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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 2, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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news this morning. the north korean government is threatening to shoot down u.s. fighter jets in retaliation to sanctions imposed by the u.s. and the united nations. the sanctions came in response after north korea's nuclear test back in february. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has the very latest from washington. take a look at north korea's target practice on pictures of u.s. soldiers and new animation shooting down u.s. planes. the white house says, so far, all talk and no action. >> despite the harsh rhetoric, we are not seeing changes to the north korean military posture. >> as of this morning, we have stealth fighter jets and bombers overhead and a navy destroyer headed that way. >> you have to let them know that we are around. even if they consider these rhetorical flourishes. >> i don't think we can take anything for granted.
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the united states, south korea and our other partners in that region have to be very prepared in the event that something could happen here. i think the greater likelihood is miscalculation. >> south korean officials held a security meeting overnight. people on the streets there don't seem worried. >> i really don't think people are thinking that they are going to come and attack us, because america has our back. >> kim jong-un has cut off emergency ties to world leaders and says his missiles are ready but hasn't recalled workers from factories near the south korean border. just threat of war raises concern. >> people are concerned that a provocation could get out of hand. there is a response and it escalates. that's the concern this morning, plus the possibility that north korea could sell its nuclear weapons to iran. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new this morning, investigators looking into what caused a fire that burned through an apartment in
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sunnyvale overnight. crews say when they got to that scene, they found one apartment on fire and starting to spread up to the attic. firefighters say it took them about a half hour to finally get it under control but they were able to keep it from spreading to other units. the people that live inside that apartment on ariva drive were not home at the time. >> they had to take their dog to the veterinarian. we don't know if that is a result of the fire or it was something else that caused them to leave possibly a pot on the stove or something like that. >> just as a precaution, the crew did stay on the scene into the morning hours watching for hotspots. >> 4:34. this morning marks a sombre university for a small christian college. seven people were gunned down there on april 2nd, 2012. this saturday, a memorial concert will be held at st. paul's episcopal church.
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the former student that caused the shootings is undergoing psychiatric treatment. a bill would create a permit system to buy ammunition. a third bill would propose a 10% tax on ammunition sold right here in the state with that revenue going towards crime prevention efforts. the bills will first be heard by smaller committees before going to the full legislature. the man accused of slamming into a series of cars before careens into a san jose walmart will face a judge. police say he appeared to be on drugs when he smashed into the walmart and jumped out of cart and started attacking people. four people were hurt, including a walmart employee.
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coming up at 5, we are going to hear from one of the people who saw it all go down. >> peninsula police on the lookout for a thief that apparently can't keep his mouth shut. south san francisco police calling this man the chatty thief. they say he walks into a store or office and poses as a customer having very long conversations with different employees. when they are not looking, he rips off their apple devices. police say he has hit at least eight times since the end of february, in both burlingame and south san francisco. he goes by the name mike or michael. he has shaggy brown hair but reportedly shaved it off sometime last week. hayward wants to keep online gambling out of the city for a little while longer. city council will discuss whether to extend a temporary ban on computer gaming businesses and internet sweep states cafes similar to this one. they offer las vegas style
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gambling games. a moratorium was first enacted in february but it is about to expire. hayward officials are considering reviving zoning laws mike honda all set to face some pretty stiff competition. former obama administration official, roe khana announcing he will run for that seat. president obama himself has already endorsed honda. he told the news he is grateful for the president's support and will take this race like he has all others in the past very seriously. he has represented the area, including fremont, santa clara, sunnyvale, coupe per tina, milpitas and parts of san jose. christina, how does it look? it feels like a monday we it is tuesday. >> we noticed you weren't here
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yesterday. we welcome you back as well as jon kelley. he decided to take all week off. we are still feeling that. 47 in livermore to start the day. 52 in san jose and 51 in gilroy. you know what, it is that time. a lot of people have the kids at home. spring break continues. in fact, some people just started that spring break as of yesterday. so what i can tell you is, getting outdoors today and tomorrow, looking really good otherwise. we have those showers in the forecast. a lot of rain headed our way. 47 degrees to start in livermore. chilly enough for a coat. you can leave the umbrella at home, nonetheless. you might be using your windshield wipers. we have the stick, drizzle and fog setting up. santa rosa dropping off to a half mile visibility. they had ten miles when we started the show. to show you how quickly fog develops, very quick-forming. you can see mostly fog dwri conditions over the greater bay area. travel cautiously today. by 9:00, we see the marine layer peel back out to sea.
