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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in the mouth with the back of her hand. >> reporter: he says when the 5 and 6-year-old autistic students failed to follow directions they were also sent to what the teacher called the better options rug. and forced to lay face down on the carpet. >> just generally, active in the way that -- said to these children, you don't matter. your feelings don't matter. and that i'm going to control you, using any means i can. >> reporter: attorneys representing the parents of three of the children, including 5-year-old malik evans, filed a lawsuit against the district, the teacher and administrators that they said had knowledge of the complaints for months but failed to act or call police. in fact, an e-mail between the district officials describe how they talked a parent out of going to the police. >> according to the e-mail, the director of special education
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deescalated it. absolutely, the parents want justice for the children. >> reporter: he hopes at the very least, the civil suit will shine light on what was allegedly happening in the classroom and how he said the district failed to protect the children. >> it is just an unimaginable situation for a child to be in. a child that needs patience and needs understanding. and instead, they're treated with complete disregard and disrespect. >> reporter: now, we tried to reach the district and the teacher, teresa allen callboy, but had no luck, for spring break. the teachers failed to return our phone calls. we understand the teacher was placed on administrative leave in january and has resigned. a criminal investigation is also
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under way. report i reporting live in antioch, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. and a teen was shot in the face after a police officer thought he was a suspect. it turns out the teen had nothing to do with the crime. the officer-involved shooting happened near bay. >> reporter: police say an officer investigating a robbery shot a 16-year-old boy in the jaw. that boy is doing okay. but now, internal affairs is investigating whether that shooting was justified. the manager of the establishment in downtown oakland says when a manager finished her shift here in the parking lot, she was robbed. >> she was walking to the car right here in the parking lot. two gentlemen on bikes crossed the street here, approached her, one behind her, one in front of her. one jumped off the bike to snatch her bag.
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>> reporter: they also pushed her down. the restaurant manager said he helped the employee call police and translated for her. police say they received a report that the woman was robbed at knife point, with three young men wearing hoodies. during the investigation, they spotted the men that matched the description. >> he perceived a threat from one of the individuals and fired a round. >> reporter: investigators say the round grazed the jaw of a 16-year-old boy. police say he was not seriously hurt. but today, chief jordan says that the jurors learned that the boy who was shot had nothing to do with the robbery. >> following a preliminary investigation, we determined that the young men injured as well as the two companions were not responsible for the reported robbery and were not involved. >> reporter: jordan added the outcome is unfortunate for all involved. now, internal affairs is involved. conducting an independent investigation of the shooting.
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the officer involved in ts shooting has worked for the oakland police department at least 15 years. he is now on paid administrative leave, while the investigation is completed. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. today, a judge granted another delay in the case of a south bay man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. police say garcia torres's dna was found, her dna was found in the car but her body has never been found. dozens of volunteers still meet every saturday to search for her. some of the volunteers were in court today and say it is outrageous how slowly the case has progressed. >> something needs to be done, we have different judges and
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attorneys all the time. it is little motions here and there. it has been a year, a year, and we haven't found her yet. but we will find her. but still, something needs to happen and go forward. >> today's delay is blamed on technical problems with the dozens of photo disks and interview videos which prosecutors have given to the defense team. we'll talk about the weather, a fast-moving storm providing bunch for the bay area, a live look at emoryville, let's check in with our chief meteorologist jeff fournier. >> yes, the cloud ceilings are lowering tonight. trouble in the airport, but let's look at the radar, with the storm sliding to the east. not much left at the higher levels, but the lower levels there will be enough moisture there for drizzle tonight. the past 24 hours we produced quite a bit of rainfall. 95/100th, and san jose, just
