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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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this is a move memorial outside hp pavilion this morning. thousands of dollars of uniformed officers and first responders came to pay tribute during a three-hour service and procession. we begin with marianne favro on the memorial. it was just so sad. >> reporter: it really was. it was a very heart wrenching memorial, jessica, especially when we heard from the children, of the two police officers killed in the line of duty. ♪ >> surrounded by a sea of more than 8,000 men and women in uniform, the families of sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler walked down the aisle in san jose. butler's is 5-year-old son joaquin wore his mother's police cap. governor jerry brown, attorney general kamala harris, and former secretary of defense leon panetta paid respects to the two officers gunned down in the line of duty.
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>> these two fine officers on that tuesday afternoon did not look the other way. they drew the line. they were doing their job. and they paid the ultimate price. but in so doing, they saved the lives of others. >> officers and sheriff's deputies from across the state stood shoulder to shoulder to honor the legacy of the fallen officers. friends and coworkers described butch baker as a tenacious truth seeker who always bed with honor and worked hundreds of cases. >> he was the go-to guy. >> baker was also known for his sense of humor, his love of a good prank and for his devotion his three kids and his wife. beth butler's sister sboek about her younger sister who loved serving her community and fighting for those who often had no voice. she said beth always embraced
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life. >> she was a breath of fresh air. >> butler leaves behind two boyce ages 2 and 5 and her long-time partner peter wu who vowed their sons will always know how great their mom was. >> her legacy will be carried on in our family in our sons and in the people that were touched. she will live on. >> beth would have turned 39 next week ♪ >> today, a final good-bye to two officers that came much too early. a collective thanks for what they brought to the force, their family, and community. >> they fought tirelessly for victims, and in the end, became victims themselves. ♪ >> reporter: the speakers today all said that these two officers will forever be remembered for their compassion and their courage.
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reporting line of in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> you can see how much they will be missed. thank you, marianne. >> it wasn't just the people inside that made an impact today. thousands of others lined the streets from santa cruz to san jose. kimberly terry continues our coverage this even. kimberly? >> reporter: highway 17 is the main corridor between san tap cruz and san jose, and today, all of the lanes were filled with patrol cars and other law enforcement vehicles as they came in for the service. hundreds of law enforcement vehicles escorted the caskets of detective staerth lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler from santa cruz to san jose. the highways were shut down so the two-mile procession could pass. >> my emotions were running crazy. >> along the way, people stood at the overpasses to pay their respects to the two fallen officers and their families. >> regular guy. standing on the grids, giving
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them a salute. >> tim shae came out at 6:00 a.m. to hold a sign of a santa cruz police badge over the highway and says he got a lot of supportive honks from drivers. >> that was worth it to me to get up early and go the extra mile. it's important that we pull together. >> reporter: outside the hp pavilion where the services were held, both members of law enforcement and the public said their good-byes. emilio brought his 2-year-old son. >> we wanted to come out here and make sure that everybody knows that we definitely respect and pay close attention to what everybody does for us. >> it's important the community show up when bad things happen like this to honor people really go out there and put their lives on the line every single day. >> retired sayre toe gal firefighter ken cole son says no words can alleviate the pain burks he hopes the large outpouring of support will show the grieving families the community cares. >> it's a gift.
