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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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saying all lanes are clear and i don't see flashing lights along the span. we'll check the eastbound freeway westbound 80 is your commute direction. headlights looking smooth under the university avenue over crossing. slick roadways are conditions out there. i'll hand it off to the desk. a bigger issue going on on berkeley city streets. >> we are following breaking news in the east bay this morning. fire overnight at alice water's famous restaurant in berkeley. christie smith joins us now with details. >> even the bet attalion chief d his heart sank when he learned which restaurant was burning overnight. the world famous restaurant co-founded by alice waters. you can't see that much damage from the street here. what they are telling us is that most of the damage is down the
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side. it did make its way in the building even up to the second floor. this is a single alarm fire that started just after 3:00 this morning. right now the fire is out. we're not even seeing the firefighters on top of the building like they were just a while ago with their chainsaws. the battalion chief was among the first on scene. >> they're definitely going to be out of business for some time. there's some flame inpingment to the interior of the building. luckily they had a sprinkler system and that held the fire mostly to the exterior. there's significant damage to that front of the build and down the side and underneath toward the basement. >> reporter: they're telling us at this point they don't know whether it is suspicious because it started maybe on the outside or whether it's electrical. it's just too soon to say. the restaurant opened in 1971 and features sustainable organic seasonable food.
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well known to foodies across the world. all wood building. the battalion chief says one of the things they're working on is doing their best to try and save as much of this wood building inside and out as they can. that's the latest from here reporting live from berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." happening right now, the city of san jose this morning starts clearing out a homeless camp that's popped up near maneta airport. more than 100 people now calling that area home. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in the south bay and he has more details on the upcoming removal. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. if you're not familiar with this area, we're on spring street. this homeless campground occupies a large swath of city owned land on spring street. it started last year with a couple tents and then in january its population exploded when another encampment was shut down and people migrated here. today about 100 people live here
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in tents scattered throughout. the city has given residents notice to leave today they're going to force them out. the city's point man on homeless camps tells us they'll clean up this area around 9:00 this morning. nonprofits have reportedly been out here to meet with these people to let them know about temporary housing solutions. the city and people who work around here want this encampment gone because it's unsanitary, unsightly and has potential to increase crime. san jose police do tell the mercury news there hasn't been any noticeable uptick in this area. the city also fears by not taking action and not clearing this out, it will only encourage more campsites to pop up. there are lrp more than 50 homeless encampments in the city limits but many are along waterways hidden by thick brush not in the wide open like this one is here on spring street. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> what started as a missing persons case is now a homicide investigation. this morning san jose police are
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trying to figure out how a missing elderly san jose man ended up dead in his own apartment. the 69 year old was found stabbed to death hyde inside the hill top manor senior hill apartments near highway 87. this morning police say they do have someone in custody related to the death of stanley jacobson but they're not saying who it is or how they might be related to the killing. a few weeks ago when jacobson was first reported missing, police were reportedly looking for regina butler. neighbors say butler was jacobson's girlfriend. one neighbor says he saw butler being led away by officers in handcuffs. police say jacobson's family found his body yesterday morning on the floor of his apartment but just how long his body was there still a question they are trying to answer. >> what were the people with him doing? were they trying to exploit him financial? trying to target him? the person in custody will be interviewed and give a statement on what led up to this. >> the killing is san jose's
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eighth homicide of the year. san jose police are also releasing new details about the city's seventh homicide two days ago. police say the deadly stabbing is not gang related. the victim is believed to be a young man possibly in his teens. his body was found at the entrance of guadalupe oak grove park in an upscale neighborhood. investigators have not made any arrests or recovered any weapons. we're learning a simple mistake may have led to a deadly lion attack at the cat haven near fresno. investigators say the lion used his paw to open up the feeding cage while 24-year-old dianna hanson cleared a larger enclosure nearby. the gate to the cage had been partially left open. the lion broke dianna's neck with one swipe of his paw killing her instantly. >> even though she was only with us for a little over two months, she was part of our family. she made instant friendships with everybody up here.
