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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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north 880, toward the great mall, more striping work and a lot of activity over the next half hour. no major slowing. a man from canada is behind bars in connection with charges he tried to arrange sex with a 16-year-old girl from san mateo. san diego police arrested this guy, 26-year-old adam ouellette on charges of having child porn on his cell phone. he allegedly arranged to meet a teenage girl. in reality, the meeting was arranged by police officers that were waiting for him when he arrived at the airport. >> there is a charge of attempted statutory rape, sex with a minor under 18, to travel for the purpose of committing some type of sexual offense on a minor is also a crime. there is also the child pornography charges.
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>> ouelette was released on bail. he continued his trip to san diego when officers suspected he may be in possession of child pornography and they issued a new warrant. he was arrested in san diego. no word on when he is expected to be sent back to the bay area. 4:33. san jose police involved in the fourth shooting this month. this injuring a woman. they had a stolen car. when the driver tried to run over an officer who was standing on the street. the officer reportedly feared for his life and opened fire into the car. >> we heard the gun shots, rapid fire, five, six, pow, pow, pow. we walked over there. you could see the cops had their guns drawn. >> the driver and man in the car we have heard were both injured but they are expected to survive. the police officer was not hurt an eight-year-old girl shot in the leg with an arrow while on a class trip to uc berkeley is sharing her story.
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nadine hairston millington is in great spirits despite having surgery two days ago. surgeons removed that 20-inch crossbow arrow from her thigh. she was shot during a field trip to the lawrence hall of science in berkeley. the third grader says she was playing on a life size whale structure when she felt a shock. >> really big. i remember this one little part sliding down and i got shot with an arrow. >> isn't she precious. nadine said she sang taylor swift songs in the ambulance to stay calm. the aspiring singer and dancer is expected to make a full recovery. berkeley police, however, are still looking for the person that shot that crossbow. 4:34. lawyers for the teen accused of shooting two people and steeling a celebrity chef lambrighini.
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he is charged with stealing a lambrighini in 2011. lawyers say the cases are unrelated and they want them to be tried separately. a judge will hear arguments on the issue this morning. california's high-speed rail authority is suing everyone. we mean that literally. they filed a lawsuit against all persons interested as a blanket approach to validate billions of dollars in bonds by the project. by suing everyone at once, they are protecting themselves against future lawsuit that could derail the project. a summons for people interested in joining the lawsuit will be published once a week 230r three weeks in five major newspapers. not clear when the hearings will begin. >> a new manufacturing facility in the south bay. besttronics, part of a growing
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trend that these companies are bringing manufacturing jobs to other countries back to america. they say their hiring has increased to 15% to 20% over the past year. in the meantime, new reports that another bay area company may be bringing its manufacturing facility to the south bay. coming up in a live report at fooifrks we will tell you which tech giant is bringing more jobs back to the u.s. the san francisco giants are playing their first game since winning the world series. a three-part exhibition with the oakland a's. tonight's game starts at 7:15. yesterday, the giants gave us a sneak peek at some of the big games. home opener, april 5th against the st. louis cardinals. on the 7th. the players will get their world series rings. on may 3rd, it is metallica
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night, the bay area band will perform the national anthem. on july 10th, the giants slumber party after the game. fans will camp out after the game at at&t park. >> i think that's fun. >> absolutely. great thing to do with the family. be sure to tune in to nbc bay area where you can watch the giants take on the a's. game time, 7:15 right here on the broadcast home of the world champion giants. want to check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. things happening today. >> oh, yeah, it is happening. things are going to get a little bit more active as we head through the next couple of days. good morning to you, laura, marla. good morning to you at home. so close to the all-important weekend. temperatures and conditions will be similar to what we experienced yesterday. we have a little bit of a better chance for showers, specially up in the north bay today. overall, the weather pattern kind of holds off until we hit this weekend. the active weather starts up saturday and fires off on sunday. we'll get to that coming up, 57 to start in san jose, 55,
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gilroy. satellite radar shows you, we have showers around, nothing heavy. light, pesky showers. we are expecting thick fog to represent and steady drizzle at the coast. we have a chance for showers. mostly between 2:00 and 7:00. just like yesterday, we will hit highs in the upper 60s, a couple of low 70s. we get into the changes as we take you through your weekend forecast. a lot of people heading out of town, or have family and friends heading into town. it is one of those forecasts that we have. you have to take that weather into account. look at this shot for palo alto, 101, north toward willow. you see the glow to the lights, low clouds hovering over the city. your visibility is okay. there is enough moisture that they may have some slick roadways. i encountered that coming through fremont. city streets, really slick.
