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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 30, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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i want the picture for my album. well alright... i better warn the sheriff in pokerville about the hold up. by the way what's his name? jim lindsay. yeah that's it. you stay here bullet. now put the mask on mr. brady, like one of the real outlaws. could you move just a little closer to the coach mr. brady? please. hey elmore, how about we pull this thing down, like it's sort of slick huh? yeah that's fine. ♪ oh now mr. brady could you please flourish your gun? do what? pull it out. oh. well i could pretend like i was shooting from the hip or maybe i can pretend like i was fanning it huh? yeah. how's this elmore? that's fine, that's fine. now
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uh i thought that...i thought that if you didn't mind it i could grab your hand here so it looked like i was trying to take the gun away from ya? hey i thought you said this was gonna be my picture. well it is, my back is practically to the camera and i would like for it to look like i was trying to disarm ya. oh i see. is this for your album too? no it's for my mother, she thinks i'm still in knee pants and can't take care of myself. well i think she's got something there but go ahead. oh swell. now look, i'll put this under my arm, this bulb and when i say hold it, you freeze. alright. okay you ready? yeah. hold it. all aboard for pokerville. well thanks a lot mr. brady. thanks a lot! ♪ i will not go home, i am on my way to visit aunt agatha. those outlaws may make another try for the strong box. that's exactly why i'm going along to see it safely to the bank. dad's cattle money is in it. ♪
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♪ don't forget to send me one of them pictures, elmore. well i won't. thanks two or three times mr. brady. okay! pat, i'll follow the coach on into town, i'll meet you back here later. ♪ ♪ howdy jeb. okay fellows search 'em. is that order include me sheriff? why ms. dale! howdy! sheriff this is roy rogers. roy, sheriff lindsay. how do you do, sheriff? howdy. that's a good looking dog you got there. thanks. hey bullet you better be nice to him, he's the law.
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say he's smart as a whip. you ought to set him on the opal gang. which reminds me, thanks for sending that telegram, if mark opal does come this way he'll get a mighty warm welcome. i'm going out now to see if i can pick up the trail. i'll keep in touch with ya. see that she keeps out of trouble if you can. oh. sure thing rogers. sorry to trouble you ms. dale, let me help you back in. thank you, sheriff. carrying any concealed weapons mr. kirby? i don't happen to have one with me this trip, but you can search me if you want to. say is there any place around here where a fellow can have a little fun? well, let's see, there is a snake bite saloon a couple miles out of town. but if you take my advice you'll stay out of there. it's the toughest place this side of glory.
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this is mark opal? sure. you got your camera with you? it's right outside in my truck. any man that can outsmart mark opal deserves to be rewarded. boys take this gentlemen over to the stable and buy him all the sasperella he can drink. well thanks a lot. you know if somebody were to take this picture to the sheriff, he might get a piece of the reward. reward? yeah. mark opal. now we know what he looks like. find
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the guy that took that picture and bring him to my office. ♪ you know phineas, with that opal gang carousing around, maybe i better brush up on my target practicing. see now, how do they do it? hold the can up, make a fast draw, shoot... well quit tearing up the furniture phineas, i ain't gonna shoot you. that shot came from over the hill, let's take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ mark opal. okay al, shoot to kill. hey! lemme get out of here. come on, phineas shake those legs! ♪ ♪ hey roy, they're shooting at me. who the opal gang? ♪
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sheriff, hey sheriff! sheriff lindsay, wait! go ahead al ! what are you trying to do, help mark opal get away? well that's not mark opal. that's pat brady, my foreman. i don't care if he's your grandfather, i've got a picture of him holding up the stage. a picture of pat? yes pat. let me go. what do you think you're doing anyway you bunch of jug heads. roy, you tell 'em, i ain't no owl hoot. tell these toggle horn whistle brain mavericks who i am. he told me. we're taking you back to town. keep doing. that dumb.. false arrest, that's what it is. ♪ kirby, where you been? we've been hunting the town for ya. whose this fellow with ya? oh i'm his partner. ain't that right almore? that's
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right. yeah, i've been waiting for him for about a week down by the creek bend. ain't that right elmore? yeah that's right. what's in the wagon? elmore, go on tell him. it's a dark room for developing pictures. yeah pictures, took and developed while you wait. in fact, we'll take one of you for free. say i wouldn't mind. some other time, the sheriff wants to see you kirby. come on elmore let's get to the bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get out of here.
