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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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santa clara. you can see behind me a group of about 50 fans or so, they have gathered here to walnut creek the 49ers home. this is quite a time to be a san francisco sports fan. first the giants win the world series and now the 49ers are going to the super bowl. at casino matrix in san jose 49ers fans went wild in the last moments of the game when it became clear their team was bound for the super bowl. >> it's unbelievable. it's absolutely crazy peer. >> reporter: it was a scene repeated at bars and restaurants across the bay area. at a packed pete's tavern in san francisco fans were thrilled by the team's comeback. overcoming a 17-point deficit over the falcons to win the game. >> 17-0, coming back. what a win, san francisco. let's go. >> i'm never doubted it. my team is good on the road.
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i knew we would do it. no problems. our defense is tight. our offense is tight. we did it. we pulled it off. go 9ers! >> so glad the 9ers won. i'm ready to party it up all night. >> reporter: as game ended crowds emptied into the streets. and the city's mission district fans briefly overtook part of mission street but police were out in force and there was not the kind of violence or vandalism that followed the giants world series victory. san francisco mayor ed lee was seen in this twitter photo celebrating the 49ers victory this afternoon in washington, d.c. lee is in the nation's capital for the conference of mayors and president's inauguration. and mayor lee put out a statement congratulating the team tonight. we have a lot of happy fans here tonight. we're expecting the team to touchdown at the airport any minute and hopefully arrive here at the training facility within the next hour or so.
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>> so, monte, i see a lot of children out there. it's pretty late for them to all be around. you can't hear a word i'm saying, can you? >> no, i can't. what did you say? >> thanks a lot. monte francis reporting for news santa clara. new tonight at 11:00, the mood was much different in atlanta this afternoon. police are now investigating a stabbing in the parking lot after the game. it happened around 3:40 california time outside georgia dome. a 49ers fan stabed a falcons fan in the neck after being punched. the victim is 35 years old. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police have not made any arrests at this point. well, this year's super bowl has some serious sibling rivalry. that's because as you possibly know, the head coaches are brothers and they are about to make history. jim harbaugh will take on his older brother john who coaches the baltimore ravens. the two faced each other on thanks giving in 2011. and that was the first time two brothers coached against each
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other in the nfl. well, the ravens won that game. now, the two will face-off again and make history in the process. this will be the first time two brothers have ever faced each other as head coaches in the super bowl. jim harbaugh, of course, also has bay area roots. he graduated from palo alto high school. talk about a comeback victory today for the red and gold. comcast sportsnet joins us now with all the highlights of the incredibly stressful game. >> that was a little stressful, wasn't it, diane? the 49ers have never lost in a super bowl, 5-0. now they will get a chance to put that perfect record on the line, 4ers coming back from a 17-point deficit to punch their ticket to super bowl xlvii. colin kaepernick leading the 49ers but it was matt ryan who stole the show early. it was all atlanta. second quarter will start. 10-0 atlanta already making 17-0 after this. ryan to julio jones, 20-yard score. got both of his feet down
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somehow. the 49ers never quit. fourth quarter. down three but not anymore. frank gore, nine-yard touchdown, untouched. last chance for the falcons. fourth and four. knocking it away. 49ers win. they're going to the super bowl. mindy bach is in atlanta with more. >> reporter: this win is unlike any other for the 49ers this season. 17-point deficit they over came is their largest comeback by far of the year. and san francisco broke a five-game losing streak on the road during the playoffs. and it all means they're going to their sixth super bowl in the city of new orleans. >> it does validate our team. you know, winning this -- winning this game. and we said at the start of this three super bowls to win. and, you know, we won two so far. now we have another one in two weeks. >> we fought, man. it was a tough game. we fought. down 17. come back second half. come out, make plays.
