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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> from what i understand, my heart stopped at least three to four timinestimes. if this had happened somewhere else, outcome maybe a little different. >> some of the reports were he had died. it's like, you know what, this is -- no, no way. >> reporter: battalion chief robert was the incident commander that day. >> people followed their training and acted quickly and initiated care that really saved frank's life. >> reporter: ryan put on his jacket for the first time since his heart attack. some of the dust from that day still on it. >> not all family members get along. but when things like this happen, i think everybody comes together. >> it is amazing. for me, it's an incident that hasn't ended. >> reporter: cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. san jose firefighter investigators say the fire that
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destroyed a home in the east foothills suspicious. a fire started at a home just before 9:00 last night. when crews arrived, they say the home was fully engulfed in flames. one firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. the cause is under investigation. officials say it appears no one was living in the home at the time. a fire in the east bay nearly killed at least ten english bulldogs. fire crews in concord responded to reports of a fire at a home on hillsborough drive last night. when they entered the home, they found at least ten bull dogs locked in individual cages. fire officials say the smoke was so heavy the dogs could have died. they say because of the quick response, all of the dogs are healthy and fine this morning. the small fire appears to have started in the kitchen. no one was home at the time. a grandmother's facing legal action this morning after she left a 3-year-old locked in a car in san jose. a concerned citizen called
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police when she saw the child in the parked car at a shopping center. after police arrived, the child's grandmother returned a short time later. the child was okay and did not require any medical attention. the grandmother was not arrested, but the case will be forwarded to the district attorney for review. the family of a vta worker killed on the job in san jose is speaking out. he died after he was hit by a bus which was driven by his co-worker. 62-year-old service worker ray apsstle was killed when he was struck by a bus. the family says they took him off of life support. he was just two months away from retiring. >> it causes a lot of concern regarding the company and the safety measures that they do take or do not take at these places. and it's just so sudden.
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something like this. tragic could happen. >> nbc bay area obtained information on the number of accidents at that division yard since 2002. we learned there have been at least 63. a spokesperson says safety is the company's top priority and promises a thorough investigation into what happened. police are warning shop earps to be alert and careful about where they park after a series of thefts at the great mall this week. police say this were four thefts in three days in the mall's parking lot. they stole about $1,000 worth of valuables from three cars. in another incident, thieves just stole the car. advice from police good for all of us around the bay. make sure your car doors are locked and you park in well-lit areas. morgan hill police busted add huge marijuanao operation hidden in an office park. 32 year daniel seagull was charged with felony marijuana cultivation. he was using more than 6,000 square feet of rental space to
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grow marijuana. the operation was sophisticateledded with elaborate air filters and irrigation. police confiscated about 3,000 plants and 30,000 pounds of processed marijuana. we are getting our first look at the suspects in san jose's third officer involved shooting of the year. these people are under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon after police say philly hit an officer with a car on wednesday in south san jose. officers were questioning them following a report of a stolen car in the area when police say philly put the car in reverse, then drove forward and hit the officer. the officer fired at the car hitting both suspects. both were treated and booked into jail. the officer was not seriously hurt. hundreds of parents, neighbors and strangers gathered in san jose in hones of finding a bon marrow donor. take a look at the line and bone
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marrow drive at river glen school yesterday. all of the folks hoping to be a match for this first grader. he was up against some major odds because he is hispanic and right now only 30% of the 11 million registered voters are minorities. one man got tested because his own uncle got a second chance at life through a donor. >> i came because my grandmother in the past had a bone marrow transplant. i felt that my payback maybe one day want help someone else. >> the members of san jose's metro unit are s.w.a.t. team got swabbed. they showed up to visit him and to make him an honorary member. you can see that story on still head on "today in the bay," a giant deal for a giants fan favorite. what buster posey has to say about land being the biggest contract in franchise history.
