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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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s nowadays. i've been thinking about getting my name you don't say? ah, you know becky, if a werewolf was attacking you, i'd help. oh, rob. that's so romantic. palease-it's so please! it's our first date and i'm not and i'm not that kind of ghoul. ghost! call me! the name is tritch.
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i'm in the book. good evening. this film was shot in smell a vision. and we want to make sure you get the full effect. there's no need to thank me. stinky's the name and i'm glad to be of service. hey, thanks for the ? boo! what happened? um, fatso, i made that batch myself and uh, let's just say it ain't exactly uh butter. ♪
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excuse me, have you seen my uncles? i don't get paid enough to see nothing, kid. if you wanna go in and look, then you gotta buy a ticket. i don't have any money one me. can i owe you? horns honking screaming i am telling you for the last time ok, the stereo typical thing to do now would be to yell "a ghost!" and run away screaming. come on it's so been done. a ggghoost! ahhhh! hm, this never happened to patrick swayze. cars ♪ whoooa.. hahahahha ♪casper, the friendly ghost
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♪the friendly ghost you know. ♪those grown ups might look at him with fright ♪ ♪the children all love him so. ♪casper the friendly ghost ♪he couldn't be bad or mean. ♪he'll romp and play, sing and dance all day.♪ ♪the friendliest ghost you've seen.♪ ♪he always says hello. ♪and he's really glad to meet ya.♪ ♪wherever he may go, he's kind to every living creature.♪ ♪grown ups don't understand ♪but children love him the most.♪ ♪but the kids all know that he loves him so.♪ ♪casper the friendly ghost. ♪
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laughing laughing hey guys. yo, it's poppin' not so fresh. what are you doing here, pipsqueack? oh, the usual. trying to stop you from terrifying the town. that's the problem. you should be helping us. you just ain't a team player, casper. with us, it's one for all, and all for one. and not breaking up this trio. this is the ghost police. freeze! police sirens geez, it's the cops! ? ♪ woah
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that's right, it's me and my mighty ghost car. officer snizzle, enforcer of all ectoplasmic law. feel free to view me with respect and/or fear. hehe, it's just snizzle. officer snizzle if you don't mind. clear throats now, you've broken section 3 2 4 subection b of the spectural code. oh, you hear that, boys? we broke the law. oohh i'm shaking! laughs whatcha gonna do about it, officer? run us in?
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hey hey, that's my car! i only have two payments left. music and laughing here you go. thanks but... casper's right, guys. we shouldn't take the guy's car. no, that just ain't right here. here! gotcha whistle! haha no! whistle blows laughing snizzle cries hey! you hear that? i don't hear anything. that's what i mean. ok, this is not a good thing.
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storm what does the whistle do? it's for emergencies only! it summons cabash! cabash, the evil, vicious, cruel, mean-spirited king of all ghosts? no, the cabash, the country and western singer. more storm sounds who dares to summon cabash? snizzle, you know it's my weekend off. can you give me one good reason why i shouldn't skin you alive? well i don't have skin and i'm not alive. roar!
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wait, mr. cabash it's not his fault. snizzle was just doing his job. i mean my uncle's aren't bad guys. well i mean they are bad really bad, but they don't... silence worm! yes your omnipotence. actually, i was sent to get you casper. me? i didn't do anything! that's the problem. your scare quota is way down. i scare people all the time. but you don't know mean to so it doesn't count. you didn't even scare on halloween. you stayed home and rented free willy 3. music casper crying i told you that wasn't who left that there. according to ghost law, you must purposely scare at least one person a year.
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and if i don't? game show music a good question. if casper doesn't scare someone, let's see what he'll win. where am i? this is "the dark." the place where time and space are nothing. an empty, descolet prision where you will dwell for all eternity. uncles laughing enjoy your stay send us a ghost-card! hey! who turned out the lights? hey what gives? why'd you put us in here? why not? hey! that's not fair. silence! yes, fun for the family. here you will stay for all eternity casper will never make another and you three
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will have yourselves to scare. bahhhh!!! this will be unless casper lives up to his ghostly obligations and scares someone. ok, ok. the kid will scare someone. no problem! we promise! we'll make sure he does. oh. haha i know you will. until casper scares someone, (haha) you three have your haunting licenses revoked. you have until christmas day (grumbling) hey why do we lose our license when it's little big head here that messed up?
