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tv   Rock Center With Brian Williams  NBC  December 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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♪ and with a thousand dollar price on his head. lawrence, in 1867 finally decided to ride further west on business, ♪ unaware that his trail had been picked up by free men: the lone ranger, tonto, and their good friend, marshall john lawton. well, that's as far as i'm able to go with you. my territorial jurisdiction ends here. -thanks, marshall for all your help. i only wish i could have done more. now that lawrence has gotten out of texas, i'm afraid he's going to be very difficult to track down. -him not known further west, marshall? well, to tell the truth he's not even too well known here in my district. we just received the handbills on him here in rockwell a few days before you two rode in. strange he'd head this way instead of towards mexico. not so strange if someone near here has bought his services. well, mister, i sure hope you catch him before he ruins any more lives. we'll do our best. ♪ ♪
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masked. -so they finally decided to send a professional killer after me, huh? the friendly west. well, what are you waiting for, let's get it over with. go ahead and shoot. -i have no intention of shooting. -what? what's your name, young fellow? -jim sage. a moment ago, you were ready to believe i was a professional killer. i'd like to know why. mister, i don't know what your game is, and i don't much care. all i want is to be left alone. there's no reason why you should be interested in me. -maybe. you see, i've always been interested in order and justice in the west. -justice?! i've almost forgotten there was such a word. why do you say that? -because it's been a long time since i've seen it practiced, at least in this part of the country. look out there, mister. that's my piece of property. i settled here six months ago. -it looks like good land. good? it's better than that. it's black as night under the plow, new and fresh.
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but the cattlemen say it's reserved for grazing. they say they don't want any farmers here. -so that's it. that's it. even the acting sheriff in painted post advised me to leave. well, i'm not leaving. and if i have to kill to protect my rights, then i'll kill. i got some fence posts to put up. i'll thank you to get off my property. -alright, jim. tonto, his gun. him plenty bitter young man, kemosabe. if he's telling the truth, he has reason to be bitter. i hate to see this misunderstanding between cattlemen and the farmers. there should be room enough in the west for both. -well, this bad place for man like reno lawrence to come. you think cattlemen send for him? -i hope not, tonto. and yet painted post is the only town within miles, and lawrence's tracks have been heading this way for hours. you'd better ride into town and see
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what you can learn. i'm not known there and my mask would cause too many questions. i'll be camped in the woods north of here. -ah, me meet you there.
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♪ meanwhile in painted post, in the area was entering the office of acting sheriff, charlie park. park, when are you going to start exerting a little authority around here? now, listen clyde... -you listen. i've just been over to see ray kelly at the lazy m ranch.
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he tells me jim sage has begun using barbed wire around his place. do you realize what that stuff does to a horse or cow running into it? -it's sage's land. i can't stop him from fencing it. -when the last sheriff died, you were appointed to protect the rights of the people, and your people happen to be the cattleman. there must be some legal way of getting sage out of here. if he's allowed to stay, more homesteaders will come flocking in, and that will be the end of the open range. well, i'll study the situation some more. -study the situation? -yeah. well, you'd better study mighty hard, mister, between now and next month's election. because if sage isn't gone by then, i can promise you there won't be a man in this town who will give you his vote. think it over. good morning, mr. norton. - what did laughing boy have on his mind? same thing he's had on his mind for the last six months: jim sage. the ranchers aren't kidding anymore. either sage goes or i go. then what happens to your big plans then? catastrophe. -what's the matter with you, tarbuck? you got me into this job. -it wasn't hard. nobody else wanted it.
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you seemed to think it was important enough. -it is. you control the law, charlie, and you control the land. with you as sheriff and me as deputy, we can bleed this territory dry, so long as nobody finds out about our past activities. can't you get it through your head that we won't be controlling anything around here if i lose that election next month? who said you'd lose? -norton. -charlie. what would you think if told you i had the answer to the whole sage problem sitting in the hotel across the street? what are you talking about? -come on. i want you to meet somebody. -now, look. -and one thing: when we get there, keep your mouth shut. don't object to anything i say, you understand? -but. you understand, charlie? -sure. ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah?
