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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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oxycodone, instead, posting signs saying customers may have to wait to get pain killers. they say they just want to serve customers, and catch the crooks. >> i hope you stop them. it needs to stop. >> reporter: now, choosing high security and not stocking certain drugs, the owner says they he is looking into stocking differently to make the customers safer, something they never thought they would have to do. i'm jodi hernandez. and nearly a thousand images of porn, score discovered on the computer of an elementary school teacher. the question is did he target or photograph young students? the teacher spent time at nearly a dozen schools across the south bay, marianne? >> reporter: investigators say that nathan forstell had so much porn on his computer in san francisco, they are now considering pursuing several
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charges against him. he worked in this district from 2009 until february 10th this year, working at 11 different schools as a substitute teacher. but spent most of his time here. the police arrested nathan forstell for possessing porn, a lot of it, thousands of videos of children were found in his san jose apartment. >> some of the pornography that mr. forstell was sharing involved younger children, the youngest ones we saw were about 4 years old, up to about 9, the majority in the 5 to 7-year-old range. >> reporter: even more disturbing, the children in the same images were the same ages as the children he taught in seaside, south of santa cruz. that is not the only school forstell worked at. he was also a substitute from 2009 until february of this year. during that time he filled in at
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11 different elementary schools and middle schools in the district, including a 5-month assignment, teaching third grade here at clyde arbuckle elementary school. >> he was a substitute teacher here and applied for substitute service in 2009. we do a background check, and a fingerprint check. so we did that, and he cleared that. those fingerprints go to a department of justice, so at a time of hiring that is done. >> reporter: the investigation continues, we tried to talk to him at his apartment but nobody answered. one of his neighbors is scared. she says he subbed at her daughter's school. she also worries about all the kids in her neighborhood. >> at least 200 or more kids that play here all the time that are here, that are visible, hanging out or whatever, and being a teacher, i'm sure that he was able to get kids to come
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to his house, do whatever. >> reporter: investigators say that forstell had nearly a thousand stock-piled images, and is not making his own. but they're continuing to interview his students just to be sure. and we have learned that forstell may have worked at other school districts in the bay area. his resume indicates he worked in mountain view. reporting live, san jose, nbc bay area news. okay, thank you, parents in another south bay school district are questioning how a registered sex offender got a seat on a school bus. parents in silver creek and san jose received a letter detailing how a mom was in a wheelchair, and the details of a ride back. the staff member left the pair on the bus. the district supervisor said they sat in the front and had no contact with the students. the action is a serious violation of school policy.
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police say the man was in compliance with the sex offender status. the district is making sure it doesn't happen again. >> some have been bumped up in pay, others bumped out. san jose's minimum wage is up to $10 an hour. now, one of the largest social organizations is feeling the pinch. nbc bay area's kimberly terry has more. >> reporter: well, workers are really happy about the pay raise, but it does impact the employers, of course. and for good will of silicon valley, that cost is more than a million dollars. good will in silicon valley was planning to give all the 620 south bay employees a bump in pay this year. but when voters passed measure d, increasing the minimum wage only in san jose, the plans changed. >> when the numbers went to $10 an hour, it made it difficult to bring everybody to 9 an hour. >> reporter: so the 180 workers
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who don't work in san jose ended up with a 50 cents raise, while their san jose counterparts ended with a $2 jump. >> i let them know the news of what we were going to do, and also let them know it was my goal to get them up to a $10 wage over a certain period of time. >> reporter: the jump in wage costs $1.3 million, which it hopes to make in revenue, in part by increasing prices at the retail store. michael fox, the ceo and president of good will in silicon valley says they will have to make it work since they are not willing to cut any community support services. fox says it is also important to keep the employees they have. >> feel blessed to have this opportunity to be here. >> reporter: some are on probation or parole, working to improve their lives so that they can potentially give back. >> since i have been here, i really looked forward to the future. >> reporter: employees say they're looking forward to getting their first paycheck with the increase next friday. >> it is good, because it puts