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that's the only gift we can offer them is by showing up. [ taps ] >> reporter: on the way back into santa cruz, there was much less pomp and circumstance. the patrol cars did have their flashing lights on but the highway was not shut down. live in los gatos, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the u.s. honor flag was flown in for the memorial service. the gilroy police department was there to receive it as the captain walked off the plain. that flag has flown at ground zero after 9/11 and on the space shuttle atlantis and travels to special services for fallen heroes. they stood up as the flag arrived calling it a fitting tribute. >> my husband and i, we cry every time we hear it the anthem. so this means a lot to me. >> a motorcade took the flag to hp. it will be flown back to texas this evening. of course, we have a full
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timeline of the events that led up to this tragedy as well as video and images on our website at other headlines for you, a gas leak in a refrigerator triggered a big ask scare at a vallejo supermarket this afternoon on spring's road. now, it was first reported as an explosion, but then the store manager says there was nos explosion. instead, emergency crews found a freon link in the compressor unit of the store's refrigerator. about 17 employees were in the store at the time. luckily, no one was hurt. crews are still at the store assessing damage. >> investigators now know more about that fatal. >> lyn: attack near fresno. the coroner says is the. >> lyn: escaped its cage and then attacked the 24 years intern while she was in a cleaning enclosure. federal and state investigators spent the day at the private animal park called cat haven to try to find out more about her death, dianna hanson yesterday. trying to determine whether cat
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haven had the required safety procedures in place for its employees. the fresno county coroner said that today that han shon bites and scratches all over her body but have not determined the exact cause of death. >> they're. >> lyn:s. that's all i can say. they're wild animals. >> california department of fish and wildlife says cat haven has a clean safety record. but as you heard the official say, even so working with wild animals is always risky. >> still ahead at 6:00, a different look to the neighborhood watch. how city leaders are teaming up with the guardian angels to help fill a safety gap. >> what's causing an increase in health care rates impacting thousands of californians. >> i'm scott bud mann at facebook headquarters where a big change is coming to your page. we'll show it to you coming up. >> and we're seeing changes in our weather forecast tonight. right now san jose south starting to see light to moderate rate pushing in from san jose downtown down to 101 into morgan hill.
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very interesting temperatures in our hilltops. cold enough for yes, snow on the radar out around mount hamilton. we'll let you know how long it's sticking around and the forecast when we come right back.
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sergeant. >> silicon valley giant cat who is the turning things around. ma ris sass maier is looking at a seven-figure bonus after a few months on the job. she'll receive $1.1 million for her 5 1/2 months at the helm. it supplements her annual salary of $1 million. and she also gets $56 mlion in long-term stock compensation that she received after yahoo! lured her away from google last july. she has redesigned the homepage, instituted new policies and the share prices are up 46%. >> this is about the time when facebook users start complaining. a march change is coming
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specifically the news feed. scott budman joins us at facebook head quarters. is it so bad, scott? >> you know, raj, every time facebook makes a big change, especially to its news feed it stirts debate and today is no exception. but there is a point here as of today, facebook wants to be the place where you get your news. it's the feature you love to use and love to complain about. but facebook's newest update to its news feed is all about content. taking on rivals like twitter with bigger photos and more information for each post. >> it should have a front page or top news section of the most important things going on across all topics and it should let you drill down into any individual top yeshic that you want. we also believe the best personalized newspaper should be visual and rich and engaging because the stories around you are intricate and detailed. and they deserve to be displayed
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with more than just text. >> instead of having to look around your facebook page to find what you're looking for, the new news feed lets you organize by topic and promises to put posts in chronological order. >> understanding what it is that people wanted to share with the things that they were posting and then designing the very best container to let those stories shine. >> it's the latest way to reach out to facebook's now more than 1 billion users whether you're a friend with a vacation photo or a company with a product to sell. and while some will complain, eventually, those billion people will have a new way to share. >> i'm not sure that facebook is so worried that people are going to leave. people have already invested so much time and energy into creating their online lives on facebook. >> and now, like so many other social networking sites, facebook is updating how you get your news. and facebook will be rolling out news feed gradually. it will roll out to desktops
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starting today to mobile devices in a few weeks. as predicted the debate is already getting started on social networks like twitter and facebook. in men low park, scott budman, nbc bay area fuss. >> always something happening in men low park. >> big news from bay area music player pandora, the ceo is out. joe kennedy will step down as the ceo of the company. with that said, they announced better than expected earnings and saw its stock price soar by nearly 25% in after hours trading. the federal trade commission is going after companies who send out phone spam. the ftc says it's received 50,000 complaints about spam text messages in the last few years. the messages is usually offer gift cards and prizes with a link to a website but only really ask for personal information. the ftc filed eight cases and named 26 people hired to send the messages. the companies who send the spam frequently change phone numbers where the spam originates which makes it difficult to track them
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down. >> it's a new program and its goal is to move 1,000 people in santa clara county out of poverty. it's called step up silicon valley and it was launched today. 16 agencies are involved from the government, academic, corporate and non-profit worlds. each is committed to move people out of poverty within a year. the program almost provide valuable insight. >> how do people and systems is being served by non-profits prosper from the kind of services we both deliver, and what kind of synergies can be developed between the county safety net and these organizations to make sure that we're doing the right things and that when we do the right things, they're replicated in the future. >> cisco systems provided the funding for this pilot program. >> a cyclist accused of hitting a pedestrian in san francisco will face trial. the cyclist broke down in tears today as his attorney told the court he's a good man.