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tarbuck. who's this? -a friend of mine. mmhmm. since when you do associate with the sheriff? since i've been a sheriff's deputy. -reno, lawrence, charlie parks. -reno lawrence? yes, sir, charlie. i guess i know reno better than any man alive. we used to ride in the same gang together. then i left texas, and reno headed off on his own. everybody else in the gang is dead-- -alright, cut it, tarbuck. i didn't come this far to talk. i, uh, understand you have a job for me. the same old reno. alright, it's a fellow i want out of the way, a man named jim sage. -you know, funny thing. i must be getting deaf, i, uh, didn't hear you say anything about money. five hundred now, five hundred when sage is dead. alright, where do i find him? -here's a map. sage's place is a mile or so out of town. it's nearly noon now, he breaks off for dinner at twelve. afterwards, he generally lies down for awhile.
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come back here for the other five hundred when you're through. i will, tarbuck. i will. have you lost your mind? if sage is found dead, the ranchers around here are bound to be honest enough to ask for an investigation, and then what? charlie, i've just arranged for a murder, but i'm quite sure it won't be sage's. what? -you and i my friend are about to take a little trip. a shortcut to the farm. we'll be there when reno rides up, and we'll gun him down on sage's property. look, maybe you've got your reasons for wanting lawrence shot, but... -i have, charlie. you see, he's the last one alive that knows i ever operated in texas. -but what about sage? if he isn't run out before the election, -look, everybody knows that jim sage has been real wild with a gun lately, right? -right, but... -well, what do you suppose the ranchers will do when you and i report to them that sage has finally killed a
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man? they'll lynch him. the problem will be out of our hands. -yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ the sheriff. -hmm? oh, what do you want, injun. -there he goes. well, injun? -oh, me sorry. me make mistake. huh? -forget about him. let's get out to the sage place. ♪ ♪
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call now! ♪ kemosabe, me learn about something plenty strange in town. what do you mean strange? -me see reno lawrence, but me think him friends with deputy and sheriff. what? -deputy look familiar. you remember outlaw in texas many years, him named joe tarbuck. -the cattle thief? yes, i remember him very well. -him talk to sheriff.
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me hear him say them go to sage place. -we'd better get out there at once. come on, tonto. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ looking for somebody, mister? alright, charlie, get down there.
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i'll go down to town and spread the word that sage has killed a man. take it easy, mister. you'll be alright. -get your hands up, sage. well, you have been mighty quick with a gun lately, haven't you? -i didn't shoot him. what kind of a frame is this? -frame? we asked you to clear out, sage. we were real polite about it. why you? -drop your gun, mister. now you get 'em up, park. keep him covered, jim. him hurt bad, kemosabe? -he's still breathing. it looks like a rifle wound. jim, do you own a rifle? -i never had one in my life. do you know who shot you? -i've got an idea. park, tarbuck. he's out of his head. he didn't see... -didn't see what, park? it sounded like the shot came from those rocks, mister.
