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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 3, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's going to be another whirl wind trip. he is scheduled to knock out his four fund-raisers in less than 24 hours. tonight's agenda includes a cocktail hour, reportedly at the home of tom steyer, and then a dinner at the getty mansion in pacific heights. tomorrow morning, about 10:00, he will head to atherton for a pricey brunch at a private home reportedly of liz simonton, well-known philanthropist. brunch will set you back $4,000 a plate, including a photo with the president. 30 times 32,000, almost a million dollars that he could raise for that brunch alone. he will head to a noontime luncheon for 200 people scheduled at another private home in atherton. tickets not nearly as high, starting at just $1,000 a person. here is the thing. you can get in for free if you can convince three of your closest friends, three friends
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of yours to buy a ticket, you can walk in those doors for free or earn that ticket by raising $10,000. the president is scheduled to arrive at sfo tonight at 5:25. he leaves tomorrow, sfo, at 1:45. last time he was here in the bay area he raised about $3 million. we'll see how he does this time around. live at sfo, marla tellez. >> you fly, i'll buy. before the president arrives in san francisco, will he actually stop in colorado to continue that push for gun control. the president will call for universal background checks for gun buyers and a vote in congress on an assault weapons ban and limits on large capacity ammunition magazines. later today, connecticut lawmakers are expected to pass some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. legislation was negotiated by democratic and republican leaders. it will include background checks on all firearms sales. the expansion of the state's assault weapon ban and a ban on
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buying or selling ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds. we have a follow-up now on a month-long search for two bay area men wanted in a gold heist in yreka. johnson stole more than $1 million worth of gold and other items from a display case at a courthouse in yreka last year. a second suspect, scott bailey, is still out on the loose. with rain in the forecast, city leaders on the peninsula keeping a close eye on the san francisquito creek. all applying for a grant to install new flood gauge systems to rebuild levees and flood walls. if the funding is approved the changes could be in place by next winter.
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it's 5:05. we were talking about how nice it was out yesterday. i was on a contact high with that sunshine. >> if you want to soak up the sun, you have to do it early today, jon and laura. clouds increasing. temperatures, 55 to start in oakland. part of the reason it will be so warm this afternoon is because it's so mild to start the day. blaventh . blanket of clouds to start the day. we have a nice, mild start. our days are getting longer than our nights and that trend will continue, warmer mornings through the next couple of months. petaluma, 36 degrees. we haven't seen that kind of reading in a while. grab your coat. so cold in the north bay, we have the thickest pockets of fog. three-quarters of a mile. past the golden gate bridge in san mateo. looking pretty good there. we'll continue to update you on this throughout the morning. high pressure stays firm throughout the day, arcing up
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and around that ridge of high pressure. we call it a dirty ridge of high pressure. it will be completely clear out there. weather maker holds off until tonight. clouds, though, will steadily increase throughout the day today by noon, mix of sun and clouds by 4:00 pm. bay side, 72. and 68 at the coast today. one more time. 68 degrees at the coast today. it's going to be really nice out there. not a lot of sunshine, but beautiful temperatures. i'll have that rain forecast, pinpoint it to your doorstep. coming up next, we'll check your drive on a wednesday. good morning, anthony. >> good morning, christine. a couple of accidents. 37 at scaggs island road. traffic doesn't seem to have a problem as you can see on our maps. things moving smoothly there. another breakdown on the off-ramp at canal boulevard in richmond from 580 eastbound. again, not causing any slowdowns there. sunol, looking slow. you may have fog that develops as we head through that
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particular area. otherwise, things are good to go in the south bay. no major accidents to report here at 5:07. laura? >> anthony, thanks a lot. 5:07 right now. mayor chuck reed looking to speed things up in what has been a slow process in trying to move the a's down to his city. reed wants to have a one-on-one meeting with the commissioner of baseball. bob riddel is live with more. >> reporter: past four years because of major league baseball's slow stigdecision-ma process and objections on behalf of the san francisco giants. this letter was sent out by the mayor yesterday, to commissioner bud selig, nrd to try to motivate him into action, moving this process forward. he has requested a one-on-one
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meeting with selig, making the argument that san jose is serious about and committed to bringing the a's south. and the mayor said he would like to avoid, quote, additional litigati litigation. councilman sam licardo, suing major league baseball over this four-year delay. selig requested he hold off putting the measure on the ballot, which he did. san francisco giants have objected to the a's moving to san jose, claiming territorial rights. lou wolf tells mercury news he's okay with reed's letter to selig and hopeful this gets resolved in his favor. selig has not yet seen this letter from mayor chuck reed. we have a call into mayor reed's office and hope to have him some time within the hour later this morning to get his response to
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this letter he sent. bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:09. why the nba could soon includity first female player. team owner that says he's on board. >> this young lady can play ball. targeting bay area university. we'll tell you why. coming up. >> is it okay for ceo's to put sensitive information on twitter and facebook?