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2/10 of an inch. we give you an update on the rainfall, because it is crucial. so many of the water coming from the sierra, the snowpack. not a worse case scenario but we definitely could do better for this time of the year. we still have about a month left to pick up here a decent amount of rainfall before we are completely done and rolling into summer. so tonight, watch out for the drizzle, low clouds, you will find the bigger problems at the airport. slight improvement over the past hour, right now, one hour and 19 minutes behind for some of the arriving and departing flights. you ask when the next chance of showers is, in the forecast, sunday night. we'll time it and let you know really how much rain we may or may not see from that system off to the north on sunday, coming up a little bit later on to show you guys. more than $3 million in less than 24 hours. that is how much money president obama raised for the democratic party from two san francisco fundraisers last night alone. today he made two more stops before jetting off on air force
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one from sfo, both in the peninsula town of atherton, and that is where we find stephanie trong tonight. >> reporter: good evening, it started with a fundraiser for guests who paid 32,000 bucks apiece. and later, the president rolled up here in the house of john goldman, a well-known person in the bay area. the 250 supporters who paid anywhere from a thousand to $21,000 just to get inside. the only time the cameras got a shot of him, the president, when he left the helicopter, marine one, sfo to get on to air force one. they say raising money for the democratic national committee is a well worth it cause and a fight to take back control of the house. >> just making sure that the
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legislature has -- that he has a congress that is going to be able to help him. >> i think it is important to support the president's efforts to bring back the house to the democratic party. this is a key one of those events. >> reporter: now nearby, the first fundraiser event, this group of a couple dozen protested the keystone pipeline project, which could carry oil from canada to the gulf coast states. these people are worried about the global warming. but they're not the only critics. the fundraising has drawn criticism, specifically his endorsement of a super pac, and accepting corporate donations. one nonprofit told them, president obama has sent mixed signals about his commitment to fixing the problem, of money and politics as usual, it doesn't matter the party you're from, it is the people who can afford to
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be at the table. obama said it is a problem with the system, not the president. >> unfortunately, they let that policy go through. >> would we are better off if there was less money in politics or all campaigns were publicly funded? absolutely, but the fact is, they're not. >> now beyond raising money for the 2014 election, there is also the issue of the debt, can according to the latest filing is $22 million. to help with that is the event like today, in atherton, last night's fundraisers in san francisco. according to the new york times, the president has agreed to at least 14 of these big ticket fundraisers across the country this year. nbc bay area news. thank you, stephanie. it is certainly not your average hawaiian vacation. still ahead, the violent airport incident caught on tape and why a local police officer is being called a hero.
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also, dramatic new audio from the moment the tanker swiped the bay bridge, and the actions the investigators are now taking against the pilot. and have you spared the air recently? tonight, we'll tell you if your efforts brought down pollution levels as one group suspects. n
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. a state commission says human error is to blame for the bridge incident in january. they are pointing the incident at the bay area bar pilot. more on the accident. >> reporter: on a foggy cold january morning, the empty tanker overseas ramar headed towards the bay bridge on the way out to sea. but just 24 minutes after lifting anchor, the ship struck
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the western most piling of the bridge, causing more than a million in damage. >> he attempted to lift the stern away from the echo tower, but the stern made contact with the bridge about 11:18. >> reporter: today, the state commission weighed whether responsibility for the collision should fall on the san francisco bar pilot, guy kleese, completing the ship. in his statement, they said that he was heading the ship towards the center of the bridge, but after discovering the bridge radar was not working, switched course towards the end of the bridge. audio recordings revealed kleese was not in communication with the ship's captain who was talking on a satellite phone just before the collision. kleese attempted to turn the bridge during the strong current, but instead clipped the bridge, telling the captain, i touched the bridge.