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your typeopal, you're pretty smooth, but you're not going to get away with it. for the thousandth and oneth time, i don't know nothing about that robbery and i ain't mark opal. i ain't nobody except patrick alowishus brady. me.
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but you can't suspect pat. he wasn't even in town when the bank was robbed. of course not. he was acting as a decoy to keep me away. he was just his hard luck he got caught. oh. sheriff! roy! i'll take over now. get anything out of him? no. there isn't anything in him to get out. well of course not, this is ridiculous. i have known pat for years. yeah she sure has, years and years. say this man's your foreman? yes. and when you're away do you leave him in charge of the ranch? why certainly, then how do you know he hasn't been leading a double life? listen pat has enough trouble leading one life, let alone two. yeah. i sure do. how do you explain that? sheriff, pat told you how that picture came to be taken. told him? i shouted, whistled and whispered until my voice is worn to a shatter. i might have believed you if we had found elmore kirby. and if he had backed up your story. and until we do find him... you're staying here in the custody of the law. no, them owl hoots
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is gonna kid nap poor elmore and if you don't find him, i'm gonna spend the rest of my life here in custardy. roy make 'em let me out of here. sheriff you're holding him on insufficient evidence and you know it. yes sir and you have no right to jail an innocent man. i am holding him for questioning and that is that. now both of you clear out. don't worry, pat. if he wasn't the law i would give him a lesson in good manners. yeah. looks like we'll just have to find elmore. if he's with those outlaws, i hope i find him alive. be careful roy. i will. come on boy! alright, alright now just move a little over to your left, that's it. achoo! see, i told you every time i ride in the back of my truck i catch a cold. well i'm sorry elmore, we couldn't stop we was being chased. oh quit leaning on the table. just put your
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hand on it, easy. in the next one how about me sitting in a chair? reading a book or something. or maybe i could put my hand in my shirt, like on of them fancy generals? gosh, you fellows act like you never had your picture taken before. we don't dare. you see the law might get ahold of them and use them against us. but there is no danger of that happening with you, is there elmore? no. certainly not. i'll take all the pictures you want. elmore? hey elmore? hold it. okay relax. that hole in the wall is going to make the best dark room you ever had, elmore. yeah we got everything all set up for you. somebody's coming. ♪ get me the rifle, jed.
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♪ roy! roy! there's a mob gathered in town to lynch pat for the cause of the killing of the bank cashier. well this is one party pat isn't going to attend. come on. he's going away. oh no. hey elmore? ♪
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♪ ♪ they must be taking pat to the mill town jail. yeah. from the looks on the dust on the horizon, they're being followed. i reckon we gave that neck tie pod the slip alright. yeah and it was my neck they were gonna tie. get going. looks like i'm gonna have to save pat from being saved. i'm going with you roy. you better put your hair under your hat or the sheriff will recognize you. right.