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on this wednesday morning, live look at the south bay. san jose with a nice orange sky out there. nice day with rain later in the week. it is 5:12 right now. zynga, officially launching its first real money online gaming site. zynga plus poker and zynga plus ca
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casino only available in the uk, help hopie i hoping to make a move to burst revenue. gaming and gambling sites are expected to be unveiled in the coming months. real money gambling is illegal in most states in the u.s., but the san francisco bay's company says it is planning to expand into other european markets later on this year. securities and exchange commission is giving companies the go ahead this morning to post financial data to twitter and facebook. scott mcgrew points out, they already were. >> yeah. in fact, lawyera one of those postings really raised this question about whether it should be legal. the answer is yes, so long as you warn your investors ahead of time. the case actually dates back to netflix, posting by reed hastings, to bragged on facebook that netflix had just reach a billion hours viewed. good financial news, but hastin hastings violate some sort of trading rule because he told
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facebook users before he told the rest of the world? hastings said that question was ridiculous because he has 200,000 follower on facebook, many are reporters and analysts and, therefore, it is just like telling the whole world. sec this morning agrees, though it says you should warn your investors you might tweet or post your business findings. >> bertha coombs is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, bertha. >> good morning. i tweet stuff all the time, as do you, i know. futures are pointing to a higher start after stocks posted decent gains on tuesday. dow and s&p 500, both closing at new all-time highs. health care was the leading sector, leading the way after the government decided to hike medicare reimbursement rates. we'll get data in just a minute, literally, 60 seconds on private sector jobs from adp.
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last month they reported 198,000 jobs created. later this morning we'll get news on the services sector from the institute of supply management. the dow raising 89 points to 14,662, nasdaq up 15 to 3254. we won't say how long it will take for the nasdaq to get to an all-time high. back to you. >> 5,000 some. up to the minute news. we'll have that adp number for you in a little bit. normally 97% off jcpenneys would be a good thing. not when it's your salary. board of directors at penneys cut his pay. he came from apple where he was responsible for apple's wildly successful stores. his same ideas have bombed at the department store. one of his ideas, we talked about this before, was to have everyday low prices instead of sales. why charge people extra, then cut that?