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the prosecutors say he ran multiple red lights and stop signs on his bicycle before running in a 71-year-old man and killing him. he will be arraigned on march 21st on charges of feen vehicular man slaughter. >> a reward doubled for any information leading to the arrests of the person who poisoned a richmond police dog. it happened last week. police say the officer's home was broken into and burglars poisoned his two dogs. the officer's dog and the police dog that he works with. the police dog is recovering, but the officer's personal dog is dead. an east bay pet supply food chain, pet food express added $10,000 to the reward money already offered by the richmond police department. >> in just 20 days, the morning commute on the golden gate bridge will look different. toll collectors will no longer take your money. the bridge will be completely electronic. that means no more stopping on the bridge and new forms of payment options. you can choose from three new
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options that include a one-time payment, a toll invoice and a license plate account. unfortunately with this, the toll collectors will lose their jobs. electronic tolling goes live march 27th. >> a big party for the bay bridge is right around the corner. you won't have to pay to administrate. organizers are dumping a proposal aimed at charging everyone a fee for the festiv y festivities. instead they plan to tuesday $5 million in public funds to pay for this. some lawmakers suggested charging a $5 fee to walk the new span to recoup costs. that was dropped this week. more than 150,000 people are expected to attend the celebration for the opening of the new eastern span. >> it will be exciting to walk across the bridge. let's turn things over to rob mayeda today. >> temperatures mainly in the 50s around the bay area. clouds outside and a few spots managed to get into the 60s this afternoon. close to 60 in fremont, downtown
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san jose 59. you can see right now still in the 50s out there. breezy around the inner bay. 51 in san jose, 53 in liver more. winds generally out of the northeast and the east bay hills temporarily bringing in drier air underneath some of the moisture sweeping in from the south. most of the rain we're seeing closer to the area of low pressure off the coast of santa cruz right now but enough lift in the atmosphere around san francisco to toss you light rain at this hour. as you head to the south bay, notice the action picks up around the santa cruz mountains area south of santa fe. campbell, highway 85 you're seeing heavier rain at this hour. mainly moderate rain and lighter rain up toward san jose. the air kind of dries out heading up towards milpitas. 101 south through morgan hill and gilroy, the wettest commute. the chillier air in place. look at this, you got some snow showers around 4,000 feet to 3500 feet. areas south of liver more and
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down towards mount hamilton. skies clear tomorrow morning. san jose look to the east, could have a dusting of snow in the higher hilltops. as the low spins into central california tomorrow, we'll get the clearing from north to south during the afternoon. in the meantime, the evening commute looks soggy at times especially south of san francisco as we go through the evening. you can see the rain starting to shut down a little bit. i still think we'll have scattered showers tomorrow especially around the south bay. the afternoon, we'll see partly cloudy skies and clearing from north to south. quick check of temperatures from the evening to your overnight hours tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s to get the morning started. as we head into the afternoon, we'll see those numbers in the 50s again. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the next seven days as the forecast says 60s and 70s back in the forecast. we'll walk you through the timing of another warmup in the full forecast in our next half hour. >> looking forward to hearing that. still ahead is, marijuana in a hurry. one california city's new plan
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to make medical marijuana easier to get. >> a sneak peek at the plan to transform san jose's downtown. stay with us. ♪ roundup
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fremont police need help finding a suspect wanted in connection with a rash of home burglaries. lawrence near row is suspected of theburgries, possibly some other streets, too. he's 25 years old and wanted on a $1 million bond. 5'10", sometimes has a beard. he's led police on several chais ditching a car, jumping fences. anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the fremont police department. >> double digit rate increases on the way for people insured by etna and blue shield. small businesses and individual policy owners now face an 11% hike. the insurance commissioner calls that unreasonable, but has no authority to change it. the insurance industry says there are new options on the way
6:22 pm
to avoid future increases. >> these are the type of rate hikes that are simply unsustainable. >> people with moderate incomes even families of four up to as much as $90,000 will be eligible for a subsidy on a sliding scale. >> the state doesn't have any authority to reject changes in premiums and health insurers have been ignoring state demands to lower rates. >> still ahead at 6:00, north korea threatening to launch a nuclear attack on the u.s. new sanctions aimed at punishing that regime. >> fed up with crime in the city, one group says it's upping its patrol on the streets of san francisco. but we're not talking about law enforcement. i'm live in san francisco with the story coming up. >> check your lottery ticket. was it a regular or someone stopping by? the growing mystery in the east bay over a multimillion dollar winning ticket. you can't move the tv there.