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you better stay here bullet. sheriff will recognize you too. come on. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hold it right there sheriff and reach! why i didn't expect you boys to come along so soon. you'll get twenty years for this, all of you. take his gun, brady. tie him to this tree. ♪ hey phil? get me out of here. what happened to you sheriff? a couple of opal's gang sucked me up and took brady. brady my eye. if he's not mark
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opal i'll leave my badge. the neck tie thing picked up your trail. they're nosing our heels right now. al, get back to him. lead them on a wild goose chase. me and phil will go after opal. give me your gun. elmore sure been in that dark room an awful long time. well it takes time to develop pictures. say fellows, why don't we have our picture took together? i could be in the middle. yeah. no, no i'm going to be in the middle. we could have our arms around each other. or maybe we could look sideways with our head over our shoulder? that ain't so good. well let's ask elmore. yeah! hey elmore? elmore how did those pictures come out? did you get that one of me where i get the hat on the back of my head? that's supposed to be me? how do i look elmore? well some of 'em come out good but i would like to take a whole bunch of 'em. i think these pictures are great elmore. i didn't know i looked like that. look at me with a beard. these pictures are real good. hey get a load
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of this! here's me with my hand on my gun. look at that silly grin you got on your face. where's that side view you took of me? hey what are you doing at that window? oh nothing, nothing! ♪ it's that guy again and he's brought his whole gang with him. ♪ ♪ ♪ go on get him in there. you stay here dale, if you have any trouble go for the sheriff. right. stay with her boy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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pictures of the opal gang. shh! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ well shucks it looks like we've been following the wrong trail. yeah, this place doesn't seem to have been lived in for ages. well, come on pat, let's go. the back of that closet is a fake. ♪ ♪ hey they've gone!
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yeah. not yet. collect their hardware pat. drop those guns or i'll daylight elmore. hey! hey! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ouch! hey elmore, it's me your friend, pat. hey where's your glasses? ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bullet, that's enough! elmore give me a hand. get those hands up. who are all these men? sheriff, you've just captured the opal gang. ♪ ♪ ♪ so long elmore. you be careful from now on. and don't take anymore of those trick pictures. well i won't mr. rogers, i learned my lesson the hard way. you know trying to be what we're not sometimes gets us into a lot of trouble. well goodbye. and that there goes for you
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too pat. well i was only trying to help buddy. well now look here pat, i've had just about all i can take from you and the opal gang and i'm telling you right now that... well now listen pat, i've fought the opal gang and i fought 'em and i don't want to fight 'em no more. and that goes for you too. ♪ ♪happy trails to you ♪until we meet again, happy ♪trails to you, keep ♪smiling on till then, happy ♪trails to you, till we ♪meet again.
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♪ the lone ranger ♪ hi-ho silver! a fiery horse with a speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "hi-ho silver"! the lone ranger! ♪ a hearty "hi-ho silver"! the lone ranger! thought you told the marshal i'd never get you to abilene. still got halfway to go. lucky for you we have no judge in petersville. you'd be tried and convicted by now. maybe that's what's gonna happen to me when we get to abilene? why don't you give up, law man? the marshal's already lost three of his best deputies on this run. figure you're gonna have any better luck? i'm sure of it.
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cause wherever you go, i go. i left the keys behind. other three deputies were handcuffed to their prisoners, too. say, whatever happened to them law men? i wish i knew, knife, because if i did, i might be taking you to abilene to stand trial for murder instead of just robbery. ok boss! i got him! rex craig! you, an outlaw. that's right, partner, and a good one. how's the driver? don't worry, he ain't dead, boss, just out cold. good. hide out horses in the usual place. knife and i can take care of this hombre. hurry up! get him out of there! ♪ stage coach, tonto.
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driver not stop there unless there be trouble. come on! ♪ ♪ ♪ just a scalp wound, tonto. he should be alright after he comes to. coach empty. everything seems to be alright up there. whoever did this must have been after the passengers. you think another deputy? yes i do, tonto. knife martin was due in abilene tomorrow for trial. this coach would have brought him in just on time. tracks here. maybe three, four men. mark of heavy weight dragged from coach. maybe body. we better follow the footprints. we'll leave silver and scout here and go ahead on foot. come on. ♪ ♪
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♪ no use, kimosabe. we lose tracks way back. tonto, look. cabin look deserted. not like outlaws to come here. there's only one way to find out. you stay here and keep me covered. if there's any trouble, come in fast. oh, me be ready, kimosabe. ♪ ♪ ♪ come in! howdy stranger. make yourself at home. thank you. folks call me uncle taffy. heh heh. say i'm a bit catched in the head. reckon that's just how i am. that's a right well-fitting mask you're wearing. it seems to frighten most people. doesn't it bother you?