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it turns out people love sales, even if they're paying more on other days. so that's how penneys and every other retailer works these days, the price up here and then they cut it. people tend to like that more than just paying the lower price. >> you feel like you're getting a deal i guess. >> i guess. >> interesting study in psychology there. that's what they do, mess with our minds. 5:15 right now. christina loren is here. you like to shop. >> i do. 40% or better, you are getting a deal. >> there you have it. >> it has to have that 40% margin. we have about a 30% chance based on most of our models forecasting this rain for the weekend. so let me tell you what i think. i think we're going to get rained on and it will be pretty substantial. 50% chance. i'll talk about that in a minute. that's the tricky part. we know it's going to rain tomorrow. we'll get to that first. starting with the fog, not going to last all that long. stopping the clock on your
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future cast, fog will fill in the entire bay. keep that in mind. mostly cloudy conditions overall our local bridges until about 10:00 am. little bit of a break. mid and low-level clouds as it tracks closer to the coastline. it's here at 4:00 am. heaviest moisture comes through right at the heart of your drive. it will be a rough commute to work tomorrow. a lot of kids have spring break off. you won't have to contend with all the parents on the road but count on dangerous driving conditions as the heart of the storm comes through right in the heart of your morning drive. it won't be quite as organized at that point. turning spotty overnight at 3:00 am friday. pretty substantial break. showers in the forecast the first part of friday as well. here is where it gets tricky. another area of low pressure headed our way. this will arrive late saturday night into sunday. most forecast models take the tail end of it through the bay area. others bring that area of low pressure deep into the heart of
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the south bay. so i'm forecasting showers on sunday as well. i'll let you know if anything changes. at this point i'm sticking to it. monday to tuesday, it looks pretty good. more rain on the way for next thursday. we're talking about at least one to two days of rain in the forecast. april, overall, is looking active. let's see how active your drive is picking up with anthony slaughter. >> thank you, christina. area roadways, let's take you to the golden gate bridge. very light. little fog developing. remember those headlights as you make your way through that specific location. take you to another vantage point down in the east shore freeway, approaching the golden -- the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems there. little further south into the bay bridge toll plaza itself, actually, you can see things moving very smoothly there a little farther south. even into fremont, no problems to report. really a light commute this morning and in the peninsula -- san mateo bridge -- got to get
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all my roads right. got to remember what i filed when i get up here. 5:18. it's still early. san mateo bridge, moving smoothly. and there's palo alto on the peninsula side. no problems to report. an accident just reported. not a lot of information. let's flip over to the traffic maps and we can see. it's on the dumbarton bridge. they're seeing some slowing. west 84. an accident just reported. not getting too much information from chp. we'll check back with you in a few minutes. 5:18. back to you guy. >> thanks, anthony. set to take part in a pilot program from the homeland security, aimed at responding to disasters. university of san francisco, one of seven schools selected for the campus pilot program. that program is set up to help colleges develop and share new ideas for responding to man-made and natural disasters.
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homeland secretary janet napolitano says the program will engage school officials and students along with community leaders. 5:19. apparently traveling with a gun last week because he wanted to take it to a las vegas shooting range. ceo for golden boy promotions, the promoter of the mayweather fight was arrested for trying to bring an unloaded gun on board the flight. the ceo says it was an innocent incident. highly anticipated fights against floyd mayweather will go on as planned next month. palo alto neighborhood, elderly man slams his car right into the side of the house, happening on boyce avenue east of the downtown area. that driver, who is in his 70s, also hit a man out on the front lawn.
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that victim ended up suffering a broken bone but is expected to be all right. as for the home itself, police say it was already scheduled to be torn down next week as part of a rebuilding project. the car in the side was not part of that project. police arresting the elderly driver for suspicion of driving under the influence. 5:20. dozens of concerts are getting the go ahead to be held at the america's cup pavilion in san francisco. city supervisors allowing it despite complaints from area residents. weekday events could end by 10:30 at night. weekend events would wrap up by 11:00. the venue will hold 9,000 seats. >> from sports, she is arguably the best female player in the history of college basketball. now this young woman could end up showing off her skills in the nba. that's right, i said the nba not the wnba.
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brittany greiner. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban, who knows how to make headlines, says he's considering drafting the 6'8" all american if she happens to be the best choice available when they make their draft. she is the second leading scorer in women's college basketball history and happens to be, again, 6'8" tall. she dunked throw ti ee eed thre game. she responded, quote, i would hold my own. let's do it. if she gets drafted, for the record, she wouldn't be the first woman ever drafted to the nba, lucy harris, drafted by the then new orleans saints. >> it can happen. >> yes. >> and could again. >> no woman has ever played, but she could be the first. it's 5:22. popular bay area foods could soon be served up at giants games. details next. pixar getting ready to make a spinoff of the ever popular
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"finding nemo." if you have kids, you know all about this one. find out what it's all about.