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plus, the girl who was shot in the leg with an arrow earlier this week is about to get the thrill of a lifetime. we'll show you who's reaching out to her coming up next.
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we are looking live at the coliseum where the giants and as will wrap up the preseason bay bridge series later this afternoon. it is the final toonup for both teams before the regular season kicks off. last night, the cross bay rivals battled it out at att park and the giants took game two to tie the series up at one game a piece before heading across the bay. the team has locked in fan favorite and national league mvp buster posey. the two sides agreeing to a nine-year $167 million contract. and the option to extend it even after that. that could raise the value for the catcher to $186 million. over a decade.
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while the salary is out of the park, most giants fans agree the star catcher is well worth that lo long-term investment. >> this is every pitch. he's calling the shots. he's an anchor. >> he's just a natural. everything about him. his leadership. you'd think he was 50 years old, the way he leads. >> there was a time when it seems this day wouldn't happen. he bounced back, better than before, leading the team to another world series championship in 2012. coming up later in this newscast, we will hear from buster posey himself about staying put in san francisco. still ahead on "today in the bay," a look at the new war memorial that will be unveiled later today in the south bay. and here's the view from san jose. we do have partly cloudy skies. mild temperatures today. but an increasing chance of
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spring showers. we'll walk you through when we think most of the rain will arrive for your weekend plans when we come right back.
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good morning. we are looking live at san francisco and, believe it or not, this is the better day of our two weekend days. so perhaps the easter egg hunt's a day early. bay area veterans of the vietnam war will have their own memorial in san jose and it will be unveiled later today. but we got an early look at the memorial that left no detail to chance. both sides are bent inward to simulate an embrace on the families who are there to grieve. the tops are pointed upwards towards the heavens. the base points toward southeast asia. across the top, the words sons of san jose is prominent lip displayed. >> the sons of san jose are the individuals that registered for the arms forced of america in the city of san jose. and they left san jose and died
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on vietnam soil. so these boys never came home. they never had a chance to come home and enjoy what we're enjoying today. which is freedom. >> the memorial cost $160,000 to build and all of that money came from donations. today at noon, there will be a special dedication ceremony with family members of some of the men whose names are on that memorial. if you'd like to see it for yourself, you will find it at call lieu pay river park. the outlook is good for the seagull who was the victim of animal cruelty. the wildlife center of silicon valley released images of that seagull found thursday in the camden area of san jose. somebody taped the legs together, then covered them in foam caulking. this morning the binding is gone and the bird is doing a lot better. rescuers say it will undergo rehabilitation before it's released. >> he still has a few abrasions on his leg, that need to heal.
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and probably within the next two or three days we'll move him outside so he can condition and build up flight muscles. we're hoping to release him within 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. >> if the person who mistreated the bird is caught, that person could face federal fines and/or jail time. the story of an 8-year-old bay area girl shot by an arrow caught the attention of one of the world's most famous singers. pop star taylor swift reportedly sent a care package to the girl. she was accidentally shot by an arrow on monday while on a field trip at the lawrence hall of sciences in berkeley. nadine's mom says a rep for swift told the family to expect a package. nadine made a big splash on social media for her brave reaction to the injury, which included singing a taylor swift song on the way to the hospital to keep herself distracted. hundreds of children in oakland will celebrate easter a little early. children between the ages of 5
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and 13 are invited to the city's annual easter egg hunt and school's resource fare. taking place later this morning. children will have the chance to meet the easter bunny and hunt for goods. and parents will be able to sign their children up for summer programs at the event as well. this free event is put on by council member dusty brooks and the arroyo center. speaking of easter, wear your bonnet. >> yes, water-proof one for tomorrow. we heard about the easter egg hunt happening this morn. it's not going to be too bad at least for this morning and even into the afternoon. right now, mild start. temperatures independent mid-50s. it is muggy. you'll notice that, espec lip as we get into the afternoon. a little bit of a sea breeze into san francisco and oakland. winds out of the southeast in morgan hill. a few sprinkles across the north bay. more showers there off shore. what we're going to get today will be partly to mostly cloudy skies and a few showers moving through from west to east.