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tarbuck may have decided to go into town. even if he didn't, there will be fresh tracks to guide you. try to stop him. -me do that, kemosabe. park, take his shoulders, and do it gently. we'll take him inside. get his hat. -yeah. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ norton. mr. norton. -yeah, tarbuck, what is it? -the sheriff and me, we were riding past the sage place when we heard a shot. when we got there, we found out sage had killed a man. some stranger. -killed a man? are you sure? -the sheriff's out there now, mr. kelly, holding him. he's already confessed. -well, the dirty,
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low-down pole cat. well, it's our own fault for letting the nesters settle here in the first place. i say, let's teach him a lesson. let's string him up to one of his own trees. -now, wait a minute, ray? hey, who's side are you on? the nesters? hey, larry, go with him. bring your rope. -you come with me. casey, you ride out and tell the other ranchers what's going on. -you listen. -beat it, injun. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kemosabe, tarbuck say sage guilty of murder. lynch mob come here. a lynch mob? -i'm sure those men are essentially honest? when they hear the truth... -the truth? and who will they believe? a homesteader? a man wearing a mask? i think they'll believe marshall john lawton. -lawton? the marshall up in rockville? -ah. tonto, i'd like you to see that marshall lawton gets this as soon as possible. -what you do,
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kemosabe? i'll stay here with jim. mister, i don't get this. if they find you here, they're going to string you up too. why are you sticking your neck out for me? you don't owe me anything. i've told you once before, jim. i was interested in justice. i meant it. -but. we haven't got a chance. -maybe not. but lawrence is still alive. he'll be able to testify that you didn't shoot him. that's right. ♪ kill him. get that indian. ♪ ♪
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♪ the indian's dead. what's going on here? -well, sage and some friend of his have got the sheriff inside. well, what are we waiting for? let's-- -that answer your question? -you men out there. listen to reason. jim sage has committed no crime. what about murder? or don't you consider that a crime? the man sage was supposed to have murdered was shot with a rifle. sage doesn't own a rifle. further more, the man is still alive. now throw down your guns. we'll let you talk to him. he'll tell you sage is innocent. ♪ well, what do you think? maybe we should... -are you plumb loco?
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that's the oldest trick in the business. all you'll get to examine is a bullet in your own stomach. well, what's your answer. -this, mister. we can't keep this up much longer, mister. what happened to that friend of yours? i don't know. ♪ ♪ ♪ just one more bullet, mister. how about you? just one, jim. -the sun's going down soon. rockville isn't that far, and your friend isn't coming back. we'll make one last attempt to get them to listen to lawrence. i wouldn't bother if i were you. well? -he's dead. well, that does it. that was our last chance. they'll probably try to rush the house soon. -yeah.
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mister, no matter what happens, i want you to know i'm mighty proud to have known you. -same goes for me, jim. kind of quiet in there, isn't it? -you think they're finally out of ammunition? -yeah. ♪ let's take 'em. ♪ get away from that door. -hold it. it's marshall lawton. tonto. -me sorry, kemosabe. have hard time finding marshall. -i got your note, mister. and i also brought the handbills you wanted. look, marshall, there's been a murder here. -that's right. now suppose you let the marshall identify the dead man for you. -marshall, he's inside. yup, that's reno lawrence. who is reno lawrence? -hired killer that's been wanted by the authorities for a long time. whoever shot him is in line for quite a reward.
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you mean, even if sage killed him, he was within his rights? -that's exactly what i mean. -and we might have lynched him. you're the law. why didn't you investigate a little more carefully. why didn't you bring sage in, instead of getting us riled up about him? you're through here, tarbuck. and the same goes for you, park. -now, wait a minute. so we're through. marshall, how much does that reward come to? -one thousand dollars. alright, make it payable to joe tarbuck. because i killed lawrence. what? -not so fast, tarbuck. i was in on this thing. marshall, i think you brought a few handbills with you. -that's right, mister. -mr. norton, take a look at these. joe tarbuck, wanted in texas for cattle rustling. and here's another one on park. -cattle thieves. the worst kind of crook. so that's we had for lawmen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ well, mister, thanks to you and tonto, i doubt if they'll ever be a lynch mob form again in painted post. there won't if i have anything to do with it, marshall. sage, i know, i know it's small comfort, but i want to apologize on behalf of all of the cattlemen. we tried to convict an innocent man on hearsay. there's no justice in that. i guess i made a few mistakes myself as well, mr. norton. but i think i've learned a few things about cooperation. it's a mighty important word. well, i don't suppose the ranchers could stop migration to the west, even if they really wanted to. that's right, mr. norton. everyone's entitled to his own way of life.