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everybody loved her. she did it with joy every day she worked here. she's going to be missed. i'm so sorry this has happened. >> investigators say dianna was talking with a co-worker on her cell phone in the moments before she was killed. the co-worker became concerned when the conversation abruptly ended. a richmond police sergeant is in hot water this morning accused of working with drug dealers in contra costa county. contra costa times is reporting that sergeant michael wang took nearly $150,000 in bribes from drug dealers and set up drug deals. a prosecution witness in a related drug conspiracy trial also accuses wang of tipping off a dealer to a gun sting that led to shooting of a police informant. sergeant wang is on paid administrative leave during the investigation. think before you pink. that's the message from hundreds
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of parents and teachers in santa clara this morning concerned over rumored layoff and pink slips of school administrators. frustrated parents and teachers from the santa clara unified school district rallying at the school board's meeting last night. teachers say they are worried because if administrators get laid off, a lot of them would have the right to return to the classroom taking up teaching positions. the president of the school board says there will be no layoffs and no pink slips will be handed out. a former employee started those layoff rumors on facebook. all right. no rumors when it comes to the forecast. let's cut to the chase right now. let's find out about it with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's friday. happy friday, everybody. good morning to you. you made it through. the heavy rainfall and the good news is this doesn't look like the only storm system headed our way for the month of march. we'll keep a chance in the
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forecast. i want to show you the general nature. this guy gave me hard time yesterday. kind of just stalled out. just sitting and spinning over the pacific and not moving anywhere. just sitting and rotating for four hours yesterday. finally it moved inland. we got rain that we needed. now it still is moving very slowly. moving into southern california. if you're going to travel, look at the 5. dangerous conditions. also look at the snow coming down near the grapevine. likely to be shut down as we head throughout the morning hours with more on the way. we'll keep track of it all morning long. showers mostly south bay coastal waters nothing too heavy. we'll keep this in the forecast for the first part of the day but eliminate it by 9:00 a.m. welcome to friday. 60 in livermore. 61 for concord. 59 on the way for oakland. this is not near as warm as where we're headed mid 70s just days away. seven-day forecast ready to go in my next report. maybe you're ready to go right now. i guess we'll let you know. first a check with mike. >> you talked about the
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grapevine. i did a quick check and it's close to motorists due to snow. keep that in mind starting three miles north of the junction with highway 126 around parker road. keep that in mind heading to the southland. you'll have to take 101 for the time being. a smooth drive over the bay. the camera is shaking a bit. gusty winds out there. no wind advisories for chp at least not for bridges. we'll track that fog. we're looking at a nice drive down the east shore freeway. speeds show an easy drive and the maze approaching the toll plaza. we're going to call out again t the area off the berkeley campus. we'll keep tracking that and see if it affects your day. a couple hours before that starts to happen. we'll check that with christie smith. also on the roadways, easy drive westbound for commute with headlights over the high rise.
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you might get wind there. no warnings for chp. nice easy drive on the peninsula. >> sounds good. thanks. tens of thousands of people will gather today for the funeral of venezuelan president hugo chavez but overnight we learned some strange plans for his body after the ceremony. also the southern law of osama bin laden all set to appear in a federal court. an announcement overnight that could make this year's fire season a very difficult one here in california.
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welcome back. we take you live to vatican city where the pre-conclave meetings are taking place. they're going to announce today that they're veoting later this afternoon when they'll start the date. it will be early next week they'll start. either monday, tuesday or wednesday. it's 4:45. news from silicon valley. facebook telling us more about the new look of a change coming to your homepage in the coming weeks. ceo mark zuckerberg says the
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makeover will turn news feeds into something like a newspaper at tailored to fit each user. facebook says it will slowly roll it out over time. >> i'm sure employers everywhere are happy to hear that. more stuff happening on facebook. wall street will be watching closely this morning as labor department releases new unemployment numbers about an hour from right now. right now we are sitting at 7.9% unemployment. many economists say that rate could drop slightly possibly to 7.8% for february. but the improving numbers are now threatened by the $85 billion in sequester spending cuts which could cut an estimated 750,000 jobs by year's end. to help fix that, president obama reaching out to republicans planning to meet with them on capitol hill sometime next week. >> coats off. sleeves rolled off.
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really discussing ways we might begin to bridge some of the differences. >> i'm hopeful something will come out of it. if the president continues to insist on tax hikes, i don't think we're going to get far. >> the next budget crisis less than three weeks away now. the house passing the budget to avoid a government shutdown earlier this week. the senate is expected to pass its own next week. how do futures look ahead of this morning's report? let's turn to jackie deangelis live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, laura. futures are higher as investors are waiting that big news of the day, the february jobs report. economists expecting another month of steady job growth but not enough to significantly bring down the unemployment rate. forecast calling for an increase of 160,000 company payrolls but jobless rate ticking down to 7.8%. stocks rose on thursday with the dow hitting another record high. that was thanks to positive economic data. the dow rose 33 points to close
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at 14,329. the nasdaq hitting a 12-year high up nine points to 3232 at the close. meantime, a judge has ordered macy's and jcpenney into mediation to try to settle their dispute over which department store has the exclusive rights to sell martha stewart brands and products. it can still sell window covers and other products that are not covered by the macy's contract. guys, back to you. >> thanks for the update. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to check out what's happening outside. >> it's friday outside, guys. >> rain or shine. >> indeed. we have those rose colored glasses to look at the day through. the good news is we're going to clear you out just in time for that all important weekend. want to get outdoors this