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police shut down san francisco's market street in the financial district during the rush hour today. investigate erds say someone shot a passenger in a car. but the driver kept going looking for a hospital. he eventually flagged down police and asked for help. >> probably happened four blocks from here which is not quite as congested. this time of day, it's a terrible time to have a shooting >> the victim is in the hospital. the driver is being questioned and the shooter is still missing. they have since reopened market street to traffic though. >> this is just the latest violent attack in san francisco. earlier today, police say there were two separate stabbings. they're still searching for the suspects but say they're not waiting around for police patrols to solve problems. some people are saying that. stephanie truong spoke with a group called the guard yuan angels and joins us with what they're doing. >> good evening, raj. we're here along clarian alley
6:26 pm
where the first of those two stabbings happened. it happened right across the street from the mission police substation here in san francisco. the group that's sick of this violence is the guardian angels. they are volunteers patrolling the streets in san francisco since the '80s, but now they say they're stepping up their patrols. they work with sfpd already but today was the first time they spoke with the sheriff. >> we don't carry weapons. we don't need them. >> armed with a flashlight and handcuffs, and powered by numbers -- >> we're not vigilantes. >> the 17 other san francisco guardian angels say they're going to hit the streets more than ever before. >> mission and 24th street has had a lot of violence problems over there. we have a lot of thugs over there. >> in fact, sfpd has credited the angels for their help in stopping two crimes in the mission last month. police say overall crime isn't on the rise but robberies of
6:27 pm
electronic devices like iphones continue to grow, many of them turning violent. >> quite a large number of these robberies where people are assaulted sue. >> they say they're trained in martial art buzz want more train. today they asked the sheriff to help them. he isn't sure about that, but he says he is sure this is the start of something good. >> these are not always the crimes that sfpd or others respond to. if they're on the street and able to be as a deterrent or help that person who's just been robbed or in distress, then we can only thank them. >> they do serve as eyes and ears, you know and possibly even a visible deterrent. criminals typically would think twice about doing a crime in front of somebody. >> they know that we mean business. >> for them the mission isn't just stopping crime, it's being there for neighbors even before the cops around. >> we got a seizure on the ground here. >> today it was helping a woman who had fallen in the middle of the street. just another day on the job. >> she's okay.
6:28 pm
that's what matters. >> reporter: and i want to show you what the guardian and i jes are focusing on now. they're passing out these flyers saying avoid becoming a victim of cell phone mugging. they're working on this right now. every day. the biggest tip of all, take those headphones off and hang that cell phone up. live in san francisco, stephanie truong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we want to get to the breaking news, recapping in san jose. police are investigating homicide of an elderly man who has been missing for a few weeks till now. stanley jacobsen was found at the hilltop manor senior apartments stabbed to death near the church on the hill near highway 87 and kurtner avenue. he was reported missing back in mid february. his family apparently found him inside of his apartment this morning. police have officers have a suspect in custody but are not saying who that suspect is and what their connection is. homicide investigators have been on the scene in san jose for a
6:29 pm
few hours. >> today the state senate approved $24 million for a gun seize you're program the first measures to be considered by the legislature. it seizes guns from people prohibited from owning them. the computerized system cross matches multiple databases to find people who bought guns. if approved and signed by the governor, the measure would take effect immediately. >> more sex offenders are on california streets and more of them are going unchecked. those findings made by the state's department of corrections, the agency links the problem to the prison realignment law that went into effect more than a year ago. realignment sends lower level offenders to county jails to reduce the prison population. once out of prison, some of parolees varnish, stop contacting their parole officers or cut off their tracking device. >> we know that in the case of sex offenders, when is they cut off their gps device, their chance of committing new crime is three times higher.
