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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 5, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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i'm going to be here, no matter what. even if i had to work, i'm going to be here. >> all right, guys. have fun there. live pictures inside the park. can you see the giants warming up with batting practice on some of the greenest, best manicured grass i've seen in a long while. just before the start of the game, the giants have some serious business to take care of. we're talking about the raising of the 2012 world series championship flag. a tribute not only to the organization but the teams tenth player as well. >> there's a real connection with our players and fans. i think you'll see that on the field today. there's something about, we have great characters in this team. our fans, they connect. as you remember, after the world series, many players really mentioned the fact the fans really -- they were the tenth player. they helped make this thing happen. we're going to share the moment together today. >> you might recall in 2011 it
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was willie mayes who brought out the 2010 flag. the organization won't say who will do the honors this afternoon. watching the flag go up won't be easy if you're a cardinal. the giants prevented st. louis from going onto the world series. one of the players crucial to that suck was fitcher barry zito who coincidentally will be throwing out the first pitch starting for the giants. a couple of things inside the park, if you're going to be coming not just today but any day, they have added more free charging stations for your smartphone with lockers, so you can go back to your seat while your phone gets juice. the team dramatically increased wi-fi with antennas in the park, more than double what they had before. pout 20 minutes ago i stopped by the box office to see how many tickets they had. they were almost sold out. they said they had about 100. that was 20 minutes ago.
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you could probably show up and get a ticket, try stub hub, maybe wait until another day. st. louis cardinals. buster posey honored for national mvp award he received last season. sunday all members of the team will receive their championship rings. the gates at at&t park about to open in a minute. i think we'll get out of here so we don't get bum rushed. in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> keep moving, bob. don't want to see you get stampeded. marketing team very busy with home openers. today the first 40,000 fans in the door will get the 2013 calendar. buster posey bobblehead. tomorrow, the bobblehead showing posey posing with his national league mvp award. a giants legend also holding
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a giveaway of his own. willie mccovey auctioning off hitting lessons. the auction takes place saturday night at fundraising for alamo elementary school. the winner of the auction can send mccovey a video of their swing, then meet with the hall of famer himself. mccovey will auction off another lesson this fall to benefit cancer patients. >> i bet your swing is already strong, softball and basketball star in high school. >> i want to go. a big question out there, not just the game but the weather. >> hope for nice skies. christina loren out there all morning long. you getting excited, energy pumping out there? >> i really am. jon and marla, we have a good day shaping up. this is one of those forecasts i did not want to blow. while bob is out there with all the crowds i'm inside the park while the giants and cardinals are on the field practicing. i want to draw your attention to
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the batter's box there. yes, you can see we have brandon crawford. and look who is just behind him. i know someone who likes that guy, angel pagan. that's right, marla tellez. >> zoom in, zoom in. >> reporter: josh, our photographer will zoom in for you. i wanted to make sure we got that in here. they are all out here. barry zito who will be taking that mound at 1:35. he's been practicing. they are looking sharp, let me tell you. weather also looking sharp for today'sgame. bring your shades, bring sunscreen if you're headed out here. most people headed out here already are here. what i can tell you, it's going to be nice. we'll be watching on our sister station comcast bay area. winds picking up west northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. that could carry the ball out to mccovey cove. we could talk about our first splashdown right here today for the home opener. we're going to have more fun coming up in a few minutes.