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ha ha ha. when a man gets to be my age, it takes more than a mask to scare him. if you were here to do me hurt, you'll do it, mask ro no mask. if you were here peacable, ain't none of my business why you're wearing a mask. i'm here peacable. draw up a chair and sit. i'm looking for some information. ain't got much of that. glad to give you what i got. you live here alone? sure do, mister. ain't budged offa this land for twenty years. ever since i bought it to dig for gold. t'weren't no gold though. i see. you're a miner then. i used to be. not no more. you ever have visitors? sure do. ha ha! here's one right now! no, i mean others. talk clear, young feller. a stage coach was held up about a mile from here. i think its passengers are being hidden nearby. you don't say.
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shouldn't be hard to find. ain't many places around here for a man to hide. i know that; that's what i can't understand. how can three deputies in a row disappear right off the face of the earth? and now maybe a fourth. i take it you're a law man yourself. sometimes. you better be on your guard in case those outlaws show up. ha ha ha! i ain't so old i can't handle a gun against them varmints. i hope you're right. take care of yourself, your feller. adios. what you find out, kimosabe? nothing, tonto, just a quaint old who wouldn't hurt a fly. we'll ride into town and see what we can find out. let's go. you can come up now, boys. he's gone.
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how's the new deputy doing? not so good. had to slug him again to keep him quiet. come on uncle taffy, get out your file and go to work on these cuffs. sick of being chained to this dead weight. hold your horses, knife. it's a lucky thing you spotted that masked hombre headed this way uncle taffy. he might have caught us red handed. you shoulda' let me plug him, boss, before he ever got inside. you're a fool, knife. how do we know there weren't others with him. this way he leaves without suspecting anything. that's right! thinks i'm just a simple-minded old timer. wouldn't have no truck with outlaws. heh heh heh. hurry it up, uncle taffy. he's coming to. there you are. what is this place?
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ha ha ha! you hear that, boys? he wants to know what this place is. well i'll tell you, son. it's a trap! a death trap! what're you gonna do to me? the same thing we did to those other three deputies. heh heh! you see? so that's where you got rid of them. makes a real fine death trap, don't you think? dark and deep! listen i don't get it, craig. you of all people. what have you got against law and order? law and order means two bosses in town: the marshal and me. there's only room enough for one of us. you'll never get rid of him that way. won't i? just give me time. come on now; he's lived long enough. any last messages, parker? too bad i can't ever tell your kid where you're buried.
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partner, marshal. is he still missing? same as the others. anything i can do to help? i don't need a lawyer, rex. i need a new deputy. ha ha, afraid i'm not that brave, marshal. can't blame you, there isn't a man in town willing to take parker's place. well, if you need me, you know where my office is. thanks rex. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ what're you so sad about, marshal? you didn't get hurt. jimmy, what're you doing with that gun? i'm gonna give you the same medicine my father got. you gone crazy. kid? don't move. jimmy, i didn't do anything to your father. no, you just sent him out to be killed, that's all. we have no proof that he's dead. we don't need proof. he's gone like all the others, isn't he? finest man in the whole town. he didn't have to take the job, but you made him. jimmy, your father volunteered to be one of my deputies. he was just as anxious to bring law and order to this town as i am. law and order... all you've brought is trouble and killing. i'm not to blame for that. the outlaws are. i don't know who's to blame. i only know i'm not going to let it happen again. it was better without law and order. and i'm getting rid of you right now! hey, lemme go! thanks mister for coming in when you did. fine marshal you are, saying thanks to a masked outlaw. he can't be an outlaw.