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today, commissioners voted unanimously to revoke or suspend kleese's license concluding he failed in his duties. >> we maintain a very high standard of professionalism for the pilots and hold them accountable for all the actions. >> reporter: he didn't appear at the hearing, but his attorney said he did his best during extreme conditions. >> the law said he has to act in a reasonable way, as a skilled pilot. and we believe the evidence will show that he did that. >> reporter: the case will now go to trial before a state law judge who will decide whether kleese should lose his license, meanwhile, the coast guard and the national safety board are preparing their own reports on the accident. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. well, he was off duty, on vacation, and in hawaii. but a police sprang into action. take a look, this is the honolulu airport, in the corner,
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you see a woman attacking the security officer when corporal justin rogers realized nobody was helping her. you saw him jump into action, pinning the person down, he raised his hand to say he was a police officer, quickly identified himself to a tsa agent, and handed the woman in cuffs to the agent. and if it really helps, spare the air bay, the air quality management district has looked at falling pollution over the last few years and credits spare the air for some of the success. in tonight's reality check, sam brock looks at the numbers to see if the claim is true. >> good afternoon, the numbers don't lie, in this case, the bay area has made huge strides when it comes to improving the air quality. due to industry regulations, better technology, spare the air or all of the above. that is where it gets tricky when figuring out how to dole
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out credit. from atop the hills in berkeley, you may not be able to see a difference in bay area air quality, but rest assured the changes are there. >> this is known as elemental carbon, organic carbon. >> reporter: these technical experts have been using fancy gadgets to measure the pollut polluteants in the area for models set up for years. >> we saw a decrease in the peak levels of the concentration in the winter time. we believe it is caused by the decrease in smoke that is emitted from the individuals' fireplaces. >> reporter: as you probably heard, woodburning contributes heavily to pollution in the winter time. this shows that 70% of wintertime pollution comes from wood, the largest single source. but does it stand that cutting wood-burning roughly ten days
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out of the year will help with the air pollution. >> well, this shows seven peak pollution areas dating back to 2007. and as you can see the big drop on the board takes place from 2000 down to 2003, then things level off for a few years. but around 2008, we start spare the air, and see a modest dip from 2008 to present day, here comes the question. can we credit spare the air for the modest dip? well, here is the problem, maybe, maybe not. >>? the short term, what you can do is ask people not the burn wood on the nights. in the spare the air program, it is well targeted. >> reporter: but what about the long-term? berkeley professor robert harley is an environmental engineer who has been testing since the mid-90s. he says that testing for the carbons have made a major difference in the long-term pollution levels. but when it comes to spare the air, harley can't say for sure.
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>> it is still helpful, but has much less leverage on the average value of particularate models. >> this brings us back to the question, can a few spare the air days bring down pollution over time? now the data shows the levels fell way before the spare the air existed, but something caused the levels to dip before 2008, so while it is impossible to isolate the exact factors, it is reasonable to conclude that spare the air help adjudicate okay, rain today, but not in the air today. >> everybody is doing great here from the north bay all the way to the south bay. the storms this morning, producing a quarter inch of rain
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to an inch. through the east, namely throughout the san francisco peninsula, i just checked here. at the airport at sfo, major delays, an hour behind schedule. the good news, if you're waiting in san francisco, flying to any other major airport there is no delays due to weather. so once you get over this delay you should be good to go. even right here in atlanta where they deal with rainfall. yes, managed to find blue skies, pointing our cameras towards the sky in san jose. a little bit of instability left, we're done with the heavier activity at least right now. let's also move to the north. what you see here in fremont, a mix of sun, clouds, cumulus, right throughout the bay. some of that clearing did bump up temperatures, but at the golden gate bridge, fog we'll deal with tomorrow. and the widespread cloud cover through tonight. tomorrow morning, we'll find the
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moisture at the lower levels, not picking up much again, not a storm coming our way, but green, could see some of the drizzle, we expect off the east bay and the peninsula for tomorrow morning, the cloud cover will clear out the most by the bay, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s, coastline, the cloud cover will hang around the most. in the three-day forecast, chance of showers for saturday, sunday, and real quickly, while we have had a few storms most recently, it has not done much for the rainfall in the calendar year, 2013, we are still in san jose running behind. we'll have more on the forecast, and when the next best chance of rain is coming up in a bit. still ahead at 6:00, a new twist for a tiny door, generating a big interest, nobody knows where it came from. and now the future is just a big mystery. also trapped in the woods for days.
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what led rescue crews to a southern california hiker. and it could change high school and college exams forever. the computer that could take teachers off the hook. we'll be right back in a moment.