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score touchdowns. >> it's like this unbelievable feeling that i can't even describe. so many emotions. like we start thinking about so much stuff, you know, and on the road that it took to get here and how we felt last year. >> so gratifying for this to turn out the way it did. like i said, you know, this has been a tough season for all of us and it's just one of the things that makes it so much more amazing an better and just, you want it more. >> you know, we're going to enjoy it, embrace it, take advantage of it. we got one more game to try and win. >> it doesn't stop here. we still have one more big game. one more 60-minute game to play in. we win that, that will be, you know, then we can go crazy. >> the 49ers' sixth trip to the super bowl have them tied for the most super bowl appearances in the nfl. good stuff. we will have more from atlanta coming up in sports. plus, the sharks played their first game in the year. and late-breaking news with the kings, diane. coming up later.
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>> a lot of stuff going on in sports right now. thanks. as soon as the game ended today, a san francisco t-shirt printing company sprang into action. graphics sportswear won the nfl license to make sure its marking today's win. the staff was watching the game as closely as the diehard fans ready to start the assembly line as soon as it was clear that 49ers were indeed this year's nfc champions. >> we had everything ready, the machines set up and done. we had all the shirts laid out and ready to go. this game was so close we had to wait until the very end to start printing. >> the company expects to have 16,000 shirts ready by midnight. and then loaded on to trucks and driven to sports stores across the bay area for fanses to buy them in the morning. of course, there are other shirts and hats that appeared on store shelves within minutes of the win and these are the next round. stay with us for continuing coverage of the 49ers quest for their sixth super bowl trophy. our website, is updated around the clock and we
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have a special web page dead na indicated to the 9ers. more than 800,000 people are expected to gather at the mall in washington, d.c. tomorrow for barack obama's second inauguration. technically, he was sworn in to a second term today but the public ceremony is tomorrow. four years ago when i covered the inauguration the temperature was a chilly 28 dreeegrees. the year the president promised warmer weather. steve handelsman has the forecast. steve, that's a pretty big promise, even for a president. >> reporter: looks like he's going to break it. that's not the kind of thing even a president can promise. the obama first term was tough, diane. the road ahead looks rough. tonight and tomorrow, all for offer this president an opportunity to get more americans i behind him and to have a little fun. president barack obama tonight started his second term at a
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glitzy dinner funded by supporters and joked, he loves michelle obama. >> to address the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. she looks good. she always looks good. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> supreme court chief justice roberts swoer in mr. obama for his second term at midday. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you. >> that was the formal oath. >> thank you, sweetie. >> 11-year-old sasha obama joked, you didn't mess up. neither did the chief justice, who used notes after he flubbed the wording in 2009. vice president biden was sworn in by justice sonia sotomayor. for tomorrow's ceremonyial oaths, the west front of the capital is ready. pennsylvania avenue, ready for the inaugural parade. roughly 800,000 people are in the nation's capital.
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they and the nation to hear an inaugural address that the president previewed tonight. >> let's make sure to work as hard as we can to pass on an america that is worthy not only of our past but also of our future. >> reporter: he promised better lines tomorrow. conventional wisdom is second inaugural address is also flopped. by abraham's lincoln's did not. in short, it was powerful, it was nonpartisan. and lincoln is the president barack obama says that he most admires and tries to emulate. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> thanks, steve. we will have extensive coverage of tomorrow's inauguration, both on air and online. you can go to for live video and photo galleries and our political analysts. larry will be at the inauguration with updates as well. and still ahead, the surprising thing many of california's doctors and nurses
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haven't done. and some of the best surfers on the planet were at the bay today for the mavericks contest. the local surfer that came out on top. plus, why it was different for fans this year. and a lot of clear skies and sunshine for that event today. now, clear skies tonight will set us up for chilly temperatures hour by hour. taking you to tomorrow morning, cooler spots. 20s and 30s for fairfield for tomorrow morning. dry start to the workweek but we have changes which include rain back in the seven-day forecast. and here's a live look at san jose's international airport. there they are, the 49ers have arrived. the players, the team coming off that plane. it's a delta air lines chartered flight. they just arrived at san jose international airport. they will be boarding those charter buses right there and then they are headed over to team headquarters in santa clara. we have monte francis there reporting for us live. we'll take you as soon as the team arrives in santa clara. there are lots of fans there ready to walnut creek them home
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as well. welcome back, 9 percent.
