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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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that's happening at hp pavilion. we begin with bob redell live in santa cruz where the long procession will begin just hours from now. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. two-mile long procession that will leave the third street parking lot across from the boardwalk at 8:45. as many as 200 law enforcement vehicles, fire, first responders and of course the family. they'll leave santa cruz for a slow drive to the hp pavilion for this afternoon's memorial service in honor of sergeant loran baker and officers elizabeth butler shot and killed last week by a man they were investigating for a sex crime. yesterday hundreds of people from the community paid respects where the fallen officers' caskets were on public display side by side in a final salute. over the past week law enforcement has been overwhelmed by the amount of support being shown by this community. >> this has been a really hard
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week. last week has been a really hard week. this week has been a terrible week. it's something you always think about in the back of your head. the thing that's going to hit us is next week when we don't have any of this going on and you have to be careful and watch your officers. >> reporter: the procession will leave santa cruz around 8:45. it will wind through the downtown area and then it will go over highway 17. when it hits highway 17, it will take up both lanes of traffic. it will go around 30 to 40 miles an hour. law enforcement tells us if you are behind the procession, you will not be able to pass. you will have to find alternate routes. from there it will go into the valley to highway 85 to highway 87 and downtown san jose and hp pavilion where the memorial service will start at noon. if you want to watch the service and you can't make it to the hp pavilion, there are alternate viewing locations at santa cruz,
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kaiser permanente arena will have big screen tvs and doors open at 10:00 a.m. and del mar theater doors open at 11:00 a.m. reporting in santa cruz, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we continue our coverage right now with "today in the bay's" marla tellez live at the hp pavilion in san jose with a preview of today's public memorial. marla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're still about four hours away at least until we're going to see any sign of that procession. if you are planning to come down to hp pavilion to take part in today's memorial, we advise you get here early because parking is going to be at a premium. we are hearing estimates anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 people are expected to attend. it's obvious that sergeant christina loren and officer elizabeth butler touched so many people. the procession expected to arrive here closer to 10:00 this morning. the memorial set to start at noon and we can tell you hp pavilion inside is ready to go.
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more than two dozen officers doing a walkthrough yesterday making sure the space is perfect for today's service. >> we can all come together and celebrate what they gave to our communities and honor their memory. >> reporter: here's a rundown of who is expected to take the podium today inside. it includes family members of the fallen officers. the police chiefs of santa cruz and capitola. in terms of high ranking officials, in terms of statewide, former secretary of defense leon panetta and california attorney general kamala harris. governor jerry brown is expected to be here today but we are told he will not speak. we're going to carry this entire memorial live on our air so you can watch it starting at noon on nbc bay area and we'll stream it live on our website on among those in attendance, officials estimate 6,000 officers not just from here in the bay area but statewide are
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expected to come to say their final goodbyes to sergeant loran baker and officer elizabeth butler. take public transportation because many streets will be closed in the area. for that we send it back inside to mike inouye inside the studio. >> thank you. as marla said this will be a huge issue for the caravan that bob is talking about. once you get downtown, let's talk about the parking. very limited parking as marla said around the hp pavilion. folks heading to sharks games are well aware of that. this is in the middle of the workday. the lots will be partially f ll any way. we have just a few lots dedicated. other lots in the surrounding area will charge as they do for any event in the area. diridon is a great way to get in the area. take caltrain from the north. from the south we only have three major trains coming up. we'll talk about that in a second. those lines are intact. the vta line, mass transit buses
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will be altered as far as service routes. 522 will take you to the north of the hp pavilion where it goes toward santa clara street. that will be a reroute. won't get normal stops and slight delay. santa clara closed for the majority of the day. even though only three trains come in the morning from gilroy and morgan hill, great options for you your workday. complementary service for law enforcement officers and regular southbound service. parking at a premium at the stations. keep that in mind. as we take you out to the maps, we'll show you what we're talking about with the flow of traffic. south bay in general. right there hp pavilion right there at 87 and 280 if you can avoid the downtown area for the bulk of the day. please do so. if you want to watch the service, you can of course get it on our website on and search for memorial and you'll find information there. looking at the slower drive for