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outlaws don't waste their time saving the lives of marshals. still, i'm curious about that mask. i have reasons for keeping my identity a secret, marshal. you're quite a fighter, young man. you'll have to excuse him, mister. he's kinda wrought up. his father's one of my deputies. disappeared this morning. now take it easy, jimmy. sorry, marshal. i guess killing you wouldn't bring my dad back. was his father the man who was taking knife morton back to abilene? yes, my fourth deputy. when did this trouble start? the day i took over, injun. this was here when i opened this place three months ago. "if you know what's good for you, you will go back where you came from. if you don't, we'll drag you back. we're the law and order in this town." and it's unsigned. but if they want to get rid of you why don't they kill you? that's the funny part of it: they don't kill anybody, that is, that i can prove. what about your four deputies? where are the bodies? you've got to have a corpse to have a murder charge. you don't have any idea who's behind these crimes?
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somebody that's so smart and slippery i can't lay a finger on them. did they try to rescue any criminal you send to abilene with a deputy? so far they have. you have idea, kimosabe? yes, tonto. that is, if the marshal can find a new deputy. no chance. after what's just happened there isn't a man in this town that's got nerve enough to take on the job. there's one, marshal. oh, jimmy, you're too young. i'm old enough to ride a horse and fire a gun. if you won't let me be your deputy, i'll go after those outlaws alone. what do you think? he wants to go on a manhunt? why not let him help us? thanks, mister. jim, this isn't going to be any picnic. if my plan works your life is going to be in great danger. whatever happened to those other four deputies might happen to you. my father died to bring law and order to this town. his death won't mean much if i don't follow through for him. good boy, jim. now marshal, here's my plan... put up hand! what is this? me take money. on your feet, injun!
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trying to hold me up, huh? what happened marshal? who's the injun? saw me coming out of the bank, tried to hold me up. why the no good injun, we ought to string him up! oh no you don't! i'm here to keep the law, not break it. he'll be sent to abilene for trial. who's going to take him, marshal? i thought you'd run clean out of deputies. not quite, rex. i got a new one this morning. who are you, indian? me not tell. have it your own way. reckon a lawyer wouldn't help him much anyway, what with you catching him red-handed. oh, he's entitled to a legal advisor, rex. better drop around later and see him. whatever you say, marshal. come on, injun. get going. i've got a nice warm cell for you.
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where's the marshal? him go out for lunch. oh? well, might as well talk to you now anyway. who you? i'm a lawyer. if you want advice, i can give it to you. me not need advice. i think you do. that was a pretty stupid stunt today: trying to hold up a marshal. me not see him badge. you work alone or with a gang? that my business. look indian. i'm going to do some straight talking. but if you repeat a word of it to the marshal or anyone else, i'll call you a liar and swear i didn't say it. and they'll believe me, not you. me not understand. it's like this: we've got no judge in this town, so you'll be taken to abilene for trial. if you're lucky, you may get off with twenty years. that plenty long time. you should have thought of that before you held up the marshal.
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maybe there other way out? you're smart, indian. there is a way. an... expensive way. what you mean? if you never get to abilene then you can't be tried. that plenty good plan. you have way it can work? i have. but it costs money. how much? a thousand dollars. that plenty big sum. mm. well, you got any friends around here that can raise the money for you? there one maybe can help. good, tell me where he is and i'll get word to him. no, him know me need help. he better, because if that money isn't in my office tonight, you'll be in abilene by tomorrow. money be there. if this is a hold up, mister, i keep my money in the bank, not here. it's no hold up. i'm here on business. i don't usually do business with masked men. if it's legal services you need ... what's that for? fee for your legal services.