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so we're just having so much fun with the 49ers story we are back live at san jose international airport where the plane carrying the 49ers just touched down. you know, about four or five minutes ago. you can see right here all the players are getting off the plane, headed on to charter buses where they're going to head over to team headquarters. what i've been noticing, they're just like us. they're carrying all their own luggage. you got to like that. none of that special treatment for these guys. but they're going to get a lot of special treatment over the next two weeks. and obviously after they win the super bowl, if we can be so bold as to predict that along the way. we'll take you live out to santa clara and the headquarters as soon as they arrive there as well. in the meantime other news going on. we had monster waves that lured about two dozen pro surfers from around the world to the bay area. they competed today in the mavericks international surf
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competition. take a look at these incredible pictures. the waves were not quite as big as expected, but they did reach about 25 feet. nbc bay area's kim berberly ter was at pillar point. >> reporter: mavericks relies heavily on mother nature cooperating. it's first time in three years this competition has moved forward. fans and surfers were ready for it. three days ago the call went out and nearly two dozen of the world's best surfers answered. . just before 8:00 this morning the famed mavericks international surf competition was under way. >> pretty big deal to fall on a sunday and the weather is beautiful and the surf is up. it will be cool. >> reporter: this year's winner, peter mel, santa cruz native who has been chasing the title for a decade. mel along with the other surfers challenged by waves that reached up to 25 feet but the same conditions that make for awe-inspiring curls for the pros present a serious danger to
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beachgoers. in 2010 a rogue wave slammed into a crowd injuring dozens of people. now for the first time spectators were banned from the beach and bluffs. >> you want to scratch, you want to get out there and see it right in front of you. >> it's bad that we can't be out on the beach. but it's so fun to be in the atmosphere of it and all around people that just want to watch it. >> reporter: instead, 16,000 fans packed into the pillar point harbor to be a part of the action. tickets were sold out a half hour into the competition. >> watching it here on the jumbo-tron. it's not exactly the same but, hey, it's here, it's mavericks, it's how you need to see it. so, you know, make the best out of it and enjoy it for what it is. >> they do call it like the super bowl of surfing. it's kind of nice to be here and be a part of it. >> reporter: as we've mentioned, many expected those waves to be at least 30 feet today. they fell short but by all accounts, it was a great competition. it was sunny out here today. very little wind. great weather for surfing.
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near pillar point, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. two men from san francisco died in hawaii in rough surf this weekend. 46-year-old adam griffith ground. they were on vacation. they went climbing on a rocky coastal area near princeville when a wave pulled one of the men out to see. the other one jumped in to save him and they both drowned. crews recovered his body this morning. they are still searching for baker's body. a couple is facing numerous charges after police say they went on a crime spree that started in early january. police arrested james thomas and xaviera laney. the couple went to a gas station last night and pulled a gun on a clerk. they fled the seen in a car that police say was stolen in a carjacking on the 5th. they found the couple and a prostitute at a home. the prostitute reportedly told police the pair kidnapped her in oakland that morning. both suspects were booked into
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the solano county jail. in san leandro police are search for seven people after yesterday's deadly shootsing at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. says two groups of people started shooting at each other yesterday afternoon. the man in his 40s who was killed we're told was an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire. a woman was also reporter by a bullet and taken to the hospital. investigators searched the neighborhood and found evidence at some homes nearby. but would not elaborate on xakly what they found. so far, only one arrest has been made. a 16-year-old boy detained shortly after the shooting. health care leaders have been urging everyone to get flu shots for months, right? but it turns out that in california at least, only about 60% of health care workers have been vaccinated. that's according to the california department of public health. some in the industry think the shot should be required while others point out there are some good reasons not to get vaccinated.
