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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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all eyes then turned to barry zito. could he have a similar performance to his previous start against the cardinals back in game five of the nlcs when he was lights out? he did a pretty good job. here's what he had to say about his performance. >> a battle out there sometimes. it was a battle out there today for me. and, you know, the defense picked me up huge today. probably had amazing diving plays, as we all know. he's moving over there awesome. and you know, the guys in outfield just busting their tail for me, too. it was all defense today. the festivities out there were great for the fans. wish i would have been a part of it. -- wish i could have been a part of it. his to get locked in. it's great to face the cardinals. one of our biggest nemesises the past few years. we hope to win a world series. >> reporter: fans were so happy for him, chanting his name as he came off the field. continues the starting pitcher streak of not giving up an earned run yet in the 2013
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season. he went six shutout innings. i spoke to angel pagan after the game and asked how the guys were able to keep their focus after all the pomp and circumstance. he said, "hey, once we put the flag up, it was go time." they did it, defeating the cardinals at their home opener. back to you, raj, live from at&t park, nbc bay area. >> very good. amy g. from the dugout. thank you. there is the must-have food for many ballpark fans. we're talking about the garlic fries. how did the man behind them come up with the idea? his snacking vision coming up later on in this newscast. all right. our poll question -- we're getting greedy around here. can the giants repeat as world series champs? you can vote by texting or calling 408-300-9222, and text one for yes, two for no. or tweet us @nbcbayarea. we're your official giants station on air and on line. head to and
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search "the cove" for more giants coverage. we are following developing news out of oakland tonight. police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own officers. they got a call around 2:30 this afternoon about a robbery in progress on chestnut street. when they arrived, two armed men were coming out of the house in question. one suspect was carrying what police say appeared to be a glock. the other was carrying a knife. an officer opened fire hitting one man in the shoulder. he is in the hospital tonight. the other man is behind bars. officers later discovered the weapon was a b.b. gun. this is oakland's second officer-involved shooting this week. on wednesday, a teenager was grazed by an officer's bullet. it could have been disastrous. a manhole cover blasted into the air in san francisco today. in the financial district. pg&e says a broken electrical wire is to blame. it happened midday around 11:30 a.m. on bush near stockton. an underground electrical wire separated, setting off the small explosion. that sent a 150-pound manhole,
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that cover, flying through the air. it ultimately knocked the back bumper off of a moving car before hitting the street. the explosion temporarily knocked out power to about 1,300 customers who, you can imagine, were not very pleased with the timing. >> scary, crazy. i'm missing my giants game because i got no power. it's opening day for the giants. >> that was the key. pg&e restored power around 2:00 p.m. still had time to watch plenty of the game. the utility says it's trying to determine why that wire fired. officials say chevron's oil refinery can resume full production. the refinery responsible for 50% of the state's gasoline has been running at 60% capacity since a fire at the facility last august. production was scaled back so ical/osha could conduct an agency. they were given the green light and should be back to full production in june. >> that was the last regulatory
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process for us to ensure that there's no imminent hazard to workers at the chevron refinery. it now means that chevron is able to start up operation in their crude unit again. >> gas prices soared over $4 a gallon immediately following the disaster in august. some analysts are predicting gas prices in california could go down this summer when chevron resumes full production. also today, the u.s. chemical safety board once again said the explosion and fire was caused by a corroded pipe. that report also said chevron failed to stop what investigators called a preventable accident. several residents have filed a lawsuit against the oil giant. it was caught on camera. a man driving a stolen taxicab, leading officers on a wild chase. police say the thief jumped into this cab near the san francisco state campus overnight. the cab driver had left his engine running while he helped a sick customer. the chase apparently never
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reached high speeds, but it did take chp officers to pacifica and back. the car thief eventually hit a parked car near san francisco state, then ran away on foot. detectives are hoping they'll get some clues to his identity from a surveillance camera inside of that cab. mixed news from today's job numbers. a group of young people we found don't appear worried. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, is here is on explain. >> reporter: the nationwide job numbers were uninspiring. at least the country is still creating jobs, about 88,000 added last month. and the nation's jobless rate did drop to 7.6%. but wall street expected a lot more, and stocks sold off today on the number closing the week in the red. now if you follow the news, you know the job market can be specifically hard for young people. but we found bay area high school students who are optimistic. they're building robots. today they entered the robots in a competition that impressed not only their fellow classmates but, more importantly, some tech workers who were in the crowd.