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parti well, president obama got it right, he picked the cal women's basketball team to make it to the final four. today, the bears got a warm send off as they headed to new orleans, the pep rally to send the team off in style. the first time the cal women have ever made it all the way to the final four. the golden bears will face louisville on sunday for a chance at the national championship game. the players thanked the fans for the support. >> definitely had -- just know that they're here to support you, so you will do it for them. >> and now for all the bets, louisville mayor greg fisher has
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now set up a friendly wager with tom baits. if louisville wins, baits will send a dozen bottles of red wine to louisville, kentucky. if the opposing team wins, he sends a case of bourbon. and technology was developed to help teachers with a chore. researchers at harvard mit have developed software that can grade a test almost right away. usually it is several days before the teacher can grade the paper. new york times, berkeley, among the universities working with the nonprofit company trying to produce this software. still ahead at 6:00. a new twist in the fight to legalize marijuana. the notable first, which is four decades in the making. and he was the critic many of us loved. tonight, the world remembers roger ebert. and i'm scott budman, apple
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facing possible costs that are overruns at the headquarters. and getting a new face from facebook, we'll be right back. and today, facebook announced an app which replaces the android home screen, which scott mentioned, we want to know what you think, will you replace your current smartphone with a different one? text us, one for yes, sir, two for no, or tweet us at nbcbayarea, results coming up.
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mark zuckerberg, center stage today, the debut of facebook's new phone, sort of. >> yes, facebook did make a move to all but take over your phone today. our tech reporter scott budman was there, and scott, what changes? >> well, if you own an android power phone you can now change a lot about how you interact with facebook, and if you don't have an android, but love facebook you may be looking at your friends' facebooks next week. >> reporter: it has more than a billion users who mostly jump on via their smartphones. so where does facebook go from here? well, deeper into your smartphone. rolling out a new platform of sorts for android phones called
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ho home. wanting to be the home screen of your smartphone, not just a place you visit. >> we think that it should be deeply personal. so today we're going to talk about this new experience for your phone. it is a family of apps, and you can install it and it becomes the home of your phone. so we're calling this "home". >> reporter: he have you have an -- if you have an android phone, they will release a phone specifically with the software in mind, you will see facebook photos and status updates first thing, even before the typical home screen with apps. facebook says it is taking advantage of the open android operating system, something it could not do with apples ios system. not that apple users will be all that jealous. >> some of the things that they're looking at in facebook home are actually already in ios, for instance, the ability to post the status update from basically anywhere within the operating system. so in some regards, it is
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android catching up to ios, the difference is, who owns the customer, who owns the user experience. >> reporter: it is a question major tech companies have been asking for a while. and this might be the closest one single company has come to dominating your phone. >> facebook will roll out home to android phones next week, tablets taking at least a couple more months. the htc phone with facebook's new software built in goes on sale april 12th. all right, from phones to cars, you now have more room to shop for a tesla, unveiling it today in the shopping center. the opening comes two days after the company announced you can both buy and lease the tesla model s sedan. and this wouldn't make shareholders happy. the campus is over budget, the estimated cost has jumped from 3 to $5 billion. no comment today from apple,
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construction on the new headquarters was supposed to start this summer. but sources say it could be delayed until at least a billion is cut from the budget. >> okay, scott, we asked you a few minutes ago would you replace your current smartphone with one capable of running the new facebook home, as scott bud man mentioned. 91% of you said no, we thank you for participating in tonight's poll. and tonight, the movie industry is mourning the loss of roger ebert, who lost his very public fight with cancer at the age of 70. mark barger has more on how he educated people on the art of film. >> i'm roger ebert. >> reporter: one of hollywood elite, roger ebert was a powerful force in shaping the movies that america watched. with his first partner, gene
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siskel, they were often at odds at each other in their voices, that is what made them so popular. >> gene is the closest i will ever come to having a brother. >> reporter: after the passing of siskel, he came back. >> chicago is the most beautiful large city in america. >> reporter: a chicago institution with a national following, ebert worked as a film critic for "the chicago sun times" since 1967, and became the first critic to win a pulitzer prize for criticism. he received a bronze medallion, but a year later, he lost portions of his jaw, due to cancer, he became a main stay on social media. >> i am always extroverted.