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>> some people are allergic. allergic to eggs. you can't take it if you're allergic to eggs. some people have different religious beliefs. some people think that they're going to get the flu either way or it's going to lower their immunity so they will get some kind of flu. but i think it's really important. >> so far this year the effectiveness of the flu shot is estimated at 60%. san francisco is gushing with red and gold pride tonight. here's a live look over the city where landmarks are all lit up in honor of the 49ers. it's a clear but brisk night out there. let's bring in meteorologist rob to see what to pekd tomorrow. >> continuation of this weekend. sunny skies, chilly mornings. in fact, just moments ago it was exactly 49d degrees. how appropriate, san francisco. 48 right now. 43 in san jose. dipping into the mid 30s on the north bay. fairfield and maybe concord we could get close to 30 degrees.
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patchy frost, a possibility. winds which have been offshore this weekend will slowly switch back to onshore sea breeze. it will lead to cooling temperatures and mornings that shouldn't be as chilly by the middle part of the week. start out the workweek. mild afternoons, monday to tuesday will look just fine for outdoor plans. wednesday, things are going to change. seven-day forecast has been updated to reflect some of the changes now. we'll show you that coming up. right now the satellite is quite clear. no clouds out there. high pressure is like a wall on the west coast and gave us nice temperatures for the weekend. 76 degrees today and santa cruz tomorrow. one more day of 70s near the coast. but by wednesday, it's going to break down enough. now possibly tossing light rain for the entire bay area. maybe not just for the north bay. we will have to watch this pattern closely because as it falls through some very dry air, probably not going to get a lot of rain out of it.
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it will transition into a much different pattern here for the second half of the week. tomorrow you're looking at the future cast hour by hour. no clouds. really no fog, no high clouds going by. that is the case for high pressure. wednesday, see changes which will likely include a little bit of light rain. 30s and maybe upper 20s. north bay valleys, patchy fog. probably the only thing slowing down your morning commute. mid 60s around the tri valley. cooler back towards fairfield. see three in san francisco and 64 degrees in santa rosa. first two days of the week look nice. staying dry for you're out door plans wednesday. stay tuned. could see a few rain drops there into early thursday. and thursday afternoon into friday, looks nice and dry. and then next weekend, stay tuned. that looks like the best bet foreseeing some rain and cooler temperatures. could see highs next weekend. upper 40s and low 50s. at least that's my forecast. maybe i should ask janelle what
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she thinks because she's extremely accurate of late. >> spectacular. football fortune teller, we're talking about our own janelle wang for the second 49ers game in a row she predicted the win and point spread. listen to this from our friday at 6:00 newscast. >> we're going to listen and las vegas is going to listen. >> i think it's going to be tighter because they're away. and the falcons have a fierce offense but i think the 9ers, oh, drum roll, the 9ers are going to win by four. four against atlanta. >> by four? >> four. >> okay. seriously? really? comcast sports better watch out. janelle knows what she's talking about. speaking of comcast sports, let's check back in with ahmed fareed. you've got to have a little pressure with janelle right now. >> i wondered what she was doing here standing behind me. >> giving you cues? >> yeah. before she replaces me. all right. the sharks finally hit the ice. that's what we'll talk about
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coming up in sports. plus, breaking news involving the sacramento kings but it's all about the red and gold. we were on the ground in atlanta to get the best post-game interviews and we did just that. i'll tell you why the 49er ceo was a little teary-eyed after the game.
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welcome back. ahmed fareed from the comcast newsroom. 5-0 is the record in super bowl in history. but when it started it looked like they might not get a chance to defend that perfect record. this is why, colin kaepernick leading the 49ers but it was matt ryan who stole the show early on. pick it up in the second quarter. atlanta already up by ten. check out the throw to julio jones and tapping the feet. got them both down. got three feet down. 17-0, falcons. jim harbaugh not feeling good. he felt better after this, though. fourth quarter, took the lead. 49ers up by four. last chance for the falcons. fourth and four. bowman knocking it away. 49ers win, 28-24. they're going to the super bowl. >> feels pretty darn good.