6:30 pm
>> he sponsored the bill that would make tampering with the devices a felony punishable with prison time. it would go into effect january 1st if approved. >> bakersville finished their investigation into the retirement home that refused to give cpr to a resident. their verdict, no crime was committed. by law they're not required to provide medical care. she died after collapsing at the glennwood gardens apartment. bay lis's family said they're satisfied with the care and don't plan to sue, saying she had a do not resuscitate order. the home and its parent company released opposing statements on whether protocol was followed correct correctly. >> not just a soda and candy bar but a new vending machine. .san diego medical marijuana users could soon get their medicine from vending machines. an entrepreneur came up with this alternative. the city council will consider an ordinance soon that would issue permits for the pot
6:31 pm
vending machines. customers need a prepaid card and an approved fingerprint to use them. the machines would be inside brick and mortar facilities and armored and would weigh 800 pounds. >> the city of san jose has a new vision for the diradon train station turning into the silicon valley's times square, to transform it into a central entertainment district. thousands of new residential units and nearly 5 million square feet of new office space. a b.a.r.t. extension would go go in and a bullet train hub. the city will draft a report on the plan coming in june. >> leaders of the bay area chinese businesses community say california's ban on shark fins has led to confusion. a statewide ban on restaurants shelling shark pin soup took effect january 1st. the state is allowing businesses already in possession of shark fins to continue selling them till this summer. today fish and game officials met with restaurant owners in
6:32 pm
chinatown. some business owners complained they received citations because of what we described as confusion over this law. >> people get the citation all of a sudden, it's looking like the bad guy because of miscommunication. >> for now, california businesses are allowed to sell old stock of their shark fins. however, after july 1st, all fin sales are banned statewide. >> severe consequences. the united nations security council approved new tougher sanctions against north korea for advancing its nuclear program. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our world tonight. >> the vote was unanimous and even received support from north korea's biggest ally china. the sanctions are in response to north korea's nuclear tests last month and comes hours after north korea threatened to launch a long-range nuclear missile at the u.s. the tougher sanctions imposed penalties on north korean banking, travel and trade aimed
6:33 pm
to make it harder for the regime to finance and obtain nuclear materials. >> these sanctions will bite and bite hard. >> i can tell you that the united states is fully capable of defending against any north korean ballistic missile attack. >> the u.n. hopes the sanctions will get north korea back to the table to talk and end its nuclear program. nbc news has confirmed that federal agents have in custody osama bin laden's son in law sewell la man abu ghaths been transported to new york city where he could appear in court as early as tomorrow to face terror charges. he was captured in turkey neck january with the help of the cia and fbi. some believe he helped bin laden plan the september 11th attacks. a 13-hour filibuster could not stop it. the senate confirmed president obama's choice to lead the central intelligence agency. in a 36-34 vote that cross party lines, john brennan was confirmed as the next director
6:34 pm
after republican senator rand paul staged a 13-hour filibuster against president obama's use of drone strikes. brennan is one of the key architects of the drone program. the first piece of gun control legislation in the wake of the sandy hook mass ser is closer to becoming law. a senate committee passed a bipartisan bill aimed at combating illegal gun trafficking and something called straw purchasing when someone is allowed to buy a gun purchases it from someone prohibited from buying a firearm. still struggling to get enough support, the ban on assault weapons and universal background checks. >> janelle, thank you. the violence against women act is once again law. >> plenty of cheers today as president obama signed the bill and renewed law expands protections for domestic violence victims and credited with curbing attacks against women and extends support to the
6:35 pm
lgbt community, native americans, immigrants and college students. the original bill passed in 1994, but expired in 2011. >> still ahead at 6:00, the search is on for a winner. someone in the bay area could be $33 million richer and maybe not even know it. >> could your health depend on the time of year? what we're learning about the role of seasons. and at this point right now, it feels more like winter. we've got some rain pushing through san jose and even some snow around mt. hamilton as we watch a storm system that could still toss an isolated that your our way this evening. plus changes in your weekend forecast ahead coming up.