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welcome back, everybody. friday's home opener. greeted by some familiar smells. ones new to the ballpark, now featuring food from the san francisco classic restaurant. original joe's. i actually like that place a lot. the restaurant will be serving up lamb burgers, hot dogs and a new wine bar that will feature local wines. got to have vino at your ballpa ballpark. i don't even know how to say that. don't know what they are. fries. look forward to trying them. fries, gravy and cheese mixed together. in chicago we call those wet fries. >> there we go.
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i don't know. that's a party in your stomach or what. 5:25 right now. emeryville getting ready to make a sequel to its animation "finding nemo." ellen degeneres who voiced the unforgettable or really forgettable dory tweeted "it's official." it will take place a year after "finding nemo." it will have the original cast including nemo, dory and that tank gang. our household certainly will be there. >> you can watch it over and over. >> which is good because the kids do. 5:26. we watch in with christina loren to see what she can do about swimming us into the forecast. >> i like that bodacious turtle.
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it's not that warm in the water whatsoever. hop in, hop out. 68 at the coast is a warm day by bay area standards. 5:26. we'll time out that rain for you, come iing up. find out how good or bad we're doing on the roads with anthony slaughter. >> things are beginning to stack up at the bay bridge. it's only minor. early for this time of day, to see any real major stacking up. in the north bay, approaching the golden gate, no problems there. east bay, not a whole lot happening. just a few slow spots as you approach oakland down into the peninsula. over into 92 and into fremont, you can see things moving smoothly from the traffic maps. south bay, no problems to report. very smooth commute here at 5:27. jon and laura? >> pretty smooth. thank you, anthony. coming up, a new plan to try to change a well-known psychiatric ward into a south bay high school.
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what may have caused a massive water main break in san francisco that damaged almost two dozen homes. the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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new detail this is morning about a south bay paramedic shot in oakland hills. also your privacy at risk. police in one bay area city now talking about putting surveillance cameras at the front door of every bar. >> you can forget about the umbrella for the day. mild start. we're heading toward the 80s inland. tomorrow, heavy rain on the way. we'll time it out to your tour step. >> good morning. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. we'll get you up to speed with the latest traffic reports. downtown san jose, kind of quiet. at least by the hp pavilion right now. you made it to wednesday, april 3rd. this is "today in the bay."
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>> thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. gunman shot at a south bay paramedic and hit him. this morning, that man remains in critical condition. arturo santiago is live where the victim worked. >> reporter: the victim has been identified as 34-year-old quinn bowyer, works here at santa clara county ambulance. he was shot in the oakland hills. just before noon yesterday at the intersection of keller and hanson avenues, someone drove up to bowyer in his blue honda civic and shot him in the head. the honda rolled across the street and crashed down a deep ravine. he was taken to the hospital. at last word he was listed in critical condition. neighbors had already been talking about public safety and depleted oakland police force, forming neighborhood watch
5:29 am
groups, installed surveillance cameras. after yesterday's shooting some are considering even more drastic measures. >> it just makes me want to move. >> if somebody's being shot somewhere that might call that someone's walking around my house, it's not going to be their first priority. >> the driver of one vehicle spitted his vehicle, began to shoot into the victim's vehicle. the vehicle sped off and went into the ravine here. >> reporter: if anyone has any information, please call the police. quinn bowyer is in crit ical condition. so far, no motive for the shooting, and no arrests have been made. i'm arturo santiago, "today in the bay." a follow-up for you about the man police say drove straight through the front of
5:30 am