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feels pretty darn good. again, thank you to our players and coaches for making this happen. >> i mean, i think it's a great team win. our team played great. offensive line played great. running backs ran well, and our receivers made plays. our defense battled back in the second half. they played really well. so i mean, there is a great team win. >> we've got one more game, man. one more game to cap it all off and we're going to do that. >> it's a lifelong dream for me. things you dream of as a little kid, to play in the super bowl. i'm really spent physically and emotional emotionally. just happy to go back to san francisco with this "w" and get ready for the super bowl. >> down 1-0, my son was with me. i picked him up. held him for our first touchdown, i knew we were going to win. >> very emotion approximately. who are the 49ers going face?
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ravens, patriots, third quarter. patriots up. joe flacco though. another touchdown. this one to boldin. it's a har-bowl. jim harbaugh will face his brother in the super bowl. the kings appear to be sold. multiple reports say the family will sell 65% of the franchise to a seattle group. yahoo! is report that with the sale finalized it is all but a formality that the team will move to seattle in time for next season. the sharks have their long awaited season opener in calgary. first period. power play. calgary up by one. but that was all they would get the second period, san jose and the power play and thornton. tied game. just over 1:00 later. mark edward takes a shot.
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score tons rebound. sharks win big, 4-1, the final score. so the sharks win their first game of the season and now the 49ers will try to win their last game of the season. we're sending our team south beginning next sunday. live reports from new orleans as the 49ers prepare for super bowl xlvii, diane. >> thank you very much, ahmed. coming up next, their fans just can't wait to welcome them open. the 49ers are back. they arrived back at san jose airport about 20 minutes ago. here's a live picture of a lot of fans waiting to see their winning team and welcome them home. we'll take you back there as soon as they arrive. also, new study is linking asthma and children and fast food. how and how parents can lessen the risk. there's a new link
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twoon eating fast food and some
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of the most common chronic illnesses in kids. a new study of 500,000 children in 50 countries link fast foods to worsening symptoms of hay fever and eczema and asthma. if they eat fast feed three times of week or more they had more severity. they were surprised to learn the study's findings were consistent across the world. >> it is an enormous survey. it is quite impressive. and consistent with other surveys that have been done in the past several years. >> researchers say they found a reduction in severity in symptoms for kids who also eat fruit at least three times a week. that's because fruit and vegetables are full of anti-oxidants, of course. and right now another live look back at santa clara at the 49er team's training headquarters. the 9ers arrived in san jose about 20, 25 minutes ago. they're on buses. they're headed right there. we'll take you back there live as soon as they arrive.
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beyond all pomp and circumstance another priority for tomorrow's inauguration is keeping all of those hundreds of thousands of people converging on washington, d.c. safe. nbc's pete williams looks at a city on high alert. >> reporter: in the airspace above washington helicopters and jets will enforce a virtual no-fly zone for 30 miles in all directions from the u.s. capital. six miles of the potomac and anna costa rivers will be shut down. with 150 blocks of downtown washington closed to traffic, partly out of concern for car or truck bombs. >> we have people prepared for everything. so that's the way we do.