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confirm the right of man to own property and to do with it as he chooses, and you'll give your children a real heritage. well, it's time for tonto and me to be on our way. good luck in the election for sheriff next month. i know you'll choose a good man this time. -adios. adios. adios. there's the man i'd like to see as sheriff. you know, i fought side by side with him and i don't even know his name. -don't you, jim? you should. he's the lone ranger. ♪ ♪ heigh-o, silver! away! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪the roy rogers show ♪starring roy rogers king of the cowboys, trigger ♪ ♪his golden palomino and dale evans queen of the west ♪ ♪with pat brady, his comical sidekick ♪ ♪and roy's wonder dog, bullet say that looks like dan barton's wife, roy. yeah there must be something wrong the way she's riding. what's the matter ruby? dan go kill monte, you stop him, hurry. you mean your husband killed monty elkheart? not yet, but they've been fighting bad blood. i go to dunlap, they not help, you go, hurry. well which way
10:30 pm
were they headed? dan follow monty, red rock canyon. pat, borrow ruby's horse, red rock canyon is one place nelliebelle can't go. stay with her dale. right. come on bullet. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey dan barton? down pat, he's ought to use that rifle. ♪ do you want? we want to talk to you. keep an eye on him pat. he's got a bad temper, he may be drunk. ♪ ♪
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roy, let's get out of here. who ever done that could pick us off like flies on a wall. we can't leave barton here wounded. you watch the ridge. ♪ ♪ ♪ who's that, the old man of the mountains? it certainly wasn't monty elkheart. let's take a look. what are we going to do with barton? we'll send the sheriff back after him. ♪ up there is where we saw the old man. hey, look! eight milimeter. this could be from a mouser rifle.
10:32 pm
yeah and whoever fired from up here was a good shot. they tell me monty elkheart can hit a flying quail at fifty yards. roy, this ain't none of our business. now let's go get the sheriff and let him tend to it. you can't trail anybody over these rocks anyway. maybe bullet can. let's get the horses and see where he leads us. come on boy. roy, i'm telling you. you keep asking for trouble and we're sure gonna get it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ see who that is loraine. oh yes, won't you come in? thanks. who is it loraine? i'm roy rogers from the double r bar ranch, we're sort of neighbors. well who is it? who is it? mr. rogers, father, coming to call. well bring him
10:33 pm
in, bring him in. i'm loraine dunlap. you musn't mind my father he isn't well. is there something wrong? yes. a neighbor of yours, dan barton was ambushed and killed. oh no! mrs. barton was here wanting help. but oh the poor thing... i guess we better tell him. i heard ya. who did it? father don't get excited now. barton, was on monty elkheart's trail when he was shot. they've been fuding for years. that's good, that's good isn't it. we come out here for peace and quiet and... some crazy indian killer goes on the war path. oh father! we'll all be killed in our beds, that's what will happen. father stop it! there is nothing to worry about. nothing do you hear? that's right. this was a private fude between monty and barton, it doesn't include anyone else. of course, of course, i didn't mean to let go that way. sit down won't you? thank you. he's recovering from a physical and
10:34 pm
nervous breakdown. casued by over work. we came out here so we could recooperate. i guess i shouldn't have troubled you with this, but incidentally have you seen anything of a little old man with a beard? why a man like that came by last night and asked for a handout. he slept in the bunk house and i fed him again this morning before he left. his name was fowler. yes, herman hank fowler, he's an old prospector, sort of peculiar in his ways. i backed tracked him here. you folks live here alone? well, we have a handy man about the place, the name's kimberly. he's been with me for years. he's outside some place. then don't worry. you'll be alright. i see you have protection. that's a beauty! a mouser! hasn't even been fired yet. you know how to use it don't ya? i think so. well i hadn't been able to get outside to do any hunting yet. you just be careful who you open the door to. oh i will and
10:35 pm