the san jose walmart. this is exclusive video from december 12th. barely missing two employees. police say haamid zaid was behind the wheel. he is accused of crashing his oldsmobile cutlass sunday. court documents show zaid told officers he had snorted meth earlier that day. he is due back in court tomorrow. in san francisco, supervisors now debating the role of surveillance cameras in bars. more liquor licenses are being provided and being approved under the condition that bar owners record customers coming in and out of their bar. now this goal is said to be to fight crime but supervisor scott wener says cameras should only be required if that bars had a history of fights or other crimes. bay area lawmaker wants to turn one of the oldest psychiatric care facilities in the state into a south bay high
5:31 am
school. bob wokowski of fremont wants to sell the now closed agnew's center to the santa clara unified school district. the rules committee will meet later today to discuss the bill. agnew's closed in 2009. new details on what may have caused a massive water main break in san francisco, ultimately flooding a total of 23 homes. city officials say work crews dug up a block of 15th avenue near winona street before that pipe finally burst on february 27th. investigators now are trying to determine whether that pipe was ever damaged during all that construction. a special office opened up yesterday to try to help those in the neighborhood impacted by all that flooding. at least six homeowners so far have filed claims against the city. neighbors have a chance to chime in on development plans
5:32 am
for the old san hojose civic center. the area up for consideration is right off interstate 880 and highway 87, the site of the santa clara county jail and old san jose city hall. santa clara county owns that property and wants to redevelop it for more county offices and perhaps business or residential space. the county will hold a community meeting tonight at the county government center at 7:00 to get input from the public on possible uses for that site. san jose mayor chuck reed wants to step up the efforts to try to move the a's to san jose and help his cause. reed looking for a sit down with commissioner of baseball. sending a letter to commissioner bud selig asking for a meeting to, quote, avoid additional litigation over the a's efforts to get a stadium in san jose. it's been four long years since san jose first started planning for a baseball stadium and still no answers. the giants, they object to this
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move, saying san jose is in their territory. this latest effort aimed at pushing the league to make some kind of move. >> no doubt you won't object to the great forecast for today if you like the sunshine. christina has it for us. >> or if you have those kids at home with you for spring break and you want to get them outdoors. today is the day to do so. tomorrow a lot of rain is headed our way. live picture, this is san francisco. you can see the high rise socked in with fog. we can barely make out a little bit of light coming through. i just want to point out, we will have thick pockets of fog right at the immediate coast all the way through mid morning. at the surface we're looking okay. fog is hovering at the 500-foot level for now. future cast tells the story. by 8:00 am, all that cloud cover pushes into the south bay. 10:00 till noon, sunshine and clouds steadily increase as an area of low pressure tracks closer to the coast. high pressure will stand firm. dirty ridge of high pressure because it won't be completely
5:34 am
clear out there. you'll see the clouds coming through all day long. eventually tonight it will weaken and head to the east, allowing that area of low pressure bring us some rain. we'll track scheuer showers on r for you 24 hours from now. mix of sun and clouds at noon. 4:00 pm, mostly cloudy conditions. inland, bayside, 72. 68 at the coast. give your heater and ac a break for today. tomorrow that rain comes in. we'll time it out for you. 5:36. first, let's see how well you're doing on the roads with our own anthony slaughter. >> thank you, christina. metering lights are not on at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's get you over to the traffic maps. usual hot spots are starting to stack up. antioch, starting to see the slow go on 4, altamont pass, slow go as well. livermore, things aren't completely stop and xw thego th
5:35 am
but you can see the yellow. traffic starts to stack up over the next couple of hours. wide open right now in the south bay. lots of green on the maps. no major issues to report. we are following an incident right now at 280 in bunker hill. we'll have more for you on that in just a little while. laura? plan ahead for this one or get stuck in traffic. live look at oakland where the warriors are home at the oracle and the a's are at it will be busy. parking is expected to fill up pretty fast. take public transit, if you can. new this morning, stanford announcing it's working with education group edx, to make it easier for schools to put classes online. it will release its source code for learning platform stanford's existing class to go platform.
