakland. that is when the wind will start to whip. not expecting really gusty winds, but enough to where the true temperatures will feel a little cooler. 70 degrees in livermore, feeling more like 68, 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. 69 in fremont and 70 in redwood
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city. we've got more rain on the way but we're going to hold it off at least until the second half of next week. rain arrives wednesday into thursday. this system is actually creeping up from the south so it's packing a lot of moisture. what it is not packing is that really cold air from a system that typically originates in the gulf of alaska. so it's going to stay mild temperaturewise. just count on rain wednesday into thursday of next week. maybe that's when you can rock that new pair of black friday boots. over to you, ladies. >> i need to go get those still. >> no kidding. coming up, party train to vegas. a new plan on track to link california to sin city just ahead.
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it is 6:25. giving you a live look at downtown san jose where preparations are under way for christmas in the park. the annual holiday tradition kicks off for the 33rd year in a row on market street. i'm going to be on hand to open the downtown ice at circle of the palms along with kristi yamaguchi for the tree lighting at 6:00 tonight. it will be open daily through january 1st from 9:00 until midnight, 9:00 a.m. until midnight. admission is free. donation boxes are scattered around the park so you can keep the annual tradition going. the time now is 6:26. pretty fun. well, a lot of people like to travel this time of year, maybe to vegas? well, why wait to start the party, i suppose. >> a nevada entrepreneur is about to add five more hours of partying to both ends of your
6:26 am
trip. >> because that's what people need. >> just what we need. the las vegas railway express is one step closer to bringing the x train to life. the train would start at the amtrak train station in fullerton in southern california and would end up in downtown las vegas. the ceo of the $100 million venture has struck an agreement with union pacific to run the train on its lines. the hope is the first train will hit the tracks on new year's eve, 2013. tickets for the adults-only train would cost $99 each way and would include a meal and a beverage with plenty more alcohol available for purchase. you'd already have a hangover by the time you arrive in vegas. >> we'll see. 6:27 right now. still ahead, shop till you drop. thousands in the bay area getting a jump on black friday. live coverage here and across the nation just ahead. and a first of its kind project for a tiny town on the
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california coast. a $54 billion project designed to keep crescent city from being pounded in another tsunami.
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ringing in the holidays with deals and discounts. you can find some of those right here at the mall in daly city. that's what you're looking live at. plenty of cars already there. bay area bargain hunters pulling all-nighter to check off their wish list as black friday gets under way. ringing in the holidays, ringing that opening bell on the stock market this morning. how will all the black friday sales affect the stock market? we'll have a live look at the new york stock exchange this morning. you made it to black friday, november 23rd. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you.
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happy friday. 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, an all-nighter for shoppers across the country as stores open early for black friday. in dallas, jeffrey the giraffe greeted customers as they filed into a toys r us store. this year toys r us, walmart, k-mart all opened early after dinner thanksgiving night and the people lined up for it. in l.a., a helicopter flew overhead to catch this line of customers wrapped around a k-mart store that also opened early thanksgiving night. shoppers out at the gilroy outlets. the coach store there was so packed a massive line just to get in. take a look at that. shoppers looking to get their caffeine fix just a few feet away also had to wait in a long line outside of starbucks. possibly the hottest spot to shop this black friday is also the newest.
6:31 am
here's a live look at the brand new paragon outlets in livermore this morning. people out and about in full force. shoppers have been prowling the stores there since 10:00 last night. some say they had to wait an extra hour just to exit the freeway. and another 40 minutes to actually find a parking place. our chopper captured this aerial footage over the parking lot this morning. still pretty packed, considering it's only 6:30 in the morning. our bob redell is at the outlets and will give us a check of the crowds coming up in just with 20 minutes. the u.s. postal service teaming up with major retailers to start same-day delivery for online shoppers. it's similar to serves offered by ebay, amazon and walmart. the post office will start the expedited service in san francisco on december 12th. and if things run smoothly, they're going to expand it next year to boston, chicago and new york. 6:32. if you're going to brave though malls and you're going to be ready to brave that cold weather
6:32 am
too, let's get a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you, laura and marla. good morning to you at home. is this a fantastic way to start out a black friday or what? it is crisp out there but you don't have to fight through the fog to reach your destination. maybe you want to shop in downtown san francisco. getting there won't be a problem but make sure you have your coat ready to go because it is chilly out there. let's show you san jose. temperatures are running nice and mild this morning in some parts of the bay area. san jose, for instance, we're in the upper 40s, close to about 50 degrees. it's going to be a mild start to the day here but watch out up in napa, 36 degrees. and you have one mile and three-quarters of visibility so we are seeing deep pockets of fog start to develop. what's happening is the fog is creeping in from the delta so watch out from fresno to tracy, in particular, if your travels take you that way. here's your black friday certified forecast from christina loren. 71 degrees inland, 70 at the bay and at the coast 69 degrees with winds picking up the second half of the day. we don't have to worry about the rain just yet.