i hope you'll come back soon. thanks, nice to have met you mr. dunlap. yeah thanks. got me buffaloed. she pulled me off buttermilk to keep me from following monty. are you sure it was monty elkheart? positive. then you better go tell the sheriff what happened. okay but what are you gonna do? pat and i are going out to see ruby. maybe she can explain why she acted that way. ♪
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, roy rogers come. me hide in back. ♪ hi ruby. ruby not talk. bullet come away from there. ♪ look out ruby! move! that claber faced forked tongue tyraid. ruby, what was monty doing here? i find him here. he no let me go. when dale was bringing you home, why did you stop her from going after him? i hear shots. i think maybe monty kill dan. but monty say he not do it. if he didn't do it how did he know about it? maybe monty tell truth, he
10:39 pm
not have rifle when we see him. he could have, he hides a lot of things in these hills. yeah that's an old trick of his, monty has all kinds of hiding places. ruby you don't seem to take the death of your husband very hard. no. you better wait here till the sheriff comes, he'll probably want to talk to you. come on pat. ♪ ♪ sheriff, you suppose the fact that ruby is half indian is why she's protecting monty elkheart? well i don't know but there is one thing sure. if monty is guilty, he'll go so far back into the hills we'll never be able to find him. yeah and if he hadn't hit me in the face when my back was turned i had gotten him quicker than it takes a minnow to swim a dipper. what about that old hermit hank fowler? i want him too, i want him even you hadn't seen him with that rifle. remember this circular? reward. five thousand somalians. for wrecking that stream line train over in nevada. yeah i remember. two men were
10:40 pm
robbed of almost a half million dollars in that wreck. a half million dollars? why would anybody carry that much on them? well the money was supposed to be used for a king sized business deal. old hermit hank was at the scene of the wreck. he was the only person noticed who wasn't a passenger. when they tried to question him, he ran away. yeah but that was way over in nevada. oh that's not too far for a wanderer like old hank. he dropped out of the picture about that time and this is the first news we have had of him since them. you don't suppose a harmless old guy like hank could have wrecked that train? maybe he ain't as harmless as he's supposed to be. sheriff, i know a spot where old hank usually hangs out. maybe if i went up there alone i could get him to talk. alright roy, i'll appoint you my special deputy. you can help me investigate this case. i'll let you know what i find out. bye sheriff. goodbye. bye. ♪ ♪
10:41 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ doesn't answer bullet. let's take a look inside. ♪ ♪ too bad bullet that we brought a present all the way out here to old hank and he isn't around. guess we just as well go back. well i'm a bob tail butter. howdy roy! fine hank, how are you? what you bring old hank? well maybe a new rifle? or have you already
10:42 pm
got one? oh hank don't like guns. people get hurt with guns roy. you had one right after dan barton was killed. wasn't mine, old hank found it. where is it now? old hank hid it, where nobody can ever find it. that could be the gun that killed dan barton. ♪ he was bad. he needed killing, better off dead. drunk all the time. beat his wife. he did huh? bad man barton. old hank knows plenty, hank see who wreck train. hank see who kill barton. he sees killer hide gun, old hank knows plenty. but he won't tell. you saw who wrecked that train over in nevada? you were there?
10:43 pm
glory halleljua, that was a sight to see. people were screaming and dying. who did it hank? come on tell me who wrecked that train. same one, same on that bush wacked barton. guess. you guess! well that could be you. better tell me if you want this present i brought ya. it's tobacco, sugar, bacon, salt... get down! ♪ you alright hank? hank! ♪
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
♪ it's a page from an old crime magazine. hey that's dan barton. yeah and old hank knew it. this is his proof of barton's real identity. a chicago gangster, back in 1938 he worked for a doc fairfield, head of a mob specializing in warehouse burgularies. he killed a fellow mobster in a quarrel and disappeared. he must have come out here and changed his name to barton and married ruby. he was hiding from the law and gang vengeance. all the gang including fairfield was trapped and imprisoned except del. alias barton. this whole thing's as queer as a cast iron pin cushion.
