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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PST

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you come on out. no. so i got on a red eye and went home, picked up cody -- picked up frank and bambino, and we went down to our place in florida. >> what is happening? by the way, bambino likes that zebra outfit. >> it's his little -- i think bobbie gave me that. one of our friends gave me that, and he just jumps right in because he knows we -- see that young girl there? her name is brenda star. this is a place called buzzard's roost in key largo. she is a terrific singer, and they had a sunday brunch there yesterday. my brother, dave, preached at the little chapel yesterday. >> i like it with your hat and glasses. >> i don't give a rip. after all those shows we did, i said i'm going to be thankless, makeup-less, everything. >> bam is so cute. >> never looked better. you're right. >> you are not going to believe. can i tell you something that's shocking and surprising? okay. ready? i went to the airport. okay? i went to la guardia airport.
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i was going to go home and see hannah and ella for her birthday. i have so many bags and i have a muffin and coffee. stuff is falling out. >> a typical day in hoda land. >> i said hello to her. everything was great. they said you're boarding the flight. i said let me get my stuff. i scooped it all up. i get on the plane. i'm chatting with ann all the way. we're having a great flight. i get off the plane. good-bye. good-bye. i get in the cab. i see it says cash only no credit cards. i go, oh, let me make sure i have cash. my wallet is nowhere. okay? i go running out of the cab. i leave my luggage with someone in the airport. i go running to the gate, and i say please stop the shuttle plane. you know how they go back and forth. i know my wallet is on that plane. the guy goes let me go check. he is gone for 20 minutes. it's now past the time the shuttle should leave. it's nowhere. he comes back, and he says, i'm sorry, we don't have your wallet. just then my e-mail dings.
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the return -- the sender is angel. angel. i found your wallet in la guardia airport in one of the seats. angel ortiz. angel is in the red jacket. >> oh, angel. >> he found -- an angel found my wallet. they put it on a shuttle flight, sent it back to d.c., and, by the way, can i say something? all the delta people, i love everybody in the photos. by the way, let me tell you, i didn't have any money because i was waiting for the thing to come. no. the baggage guy said to me i'll give you $10 if you need to take the subway to go to see your mom. the tsa guy offered me $10 to get on the subway to see my mom. you know what -- >> they love their hoda woman. >> i couldn't believe it. angel -- an angel found my wallet. >> you need to hire angel. you need to hire an angel because you need help in that department, hoda woman. >> i know. can you believe he found it? look at him. oh, i loved him. i found him on the way home.
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i said i have find angel when i landed. where is he? >> you had a great time? >> had a great time. >> oscars, big, big, big night last night. >> it's one of those things in life which we always have our -- again, it's like we've set it up too much, and we expect too much from it, and then we're almost all the time disappointed with the oscars, aren't we? almost everybody is disappointed in something because we set ourselves up for something. >> what did you think of seth? >> i think he is a brilliant guy. i think he was nervous. i think a lot of his stuff fell kind of flat for me, although our kids -- we were talking to our kids back and forth. they were laughing at everything he said. i don't know filths a generational tng. i thought a couple of his jokes were off base about president lincoln. i didn't appreciate at all. but i think he is talented. really, really talented. i think if he had another one under his belt, i think he would be great. >> there was a long bit in the beginning. >> it was too long. >> you were waiting for it to
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get started. i think he looks exactly like peter brady. >> oh, he does. >> look. >> oh -- an older peter brady. >> doesn't he? >> can we get one of peter brady when he is not 12? >> we like him like that. he looks like that with that smile. >> yeah. >> okay. it was one of those. i think -- >> i wasn't impressed with -- i thought the performances were terrific. >> oh, my god, the singing. >> jennifer hudson was through the park, knocked it out. so was streisand. >> do you have a little streisand maybe? she was at the very end. ♪ ♪ we will remember whenever we remember ♪ ♪ the way we were >> wow. >> one of the greatest songs ever. marilynn and alan bergman did the lyrics to that. you always want to give people credit. marvin was so beloved by so many
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people. >> beautiful. one of them took front cover of "the post." >> are you still talking to me? >> i'm not looking. they call it "fallen star." okay, first of all, i love her. >> she was adorable. >> she's the best. if anyone is going to fall, she's the one because -- >> if i were 22 years old and had just won the academy awards -- look. oh, my gosh. she stays down there. i cannot believe i just did that. >> when she gets to the top she says you're giving me a standing o because i fell. >> when jennifer lawrence fell, two people jumped out of their seats before she had a chance to -- just -- she just barely hit the stairs. two people jumped up. one was hugh jackman. the other was bradley cooper. right up. they both got up. >> it shows your character right in that instant. they didn't think about it.
