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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ankles and wrists. >> children are made in the image of god and deserve to be fully respected. and this is a dehumanizing incident that we are greatly grieved over. >> reporter: the staff at the school learned about the incident last monday. they say the teacher had taken a photo of the taped up child sitting on her cot. and recently showed the picture to other teachers including the girl's mom. who went to police. >> you can imagine she hears allegations or sees a photo of her own daughter where she's bound by tape. that's something no parent wants to see. >> reporter: tonight the state has ordered the teacher angela calcagno to stay away from all child license centers. calling her a threat to the health and safety of children. meanwhile, parents of preschool aged children who live near the center say they're highly disturbed. >> it's scary. it almost makes me want to cry. i imagine my daughter, she's only a few months younger, and if someone ever did that to her,
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i don't -- i would be livid. >> reporter: now, the staff here say they plan to hand out this letter to parents tonight. a letter from the state ordering the teacher not to step foot on school grounds. the staff here hoping this will help alleviate some concerns. meanwhile the police investigation could take several days. reporting live in pleasanton, i'm jodie hernandez. nbc bay area news. the driver has been arrested in campbell after she hit and killed a bicyclist. investigators say she left the scene but then returned the short time later after a witness followed her for about two miles. it happened on santa monica expressway. the cyclist killed in the hit and run was a santa clara man. chp still trying to determine exactly what charges the driver will face. also new at 5:00, a gas leak in the east bay.
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take a look. flames shooting in the aerofrom a ruptured pg&e line. this is just a few blocks north of the station. a precarious spot for firefighters. the gas lines and the flames right in between the two homes. thankfully no one was injured in this incident. those homes were damaged along with a van. save the mobile home park. it's not a slogan you usually hear in palo alto. but that's what two law firms are asking city leaders to do. we're live in palo alto with the reason why 400 people could be evicted. >> reporter: the reason is simple. this mobile home park may be for sale soon. it's located just off of el camino real and surrounded by an upscale neighborhood. but for some of the people living here, it's the only place they know.
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>> when i first came i was gainfully employed. >> reporter: that was eight years ago. now mahher job says it requiresr to be on job. and this is only adding to her stress level. >> if i'm out of here, i won't be able to retire. >> reporter: she is one of 400 low income and disabled residents who could soon be evicted from the only mobile home park in palo alto. the property's owner filed paperwork with the city which says he plans to sell the park to a land developer. that developer wants to put an upscale apartment complex on the property. that would put some residents with nowhere to go. >> i usually get like $900 a month and the rent is $1,000. so i cannot afford food and all that. >> they need to consider how it's going to deal with the fact affordable housing is being lost. >> reporter: we spoke with the head of the zoning department.
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they're waiting for an impact report which is required by law. >> the people who work at the stores, e the rkt mas down here, the gas stations down here. there's a hotel. they're working here. what happens when they leave? >> reporter: the director of the planning department says he plans to get that impact report before the end of the month. meanwhile, the folks who live here remain on edge. i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. and a discussion is underway in menlo park. the committee will decide tonight whether to make the zoning changes that would clear the way for one or more projects. the city is under court order to include high density housing in its new city plan. the largest proposal calls for more than 500 units on haven avenue just east of highway 10137. jackie spears now calling for a federal investigation into
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why the army dropped rape charged against jeremy goulet. he's the man who gunned down do police officers. goulet should have been in jail, she says, opposed to being granted other than honorable discharge after allegedly raping two female officers. instead he left the army traveling to oregon and eventually ending up in santa cruz. today representative spear introduced the judiciary reform act which would strip commanders of their power to overturn the decisions of judges and juries. he shot and killed officers two week ago today. and a judge entered a not guilty plea on behalf of james holmes. the man charged in the aurora, colorado, shooting spree. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more in a colorado movie theater last year. holmes was silent during the hearing. the judge's actions leave the door open for him to change the plea to not reason by reason of
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insanity at a later date. man kind has found the best evidence yet that life once existed on mars. nasa made the discovery after looking through matter. the analysis found that this mixture contained clay and nearly every key chemical ingredient needed to support life. the discovery also means mars is able two preserve a record of its history. a parking mess. the plan to expand a bay hot spot. we'll tell you what we're talking about just ahead. plus cleaning up the bay area's biggest city. business owners decided to keep san jose beautiful. the story is today's bay area proud. and black smoke. the first vote comes and goes
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without a pope. we're live from vatican city with the reaction. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. i know a lot of you basking in the sunshine today. still holding on to a 79 in walnut creek. we'll talking about 80s and the potential of record heat on wednesday coming up in just a few minutes.