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101. the rest of the freeway now that we're talking about the morning commute is moving smoothly through the south bay. we'll take you to other slowingslowing slowings. if you do get stuck behind that caravan, it will be a slow drive for that route until 11:00 a.m. into downtown. let's take a live look outside and see how things are shaping up. cash lanes backing up. metering lights turning on any minute. a look at the east shore freeway as we got a report of a crash at the university over crossing. it would be in your commute direction. no flashing lights but you see cars. expect slowing out of richmond into berkeley. it sounds like the crash reported there has cleared from lanes. i can tell you this camera much steadier than at times yesterday. what's in store for us weatherwise today? >> we have more rain on the radar as we head throughout the day. look at this. 101 from santa rosa to novato getting light shower activity at this point. you see quick flashes of pink and blue, low snow levels down
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to 1,000 feet. the core of low pressure will slide down the coastline heading throughout the day today. that will provide a very slight chance but it's there of some severe thunderstorms. i do think we'll see at least one or two of these develop. i saw them yesterday morning. they blew over quickly. the most unable part of the storm system rolls over the peninsula later today. if we see thunderstorms they could be strong. we expect hail potentially gusts to 60 miles per hour and heavy downpours. we want you to travel cautiously for the evening commute. that's when the chance comes into play and most likely on the western facing slopes surrounding san jose. 58 degrees on the way for gilroy. 57 in santa theresa. we'll take a look at the forecast coming in critical this time of year. back to you for now, jon and laura. >> thank you very much. 6:09. new details this morning about a
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deadly stabbing in a san jose neighborhood. police discovered the body of a young man at the guadalupe oak grove park. >> reporter: police don't think it is gang related but they'll look into the possibility. a young man stabbed in broad daylight in an affluent neighborhood not known for crime. officers were called to the guadalupe oak grove park around 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday. a man down. he was stabbed multiple times and died at the scene. investigators believe he may have been in the park earlier with another person but what led up to the stabbing, that part they just don't know. the neighborhood park is surrounded by large single family homes. residents say at the park the biggest thing they remember happening recently is when someone said they spotted a
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mountain lion. residents watched the investigation going on and they got more and more nervous. >> it's very unsettling. you are at work every day making a living. your family is here at home. the kids are at school. they come back. you are just worrying about the safety of your family. >> reporter: neighbors tell us that crime has been on the rise in the area over the past few months. they formed a neighborhood watch program. they say they know of a home invasion, car break-ins and mailboxes broken into recently as well. investigators are looking for witnesses who may have been in the area yesterday afternoon. this is san jose's seventh homicide of the year. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." all right. it's 6:11 right now. coming up, trapped in a lion's den with no way out. what we're learning about an animal sanctuary intern killed by the animals she loved deeply. more records set on wall street. we'll look at the day ahead coming up in business news.
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a follow-up to a story we first reported monday morning. two of the three people arrested for stealing a luxury yacht are now free this morning. prosecutors say the man still in custody convinced his two companions he recently inherited that multimillion dollar yacht. he invited them on the water for drinks, pizza, party but the fun came to an end monday morning. he's pleading not guilty to felony charges. he's being held on a million dollar bond. new video to show you this morning of a major collision involving a couple big rigs that have jackknifed in southern california this morning. take a look at that crash. it actually caused a chain reaction among several other cars on the rain soaked 60
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freeway in l.a. what a mess. police have not yet said if anyone was hurt and we're not sure what was actually in the big rigs themselves. a sig-alert has been called. it will take time to haul those out of that area there. >> rough for rush hour. >> traffic at a crawl already this morning. 6:15 right now. a quick check of the day's top stories for you. north korea vowing to launch a nuclear attack on the u.s. the overnight threat comes the same day u.n. diplomats will vote on whether to impose new sanctions against the country for a recent nuclear test. this morning authorities still trying to figure out what provoked a lion to attack and kill a volunteer worker at a wildli wildli wildlife reserve near fresno. facebook is announcing
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changes to its news feed today making photos and videos bigger and allowing users to customized what shows up in their news feed. >> facebook announced a new hire. they hired a new board member. >> the second woman to sit on the board. a well respected doctor and researcher. >> she's the chancellor of ucsf a and is seen here. some of the money coming from facebook's mark zuckerberg himself. the faa says this morning it's going to close air traffic control towers run by private contractors at small airports. the cuts will come in april assuming there's no budget deal. san jose's small airport is not affected but san carlos is. south county is south perform
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highway 101 to morgan hill will be unaffected. it doesn't have a control tower. you can land at san carlos. it will be an uncontrolled airspace. the dow industrials opened at another record this morning. index of 30 stocks exciting the market. a lot thanks to low interest rates. both the bank of england and european central bank announced a few minutes ago they would continue ultralow rates. central bankers arguably the most powerful men on earth at least when it comes to the economy. so you have ecb head there on the left. you have ben bernanke. you know him. he's ours. in the center. merven king on the right is england's central banker. not only are they three kings of the economy, they are all from m.i.t. king taught in that same classroom. when central banking comes up, i don't know next cocktail party, you can say do you know m.i.t.