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>> here's the thing. men have no trouble going up those steps in their tuxedos and flat shoes that they always wear. there should be something the ladies can hold on to or an usher. somebody there to help these ladies in these ball gowns. you know, the only time you really wear dresses like that is when you're getting married, and somebody carries your train for a reason. >> yes. >> these award shows, nobody is there to take care of you. >> you're right. >> god love her. can you imagine 22 years old and she's already been nominated before for an oscar. >> she's so down to earth. >> she was brilliant in that film, though. i watched it on the plane coming home yesterday. i just -- >> you loved it? >> oh, yeah. bradley was -- i didn't know he had that kind of a performance in him. so good. >> cute. yeah. what was weird when some people were giving their acceptance speeches how the "jaws" music started. >> like you're -- >> that was weird. then they practically dragged them. >> that guy deserved it. >> oh, you know what they've got to do, though. they've got to -- >> what? >> i hate to say it. >> say it. >> some of these awards are so obscure that the audience is sitting there, and you're
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going -- you're hearing from someone who just won an obscure award. thanking people you'll never hear of. and it does sap the energy. it's 3 1/2 hours long. the tonys have learned how to do that. the grammys have learned how to do that. they're not any less important for the people that are winning them. just less interesting for the audience. >> yeah, yeah. >> you know? >> you're right. >> of course. >> don't look at me. i think jimmy fallon would be an awesome host. >> he would be amazing. jimmy kimmel too. >> from some other network. jimmy kimmel is great. i think seth mcfarland was okay. he didn't hit it out of the ballpark for me. he probably has it in him to. >> can you imagine? that's like the toughest job in the world. >> you can't -- yeah. everyone is going to criticize you no matter what. >> he is a great singer, though. >> i thought he nailed that. >> yeah. >> jimmy fallon, speaking of him for just a second, he did this funny bit.
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he always does the evolution of, like, rap with justin timberlake. he decided to do the evolution of mom dancing with the first lady. you guys, this is genius. let's watch. ♪ ♪ >> the bump. >> i showed her that. >> this is a good one. the sprinkler is one that everybody knows. this is the worst one. the happy snapper. come on. ♪ >> do they do the shopping cart? >> that's coming up. >> oh, the dougie. come on, girl. i love it. come on. i love it. >> she was busy, and then the
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next 48 hours later she's giving out -- >> yes. giving out an award. >> we were caught in the makeup room looking up at the screen and seeing these two brothers -- >> minding their own business. >> on the screen. dave and mike from saratoga. we didn't know what they were doing on tv. it was on mute. >> we thought they looked very strange together. >> we thought they were -- i thought they were conjoined twins. i've heard a lot of those stories, and it looked like at the hip. >> two ken dolls. >> apparently they want a date for a wedding, and they put something out on the web, and they got 800 responses. look how they're sitting. >> the sound was off. >> it could have been a story of separated. they're brothers, and they're not twins. anyway, they apparently were -- they were talking about us. we had it on mute. we didn't know. let's watch. >> so hoda and kathie lee? >> oh, they're in. we're sticking around after this. >> if they would go for this, would you do that? >> we thought they would be asking in person, so we're waiting for it. >> i didn't check my e-mail before the segment, so -- >> when is it?
