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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  March 16, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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laden, it one like it was -- we were kind of throwing things in the air and that kind of thing. it was like one big sigh of relief that the operation was successful and the mission we were performing. that relief, i think, was probably one of the best sensations i have ever had with regard to an operation. >> can i ask you where you were? i'm trying to find out on may 1st, 2011 in the that situation room, that classic photo of everyone looking up. where were you during that point? >> because it was a cia operation, we set up our own operation center. i was directing it from the cia. we were doing the feedback into the situation room at the white house so that they were kept updated as to what was happening. >> so many years you were a budget guy. now you are going to go down in american history as a very
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successful, intelligence and military guy. >> yeah, you know, i often think about that because -- >> how did this happen? >> it was rom emanuel who called me and said we are thinking about the cia job. i said you got to be nuts. i spent most of my time working on budgets. he said, you know, the president really wants you to do this. he thinks you have the credibility to try to restore the reputation, particularly the cia at that time. i looked at it as a challenge. i'm a sucker for challenges. >> his new challenge is daunting. he needs to decompress. he still stops everything to ansz a call. now, it's not the oval office or pentagon. it's his wife at home in carmel valley. >> if the white house calls, you can put the white house on hold, but if your wife calls, you have to take the call. >> absolutely, first things
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first. >> will we ever know how much pressure you had? you have a full head of hair, you look great. will we ever know the amount of pressure and scrutiny? >> i don't think so. you know, i don't know quite how to say this, but starting when i was director of the cia and then continuing as secretary of defense, we get the first thing i got each morning is an intelligence briefing. it's similar to what the president gets only it's more. in that intelligence briefing, which usually lasts anywhere from half hour to 45 minutes, you are basically looking at all the threats around the world, threats to the united states, threats to our forces, threats to our embassies, threats to our locations. all the things that terrorists in our nation's enemies are up
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to. when you get through with one of those sessions, i have to tell you, you really take a deep gulp and ask yourself which one of these many, many threats is going to turn out to be real? >> with that said, was it that much more difficult, what happened in benghazi and the criticism you received in. >> in the big picture, i can't tell you how many threats we dealt with that we effectively dealt with that don't make news. yet, you know, the fact is, we are responsible for making sure that everything works and that particularly our u.s. citizens and our american ambassadors are protected. and when that happened, there's no question that we had to learn some important lessons in order to make sure it never happens again. >> as he unpacks a lifetime of memories, he has no desire to fix washington, he wants to
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replace it. inside his unassuming panetta institute. >> i can't think of a moment in history where it's more important to inspire people to get involved in public life. we need to have new blood that is dedicated to governing this country. >> it was a fascinating interview. he added, don't be surprise if you see him at santa clara university teaching. he made a bet over a $10,000 bottle of wine over bin laden. we'll have that later in the show. from panetta to powell. colin powell works on sand hill road at the venture capital firm. his old life keeps him in the headlines, even if it's controversial. the former secretary of state spoke us to candidly about a checkered past in american history. as he walked through the news
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room, you wouldn't know it, but old wounds, especially for a military man die hard. >> saddam hussein and his regime are concealing effortings to produce more weapons of mass production. >> his now infamous speech to the united nations which he outlined the united states plan to attack iraq, an outline based on false information. now, through speeches and a new book, powell is rewriting a controversial chapter in history. >> it was one of my most moe men tus failures. >> how are you misled? >> i don't like the word misled. we don't think we were misled. we had bad information. we had wrong analysis. it isn't as if i was misled by people who, you know, thought they were miss leading me. some people should have known
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some of the information was bad and didn't pull on our chains and say wait a minute, stop. some of those folks wrote books saying we do. maybe you do but you didn't tell me or the president or general frank or the joint chiefs of staff. we all went into this conflict with the belief. we didn't have hard evidence, it was a case there was weapons of mass destruction on the ground in iraq. >> built an empire based on food. celebrity chef tyler -- when you describe yourself, are you a tv guide, a chef, which one? first, a lesson on teaching in the 21st century. do you consider yourself modernizing education? >> i'm excited about the potential. >> you are changing things, you know that. sees better than ev. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat.