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take a look. just before noon our time today, we saw black smoke billowing from the chimney of the sistine chapel. >> a signal that after day one of the conclave, no pope has been selected. the doors of the chapel were sealed. it appeared straight out of the pages of a dan brown novel. jay gray is live in vatican city. jay? >> reporter: always good to talk to you and you're right. the first ballot cast today and
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the cardinals sending their message to the world. they haven't quite settled yet on who will be the next man to lead their faith. with thousands gathered and watching in st. peter's square, black smoke billowed above the sistine chapel. the first papal vote did not pass. >> i ask the god to watch the church in this time. >> reporter: searching for someone to deal with the problems at the vatican and inspire the faithful as the number of active parishioners continues to wean. >> we need a new leader and visionary. we need someone who can give our world some hope. >> reporter: the process to find that began earlier today. and the secrecy of the sistine chapel. as the 115 voting cardinals were
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locked behind the doors of the chap chapel, outside the waiting began. >> we think it's an amazing opportunity to see the election of a new pope. the pope hasn't stepped down in almost 600 years. it's history in the making. so it's important to be here. >> reporter: and for the americans who made this pilgr pilgrima pilgrimage. >> just so long it's an american pope. >> reporter: for now the nationalities and names a mystery as the world continues to wait for the white smoke. the next opportunity for that comes in the morning. actually the cardinals with four chances to vote on wednesday should they need all of those. that's the latest. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> thanks so much, jay. the magic number here is 77. that's how many votes one person would need to get in order to be
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elected pope. there will be two votes each morning and at least two votes each afternoon until someone reaching the magic number. they write their selection on a small piece of paper careful to disguise their handwriting and fold it in thirds and pass it on to be counted. >> it took four ballots the last time to elect pope benedict xvi. we could be staring at that chimney for several days. a long conclave could signal a divided opinion. >> if it goes fast, it seems to indicate you had some energy behind a candidate. so that's another thing i'm hoping for. i'm hoping that it goes fast. because that seems to me that you didn't have a conflicted conclave. >> a lot of speculation here. as soon as the pope is selected, we will bring it to you live and will be sending out breaking news alerts on our website.
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to learn more about this conclave, head to our home page and type in conclave. back to local news. a group of san jose property owners are choosing to tax themselves. and they've been doing it for years. >> their goal is simple. to make san jose look much better. if they don't they fear no one will in this age of budget cuts. we're joined for tonight's bay area proud. focusing on what's important in our community. >> to understand what's working here, you don't have to go back far to when it wasn't working. in 2008 services were being slashed. but at that bad time was the perfect time. some san jose business people stepped up and offered to help. the city is glad they did. it's a partnership that's working and is tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: success in a big city like san jose is often measured by what you have more
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of. this success story, though, is about what the city has less of these days. less trash in the street. less gum on the sidewalk. less graffiti on the wall. >> the streets are beautiful. >> reporter: chuck hammer is not only grateful for the improvement, he is in large part responsible. hammer owns the pizza my heart chain. while it's grown to many outlets in 20 years, it was here in san jose he sold his first slice. >> it all started here for me. and i've always thought i have to find a way to make everything right. >> reporter: in 2008 with city budgets getting smaller and city streets getting dirtier, hammer and other downtown property owners came up with the idea for groundwork. a property based improvement district. they would tax themselves 7
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cents per square foot with the money being spent making downtown san jose nicer. armed with a $2 million budget, groundwerx took over street cleaning and garbage collections and graffiti removal from the city and the city couldn't be happier. >> the amount of money we had to clean downtown and to take care of the sidewalks and those types of things downtown was on the decline. the city recognized it. our downtown property owners recognized it. and we needed to do something about it. >> reporter: groundwerx has also spent money beautifying downtown. flower boxes planted, benches installed. they even hired ambassadors to roam the streets giving out advice and assistance to anyone who needed it. groundwerx, however, was only approved for five years. so in 2012 it came up for
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renewal. this time for a ten-year run. and in perhaps the best measure of its success, the people who pay for it, the property owners, said yes again. >> i know. it is crazy. and you know, who taxes themselves then votes to do it again at a 91% approval rating? ridiculous. but it's working. >> it sure is. >> great stuff. 89,000 graffiti tags removed since 2008. 443 pounds of gum picked up off the sidewalks. >> that's a lot of gum. >> and i think if you are to visit downtown san jose and walking around this week i had an eye for it, there really is no graffiti. we're talking about the downtown sections. not all san jose. the money comes from downtown and stays in downtown.