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in health matters new information out today shows that the cholesterol level could change with the season. researchers in brazil studied blood from more than 200,000 people and found that bad cholesterol levels were higher in the winter and good levels higher in the summer. researchers say part of the problem could be that people eat fattier foods and exercise less in the winter. many child care centers are not getting kids to drink water despite a federal initiative. in 2010, child nutrition reauthorization act was designed to improve nutrition and reduce obesity among children. it also included expanding acexto drinking water in schools. but a new study of 40 child care centers found that water was offered less than 50% of the time even though it was easily
6:39 pm
accessible and found teachers rarely encourage children to drink water. anything stronger than will power? cold hard cash when it comes to weight loss. that's what the longest study on dieting and financial incentives found. 50 oh piece people in the study got weight loss counseling, monthly weigh-ins and a three-month gym membership. 50 others were given financial incentives. sus o access meant getting paid. in the end the group who got paid lost nine pounds on average, the others lost about two. the findings will be discussed this weekend at the american college of cardiology conference here in the bay area. if you link money to losing weight, it's all good. >> fascinating, isn't it? >> rob joins us now. very chilly outside. bad with the allergies. this poor guy is suffering >> you're hanging in there. the rain drops might be knocking pollen out of the air. i hope that's the case. >> knock me out right now.
6:40 pm
>> send tissue and al engineering medication to raj. in and around san jose, rain flying and snow around mt. hamilton tonight. we'll talk about that and a weekend warmup coming up. >> say it ain't snow. coming up in sports, we'll tell you what sanford forward is doing to escape her sister's shadow and create a legacy of her own. plus sergio romo on the hill in a game for the first time since october. why his day will not be one to remember from the x event sportsdesk.
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6:42 pm
where are the flags in woodside? thieves left the town of woodside with the an empty flagpole. last week someone stole the town's state flag and u.s. flag from woodside's independence hall. city leaders say they're normally left up all night. one morning they discovered the ropes flapping without a flag in sight. the town spent $86 to replace the flags but wants the old ones returned no questions asked. >> someone in the bay area is a megamillionaire tonight after hitting the jackpot in last night's super lotto drawing. the winning ticket purchased yesterday evening at the ignacio valley road shell station in walnut creek. as jody hernandez reports, the
6:43 pm
regulars can't wait to find out who struck it rich. >> all you have to do to win or share in tonight's jackpot is the to match all five of the winning numbers and the meganumber. >> some very lucky person in the bay area hit all six of those numbers. >> first out is 22. >> after buying the $33 million jackpot lottery ticket at this walnut creek shell station yesterday evening >> 33 million jackpot. we sold it here. >> 2. >> the winning ticket was among just a handful of super lotto tickets sold at the station yesterday. >> 1. >> this man was on duty last night. he's been racking his brain to remember ho the now ultrarich customer might be. >> so happy for him. he's my customer. >> we're very excited because we are talking $33 million. who wouldn't want to know who that winner is. >> your final winning number on this side is 3. >> california lottery workers
6:44 pm
came down to walnut creek this morning to put up signs and hand out t-shirts. they say they, too, are anxiously waiting for the winner to step forward. >> sometimes winners come forward within an hour or two and sometimes winners wait until the deadline. >> i wish it was mine. >> we have number 8. >> customers are thrilled that someone struck it big at their little service station. they hope the luck rubs off. >> oh, my god. that's amazing. oh, my god. i'm going to start buying tickets here. right here. from him. >> thanks for playing superlotto plus. >> in walnut creek, jodi hernandez, nabs bay area news. >> a big congratulations to whoever you are out there. the winner has 180 days to come forward. the owner of that station is also a winner. they get $165,000 for selling that jackpot ticket. >> rob may yed da lives near
6:45 pm
walnut creek. where were you last night around 7:30? he wouldn't be here. >> if i won $33 million, absolutely i'd come right back to work kind of. >> that wasn't me. if you're in walnut creek right now, you have a little bit of light rain where all the action is down around san jose and santa cruz. 50s outside right now as the moisture comes up out of the south helping to keep our temperatures up for the first half of the evening before cool air sweeps in by tomorrow morning. winds out of the northeast and some of the east bay and north bay valleys actually bringing in drier air underneath the moisture. so we've got rain higher up, dries up before it hits the grounds there. in the south bay, the moisture is deeper and closer to our area of low pressure and this is where the heaviest rain will be tonight. san jose south towards gilroy and chael change to scattered showers for tomorrow. once we pass friday as the case for this winter, we get one or two storms in and after that high pressure builds back, this weekend 60s on saturday.
