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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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active scene in san francisco. as you can see, president obama is giving back of his money, returning 5% of his pay in support of the thousands of furloughed workers. his base salary is $500,000 a year. 5% is $20,000, he will refund that money directly to the u.s. treasury. we want to know how much you will pay to dine with the president. call this number, text one for 500 to a thousand dollars, text two for a thousand to 1500, and text three, for more. text 4 if you wouldn't pay at all. and tweet us at nbc bay area. and earlier, president obama was in colorado pushing for new gun control measures. as he spoke, lawmakers in connecticut spent hours debating on what are supposed to be the most restrictive gun laws in the
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country. it would restrict the high-capacity magazines, expand the checks to all gun sales, fund the security upgrades and improve mental health coverage. it is in response to sandy hook elementary school shooting, that killed 26 children and six adults last december. >> i want the legislature to craft laws that protect people, while not violating the laws for law abiding citizens. >> the word is that congress is considering delaying the debate on new federal gun control proposals. and new details on the bizarre story, the man accused of driving his car through the front of a san jose walmart on easter sunday has apparently done it before. last night we brought you the exclusive pictures of the same man driving his car through a gas station in san jose in december. that led many people to ask why he was not in jail already. now the district attorney's office says there is no reason
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he should have been behind bars after the first incident. this is the surveillance video we're talking about. the silver lexus smashing through a car wash on capital expressway auto mall in december. after that crash, 33-year-old haamid zaid was arrested for felony possession of meth, and hit-and-run, next he was released on bail. then just days later, on easter sunday, he was arrested after smashing his vehicle into the walmart, and subsequently attacking four people with a blunt object. there were questions on why he was allowed the bail out after the first incident. >> there were really no significant indications, there were indications he had drug problems and he had no felonies, history of violence. you know, there is nothing looking at the history that would have flagged the fact that something like that was going to happen. >> reporter: zaid returns to court tomorrow for his first appearance related to the walmart attack. and tonight, a south bay
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paramedic continues to fight for his life after being shot in the oakland hills yesterday. meanwhile, his co-workers are leaning on each other as they struggle to deal with the shooting. grief counselors were on hand as the santa clara ems arrived. as they arrived, they were notified that their co-worker, clint boyar, who was drive in the oakland hills, somebody shot him in the head and caused him to crash down travine, his co-workers say it is difficult. >> it is something we go through every day. but the minute it happens to one of us it changes the game. >> the company says it has reached out to boyar's family to offer support. meanwhile, police are still looking for the shooter and trying to determine a motive. and tonight we're told a man shot in the chest by a napa police officer during a stakeout is expected to survive. police say 37-year-old pablo
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ramirez had surgery last night. he was wanted for violating parole after threatening to stab his wife last year. he was one of three men in a car that was under veins surveillance by the bureau. the agents approached the car, held one man at gunpoint, but another man got out of the car prompting an altercation, which ended with the officer shooting ramirez. and family and friends of the person shot are expected to gather at the memorial near the site of the fatal shooting. police say the man was shot and killed on saturday after being mistaken by a gang member, he was a ball player and was home for a surprise visit. his friends have now sent letters to the 49ers, the victim's favorite team, asking
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for their support. and last night the members of the team tweeted their condolences. >> i didn't even think they would respond, so just getting the support for everybody is so great. it means so much to me and to carlos and his family that these players actually read it and are praying, and thinking about jacob. it is so great, man. >> tonight's gathering near the family's home is meant to be both a memorial for the victim and a call to the end of the violence in the city's michigan district. the force is not with them, instead they're being forced out. about 150 people are being let go at lucasarts, the division of lucas films. they made video games to coincide with star wars. lucas has their own game division, so they're letting go of the bay area employees. they will revive the franchise,
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they say. and jeff looking at major changes. that is right, temperatures in the mid-80s, a few in the upper 80s, sunnyvale, and santa rosa at 74, temperatures back into winter here as we head through the next 24 hours, let's look at the spring storm for thursday, you have the cold front offshore, sub tropical moisture feeding into it, as well. a nice plume of moisture here in the next 18 hours, on the doppler radar, most of the rain near yreka, stepping south and impacting the north bay first as we head into thursday. let's look at the highlights here throughout the night, mainly cloud cover increasing throughout thursday, that is the rain day forecast. the temperatures drop 10 to 20 degrees. some of the highlights will be the windy weather at the coastline. right now if you want to ski up at the sierra, well, too bad for
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you right now. it is very warm for the sierra snow. we'll talk about the trend and what it means coming up. okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. also, outside, a live look at sfo, we expect at any moment the president's arrival. you see some of the staff members in front of the camera, we'll bring you the arrival of air force one as soon as it happens. and a new threat, the latest fighting words from north korea and how the u.s. is responding tonight. and here we go again, more trouble for the carnival cruise line, the latest, we'll be right back in a moment.