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the seven-day forecast to tell you what the weekend looks like. all on the way now, send it back to you. >> christina loren, thank you very much. marla personally thanks you. >> tell angel best of luck today, good luck. >> cool you down. baseball season is here, so is your man. coverage on air and online, head to and search the cove for deep coverage of all things giants. well, of course, have more coverage on the game and highlights on nbc bay area news at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. now, a developing story in east san jose. police are on the hunt for a gunman responsible for a drive buy shooting. arturo santiago joins us live in east san jose with the latest for us. good morning, arturo. >> good morning, marla. this happened in the 1500 block of south white road. the indication was this was a gang related drive-by shooting. police also say it could have been a case of mistaken
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identity. the victim has been identified at 34-year-old ricky gonzalez, jr. police say he was on his way home from a nearby convenience store when someone in a blue car drove up to gonzalez, jr., and fired several shots. two of those shots him him in the chest. gonzalez, who is mentally ill, was able to make his way back home. his father, ricardo gonzalez sr. said the shooting happened around 4:00 in the morning. they called 911 around 7:30 in the morning. >> looking at me in the doorway. he picks up his t-shirt -- he picks up his t-shirt. i looked at it. i said, what happened? i went to 7-eleven and two guys in a blue car shot me. >> the mo is indicative of a gang shooting. we don't know if our victim has any gang ties or the actual motivation behind the shooting was gang related. but that's typical of a gang
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member to drive by and do something like that. >> gonzalez, jr., was taken to the hospital. his father said the bullets have been removed right now and he is in stable condition. so far police have not found any evidence of the shooting as far as shell casings or bullet holes are concerned. it seems there were not any witnesses when the shooting occurred early this morning. later on investigators will be canvassing the neighborhood to talk to neighbors and see if anyone saw or heard anything. we're live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> okay, arturo. thank you very much. caught on camera, a wild high-speed chase on the streets of san francisco. looks kind of like something out of a movie here. someone rips off a taxi cap in the soma neighborhood and then leads police on a chase on the city streets and on interstate 280. the driver finally jumps out of the moving taxi at san francisco state university. police still searching up and down that campus.
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so far no luck finding that suspect. the man who police say rammed his car into a san jose walmart on easter sunday has now been charged with attempted murder. a mechanic from seaside, 33-year-old haamid zaid was in court yesterday. he has not yet entered a plea. zaid is facing charges. if convicted of charges he could spend the rest of his life in prison. he's set to return to court april 9th to face different charges. police say he drove a different car into a san jose car wash last december. no one was hurt in that crash. a very sad story here. the san jose paramedic that was shot right in the head during a drive by has unfortunately died. this morning the hunt continues for the gunman. police say quinn boyer was attacked tuesday morning after visiting his father's home in oakland. when boyer stopped at the intersection of keller and hanson drive, a driver in
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another car shot at him and hit him right in the head. boyer will then hit the gas pedal propelling his car over the median and into a nearby ravine. >> absolutely amazing caregiver, a great paramedic. he was loved by everybody here at the company. >> he worked for the ambulance company for two years. investigators don't know if there was a robbery, attempted carjacking going on, maybe road rage. there have been no arrests. oakland police asking for any kind of help to capture boyer's killer. one of the most talked about stories of the day is the one that played out in hawaii but has ties to the bay area. a local police officer turned hero stopped an attack on a tsa agent. the officer is now being applauded by the tsa for his quick thinking rescue that was all caught on tape. sunol police corporal justin
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rogers had just wrapped up his hawaiian vacation when he was simply trying to get through security like everyone else at honolulu international airport until the unexpected happened. he notices this. you see this tsa officer guarding the passenger exit as she's supposed to when out of nowhere this woman starts attacking and punching her. this struggle goes on for about 10 seconds. then also out of nowhere, here comes officer rogers. he clears that glass barrier, strong arms the woman and takes her down. you see him throw up his arm to let other law enforcement know he's one of them. you also notice he's only wearing socks because he had just taken off shoes to get through security. the 39-year-old is humble saying he did what he had to do. >> this case, police officer or not, the woman was being assaulted. she was defenseless, had her arms up trying to defend herself. somebody really needed to help her and luckily i was close enough to be able to help her. >> turns out the attacker is homeless. she was arrested and charged
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with assault. the tsa agent says she's a little sore and bruised but otherwise she is okay. >> as for justin rogers, he did make it back to california just fine and he is being applauded by the tsa. they actually released a statement basically saying how grateful they are for what he did. >> always a head on it, ready to go. marla, a sign of the changing times. a difference students will soon notice at some local community colleges. plus we're learning what the late steve jobs had envisioned for apple's cupertino campus. plus if one word could describe the latest unemployment data, it would be -- coming up in business news. that's one of the technical terms in the business world. all right, scott. thanks a lot. a live look over san francisco. the clouds starting to disperse. the sun coming down for world champion giants. they had a home opener come up in a couple hours. back in a few minutes.
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bay area community college doing something they have not been able to do for a long time, add classes. several classes boosting thanks to funding from prop 30 funding initiative. it will more than double last year's selection. several other schools adding dozens of classes. schools probably knew they had to cut back summer classes during the recession to try to make up for losses in funding. administrators say things are finally starting to turn around. >> new details about plans for cupertino headquarters. apple founder steve jobs apparently had a specific vision in mind. the chronicle business insider said he wanted the building to look polished with no seams or gaps or paintbrush strokes visible inside. the wood must be maple and heartwood, which means it's from the center. the bent glass will be produced in germany and shipped here.