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the extra money in your pocket that you can use. >> per month, per pay period, 21 days in a month working, so i mean that is probably going to be like a $300 increase. and that is really going to free up a lot more and help me just get the things that i need. and that is -- you can really use that, that kind of money you can really use. >> good will of silicon valley will be making a portion of its open positions available to those employees who do not work in san jose, just in case they do want to transfer to san jose for a pay increase, live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc news. and president obama heading back to the bay area for a first visit since his re-election. he will be on april 3 and 4, hosting several fundraising events, one a $30,000 plate event for the democratic
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convention committee. not much else was said on the white house itinerary. and workers who had to take mandatory days off didn't have to take furlough days. more than a billion hours of vacation time will have to come out of the general fund in the future, since unused time is cashed out when workers leave their jobs. that billion dollar figure is expected to rise. the report suggests the state should consider a leave buy back program, rather than carrying the time on the books. scary moments for a san jose woman who woke up to find three masked men in her home. the men broke in, in north san jose about 9:00 this morning. investigators say the suspects were scared and fled after finding the woman at home. luckily she was not hurt. police are still trying to figure out who the three marked men were. they came with the surf
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boards and a message. protesters gathered at a beach at south half moon bay today. the protesters and a congressman gathered on the beach, angry about a gate blocking the road. there is that gate, which leads to the public beach. the new owners of the property blocked that road in 2010. it includes the co-founder of sun microsystem. the former representative is suing the group to leave the access road open. the sheriff's deputies were on hand today to make sure they got access to the shore but made no arrests. and still, money on the table, while millions in financial aid is going unused by the students who need it the most. and the school you didn't even know was out there in tonight's class action. and san jose finally getting up to speed, the fastest in the nation, big-time development, years in the making and finally unveiled today. san jose has nothing to hide, we're not afraid of
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answering tough questions. and are your tax dollars being wasted? our investigative unit follows the money right to the san jose airport. and after record-setting heat in the past 24 hours, temperatures are dropping, widespread 60s here across most of the bay area, we'll have more on that and when much-needed rain returns coming up in the forecast. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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tonight, the nbc bay area investigative unit is digging into government waste and taxpayers' money. the faa issued a highly critical audit back in 2010, accusing the city of san jose of illegally diverting funds from the san jose airport. now, three years later, no action and no resolution. let's bring in chief investigative reporter tony
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kovaleski, and tony, we're talking about money in limbo, what is the issue? >> well, in fact, they point to millions in diverted money from the city's general fund. the city does manage the airport, but federal regulations prevent it from cashing in on the airport's success. our investigation takes you inside the conflict, an up-close look at the government deadlocks and delays. >> welcome to san jose international airport. >> it is an airport funded by your air fares, your travel dollars, and this draft audit is raising questions about where your money went, written by the federal aviation association. critical to the city of san jose, and funded by your tax dollars. >> what they found was there was violations of the law. >> he is the executive director of the alliance, and a former
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high-ranking executive in the faa, the document accuses them of improperly using documents. >> one of the red flags is why nobody is really asking questions about this. >> reporter: specifically, the audit accuses the city of san jose of unlawfully diverting money and grants into the general fund. >> what it means is taxpayer money was taken and was not used for the intention that it was supposed to be used for. >> the faa accused the city of san jose of illegally diverting funds, that is a serious accusation. agree? >> well, of course the terms are serious. >> reporter: the city manager responded to an audit of accusing the city of charging the airport $11.5 million in unnecessary rental costs, for these 52 acres of city-owned land west of the airport, also accusing the city of
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overcharging the city for basic services. the faa auditorss called it unethical. >> reporter: they charged for services. >> the faa pointed out something that we felt we should take a good look at, so we did that. >> reporter: the audit also raised serious questions about the faa, take a look, the first sentence reads "the city of san diego has unlawfully diverted airport revenue by renting property to the san diego international airport". >> the faa should be embarrassed about the fact they started their audit with the wrong name and wrong city in identifying the airport. >> reporter: their initial draft report has the wrong city and wrong airport, what does it say? >> makes you wonder. >> reporter: his title reads