6:46 pm
we could see 70s by the end of the weekend. right now lighter rain around san francisco and at times around the bay bridge toll plaza towards hayward. south of sunny valley and into los gatos, the rain fairly steady at times from san jose down into santa cruz. down around downtown, this moisture is coming up out of the southeast away from morgan hill and should spread up towards hayward and fremont and milpitas in the next half hour or so but not go much further north. as this low tracks off to the west of santa cruz, it will sweep into central california tomorrow taking most of the moisture from the south bay and sending it down towards southern california later tomorrow. notice the coloring on the radar. you can see areas south of liver more into right around mount hamilton. snow possible tonight as low as 3500 feet. mainly south of liver more and east of san jose. as the system scoots by to the south tomorrow, we'll see
6:47 pm
showers at times on friday in and around san jose for the morning. during the afternoon, we could see instability showers aund the north bay or east bay hilltops for one more day. after that, high pressure starts to build in. you can see the widespread rain for the evening tapering off to scattered showers by tomorrow morning's commute. may see a stray shower or two in and around san jose. the afternoon, showers popping up up towards napa county and solano county. as the sunsets, the atmosphere stabilizes again and you don't see showers. after that dry for a while. for our ski conditions and the sierra snowpack, more snow tonight. it's been a good week for snowfall. we'll look at the very latest toyota tahoe ski report showing you some of the benefits we've seen this week. 30s and 40s outside for tomorrow morning. a chilly start and another cool afternoon. we'll see highs in the upper 50s around san jose for tomorrow. a few spots near 60. fair field, antioch and into some of the north bay valleys
6:48 pm
tomorrow as winds pick up from the north. that will warm things up a little bit for parts of the north bay. still fairly cool in san francisco. 56 degrees and 58 in oakland. so tomorrow a few more showers. after that, that's by far the coolest day out of the next seven. into the weekend, temperatures climbing. i think some 70s in reach by sunday. if we don't get there sunday, we've got about three more days to try, monday, tuesday and wednesday as high pressure builds in, 60s and maybe even mid-70s in the forecast which is great news, maybe not so good news. you're going to lose an extra hour of sleep sunday. >> spring forward this week. >> it will be sunny outside. you can spend it outside. >> thanks, rob. let's get to sports. >>. >> jim kozimor, hi, jim. >> hello, you two. i'm ready to go. lovely sports cast on the way. let's get it started. giants playing shorthanded this spring as eight players now
6:49 pm
participating in the world baseball classic. closerer sergio romo proudly representing team mexico. wbc is where we start things. romo gets the ball. ninth inning. one out, nick punt toe doubles to left. and that's going to cause some trouble. italy needing help and go to prayers. there's no pope so will they be answered? men on the corners. still one out. anthony rizzo flies and edgar gonzales drops the ball. two runs score. blown save, italy wins, 6-5. those prayers they worked. empers flared last night as cal and stanford players scuffled in the second half. stanford had the win over the golden bears. we're now getting word there will be no disciplinary actions for that elbow that knocked down alan crabb. the pac-12 tournament starts next week. both teams will have full rosters. switching gears now, the stanford women will be playing in the second round of the
6:50 pm
women's pack 12 tournament tomorrow night. top seeded cardinal are led by shin nay owumike and has exceeded all expectations. mindy bok has that story. >> and the basket. >> she left the stanford women's basketball team as the second all time leading scorer and losing a player of her caliber was not easy for the head coach. >> we were having a week in mourning when neka graduated. >> her grieving was short lived. >> chiney is like balling out there. she's awesome. >> younger sister played for two years under vanderveer but her junior year, she is casting a large shadow of her own. >> i've always wanted to be the player that coach said i know what i'm going to get from her no matter the situation. that's my goal this year.