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we prepare with all of our partn partners. >> reporter: much of inaugural security will be visible for protection and crowd control with counter snipers on top of buildings around the capital and along the parade route. some not so visible. detectors on monitoring the air for toxins and plain clothes security teams watching for suspicious behavior. at the ready near the capitol, thousands of antidotes in case of a chemical or biological attack. no firm figures are available but all this security will cost about $120 million for hundreds of federal agents, thousands of local police, and national guardsmen from 25 states. this second obama inaugural is expected to draw less than a third of the nearly 2 million who came four years ago. six bridges and freeways that were closed then will be open this time. but a highway tunnel used as a pedestrian access point that became clogged with thousands last time will be closed this
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year. and officials say they will have more metal detectors in use and advisories on social media hoping to avoid the long lines, some that never moved. >> there's over 500 pole mounted signs that last time didn't even exist. we also increased the number of people giving directions, telling people where to go. >> reporter: officials say so far they know of no credible threats in ceremonies but will be out in force helping to make sure nothing goes wrong. we've been talking a it, the bay area celebrating the 49ers' nfc championship win. the team just landed in san jose a few minutes ago and now they have just arrived at the training facility in santa clara. let's check in with monte francis. >> reporter: diane, you have impeccable timing. you can see here behind me the police are pulling up. behind them, a few buses. we assume those are the buses the theme is on heading back here to the training facility in santa clara. as you can see, there's a large
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group of fans here waiting to welcome the team home. they have gathered here at this late hour, they say, because they want to show their support for the team and they want to welcome the 49ers home after today's big comeback victory against the falcons. you can see there are some children out here tonight. and that is probably because there's no school tomorrow because of martin luther king jr. day. also interesting to note as these buses pull in here that just next to the training facility is the new stadium looming above us. for now, of course, everyone is just focused on the super bowl which happens february 3rd against the ravens in new orleans. of course that means the two harbaugh brothers will be coaching against one another. we visited more than one viewing party today and everyone just ear rupped when it became clear the 49ers had won the game. and you can still feel that excitement that we observed earlier today out here tonight as the team arrives back home. a few people out here actually
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took cabs here. so they could be here to welcome the team home. that is true dedication. this has been a really good time to be a san francisco sports fan, diane, as you know. >> quick question for you. we see all the folks there and the buses are passing by. where are the buses headed? is there a another entrance to the training facility? >> yes. as we understand, the buses pull around the back, come in through the building and hopefully what the fans are hoping for are the players will come around here and take some time and greet them and the fans will be able to welcome them home. >> i presume they're going to want to do that, right? this is half as fun for the players as much as the fans? >> reporter: i would assume so. if that tas doesn't happen we're going to have a pretty mad group of people here tonight. >> how many folks would you say are out there, monte, right now? >> caller: 50 before, i would say -- you have some coming your way. >> have some coming our way. 75 to 100 people out here tonight, diane. >> as you mentioned, a lot of those children out there don't have school tomorrow because of the martin luther king holiday. of course, any idea --
11:38 pm
>> i assume. >> so any idea, monte, on how long they might take before they come out and greet the fans? any thought process on what that might take? >> i assume they're going to go into the building and unload some stuff. it probably won't be too long, diane. >> people pretty happy out there right now? >> reporter: yeah, they seem pretty happy. you guys pretty happy? >> yay! >> yeah! >> that's your answer right there. >> very good. monte francis reporting for us from santa clara from team headquarters.
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there is a new concern tonight for many college students heading back to school this week facing the worst flu outbreak in years. while colleges have been encouraged students to get vaccinated, there is still concerns another round of outbreaks. n brk c's michelle franzen has more on that. >> reporter: back from break university of wisconsin madison junior is doing all he can to keep from getting the flu. >> my mom has been hounding me about it. and actually work with kids at the day care, at the university, so it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: he is one of hundreds of students on campus getting the shot due to the nationwide flu outbreak. >> heard all the statistics online, through the tv, and just said, why not. >> reporter: according to the cdc, 48 states are now reporting wide spread cases of flu. 30 states report a high level of
11:42 pm
activity. and 30 has college health officials brace for the worst. >> we're concerned about students returning from all over the world and all over the country. they may be incubating those infections and bringing them back to campus. >> reporter: at the madison campus, health workers say it is the first time they are armi in students with shots this late in the season and will have extra vaccines ready to go. >> just in the last week alone we've seen 400 students coming in for shots which is relatively unheard for news january are. >> reporter: in massachusetts hale workers are also using fliers, social media, and flu clinics to get the world out and help students who get sick. >> lots of students get frustrate with the illness, they miss classes. this takes a toll on them psychologically as far as them getting behind in their schoolwork. we do our best to support them with that process. >> reporter: support and precautions that could help students keep the doctor and flu
11:43 pm
away. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. as we mentioned earlier, the baltimore ravens are also headed to the super bowl after beating the new england pay trots in the afc championship. the win for the ravens sends them to their first super bowl in 12 years. baltimore fans reacted to the win with sheer joy. the win even left the mayor of that city speechless. >> my voice is a little raspy because i've been screaming because it is so -- there are no words. you know, this is our date with destiny and just to be -- it's incredible. i don't even know -- i don't have any words. just very blessed. we are, as a city. >> reporter: the 49ers take on the ravens in super bowl xlvii in two weeks. no word yet on what the two mayors of the citys will bet on. but we're guessing they will bet on something along the way. we want to take you back out live to santa clara to 49er team headquarters. as you can see, we have lots of fans out there.