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aviation director, he is in charge of the san jose airport. >> i think we have to remember it is a very early draft that requires a lot more thought and collaborating from the faa and the city. >> reporter: but three years after the taxpayers funded a two-week audit by the faa staff, that so-called audit remains incomplete. >> it is not acceptable to not finalize an audit after three years. >> reporter: our review of hundreds of pages of e-mails exposes and explains some of the government breakdowns. a june 2010 e-mail from the faaauditor reads sorry for the delay, the office is under-st f under-staffed. >> the excuses are not valid and they are unacceptable. there is no reason for that, three years is more than enough time to resolve the issues found
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during that draft audit. >> reporter: and there is this e-mail from director bill sherry, talking about the faa, he wrote, no communication either written or oral occurred until february 2011. it exposed several months of no action, a 7-month delay. help the taxpayers, help the people that fly in and out of your airport understand how three years later this is not finished. >> well, i don't think that is one of the finer aspects of government. surely we would have all liked to have gotten it done sooner. >> reporter: the faa declined multiple requests by nbc bay area to explain that three-year delay to you in front of our camera, choosing instead to issue a written statement. the faa's written response included the time it takes to complete an audit is not really relevant, if we determine that money needs to be repaid we will ensure all the properly diverted revenue is repaid. >> baggage for flight 31. >> the faa has absolutely dr
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dropped the ball here. >> may be picked up. >> in hindsight, there is room for improvement, hopefully the audits won't go on for three years. >> reporter: so here is what we now know, the city of san jose and the faa still have not reached an agreement. three years of your tax dollars funded to government audit and paid the salaries of dozens of city and federal employees to review and respond and still no conclusion. the faa has not backed down from its accusation of unlawful activity by the city of san jose, and the city continues to say it has done nothing wrong. more in the weeks ahead. >> if you have a tip for him or anyone else in the investigative unit, please call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit at all right, a beautiful day outside, kind of a little in between? >> yes, it definitely is, the
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transitional day, with the record-setting temperatures, mid-to low 80s, cloud cover, again producing the cloud cover, winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. expect clouds to stay in the forecast tonight. and the clouds by the afternoon, good enough to drop the temperature, still mild for the standards, but definitely not as warm as yesterday. 70 in los angeles, 70 in santa rosa, and also much cooler in san francisco with 61 degrees. let's get you live outside, there it is, in san jose, that is what you will find to emoryville, looking right at the golden gate bridge as the sun sets. it is looking stellar tonight, if you head out to the city, expect fog in the evening hours. tomorrow morning, cloud cover, temperatures mainly in the 40 here for everybody at 8:00 a.m., in the noon hour, popping up with conditions inland in the mid-60s, no 80s in the forecast,
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temperatures mainly staying in the low-to-mid 70s. in the 3-day forecast, dry here for the next couple of days. not good news for the allergy forecast. what we need is rainfall. we'll get rain in here soon, but as you mentioned it is not coming our way saturday, also sunday, temperatures are good. coming up in the seven-day forecast, we'll talk more on when way could make its way to the bay area and how much we could get in the seven-day forecast. okay, i got allergies and rain out of that. a spring cleaning, google-style, still ahead here at 6:00. the service google is getting rid of that is creating quite an uproar. also, the silicon valley innovati innovators. and fire racing in. we'll be right back in a moment.
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combine that with the food banks growing number of clients and the gap is developing. second harvest hopes the public will fill that with donations, you can donate through the second harvest website. and the meadow's race track is now the project village, when it is done, the complex will include 1200 new homes and 12 acres of parks and gardens, it is the land of the former bay meadows race track which opened back in 1934, and as you may remember, closed in 2008.
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>> what we're talking about is the acres where it stood, the last remaining development site in san mateo. and the city wanted to make sure it really was thoughtfully considered, and that particularly it made the best use of the public transit infrastructure, which we all need to be more thoughtful about going into the future. >> listen up, there will be a lottery for town homes, asking price, $716,000. more than 100 people have pre-qualified for the lottery. some of the homes will be ready for move-in, this summer. >> i miss the race track. >> still to come here at 6:00. show me the money, the students across the bay area are walking away from thousands in financial aid. on class action, where you go the high school could mean the difference between college cash or drowning in shifting debt. and the vatican, on the job for a day. but there is already signs of
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change for pope francis. and i'm stephanie trong, where some of the parents were here in the city from the sandy hook elementary school tragedy, their mission, coming up.