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weekend. mother nature is going to pay your pg&e bill just about all weekend long. temperatures warming up to where you won't need to run that heater. a great looking weekend. next week we climb into the mid 70s. 46 to start the day in livermore. 49 in sunnyvale. 49 in oakland. want to talk about the lingering shower activity. we have a little bit of snowfall coming down in southern california. that will wrap up in the next few hours. keep that in mind heading on the 5. grapevine shut down. it's a getaway friday. as you can see, most of that moisture right now is pushed out of the bay area. we'll see the showers thin up from the south. mostly impacting the south bay throughout the day. the area of low pressure slowly but surely is exiting throughout the day we may see isolated activity and light showers down through the south bay that will continue until tomorrow morning this thing finally pushes toward mexico. we're looking good for today. we have good air quality. pollen levels have dropped off
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s s substantially. 60 degrees in livermore. daylight saving time, we got to start that up as we head throughout this weekend. that means your new sunrise will be 7:28 and new sunset at 7:13. we won't get beautiful live shots any longer. however, we'll have more sunshine. our days are getting longer a numbers are climbing. monday, 73. 75 on wednesday. thursday into friday, clouds increase. another system of low pressure headed our way. back to you, jon and laura. >> thank you very much. it's 4:50. funeral services will be held today for late venezuelan president hugo chavez. dozens of leaders from around the world are arriving in venezuela this morning to pay their respects. this is actually new video from overnight of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad getting off the plane. chavez was close to ahmadinejad
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and often praised him for his anti-west, anti-american stance. in the meantime, venezuela's vice president says chavez's body will be permanently displayed in a glass tomb inside a museum. chavez died earlier this week from a heart attack after a long battle with cancer. the son-in-law of osama bin laden, a man said to be a key al qaeda leader is set to appear in a federal courtroom this morning. he's in new york today facing charges of conspireing to kill americans. some republican lawmakers critical of that hearing saying he should be placed in guantanamo bay. the u.s. forest service may let more fires burn instead of fighting them to save money. the agency was $400 million over budget after last year's busy fire season. environmentalists say the agency wasted money and put firefighters at risk by battling fires in remote areas that pose little or no danger to property
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or natural habitats. the forest service says the change will allow it to be more flexible meaning it can treat each fire individually. in all, agency oversees nearly 200 million acres across 43 states. the time is 4:52. napa getting competition from an a-list hollywood couple. we'll tell you who. the peninsula grad now part of hollywood history. a live look outside to see how things are shaping up across the bay. crystal clear view. wet roads. we'll talk about a new crash for the south bay coming up.
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welcome back. good friday morning to you. hollywood actor and palo alto native james franco immortalized in one of hollywood's most famous landmarks. he received his star on the walk of fame. the 43 year old was joined by his parents and younger brother for the ceremony. franco says he's shocked his name was included with other legendary performers. franco's newest movie hits theaters. "oz the great and powerful." it's a prequell to "the wizard of oz." he's mistaken for a powerful wizard. >> wow. okay. we'll have to check that one out maybe. call this one vintage
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bradgelina. the new i would flew off the internet for 140 bucks a case. the only mention of the couple is on the back. it says bottled by jolie-pitt. if you want a taste of hollywood and a hot hollywood couple, serve it up. >> they could have upped the price a bit. people will now. >> now that it sold out. supply and demand for bradgilina grapes. >> wet roads are the concern. that's what we look at here at 101 in san jose. you see the southbound side. very light northbound we can see water kicking up behind the cars. it will be slick and that's the reason why we point out this. the map a smooth drive but right in the center of the map north
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880 reports of a single car spinout slid off the roadway at the off-ramp so that's what we're talking about. be careful. no injuries. we'll follow it. it sounds like it's out of lanes. here's palo alto. 101 moves nicely. you'll see the sheen on the roadways. it's wet all over. that's the case for surface streets. back to you. time is 4:57. new this morning, a home invasion robbery in san francisco. we'll have details next. smichristie smith getting n details after a fire at a famed berkeley restaurant. she'll have a live update next.
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>> reporter: breaking news out of berkeley this morning where the world famous chez panisse restaurant caught fire overnight. we'll show you the damage coming up. >> reporter: good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to the south bay where a few hours from now the city of san jose will be taking down a very large homeless encampment. that story coming up. we're still tracking showers
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on the radar this morning. we'll let you know how much rain we picked up in your city and a welcome warmup on the way. temps in the mid 70s. we'll sort it out for you. right now live outside. they said they were going turn lights off at 2:00 a.m. so far this week they're treating us to an extra bonus. we love it here. nice way to get your friday started. march 8th. this is "today in the bay." indeed it is feel-good friday. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the south bay got hit by rain last night. this is what it looked like late last night. did you hear it on the rooftops? showers so heavy the san jose state basketball game was canceled because the roof at the event center ended up leaking. >> so much for the game must go on. meteorologist christina loren is here to tell us how much rain we
4:59 am
got overnight. >> if you suffer from a leaky roof, you'll be happy to understand the forecast for this weekend. we'll clear you out. we have a little bit of shower activity on the way. here's the deal. we picked up over 0.3 inch of rain in san jose. it all came through over the course of about three hours. that's what led to areas of localized flooding. you'll find ponding out there this morning. sunnyvale picked up over 0.3 inch. haywar hayward,.15 of an inch. that's added to totals we had from thursday. showers continuing on the radar this morning. we'll keep that in the forecast for today winds will play a bigger factor. we'll talk about how high gusts could be at your house coming up. first, let's check that drive. hi, mike. >> good morning. first a live look at the bay bridge and i'll show you maps. the bay bridge itself is moving smoothly. east shore freeway into the area is moving nicely. no problems across the span for speeds typically around the


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