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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i think it's a game for father and sons. >> a tradition. fans from all walks of life find irresistible. >> reporter: the giant's family reunion continues tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> tomorrow, they'll be honoring buster posey. the jients sending an early message to the league. this budding dynasty is no joke. ahmad? >> yeah, roger. they looked really good. after taking two of three against the dodgers, san francisco taking the home opener 1-0 against the cardinals to improve to 3 and 1 on the year. >> reporter: the veteran has not lost a start since august 2nd, 2012.
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after seven shutout innings, his teammates say they have noticed a different vito on the mound since that loss. >> just being extremely competitive. and, you know, he's pitching. he's doing really well. i think he deserves everything that's coming his way up to this point. i mean, today was just a good example of the effort and how much he cares. >> it may be a little more confident. we all need one run like today to win a game. and, i mean, we just feel more comfortable and confident. >> my game is just mixing it up. that's our mystery. i have four pitches and i just have to keep throwing them in different locations. distributive timing. that's what it's about. >> reporter: to put in perspective, last time the giants won more than 15 consecutive games for one of its starters was when the team was
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back in new york back in 1936. we'll have more on the giant's home opener festives coming up later in sports. for now, nbc bay area. >> thank you, mindy. we'll take a look at highlights of the game. plus, the as, sharks, boyers all in action. could every team get a win? >> new at 11:00, a castro valley man has drown off the coast of kauai. fire crews were called on the beach near the plantation hail hotel around 3:00 in the afternoon. people were on the paech. they were trying to get christian out of water, but rescuers say he was unresponsive. caught in the act, oakland police say they surprised two criminals in the middle of a home burglary today. and that led to the city's second officer-involved shooting of the week.
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>> officers responded, began to set up a perimeter. two suspects came out of the house. unbeknownst to them, officers were outside. one of them was armed with a gun which was later determined to be a replica gun and the other was determine today be a knife. >> this is that replica gun the suspect was carrying. police shot him in the shoulder. he is expected to survive. today's shooting happened on chestnut street around 2:30 this afternoon. another officer-involved shooting on wednesday left a teenager with facial injuries. the police chief admitted it was a case of mistaken identity. the teenager had nothing to do with the crime. police say a drive-by shooting in east san jose could be a gang attack or a case of mistaken identity. the family of a 34-year-old victim says he was shot twice bid someone in a blue car. it happened while the man was walking on south white road just around 4:00 a.m., just a few blocks from mt. pleasant high school.
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the man told police after getting hit, he managed to walk home. tonight, he's hospitalized. no word on any suspect description. >> also, tonight, the family of a s&l jose paramedic shot and killed in oakland hills can reaching out. boyer was shot on tuesday and died yesterday afternoon. boyer grew up in oakland and just been accepted in the physician's assistant program. he's survived by his wife and family who released this statement today saying quinn's passing leaves a gash in our hearts that will never heal. we ask for your support and prapers and your respected for our privacy during this difficult time. fellow paramedics describable boyer as being extremely well-liked. police have not yet released any possible motive or any description of the suspect. san francisco police are still looking for a man who stole a taxi cab overnight and
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led them on a wild chase down the peninsula. take a look. here's the video. police say the thieves jumped into this cab near the san francisco state campus. the kabl driver left the engine running. the car thief led officers down to pacifica and then back to san francisco state where he eventually hit a parked car and ran away on foot. detectives hope to get clues from a surveillance camera. >> pg&e scrambling for answers tonight. how did a 150 pound manhole cover go flying in the air? pg&e says broken electrical wire is to blame. it happens around 11 kw:30 this morning. it sent the 150 pound manhole cover flying into the air and knocking off the back bumper of a car. the explosion temporarily knocked out power to 1300
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customers. >> it's scary. it's crazy. i wanted to see my giants game and i had no power. it was opening day for the giants. >> yes, it was. pg&e restored power around 2:00 this afternoon. officers arrested two east bay men for using coue ining co money. when they searched the suspect's car, they found two large suitcases full of stolen mail from at least 20 cities and five bay area counties. a search warant at the home in heculese turned out even more stolen property and drugs. just ahead, the centers for disease control are calling it a new strain of the bird flu. >> that's right, roj. so far, it killed six overseas. what the health department wants to know if you're taking a trip.
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>> also, making amends, is president obama apologizing for calling her good looking? what he said to her and how she responded. it sounds like science fiction, but it's very real. the wild plan to catch an asteroid and fly it towards the moon.