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it has been three months since the sandy hook elementary school massacre stole the lives of 26 people, 20 of them just young children. today, parents came to the bay area to offer a program and help to create technology that would stop another massacre. nbc's stephanie trong has more. >> reporter: good evening, jessica, today, parents from sandy hook took the stage here and said there is no better place to go to for innovation than right here in silicon valley. it was three months ago. >> it is actually getting more
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painful. >> reporter: when the parents lost their children, among 26 killed at the sandy hook elementary school massacre, they want it to be known not for tragedy, but transformation. >> it certainly comes from innovation, you can't beat the innovation in silicon valley. >> reporter: working with the leaders, the investors promised a new incentive prize, big money for anyone who can create fresh, gun technology to make guns safer. >> the problem is we need the money. >> reporter: this man from georgia tech says he has prototypes in place, and by next year he hopes to produce a shot gun and pistol with fingerprint technology, and a trigger mechanism to keep guns out of the wrong hands. he said he needs capital. one major start-up inventor says the start-up will be within $15 million. >> this concept of reducing gun violence is not an orphan investment sector, it is a
6:28 pm
welcome investment sector. >> reporter: it is not just about guns, the investors are seeking more technology to make them more accessible. >> we know there are really physical manifestations within the brain that can be imaged, measured, quantified and understood. we can work with that. and then we can fix it. >> reporter: newtown families are not the only ones who hope that this innovation will help, one family member was killed the day after the sandy hook shooting. >> the pain in my heart is worse than before. i have to be a spokesperson for my son. >> reporter: now the smart gun technology started in the late '90s, but they are working closely with the white house and the department of justice, leaving all options open. live, in san francisco,
6:29 pm
stephanie trong. the gun control debate led the fireworks on capitol hill today. a senate judiciary committee approved the bill banning the military-style assault weapons, coming after the heated exchange between ted cruz from texas, and dianne feinstein, who snapped back when he talked of the constitution. >> it is fine that you lecture me on the constitution, just know that i passed a lot of bills. do they need a bazooka, high-powered weapons that military people use in close combat? i don't think so, so i come from a different place than you do. i respect your views. i ask you to respect my views. >> clearly touched a nerve, the bill passed strictly along party lines and heads to the full senate where it is unlikely to
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pass. from guns to knives, sharp reaction from the tsa announcing they will allow pocket knives back on planes as of september fifth. the announcement is receiving sharp criticism from pilots, flight attendants and people from major airlines. the director defended his decision on capitol hill today, saying knives pose little risk to security because of the cockpit doors. he said they need to focus on the real threat, explosives. lawmakers on both sides hope he will reconsider. even for noncatholics, this is a transition of power, the pope just finished his first day as the new leader. jay gray has more, what an amazing time to be in that city. >> hey, there, raj, you're absolutely right. a busy first day as you may imagine, for pope francis, dr e draped in the traditions of his
6:31 pm
faith. he announced he may intend to change the catholic religion. >> reporter: pope francis began the moment of his papal in prayer,earing a plain, white cassock, outward signs of change. >> greater kaublt, more transparency, that is the immediate path the pope will take on. >> reporter: this afternoon, pope francis returned to the sistine chapel, celebrating his first mass with the cardinals who elected him 24 hours earlier. during his homily, the pope und urged the church to stay true. >> the change is already apparent in shops that line the vatican, with the new souvenirs.