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>> reporter: he spread his passion, and brought wisdom to the film culture. some international news now, north korea taking another provocative step towards attacking. kim jong-un announced he is moving his military, moving missiles into firing position on the east coast. u.s. intelligence says they believe that north korea may have an atomic war head. officials warn south korea, japan, and even the u.s. territory of guam could be in range. the pentagon is rushing to get a missile defense system in place in guam. and clinging to a cliff and crying out for help, but alive. rescuers say that is how they found a second teenager who spent days locked in the cleveland national forest in orange county. 18-year-old kendall jack was on
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the steep slope, spotted today. she was very near the place where the crews found her friend just yesterday. the pair had been missing since sunday when they called 911 for help. deputies say the dense brush and rugged hills made their search difficult. >> i know from what i have seen, from very, very happy -- from me to you, i couldn't see you. that is how close we were to the rescue, we were unable to see the people we inserted about two feet ahead of us. >> both teens are hospitalized, and treated for dehydration. and a shift in the way people feel about legalizing marijuana. for the first time, they found the majority of americans support legalizing marijuana. the poll released today found 52% of americans surveyed believe that the marijuana use should be legal. that is up 11% since 2010.
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younger americans are the most supportive, while the oldest tend to be the least likely to support legalization. and not quite an open and shut case, big questions about a tiny door. you see it there? the mystery defense, the new questions about this wildly popular addition to a san francisco tree. and good evening, i'm jeff fournier in the nbc bay area center. the temperatures in the south bay, mid-to-upper 60s, and san mateo, currently at 60 degrees. and if you're going, lucky you, the san francisco giants home opener for tomorrow, no major rainstorm, we're expecting cloud cover, low 60s, upper 60s, back with a full forecast, the next chance of showers coming up.
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in health matters,s new research on the benefits of cutting your salt intake. the new study today in the british medical journal says if people cut their salt intake by half and increase their potassium, millions of lives every year could be saved every year. to changes could lower -- changes could lower blood pressure, and salt reduction is an easy change to make and will result in lower health care costs, as well. and americans are increasingly saying i do to living together before marriage, according to a new report today. in fact, it is now common among younger women than living with a spouse or living alone.
6:39 pm
couples are not only living together more often, but are staying in these types of relationships almost twice as long. almost 40% of the women surveyed ended up marrying the person they lived with. more than 30% were still living together without being married. and more than 25% broke up. >> oh, the pressure of the i do's. >> yes. >> you know, i like spring, because it keeps you on your toes, first of all. we have rain, sunshine, gloom. >> we have it all, a real mixed bag. you guys, there is some of the sun, the clouds, we'll talk about the next chance of accumulating rainfall coming up in the seven-day forecast. jim? >> jeff, it better not get in the way of my opening day tomorrow. all right, let's go to the sharks, the on-ice incident. the 49ers have a date with an old friend. plus, the a's take part in a little afternoon delight. send one of their guys packing. who is that?
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we'll tell you. that is next. in the xfinity sports extra.