6:33 am
it returns next week. i will talk about exactly when it's expected to hit your house in my full forecast. seven-day outlook ready to go. right now the rest of your top stories of the day. we have a developing story in san jose. we're live at the scene of a fire at an apartment complex on willowleaf drive. it's not far from fruitdale and baskum avenues. crews are still there keeping an eye out for hot spots. a fire captain also remains in the hospital this morning. he suffered a fractured neck while battling that massive fire. it damaged six apartments, forcing 18 people out of their homes on thanksgiving night. christie smith will have an update on that fire captain's condition coming up this? 13 minutes. barriers are warning people to stay off parts of the beach. the beach was closed wednesday when water began leaking out of a manhole on the beach. san francisco's public utilities
6:34 am
commission believes the release was 90% stormwater, 10% sewage. despite the smell, there were plenty of people out walking on open areas of the beach yesterday on thanksgiving. no word on when the mess will be cleaned up. 6:34. a tiny seaside town in northern california has hit a snag in a major upgrade to its harbor. crescent city was badly damaged by the march 2011 tsunami triggered by a major earthquake in japan. while crews were in the process of shoring up the docks with reinforced steel pilings, the drill bit broke so now they have to pound them in my hand just to get them through the winter. crescent city is about 15 miles south of the oregon border and geologists say its location makes it a prime target for tsunamis. if you're looking for a job, the highway patrol is hiring. the chp will take officer applications for three days coming up in january. the individual screening process takes up to 18 months and weeds out about 97% of applicants.
6:35 am
candidates mt be high school grads and u.s. citizens between the age of 20 and 35 with no felony convictions. applications are only accepted online between january 3rd and january 5th. for more information, you can log on to 6:35. much more coming up on "today in the bay." still ahead, a massive pileup turns deadly after 140 cars collide in texas. twisted trucks, a mangled mess as crews search for survivors. also a roller coaster becomes a relic after superstorm sandy. we'll tell you why the amusement park ride might not be pulled from the water after all. not everybody happy about black friday, gray thursday. walmart employees protesting in landover, maryland, this morning. we'll see much of that across the country.
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good morning to you. giving you a live look of the sunrise, candlestick point coming to you from our san bruno camera. we also have a live look of what it looks like in san francisco. yes, you can see some nice, clear blue skies. the buildings all lit up. it is the hall kay season. thanks for waking up with us, 6:39. sad news to report here. two people are dead, more than 80 people hurt after at least
6:39 am
140 cars collided in southeast texas. it was a chain reaction crash, happened during heavy fog at about 8:45 thanksgiving morning on interstate 10, 80 miles east of houston. a man and woman inside a chevy suburban decide after their suv was krurkd crushed by a tractor-trailer. sheriff's deputies say the fog was so thick at first they didn't even realize they were dealing with multiple crashes. we have all seen the images of destruction from hurricane sandy, and perhaps one of the most memorable the seaside heights, new jersey, roller coaster sitting in the atlantic ocean after the storm battered the boardwalk it was sitting on. well, this morning there's word that coaster may actually stay in the water. the mayor of seaside heights says he is working with the coast guard to see if it's stable enough just to stay there. he said it would make a great tourist attraction. no official decision has been made. meanwhile, construction on a new boardwalk is expected to be
6:40 am
finished in time for the memorial day weekend. 6:40. mexico wants the name changed. the country's formal name is united mexican states. felipe calderon wants to make it simply mexico. he said it's time to step out of the shadow of the united states at least in name. renaming the country can only be done through a constitutional change and it's not clear if it's likely since calderon leaves office on december 1st. it is 6:40. coming up, aftermath as the cease-fire holds along the gaza strip as israel announces an arrest in a deadly bus bombing. we'll twhieell you who the comp says it responsible. taking live look outsierksd oracle arena in oakland this morning. probably one of the kbhiemost q places because the malls seem to be the hot spot this black friday. 6:41. brennan, lad, do you know where golf was discovered?
