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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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ladies. good morning. we have rain and we have snow in the area this morning. it's not often we say snow. we are seeing snow falling in the santa cruz mountains. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 4:00 here. we could see one to three inches of snow in the santa cruz mountains by 4:00 this afternoon. if you are doing traveling above 1,500 feet from skyline boulevard all of the way down through the santa cruz mountains, we're tracking snow today and even we could see some snow in san francisco at twin peaks. ms. christina loren is live and will join us later in the program. in the meantime, we'll check the roads with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> good morning, anthony. good to have you in here. good that we're not out there. it's cold. christina will tell us how cold coming up. looking at the peninsula 101 easy light drive through palo alto. as far as volume of traffic goes, we'll look at maps and show you how we're integrated with anthony and christina's system here. no problem for 101.
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green highlight indicates damper roadways and moisture in the area in places and cold temperatures combine with that moisture mean pink overlays may be icy spots in hills over toward half moon bay for 92 and the his around the area. we'll track that. more warnings. back to you. while san jose police are working to solve a number of brazen burglaries on the city's east side, this morning we're hearing from one of the victims. a student at san jose state was skyping with a friend when she heard someone pounding on the door. >> i didn't open the door us today i didn't know who it was. i looked outside my sister's window to check who it was and it was some guy, like -- i don't know. looking very suspicious. he kept looking around. he looked up. i went away from the window. >> when she went downstairs she spotted two men trying to get into her house one of them possibly armed with a gun.
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>> i didn't know what else to do. i just opened up my window and kicked out the -- i kicked out the screen and sat on the roof for a bit. >> the home is one of four broken into tuesday afternoon. in another incident thieves made off with five guns. police have made an arrest in one burglary. the oakland zoo will give us an update on the condition of the alligator named mr. t. found guarding a stash of pot inside a castro valley home. alameda county sheriff's deputies said they were conducting a routine probation check at the home yesterday when they came face to face with mr. t. he's a five-foot long cayman alligator. officers found him in a tank guarding 34 pounds of dry marijuana. mr. t.'s owner says the gator is about 16 years old. oakland zoo officials say he's very sick and will be in quarantine for 30 days. the owner is in jail this
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morning. the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco's bayview district last weekend makes his first court appearance today. dexter oliver was arrested at an oakland hotel on monday. police say he doused star lamar in gasoline and lit her on fire sunday afternoon. lamar is in the hospital with severe burns to her face and chest. governor jerry brown will lay out his state budget plan for the next year this morning. he'll ask for $2 billion in cuts, far less than the 25 billion from two years ago. extra tax revenue from prop 30 will help boost schools from $54 to $56 billion. $125 million each for higher education. the state must live within its means and there will be cuts to certain welfare programs. 4:34. the board of trustees at san
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francisco city college will meet again today to continue its work to restructure. it comes as the board asks california for an extension on its march 15th deadline to mix money and management problems. as it stands, the city college will lose its accreditation if it's not done by then. progress has slowed because the board cannot agree on closing any of the school's nine sal lig satellite campuses. the contra costa county fire district will host a public meeting tonight to address homeowners concerns about several station closures. four stations are slated to close this month including one in martinez and three others in walnut creek. the move is expected to save the district more than $6 million every year. tonight's meeting will be held at the martinez junior high school at 6:30. fighter jets will take part in an air drill over the north bay this morning. the western air defense sector is conducting what it calls an
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air drill to test its readiness in the event of an emergency. the training drill will take well north over clover dale weather permitting from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. >> weather permitting is key this morning. anthony slaughter is here. >> bundle up this morning. hats, coats, scarfs. look at this. rain falling across the south bay and even snow above 1,500 feet. if you are doing traveling on highway 17 today, this is the day when you want to take it easy. go slow. do not hit those brakes extremely hard. we could talk about black ice and of course with temperatures near freezing in the north bay and even near the south bay we're talking about some very cold conditions, which is conducive for black ice on the roadways. 32 in napa. 32 in santa rosa. san francisco mild at 46. san jose even at 39. want to show you the precip, more of a wider view that showed convection we're going to see today.
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it hangs offshore. even through this afternoon. doesn't look like we'll see a lot of precipitation. that which we do see will come very quick and it will be very light. in fact, the santa cruz mountains is only place that will see accumulating snow. every else down to 1,000 feet. we're just talking about a dusting if that. the forecast pulls in rain this morning. the showers wl continue at the coast at least through 4:00 or 5:00. inland is where you will see more dry time. temperatures will be cold. bundle up and grab layers. as far as roadways are concerned, here's mike inouye with your traffic report. >> great note about black ice. it's the very thin sheet of ice. it's clear. it blends in with the pavement. that's why it's black. it's actually clear. looking here to the east shore freeway and bay bridge toll plaza. toll plaza very light. no problems here as far as ice or freezing and you get a lot of activity. east shore freeway moving smoothly toward the bay bridge. a look at the maps as well. see how things are shaping up. very smooth. saw from the earlier shot light
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volume of traffic through the area including for 580 where do we see a tad bit of slowing approaching highway 13 but no activities as far as incident reporting. south 880 a couple lanes blocked heading south toward the coliseum. no slowing because of light flow of traffic. where we had heavy fog is clear but very cold through the area. some of the hills you may have ice as well. just keep that in mind. i'll let you know about any reports. back to you. >> here's something else you'll see. testing begins on the new bay bridge lights project. the live look at the beautiful bay bridge where more than 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs have been attached on the western span. crews will run the first sequence test to make sure everything is in working order. computer software has been designed to change some of those light patterns. $8 million project was created to celebrate the bay bridge's 75th anniversary. the switch will officially be turned on in march and it will run for two years.