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connection to all those guys? >> very interesting. now if they were roommates -- >> that would be cool. >> that would be one rich party. scott mcgrew sprinkling interesting nuggets for us. christina loren going to sprinkle rain coming up here and sierra snow. >> that's right. not just sprinkling it. we're dumping it at this point, which is good news. you know what? let's get right to that right now. let's start with brian hager joining us on the phone from squaw valley. look at the conditions on the slopes up there. how much are your storm totals so far, brian? >> we got 16 inches out of this storm so far. it's going to be great skiing today. >> my gosh. i'm looking at all of the long-term models for the month of march and this is not our only storm system. it looks like we'll see another two at the very least come through over the next couple weeks which bodes well for that skiing lasting into spring. what do you guys have going this weekend for visitors heading up there? >> we hope to get a lot more snow out of that.
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we have our vertical express event. luna fest. we'll have fresh tracks early in the morning. we hope to see everyone up here. >> you know what? conditions are going to be cool enough to make that snow stick. let's get to the numbers right now. they're going to potentially pick up three feet of fresh powder before all is said and done. this storm has treated us well. we're actually looking much better in terms of average rainfall in the bay area. thursday, 33 degrees at squaw. comfortable up there today and tomorrow. 38 degrees is the high. that means that snow will stick around. and we're talking about upwards of eight feet at the base of fresh powder. get it while you can. calm conditions this morning. our winds dropped off significantly for the time being. we're in between waves of moisture. the actual core of low pressure is headed our way packing a great deal of instability. doesn't arrive until later on today. moisture right now over santa rosa along 101 all of the way
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from sonoma county down to marin. travel cautiously as i widen out you can see the bulk of the moisture sitting offshore. that moves in throughout the second half of the day. let's time it out for you and take it to future cast. through 10:00 a.m., a nice drive to work this morning because shower activity doesn't move in until about noon to 4:00 p.m. and that's when we'll be watching for formation of some strong afternoon thunderstorms. i've been looking at everything. i think we'll see a couple isolated cells move over the mountains surrounding san jose and some of these thunderstorms could produce hail. we're talking about brief heavy downpours and wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour. travel cautiously as you make your way home from work. just get your mind set on that right now. 54 in san jose. 56 degrees in redwood city. if you're craving springlike weather, after we spring forward on sunday, we're going to get just that. up to the mid 70s monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. thursday into friday, our next
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round of rain moves in. let's look at the drive. >> good morning. we'll look at the bay bridge which is a great morning as far as just the backup at the toll plaza. only your fastrak lanes is indii indicative of a friday. this is not cool for east shore freeway. i showed you a crash located around university avenue. didn't see flashing lights. in the backup we had one slowdown. farther back let me show you on the map. another crash in that backup so now another two along the stretch as you come off that richmond san rafael bridge out of richmond into berkeley. that stretch holding folks up keeping the bay bridge itself light. oakland coming over toward the bridge, you're okay for the toll plaza. anywhere north of richmond you're having a problem out of hercules and west 80 gets bogged down out of richmond itself. we'll look at the maps. looking at the tri-valley and typical build for dublin. not a problem. south 680 through pleasanton. there is a crash reported
6:20 am
we saw slowing on the northbound side. southbound side close to the speed limit. both sides clear. there may be activity on the shoulder. i'll say maybe on the northbound side judging by the slowdown we saw earlier. all lanes reported clear now through that area. the south bay itself shows a nice build for 101. 87 showing slowdowns coming into downtown. pointing out two things. this northbound 101 slowing cued by an earlier crash around the 880 over crossing. a slight distraction adding to the build that continues here and another build toward the airport. coming into downtown, 87 is a concern now. all of the way through the midday hour as we talk about that funeral and memorial for the officers in santa cruz and we are expecting tens of thousands of people coming into the area and lots of cars and congestion through downtown. avoid the downtown area if you can. we're looking toward foster city with a smooth drive over the san mateo bridge. a steady camera.