11:44 pm
each one of these cars, we understand, we believe to be the players and members of the team leaving, going home. they arrived back at the headquarters just five minutes ago or what whatever. we were hoping and the fans were hoping some of the team members might come out and greet the fans. on the other hand, it's awfully late. they played a very long tough game. they've been on a flight and presumably want to get home. right now, though, rob, you are not going home yet. you have to give us another forecast. >> it's chilly out there in santa clara right now. 42 degrees. see all the fans out there so pumped up, still in their shorts. watching the game earlier today. cool out there. mid 30s around fairfield and concord. could see maybe close to 30 by sun rise tomorrow morning. so very dry air. not much wind out there. and then the story for tomorrow and i think for tuesday is going to be more sunshine, chilly mornings but nice pleasant afternoons. high pressure is the wall that continues to block incoming storm systems at least through tuesday. so for those of you who do have
11:45 pm
the martin luther king day holiday off tomorrow. you're going to ben it from from the warmest temperatures for the rest of the week. changes. jet stream dip to the south. high pressure dip down. and see at least a little bit of rain for the middle part of the week. in the meantime, the future cast, hour by hour tomorrow, you do not often see this in january. no clouds. obviously no rain in the forecast as we go through the day on monday. the temperatures are going to warm quickly. chilly start. 20s and 30s inland. the mid 40s closer to the bay. but by lunchtime, we're already seeing mid 60s down towards morgan hill and for the afternoon, should see mid to upper 60s again. south of san jose, maybe another day in the low 70s around santa cruz. cooler inland, light offshore breeze makes fairfield and antioch, inlad closer to 60 degrees. the warmest day and sunniest day of the week is tomorrow. tuesday, not too bad. high clouds dropping in.
11:46 pm
on wednesday that looks to be the day we will see lighter rain. as we get into thursday and friday, should see mainly clear skies. chilly, not quite as warm as we will see tomorrow. by next weekend, that's when we see the bigger pattern shift and we could see highs in the 40s and low 50s. it worked without great for this weekend. next weekend does look cooler. changes as well for the middle part of the week. >> it was a beautiful weekend. >> it was. still ahead, keeping memories alive. meet the man at center of a project to protect the pieces of the past. his story will make you bay area proud.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
anyone who has ever uncovered a stash of old home movies knows they're in for a treat. even if the contents are everyday events. now imagine local history that belongs to both of us.