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temperatures that are pretty comfortable. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 67 on the way to gilroy. 70 to livermore. 66 on the east shore in fremont. looking good in napa and santa rosa. 63 in san francisco. i'll have your full forecast. we gave mike the day off. want to find out if there are any problems on the road with anthony slaughter. >> don't have many problems. there is one concern. checking the website a minute ago, in the south bay on 237 eastbound, a report of a driver actually driving on the highway the wrong way. so if you are using 237 this morning in the next few minutes, a head's up at great american express way. make sure that you pay attention this morning, specially if you are going to be using 237 in the next few minutes. otherwise, no accidents as of yet. thanks very much. today, pg&e will perform safety inspections on its natural gas pipelines in daly
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city. they will vent natural gas near 19th south of brotherhood way. it should last throughout the nate. pg&e is inspecting their gas system after the deadly explosion. all tests should be done by the end of the month. we can add another bay area community to that growing list of cities supporting same-sex marriage. last night, the palo alto city council passing a resolution opposing prop 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage and agrees to fly the rainbow flag in front of city hall. several other cities showing their support for gay rights last week as the u.s. supreme court heard two separate cases dealing with same-sex marriage. decisions on those cases are expected this june. the april fools prank that goes terribly wrong. why a pair of regular d.j.s were yanked off the air. inching in on apple's territory.
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welcome back. a live look outside from the
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port of oakland, one of the most illuminated places at this hour. a dubious distinction for the city of stockton. the biggest city in the nation to declare bankruptcy. u.s. bankruptcy judge has accepted the city's application, which means stockton will be allowed to reorganize and avoid completely repaying some of its creditors the fight over smart phones in that market could become more crowded. menlo park's facebook expected to announce it is working on its very own smart phone. amazon could be following suit. for the details on that and a list of other interesting nuggets, we turn things over to bertha coombs. bertha, good morning. >> good morning, jon. futures are higher. the stock posted small losses on monday, pretty low volume. the number of european markets and asian markets were closed for the monday after easter. the s&p 500 index sow its first
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loss on the first day of a new quarter in more than a year. we are going to get data on factory orders, the dow ended the day down five points to 14572 while the nasdaq lost 28 to 3239. mr. kindle is meeting kindle. amazon has hired charlie kindl who spells his name differently than the popular software device. he left in 2011. he isn't saying what his new role will but he says he is the director of something secret on his linked in page. the rumor may start to spin on whether amazon is thinking about its own phone. i am director of something secret here at cnbc, so secret i don't know what it is. >> you have really got my attention. we will have to continue this conversation later.
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>> mysterious woman there. time to check the forecast now with meteorologist, christina loren. >> we are not keeping it confidential today. we are looking good. we are going to put it out for the universe to enjoy. that's a beautiful forecast starting with good air quality thanks to all the tlan came through. i can't tell you enough how oakland picked up an in1 3/4 in rain over the weekend. 52, san francisco. 46, napa. 45, novato. it is kind of chilly out there. you will need a coat that you can ditch by noon. we are going to hit the 60s. great-looking day shaping up. temperatures are mild. they are going to climb to 60, 65 degrees at noon and round out the day in the 70s inland. we are going to have to deal with this fog for the first part of the day until 9:00, 10:00 a.m. mid-morning.
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look what's headed our way for 8:00 a.m. on thursday. we get our next round of rain. we have a series of storms headed our way, plenty of opportunities for rain. what i can tell you right now is i wanted to start with this view of thursday because we have more on the way for sunday, potentially picking up another inch and a half, two inches of rain in the places that get the most. we need it right now. we stop the clock at 3:00 p.m. between thursday morning and thursday afternoon, it is going to be pretty active. we will get a nice, dry break on friday. temperatures will be similar to what we are experiencing today. 70 degrees in livermore. 68 degrees in san jose. temperatures aren't going to change all that much. look at saturday and sunday. whenever you see that cloud with the sideways rain, that means we are going to get a lot. that looks like sunday. you want to put that on your calendar. it looks like it will be the most active day. continuing showers for monday morning. we need that rain. we are, oh, so close to summertime. >> we do.
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at least you warn us. new this morning, a georgia city now requiring every household to own a gun and ammo. late last night, nelson city council approved the family protection ordinance which requires every head of household to maintain a firearm with ammunition. it is located 50 miles north of atlanta. it does not include a clause for people who object to ownership, convicted felons and people with certain physical or mental disabilities are exempt. there is no penalty if people do not comply. new this morning, los angeles police arresting a man in connection with a kidnapping and sexual assault of a ten-year-old girl. the young girl was abducted from her home in north ridge early last wednesday morning. she was found 12 hours later just wondering six miles away. police have not released any other details on this case but do not believe that suspect knew the family 4:49. the search for remains for more victims of the september 11th attacks have resumed.
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investigators have started sifting through about 60 truckloads of debris from construction crews working on the in you tower at the world trade center. they are expected to spend about ten weeks trying to identify remains. the last time this happened was in 2010, 2000. 750 people died at the world trade center in the 2001 terrorist attacks. only 58% of those remains have been identified. >> we have an update right now on the condition of nelson mandela. the former south african leader remains in the hospital where he is still being treated for recurring lung infection that has developed into pneumonia. the 94-year-old has been hospitalized for the past seven days and doctors say he is right now resting comfortably and spent the last nights with his family. a pair of morning radio d.j.s off the air after an april fools prank went a little too far. a hoax by val and scott in the morning sent people into a panic in southeastern florida.
