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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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residence, not a very happy one for the husband and wife that live there on hillcrest road. that is a large branch, part of a redwood that came down on top of their home overnight as they slept. it came down from a tree that was located in their neighbor's yard. it was because of the high winds and hearing mr. pedalski tell us it was very, very frightening. >> it was just a big thud. that was it. i think i screamed. i don't know. my wife screamed. it was just horrifying. we had no idea what happened. maybe one of us had fallen out of the bed, might have hurt themselves. it was amazing. >> reporter: but they are okay. there was damage to their home, of course but they do have insurance. this is a tree down in san francisco, the corner of 48th and point lomas, on the border of outer richmond. in pleasant hill, a tree came down on someone's car. it is very windy out there.
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there are a lot of things that are flying about. unfortunately, some trees are coming down. as a result, there aren't a lot of pour ower outages. 1200 in the south bay. 900 in the east bay. only 150 in san francisco. that's down dramatically from what it was earlier. in the north bay, you got 2380, 2,380 customers that are without power as you are headed into work. if you drive a high-profile vehicle or your passing a big rig, keep in mind the wind is blowing these vehicles around a lot, specially on the bridges where you have a lot of exposure to these winds. gusts, 20-40 miles an hour. this wind advisory is in effect for all day until 8:00 tonight. our meteorologist, christina loren, is going to have more on that. reporting live on the peninsula, westbound, highway 84, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> that's right. we are going to check in with meteorologist, christina loren, talk about the high winds, could be dangerous as you head out the door. part of the reason why is because you will be on the highway and you get caught by a strong gust. some of these gusts, hurricane force wind gusts in san francisco. category 1 storm starts at 74 miles an hour. that's a gust that came through san francisco. burlingame hit 51-mile-per-hour gusts, 49-mile-per-hour in half moon bay. pittsburg and san jose reaching the mid 40-mile-per-hour range. a lot came in over the course of the past two hours. we are going to continue to update you on the strong gusts. at the immediate coast, we are getting 50-mile-per-hour sustained gusts. that's strong enough to break off branches and knock debris around the highway. if you have loose objects in your backyard, even if it is just a lightweight flower pot,
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you still have time to bring ta in. as we head throughout the day, these winds will continue that national weather service wind advisory stays put until 8:00 p.m. tonight. i don't think these winds are going to calm down until 11:00 p.m. this evening. going to show you futurecast coming up in a few minutes. make sure you are ready for the wind. not a great idea for a hat unless you want to hold on to it all day long. let's check your drive. debris on the highway means give you a little extra time. >> lots of reports of debris. also, you might come across a lot of that unreported debris. tree branches across some on and off ramps. be careful. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup because of the morning commute. the cash lanes backed up past the 880 overcrossing. we will see the metering lights turn on any second. look at the clear sky. we had the wind blowing the cars around on the bay bridge. wind advisory on any of the bay area bridges including the golden gate bridge, which is not
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usually the case. that is the issue for higher profile vehicles. we see slowing on our live kren source heading through livermore coming out of the niles area. folks are starting to hit the road. slowing through the area. they grg to have an issue as they meet around that disabled big rig causing more of a problem for folks heading down into the south bay. in the peninsula, we have the issue for the san mateo and du dumbarton bridges. two-way traffic control. it sounds like there may be power lines as well as the cable lines. comcast is heading out there as well as pg&e to make sure everything is okay. there is a significant alert. we'll track it and send it back
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to you. we take a look at new video into our newsroom. a massive fire in a sunnyville neighborhood. that fire started in a detached garage behind a home on angel avenue off of matilda and evelyn avenues. firefighters say things quickly got out of control. >> the rear garage behind the main residence was only 10 feet from the next-door neighbor residence. so the wind is blowing. the flames hit the corner of that house pretty quick. that was an occupied residence. no- no one was hurt. police are on the hunt for a gunman that shot someone at a doughnut shop in san francisco. the shooting happened at the happy donuts on bayshore boulevard. it is not clear if the victim was an employee or customer. the gunman himself was stabbed before running away.