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is there alcohol involved? hoda will go. >> all right. let's do favorite things, girl. >> i'm actually wearing this. i think this is a pleather jacket. feel how soft. it's called skye's the limit. it's $99. >> that's a good deal. >> it's beautifully lined. it comes in all kinds of different colors. it's a new jacket for spring, and i thought -- >> love it. >> yeah. >> mine is just a quick picture. i flew home because i missed hannah's birthday when we were in los angeles. look at ella looking at me like i'm nuts. i'm having the best time. hannah is having an okay time, and ella is confused. anyway, we had a really great time. >> happy birthday for her. >> coming up, who was hot? >> who was not on the red carpet? we're going to have the hits and misses. >> what else was hollywood talking about this weekend? we're going to have the latest buzz. >> oh, no. >> we'll be right back. we know a place where tossing and turning
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hollywood pulled out all the stops at last night's oscars. did the stars shine as bright on the red carpet? >> juliana was front and center at last night's event, and she's ready to give us the rundown of the best and the worst dressed. hey, girl. >> good morning. >> good morning, ladies. how are you doing? >> we're good. have you been to sleep yet? >> not at all. >> you look good. >> talk to us about trends. what did you see on the red carpet? >> the biggest trend of the night was there was no one trend. you know, there were bold colors. they were metallics and soft colors. it was kind of all over the place. if anything, it seemed like armani preba was the designer of the night. his dress was on every other a-lister. that was the trend. >> jessica chastain. she looked like an oscar.
2:19 am
>> she's beautiful. >> look at that body. >> bless her for showing up early to the red carpet. she was the first a-lister to arrive. we love that. she looked gorgeous. old hollywood glamour. a little jessica rabbit in her. >> jessica rabbit, yeah. >> incredible. that dress was tailored to perfection. >> yeah. >> i just thought it was an excellent choice for the oscars. >> how about naomi watts? she took a risk, but i thought her dress was beautiful. >> you know, it's hard for us to tell. you guys see them there on the red carpet, but sometimes these things photograph very differently than they actually seem in person. that looks like liquid, i don't know, charcoal on her or something. >> you know, she looked just as beautiful on the carpet as in pictures. this photographed incredibly well. when i saw her on the carpet, i thought, oh, gosh, i hope this photographs well, and it did. she looked fantastic. it was modern. it was edgy. it was cool. it was almost a bit of a risque choice for the oscars, but it paid off. >> it didn't show any skin, though. that's the interesting thing. not very much.
2:20 am
no. i mean, it was very cut out and stuff, but it really was quite covered up. >> it was. it was. risque in the sense that it was a very modern cut, and for the oscars that tends to be a bit more classic. a classic red carpet. i loved it. i thought it paid off. >> let's talk about a couple of your misses. you didn't love ann hathaway. >> in prada. >> okay. >> why? >> here's the thing. we were waiting for ann hathaway to wow us. this is the oscars. she was a shoe-in to win, and so, you know, we really were waiting for this big gorgeous dress. i think she did have that dress because she was supposed to wear a valentino gown, and a couple of hours before the show she made a last minute decision to change into this prada. now, we're hearing this morning the reason that happened was because she had heard that another a-list actress was wearing a very similar gown and didn't want to be in a similar look. >> oh. >> yeah. so she said forget it. i'm not wearing that dress. >> she preferred the one she wore as she performed with the ensemble from "les miserables." >> that was armani prebae once
2:21 am
again. that dress was gorgeous she wore on stage. >> you looked great last night. it was fun watching you. >> kiss the baby for us. >> i will. i will. bye, girls. >> bye. >> all right, thanks julianna. there's a 90-minute fashion police tonight at 8:30 eastern on e! >> here to help us restyle the red carpet is our today style editor and good pal's bobbie thomas. >> yes. >> play that what-if game that you love playing. >> i love doing this because we all see the same thing, but this is something unique that we do here, and so we saw reese witherspoon and catherine zeta. in this gold number. i wanted to know what would happen if they swapped dresses. let's take a look. what do you think? >> absolutely. you're right. better.
2:22 am
better. >> what i liked about this -- >> monochromatic thing on reese. >> reese just glows. i will be happy to say that we let our viewers last night who were on-line watching with us, they did say that 71% liked the swap. if you don't agree, can you go on-line while we're doing this today and tell us differently. >> two beautiful women. you're right. >> the next one is going to be jennifer aniston. she's in valentino. this is a timeless iconic dress. i know that before you start yelling at me, okay? but this silhouette can handle a bold color, so i wanted to see her do something different. we always see her in a very straight forward dress. let's take a look. >> the same neckline. >> i like to see her maybe step out in a bold color. >> yeah. >> i kind of like the yellow, and funny enough, viewers didn't agree with me. they -- 52% liked the red. 25% liked the pink, and 22%, the yellow. i can say if you add these two up, i might actually be in the
2:23 am
lead. >> you're winning. >> okay. next we have carrie washington -- i'm sorry zoe saldano. i really like this dress. it's a little bit of a fashion-forward take for the oscars, but a lot of people were confused with all of the color. i can say she looks beautiful and does not need another inch on her sell wet. she's underweight if you ask me. she looks fantastic. however, a lot of people wanted to see if this was all white. >> i like that better. >> what's interesting is more people thought a -- 65% liked the all white, but i want to say if you are at home, look at what happens to the line of her body. stay away from any hems that kind of cut up on you or get too busy. >> i'm not crazy about the shoes she has on. they look more like sandals than -- >> for me it's a lot going on. you have the embroidery up top and then you have the belt and the black shoe and more gray. >> we got to go, girl. we love you. we love you. >> okay. the oscar goes to -- we'll have more. >> yes, we will.