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san jose, okay. a little slowing into palo alto. the northbound side as you are heading up close toward 92 and the foster city area. one incident reported another farther north in redwood city. we are tracking both of those. out of lanes except for the redwood city ones. traffic and weather tied together on this map. there may be fog and visibility issues for 101 south of half moon bay. devils slide tunnels are open this morning. golden gate bridge, clearly, there is an issue. it is not clearly flowing. at the toll plaza, no stopping. contrary to yesterday, slow it down. we didn't have to worn people not to stop. >> oh, contraire. thank you very much. 4:39. caltrans says the 32 bolts that snapped on the new eastern span of the bay bridge are going to have to stay in place. they said, it is too difficult
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to remove them. a bridge spokesperson says they will have to use some sort of exterior fixture to keep them from loosening. the 280 bolts on nut span are supposed to help the bridge survive a large earthquake. caltrans is still deciding whether to replace the bolts that have yet to be tightened. >> los gatos-based netflix is revealing its newest series. sense 8 is from the matrix trilogy and last year's cloud atlas. it will be the first tv effort by the duo. it will debut in late 2014. very little is known about the series, only that it is a gripping, global tale of mind's linked and soul's hundredeted. >> museum holding a kickoff event to announce a star war series. billy d. williams who plays
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angelo caribbean. he will be joined by chuck reed as well as others from the film. the new exhibit is expected to open at the tech museum. nice kickoff already. >> billy d. in the house, not bad the big box store that wants to get you to become its delivery service goggle offers new images of an area ravaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in japan. nelson mandela, the latest details on the condition of the former leader of south africa.
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welcome back. a live look outside. all the lights glistening. you know what's glistening as well? the roadways. you have to be careful before you hit the roads. drizzle and rain coming down. we will check the forecast coming up. 4:44. new this morning, google has posted photos from a street view cameras of the devastation caused by the tsunami and nuclear crisis in japan. the photos show a city that is now a ghost town after the 2011 tsunami sparked a nuclear
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disaster that left the area uninhabitable. concrete scraps and debris litter the streets. 21,000 people that once called this home have been forced out. the major says he hopes the street view imagery serves as a memorial of everything the citizens have been going through. >> banks in cyprus will open for the first time since the drint stru struck a deal for a bailout. several trucks reportedly carrying cash from germany were seen arriving by police escort at the country's central bank. they have placed restrictions on bank accounts to prevent account holders from pulling out all their money at once. banks have been closed while politicians scrambled to raise money to qualify for the bailout loans a major retailer is talking about using your commute to work as a delivery service. courtney reagan is live with the details for us. good morning, courtney. hi, good morning to you.
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teachers. stocks have dropped. concerns about cyprus. and that italy may not form a new government without another election. we are going to watch cyprus today. it has reopened the banks after a two-week shutdown. residents are only going to be able to withdraw about $375 a day. they are banned from cashing checks. we will get da ta on unemployment manufacturing. the final read. the dow fell 33 points to 14,526. the nasdaq edged up to 3256. that's where both of those exchanges will open today walmart does want your help. receipt tail giant is considering a plan to have customers deliver packages to online shoppers to compete with amazon. shoppers would sign up. it would tell walmart where they live. it would drop those items to people on their route back home. walmart would offer a discount on their shopping bill,
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effectively covering the cost of gas. it would face a legal, regulatory and privacy hurdles. it is quite a talker so far today. >> know what your neighbors are buying, right, courtney? >> thank you very much. i don't know. >> take your own bag home. thanks. >> meteorologist, christina lauren, i noticed on the way in, the roads are a little damp. >> it is mostly drizzle this rng month. that's really hard to pinpoint. what i can tell you, plan on giving yourself extra time. you might walk out if you parked outdoors and find some droplets on your windshield. we did get some showers overnight. they will lighten up but return later on today. that fog and drizzle is back. temperatures in the 50s. we are at about 50 degrees to start the day. petaluma, 50 in novato and 55 in san francisco. taking it down to the south bay where temperatures are nice and mild to start the day.
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satellite radar tells the story. a few light sprinkles coming down mostly into the central valley. nice and dry for now. that won't last long. let's take it right to your futurecast and talk about what we are expecting today. by mid-morning, nice, clear conditions. we are looking pretty good there as we head throughout the next couple of days. temperatures are going to be mild. we have subtropical air coming up in the south. that's keeping temperatures nice and comfortable. overall, we are expecting for your morning commute. we stopped the clock at 7:00 a.m. foggy conditions, a little bit of drizzle by 9:00. we clear you up. light rainfall mostly up in the north bay. stop that clock again for you in the south bay. a little bit of activity overnight. friday looks great for your outdoor plans. that looks to be dry with the only activity we are expecting coming in at about 5:00 p.m. here is what happened. we show you that cut-off low saturday. that thick band of moisture. the core of low pressure slated to move over the bay area.