5:36 am
the move will allow other schools to put classes online without having to pay other platforms or high cost to a promoter. air force one heads to the bay area today. what you need to know about the president's visit and if it could affect your ride home. america in mourning after the death of a woman who helped to create one of the most memorable childhood characters ever. well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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new signs this morning that tensions are escalating on that korean peninsula. north korea denying hundreds of south korean workers access to a joint factory park in the north. meantime, two u.s. stealth fighter jets are leaving south korea, now heading back to their base in japan. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with all the details. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. buses being turned around on video coming in from north
5:39 am
korea, south korea. those south korean workers who normally work in that factory were told not today. south korean workers already there were sent home. this is jointly operated but a change in policy for the north koreans as of this morning. also the u.s. focus on its policy in the region trying to protect its allies, south korea and japan work iing diplomatically. news from the pentagon that joint chief chair martin dempsey will be headed to china. china typically influencing what north korea does or perhaps in this case does not do. and dempsey is headed over to try to see if china can somehow intervene and prevent this from escalating. >> all right. tracie potts, thank you very much, from washington, d.c. we'll check with you later. later this afternoon, president obama will be making several stops across the bay area. the president will be attending
5:40 am
fund-raisers where he is expected to rake in big money for the democratic party. sneak peek at which cities the president will be visiting, marla tellez is live at the san francisco international airport. >> reporter: visiting san francisco and atherton, less than 24 hours, spending the night, scheduled to land here at sfo at 5:25 this evening. straight to san francisco where he is headed specifically to a neighborhood in san francisco known as billionaire's row. he certainly knows where to find all that money. all the money raised on this trip will benefit the democratic party. specifically the democratic congressional campaign committee and the democratic national committee. this is video you're looking at from his last visit in october. it's been about six months since he has been here. a cocktail hour reportedly at the home of hedge fund manager, philanthropist tom sayer and at the getty mansion in pacific
5:41 am
heights. reportedly house minority leader nancy pelosi is co-hosting tonight's event. tomorrow starts with a 10:00 am brunch in atherton at the private home of philanthropist liz simons. a plate will kocht you $32,400. that will also get you a picture with the president. if that's just a bit too steep, how about a lunch for $1,000? goldmans in atherton are said to be hosting the president's noon-time luncheon for 200 people. tickets for this luncheon start at $1,000. but there is a little bit of a catch. you can get into that luncheon for free. here is the thing. if you convince three friends to buy three tickets, you get in the doors at no cost. or if you're ambitious, you can raise $10,000 and that will get you in for free. all this information is posted on the democratic national committee website. that's where you can buy tickets and rsvp.
5:42 am
mr. obama is scheduled to fly out of sfo at 1:45 tomorrow afternoon. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> it won't just be supporters greeting the president in the area. many opponents protesting the keystone xl pipeline will march from san francisco to the home of ann and gordon getty. xl pipeline is an expansion of the keystone pipeline system which transports synthetic crude oil in canada to illinois, oklahoma and the gulf coast. opponents of the project are concerned over the effects of possible oil spills and other environmental impacts along that pipeline. keystone xl is awaiting the president's approval. classic annual marking of spring. today, the beginning of the peak cherry blossom season out in washington, d.c. according to the national parks service, blooming is supposed to be at its highest through the end of this week. park officials say peak bloom
5:43 am
occurs when 70% or more of the blossoms on its japanese yoshino cherry trees are open and in bloom. >> most of our bay area blooms on our fruit trees have already come and go. >> the plum blossoms are gone. we still have cherry blossoms. mike inouye actually hosts the cherry blossom festival every single year. we gave him the week off. we don't like to do it all the time. but we did give him the woek off. anthony slaughter is handling your commute this morning. he'll be along shortly. 5:45 now. taking a live look. this is san francisco. they have that red light activa activated. plenty of fog out there. blowing the foghorn on the bay this morning. 52 degrees in san jose. 51 in gilroy. we're actually looking pretty good for today. we'll see those clouds increase as we head throughout the day today. temperatures will climb to about