2:24 am
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>> make sure your child is the life of the party for kids gifts for under $20. >> the oscars aren't the only things hollywood is talking about. we'll have the latest buzz. >> guess who is here, you guys? she shoots, she scores. lala anthony will tell us about her full court life with nba superstar carmelo anthony. sdmru how to whip up a quick and easy meal for your family that's healthy too. >> after your local news. >> are you talking to me? ♪ what's going on
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♪ what's going on >> we're back on the fun day monday with today's buzz. we get you up-to-date on all the hot hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> entertainment weekly senior writer tim sack. >> you watched the whole thing.
2:31 am
>> yes. >> and tweeted. >> i can't keep my things to myself. michelle obama was a big, big thing. this was shocking she showed up. bangs are back. bangs. she looked great. people talked about "les mis." that was amazing. >> that was incredible. >> a really great moment. a people really liked ann hathaway. people were jumping down her throat. i think people are just a little over. she's like a little taylor swifty where, oh, my god, i won. oh. oh, my gosh, it's a surprise. no, it's want. you've won 12 awards for this. >> the dress and the -- >> i mean, i -- >> we think those were seams, but it was hard to tell. >> for one needs to see that. no one -- i don't need to see that. some people do. i definitely do not need to see that. >> you're not in a kind of guy. that didn't ring your bell. >> that is correct. >> jennifer lawrence was -- you
2:32 am
liked her. >> i love her, but she tripped and fell because she wore that giant goofy dress. practice walking in those heels, girl. >> doesn't it make you love her more? >> i do love her more. i love her more than ann hathaway. i wish ann hathaway would have fallen. >> oh. >> i don't mean that. she's lovely. no, she's not. no, she is. >> on twitter what was the general feeling about seth? >> i mean, i think it went well, i think. >> it did not. >> he is polarizing. okay. i think it was polarizing, but i thought he was good. i actually thought he was going to go, like, more, like, mean, but -- so i think he might have held back, but i thought it was way too long, but -- i think it's still on right now. >> let's talk about a couple other things. mc hammer was arrested. what's up with that? >> yeah. he claims that he was a victim of racial profiling, but he was pulled over because he had expired registration, and he supposedly, like, resisted arrest and then he got real upset.
2:33 am
i know. it's wonderful. >> yeah, don't call it racial profiling if you fall or other things that -- come on. >> of course, he took to twitter right after getting arrested and went off on a cop and called him, like, fat and i think he looked like elvis or something, and then he said it was a learning experience. >> a happy ending. >> what did he learn? >> a happy ending for helen and tiger woods. >> tiger woods, they reunited at this event in florida over the weekend. tmz caught photos of them. apparently they were very, you know, cordial to each other and pleasant. they were getting so much attention, that they actually got into her car and left and went somewhere. >> got to be careful with tmz because they're the ones that said we're feuding. you can't -- yeah, yeah. >> they say we hate each other. >> well, the tension is palpable. >> can you feel it? >> can you feel it over here? >> i'm afraid. i'm afraid. >> what about -- is tiger dating
2:34 am
lindsay vonn? >> supposedly tiger is dating lindsay vonn. i'm sorry. i'm single, and he is just -- he has dates coming out of his ears. >> would you want lindsay vonn? >> no. >> there you go. >> barking up the wrong tree. >> let's talk about the weekend box office. >> yes, yes, yes. melissa mccarthy "identity thief" came back number one. >> how is that possible? it's not funny. >> it's out there. >> he is kind of down on most things today. you know? >> what was your favorite movie? >> it's because of the tension between you two. >> is she still talking? >> i'm sick of her. >> what was your favorite moment of the oscars? >> i think i loved "les mis" and jennifer lawrence. >> what about jennifer hudson? >> i loved jennifer hudson. i mean, that was amazing. >> do you think that catherine zeta-jones was lip-synching. >> yes.