6:51 pm
i just hustle and i try to make the right play. if my team puts me in a good position, try to finish for them. >> leading our team in field goal percentage, more double-doubles than any player in the history of stanford basketball. surprising us coaches but not herself. >> it's safe to say she has surprised the college basketball nation, as well. the forward is the only player ranked in the nation's top five in scoring, rebounding, field goal percentage and double-doubles. >> there's chiney. >> her signature game so far, a 27-point performance against oregoning that also included 24 rebounds. setting stanford's single game rebound record previously held by her older sister with 23. but her biggest strength is maintaining that high level consistently. >> players have a good game and back game shap she brings it every night and she leads by example. she's a hard worker getting in
6:52 pm
the gym getting off shots changing her game. i never thought that we'd look for her to take three-point shots and we do. >> it's difficult, but i love the challenge because you know, it's the hardest thing you can do try to be consistent every day. i think what i do personally is try to get a touch on every ball. sometimes it's bad because i get over the back calls. i try to get a touch on every ball. i think of that keeps me accountable as a player. >> chinay planted herself firmly in the conversation for national player of the year. while baylor star britney green ser considered a favorite to win the award, vander veer says chinay is deserving, and is a more complete player and during stanford's postseason run, vanderveer says the cardinal will need to ask more of their star player, as well. >> thank you, mindy. one other note, the raiders have restructured the contract of ty von branch, his base salary is going to drop from $6 million to
6:53 pm
$272 $715,000. that is a drop -- i think he's got my agent. what's going on there? that will do it in sports, guys. >> very good. thank you, jim. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage watch "sportsnet central" tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love
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and served in three new combinations. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. this is a long island man facing jailtime for laughing too loudly or oddly perhaps. 42-year-old robert shivelli says his next door neighbor complained to police about that laugh and now he's being charged with disturbing the peace.
6:56 pm
he lives with his mother. both say feuds with their neighbor have led police to visit them nearly 30 times. he says he's being bullied but other people say he even taunts elderly residents and children with that laugh. he's facing fines of up to 300 bucks or 30 days in jail. >> okay. >> i want to laugh now. >> i know. what if i scare people with my laugh? all right, rob. any laughs about the weather? >> maybe when you look at the seven-day forecast you'll think what happened to winter. rain and snow around mt. hamilton tonight as this low tracks out of here. look at the seven-day forecast. you're going to see after tomorrow 60s and 70s. that's something to laugh about. 70s and almost like an early start to spring. i still can't shake that laugh. >> could we cue that up one more time? >> thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> "extra, extra!" >> now on "extra." chris brown explodes on a valet. >> let's go, let's go! >> his violent threat over $10 caught on camera. kim kardashian's pregnancy scare. why she frantically rushed to a doctor off a flight from paris. is her baby in danger? >> plus, breaking news, kelly osbourne hospitalized after suffering a seizure. >> new photo. valerie harper today. her touching love story. the man who went from her trainer, to her husband, to her rock, as she battles cancer. >> i have taken on his view of life, that you keep going. >> now trending -- ashton versus demi. what she's demanding in their $290 million divorce. then the power couple behind
6:59 pm
tv's blockbuster "the bible series" live at the grove. how they chose the man to play jesus. and burnett's giant secret about his other hit show, "the voice." >> you're going to freak out! >> plus, bachelor sean takes on every rumor about monday's big finale. >> that's completely fictitious. >> and -- >> rumor out there. "dancing with the stars." >> that is a rumor. >> "extra, extra!"! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution/] >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. >> first, chris brown versus a valet parking attendant. it got ugly and it's all caught on camera. chris brown blowing up. >> give me my [bleep]ing keys. >> going absolutely ballistic and getting in this guy's case over a $10 valet charge. >> give me $10. over a $10 valet charge. >> give me $10. >> give me my keys.


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