6:32 pm
>> we are planning to purchase pictures, and send them to our parents. >> reporter: while others cling to the images of the white smoke, and the night pope francis was introduced to the world. >> it kind of struck us there will be many, many people on this earth that will never have this opportunity. our granddaughter is here with us, we couldn't impress upon her enough that what was taking place at this time. and how rare it was. >> reporter: a moment in history, for a man who many hope now begins his own legacy of change. >> now, pope francis had intended to spend some time today with pope emeritus benedict, that did not happen, but they hope to in the coming days. and education headlines for you, the dreaded day for teachers, the deadly for school
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districts to issue tentative pink slips, warning teachers of the possibility they may be laid off. in san francisco tonight, there is an effort to change the law. given the districts wouldn't know what the you have been budgets will look like until later in the year, they're often forced to send out notices to people who don't really get laid off. now a southern california senator wants to move the pink slip deadline from march to may, some oppose it saying that notifying teachers in august just doesn't give them enough time to find other teaching jobs. and spring break, others are making college plans and how to pay for school may be at the top of the list. what many don't know is that there is plenty of money in financial aid, we're talking about millions. but it is going untapped, even by the students who need it the most. in tonight's class action, the high cost of a missed
6:34 pm
opportunity. >> four times three. >> reporter: in east palo alto, a high achieving school in a low income area, kids are really trying to do something better, many dream to be the first in their family to go to college. >> my family can't really afford college. >> reporter: these high school students are brushing up on their math. but the big problem they will tackle may be adding up the cost to pay for college. >> i think it will be hard for the deadline. a lot of times i'm scared that i won't be able to go. >> the big picture is one that is scary for california. >> reporter: a revealing new report from the nonprofit, education trust west, shows just how many students are applying for financial aid. or should we say just how few. >> well, we found it was disturbing. >> reporter: what they found was hundreds of millions in grants untapped. >> only about half of the students who could be eligible for federal and state aid were actually applying. >> reporter: $12,000 of state
6:35 pm
aid available for qualified students who simply fill out a form. but the number of kids filling out that form varies from school to school. at kennedy high in richmond, only 20% of students applied. in san jose, they had a 57% completion rate. oakland came up on top, with 86% completion rate. and then the federal aid the students could get. >> in federal aid, putting together, you could be missing out on $17,000 on aid. and we're not talking about loans that need to be repaid. what we're talking about are grants to go to college that you never have to repay. >> taking a minute or so to finish up. >> reporter: these students at east palo alto are making sure they tap into all of their resources. their school boasts a college culture, and last year, 75% of seniors applied for financial aid. what is more, they're enrolled
6:36 pm
in college spring, a free program that coaches them on how to apply for financial aid. >> i'm going to do my best to turn everything in as soon as possible. >> reporter: but in california, where budget cuts have left fewer high school counselors on the job, the result is more students with less guidance. >> we should be involved helping the students, and giving them access to the scholarships. because there are so many that go unclaimed every year, and that is a tragedy. >> so literally the million dollar question is why some schools in low income areas have some low ranks of students applying for financial aid. now this report doesn't look at the cause, but what we do know is that successful schools do a lot of outreach with families about the issue of financial aid. and they make the goal of going the college part of their school culture. well, up next, did you get in on the celebration, maybe have a little pie? why today's date is sparking celebrations among math lovers
6:37 pm
world wide. plus, we have all done it before, but not like this, how you can soon upgrade your seats at an a's game even when you're inside the stadium. and the weather center and cloud cover arriving, helping to cool off the temperatures today. we'll talk more about the next chance of rain coming up in the full seven-day forecast.
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the internet is in an uproar over google's plans to get rid of the google reader, the company, based in mountain view, announced late yesterday that reader users who want to keep their information have until july one to export their data.
6:40 pm
google says it is part of a wider spring cleaning. and some protested the shutdown. the post on has more than 50,000 signatures by noon today. and san jose's new high tech endeavor was introduced today. a saw under that hard hat of an joe mayor chuck reed, who used a chain saw to slice through it. indicating that san jose is truly wireless now. the newly "wickedly fast wireless" is fast, anyone can access it free outside. >> the fastest in the country, wow, fitting in silicon valley. >> as it should be. part of the silicon valley. >> how are we doing? >> cloud cover increasing, also rain is on tap. and look at this beautiful view in downtown san francisco.
6:41 pm
we'll take you all to the san jose and beyond weather forecast and the time line on the rain in just moments. and i'm scott reese in the comcast sports net news room, the sharks had a major crossroad in the season today, we'll have that today. and why help could be on the way in the form of a very familiar face to bay area sports fans. four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler!