2:35 am
that was not a good act. it was a lot of "chicago." it was like we're back to "chicago." no, i'm trying to think what else. i loved it all. kim kardashian is having a girl. >> that's the word. >> yeah. >> what have you learned? you were in the house. >> i say nothing. >> did you steal anything? you should have grabbed like a onsie to see -- >> it's a girl. we already know. >> that's what they're saying. >> we still love you anyway. >> yes, we do. >> i know. i hope you two can get along. >> it's a full court life for her. >> she's the one we're really feuding with. it's getting ugly. >> right after this. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish ] [ fake coughs ] sorry that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is!
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>> entrepreneur, actress, tv host, wife, and mom -- wow -- lala anthony, her mission to conquer the world on her new vh1
2:40 am
show -- well, it's not new. it's called "lala's full court life." >> she'll tell us why the fabulous life and career and her husband nba all-star carmelo anthony is at an all-time high for season three of their reality show. >> look at you. >> it's extremely short dress. a little inappropriate for the morning. nonetheless, attractive. >> well, thank you. >> how are you, darling? >> everything is great. how are you? >> we're good. >> you have a lot of balls in the air. i got to tell you. >> careful. >> you know what -- >> everybody is sick. every one of you. >> she can't juggle any of them because she's holding her dress down. >> you do have a lot going on. you have your reality show. you have a beautiful son who is about to turn 6. >> a lot. >> how do you hand all of it? >> you know, i just find that you can't do it all in one day, and i have been okay with that. i feel like we're our own worst critics. when we don't get it done, we beat ourselves up. >> if you don't finish it all in one day, it's okay. >> do you feel torn, though? do you feel like you're always letting somebody down, whether it's your husband or your child or your career? >> i definitely feel like that. somebody is always losing a little bit of my time, but then i'll go back and try to make up for it somehow. >> priority number one is --
2:41 am
>> my son. priority number one is being a mom. >> is your husband okay with that? >> he is okay with that. then a wife and then my career. >> got it. >> you live -- you guys live on both coasts. >> yes. >> that must not be a simple thing to do with a young son. >> not at all. we're on a plane back and forth. when it's all your child knows, they don't know any different. he was born, and that's what we were doing. he looks at it like it's the plane, i'm going to watch movies. it's just what he is used to at it point. >> when a child sees their parent happy, they're happy. you know? >> yes, you're right. >> your reality show is -- it's the third season? >> yes, it is. >> i mean, and you feel -- i feel like you get to know the real you. is that -- are we really seeing you? >> i feel like when you sign up for a reality show, you know what you're signing up for, and you can't be afraid to show certain things. then reality tv is not for you. i reveal enough without going too, too far. >> do you have editing rights? can you say i don't want this? >> absolutely. >> you do? >> i do.
2:42 am
>> how did you get that? >> good lawyers. good agents. good manager. >> that's so critically important, especially when you have a child. >> definitely. >> i'm sure that goes in your brain each time. is this the right choice to be making for my kid. >> he films when he wants to, when it's fun. i don't force him to do that. if it's a day where he is not in the mood, he doesn't have to film. he is 5. it's not his job to be on a reality show and film. when it's fun, it's fun, and when he is not in the mood, he doesn't have to do it. >> what's the biggest challenge in your life? >> just struggling being a mom and my husband being in the nba. he is always on the road, and i'm always on the road. it makes it -- >> a long season, too. >> it makes it very difficult, and we always have to make sure we make our marriage a priority because it's real easy to get lost in your schedule and his schedule, and before you know it, it's like a month, and it's like we haven't even seen each other. >> that can be dangerous too, you know? >> of course. >> they did have a good game last night. >> they did. >> does that mean he is in a good mood? >> he is in a good mood. tonight is a very happy night at the anthony household.