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a new strain of the bird flu has claimed six lives. there are daily nights now between the bay area and china. so local health officials are taking notice. george kityama joins us live. george? >> reporter: the next flight
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from sfo to shanghai is tomorrow afternoon. and the cdc and the state department have not issued any travel warning. tonight, we talked with the santa clara health department. protective suits slaughtering pigeons and chickens. six people have died out of the 16 who have fallen ill. the virus, a brand new strain called h7h9 has been discovered. so far the virus has only spread from birds to people. >> breathing with the r respiratory secretions of these animals. if you just walk by and they're across the street, that's not going to cause any exposure. >> the doctor says there have been no confirmed cases of human-to-human infection. >> it has not transmitted, as
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far as we know, from human to human. so that's the most critical thing. as long as you stay away from where you potentially will get infekted, you're going to be safe. >> those traveling to shanghai from the bay area do not have to cancel their travel plans. rather, use common sense while you are there. >> if you're traveling over there, do not go to a market and hang out with the live poultry. that's how it's being transz mitted. >> one news agency reports the vie russ has been found in two other markets. while the cdc has said there's no reason to panic, officials there are keeping a close eye on a situation. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee is in china right now, but he is not in shanghai. the governor will lead a trade designation next friday. his office has been in touch with the authorities of shanghai. live at sfo tonight, nbc bay area news. >> george, thank you. other international headlines.
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tensions with north korea continue to escalate as the country warns that foreign diplomats won't be sach in the event of a war. the north korean government warned that their safety could not be guaranteed. leader kim jong un announced he mobilized his military on north korea's east coast. california attorney general kamala harris has accepted president obama's apology today after he made an off-handed remark commenting on her appearance yesterday. mr. obama praised harris who is a long time friend as a tough administrator of the loss who gives everyone a fair shake. but then he also added she also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general in the country. but it's caused a bit of a dust storm. >> they are old friends and good friends. he did not want in any way to
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diminish the attorney general's professional accomplishments. >> tonight, ms. harris's spokesperson said they've been friends for many years. she strongly supports him. a federal judge says the government must make the morning after pill available to women of all ages. the ruling in a brooklyn court took the latest step in a long legal saga known as plan b. but the decision goes against the government's position. you might recall in 2011 when the health and human services overruled the same plan. the justice department will decide on whether to appeal today's ruling. nasa has an ambitious plan to tame as roids. the florida center says the space agency wants to build a robotic spaceship to lasso the
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asteroid and park it by the moon. >> the senator says nasa will likely get $100 million in federal money next year. a rescue operation in arizona. crews found a missing woman stranded on a ledge about 700 feet off the ground. the canadian woman was trapped on the cliff. after an exhaustive search, rescuers finally spotted her and air lifted her to safety. so, thankfully, a happy ending there. let's turn our attention over to our chief meteorologist. it is friday night. a lot of weekend plans for a lot of different people. >> yeah, we do. we're going to have to unfortunately deal with mother nature. don't change the channel just yet. we do have some sunshine mixed in here throughout this weekend. let's give a look right now. we do have some rainfall off to the north. that's pretty much going to stay there for about the next 6 hours
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or so. let's get a first look at this saturday forecast. temperatures in the upper 40s and also low 50s. keep that slight chance of showers for the noon hour. but here's the thing, by the afternoon tomorrow, partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. our hd to sky network making it all the way over here. and we also have some high cloud cover up above. you can see it here in fremont. we had a lot of fog earlier today and some drizzle. visibility, not too bad right now. but, for tomorrow morning, yes, you're going to have to watch out for the fog, especially north bay heading into san francisco let's say 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 in the morning. our best chance of showers comes at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. we can see it move down from the north to the south.
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it's going to wash out as it gets herement primarily, what we're looking at best is scattered areas of rainfall throughout the north bay. maybe the san francisco peninsula and watch as we put this in motion. really, nothing makes it down here to the south bay or east bay. and then, by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow u the forecast is getting a lot more optimistic when it comes to that sunshine. for saturday, by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, a real good amount of sunshine expected. not done with the showers just yet. another little round here of a weaker system. it's almost a repeat performance of what we'll see on saturday coming our way for sunday. another system moving down from the north to the south. a few spotty showers. we'll hang onto about 9:00 in the morning. so from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning, a good chance for some showers. and back here throughout sunday afternoon, we are going to see some partly sunny skies. the sunniest day will be sunday afternoon. we're going to start off your saturday morning with 47 in
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santa rosa, 49 in concord, 52 in fremont. 50 in san jose and 51 in the valley. daytime highs for tomorrow, really very similar to today with that weak cold front in the morning hour, it's going to help to stabilize things. temperatures staying in the upper 60s to near 70. if you're traveling from san jose to santa cruz, watch out for some wind gusts. daytime high, 69 in san jose. mid to upper 60s, as well, including danville and pleasa pleasantton. going out to at&t park, it looks pretty good here. just a slight chance of a shower, again, at first pitch. temperature near 60. mainly cloudy. a little bit of win. we know the giants can handle it. remember throughout the playoffs when they had some rain at at&t park? it was no big deal for them.
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and then as we head throughout next week, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, i'm accepting donations for this kind of a forecast, you guys. upper 70s and low to mid 80s. wednesday, that's the day if you want to head to the beach, it could be one of those rare days where we could have low and mid 70s at our coastline. >> oh, toesty. >> yes, accepting donations. >> all right, up next, news from the chevron refinery in richmond. also, president obama's compliment to kamala harris gets the late night treatment. hear what jimmy fall lon has to say. [ cheers and applause ] [ wind howling ]
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the department applied for a study grant from the breast cancer research fund. it's hoping to conduct a study on 80 of its 250 female firefighters.