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it's not the only one in the bay area or country but it is the largest in e in country. >> thanks, garvin. beautiful day. so sunny and warm. how long is it going to last? >> it was beautiful weather. basking in the sunshine and giving up on any rainfall. but just kind of fully accepting as we mentioned yesterday all this heat coming our way. 80 in north napa today. palo alto 73. and south napa temperatures in the 70s. however, it was not the warmest today as you look back at records. we had temperatures in gilroy. this time of year in the upper 60s. it's starting to cool off right now. but still very comfortable. if you're heading outside, this is unheard of this time of year. 79 right now in gilroy.
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75 in livermore. we'll take you outside of that live hd camera network. and we had a little bit of fog rolling in here across the san francisco area earlier today. now it's mainly up against the coastline. down in downtown san francisco. you'll see the cloud cover beyond the golden gate bridge. another night where we will have fog forming at the immediate coastline. also in the north bay. in san jose there's the haze. pollen levels high and also air quality at moderate to low levels currently. storm track poised off the north. the jet stream out here is making a beeline towards washington. just a few hundred miles away from us. but unfortunately that is not going to be good enough to get us rainfall in the next two to three days. we'll have this hazy sunshine producing inland. and a few more 80s expected wednesday. keep in mind it's going to be a mixed bag. temperatures in the 50s and 60s on the coastline. and we'll have slight cooling by
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thursday, but i think you'll overall love this forecast as we head into the seven-day. 49 in fremont. 46 in san jose. and 50 in san francisco. daytime highs on wednesday will top out in the upper 70s. a few low 80s. 78 in palo alto. we think we'll get close to 80 in walnut creek. also in livermore. and 75 in alameda. san francisco low 70s on wednesday. upper 70s in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast we keep sunshine in here all the way through friday. then the upcoming weekend, temperatures cool off a bit. but not bay whole lot. we'll see temperatures peek out tomorrow. just because that ridge of high pressure is going to be on top of us. we'll get an ocean breeze back. i saw on facebook today somebody said they were leaving to seattle and they were basically in tears they were going from our sunshine to rain up there. >> who wants to go to seattle?
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>> yeah. i'm fine here. >> thanks, jeff. >> you're welcome. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. hello?
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more hectic if you're looking for a parking space. considering a plan to build more office space on santana road. it includes building three new buildings. the space would accommodate up to 3500 employees. the plans would require building on an existing parking lot and demolishing an apartment complex. the builder would reportedly build an underground parking garage. the city of san jose has to approve this proposal. an a-list of hacking website. dozens of american celebrities. it includes sensitive information like social security numbers, credit reports, and addresses for a number of famous people. political figures like hillary
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clinton and michelle obama and celebrities like jay-z and beyonce are among those targets. >> and we'll be right back.
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so for a second i thought you said it was going to be near 80 degrees tomorrow. >> you are right. >> my ears are clean? >> yes. you heard that right. i know a lot of people are going did you do a typo there? that's right. 80 degrees. at the coastline cooler staying at the 60s. then slight cooling thursday and friday. this is really like late april weather. >> it is. thanks, jeff. >> see you at 6:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, smoke signals at the vatican. they've already voted. first round, no new pope yet but all eyes remain on the sistine chapel. the cardinals are locked inside and cut off from the world. identity theft. millions of americans have been hit. now the first lady is a victim, among other high-profile figures. the fbi now wants to know how is it so easy for criminals to ge a ton of sensitive information? women's health in the news tonight, specifically ovarian cancer. its treatment and detection. also news about one of the most popular antibiotics out there and what doctors and patients need to know. and from the heart. the moving words of a former president and prodigious letter writer. his words read for us by his wife and grandchildren who received them. "nightly news" begins now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is shoe "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. in an era where everything gets out and everything is first floated on social media, some may find it quaint. and you have to admire on the tradition as the vatican still relies on smoke signals. as we look live at the vatican tonight, it's the chimney atop the sistine chapel that will be the focal point. we've already had the first vote today. the first black smoke. nighttime in rome indicating no decision. but the cardinals will remain locked away in the conclave far from social or traditional media, for that matter, until that smoke turns white indicating a result. our team is there and in place tonight. and before we check in with lester holt, we begin with nbc's anne thompson. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the next chapter in the history of the cathoch


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