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you could see a few there for early afternoon. especially across the higher hilltops. skies maybe clearing a little bit towards afternoon. notice here we're looking at scattered showers and scattered sunshine for saturday. things are going to start to change by this time tomorrow. you can see the low here off shore. more moisture off shore. here's where the heavier rain is. counterclockwise spin. this is where the significant rain is lunch irking. today, increasing clouds. very likely. more rain due in late in the day into tonight. by this time tomorrow, as this low continues to move towards the coast, fortunately by easter sunday, looks like it's going to be parked right on top of us. cool air aloft. moisture and heating in between the clouds. isolated thunder even during the morning. sunday, a mixed bag. sun at times. higher chance of seeing rain. yes, a chance of thunder there for sunday afternoon. the future cast showing you by tomorrow morning now a little
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bit of a different story. more widespread rain and potential for briefly heavier rain. aptz you go through the rest of your easter morning, you can see a few scattered showers and rain at times. not a complete washout. but more significant rainfall is expected for your sunday. and as we head into sunday night into monday, not the best timing there. things are going to start to clear out as we get to the workweek. temperatures climbing actually as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. it's going to be pretty mild day. even with the clouds, should still manage plenty of 70s. especially the south bay and trivalley. partly cloudy conditions. chance of a few scattered spring showers today. 65 degrees around san francisco. we'll see those numbers in the upper 60s, even near 70. so as that low moves in towards us tonight, notice the rain should pick up in spots. maybe some isolated thunder too. that's your easter sunday forecast. just a little bit of sunshine thrown in. a cooler finish to the weekend. and then monday, tuesday, into wednesday, high pressure will build in.
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a couple of days of dry weather. temperatures back in the 70s. and then the timing doesn't look that good for next weekend. it does seem we're going to see a little more rain. a little more sierra snow. we do need the rain. it knocks down the pollen. it cleans out the air. the sierras should get a little more snow. this system pretty warm. that one coming in for next friday and saturday could drop it low. so for easter sunday plan, have is the umbrella or bring things -- >> you said use the plastic eggs, maybe not the ones that are with food color -- >> something waterproof might be good. >> we'll put them in zip lock bags. thanks, rob. well, getting into college is tough. >> you're up against these people that are champions in what they're doing. at some points, even i was, like, i'm not going to get in. >> these kids not letting the competition get them down. the ways they are trying to get
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into the school of their dreams.
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it is the time of year when many high school seniors are opening the mailbox and hoping for that thick admissions packet instead of the flimsy rejection letter. a story of how many local students are getting creative in hopes of getting noticed to get in. >> reporter: it's a numbers game. one high school seniors are a little nervous to play. college acceptance rates continue to drop. at cal, the number went from 25.5% in 2011 to just 21% in 2012. same story at harvard. and stanford. that's the dream school for alex greene. he caught the national spotlight on huff ug on it post and read it with the app he made to apply to stanford. the 17-year-old from new york city spoke with us via skype. >> so i just kind of thought,
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what do i have to loose. >> there is a lot of pressure. >> reporter: this student is also 17, a senior in high school. >> everyone is extremely focused. >> reporter: she decided early on to focus too. not just on s.a.t.s but raising money for kids fighting cancer. designing cesses dresses and hospitaling two fashion shows. >> i raised around $10,000. people were, like, oh, no, what are you doing, like, you're putting your grades at stake. >> reporter: the pressure she says can be suffocating. >> when you think about it, you're up against these people that are champions in what they're doing and at some points, i mean, even i was, like, i'm not going to get in anywhere. >> reporter: erin andrews knows. she was a former admissions assistant director at stanford. >> with 30,000 application, every year and about 20 people to sift through those. >> reporter: she says if the student's grades are competitive, her passion will
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set her apart from the rest. andrews says students should focus on fewer things instead of drowning in a sea of extracurricul extracurriculars. >> say, you know, music and physics, then maybe i will do something around acoustics and figuring out how to craft the perfect room. >> reporter: as for greene, andrews hasn't seen his application but she had seen his app. >> the admissions officers might not even see it. >> reporter: she says additional letters and links like this one can work against a prospective student. >> the admission officer says, more material to read. >> reporter: greene's app is a no brainer for this stanford teacher. >> for me the point is the fact he did it and put it the on redit and other popular forms on the internet. >> reporter: in fact, he retweeted a link and says seconds later greene tweeted him back and started a public conversation. >> i think he's being really savvy about how he's using social media to put his foot in the door. >> reporter: stanford bound or
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not, students have a jump on their future. stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. police officers in oakland are sheriffi inshaving their he good cause. officers will shave their heads to show their support for kids fighting cancer at oakland children's hospital. the annual fund-raiser raises money for life saving cancer research. good sports. still ahead on "today in the bay," tensions continue to rise. this morning, south korea reacts to north korea's declaration of a state of war.