6:21 am
winds much calmer than yesterday. that's great news. no problems between san mateo and the city either direction. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. 6:23. coming up, the joke is on him. why laughing out loud inside his own home could land a new york man in serious trouble behind bars just ahead. >> all right. and right now we give you a nice live look as the sun peaks up over the horizon. that's south bay. san jose. we're back in a matter of minutes.
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>> a long island man facing jail time for laughing too loudly. 42-year-old robert says his next door neighborhood called to police about that laugh. he's now been charged with disturbing the peace. he lives with his mother. both say feuds with a next door neighborhood left police to visit them nearly 30 times. he says he's being bullied. other people in the neighborhood say he often taunts elderly residents, own children, with his laugh. he's facing fines of up to $500 or 30 days in jail. the "today" show will feature his story this morning in case you didn't hear enough. you can see more at 7:30.
6:25 am
>> his laugh is both funny and menacing at the same time. still ahead, is a dazzling makeover in charge for diridon station? we'll tell you why a tiny train depot in downtown san jose could one day become the times square of silicon valley. plus, a new change is in store for facebook. but will you like it? we'll tell you why the social media site is revamping its news feed and why it may raise concerns about your privacy online. [ wind howling ]
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that's the stock exchange. as they ring in the day at the new york stock exchange on this thursday, march 7th. this is "today in the bay." 6:30 right now. good morning, everybody. always happy to have you along. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a live look this morning at the hp pavilion where hundreds of police officers statewide will come together in just hours to remember two of their own killed in the line of duty. a public memorial for santa cruz police officers loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler will take place at noon. speakers will include members of their families and dignitaries including former secretary of defense leon panetta and california attorney general kamala harris. prior to the ceremony, a motorcade of 200 law enforcement vehicles will leave the santa cruz beach boardwalk before traveling up highway 17 to highway 85 and then eventually
6:29 am
onto highway 87 before arriving at the hp pavilion. we'll have a live preview of today's service and what drivers can expect as that motorcade gets under way. a facelift at facebook. today the social media giant expected to make a big-time announcement that's widely believed to be a remodelled news feed. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew joins us from our newsroom and it seems like backlash that comes about with every change at facebook and everything they make gets a pushback. is this new design going to happen like that? >> i think this is going to be worth it to facebook. facebook has to accomplish two things with this change. get users interacted and involved again and improve their interactions with advertising as well at the same time. those ads on the right-hand corner of your news feed not attracting the attention that facebook would like. several reports users are taking long breaks from facebook as well. so we expect ceo mark zuckerberg
6:30 am
will announce a new cleaner look, bigger pictures to the time line and as you point out, we do fully expect facebook users not to like it because they and we're on facebook so we usually complain about these changes. now, this is not a guess. facebook sent out on the invitation to come see their new time line. they released the changes in new financial filings a couple weeks ago. again, facebook cleaning things up trying to make things look a little bit more interactive and interesting to try to get people to come back to facebook because there are some people who say they have had enough of it and they have moved on. >> it's an eternal process there at facebook. thank you. >> grabbing them and keeping them. all right. let's see if you have to grab that umbrella and keep it handy today. checking the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> unless you want to get rain on your duds. 6:32. good morning. a great looking day shaping up. live pictures. san jose tells the story. mostly cloudy conditions out there this morning.