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we are talking thunderstorm. some could be strong enough to produce dime-size hail. we're going to keep on top of the forecast on sunday. 4:49 now. new this morning, former south african leader, nelson mandela is back in the hospital being treated for a lung infection. a statement released by the current president of south africa says the 94-year-old mandela went to the hospital just before midnight. the statement says he is being treated for a, quote, recurrence of his lung infection. that doctors are insuring he has the best possible treatment. mandela has been hospitalized several times in recent years for various ailments it is 4:49 a.m. a missing ten-year-old girl from los angeles is safe this morning and now the search is on for her kidnappers. the girl was found safe about 12 hours after she vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night. she told police two men took her. police aren't sure of the motive. it appears the girl did not know
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her captors. police are investigating a truck found at an industrial warehouse believed to have been used by the kidnapers we may get a better understanding of newtown shooter, adam lanza. the connecticut court will release previously sealed search parent documents that could shed more light on lanza's state of mind and motive on the day of the school massacre at sandy can hoo. the documents cover searches done at land za's home and car. the records were sealed immediately after the december school shooting. a full report on the investigation is expected this summer. coming up at 5:00, more from a live report from "today in the bay's" artur roe santiago we will hear from prosecutors will accept a plea deal from james holmes. he has agreed to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. he is charged with murdering 12
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and injuring 12 others south africa olympian oscar pistorius is free to leave the country to compete. a judge just handed down that ruling. the 26-year-old successfully challenged his bail conditions including restrictions on him traveling abroad. the judge said, he sees no reason why he should not be allowed to compete if he is invited to track events. the blade runner is accused of killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp at his home last month even $10 million may not be enough to keep carson palmer with the raiders. we will have the details. >> howard stern is being credited with putting the sharks back on the winning track. a live look at the san mateo bridge. a misty blur on the lens. we'll talk about those roads coming up.
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welcome back, everybody! after two weeks, the banks in cyprus are now open. we are giving you a live look at the bank there in cyprus. this is the first time since the country struck a deal for a bailout with european nations and the international mon nary fu monetary fund. >> reports that carson palmer would rather play backup than
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play in oakland. they offered him $10 million to return. it was a $3 million cut from the $13 million he was paid last year. not likely any other team would pay him anywhere close to $10 million per year. he feels oakland's prospects for the 2013 season are so bleak, money would not be a factor. the san jose shocks have a new mascot. howard stern's show went to his first hockey game ever. during the game, sharks scored three goals in the first ten minutes and went on to win it, 4-0. that led them to speculate, lynn. who lives in sacramento may be a lucky charm. lynch won't be there "today" but in san francisco at the giants game. mike standing by with a check of the morning commute.
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i don't see more cars on the road. not more roads. more cars on the roads on my way in this morning. >> there is a good amount of traffic on the road. a little overnight drizzle. a lot of road work. the last week has seen a shift. there is also the spring break. some folks staying up later overnight. some coming home when marla is coming to work. foster city, a smooth drive. we have a crash north 110 through redwood city. all activity moved off to the shoulder. a minor injury accident. no real slowing between redwood city and the airport. north 238. another fender-bender. a mercy situation in some spots. a blur to the camera for 880. water in the air and possibly on the roads. could be slick, guys. could be back to you. >> you know what i meant. 4:57.
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a massive burglary, broken up on the peninsula. how detectives steak them out before making arrests google already does plenty of business in silicon valley. the new vent why your that will bring more jobs to the area. >> a chance on the diamond, how the san francisco giants are proving to be number one when it comes to social media.
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good morning. i'm bob redell. live outside the factory, where they are producing the new google glass. we didn't have to go to asia to get here. that story coming up. >> reporter: the giants popularity on facebook and twitter sparks a new fan feature at at&t park. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what it is coming up. we'll have that forecast for you in addition to telling about some thick pockets of fog starting to develop. we are expecting more as the morning drous on and rain in the forecast. lots to talk about when it comes
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to your bay area weather. that fog and what happened overnight making those rhodes a little damp is going to affect your morning commute. i already have a new incident to report live outside san francisco. you can see the cloud cover right above the bay. transamerican pyramid building standing talk on this thursday, march 28th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. it is 5:00. i'm marla tallez in for jon kelley. i'm laura garcia cannon. google may be bringing more business to the south side. the tech giant is planning to manufacture its futuristic eyeglasses right here in silicon valley. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in santa clara. the site that could soon be producing google glass. >> good morning to you, laura. this could happen over the next several weeks.
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the taiwanese manufacturer expecting to start rolling out google glass out of its factory location in santa clara. google will not confirm this report. if true, it would be significant. most of our devices like smart phones are built overseas where it is cheaper. it is rare for those gadgets to be assembled here in the u.s. many of the google glass xoep ents would still be manufactured in asia but the assembly itself would take place here in santa clara, not far from google's headquarters. this so the tech giant could reportedly keep a close eye on the process given the complexity of their new devices. only a few thousand are expected to be created at first leaving open the possibility that this assembly could eventually move overseas. not clear how many jobs, if any, it would create. santa clara's mayor couldn't confirm the report. it was clearly overjoyed at the thought of silicon valley moving back tow


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