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they will compare blood samples to those from women outside of the department. >> every time a firefighter walks into a building, not only are there toxic chemicals, the problem is through studies, actually the center for disease control did a study a few years back and identify some chemicals that have the ability to permeate protective equipment. >> they're plagued by an extremely higher than normal rate of cancer. the department expects to learn this summer whether or not it's been awarded that grant. okay, let's rejoin now ahmad. ahmad, last couple of years, you've been watching the giants and as on a national level and now locally. pretty interesting, huh? >> the giants could maybe have a little more offense, but one did it today. no time to wait. the giants, as, warriors and sharks all in action. plus, there was a celebration, yes, at at&t park.
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the 2012 championship flag flying high. and one of the player's amazing streaks. it continues. that is all coming up next in sports.
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welcome back. ahmed fareed here. barry zito is on a role. it started at the end of last regular season and then continued into the playoffs. now 2013 and still going. the giants have won the last 15 times he's gone to the mound, that includes today's home opener. let's get right to that one. cardinals and giants at at&t park. a rematch from last year's championship series. the flag flying high. bases loaded, walking on four pitches. bl blanko scored. picking up right where he left off last post-season. he went seven strong allowing zero runs and three hits.
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sergio romo closes the door to the ninth. giants win the home opener. the celebration continued all through the day. 1-0 the final. how about the as in houston? a new beaux there in the west. cocoa crisp smiling before the game, smiling after this. the solo home run. his first of the year. and he's still smiling. fifth inning, probably still smiling here. a two r.b.i. single. they were up big. and then sixth inning, dan straley and chris carter here. 11 strikeouts. hugs for everyone. as win 8-3. how about to basketball now. warriors visiting the suns looking for the season-sweep against them. third quarter, warriors down three. later in the quarter, thompson drives the lane, gets the bucket and the foul. warriors up two. fourth quarter, warriors up two. kerry driving and taking to
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jarret jax. coming down to win coming back from down big, 111-107. hockey now, i told you we had it all. sharks looking for the seventh straight win. dan boyle working to give and go. boyle burr riffing it. 70th of the year. save. joe pavelski shot is not saved. the sharks have done it. they've won seven in a row, just like they started the year, 2-1 in the western conference. maybe they'll get home ice advantage in the playoffs. the young stars, this one on the offensive line. tackle anthony davis including a five-year contract extension. it is worth $37 million with $17 million of that guaranteed. davis is the 11th overall pick of the 2010 draft. the three picks before this year
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or after that year is rolando. the raiders release him. a busy day in the kba. we'll do it again tomorrow. more news after this.
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state regulators have clearclear ed chevron's oil refinery in richmond following that huge fire last summer. this could mean lower prices at the gas pump for all of us. the plant has been running at 60% capacity while cal osha state regulators investigated the explosion and fire last august. the u.s. chemical safety board also revealed that that disaster was caused by a corroded pipe and faulted the state and chevron. 25 violations. 23 of those were serious. 11 of those were both serious and willful.
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>> that disaster sent up a huge plume of dangerous smoke. 15,000 people received medical atengsz now involved in a class action lawsuit. and finally tonight, what happened in atherton is staying in atherton. plenty of people buzzing about the president. >> during a fundraiser yesterday, president obama raised some eyebrows when he called california's kamala harr harris, quote, the best-looking attorney general in the country. of course, he said it was just a joke. and then michelle says well, here's another. what's black and white and sleeps on the couch? >> all right, you can watch that segmented at 12:35 tonight. have a great weekend. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> jay: thank you. thank you very much. welcome! [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "the tonight show!" thank you very much. nice to have you all here. well folks, the big story -- the big story continues to be north korea. the fear is that kim jong-un could miscalculate and start a a war prematurely. and you know something, they might have a point. look at this picture. look at this picture. all right? [ laughter ] ladies, doesn't that look like the kind of guy who would fire his missile prematurely, huh? doesn't it? [ laughter ] exactly. exactly. you know, this guy -- [ cheers and applause ]
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i mean, he's like a giant 2-year-old, you know? we should strap him in a car seat and drive him around the block for a couple hours until he falls asleep. maybe that's how you deal with him. [ laughter ] well, the head of opec said today that the current level of oil prices are comfortable for consumers. yeah. [ audience boos ] yeah, for consumers who find bending over comfortable. yeah. [ laughter ] well, i love these -- i love these kind of non-stories. while at a fund-raiser in atherton, california, president obama called california's attorney general, kamala harris, the best looking attorney general ever. and after the comment, secret service added extra security to protect the president from first lady michelle. [ laughter ] yeah, so that was tricky. that was tricky. [ cheers and applause ] well today, actually -- today the president apologized for his remark. then he had to apologize, of course, to vice president joe biden because it's joe's job to say stupid stuff that


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