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. disaster strikes twice for the carnival triumph. today, the disabled cruise ship broke loose from the moorings at a ship yard in mobile, alabama, carnival says strong winds caused it to break away and drift. the ship has since been secured.
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it did cause minor damage, the carnival triumph is undergoing repairs after february, when an engine fire disabled the ship and left thousands of passengers stranded in the gulf of mexico for days. the pentagon confirms an anti-missile basis being sent to guam, where kim jong-un is at issue. nbc bay area steve handelsman has the latest for us this evening from washington, d.c. steve? >> reporter: raj, thank you, this move to try to shield guam comes as north korea has renewed the threat to attack the u.s. trying to figure out what is going on with this young, erratic north korean leader, kim jong-un, the officials in washington are looking into it. bayers went up at the kaesong
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industrial area, more than 100 factories couldn't operate. the latest move by north korea look s drastic, because it hurt north koreans who work here. 50,000, cheap labor for south korean companies, one of the few ways the north and south cooperate. >> this is a symbol that kept people talking and moving. >> reporter: now that is snapped by kim jong-un, a new line crossed by north korea's erratic leader, who vowed yesterday to reopen a nuclear weapons reactor, and vowed yesterday to attack u.s. cities. the pentagon confirms a system is being sent to the u.s. base on guam, to intercept any north korean missiles. secretary of defense chuck hagel's assessment today. >> a real and clear danger, and threats to the interests,
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certainly of our allies starting with south korea. >> reporter: u.s. and south korean forces are showing off their fire power. one worry is the rising tension could spark an incident that escalates. >> if north korea goes beyond the rhetoric and actually begins to take little shots at south korea,i inand there is an excha of fire, there is an uncharted territory here. >> reporter: one of the main worries as the korean crisis escalates. >> the obama plan, at least for now, as he comes to california is to take precautions but grant no concessions. live in washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> steve, thank you so much for the update. and governor jerry brown is on his way to china next week hoping to bring billions to new investments for the state. california is china's third largest trading partner. the top exports?
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computers, electronics and scrap. the governor will encourage tourism and greenhouse gas productions. they will open a privately funded state trade-off in shanghai, as well. and a disturbing video going viral. today, rutger's university firing their basketball coach. the decision came after this video surfaced showing mike rice, physically and verbally abusing his players during practice. in a statement, the university said they did discipline rice when they first discovered the video last fall and forced him to attend anger management. but the video went viral, and angered many in the rutgers community and across the area. his actions shocked the fellow players and coaches. >> it is difficult to watch, certainly. and i hope that the situation there -- a lot of healing must take place with something like that and i hope it does.
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>> the rutger's athletic director admitted today that the initial penalties were not strong enough. and in health matters, a new strain of bird flu is emerging in china. they're watching the strain called h7n9. so far nine people have been affected, three died. they are the first human cases of the virus. researchers are working to find the source of the illness and are marking genetic markers to signify if it becomes a human pandemic. up to $200 billion, that is how much it costs to care for dementia patients each year. that number tops heart disease and cancer. the care for a dementia patient is between 40 and $50,000 a year in the u.s. the researchers at the rand corporation found a majority of the money is spent on institution and home based care. the doctors expect this number to double in the next ten years because of the increasing aging
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population. and the rolling stones, blowing back to the bay area like a cross fire hurricane. two local shows that have a lot of people excited. the british rock icons announced today that they will be spreading some satisfaction at oracle arena on may 8th. mick jagger, keith richards, and charlie watts, part of a nine-state tour. the band will earn up to 5 million per concert. tickets go on sale monday for the rolling stones. and nbc confirmed the rumors today. jay leno is stepping down tonight and will hand off the tonight show to jimmy fallon. they will move back to new york city where it all began. saturday night live producer lauren michaels will take over as producer, leno handed over "the tonight show," once before to conan o'brien, after four weeks, leno was back on the
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show, and conan was out. so far, no comment on the show. his contract for the conan show has been renewed for another two years. all right, let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff fournier. >> seems like president obama times it perfectly as he gets off the tarmac, we expect dry conditions, and scenic san francisco fog, the next storm system, amping up, sub-tropical moisture along the cold front, igniting showers and heavier pockets of rain right close to yreka, near the coastline and also the north bay. the big talk today was all about the sunshine, ten to 12 degrees warmer in the south bay. and that was good enough to bring us into the 70s here. 77 in san jose, also 75 in gilroy. let's look at the forecast here over the next 12 hours, cloudy
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tonight at 11:00 p.m., didn't matter where you were across the bay area. cloud cover across the area, rain introduced into the forecast. by 11:00 tomorrow, lingering showers will be in the forecast with breaks of sunshine. let's look outside to the live high definition sky camera network. in fremont, a bit of cloud cover moving over off to the east. the bulk of the cloud cover right now is as you look off to the west. at the approaching storm system. mid-to high level cloud cover here in san jose looking beautiful. off to palo alto, a very similar shot here, and then up into san francisco, from the emoriville area, drizzle, bring your jacket most definitely. what is happening tomorrow, on the rain time line here we start to get some of the initial rain drops right on track. this has not changed in the past