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good morning to you. looking live at the bay bridge in san francisco. lots of fog there. we expect to see showers all around the bay area through the weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez. it is a weekend when lots of folks are celebrating easter.
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perhaps indoors this year. >> tomorrow morning i think. this morning, we have some mist and drizzle with fog. a few widely scattered showers showing up. you might notice, you almost need a jacket. we have mid-50s out there to kick off your morning. with the moisture coming in, we will have a few scattered showers at times. you can see more the moisture is going off shore. we'll get partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. today's probably the drier of the two weekend days. our temperatures today what you're going to notice, as those showers start to pick up in intensity tonight, we're going to see those numbers overnight into tomorrow morning. also staying in the mid to upper 50s. kind of a muggy air mass outside. by 1:00, 70s around the south bay. bean some mid-70s possible for areas today. tomorrow, could have a chance of some thunder at times. we'll talk more about the easter sunday forecast coming up in just a few moments. >> thank you very much, rob. tension is escalating on the
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korean peninsula as north korea declared a state of war against south korea. that announcement made on state tv today. quoting a government statement. north and south korea have technically been in a state of war for decades because the korean war ended in a cease-fire in 1953 and not with a peace treaty. north korea has recently threatened attacks against south korea and the unid states amid ongoing joint military drills. south korea's defense ministry respond to the latest threat this morning. saying it is, quote, unacceptable. a spokesman says south korea is, quote, keeping full military readiness posture to secure people's lives and safety but he did not elaborate. investigators are trying to find out what caused a parachute accident in arizona that killed a member of the elite s.e.a.l. team 6 and injured another. the accident happened thursday during a routine training in morano arizona about 25 miles northeast of tucson. the unidentified s.e.a.l.s were
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practicing free falls when they clyde e collided midair. all teams receive expensive parachute training often required for rescues. s.e.a.l. team 6 carried out the raid that killed osama bin laden. the city of new york continues to try to identify the remains of more than 1,000 people missing since the 9/11 attacks. 60 truck loads of construction debris collected from areas around the world trade center site will be sifted for human remains over the income ten weeks. starting today, several agencies will sift through this material at a mobile platform on staten island. any human remains will be analyzed by the medical examiner's office for possible dna matches to the 9/11 victims. so far, remains of 1,634 people have been identified. 2,750 people were killed at the world trade center. another tragedy has struck one of the families affected by the massacre in newtown,
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connecticut. the house that the barth family called home for four years went up in flames on wednesday. the two children who survived the shooting at sandy hook elementary school were not home at the time. the family lost nearly everything that they owned. the family dog was also killed in that fire. the parents say nothing can compare to the tragedy at their children's school where they lost 20 of their classmates. >> that day, we picked our kids up. we picked them up. we took them home. we held them. we loved them. this is our home, yes. but it's a house. >> i think the experience in december made us strong enough to see this as a small thing. >> the red cross is now assisting that family. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area news. a firefighter who nearly died while battling a fire sev months