5:44 am
80 degrees inland. looking good there. look what meets us tomorrow morning. we all join up at 5:00 am. heavy downpours in parts of the bay area from santa rosa to novato. you see that yellow. moderate to heavy rainfall. it will be a rough commute tomorrow. some people still have that spring break going. that's good news. students off for spring break might make for a lighter drive. otherwise, plan on giving yourself extra time just in case. 4:00 pm tomorrow, start to clear you out. showers becoming less organized, more spotty at that point. we could pick up anywhere between half an inch, thre three-quarters an inch of rain out of this system alone. another one on its heels for late saturday into sunday. this one could provide another maybe three-tenths of an inch, half an inch, tallying up one inch of rain. we really need it at this point. we'll keep you updated on those tallies through the next couple of days. as we've been pointing out, that
5:45 am
did he ha deficit -- we'll make those numbers up as we head through the next few days. 78 in livermore, 72 in fremont. san jose, you know the way. 74 degrees. it will be nice down here in the south bay today. 66 for tomorrow. temperatures drop like a rock by about 10 degrees on average. then friday, we'll continue those showers for the first part of the day saturday into sunday. next round of rain. it looks like most of the moisture will come through sunday morning. we'll let you know if anything changes there. sunny, mild conditions. we'll be right back up to that 8 80-degree mark on tuesday before more rain returns thursday into friday of next week. i said it once. i'll say it again. rain chances every single week this month. and so that's very much so boding well to make up some of those averages. find out how we're doing on the roads this morning. sorry. it's a wednesday, anthony. we're almost to that weekend. how is that drive? >> it is a wednesday. wednesday typically not always the best. but, hey, you know -- almost the weekend. two days to go. 280. bunker hill. we have a dead animal in the
5:46 am
road here. if you're traveling on 28 0 through redwood city, headed northbound, that's where we're seeing a little bit of obstruction in the roadway. otherwise, south bay conditions looking pretty good. really nothing to report as far as any major accidents. take you outside. yesterday at this time we had an accident that was a cement truck that tipped over on its side. 101 northbound headed into san jose. traffic moving smoothly there. lots of cars on the road. foster city, san mateo bridge, things moving smoothly there. bay bridge, things are starting to stack up here. metering lights not on yet. cars starting to stack up. golden gate. little fog out there as well. make sure you have those headlights on. otherwise, no major accidents other than 280 at bunker hill with that dead carcass in the roadway. back to you guys. >> thanks, anthony. >> more controversy surrounding the boy scouts of america, two separate lawsuits reportedly
5:47 am
outlining violent sexual abuse and rape are set to be filed today, after the release of a so-called perversion files kept by the boy scouts. lawsuits being filed by washington state involve two young boys from back in the 1980s. their lawyer says one of the boys was allegedly raped by a director and then told to keep his mouth shut because nobody would believe him. the other lawsuit involves a former health officer, who allegedly forced his victim to strip down before sexually abusing him. both of those victims are now in their early 40s. it is 5:49. sad day for pbs as one of the founding members of its popular children's show, "the muppets" has died. jane henson died after battling cancer. she was married to jim henson. the couple met during a class in the 1950s.
5:48 am
jane henson was 78. no change this morning in the condition of former south african leader nelson mandela. network news reporting the 94-year-old continues to experience a problem with floui buildup in his lungs. spokesman denying that report, saying mandela is resting comfortably and not having trouble breathing. he has been in the hospital now the past eight days. pop star gifts to a girl hit by an arrow. may look like a bad situation there. but no need to panic, everybody. we'll tell you how this is part of an elaborate stunt. >> i think i would panic. amazing starting salaries, starting salaries in silicon valley. we'll take a look, coming up.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
welcome back, everyone. it's 5:5 3. special gift for the young girl shot by an arrow while on a field trip to uc berkeley. she just received a care package from pop singer taylor swift. she was shot by an arrow during a trip to the lawrence hall of science at berkeley last week. her mom sent us a photo of her very happy daughter yesterday. little nadine said she kept her mind off the pain by singing taylor swift songs. swift must have heard about it and delivered with some autographed memorabilia there. no one pays more than juniper networks, this from a nud study from glass door. not a bad way for a young kid to begin a career. >> i would say not bad.