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an addition to san francisco's golden gate park is back, we can't say for how long. it caught on with the public, as hundreds of visitors began to leave notes to the tiny mythical occupants. the recreation and parks worried that they would hurt the tree, so the workers removed the door. as you can imagine, the complaints rolled in. but they put the door back, so the tree tampering is not acceptable. when asked how long the door would stay, they said "until the elves find a more permanent home". >> oh, the little elves, working
6:43 pm
hard. >> what if they come up with wooden hinges? >> that is true, it would blend even better. >> a good suggestion. doppler radar right now, giving a lot of the trees across the bay area rainfall this morning. a very quick blast, moderate, heavier pockets now pushed off. we'll find tonight near san francisco and down the peninsula, especially at sfo areas, a drizzle that will continue. not a totally dry forecast here as we head throughout the next 12 to 18 hours. as we continue through tonight. the widespread cloud cover, 11 p.m. then eventually by the noon hour we'll start to get in on the sunshine, but definitely not the most sunny day of the week. here is one thing, while temperatures will be cooler, the trend will sky rocket, and san jose, by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, mid-to-upper 80s, possible. sky camera network tonight, you
6:44 pm
can see in san jose, we've also had blue skies popping up, they did help to push the temperatures up decently in afternoon, in the upper 60s, and near 70, and foster city, part of the marine layer making it through the coastal hills. if you're heading up to san francisco it is a completely different thing, the climate is in full effect here, from emoryville, the cloud cover, areas of drizzle, tomorrow morning, that is what we'll track, not any type of storm system. but any time you see green, a chance of rain, hit or miss, that is the nature of drizzle, a hard time pinpointing where that may be, but the fact we're seeing it alone here is a good indication we have a little bit. may have to turn on the windshield wipers tomorrow morning. we have a hard time getting rid of the cloud cover, it is over doing the cloud cover a bit, just like this afternoon we'll have breaks in the cloud, back for the east bay and the silicon
6:45 pm
valley, the peninsula, cloudy, also for the immediate coastline. as we fast forward things into your weekend, a lot of you are concerned about saturday, sunday, two different storm systems passing off to the north. sunday night, a storm system is centered way off to the north, close to us. as it pushes down here monday morning, most of the moisture should hit the sacramento valley, can't rule out a stray shower, sunday night, saturday. you may need the umbrellas just for a little bit there as we head throughout monday morning, about 4, 5 and 6:00. tonight, temperatures in the upper 40s, low 30, 53 in los gatos, 43 in st. helena, temperatures going up a bit. not a lot. 70 in morgan hills, and gilroy. breezy, the weather is clearing out that we dealt with today. eu and 69 i pleasanton, back in the east
6:46 pm
bay, feeling like 70s, 65 in alameda, for san francisco, cloudy skies, no major rainfall, a lot of heat in the stadium as the fans get crazy, and a soldout crowd, too, you know the giants fans, 70s in the low 60s, first pitch. wind should help as they hit out towards the bay. 7th inning, low 60s in the forecast. on the seven-day forecast, we started to see things heat up by next tuesday, wednesday, thursday, low 80s inland, and even low 70s at the coastline, rare for us if you're visiting and you will be here all the way through next wednesday, thursday, plan for the beach. >> we're excited. >> that is the plan. >> yes, that is the plan. >> got to go, got to go. >> thank you, jeff, we'll be right back with sports. jim kozimar, watching the a's game this afternoon, i'm liking reddick with the beard,
6:47 pm
that is phenomenal. >> let's you and i see who gets the most bushy beard in a week. >> we'll be off the air in a week. all right, a's made a trade today in the middle of playing a baseball game. they sent pitcher travis blackly to the houston astros for minor leaguer jake golbert, tomorrow they start a series against the astros, he could face his teammates, the a's on friday. now let's talk baseball today. a's looking for the series sflit with the mariners, from seattle, bottom of the first, one on for josh, reddick and the beard, deep to right field. reddick, coming in, first hit, first home run, 2-1, this is cespides, if you're a fan going to the game, be ready.
6:48 pm
all right, foul ball, watch this, the fan makes a play on the ball, saving another fan's face, look at that, he didn't spill a drop. you deserve that, my friend. a's win, 8-2, go on, beard, go on. >> onto the road trip now, so if we can keep it going, the pitchers are throwing great, starting to get the six rolling, getting good. >> that was ñihuge, in the firs two nights we knew we were a good team. and didn't wake up until yesterday, for yesterday and today, it is huge for us. we go into houston, with confidence. let's hopefully take that, as well. >> to the race we go, things are testy, last night's shark's win over the wild. now it will cost a player. vlasic, pickles is what they call him, don't you know, the highest amount, for the first time offender.