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ago will be back on the job on monday. frank ryan, a 17-year veteran of the department, and a veteran of 20 years of experience as a paramedic suffered a heart attack while fight ago fire at st. patrick's cathedral. he says he remembers feeling extremely nauseous and he tried to lay down in one of the trucks but doesn't remember anything after that. he says he is thankful his life was in the hands of his fellow firefighters. >> from what i understand, my heart stopped at least three to four times. two at the scene and two at the hospital. >> people followed their training and acted very quickly and initiated care that really saved frank's life. >> a special welcome back breakfast will be held in ryan's honor at fire station one on monday morning. then it's back to regular duty. a fire in the east bay nearly killed ten english bulldogs. fire crews in concord responded to reports of a fire at a home in hillsborough drive last night. they found at least ten bulldogs
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locked up inside cages. fire officials say the smoke was so heavy that it the dogs could have very well died if they hadn't gotten out of the house in time. they say all of the dogs are thhealthy and doing fine this morning. the small fire appears to have started in the kitchen. no one was home at the time. the family of a vta worker killed on the job in san jose speaking out this morning. the employee died after he was hit by a bus being driven by a co-worker. the service worker was cleaning and fueling a bus when he was struck by another bus. this happened at the chaboya bus yard on south seventh street tuesday night. the family says they took him off life support on thursday. saying he was just two months away from retirement. >> it definitely causes a lot of concern regarding the company and the safety measures that they do take or do not take at these places. it's just so sudden, something
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like this, tragic could happen. >> nbc bay area obtained information on the number of accidents at the division yard since 2002. we found there have been at least 63. a vta spokesperson says safety is the company's top priority. and promises a thorough investigation into what happened. hundreds of parents, neighbors and even complete strangers gathered in san jose in hopes of helping this little boy, 6-year-old eduardo grivaheda, who needs a bone marrow transplant. the line was very long at the bone marrow drive at river glen school yesterday. all of these folks hoping to be a match. this man showed up because his own grandmother was assisted by a donor. >> i came because my grandmother in the past had a bone marrow transplant, and i felt that my payback maybe one day can help someone else. >> the members of san jose's metro unit or the s.w.a.t. team
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is -- also got swabbed this week. they showed up to visit eduardo and make him an honor airy memb han rary member because he wants to be a swot team member when he grows up. distracted driving -- >> i'm scott budman on the eve of the crackdown on texting and driving, we found a new piece of technology that might keep you safe. plus, a tiny door getting a lot of attention in san francisco.
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and we are looking live at one of the piers along the water this morning. it is going to be wet later on. we need the rain. the bulk of it's coming on easter morning. the problem of distracted driving has gotten so bad and so deadly that the california
7:37 am
highway patrol's calling april distracted driving month. now, there's a piece of technology to try to curb the danger. scott budman shows us how it works. >> reporter: it's still a big problem. texting and driving. and while the focus is on teen drivers, let's be honest. we adults are at fault too. >> i've seen my dad text a lot when he drives. but i think -- >> we adults do it too. >> he's sort of like swerving as he's going. >> reporter: now a piece of technology called cell control wants to fight back against distracted driving. it's a small device that when plugged into your car, renders your mobile devices usological when in the car. >> i think i would be supportive of it. i feel like maybe you don't need something external to prevent
7:38 am
you. >> reporter: 1 in 5 drivers of all ages admits to serving the web while driving. enough to drive the chp to distraction. they're supportive of the technology too. >> anything we can use technologywise that can help us enforce and help prevent and save lives. i mean, that would be an asset. >> reporter: getting your hands and mind off your device and keeping your head in the game. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," what's behind this tiny little door. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. good morning. here's the view from san jose. interesting day. low level haze over downtown. high level clouds above. eventually, we'll see more clouds leading to a chance of spring showers.