6:31 am
all right. let's get right to it. you can see mostly cloudy conditions here. we're going to see that rain continue throughout the day today. let's get to the numbers. 37 in livermore. 41 in san jose. 41 in gilroy. a much colder start to the day than this time yesterday. keep that in mind. talking about temperatures in the upper 30s in palo alto. we do have rainfall out there. nothing significant. it's cold enough for some low level snow but we're just not getting enough moisture. i want to show you the wider view. this is the area of low pressure. the cold front came through. the most unstable part of the system is going to slide down the coastline in the bay area. we actually have a slight chance of severe thunderstorms right here in the bay area as we head throughout the day today. we talk about that and show you the shaded area. if your city is included in that light green shading, we could see strong thunderstorms in your area later on. best chance is going to be between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. so keep that in mind. that is in the evening commute. i think the most likely location
6:32 am
will be the mountains surrounding san jose. nonetheless, the entire peninsula in addition to the marin county coastline has that slight chance and we'll be here on high alert all day long in the nbc bay area weather center. showers move in about 10:00 a.m. and we'll continue this for you and let you know when we'll get a break and when the mid 70s return because that is on the way. for right now, i'll send it back to you. >> we'll it from here. we'll send it to the bay bridge where we are looking at the backup getting worse now. talked about the reason why. folks are held up here for those who haven't been joining us until just now, we're looking at a backup from the metering lights. look at the map. a couple of incidents that have now moved to the shoulder but the two crashes on the east shore freeway bog traffic coming into berkeley from richmond holding folks up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the build from hercules through richmond and then at university where there were two earlier crashes on the shoulder
6:33 am
now. everything is out of lanes. that distraction and just disturbance of the flow is enough to last through that area. looking to the trivalley. 680 south we talked about earlier crash. i thought it was on the northbound side because of the slowing we saw there. that shifted to the southbound side and it sounds like we do have one lane blocked southbound 680. big rig involved. there may be a lot of spectator slowing. watch for that. clear by the time you get down toward the sunol grade. south 680 again the same route but this time approaching mission boulevard. more slowing because of the crash there sticking into your fast lanes. be careful as you come down toward the interchange. that fremont funnel mission between 880 and 680 is getting busy and slow. typical build through the area for your morning commute. 87 also looking slower and 85 coming into downtown. we'll talk about that memorial service and traffic impact there coming up. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much.
6:34 am
tonight san francisco police answering questions from the community about the department's latest officer-involved shooting. this one happened tuesday night in hunters point. police say an 18 year old was trying to outrun officers in a stolen bmw when he allegedly hit an officer and a patrol car. two other officers opened fire injuring that suspect. we can tell you he is expected to be okay. as for the officer who was hit by that bmw, he was treated and released. tonight's community meeting starts at 6:00 at city college of san francisco's southeast campus. this morning pg&e will be performing more safety tests on its natural gas pipeline. utility says it will vent a small amount of gas and replace equipment from pipes located on sem lane in belmont. work will start at 10:00 and last until noon. it's been said it could soon be the times square of silicon valley. the city of san jose releasing
6:35 am
its vision for the expansion of diridon station in downtown and transforming that area around it. the plan calls for a central entertainment district with room for a brand new stadium for those a's if they should come down surrounded by thousands of new residential units and nearly 5 million square feet of new office space. the diridon station area plan would also add a b.a.r.t. extension and a bullet train hub to its existing service there which includes caltrain and amtrak. the city plans to draft an environmental impact report and that plan would be out in june. >> we'll see if it blossoms. 6:37. still ahead, behind bars after days on the run. the crucial court hearing for the suspect in a gruesome crash that killed a couple with a baby on the way. also, a deadly stabbing right in the heart of the san jose suburbs. the unlikely neighborhood that is now turned into a crime scene. a looming threat of a nuclear attack aimed at the u.s.
6:36 am
we'll tell you why north korea is launching a new round of warnings.