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well, it is a beautiful day, did you know today is national pie day? not apple or pumpkin, but 3.14, the math formula of pi, all starting here 25 years ago, here now is joe risotta jr. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine people gathering together all in celebration of math. >> it says come to the door, we have pi. >> reporter: but march 14th, or 314, happens to coincide with the math formula, pi, and that is a good excuse for a party. >> we invented pi day back in 1988. >> reporter: san francisco's event hosted them for a quarter century, and as it prepares to move into their new digs, they
6:44 pm
brought the party along. if you divide it by the diameter. >> it was started by the exploreatorium's prince of pi, who led the procession. >> my daughter said that eisenhower's birthday was on pi day. >> writing a pi, which is a people where each one has the letters. >> the math kind as well as the pastry version was on the menu, where it turns out you can apply for pi. >> the ratio to the diameter is exactly pi. >> reporter: and in this class, students were eating pi, both kinds. >> it explains why things are
6:45 pm
the size they are. >> reporter: at san francisco's mission pi, pie was selling today for the special pie price of $3.14 a slice. >> it seems people will take any opportunity they can to celebrate eating pie. >> reporter: it turns out the formula is a lot like people, it can be irrational in an infinite number of possibilities, in some cases, the life of the party. >> this is one of my favorite days of the year. >> happy pie day. we still have time to get a slice. >> yeah, i'm sure, i can work 3.14 somewhere into the weather forecast. a look at the satellite loop, the cloud cover increasing with the cold front, currently moving over most of northern california, before the cloud cover got here, some sunshine, we warmed up. not quite as high as yesterday.
6:46 pm
more mild, 77 gilmore, and san jose, 75. low 60s in the north bay, and you may have notices the humidity. dew points up in the 50s. so it is not entirely noticeable. in the east coast, here we get dew points in the 50s. and many of you may notice it feels humid. drier air in the next 24 hours. e emoryville, awesome sunset as colors and clouds reflect off that sunset, creating a gorgeous view with the water temperature in the low 50s across the bay. what is happening once again, the cold front is offshore. continuing to push here right into northern california, for tonight. it is going to break apart, though, keeping any kind of rainfall off to the north. so you can keep the umbrella in the back seat of the car, even for the next 72 hours we expect mild weather with a weak high pressure area offshore, friday, saturday, also sunday. we're not going to see 80 degree
6:47 pm
temperatures return like we had on wednesday, but it will stay slightly above average, back here for the interior valley, 60s, 70s, the coastline, 50s, also 60s. now let's fastforward it, the good part here, when the next chance of rain will be. in the area of rainfall, right here with the rainfall -- the european model is keeping most of the rainfall off to the north, there are some structures in the forecast models we're looking at. we'll continue to look at it a little closer over the next couple of days, pretty nice chance of rain, about 65 or 70%'s tomorrow, 43 in santa rosa, upper 40s in san jose, and throughout the day on friday, the clouds, fog like we had throughout this morning.