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>> more than just the future leaders. it's my competition for the job i have now. these are the people that are going replace me. >> reporter: and that talent pool, even at the high school level, is why so many people are bullish about the future of silicon valley. tonight we'll have more on the competition and hear from the students about ma what they get out of -- about what they get out of it. back to you. >> see you authoritily. >> you bet. a presidential apology. president obama has apologized to state attorney general kamala harris after calling her the nation's best looking attorney general. he made the statement yesterday at a private fundraiser in atherton. the audience laughed, acknowledging that he was being humorous. but not everyone is smiling. plenty of people around the country and especially in the social media world were critical of the remarks. the white house says mr. obama apologized to harris for the distraction caused by his comments. kamala harris released a statement saying, "the attorney general and the president have been friends for many years.
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they had a great conversation yesterday, and she strongly supports him." still to come, emergency birth control now available to everyone. the two major shifts today to give people of all ages access to the plan-b pill. and they aren't old enough to drive but may soon be old enough to voted. the story behind the new push to give 15-year-olds new rights. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro live in fremont. people are celebrating a major milestone as we inch forward to bringing b.a.r.t. to san jose. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. partly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. not a bad day for us. we're already looking ahead toward the weekend. if you're headed out to at&t park for that game on saturday, expect upper 50s, low 60s, and some clouds.
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a major sign of progress in the effort bring b.a.r. toft. riders. more on the milestone and the effort to bring b.a.r.t. south. >> reporter: janelle, this is cato road behind me. it has about been closed for the past ten months while crews worked to build an underpass here. now finally that road has been reopened. neighbors are celebrating, and they hope that it will also provide a safer route for b.a.r.t. about 60 people came together in fremont to celebrate the completion of the project to transform this corridor when the b.a.r.t. line gets move alongside the existing train tracks. the new underpass will reduce traffic and improve pedestrian safety. >> to the community, the east/west traffic is now going to be able to run unimpeded when
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the trains go north/south. and that's the benefit of having the depressed roadway. >> reporter: he says this new project is bringing thousands of jobs to the area and will help relieve congestion on both highway 680 and highway 880. the goal is to eventually connect b.a.r. it frommy from nont -- from f m fremont to bariessa, going to the national airport. now thi-- now this evening, neighbors are here with a pizza party celebrating that the school construction mostly over and that kato voodoo now open. as for the event that you saw earlier today, that did cost $7,500. we asked the vta who's paying for this. they said no taxpayer dollars went into the event. they said it was paid for by local businesses. reporting live in fremont,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. tonight, police say a drive-by shooting in east san jose could be a gang attack or simply a case of mistaken identity. investigators say the family of the 34-year-old victim claims he was shot twice by someone in a blue car. it happened while the man was walking on south white road around 4:00 a.m., just a few blocks from mt. pleasant high school. the man told police after getting hit, he managed to walk home. don't, he is hospitalized in stable condition. no word yet on any suspect description. tensions with north korea continue to escalate as the country warns that foreign diplomats won't be safe in the event of a war. the north korean government contacted all foreign embassies in pyongyang earlier today asking if they plan to evacuate and warning that their safety could not be guaranteed. leader kim jong-un announced earlier in the week that he had mobilized his military, moving mid-range missiles into firing position on north korea's east coast. u.s. intelligence says these missiles have a range of about
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2,000 miles, meaning they're not capable of hitting the u.s. south korea, japan, and guam could be in range. emergency birth control for everybody. that's the ruling from a federal court today. it would allow anyone, any age, to buy emergency contraception without a prescription. and that's not the only move made today. here's nbc's leanne gregg. >> reporter: in the landmark ruling, a federal judge says the government must make the morning-after pill available to all ages without requiring a prescription for those under age 17. the ruling also says the pills must be moved from behind pharmacy counters to store shelves. in 2011, the food and drug administration had planned to lift age limits, but health and human services secretary sebelius overruled the recommendations citing health concerns for young girls. president obama supported her decision. >> he supports that decision today. he believes it was the right common sense approach to this issue. >> women want secretary sebelius