6:37 am
6:38 am
new this morning, the man accused in a gruesome new york city car crash will appear in court today in pennsylvania for an extradition hearing. he sunda surendured to authorit
6:39 am
yesterday. their baby was delivered they e scene but later died. he was speeding away from a gunman who was trying to shoot him when he lost control of that car. meantime, on the international scene, the body of venezuelan president hugo chavez is lying in state until friday's funeral. the head of the presidential guard is saying that chavez died of a massive heart attack. the general says chavez mouthed the words, i don't want to die. don't let me die. chavez did die on tuesday following his battle with cancer. it's 6:41. a warning from north korea this morning in the threat of a nuclear attack aimed at the u.s. a final salute to two santa cruz officers who lived and died protecting and serving their community. we'll tell you about today's tribute and how that motorcade memorial will impact south bay
6:40 am
traffic. a south bay neighborhood waking up in shock after a deadly stabbing in their own backyard. what we're learning about the unlikely crime scene just ahead. we're mostly cloudy and dry to start. the radar shows you that we have rain on the way in addition to potential for severe thunderstorms. we'll time it all out at your doorstep coming up. commuters might be familiar with this. the east shore freeway. look at all of these headlights slammed up around university avenue. a big backup here because of two earlier crashes. we take a wider look and it's light toward the toll plaza. i'll explain that coming up. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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6:44. new this morning, north korea is vowing to launch a nuclear attack on the u.s. the threat came overnight hours ahead of a vote by u.n. diplomats on whether to level new sanctions against pyongyang for a recent nuclear test. north korea often boasts of nuclear bombs and preemptive strikes but it is not thought to have the ability to produce a warhead small enough to put in a peninsula capable of reaching the u.s. north korean threats have become more common since pyongyang conducted its third nuclear test on february 12th. also this morning, a grieving community joining with law enforcement across the state in a long procession and very public memorial honoring the lives of two officers killed in the line of duty in santa cruz. detective elizabeth butler and mother of two and a ten-year veteran of the force along with sergeant loran "butch" baker, a father of three, who served the department for 28 years. this morning we have live
6:44 am
coverage of today's memorial and motorcade. mike inouye will look at the traffic impact. marla tellez is live at the hp pavilion where that service will be held. but we start things off with bob redell who joins us live in santa cruz where the long procession to honor these two fallen officers will be starting just hours from right now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. in roughly two hours leaving this staging area right by the santa cruz boardwalk. you can see some of the motorcycle officers that will be leading the two-mile procession that will include roughly 200 vehicles from law enforcement, fire, first responders and of course the family. they'll be taking a 33-mile ride from santa cruz over to summit into san jose arriving finally at the hp pavilion for this afternoon's memorial service in honor of sergeant loran baker and officer elizabeth butler, two santa cruz police officers shot and killed last week by a man they were investigating for a sex crime. yesterday hundreds of people
6:45 am
from the community paid their respects at santa cruz memorial where the fallen officers' caskets were on public display side by side in a final salute. we have spoken with law enforcement this morning who tell us they've just been overwhelmed by the amount of support they've seen from the community over the past week. >> this has been a really hard week. last week has been a really hard week. this week has been a terrible week. it's something you always think about in the back of your head. the thing that's going to hit us is next week when we don't have any of this going on and then you have to be careful and watch your officers. >> reporter: again, that procession leaves at 8:45 this morning from santa cruz. it will weave through downtown area of santa cruz going to highway 17. once it goes to highway 17 it will take up both lanes of traffic. if you are behind this procession, you will not be able to pass. it will eventually hit the valley. go on highway 85, highway 87 to
6:46 am
downtown san jose and the final destination at the hp pavilion where they expect a packed house. if you want to watch the memorial and you can't make it to hp pavilion or don't have a television set, you can go to a couple locations in santa cruz where they will have live feeds. kaiser permanente is one location. doors opening at 10:00 a.m. and del mar theater with doors opening there at 11:00 a.m. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we continue our coverage now with "today in the bay's" marla tellez live at the hp pavilion in san jose with a preview of today's public memorial. marla? >> reporter: good morning. hp pavilion is not used to hosting somber events like this one. it's used to hosting things like sharks games and music concerts. it's ready for it all the same. officials are estimating anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000
6:47 am
people are going to turn out here. if you are one of them, we advise you arrive early and also it's a great idea to take public transportation. now just the sheer size of the crowd is obvious sergeant loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler touched the lives of so many people. there will be more than 200 law enforcement vehicles arriving here at hp pavilion close to 10:00 this morning. the memorial is set to start at noon. we can tell you that hp pavilion is ready to go inside. one officer telling us that the preparation has been healing. >> you just never know where those emotions are going to come from when it just hits you. you need a moment. it's been nice having this to focus on. >> reporter: and here's a look at who's expected to speak today. family members of the fallen officers, the police chiefs of santa cruz and capitola and in