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three to four days. right up in the north bay, 2 and 3:00 in the morning, rain begins, by 5:00, looks like everybody should have rain drops. so if you're on the early side of the commute, it looks to be worse. then at 7, 8 or 9:00, rain pushing off to the east in the morning hours, then by the afternoon, the good part. breaks of sunshine, a few lingering showers. the heavier activity should be done at that point. overall rainfall totals looks like the heavier zone will be closest to the core of the storm. in the north bay or higher elevations, squeezing out about a quarter to half an inch, anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch here, quite a bit left as you head to the south. anything is good news up to this point. tonight, upper 40s, low-to-mid 50s as the storm system moves in, cloud cover capping off the heating. the temperatures tomorrow go down ten to 20 degrees, 66 in san jose, hope you didn't put
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the jacket too far in the closet, 50s at the coastline, 50 in san francisco, 65 in santa rosa, rain here thursday, showers, friday morning, nothing big, as we head through saturday and sunday the storm systems will stay off to the north at this point. can't rule out a slight chance of isolated showers here as we head throughout sunday. look at this, by wednesday, i'm calling it. you heard it here first on nbc bay area. >> some beach weather by wednesday, not feeling sick right now, but could be. >> could be? >> it is looking good. >> pretty warm this afternoon, as well. >> oh, definitely. >> thank you so much. well, still ahead, the potential traffic nightmare tonight in the bay area. and the drama over the see-through analog pants, it is one company's bottom line.
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. more than 100 children at lafayette school in oakland were treated to a shoes-a-palooza, of sorts, all part of a plan for shoes that fit. the program provided more than 12,000 pairs of new athletic shoes to children in need at 166 schools across the country. okay, the 880 commute will be a little more dicey tonight, more so than usual, the warriors and a's have home games, let's take live pictures in oakland. you see the arena to the right of the screen. and actually things are looking okay. the southbound a little heavy, probably wouldn't get better for a little while. in fact, it may pick up as game time draws closer.
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first pitch for the a's game, 7:05 at the coliseum, in that same parking lot, the warriors tip off against the hornets at 7:30 at the oracle arena. team officials warn travellers to expect traffic delays if you head out to either one of those gamings. go quickly, a little earlier than usual, because of both events going on at the same time. and yes, the parking lots will fill up quickly tonight. craigslist to the rescue, with a little more than a month to the race, beta breakers has a new sponsor, they are excited to be the sponsor of the annual tradition. the race is 102 years old and draws many from all over the world. zazzle that sponsored it the last two years, dropped out in january. and we're still waiting for president obama's arrival at sfo. we'll be right back in a moment.
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the see-through scandal at lululemon has prompted the designer to step down, after the recalls of the pants that were said to be too sheer. the chief executive had been with the company since 2008. and president obama scheduled to arrive at sfo, coming to town for multiple fundraisers tonight and tomorrow night. he is expected to arrive on the tarmac literally within minutes. in the last minute, sfo has been closed down to commercial traffic, which is the sign that air force one is to arrive. president obama coming in from denver, colorado, where he spent much of the afternoon. right when he arrives at air force one he will be shuttled into san francisco for two
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fundraising parties tonight. one from the billionaire banker, and then to the getty mansion for a fundraiser dinner. again, president obama scheduled to touch down. >> he will have a brunch tomorrow. and we want to know how much you will pay to dine with the president? text one for 500 to a thousand bucks, text two, for a thousand to 1500, three for more, or you can text 4, for wouldn't pay at all. >> tonight's fundraiser, about $32,000. >> good night. breaking news. as north korea's leader gives what he calls final approval for a nuclear strike on the u.s. the defense secretary says the danger is now real and clear. tonight we'll look at what it all means.
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the firestorm from an explosive video that brought down the basketball coach at rutgers who is seen abusing his players both verbally and physically. the pattern some research is showing now between male pattern baldness and heart disease. a puzzling story from the world of medicine. and night moves at a television institution that happens to be at this very network. it's now official. the changing of the guard at "the tonight show". also tonight, the phone call 40 years ago today that changed life as we know it. 40 years ago today that changed life as we know it. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. as the associated press put it tonight the north korean army is warning washington that its military has been cleared to wage an attack using, quote, smaller and diversified nuclear
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weapons. further, north korea says its troops have been authorized to counter u.s. aggression. today the u.s. defense secretary said this danger is real and clear and this is certainly another escalation as analysts in this country try to figure out what this young north korean leader is up to. we have two reports to start off tonight. andrea mitchell standing by in washington. we'll want to begin with our chief foreign correspondent richard engel in seoul, south korea. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. as north korea made what appears to be its most explicit threats so far, the united states said it is sending an advanced anti-ballistic missile system to guam in the pacific. responsibility for what happens next, according to north korea, sits with the united states. north korea's military declared today it had, quote, final approval to launch merciless strikes on the united states,


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