10:47 pm
i wonder if ruby knew about her husband? well we can find out. better be careful roy, the killer don't know how much old hank told you. when he learns you're walking around, he'll try for you again. that's one way to bring him out in the open. if everybody knows i'm still alive, he'll make his move. i'll start with ruby barton. i'm going with you. alright. she'd be more likely to talk to you than she would me. pat you stay here and look after things. this is one time we won't need you. let me change my clothes and i'll meet you outside. alright. come on sheriff. well starch my socks, if every time something exciting happens i got to be nurse maid to this beanery. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ruby could
10:48 pm
we talk with you a few minutes? roy has some questions he wants to ask you. ruby, did you know that your husband's real name was patty del and was wanted for murder in chicago? no. i thought many times something wrong. old hank the hermit knew it. that's why he come around for handout. dan give him grub steak, and dan no do that unless he have good reason. blackmail, petty form of blackmail. old hank fowler, just before he died, told me that your husband had a habit of getting drunk and beating you. you hated your husband. didn't you ruby? dan a pig. monty elkheart my uncle. but i not want them kill each other. monty know people think he did it, but he say he did not. where is he now? i would like to talk to him. he'd never be able to clear himself if he goes into hiding. please ruby, you can
10:49 pm
trust roy. i not tell. then you'll have to come along with us and be placed under arrest for with holding information. i go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ keep going, dale. it's monty.
10:50 pm
♪ ruby! alright ruby drop it! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alright on your feet monty. i'm almost glad you
10:51 pm
came after me, it will save me the trouble of trying to track you down. now i'll have to take you both in for questioning. here roy. get on your horses. ♪
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
well i guess that just about does it roy. thanks to you and dale. a mouser rifle, the same as used to kill dan barton and hank folwer. and monty came after you just like you said the killer would. yeah but there's a lot of things about this that just don't add up. i'm still not convinced. ♪ oh hello mr. rogers. how do you do? won't you come in. father, it's mr. rogers! i thought you people would like to know that we caught monty elkheart and have him locked up in town. oh that's a relief!
10:54 pm
only trouble is he won't talk, just says he didn't kill barton and fowler. naturally he'd deny it. i guess so. fairfield where did you say you were from? oakland... what's that you called me? fairfield, doc fairfield. you're not dunlap and you're not shaking anymore. that nervous break down of yours was just a fake. dad? what's he saying? doc fairfield, i don't even know what he's talking about. oh yes you do. you were with the brains of a bunch of crooks in chicago, barton worked for you, he double crosses you and ran away. when you found him out here you decided to shut him up for good. mr. rogers you don't know what you're saying. i'm afraid i do. you see, hank saw you kill barton, and he also knew that you wrecked that train over in nevada. for the last time i am not doc fairfield and any fool wouldn't know that i can't even get out of this wheel chair. cut the act doc.
10:55 pm
old hank talked before he died. and if that rifles been fired since i was here last, it will be enough evidence to convict you of murder. ♪ you had to use this gun to kill old hank because he got away with the one you used to kill barton. father, father how could you? i'm sorry loraine, i know this is a shock to you. you just well put that gun down, 'cause this place is covered front and rear. oh is it? you were right dunlap i scouted around and here's what i found. fine work nells. i'm sorry roy. he jumped me when i wasn't looking. father please! loraine, you'll find your sensibilities have been over developed by your education. after all it was for you i planned this one last crime. so we could retire on the proceeds. some proceeds, a half a
10:56 pm
million bucks. now that i have it, nothing or no one will take it from me. loraine, get roger's guns. then we'll all step outside. don't do it loraine, you can't be that loyal to your father. stop and think. if you do that you'll be like him, a murderer. think loraine. loraine. father i don't care what you have done, but give me the gun. oh! you got anymore? then just call me three gun brady. come on honey. i didn't mean to do this... honey you didn't do anything. i didn't mean to do it. but you didn't. well you're both free to go thanks to roy and dale. although they're the ones that brought you in, they weren't satisfied that you were guilty. monty i realize you attacked me only because you thought i was going to arrest ruby. you plenty smart roy rogers. monty elkheart not forget. and
10:57 pm
ruby thank you dale. i'm glad it turned out this way for you ruby, for both of you. your ponies are right outside there monty. ♪ we'll be out to see you one of these days. bye! bye! you and dale drop in again. okay sheriff! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪happy trails to you, until ♪we meet again, happy trails ♪to you, keep smiling ♪until then. happy trails ♪to you, till we meet
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