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and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. he gave up an executive high paying gig at microsoft to
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change the world one book at a time. >> did you have a conversation with bill gates? >> i don't know that bill noticed i left. i would like to believe that he's wearing black arm bands the day i left microsoft. no, we have a great case. i was fortunate. >> this is john wood, the man behind one of the most successful nonprofits. you can watch the full interview on our website, >> sal never worked for bill gates, but he caught his attention through his non-profit. here is the skinny. everything you know about traditional education, throw it out the window. he's changing the game. there are growing pains. in the heart of the silicon valley, just down the road from google is an unmarked maroon
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door. upstairs, the most talked about educator in the world. >> i want to complete the square. get rid of it. it bothers me. >> with this outdated pc, sal has recorded more than 3400 instructional videos. >> if it does not intersection the x access, there are no solutions. >> they are seen for free around the world. his academy expanded from virtual lessons to hands on. >> the collaboration you are doing, how did it come about. >> a few cities are testing the high-tech approach for education. an approach bill gates has heavily funded. >> when i met him, 20% of my brain was engaged in the conversation. the other 80% was saying you are talking to bill gates right now. that is bill gates. i had to keep suppressing that
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part. >> do you think you are revolutionizing education? >> i'm excited about the potential. >> you are changing things. >> there's a change in conversation. what is the role of technology. how can it supercharge the classrooms. can we move to a model where students move at their own pace rather than the one pace fits all. in that way, hopefully we have moved the dial. but, i think we are nowhere near our potential. >> are you surprised by the controversy that you have in terms of changing the way education is in a dangerous direction? >> i think most of the controversy comes from people misperceiving what we are. >> you don't know what you are going to say before video, if you need to refresh you google for a couple minutes. you said that but insulted a lot of teachers. do you regret it? >> i don't mean to offend
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anybody or make anything look easy. don't equate me with the in the trenches work of what teachers have to do. >> why not make it a for profit and make a bunch of money. >> if i was going to be successful in for profit, sure, gro fast. i could become well off, buy new clothing. that would be nice. nothing wrong with that. that's great. the other option, for this organization was we could reach -- maybe we could reach a billion people in my lifetime or after i'm gone, we could make education like clean drinking water or electricity. something people expect to have. >> for fans who is the most famous in the world? >> the most famous for the time -- is not me. just like him, you reach a lot of people. >> i reach a lot of people.
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>> okay, i take it back. amongst nonsouth asians, i might be edging him out. up next, you don't see him in the movies, but you see him a lot on tv. >> being on television isn't what my path was. it happened to fall in my laugh. i embraced it. >> in the kitchen with celebrity chef tyler. >> you can't let the media or reports driven to get a headline and sensation really deter you from the facts. >> first, the house that jeb built. he addresses the criticism he's faced over the new stadium.
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welcome back. he's a 31-year-old hot shot ceo. he's running a bay area institution. the had thors. he's running a billion dollar construction project.
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let's take a peek at the construction camera. that's billion with a "b." this is a new stadium, opening day in the summer of 2014. along the way, complaints about the new pricing structure as well as york's well documented feud with former mayor, gavin newsome. this project is on shaky ground. why is there bad blood there? >> with san francisco, the infrastructure didn't work. it's easier to say let's blame gavin newsome. there are things we did wrong and things he did wrong. when you don't have the infrastructu infrastructure, it kills the deal. club seats are the first thing that go on sale. wow, it's a seat license. i'm scared. it's what people have to pay.
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i's not the case. you can't let the media or reports driven to get a headline and a sensation really deter you from the facts. that's why we have taken a really, really careful effort and approach to meet with every single ticketholder face-to-face and let them know what their options are. >> a candle stick, then off to santa clara. we will find out in may if they will host the super bowl in 2016. up next, are you ready for fried chicken? we go behind the scenes with tyler florence. does he live up to the hype?
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welcome back. we mentioned earlier in the show a bottle of wine and a bet. not just any bottle and not just any bet. leon panetta shared an interesting story with us involving osama bin laden and a very expensive bottle of red. can you tell me about that 1870
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chateau -- >> it's one of the great side stories of this whole thing. it was new year's eve before the operation which took place in may. frankly, it was five months into our knowing that we have some good information about where he might be located at this compound. it was at a new year's eve dinner. >> here? >> yeah, here in monterey. he started describing this bottle, this fine bottle of wine. he said it's probably the finest bottle of wine we have and i'll tell you something. when leon gets bin laden, i'll open that bottle of wine. at that time, i wasn't operating totally in the dark. i said without hesitation, you're on. when it happened, when we did the operation and the president was about to speak, i called him and i said i want you to watch
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the television. the president is going to make an announcement. she didn't know the particulars of what was happening. i said do me a favor, call ted and tell him to get ready to open a bottle of wine. immediately, she knew what we were doing. >> how did that bottle taste? >> well, for the price of that wine -- >> the value was up there? >> i don't know if i would have paid that much. it's good wine. i don't think -- i certainly wouldn't have paid that for that bottle. >> he is a great story teller. silvia is his wife. tyler florence has his own label. that is part of his culinary empire including tv, publishing and his famous fried chicken. does he live up to the national hype? >> no tables. >> he was a celebrity chef before the term even existed.