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and the rest of the administration to stand with the fda. the fda made this decision based on science. a court said the administration should let the fda's decision stand. >> reporter: the ruling today says the government's refusal to allow access to the pill was arbitrary, ka preeshcapricious, unreasonable. the judge ordered the fda to lift the restrictions within 30 days, a move critics oppose. >> our concern is that this ruling negatively affect the hasty of young girls and circumvents the rights of parents to be involved in important health decisions regarding their daughters. >> reporter: part of a decade-long battle over who should have access to the plan b pill. which if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex can reduce chances of pregnancy. it prevents ovulation or fertilization of an egg but has no effect if a woman is already pregnant. the justice department says it will act promptly in decide
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whether to appeal the decision. nbc news. in other health news today, the cdc said it is actively monitor the new bird flu strain in china. so far there's no reason for concern here in the u.s. shanghai announced all poultry sales will be stopped in the city starting tomorrow. the bird flu has only been found in pigeons so far. more than 20,000 chickens, ducks, and geese were slaughtered in shanghai as a precaution. six people in china have now died from h7n9. officials say the patients handled live poultry. there's no human-to-human transmission so far. and the cdc is working on a vaccine just in case. are san francisco firefighters more susceptible to breast cancer? the department wants to study breast cancer rates among its female members. the department applied for a study grant from the breast cancer research fund. it's hoping to conduct a study on 80 of its 250 female firefighters. the research will compare the firefighters' blood samples to those from women outside of the department. >> every time a firefighter
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walks into a building, a fire they're exposed to, an array of toxic chemicals. and the problem is, the -- through studies, actually the centers for disease control did a study a few years back and identified some chemicals that had the ability to permeate the protective equipment. >> very interesting. fire officials say they're extremely troubled by the higher than normal incidents of cancer among its firefighters between the ages of 40 and 50. the department expects to learn this summer whether it's awarded the grant that they've applied for. the weekend is here. let's check the forecast. happy friday, jeff. >> happy friday to you, too. we're going to manage sunshine in here also. a few showers. we were oh, so close getting rainfall today. look at this weak system passing to the north. just a few hundred miles separates us from the raindrops. then, of course, dry conditions. we may have cloud cover increasing throughout this afternoon. what's on tap? let's get a first look at the forecast over the next 12 hours. we expect everyone to have cloud cover here by 11:00 p.m. and by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, again, a cloudy start. we'll introduce a slight chance of showers at the coastline for
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the early morning hours. by 11:00 a.m., we'll introduce a chance of showers by the bay and also for the interior valleys. i'll have more on the timing of this coming up. let's get you outside to the live h.d. sky camera network on this friday. way to go, mother nature. squeezing in sunshine just at the last available opportunity down here in the south bay. looking good in san jose with plenty of blue sky. up into fremont, this looks like something out of "the simpsons" looking gorgeous this afternoon. and then up toward san francisco, a look from emeryville. we have a little bit of instability, no rainfall getting squeezed out of these clouds. then you can also see the marine layer back toward the city. all right, let's get you into the timing of the current weather that we expect for saturday. it's a very weak system again passing to the north. a zonal flow is pushing from the west to the east. they're centered way off to the north. even what our model is projecting is still on the very low end of things. by 6:00 a.m., a slight chance of a shower in the north bay. you see as it moves south and really starts to break up.
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we'll hold on to a chance of showers through 10:00 a.m. through the san francisco peninsula. probably to the south bay. but after that, we'll clear out for the afternoon. we expect partly sunny skies for the tri-valley. also for the silicon valley. we're not done yet, though. on sunday, we will have another slight chance of some showers with yet again another system moving off to the north. by 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 in the morning, a chance of showers in the north bay. by 7:00, we may see a few spotty showers on sunday back for livermore and pleasanton to san jose. here's the good part about sunday -- if you have anything to do outside and you want the best weather, it's going to be sunday afternoon. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. right now forecast models are projecting some sunny skies after that weaker system in the morning. let's get you started here on that saturday morning. 47 in santa rosa. 50 in san jose. also 51 in los gatos. 46 in st. helena, 40s in nap a. daytime highs on saturday will go slightly warmer. breezy back across the santa
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cruz mountains. 70 in morgan hill. also 70 in gilroy. 69 in san jose. 66 in palo alto. for the east bay, also close to 70 degrees. not quite there. 68 in livermore, 68 in walnut creek, 66 in the castro valley. san francisco, 65. if you're heading to the coastline, expect upper 50s. a slight chance of showers saturday and sunday. get ready, we'll turn it up through next week. temperatures going into the upper 70s and also low 80s. wednesday looks to be the best weather as we will have not only low 80s inland but l70s at the coastline. i tweeted this, and people went crazy. beach weather? that's rare here. >>@jeffranieri -- >> yes. the latest blow to a school district already in peril. also, can you smell them? right now a must for baseball season. the garlic fries.