6:48 am
terms of political powerhouses, leon panetta is expected to take the podium. california attorney general kamala harris and governor jerry brown is expected to be here, but we're told he will not speak. we're going to carry this live for you so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home at noon on nbc bay area. we'll also stream it live online on our website, now, we're told the service will also feature traditional bagpipes, drummers and even include a helicopter flyover and how about this? "american idol" star who is also a santa cruz native, james durban, has agreed to sing at today's event. ultimately the service is expected to last three to four hours. officials really think that it's going to have the biggest impact on the evening commute. mike inouye is back inside checking the roads for you. >> good morning, marla. marla talked about the evening commute impacted because of the amount of folks leaving this event along with the evening commute starting along with that weather system that christina is
6:49 am
going to tell you about. she's been talking about it coming in about that time as well. we'll watch that. if you are driving through the area, parking is limited as marla emphasized. we have just three lots. a, b and c right there. across the street we'll talk about a caltrain station. we have vta as well. that's valley transportation authority light rail. so consider taking that and the buses. the buses are rerouted around hp pavilion specifically we're talking about 522. the rest of the lines listed here will have service affected between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. as far as the scheduled changes right now. vta also a good option for light rail which will not change its route because it can't. we're talking about the rails and caltrain giving complementary service for law enforcement. take advantage of the free service because you won't have to park. three trains come northbound.
6:50 am
the rest of the trains from the north coming south into the area very regular throughout the morning and of course you do have your good schedule for the southbound trains coming in about every 20 minutes through the area. again, diridon station just a few moments away. the map shows you the area that you should avoid if you don't have to come to this section downtown san jose north of 280 and west of 87. avoid that for the morning because of all of these activities and the motorcade coming up highway 87 as the last leg showing slowdowns from capital. this is a concern of mine because there are no crashes or incidents reported through the area. an earlier start. folks are heeding this advisory getting into downtown earlier. that would be good. once the motorcade starts getting close toward the 10:00 hour, it will be an issue. 85 northbound right now looking typical build into cupertino and 280 around the interchange. tri-valley moving smoothly. we'll check the east shore freeway. two earlier crashes cleared the roadway. very slow out of richmond and
6:51 am
toward berkeley. live look shows you the traffic is sorting itself out and smoothing out university down toward the berkeley curve. build is on here. the toll plaza we also have the backup now filling in all of these lanes slowly but it is building and that's what we typically expect to see filling in at the parking lot there. we're also noticing a little break in the sunshine. break in the clouds. you have changes ahead, right? >> indeed we do. nice work with that, mike. good morning to you. we're taking a live look at satellite. this is realtime getting more activity now along the marin county coastline. want to widen out for you and show you how much more rain is on the way as we head throughout the day today. you can see that core of low pressure still located offshore. it's headed right toward the bay area coastline. that's the most unstable part of the storm system. we do have a very slight chance of severe weather today. we time this out for you and it looks like we are going to see pop-up thunderstorms at the very least. we stop the clock on future cast at 9:00 a.m. nice and slick conditions up the peninsula. we continue that. stop it again for you as we head
6:52 am
through 2:00 p.m. the whole thing moves inland. this is when that alert starts to be more heightened. between 2:00 and 6:00 tonight is when we have the best chance for seeing thunderstorms and i think over the higher elevations surrounding san jose everything i've been looking at leads me to believe that's where it will occur if it does. however, we have that slight chance all of the way up and down the peninsula and along the coastline for marin county throughout tonight. so as we head throughout the evening hours, we'll see improvement. showers exit the area. we'll meet back here just a little bit of drizzle and thick low clouds tomorrow morning. we'll clear you out just in time for the weekend. 56 in livermore. 57 in santa theresa. 58 in gilroy. into your seven-day outlook, what a difference just a few days will make around here. 56 today. look at the other end by wednesday we're back in mid 70s. now, all of you early risers that join us every morning we thank you for doing so. love waking up to you. we're going to lose an hour of
6:53 am
sleep as we head through sunday. we spring forward at 2:00 a.m. unpleasant but good news is i get to wake up with you. it takes a little of the edge off. >> good news for us too. >> thank you very much, christina. new details this morning as a neighborhood wakes up to a homicide investigation in san jose. you're looking live near the entrance of guadalupe oak grove park where a man in his early 20s was found stabbed to death. last night homicide investigators combing through that neighborhood looking for any kind of evidence and trying to track down witnesses who may have been around at the time. neighbors say they've seen an uptick in crime in that area lately including a rise in mailbox and car break-ins. a follow-up on the s.w.a.t. standoff in san francisco's bay view district yesterday. four suspects all wearing ski masks robbed a marijuana grow house early yesterday morning.