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they joked that die hydrogen monoxide was coming out of the taps in lee county. for those that know chemistry, that's another word for water. many assumed the water was unsafe to drink which led to several calls to utility companies. the station's general manager immediately apologized. >> this messes with the big three, food, water and shelter. you can't mess with those. we did. the station spent the day apologizing through their other hosts. they suspended val and scott indefinitely. >> maybe she should be suspended for that promo picture. >> 4:50. from junior shark to one of the big boys. the bay area native that make history for their team last night. plus, jimmy fall on and jay leno team up. anthony slaughter in the traffic center tracking your traffic this morning.
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we're going to get you up to speed with all the very latest delays and if there are any accidents here on your area roadways. you are watching, "today in the bay."
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welcome back. tuesday morning, bright and early. the shot of the hp pavilion, the shark tank where your san jose sharks have put together a hot streak. they are riding five in a row, beat the canucks last night.
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4:54. it turns out the president knew something that most analysts just did not. he chose the cal women to come out of spokane region and he was absolutely correct. the bears beat georgia last night, 65-62. securing the team's very first final four appearance in school history. they now wait to see who wins tonight's basketball game between louisville and tennessee. >> there we go. you mentioned the sharks, john. they made history as you mentioned last night as well. one of the players did. check out matt tennyson from pleasantson. the sharks tweeted out this picture as he made his nhl debut. this marks the first time a san jose junior shark has suited up for the pro team. pretty cool. a lot of friends and family in the crowd for his debut. he had an assist as they beat the sharks, 3-2. >> awesome. sign some pictures, hand them
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out. it is 4:55. last night, host, jimmy fallon and jay leno, both from abc, finally addressing those rumors. >> a little phone conversation the two shared about fallon replacing leno on "the tonight show." ♪ ♪ tonight, tonight, why do they say we fight ♪ ♪ i like you, you like me ♪ we're okay ♪ tonight, tonight, who cares who hosts tonight ♪ ♪ >> wow! >> i didn't think it was him sing but the ending sounded like leno. >> the wild part was fallon had
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better lighting. leno looked like he was in a blue room. let's get over to anthony. what's happening outside? >> we don't have too much happening right now. there is an interesting scenario unfolding. not getting too much information from chb. 680 at mission boulevard, we are finding an accident on mission boulevard if we can get to that. i know i look good. you just want to stair at me rel morning. right there, you can see the yellow censors, because of the folks driving. you want to see the accident. it is on mission boulevard, not actually on the highway but the eastbound side of the ramp. you can see the yellow censors are on the westbound side. if you are taking the route, just remember that there is an accident right now. it should be cleared in the next few minutes. that's on mission boulevard. back to you. >> that pinstripe suit looks so strong. we try to keep you on camera as much as we can. 4:57. new information this morning
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about the bay bridge. engineers should have seen it coming a taxi cab driver crashes on highway 1. we'll let you know why that guy is now in jail.
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a san francisco cabby arrested after an early morning crash. we'll let you know what police say he was doing right before he went off the road. how sacramento plans on curbing gun violence by targeting bullet sales. i'm bob redell. i'll have the details of proposed legislation coming up in a live report. we're done with the rain. now, it is the thick fog we are watching for your morning drive. expect reduced visibility. we will let you know when it is expected to clear and when that sun will come out. warm day ahead. good morning. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. right now, things are smooth. you might want to get out the door before you can before it gets active. tracking it all for you here on
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"today in the bay." stay tuned. >> or just sit down and watch and wait. a lot of news ahead. a live look ahead at the embarcadero in san francisco. this is "today in the bay," april 2nd. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> bay area lawmakers taking a unique approach to gun control right here in california. instead of focusing on the guns, they are now taking a closer look at ammunition. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in milpitas. >> reporter: california regulates guns very much but not so much ammo. you have to prove you are 18 to buy bullets and 21 for a handgun. online, you can buy ammunition as much as you want.
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a state assembly committee will consider a bill put forward by democratic assembly woman that would make it harder to buy and sell ammo. it would require ammunition sellers to become licensed and buyers to not only present i.d. but allow their information to go into a state registry to make sure that they are not a criminal or someone with a mental health issue. the california rifle and pistol association tells the bay area news group it does plan to sue if this bill passes calling it, quote, a campaign of shame, unquote, against law-abiding citizens. state democratic lawmakers are pulling two other bullet-controlled bills as well. los angeles senator kevin deleon has presented a bill that would submit to background check and buy a $50 permit. another bill would put a 10% tax on ammo to pay for crime prevention. one gun seller tel t


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