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how do they end up in so many ballparks? there's a bay area connection, of course. stay with us.
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a new state bill would involve 15-year-olds in the election process. they wouldn't be allowed to vote, but they could preregister. the bill would lower the current preregistration age from 17 to 15. and if passed, it would take effect next year. the goal is to get more people to participate in the political process. in 2010, the secretary of state said 50% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 were registered to vote. that's way below the older age groups which have registration at about 80%. oakland school superintendent announced today that he will resign in june.
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tony smith said his family is moving to chicago to be closer to his wife's parents as they're aging. staff and stoob members said his resignation came as a surprise, but it wouldn't affect the work they've been doing, targeting the needs of low income and minority students in the oakland school district. smith was hired in 2009 to help address financial problems. he had two years left on his contract. but his last day will be june 30. hundreds of thousands of dollars in job training money is headed for the south bay. comes from the walmart foundation which has awarded more than $2 million to the center for employment training. the cet. walmart says it's partly to recognize cet's proven approach to bringing the unemployed into the work force. the grant will be shared by six of their cet sites including the one in san jose. money will pay for training to help 1,200 people develop skills they need to get jobs. we'll be back with the smell of garlic. stay tuned.
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whenever you visit at&t park, there's that distinct aroma in the air. we're talking about garlic fries, of course, a ballpark favorite. a part of giants' games for nearly two decades. now they're found at ballparks all over the major leagues. you can credit a bay area native for creating that ballpark treat. dan gordon, the co-founder of gordon biersch, can still be found making garlic fries in the kitchens of at&t park. you also see his famous figure on some of the beer taps at the ballpark. >> it started back in 1994 at candlestick park. we opened o eed booth with beer opened a beer with beer and fries, it was 30-people deep. they've opened another and another. now i think there's ten at at&t
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park. >> beer and fries. good pairing. gordon says it takes a lot of potatoes to feed the over 40,000 customers. he says his co-workers go through three tons of potatoes and one ton of garlic per game. >> ah. >> mm. >> looks good, doesn't it? >> my gosh. a reminder about our poll question we asked earlier -- we said, we getting spoiled around here? can the giants repeat as world series champs? you can vote by texting or calling 408-300-9222, text one for yes, two for no, or tweet us @nbcbayarea. >> okay. thank you very much for joining us. on our broadcast tonight, th ing-af . emergency contraception about to be available to all regardless of age without a prescription. the controversial ruling today that has a lot of parents taking notice. the warning from north korea telling foreigners to leave before it's too late. tonight, another missile on the
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move and some clues in the calendar as to where it all might be headed. social security cuts and changes to medicare. they are both part of the president's new budget plan. tonight the backlash and what it could mean for your future benefits. and animal attraction. five months since hurricane sandy flooded their home. the amazing comeback now under way. also, the end of an era announced for an american family tradition. announced for an american family tradition. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. while we're a different country than the one we grew up in in many ways this was a big change today. tonight parents everywhere are taking notice of it. a federal judge ordered the so-called morning-after pill, emergency contraception for women and girls, be available regardless of age without a prescription over the counter in the drugstore. in other words, no questions asked.
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this is a medical issue. it's a social issue. it's a moral issue for a lot of people. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: today's decision on the morning-after pill will not end the debate over teenagers and contraception. >> i think it's very controversial. >> reporter: barring an appeal, the legal battle over the drug and who should be allowed to buy it is over. the brooklyn federal court ruled the emergency contraception known as plan b will now have to be made available over the counter to women of any age -- even teenagers. this overturns a controversial decision made by health secretary kathleen sebelius in 2011 barring anyone under the age of 17 from buying plan b without a prescription. with elections looming at the time, president obama agreed. >> as the father of two daughters, i think it is important for us to make sure


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