7:41 am
outside, it's kind of a mild start to the morning. we've got mid-50s. san jose, 55. coolest spot right now, at 50. these are fairly muggy conditions. tropical moisture coming up in the clouds you just saw. breeze across the bay into san francisco and oakland which will keep things running cooler around the inner bay and peninsula. so far, we've only seen scattered light showers out towards maran county and parts of the north bay. most of the showers still lurk offshore. a few passing showers. possibly around the coastal range or around the east bay hills. but things are going to be changing tomorrow. as you see more moisture. an area of low pressure on the approach will change the forecast just in time for easter sunday. pretty clear to see what's happening here. area of low pressure spinning off to the west. today, it's going to be tossing increasing clouds. a chance of showers increasing.
7:42 am
unfortunately, by this time tomorrow, the low, which is off to the west today, it's going to be sitting right on top of the bay area tomorrow. you couple that with the cool air aloft. it's going to increase the instability. we get some thunder at times for your easter sunday. periods of rain. not a complete washout. today is the better of the two weekend days if you want to try to get that easter egg hunt in today. tomorrow, with that low sitting on top of us, that is the day we think, tomorrow, we'll see more showers. during the day, it's not going to be nonstop rain, bub these passing kind of bands of showers that push through the bay area. monday to tuesday, skies are going to clear, except into the hills. the north bay hills may see stray showers there. the trend through the middle of the week will be dryer weather and warming temperatures. today, despite the fact we have a chance of a few showers in the forecast, it's still going to be warm.
7:43 am
we should see 70s in parts of the south bay. maybe the trivalley too. not too bad today. partly cloudy skies. highs in the 60s around san francisco and oakland. but during the day tomorrow, as that low moves right on top of the bay area, this is the window of opportunity for seeing the most rain for the weekend. off and on showers. then for sunday afternoon into monday, skies start to clear out. showers shut down. heading to the middle part of the week. we start to see some morning fog. things looking fairly dry. friday, maybe another cold system dropping in from the northwest. which will toss up some more rain and some snoel our way. again, we've been saying today's the better day for the easter egg hunt. tomorrow, could see a mixed bag of everything. >> they put leftover salad in the eggs -- >> they're being health conscious i guess. >> i was applauding it but i was not eating it. >> charming. >> yes. well, there is a mystery unfolding in san francisco's
7:44 am
golden gate park. not a big mystery, in fact, it's a very, very tiny one. "today in the bay" has the story. >> reporter: you don't always know what's behind a door. some doors lead out. some doors keep thingses in. sometimes doors have their own door. but it's a tiny door in golden gate park that's getting more attention than most doors do. >> i came across the door on flicker one day, thought i'd check it out. >> reporter: this tiny door showed up about a week ago in the base of an elm tree on the park's concourse. >> just out of the normal. something like nice and small but pretty cool. makes my day that much better. >> reporter: no one known also how it got there or why. >> i don't know if any squirrels live inside of it. >> reporter: it's a simple low-tech door carvefed wood with a hinge. news of its appearance has spread. >> we got a little message from the richman blog and deep sided to take a look and look for the
7:45 am
nome house. >> a bunch of, like, notes and stuff. it's like a little house. >> reporter: like other things that show up in places they normally don't, people have come to see the door. some leave notes. >> i like cheesecake. >> reporter: some find notes. >> it reminds me of "alice in wonderland" and i actually opened the door and i saw a couple of notes and it just said, like, "i like cheesecake. ". >> reporter: some see just a door while others ponder what's on the other side. >> there's another note. flowers. acorns. >> i think it's just magical. there's something more to the park than just, you know, humans. >> reporter: the humans with the parks department say, for now, they aren't closing the door on the door. >> as of now, we don't have any plans to do anything but just leave the elf door and continue to take care of golden gate
7:46 am
park. >> reporter: while some doors are built to keep people out, this one's drawing them in. >> i think it brings the community together. >> reporter: and even with nearby museums devoted to art and science, it seems it's a tiny door in an elm tree that's cracked open the door to imagination. >> it's cool. who wouldn't like a little door in a tree? >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> i agree with that kid. still ahead on "today in the bay," the giants lock in n.l. mvp buster posey for the next nine years. we'll he from him about what he says about staying put in the city by the bay. ♪ alright, let's go.