6:54 am
three suspects ran away but were arrested nearby. the last suspect eventually surrendered when s.w.a.t. officers entered the building about 10:00 a.m. because he says he didn't want to be bitten by a police dog. new details this morning in a deadly attack that kills a volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary near fresno. diena hanson wee dianna hanson was killed by a lion. this morning they are trying to determine why hanson was inside the enclosure. hanson's father says his daughter had experience working with the big cats and this was really her dream job. >> she liked them so much. she felt that she could handle it. she wasn't afraid. wasn't slighti isest bit afraid getting in the cages with those big cats. >> so very sad. the lion involved in that attack
6:55 am
actually appeared on the ellen degeneres back in 2010 when he was a cub. he was considered an ambassador for that sanctionry. new this morning, president obama will sign an extension to the violence against women act. the law strengthens the justice department's response on crimes against women. it also expands federal protections to gays, lesbian, transgender individuals, native americans and immigrants. the violence against women act expired back in 2011 and it stalled in congress over objections by conservatives on certain protections. 6:57. happening now in business news, once again the markets are up. >> let's keep the flow going. checking in with business and tech reporter scott mcgrew. >> good morning to you. if we close the markets right now, if we had that power, we
6:56 am
would close at another record high. the dow industrials this morning at 14,239. we have a live look at the big board this morning as well on wall street and now 340. this is a closing high if we were to do right now. dow industrials up another 44 points setting new records. facebook announced a new board member. she's the chancellor at ucsf. it will show off time line changes this morning. we're looking at the time lines on facebook and a meeting with reporters in its headquarters at menlo park. also today we get an update on ntsb and progress made on the 787 dreamliner so a busy day in business news. most importantly, dow industrials up once again. back to you. >> let's hope it holds. thank you very much. as b busy day in the south as a memorial service will be held this afternoon. sergeant loran baker and
6:57 am
detective elizabeth butler were gunned down last week while trying to question a suspect. we'll bring you that funeral live on our air starting at noon right here on nbc bay area. we'll also stream the service live on our website, we do have a programming note for you. a little bit of a change. we'll be airing "days of our lives" at 3:00 friday morning so you can set your dvr should you happen to watch that show. we want to bring you the live coverage at noon today of the memorial service for the fallen officers. >> indeed. expecting a big crowd down there. plan accordingly. one final check on the weather with christina loren. >> good morning to you. shower activity ramping up in the north bay. more on the way through the next few hours. live updates for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show all of the way through 11:30. we'll track those thunderstorms as they develop. back to you guys. >> that's the news we need to know. thanks so much, christina.
6:58 am
that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with another live update. >> enjoy the day. we'll see you back here tomorrow. good morning. breaking news. a still dangerous but weakened winter storm bearing down on the northeast right now after dumping nearly 2 feet of snow on parts of the mid-atlantic. this morning, the biggest concern flooding in some areas hit hard by sandy. long night, senator rand paul filibusters into the early morning hours to block the president's nominee for cia director. an extraordinary moment ended by the call of nature. >> i've discovered there are some limits of filibustering. i will have to take care of one of those in a few minutes here. >> will it have any impact when the nomination is put to a vote this week.
6:59 am
first image. pope benedict xvi seen in retirement for the first time. and back at the vatican, there could be a decision when to start the conclave today. thursday, march 7th, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a thursday. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. let's start by looking live at the vatican. we understand the cardinals are expected to meet there about one hour from right now. still no word when the conclave might begin, but we wonder. >> it could happen at any moment now as we expect one of the final cardinal to be there today. we will have a live report straight ahead.


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