5:52 am
$178,000 average starting salary. self reported salaries, second best is google at $124,000 and twitter, facebook and apple. here is a list nor you. they're all within a fairly close range with apple at the bottom of the top five. still, it's a lot of money for someone just out of college. apple starting engineers get paid on average $118,000 to start. all right. there are lots of intangibles when it comes to salary. google may be the best salary on that list. you have to factor in free food, on-site health care. google announce d, employee die, for instance, his or her spouse will get half a salary to help pay the bills. goldman sachs gave the company a sale rating. hp shares have been doing quite well. success story if you focus just on this year.
5:53 am
hp is up 68% in 2013. big news out of tesla was leases. you'll be able to lease one of those snazzy new tesla s sedans. if you factor in the fact that you're never going to pay for g gas, that drops to about $743 a month. if you can write the car off as a business expense -- i couldn't do that -- you could drop another 200 a month or so in savings. certainly nothing i can afford. but if you're a starting engineer at juniper networks, you'll be fine. >> yeah, right. >> huge announcement. leases. all right. >> we all listened. remember e.f. hutton? >> sure. let's check the meteorologimeteforecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> we may see more clouds than we like. cloudy conditions will be the story.
5:54 am
bayside 72. at the coast today, 68 degrees. this time tomorrow we'll be tracking showers on the radar. i'll let you know when the heaviest part of that storm system is slated to hit your household in the next report. first let's check that drive. mike has the day off. anthony is in the house. starting to stack up there, bay bridge. otherwise the typical buildups in those hot spots in ant yk and altamont pass as well. traffic maps, you can see we have an accident -- rather an obstruction in the roadway, 280 at bunker hill in the slow lane headed northbound. and also in the south bay you can see things moving smoothly the there. and things will continue to build up as we head through. we'll get you more come iing up a little bit. back to you. >> thank you very much. drivers in one southern california city serious double take following what we'll call an elaborate april fools joke. riverside businessman used a forklift to put a small aircraft
5:55 am
up on the fence out in front of his equipment rental store. why? i guess he thought it was funny, or he's bored. san bernardino county sheriff's department were notified about that stunt ahead of time. i'm sure a couple of calls to 911. >> i would imagine. >> 5:57. san jose's mayor fighting to bring the a's south. newest move by chuck reed. [ wind howling ]
5:56 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you...
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[ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. a man who saves lives every day on the job now clinging to life himself. a south bay paramedic becomes the target of gunfire. presidential visit to the bay area this time he's not pushing policy. we'll tell you what's on the president's agenda, coming up. and playing hard ball. the new way san jose is jump-starting the discussion to move the a's south. prepare for a major pattern shift in the weather department.
5:58 am
high pressure and 80s today to showers and 60s tomorrow. we'll time it all out for you in your full forecast. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. what's happening on the roadways and get you out the door on time. >> speaking of out the door, we take you to the south bay, a live spanning shot over the city. the sun slowly starting to peek up on a wednesday, april 3rd. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. a paramedic is in critical condition after being shot. arturo santiago is live.
5:59 am
>> reporter: no arrests have been made. the victim is a paramedic at santa clara county ambulance. the shooting took place in the oakland hills. now police haven't released the identity of the victim, 34-year-old quinn bowyer, who ended up crashing his blue honda civic down a ravine. that happened after he was shot in the head as he sat in his car at keller and hanson avenues before noon yesterday. he was taken to the hospital. at last word, he is in critical condition. as police investigate, neighbors in the area where the shooting took place are talking about the dangers of the neighborhood and their safety with the depleted police force. >> the driver of one vehicle exited his vehicle, began to shoot into the victim vehicle. the victim vehicle sped off and went into the ravine here. >> the police situation is known everywhere. the bad guys are taking advantage of it, coming up the


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