11:49 pm
thousands of hours of bay area history preserved on film just waiting to be seen. nbc bay area thomas has the story of a man whose goal is to share it with everyone. >> reporter: on the campus of san francisco state university, inside their state-of-the-art library, it's something obsolete that keeps his chariot busy. thousands upon thousands of rolls of film, news film recorded by bay area television stations from the 50s to the '70s. 4,000 hours of bay area history captured at 24 frames a second. >> this film was shot in 1969. i will be the first person very probably to have looked at this film since 1969. >> housed at the san francisco bay area television archive has been rescued in a way. you see, before recording on
11:50 pm
video and later digitally, captured, edited and broadcast on film. that went from unused to unwatched to unwanted. much of it. perhaps most of it was just thrown away. >> i went in to an archive and a bunch of film i had just been thrown away because the film was restricting people's access to get to toilet paper. >> the archive though is dedicated to not just saving the physical film but uncovering and sharing its secrets. the first challenge for alex is figuring out out what's on it. labels, if they exist at all, are often generic or flat out wrong. >> one says old, that could be cool or really serious. i have no idea. >> once alex decided what to work with, each reel is cleaned, repaired, and digitized. >> it's a different type of
11:51 pm
history. it's a history to take part? >> the process though can be painstaking and slow. over the years, alex has made it through roughly 200 hours of film or just 5% of the archive. still, he's uncovered treasures of bay area history. >> you know you're lying. >> reporter: harvey milk debating, dianne feinstein campaigning, jerry brown announcing. there's even woody allen and mohammed ali being themselves and the '60s being, well, the '60s. >> however many we put online there are many more waiting to be discovered. it's like opening pandora's box. until you show people what's in the collection, they aren't going to be able to connect with it and respond with it. >> reporter: garvin toms mass, nbc bay area news. hundreds of people were on hand at washington, d.c. today to honor martin luther king jr. the ceremony took place at the king memorial at the national mall. the wreath was presented.
11:52 pm
the reverend jesse jackson and king's son, martin luther king iii attended the event as well. the national holiday honoring martin luther king jr. is tomorrow. it falls on the same day as president obama's public inauguration. he will take the oath of office used by a bible owned by martin luther king jr. decorated world war ii veteran reunited with a medal he never knew was missing and given another he didn't know he was granted. 90-year-old george hier hill sad he received a purple heart when hitly shrapnel. he said he didn't ask about it because he wanted to forget everything about the war. the medal turned up in a south carolina pawn shop back in 2000. the man who bought it contacted a group that reunites veterans with their medals. and today it was given back to a thankful and humble owner. >> i appreciate it. i appreciate everybody's interest and concern. but i don't want them to think
11:53 pm
i'm boasting. i'm not. >> another surprise for him today, he was given a bronze star. he never knew the military had granted him. very nice.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
ryan throws underneath for jones. he makes the catch. knocked down. the game is over. the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> we can't get enough of it. once again the 49ers are headed to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. they did it by beating the falcons in atlanta, 28-24. the super bowl, by the way, is scheduled for february 3rd. and before we go tonight, one
11:56 pm
last look at 49ers headquarters in santa clara. you can see the fans lined up there. they went wild when the players arrived here tonight. and now the players are all headed home to get much needed sleep. a few of the cars still leaving. most of them have left headed home. a few players leaned out of their cars. i think we have video of it here. they started kind of connecting with the fans a little bit, having a good time. doing some high fives, slapping hands, that kind of thing. got the fans all riled up because they were just trying to get a little connection to some of those players. that was nice to see. fans all the good spirits. the 49ers are headed to the super bowl. right now they are all headed home to get a little bit of rest along the way. but it was an incredible night. again, the super bowl will be february 3rd playing, of course, jim harbaugh's older brother. >> exactly. john harbaugh. that's going to be fun as well. stay with nbc bay area, both online and as well as on air for the next two
11:57 pm
weeks as we follow the 49ers all of the way to the super bowl in new orleans. it's going to be a great couple of weeks. and then in two weeks, from tonight, we be saying we're celebrating the super bowl victory. >> waiting for them to come back from new orleans. >> thanks for watching "nbc bay area news." congratulations 9ers. good night.
11:58 pm
>> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can
11:59 pm
do for you. >> i can hear you. >> a time for change has come! chris: obama at the threshold. account president combine grand prospects for glory with today's hard realities? can he offer a vision of a greater future and a practical way to confront debt in spending? can he address goals of historic consequence like immigration, while dealing with the grim money matters that routinely divide the country? the roosevelt way. could barack obama, even if he confronts a hostile opposition, still pursue a historic legacy, like f.d.r. in world war ii? could he hold a fighting action on one front to push for spending cuts while battling for gun safety and immigration reform on a second front? finally, picture-perfect. there are beautiful american families, a and no one treasures them more than the man in the white house. in the same week the president spoke parmelee about the time he spends with his daughters, reaction to that hateful


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