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because as his uncles, you are responsible for him. also, i just don't like you. have a nice trip. trip? until casper scares someone, you are banished to kriss, massachusetts. the most christmas-y town in the world. but we hate christmas! hahahaha i know. ahhhhh! (fuse lighted) you're fired! boom! hahahah yelling ♪christmas music starts ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ music fades nole, sweetie, could you pass the mistletoe? in two shakes of a reindeer's tail, carol. now, holly, how about something a litte more christmas-y? (fa-la-la-la- tis the season to be jolly) oh, brother! (singing coninues) there you go, honey. that'll put some jingle in your bells. sighs.. do we really need a christmas tree in every room of the house?
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i need a little privacy. christmas music that's it! i'm outta here. ho! ho! ho! oh, if i hear one more person say... merry christmas! feliz navidad! merry christmas holly merry christmas y'all building and loand! merry christmas you old lamp post. merry christmas everybody. well, look on the bright side, can't stay winter forever. summer comes they'll have to take down the mistle toe, right? right!
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ok, i'm talking to a snowman. i've officially snapped. having no friends and overdosing on hot, apple cider has combined to drive me insane. four shooting stars? star light, star bright. first star i see tonight. i wish i may, i wish i might..get out of the way in time! ahhh hehehe casper just did a major face plant in the snow! guess that big head of his has a lot wind resistance! hahaha yeah he's a real drag! hahah laughing whoa!
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ah! it's oh no! not again! a talking snow man? oh that's a new one! would you be scared of talking snowman? never had to deal with one before. but offhand, unless you're made of yellow snow, i'd say no. then yep, that's what i am alright. this is just great! like my life wasn't one big christmas special anyway. whoa! this place does look like a tv special. cool! cool? you're not the one who has to live in it 24-7. um, my name is casper. wait, i made you. don't i get to name you? oh right, 'cause i'm a snowman. what do you want to call me?
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hmm, casper. i'm holly. holly jollimore. wow! your name is really.. i know i know. i sound like a christmas carol. it reaches new levels of lameness. oh, i've heard worse. fatso, stinky.. well, how would you like it if was your name? ♪holly jollimore friendly ghost ♪ ♪friendliest ghost you know (music fades) really wouldn't work for me. exactly! my parents make christmas decorations so we all had to pack up and move here to christmas central. sure, i'll leave all my friends behind. it's not like i have a life or anything. look at this! (ho! ho! ho!) whoa! your folks designed that? it's so embarrassing. i bet your family isn't this humiliating. oh, you have no idea.
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holly, we are off to the theatre. you coming? see what i mean? i have to help with this dumb christmas play. can i come? wouldn't you melt in the theatre under hot lights? right, melt. good call. can we hang out whe you get back? sure! later. sigh, now i'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. ♪holly jollimore, the friendly ghost. the friendliest ghost (music fades) coughing hey! look ghosts wanted! but we can't scare people! we ain't got our haunted licenses. let's check it out. once we get casper to scare someone, it'll be
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good to have a gig waitin' for us. in that.. after all, we wouldn't think of scaring anyone without our licenses. would we? ok leave me be dreaful ghost. boo! wow! they even supply a guy for you to scare! what a sweet deal! (intercom)cut! next! hey guys! they're just practicing for a play. it's all fake. we're the only real ghosts here! this is an insult! if they want to see scary, we'll show 'em scary. bawawa
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boo! (intercome) very convincing, but we are looking for something a little less flashy. next! coughing too distracting to the other actors. next! next! but i'm not done! (intercom) yes you are! no chemistry wih scrooge. ahhh. (intercom) ok, thanks to everyone for trying out. you're all beautiful people, but we are going with three ghosts we saw in the last group. but what about us?
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sorry, you're just're just not believable enough as ghosts. but we really are ghosts! haha, oh you method actors. such dedication. oh, i'm in character too. i'm not really scrooge. really? this is nole jollimore, the star of the play. and this is my wife, carol, the play's director. and our daughter, holly. here under protest. you know, on our first day in kriss, noe and i went door to door and personally gave everyone in town a home baked christmas cookie and good look at a couple of fruitcakes. but i don't remember meeting you three. we just got here today. gosh, the whole town is booked up. there's no room at the inn.