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i understand you can arrange for a certain indian friend of mine not to reach abilene tomorrow. i don't know what you're talking about. i don't take bribes. i must have misunderstood. just a minute. like i said: i'm strickly legal. you want to hire me to be your friend's lawyer and get your friend off as lightly as possible i reckon i could accept that money as a... retainer in advance. a retainer, then. do you guarantee to get my friend off lightly? i'm a respectable lawyer, mister. you don't think i'd take your money under false pretenses. just how and when do you intend to do this? that's my business. you pay the fee, i'll be the lawyer. whatever you say. knife! yeah, boss? you know that was that just left? voice sounded mighty familiar through the door. it should. he was a masked man from uncle taffy's cabin. him? what'd he want with you? wanted to pay me a thousand dollars to keep that indian from reaching abilene. i don't get it. i do. a neat little put-up job, the whole thing. the masked man and indian are in cahoots with
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the marshal. you mean they know about uncle taffy's cabin? no, but they're trying awfully hard to find out. that means they're expecting us to hold up the stage tomorrow. we can't do it. can't we? it's a clever little trap they've set. only one thing wrong: they're the ones who are gonna get caught in it!
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outlaws strike?se head when don't worry, tonto. you give the orders; i'll take them. s part well. oh, you can count on the kid, alright. this where they held the stage up last time? just about. they may not strike in the same place twice. here they come. sounds like it's down the road about a mile, i'd say. think you're right, marshal. come on! ♪
7:52 am
♪ exactly the same as last time, marshal: driver unconscious, but not dead. i only hope we can catch them before anything happens to tonto and jimmy. it's a funny thing, but these tracks lead directly north. there's nothing there except uncle taffy's cabin. uncle taffy... maybe he isn't such a loveable character after all. come on, marshal. ♪ ♪ you keep promise plenty good. me go free now? no indian, you don't go free. as soon as your masked friend gets here, you and he are going to get the same medicine as the kid. tonto, he knows! that's right, junior; i know. you got it straight what you're to do now? i never make mistakes, but are you sure the masked man is coming? positive. either alone or with the marshal. they lost our tracks, but i made sure they knew which direction to take.
7:53 am
what about them two? we'll keep them hidden in back of the cabin. ha ha! neatest trick i ever heard of. this masked man is smart, uncle taffy. he may not disappear as easily as the others. leave him to me; i can handle him. now get outside, all of ya! ♪ ♪ ♪ looks harmless enough. maybe, marshal. i'll go in there alone. if it's a trap there should be one of us left alive to bring back a posse. well if you're not out in a few minutes, i'll sneak around back and see what i can find out. right. ♪ ♪ the door's open. how did you know i was out there? heh heh heh... reckon you might say i got eyes in the back of my head.
7:54 am
what can i do for ya this time? you can tell me what's become of my indian friend and the deputy. how would i know? the coach was held up less than a mile away. just like the last time. the tracks led in this direction, just like last time. got no idea what you're talking about. you're shielding outlaws. that's a crime in itself. you'd better give them up. if you think so bad of me, young man, why don't you take me into town, turn me over to the marshal? i intend to. but first i'm taking a look around. go right ahead. i'm going to tie you up so you can't give any alarm. don't mind a bit. come on ahead.
7:55 am
ha ha ha! that'll take care of you, mister! come on in, boys. he's joined the others. you sure he's dead? ain't no doubt about it. i heard him hit bottom. then get the handcuffs off these two. we can't drop them down the shaft together. in't done such good business in years! ha ha! that does it, boss. drop the indian in first, then the kid. let him go. let him go! ooh! ow! ♪
7:56 am
♪ ugh! ow! ow! ♪ ♪ ahhh! you come too late, marshal. ♪ when are you sending those two to abilene, marshal? soon as my deputies get here with beetle. i've got a whole slew of volunteers now that we've rounded up the top men. that's fine. you never find better deputy than jimmy.
7:57 am
don't you worry, tonto. i aim to make him a permanent fixture here if he'll stay. i sure will, marshal. well you don't need us anymore. tonto, we'll be moving. good luck, jim. marshal. thanks mister. that masked man sure came through when we needed him most. he usually does, son. do you know who he is? that's the lone ranger. hi-ho silver! away! ♪ ♪ @d♪ hdhd hd hd hd @d hd
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