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the bathrooms and cubicles will be made off site and shipped in. it will cost $5 million, up from the estimate of $3 million. silicon valley continuing to create jobs for skilled workers, the job picture across the united states not so bright. united states government says 88,000 jobs added to the community last month or actually the economy. scott mcgrew, downer numbers. >> 88,000 jobs add in the month of march, so far below predictions pundits are scrambling to explain it. the unemployment rate falls to 7.6%. hopefully by now i've trained you to ignore unemployment rate, up or down .1% is irrelevant. what we care about is the big number, or in this case not so big number of jobs added to the country. it barely covers the 18 years old with a birthday last month and therefore start to be
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counted as new potential workers. so why did the unemployment rate fall if the number of jobs added was so lousy? because of a third data point called participation rate. the number of people participating or wanting to participate in the labor pool. that at its lowest number since may 1979 if you're not looking for jobs you're not in the unemployment report. back to you. >> as you put it earlier. >> that is one of my favorite professional terms. how do you do that again? fortunately that's not the case with the weather. >> not at all. >> christina loren and giants out there looking good. >> yeah, hey, thanks, john and marla. the weather is also looking really good. the fans are now slowly but surely making their way into at&t park. it's just beautiful here. we're right next to the dugout. these guys look good.
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some of the players, you can tell, have put in extra work over the course of the off-season. so we're going to talk about your forecast. there are showers on the way today. very light. just testy showers up in the north bay around 4:00 p.m. tomorrow morning another chance for rain showers as we head through your saturday morning. getting into sunday, another chance. you'll be able to get outdoors saturday and sunday. we're looking good in that area. so lets go ahead and talk about sunday night. here is where it gets tricky. see that big mass of deep green and yellow? that could bring significant rainfall to the bay area. i just want to make sure you're aware of that, overnight sunday into monday, we could get heavy rains. 66 in livermore, fremont, 61 in san francisco. seven-day outlook tells the story of the weekend. next week we'll keep those showers in the mix early saturday, early sunday, bring that chance in for a late sunday. next week, guys, the warm-up is
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on. i've got to tell you, take a look what's coming in behind me. you might know that man walking in. >> all right. >> sergio romo, a little love for him. the fans are excited. they have six straight games out hoyer at at&t park. i'm like a kid in a candy store. i'll send it back to you. i've got things to do. >> the fans out there. >> live shot i want to do. christina, you've got it made. have fun. still ahead, a community coming together, this is a great story, to help out a mother and her newborn baby. you've got to see this one. >> hundreds rushing out to a remote part of the amazon in the middle of the night.
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hundreds in peru being called heroes this morning after helping to get a mom and her newborn to the hospital. hundreds of taxi and motorcycles in the middle of the rain forest. the mother had complications during birth and needed immediate attention. the owner of a cessna offered to fly the bear but couldn't because of they didn't have enough light. a local radio station put out a big call for help. hundreds lining up on that runway. they sprayed the light out there and the plane finally able to take off and the mother and baby got help and are fine. >> i got chills for that. the final showdown against louisville. now berkeley mayor tom bates with a showdown of his own.
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he bet the mayor fisher 10 bottles of wrin california will win in advance. he put 10 bottles of kentucky bourbon. he's confident they will win staying in a statement, i can already taste the bourbon now. >> that sounds like an adult beverage party. >> very strong. >> a lot of beverages to go down. coming up, fundraiser this weekend that will help brides get their hands on designer dresses. >> a win-win situation coming up.
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always nice to have a nice feel good story. a unique bridal store setting up shop in the south bay. >> brides against breast cancer bringing a national tour of downs to santa clara. it's a charity group that sells wedding gowns new and used at discount prices. proceeds go to support cancer patients and their families. crews will set up dozens of dress racks at the hyatt regency in santa clara today. tomorrow the sale starts.
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tickets required to get into the event. you can register at brides against breast cancer website. talk about a great cause. >> wonderful story. everybody wins. the bride, the cancer society. >> michelle who does audio for us. she can hear us. she's going to do great things. >> have fun tonight, michelle. everybody at the ball yard have fun. >> go giants. enjoy that final shot as we say good-bye to you. have a great weekend, can't say it against. >> home opener, angel pagan. >> go g man.
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