6:48 pm
and then we'll get filtered sunshine by the afternoon, 72 in san jose, 67 in santa cruz, and 70 in palo alto, around low 70s back for most of the east bay, 75 in walnut creek, warmer for the tri-valley, 60s, 73 in santa rosa, and also 58 in bodega bay, and as we mentioned, rain coming back on tuesday night. also for wednesday, we could pick up at least a quarter inch of rainfall. as we head once again into next wednesday. so by 3:14 on wednesday, we should have rain. >> 3:14 exactly. >> right. >> i got it? >> thank you, something for the a's fans to cheer about, there is an app that allows them to update, but you will have to
6:49 pm
pay. they can log in on the ballpark app to check for available seats. if you find a better seat you pay with the credit card and get the seat electronically. it is a new source of revenue and keeps fans honest before sneaking down to the better seat. the a's plan to use the new app beginning this fall. scott reese from comcast sports net news room, when we were kids we used to sneak down quite often, didn't we, scott? >> we still do, i am surprised, that takes all the fun out of it. >> it wasn't me, so deshawn goldson is gone, not coming back. might a former raiders star help the cause? well, he is a cornerback, not a safety, wouldn't directly replace goldson, but could provide depth for a unit that
6:50 pm
needs it. multiple sources, including our matt maiocco, they are restructuring, cutting the base salary in half, from 3.6 million to 1.8 million. danninham tore his acl, and hoping to be back by the regular season. and jump started a dynasty in new england, the old tuck rule, well, what may be a little too late for raiders fans may be going away. the nfl competition committee will vote on a proposal to change the so-called tuck rule at the league meeting in phoenix on sunday, and who could forget that? happy birthday to warriors sh sp shooter seth curry, he was demonstrating to the refs that pistons players were being a
6:51 pm
little too physical with his star. the coach explained more today. >> as a basketball player, i think you just have to -- you know, he is going to get to a point where they're not going to allow it. and he will be called properly. but, that is the next step. and he is getting better and better with it. and as -- you know, some of his teammates, i'm not going to allow it either. so i'm going to nail somebody, so we'll get better at that also. >> still kind of tough to figure out where the sharks stand in the pacific division, but we'll know soon enough. five of the next several games against los angeles, and anaheim, southern california and division rivals, first up the defending champs tonight in san jose. brody brazil with more from the tank. >> reporter: well tonight is a highly anticipated portion of the shark's schedules, facing
6:52 pm
the los angeles kings. because of that, some players said getting more inspired and motivated for the two games will be a bit easier. other players don't care who the opponent is, they're only worried about one thing and that is getting san jose's own game back on track. >> always look at the defending stanley cup champions. they're good teams, you want to play well against them. tonight is no different. >> we just need to win hockey, going on the road for another two weeks, this is our one game at home here for a while. and we just got to win a game. but that is kind of the point where we're at. so it doesn't matter. >> they had a great year last year, and it is always fun playing the defending champs, now they're just down the road from us. they're always interesting games, tonight will be the same type of game. >> it is what both teams need and want. first one at home here is a big game for us. we let a couple of games slide
6:53 pm
that we probably should have won. and you know it is disappointing, doesn't sit well with this group. and it will be a good test for us tonight. playing them back-to-back, whether it is a mini series or not, they're important points. >> one of the most dynamic offensive players for the shark's last game was defensemen, he told me just moments ago he can't wait to play this game. he is just happy and excited to be back since the injury. in san jose, brody brazil, bay area sports. >> and the sharks will have a special ceremony honoring patrick marleau for his career.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
. a big turn in our story earlier, the man who was accused of possessing child porn, tried to kill himself, forstell tried to kill himself, had more than thousand images of child porn on his computer. we have a crew on scene, and will have much more on the developments tonight at 11:00. >> that will do it for us, we'll see you tonight at 11:00. good-bye.
6:57 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra" -- the new before thesing life priesthood. >> his ex-girlfriend's new interview, today. his marriage ultimatum and his days as a bouncer. francis' overnight makeover, plus, from the red carpet to late night -- to first latin american pope. >> in rome they prayed, in new super sizedhugged mountain dews. minaj's "american idol" no-show. ryan ripped her for being late live on the air. foreep that energy going three of your four judges. >> should the "idol" bad girl be fired? ryan's girlfriend, julianne hough, robbed! what thieves stole from her mercedes. now trending is america's most mom, casey anthony, pregnant? >> she's on some other guy's sofa eating chips. wealthy sugar daddy who could be her baby
6:59 pm
daddy? pacino as phil spector. a.j.'s got pacino on his killer transformation. video, kim kardashian's baby shopping nightmare. joan rivers brings "fashion police" to the grove for an a-list style roest. like he has a load in his pants. welcome to "extra" at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. her divaaj lives up to reputation. will she be punished for being late to "idol"? >> most occupations here in america, you would be punished but we'll see. pope, verynew interesting. >> before he became a priest, he and todaysing jobs jerry has the woman who almost became his wife. nightclub pope, a bouncer? a tango dancers? his first girlfriend revealed. the new video of pope francis in rome, already ditching his glasses. some calling it a papal


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