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are you ready for some hockey? the new reports this morning that the sharks will play their very first game ten days from today. the league says it will announce a schedule after players approve the new deal. that's supposed to happen saturday. however, the mercury news cites unconfirmed reports the sharks will start play on january 20th in calvary. no word on when the team's home opener will be. >> a lot of people excited for that. >> it will be a packed house. flu season continues to hit the country hard forcing one of the biggest cities in the u.s. to declare a public health emergency. and then trapped in the ice. the call for help for a pod of killer whales.
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welcome back, everyone. a good thursday morning to you. what a beautiful crystal clear look at the south bay this morning in san jose. along with those crystal clear skies. cold temperatures. we'll have a look at the forecast. potential snow as well. it's 4:42. google executive chairman eric schmidt and former governor bill richardson are touring a television station today. their trip came after north korea carried out a long range
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rocket test last night while the reclusive state works on its nuclear testing facilities. . new rules put in place to curb risky mortgage lending. with more on that and how futures are trading, we turn things over to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, courtney. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. futures are higher after stocks snapped a mini losing streak yesterday. there may be a focus on interest rate decisions by the european central bank. we'll get data on unemployment and wholesale trade. the dow rising 61 points wednesday to 13,390. the nasdaq adding 14 to 3105. the government's consumer finance watchdog is rolling out new rules with a range of requirements on restrictions on
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banks and lenders. we'll have to verify and inspect lenders records and not saddle people with payments totalling more than 43% of their annual only income. there will be limits on loans that offer teaser rates that balloon after a few years. back to you. talking about how cold it is outside this morning. could see low snow across the bay area. >> we're seeing a bit of snow action happening right now in the santa cruz mountains. you can see on radar pink and white showing up there. that is the snow that's actually occurring and a lot of this is about 1,500 feet and above so you actually have to get higher to see the snow. if you are doing any traveling on skyline boulevard, state route 35 and also highway 17 this morning, heads up. there is snow falling in that location right now. 32 in santa rosa. 32 in napa. if we saw anything on the valley floor in the north bay it would come down as snow. we're dry inland locations.
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that is good news especially if you are doing traveling. let's show you where it might snow. you can see you want to keep an eye on sparkly icons. through the day today we may see a little bit of snow on high elevations near mission peak over near mt. hamilton. even in santa cruz mountains the computer model not picking up on a lot of accumulating snow at least down to about 1,500 feet. have to get up to 2,000 feet to see that accumulating snow. something we'll watch through the day today. you'll notice a lot of that accumulating rain and even snow going to hang offshore through most of the day. what we do see will be very light and it will come quickly and we're only expecting accumulating snow up to about 2,000 feet. everything else below that will be just about a dusting to a trace and really tomorrow morning if you think it's cold now, look at these numbers. we're talking about 20s to start the morning tomorrow from livermore to los gatos and even san jose temperature tomorrow around this time will be at 30. you think it's cold now? just wait. it's going to be very cold in
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the next 24 hours. temperatures today will be cool. back into the 50s for the most part for all of us. only a few 40s and really this is just a taste of what's to come as i mentioned tonight we get very cold. we only bottom out really -- top out really tomorrow at 50 degrees inland. 49 at the coast. it will be very cold today and tomorrow. look at this as we head toward next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we approach the 60-degree mark. kind of crazy weather around here a little bit. >> all right. you're warning us to bundle up. thanks so much. convicted child sex offender jerry sandusky will be back in court this morning to try to regain some of his freedom. the former penn state assistant football coach is expected to appear in a pennsylvania courtroom where his lawyers will begin the appeals process. his legal team says it was not given enough time to go through the evidence and information to properly prepare for his trial. sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse and
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sentenced to at least 30 years in prison last october. new this morning, president obama is expected to announce his nomination for the next secretary of treasury later today. he's expected to pick current white house chief of staff jack lew. he served as budget director under bill clinton and has been considered the front runner to replace the departing treasury secretary. the 57 year old got his first taste of washington politics in 1973 as a legislative aide. the president has another spot to fill on his cabinet. secretary of labor stepped down yesterday. "the los angeles times" speculates that she left her post to prepare for a run on the l.a. county board of supervisors. that election happens next year. the impact of this year's flu virus being felt had hospital emergency rooms across the country. in boston a public health
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emergency has been declared with more than 700 cases so far this month alone. flu shots are now being offered for free. the number of doctor visits in boston has doubled in the past four weeks. it is said to be so crowded emergency rooms are turning people away. one hospital has set up outside tents to help with overflow patients. >> we can see them and evaluate them and treat them if needed and discharge them right from the tent. >> something hit me like a mac truck and i felt sick all over. officials from the centers for disease control and prevention says this year's strain is more severe. help is on the way for a dozen killer whales trapped in a sudden freeze in northern canada. a vast sea of ice has trapped about a dozen of the mammals. the pod has been using a single blow hole the size of an suv to
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breathe in fresh oxygen. a mayor of a nearby town asked the canadian government to send in an ice breaker to free them. locals there say a drop in temperature caused a sudden freeze and at that caught the whales off guard. 4:49. he's set to be the luckiest man alive and he's not even 20 years old. what a teen had to do to earn the prestigious title next. hollywood gets set to announce this year's oscar front runners. find out why your favorite movie may not get nominated in the first place. a look at the san mateo bridge. a nice view. high rise here is just fine heading over the hill half moon bay, warning about ice and we'll tell you about the south bay coming up as well.