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>> they have four wheels and serious competition. these are food trucks. >> for 17 years, he's been hosting, cooking and slicing his way into millions of homes on food network. it's at home, here, where we see his true reflection. >> is this shocking that people flock to this restaurant and they love this? we are in the bay area and people love fried chicken. >> if you don't want fried chicken, i don't want to talk to you. >> fried chicken. >> the 41-year-old south carolina native is serious about his fried chicken. it's a big hit at a san francisco hot spot. when you describe yourself, are you a tv guy or a chef or restaurant? >> i am and will always be a chef. so, i started working in restaurants when i was 15 years old, started washing dishes and
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gravitated. being on television wasn't what my path was. it just happened to fall in my lap. i embraced it. i felt if i didn't do that, i won't -- if it went away tomorrow, i wouldn't have a problem. >> was it tough to break in, not necessarily financially, but to break in the san francisco food scene. here is this new yorker coming in. this tv guy coming in and trying to compete with the chefs in san francisco. >> we didn't walk into san francisco when they had the expectation they were going to give us a big hug. it's an aggressive food scene. we moved here because of that. when we moved here, everyone walked in to the tavern. they don't know me other than the guy who makes meat loaf.
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they were ready to shoot me down as fast as possible. let him dump a lot of money into the restaurant. >> did you come in with a chip on your shoulder? >> i have always been humble. i understand your preconceived notion of that. you watch food network and there's a lot of people on there of, you know, a range of cooking abilities of what they can do and not do. if you watch the network, these aren't established chefs as much as home cooks with a good smile and zippy one liners. you walk in this restaurant and we are serious. >> one of the most interesting people you have cooked for? >> i cooked for the president this election cycle, which i was very, very proud of. >> the white house says we want this and don't want this? how dhauz work? >> exactly. it was a great honor. i met the president. he and michelle are so passionate about healthy food and cooking.
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it's nice that they are embracing chefs in this country to act as culinary liaisons when other countries come to visit the white house. >> how does it work? >> there's not a food tester, but there is a culinary secret service person in the kitchen. once you start cooking, he can't take his eyes off the plate. he's not going to tell me hey, i liked this. >> amazing sitting there in his restaurant in san francisco. being in the bay area, we have access to dynamic people. we will continue to chronicle their stories in the months to come. you can watch the interviews we have done in the past at thanks for joining us tonight. have a great weekend. see you next time. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian
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and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t. [applause] valerie comes here with her brave fight. hi everybody. welcome to "access hollywood". this is the weekend edition. we have the very courageous and inspiring valerie haerp. unrelenting positivity and foam and stories you have not heard. stick around she is just amazing. >> but first we begin with the details behind the big bachelor
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finale over 10 million viewers tune in to see sean pick catherine and keeping the secret was no easy task. >> whether he to keep everything a secret obviously so she was in seattle. i was in dallas. lever two week we meet in l.a. at random house. basically just confined to the house for a weekend. hang out wendy burch movies and order pizza and do stuff like that. >> fore taste of married life this week all eyes on thailand and while they lived it they no doubt watched the magical moment play out on tv. >> yes. l. >> sean offered catherine the final rose and dazzling cut diamond wasn't shy about flashing our camera in new yor york. and they are not waiting to tie the thot. >> we don't want it to be long. we are ready to get married but we have to make sure everything is ready. >> getting to the happy moment was a major journey for
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sallyann who is visibly torn about choosing catherine over very shocked lindsay. >> this is july, really painfu painful. and it's a nightmare. really didn't see this coming. >> hi strong feelings for licensed situation. i came to realize like i loved the person lindsay was and i was in love with cavity richbility i couldn't say goodbye to her. >> have you part of the family. >> another mainly factor in the decision-making process. catherine winning over the family 2 elements that will be a part of the wedding day. and while the date up in the air one thing for sivrnlt our wedding is on tv and excited about all of it. we are hoping to pick out a date san. >> based on the get away they have had they have had practice living one the same roof. >> locked in a house with anyone you get on each other nevbs for extended period of time we got along so well and love every second we get together. the little what he said get away were perfect. >> no i agree we could relax and be ourselves and not have to worry a


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