6:49 pm
to football, 2013, preseason schedule release today. got a nice little surprise to it. how about a matchup with alex smith? that matchup with the kansas city chiefs taking place in mid-august, the rest includes dates with denver, minnesota, and the san diego chargers. also, collin kaepernick in the news, not on the cover of madden 25, which is great news if you believe in the madden curse, he was eliminated in the bracket. he lost to foster, but still alive, old school side of the brackets. that is going to do it in sports. i am now going to stand in line at at&t park because i want a good seat. i'm going to get there early and sleep there all night. and i'm going to be ready. >> i don't think that is going to happen unless you have a ticket to get in. >> no, you could just -- at the last minute, yeah, that is true. >> you know, good looks and
6:50 pm
charm. >> a double whammy, a threat. >> good one. good one. >> about to fall down. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage you can watch sports net central on comcast sports bay area, with jim kozimar. >> we'll be right back. truly an event that everybody looks to at the start of the season, to celebrate what is to come. >> players love coming here, we're overwhelmed by the support we get. a great thing, we're having a lot of fun today. >> it is a nice way to kick off the season. and get to see the really excited fans. >> and with buster in the
6:51 pm
building, just before lunch was served an announcement was made that giants fans will never forget. >> just a few minutes ago, we announced that we have reached a new long-term agreement which will keep buster posey in the giant's uniform through 2021. >> i'm lawrence scott. in the nbc bay area. [ male announcer ] the southwest airlines nationwide sale
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lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. these fares won't last long so hurry and book now, only at we are southwest. welcome aboard.
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well, tax day is just around the corner, you probably know that, many people dread april 15th. >> like me, but what if we told you about a group of people who look forward to tax day because it means a big wind fall of free money they steal from us.
6:54 pm
investigative reporter steven stock has more. >> reporter: you know, raj, janelle, i discovered the problem ten years ago, it is getting worse. we discovered prison inmates stealing tax refunds they were not due. what is worse, these crooks are already sitting in jail doing time for other crimes. despite the fact that the irs knows this is going on, the problem is now growing. the irs's own figures show the crime has jumped 300% just in the last two years. and the inspector general who oversees the irs says the tax agency must do more to stop it. >> it is not acceptable, i mean, an honest, hard working american taxpayer should not be able to have his or her burden increased by someone cheating the system. gaming the system. and that is what is occurring. >> reporter: so how in the world is all of this happening? and why can't the irs do more to stop it? well, tonight, we'll take you behind the scenes to learn
6:55 pm
firsthand from the guy who actually ran the scam how it works. we'll also talk to many other people including the inspector general himself as well as a former irs agent who tried to stop all of this but found herself overwhelmed. that is tonight on nbc bay area at 11:00, we'll see you then. >> okay, fascinating story, we'll see you at 11:00. that will do it for us, hope to see you at 11:00. have a great evening.
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>> "extra, extra!" >> now on "extra" -- was leno blind-sided? jay's first interview about getting pushed out. >> i'm going to be taking over for "the tonight show" next february. >> the late-night palooza, as jay, jay, jimmy and dave go to town. >> new video of fallon
6:58 pm
today. plus jay's top-secret next ove. >> roger's bert, the loss of his voice. >> i didn't know it would be my last words. >> and his heart-breaking letter just days ago. and now the wild rumor about the marriage to will. >> plus, who kim kardashian is ccusing of stalking her. >> oprah spoofed herself. >> i had to fight. >> jenny mccarthy plays i dare "extra" raciest
6:59 pm
interview of all time. >> "extra, extra!"! >> hi, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. jada pinkett smith finally puts to rest the rumors about her marriage to will. >> plus, the late-night guys having a field day. >> jay is talking on the record today about how it all went down behind the scenes and what he's planning on doing next. >> now, this is how you crown the new king of late night. jimmy fallon's grand entrance to carson's old theme and a standing o from his audience. >> this is late night with jimmy fallon -- for now. >> now it's time to get used to late night's most talked about, most chased man. new video of jimmy dodging paparazzi questions today. >> is it true you're taking over "the tonight show"? >> after turning it into a punch line on tv. >> don't worry, until february our focus is right here on whatever the show is called.


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