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welcome back. say hello to our director gabrielle as she waves to us from master control where all of the television magic -- look at her. she's a natural vana white in there. i love it. it's 4:52. thanks. such troopers in there. just into our newsroom this morning, a missing 96-year-old man has been found after being lost overnight. lee had been done since 7:15 yesterday morning when his family reported him missing from their home on orchid way in san jose. he was found early this morning six miles away at the caltrans station in sunnyvale. police say he wandered there after being disorientated.
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monopoly is retiring one of its game pieces and you you can help choose which one. the board game's maker hasbro is holding a facebook contest to eliminate one of the eight current tokens. you can also help choose what the replacement token will be. possible new tokens include a guitar, robot, diamond ring, cat and helicopter. >> interesting. 4:53. it's one of if not the highest honor in the entertainment friday. >> later this morning nominations will be announced. the front runners for best picture include "lincoln," "zero dark 30," les miserables, and "argo." the nominations will be
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announced and we'll bring it to you live. it's expected at 5:40 this morning. >> i love anna stone. that's all i can add. i haven't seen any of those movies. >> seth mcfarlane is a talent too. >> you haven't? i thought i was bad. >> checking in with mike. have you seen any of those? >> we just saw "the avengers" last year or the year before. i don't remember. not the british one. superhero one. northbound 101 we don't get much movie viewing but i get a lot of road viewing. this is looking good right now. the maps will show you freeway throughout the south bay are just fine. green on the road, good. green painted over the hills south through saratoga means potential for wet roadways. mist overnight settles down. freezing in spots through the hills as anthony told you. highway 17 likely to get patches of ice. the white squares showing up
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above boulder creek is where he's talking about potential of snow dropping down there and sticking for a short bit of time. watch surface streets through that portion of the south bay and heading over the hills to half moon bay over 92. shadier spots throughout the morning might have it stick around. we'll let you know about reports that come in. none so far. freeway moving smoothly and the bay bridge. a note chp also issued a wind advisory for the span. keep that in mind as you travel over. the camera steady eddie. back to you. >> thanks so much. overseas in japan this morning a teenager there having a pretty lucky day. the 18 year old along with 4,500 other runners took part in the century's old lucky man race. the course is only about 230 yards but it snakes through the grounds of a shrine. in addition to winning the race, he won the title of lucky man which is set to guarantee good fortune in the next year. plus, he also receives a barrel.
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4:56. coming up, why the recent crash of a tanker into the bay bridge may have been the fault of caltrans. san francisco police release new video of a homicide suspect. giving you -- we'll see you in a bit right after the break.
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>> reporter: a case that had everyone talking and this morning there's new developments regarding the fate of a dog that attacked a police source here. i'm monte francis live in san francisco and i'll have the details coming up. i'm meteorologist christina loren live from the highest peaks of san francisco where we might just get a dusting of the white stuff. that's right. snow possible this morning and we're out here live tracking it. >> and then she'll blend in with her white outfit. looking at the effects of that freezing weather on your commute coming up. let's take a live look
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outside. beautiful bay bridge glowing this morning. it is thursday, january 10th. this is "today in the bay." certainly hope you are bundled up in bed all nice and warm. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren is really out there feeling it this morning. she's in san francisco where you say there could be some snow. >> reporter: there could be. the chance is 20% to 30%. if you are a betting woman, marla or laura, would you put 20% to 30% money down on a racing horse? i don't think so. you want better chances than that. the chance is so rare that we're out here in case it does happen this morning.
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with action happening at low levels, look at the santa cruz mountains. a mix of rain and snow at this point. down to about 3,000 feet we have not yet hit the coldest point of the day. so as we continue to head through the next three hours, temperatures will continue to drop. our chance for getting some very low elevation snow will continuously improve. temperatures right now are near freezing already in santa rosa. all it will take is a stray shower to move over santa rosa or napa for potential snow. we don't have a lot of moisture available. this storm system is rather moisture starved but the temperatures are cold enough and we still have rainfall coming down so the possibility is there. nonetheless just get ready for a very cold day ahead. temperatures will be in the 50s today. be ready for that. it will be a very chilly day and it's going to get even colder tomorrow. we've got a lot to talk about. hopefully tracking some of the flurries throughout the morning. sending it back to you, laura and marla. >>


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