2:43 am
>> good. good. good. >> we're glad you came to see us. >> i love coming to see you guys. >> tell your mom hi for us. >> i will. she loves you. >> you can catch "lala's full court life" monday nights at 10:00 on vh1. >> tested and approved gifts for kids under $20 right after this. >> good morning to you. i'm chris warren with your weather channel forecast. looking at the next several days. still seeing this major winter storm in the middle part of the u.s. eventually moving into the great lakes, including chicago and detroit. winter storm going to do a number here with the snow and the wind. going to be down right dangerous to be on the road throughout much of the plains and the midwest where this storm does track. temperatures are going to be for highs only into the 30s. so some areas may start out as rain and then change over to snow. as things get colder an the storm moves in. then for tomorrow, we're going to see the temperatures in the 30s for the mideast part.
2:44 am
throughout the midwest. and a few lingering showers by thursday. northeast, 40. so get into some of the big e states you're 2k50e8ing with the rain shower. parts of nepg and the northeast, away from the higher elevations, from the colder spots. we'll have a better chance for some snow. then on saturday, things are turning rather quiet. just a few shower a few snow showers around the eastern lakes. other wise such of the country is going to get a little bit of a break from that series of storms we've been dealing with right across the middle part of the u.s. and thenned on sunday, we're going to see a storm moving into the west. this is going to bring some more snow and some rain. temperatures are right around 32 degrees in minneapolis. so right at that freezing mark. a little bit colder this weekend in chicago. 29 and then in new york and boston you're going to see those in the upper 30s. and after some mild air in the south, that changes. you're looking now by this
2:45 am
weekend, it's going to be cooler in the south. atlanta, 49. even in florida. you have a big cool down on the way. weekends on the weather channel, you can wake up with al and stephanie starting at 5:30 in the morning. what did i do with my last fii was a dietician..... a housekeeper... a pediatrician... yeah, that was a third degree booboo a housekeeper... a sanitation engineer... a housekeeper... good thing i had 5-hour energy to keep me going. what will you do with your next five hours? but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit
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today for a special trial offer.
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>> when it feels like your child is attending a berth day party every other weekend, it can be tough to come up with a creative gift that they will enjoy and you can afford. >> all right. here with family fun magazine's annual list of kid tested and approved birthday gifts for $20 or less is the magazine's deputy editor mary giles. great price point, by the way. >> i know. you wind up at birthday party after birthday party when you have lots of little kids in the house. we want to keep it $20 and less. >> let's get started. >> all right. this is for ages 3 to 6. this is the all aboard train puzzle.
2:48 am
they're $15 from chronicle gifts. what makes this stand apart is each piece is double-sided, and they're all interchangeable. the kids can make lots of different trains, right? you can keep mixing and matching. >> different animals. >> when you put it together, it can be six feet long so they can really feel like they're doing a long, nice locomotive. >> that's sweet. >> the coin blaster. >> this is the coin blaster arcade. when you get it, you're buying a book, but when you open it up, it's like getting ten different arcade style puzzles and games in one. you can see here we have the basketball that's set up. all these pieces come inside of it, so this one, you shoot --
2:49 am
>> actually shoot it. >> you shoot coins. roll it up the ramp and -- >> you slick it with your finger. we don't have a good angle here. you get ten different style arcade games. you shoot and shoot -- knock things over. play games like that. arcade style. >> something for the girls here. >> aren't these cute? these are cami dolls. these japanese-style collectibles are really hot right now. these are just $13. these cute little dolls. you can also get $6 key chains and pens. >> those are cute. >> we thought these were just the cutest. >> they become hot for a while, and then -- >> yeah. >> stickers and -- come on. >> this is an amazing craft kit. our family fun testers could not get enough of this. this is called tile jewelry. alex toys. this is $17 for ages 7 and up. look how adorable these necklaces are. >> cute. >> wouldn't you want to wear those yourself? >> absolutely. >> can you make rings, necklaces. >> if i were 7 years old i would. >> okay. >> i'm nearly 70. it just changes life. >> it comes with all these different stickers and patterns. you can really make a lot of variety of jewelry there. >> i saw you playing with this. you love this.
2:50 am
what happened? what do you do? >> give that belly a good little squeeze. ready? right? very naughty. right? >> kind of irresistible. you can shoot them at targets. >> i like it. >> each one comes with -- they're reloadable. six balls. >> you could do it all day. >> right? i know. slightly addictive. these are $11 ages 4 and up. lots more ideas on our website at we have this one in my house. i have one more. so addictive. my 5-year-old -- >> those are the things that go trying flying up. >> my 5-year-old and his friends love these. my husband and i are also completely addicted. you fling the frogs up. you try to land it on the lily pad. >> there. >> oh. >> hoda gets ugly with these things. very competitive. >> are you talking to me? >> it's only $10, right? for ages 4 and up. >> oh. >> 50 points if you land it in the lily pad. >> sounds fun. >> all right, mary.