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new this morning, israel says it has arrested person who bombed a bus in tel aviv earlier this week. the bomb was planted on a bus on wednesday near israel's military headquarters. 27 people were hurt in that blast. an israeli military spokeswoman says the bomber is a man and a member of hamas. and as the cease-fire continues to hold this morning, hamas leaders are declaring victory. they say israel's decision not to send ground troops into gaza is a testament to the organization's power. israeli leaders say they achieve their goals and inflicted heavy damage on the militants. it was the worst cross-border fighting in four years. a palestinian envoy says china has expressed support to
6:44 am
palestinians in their conflict with israel. china is giving gaza $1 million in aid and china is also reportedly going to offer help upgrading palestinian status at the united nations. gaza city is still assessing damage following eight days of air strikes. 161 plane palestinians and 5 israelis were killed in that violence. a fire captain remains in the hospital this morning after fracturing his neck while battling a three-alarm fire in san jose. this morning the damage is done at the apartment complex as well on willowleaf road near fruitdale and bascom. christie smith has an update on the fire captain's condition. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, it was a very scary thanksgiving night here in san jose. an apartment building caught fire. people had to run into the night and a ceiling came down and collapse it on a firefighter. he's still in the happen this morning. now that it's getting a little
6:45 am
lighter out here, i want to show you part of the roof is gone, it caved in last night. this is a fast-moving three-alarm fire. it started at 8:30 on willowleaf drive and took firefighters three long hours to knock it down. residents forced to evacuate. 18 people displaced, six units damaged. those folks getting help from the red cross and family and friends this morning and there is still concern about the stability of this building. crews are still here on fire watch this morning. last night firefighters had to make their way inside, and that's when a 16-year veteran was injured. >> he was hit by a large piece of shot rock of the ceiling that aplier apparently had fallen in when he was in the stairwell. it had fallen from a considerable height. >> reporter: here's a look at some of the flames, pictures of how bad this fire was. the firefighter suffered a fractured vertebra in his neck
6:46 am
and a concussion. i did speak with a captain on scene this bhoerng kneels -- they'll know a little more about how he's doing when he'll be released by midday. i want to show i live back out here, you can see the damage some of the residents expected back a little bit later this morning. still no word on exactly what caused this, but they do believe that it was accidental. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you for the update. we certainly had wonderful weather efor our holiday. >> i don't know what's better, the dinner or the leftovers. good morning to you. we've got a good-looking day shaping up. i want to take you on a tour of the bay area starting in the north bay. san rafael, just a beautiful start as the sun comes up. we're actually hitting our sunrise as we speak so let's go
6:47 am
ahead and move along now to san bruno, take you to the highest camera that we have over the bay area. you can see from candlestick point here just looking spectacular. you're getting those oranges and the reds and completely clear conditions to start the day and our last stop will be san jose. welcome to san jose, ladies and gentlemen. temperatures are really cold this morning because of the clear start, but it's just beautiful everywhere. you can see christmas in the park. marla tellez will be out there. 44 degrees in san jose. 40 in concord and livermore. as you can see here, we're going to continue to drop off visibility as well. we've got some fog sneaking in from the central valley, creeping in from the delta. watch out for slick conditions. that fog will likely be in the
6:48 am
centrally valley ail day long. we'll see enough mixture for the fog to stay offshore. as we get to the weekend, patchy fog does return mostly towards the coast. not before we hit the 70s. today and tomorrow looking like the warmest days in the next extended period. showers back in the mix, so do not take it for granted. 68 degrees in san francisco. i'll be lighting up the tree at ghirardelli square this evening at 5:30. santa claus making a very special experience. as we get into the weekend, temperatures stay nice and mild. after wall, you made it to friday. if you're working like us, it is still the weekend. monday to tuesday the 60s. we start to decrease your temps
6:49 am
just a little bit. i think the south bay will get quite bit of moisture. back to you. happening now, black friday is in full effect as holiday shoppers across the country get a jump start on all discounts and deals. chaos in philadelphia. push nearly came to shove as shoppers mobbed sales racks. in denver, a more orderly and subdued scene as people filed into a local store. in l.a., a helicopter flew overhead to catch this line of customers wrapped around a k-mart store which also opened early thanksgiving night. not everyone was thrilled with stores opening early. employees handed out flyers and carried signs outside walmart
6:50 am
and san leandro protesting what they say are poor working conditions. >> the cart machine has been out three months. now, for me i'm a young, in-shape man so i can handle it but i work with older individuals and younger individuals and it's wear and tear on their body. i'd like to see them hips have the materials swoek oit looks like nothiwould have meernld 140i678g9
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6:57 am
but you will notice the white shading moving in. that fog creeping in from the delta. travel cautiously. 71 degrees at 4:00 p.m. for black friday. 70 degrees. at the coast 69 degrees and then when we meet back on cyber monday tracking our next storm system. >> it just continues. one last check. israeli troops killed a palestinian man and wounded 19 people as crowds surged toward gaza with israel. soldiers say there was some sort of disturbance at the border but other than that would not elaborate. >> san jose fire captain in the hospital after a concussion in a fire last night. a spokesperson says he's conscious. the fire damaged six apartments and forced 18 people out of homes. >> and we are ringing in the
6:58 am
holiday season this week. would you join us in san jose, christmas in the park kicks off at plaza chavez. i'm going to be there to open the downtown ice. that is at 5:30. kristi yamaguchi is going to be there as well at 6:00. and our own meteorologist christina loren will be at the square to help light the tree. that is with christina at 5:30. >> are you ready tonight? >> i'm not an ice skater. >> come on. >> i'm terrible on the ice. >> you have christkristi yamagu there. >> figure eights. >> or a broken leg. >> you know the capitol is getting into the holiday spirit today. >> first lady michelle obama will be presented with the official white house christmas tree. would you have video of mrs. obama receiving the tree last year. this year's tree will be a
6:59 am
19-foot tall frazier fur from north carolina. it will be on display in the blue room of the white house. >> that's pretty cool. they come by horse-drawn carriage. you strap it to the top of the car without falling off. >> yeah, and i have a fake one. i think i'd rather have the presidential one. >> get you some of that pine spray. get the smell in the house. >> thanks for joining us this morning. thanks for being here as well marla. >> it's fun. good morning. good morning. ready, set, shop. black friday bargain hunters flooding stores nationwide hoping to snag great deals. is at sign


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