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i know, you can come stay with us! oh, we insist! putting up needy travelers during the holiday season is what the spirit of christmas is all about. and you're the neediest. no offense, but until you improve your act, you'll never get a job playing ghosts. but, we are ghosts! see! (screams) oh, that's it. keep a positive attitude. hey, too bad about that lame audition. yeah, better luck next time. maybe a workshop or two would help. now, let's get you ghosts to our house and we'll scare you up a room. hahaha sigh morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you.
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i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and the bed is perfect for couples because each side adjusts independently to their unique sleep number. here's what clinical research has found: ® 93% of participants experienced back-pain relief. ® 90% reported reduced aches and pains. ® 87% fell asleep faster and enjoyed more deep sleep. for study summaries, call this number now. we'll include a free dvd and brochure about the sleep number bed including prices, and models plus a free $50 savings card. and how about this? steel springs can cause uncomfortable pressure points. but the sleep number bed contours to your body.
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imagine how good you'll feel when your muscles relax and you fall into a deep sleep! i'm not just a back surgeon, i'm also a back patient. i sleep on the sleep number bed myself and i highly recommend it to all of my patients. need another reason to call? the sleep number bed costs about the same as an innerspring but lasts twice as long. so if you want to sleep better or find relief for your bad back, call now. call the number on your screen for your free information kit with dvd, brochure and price list. call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now!
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♪ shivers huh! (eating) uh, excuse me or a sec. forget to wash your hands, honey? oh, try the new pined scented soap we bought. yeah, that's just what this house needs, more pine. um, do you have company?
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just some lame actors my mom and dad invited to stay with us. we are having our usual breakfast, a full roast turkey dinner. smells great. i'd invited you in, except for your heat intolerance deal. oh, right. nothing more embarrassing than wetting the chair during dinner. here's some ice cream. hurry up, holly. i'm carving. see you later. but those ghosts ( door slams) my, my. it's nice to see such healthy appetites. well, without your health, where are ya? so, how do you do those amazing special effects? now, carol. maybe they aren't allowed to tell us. you know how secret these hollywood types are with their new technology yeah, it's all a trade secret.
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so, what's with all the trees? you guys got a dog with a lazy bladder or something? (laughs) it's for christmas! oh, that! what's the big deal? oh, what isn't wonderful about christmas? we love the decorations. and we love exchanging presents. but most of all we love the way it brings your friends together hahah got it. it's not fair. why do they get a nice, family meal? well maybe if you hadnt't lied to her, you'd be in there too you big jerk! ok, now you're talking to yourself. you've got to tell her the truth. remember back when you were a boy scout? the oath you took? a scout is honest. but, what if she's scared of me? so you're just going to keep lying? what kind of friend does that?
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i'll work up to it. i'll tell her when the time is right? what? (sniffs) man that stuffing looks good. think they use real chestnuts? you know what's good? a little sage and roasted garlic blended in. hmmm! i gotta pull myself together. yuck! coconut! is that the end of the food? i think so, yes. i've never seen anyone eat so much. now, holly, don't be rude. sorry. hey, it's about time someone was rude. all these table manners were giving me gas. coughing
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm going nuts not scaring anybody. we could just sneak out and just pull one little scare. no one will ever find out. whoa! what is going on down there? even i don't get gas that bad. that's not gas! i'm getting a message on my laptop. you and your gadgets! hey! i got email! i'll connect to the world, weird web and check it. (screams) i'm checking out what you three you deadbeats better following my
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no scaring order. yes sir! no scaring here, sir. oh and this message comes with an attachment. snizzle here will keep his eye on you three and report back to me. i'll let you know if that misrable excuse of a ghost manages to scare anybody, sir. and he better hurry. you're running out of time. oh, casper will scare somebody any time now then we get our haunting licenses back, right? you are counting on casper to save your sheets? hahaha (laughing) the next time we meet i may reinstate you or disentigrate you.


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