2:51 am
thank you so much. >> don't know what to make for dinner tonight? >> quick and easy meals that you and your family can have that are healthy too, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. your vacuum doesn't always pick up what's left behind. only the resolve easy clean system has foam power to remove three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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>> and now on today's kitchen, what's cookin? looking for quick and easy ways to put dinner on the table tonight? we're going to put down the menu and let you cook up something nice.
2:55 am
>> here with fast and super tasty meals that are actually healthy too is melissa. she's host of cooking channel's "drop five pounds with good housekeeping." >> really? >> yeah. >> we're really going to make something that's healthy and easy? >> easy and not too expensive. something to make on a tuesday night. for me, i'll tell you what, ladies, i have been -- i struggled with my weight since he was 15, so i'm always looking for something that's healthy and fast and i can make it tasty. we're starting out with some asparagus. we're going to make asparagus shrimp stir fry. >> just a little bit of oil to begin with? >> a little bit of oil. >> olive or canola? >> this is canola oil. canola is better at high heat. you want to use a measuring spoon until you know what a teaspoon looks like. that's a tip. it goes really fast. you know what, don't be shy about doing this until you can eyeball it. >> usually people just go glug, glug, glug. >> they think it's a teaspoon, and it's, like, three table
2:56 am
spoons. >> tomato in there. asparagus. anti-oxidants. make you look younger. lots of fiber, low calories. great delicious stuff going on in here. here we have soy sauce. >> put this together. >> yeah. >> rice wine vinegar. >> okay. >> then pour it on in. >> dump it in. >> you didn't cut it with tomatoes. are you going to leaf them whole like that? >> they're going to get sweet. >> look how fast that is. >> how long is this cooking. >> a couple of minutes. literally a couple of minutes. my tip to you. >> what? >> the precooked frozen shrimp. this is the healthy cooked best friend. >> why? >> look how fast this is. you just have to -- >> you leave the tails on. >> you know what -- >> are they frozen, use do you thaw them out? >> you thaw them out. >> not as easy as she said. >> the tails are on. >> yeah. you know, putting this in the
2:57 am
freezer or frig is exhausting. >> i don't like your attitude. do you smell it? it smells fantastic. >> all you have to do is add in just a smidge of toasted sesame oil. just about a teaspoon. it's going to flavor it up, and then you are going to put on sesame seeds. black and white. you can use either one. a little bit of a stronger flavor on the black. this is what it looks like. >> it looks gourmet, baby, and fast. >> we made that live. if you want to go ahead and give it a taste. you serve it with a little bit of rice. half a cup of rice, and one quarter of this, that's a lot of food. it's 370 calories. >> you're kidding. >> oh, my gosh, that's delicious. >> the shrimp, great low fat option. great way to get seafood into your diet. >> what's this option? what have you done here? >> i've taken the same kind of shrimp, except i've made it up with soba noodles. half the calories of regular pasta. veggies in there, and a peanut
2:58 am
sauce and then here, my 95-calorie brown knee. >> all of this will be on our website. all of it. >> you know what, great stuff. i had my doubts, but you really came through. >> a performance by country music star jason aldine. >> meagan from "smash" will be with us. bones in her body. >> i have broken from my hiccup, a sneeze. jeff: inside her rare bone breaking condition. how often do you break bones? >> at the least once a month. jeff: that just can't break her spirit. >> despite my disability, i'm living happy. jeff: plus a big question is asked. what's the deal? she's done her half. [ applause ] hello, hello. roll it! all right. a little about me.
2:59 am
i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. welcome to the show. thank you very much. have a seat. [ applause ] thank you for the welcome. really amazing story today. we have a woman whose bones, her bones, are as brittle as glass. dd has broken her rips simply by sneezing. it's a big ordeal. even getting her was a big ordeal. we have a really interesting story. co-hosting today. we thought it made sense, dr. drew pinsky. he was a guest last week. he's here hanging out. welcome back. >> brought a brittle guy in for the brittle bone syndrome, huh?


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