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looking live at odot coliseum where they will wrap up the bay bridge series later this
7:50 am
afternoon. it is the final tune-up for both teams before the regular season kicks off. last night, the cross bay rivals battled it out at att park. the giants third baseman signals home to give the giants a 2-1 lead. the orange and black hang on to game two of the series. now 3-1. an injury robert on pablo. he had to leave the game last night because of a injury to his elbow. his status for opening day is now in question. one man who will be there on opening day and for the next nine opening days, if all goes according to plan, is buster posey. the giants agreeing to a nine-year contract, a deal that includes a club option for 2022. that could raise the value for the catcher to $186 million over a decade. posey says he is both honored
7:51 am
and excited to be a part of the giants family for years to come. >> i enjoy the challenge of trying to get better. i enjoy, you know, the ups and downs that baseball brings. i'm excited to get to put on this uniform and go to work with all these guys and all my te teammates for the next nine years. >> he's truly an amazing talent and person. i couldn't be happier for him. he's just a pleasure to work with. >> many giants fans were concerned this day wouldn't come. you might remember this injury in 2011, when buster posey was slammed at home plate during a collision. he bounced back, though, better than ever, leading the team to another world series championship in 2012. posey's contract is the largest in san francisco giants history. posey was one of the many giants players both former and current on hand for the organization's annual play ball luncheon yesterday at the union square
7:52 am
hilton in san francisco. the players were joined by more than 1,500 fans eager to see the world champion giants back on the field for the regular season. as you would expect, the biggest ovation went to the heart of the giants organization. >> for us to kick off the season and get to see the really excited fans. >> our annual preseason function we love, you know, really helps a lot of kids and gives them a chance to, you know, play sports or any kids that don't quite have -- and players love coming here. we're overwhelmed by the support we get here. it's a great thing. >> the event benefits the giants community fund and the junior giants program. 49er tight end vernon davis can add business owner to his resume. a brand-new jump ba juice opened at the river mark plaza in santa claire yesterday. not an ordinary jamba juice
7:53 am
though. this one is called vernon davis jamba juice and maybe the first one to be named after its owner. his fans filled his facebook page. saying not only they plan to visit but they're also calling for a special jamba juice named after vernon davis himself. coming up next, look at this face! cuter than an easter bunny. we have a smiling little terrier mix. we'll tell you how you can adopt this one coming up.
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we have our special friend from pets in need this morning. lisa joins us with carrie. she almost has a human face i think. she looks like a cartoon dog. >> she does almost. she sort of has this little permanent grin about her. she's a baby. she's only about ten weeks old. so she's a little puppy. we think she'll grow into a nice sized medium dog. she has a wonderful personality. she's a little afraid right now of cameras. >> well, who can blame her? she's so cute.
7:56 am
you don't think she's a chihuahua mix, she's just been running with the chihuahua crowd. >> she has been running with the chihuahua crowd at the shelter and i think sometimes they feed off of each other and she's picked that up a little bit. >> oh, that's so funny. she's supercute, she's ready to go. >> on thursday, on thursday. >> okay, we won't tell her what's happening before then. i think we can guess. if you want to find out more, you can go to lisa, thanks for coming in. and hope the easter bunny is good to you tomorrow. thank you so much for making us a part your morning. we will have more local news for you tonight. and of course any time of day
7:57 am
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