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>> it is 6:08. coming up, powerball power play. the new way you could become an instant millionaire. >> will taxpayers get their money back. we'll take a look. >> hard to believe. changing curriculums to accommodate a justin bieber concert. we'll tell you where mid-terms are being rescheduled. >> what school is that? let's take a live look outside from the south bay. clear skies. look at the wind blowing everything away, whipping around the roadways as well. we've got full coverage plus look at your day's news. a lot more ahead. 6:08. ♪
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♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, welcome back. live look at san francisco. you can see the winds whipping out there. they have already caused several
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thousand power outages around the bay area. 20,000 people without power. north bay, 2,380. south bay, 1,200. east bay, 900 people without power. in san francisco, 150. we are keeping our eyes on this windy weather to wake you up on this monday. tough way to start your day. 6:11. time for a quick check of today's top stories. british prime minister, margaret thatcher, has died. her spokesperson confirming she died peacefully after suffering a stroke this morning. thatcher was england's first demail pridfe female prime minister. funeral this morning at the holy name church in chicago for roger ebert. he died after a long battle with cancer. they are hoping to convince governor brown to invest in
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china's company. they have a trayodeoff during h visit. another green company that took money from the department of energy is in danger of defaulting. >> fisker may file for bankruptcy as early as today. good morning. it could have been worse, i suppose, laura. the doe did see this one coming in a way they didn't with sol ind solyndra. fisker had a short run. from this scene not that long ago actually when he was unveiling its new car on santana row to last friday on layoffs. a good portion of its workforce is gone. you mentioned it could file for bankruptcy as early as today. fisker took about $190 million in government loans. private investors sank money into the company. the department of energy which has had such debacle with s
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solyndra. economists are still scratching their heads over friday's job nu numbers. they were lousy. the unemployment rate went down. more people abandoned the idea of work. the participation rate. only about six out of ten adults are working or looking for work. if you took the participation of 2008 and applied it to today's numbers, in other words, if the number of people looking for work five years ago came back into the job market looking for jobs, you would have an unemployment rate of about 10%. college degree and you work in technology, economists say, we're pretty close to full employment. companies are competing for employees. that's nice. that's certainly good news for the bay area. we do have a vested interest in the rest of the country doing well, because they buy our
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stuff. we need peoria. >> we need people to get out there and work. >> unless you want to win the lottery. >> there is that. >> there is that financial plan. >> we could all be so lucky. >> if you want to take a shot at becoming an instant millionaire, here is your chance. you are going to love this. powerball has arrived here in california. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san lorenzo. a look at your chance of winning big. you are at that store where a lot of people have struck it big there. >> reporter: good morning to you, march l.a. this is one of the luckiest lottery retailers in the united states. they have produced several millionaires through the super lotto. you can see they now have their powerball sign up when they open their doors this morning. they will already have their first customer. good morning to you. this is tony. he said that he stayed out here. if he is a winner, he will be
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considered the smartest man in the bay area. he got up early. what's so exciting about powerball versus the other? >> it is the jackpot. they start out at $40 million. it is a $2 ticket. it is twice as much as any other lottery ticket but as you've seen in the past, i think it has gotten up to like a half a billion dollars. they say with california participating, it might get up to $1 billion at some point. it is exciting. it is fun. it is something to do. it came out on a lark and we now have to stick with it. >> the odds aren't so good, though. i heard it was like 175 million to 2. >> i think it is more like 179 million to 1. it is a long shot but, you know what, if you don't play, you have zero chances of winning. if you do play, you have a very slim, tiny. don't play a whole lot of money. >> r.
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>> reporter: you already have a ticket because somebody went to a store that opens at 6:00 a.m.? >> absolutely. >> this one opens at nine. >> there is another person that is here. she went to 7-eleven. this is the luckiest place in the bay area. it opens at 9:00. i'm thinking there will be a little bit of a line. >> reporter: he mentioned, there is one more lady. she has spot number two when the doors open. reporting live in san lorenzo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> that's serious dedication. that poor woman was like, don't show me. if you don't play, you can't win. kristy, you are third in line. meteorologist, christina loren? >> she might be in your car just to stay out of that wind. you know what, unless like that wind swept look, ladies, don't even bother doing your hair
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today because it is going to be pumping all day long. san francisco, we clocked the highest wind gusts of the morning, so far, 75 miles per hour in san francisco. no word on flight delays just yet. we will let you know if those come in. i can tell you right now, the wind is fierce enough to force flight delays throughout the morning. i wanted to point out where we are getting the strongest gusts, just like usual at the immediate coast where we lack that fraction. even right at the surface, really strong winds. that will continue throughout the day today. you are sustained at 22 miles per hour now. in san jose, 12 miles per hour. in livermore, 24 miles per hour sustained in oakland. san francisco, that's where the highest numbers have been coming in all morning as well as the peninsula. that's where we are getting the highest power outage numbers at this point. winds throughout the northwest, 10-45 miles per hour.
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we are expecting loose items to be damaged if you leave them outdoors. those winds are going to subside late tonight but not by much. your futurecast tells the story of the day. you look at the high end of the key where you are getting hot pink all day long where you break for lunch. you are going to go shopping today at noon. hold on to your shopping bags or your bags of food. it is going to be really windy until about 10:00 p.m. tonight. that's where we will drop off inland pumping winds at the immediate coast. until we hit tomorrow morning, we are not expecting the winds to substantially drop off. highs today are going to be comfortable. that wind is going to keep our sky nice and clear. no fog to report. 69, livermore. 65 in fry mon 65 in fremont. tomorrow, we climb by about 10 degrees on average. by wednesday, we are talking about the warmest air of the season so far. potential 90s in places like gilroy and fairfield. we are going to keep that
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weather whiplash going. more changes to come. 6:19. going to make sure you are ready for that drive. not a great one for 680. sunol, southbound side. all the way around the bend and into fremont. here is what i think just happened. because we are looking athe map and we did have that earlier disabled vehicle blocking lanes. it is a slower drive evening itself out. south 680 slowed early this morning from the interchange all the way through pleasanton. we have your typical bill for 580 westbound as well as 84 headed through livermore. there is no way around it. plan the extra time coming out of the tri-valley. keep that in mind if you are headed down into the south bay. the south bay looks really nice. northbound 101, a bit of slowing. no be pproblems for 87, 85.
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most of the schools had spring break last week. we still had some in the south bay that did have spring break. along the peninsula in some spots. foster city as you come over, the san mateo bridge, high-rise. the camera, gusting winds reporting here. the dumbarton bridge. the high-rise. look at the volume of traffic. a smooth drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems. a little slower flow because of the volume of traffic. keep if mind, all of the bay area bridges have those wind area advisories because of gusty conditions beyonce and jay-z's cuban holiday is under scrutiny. they raised the issue of the pop couple's visit with the obama administration. the long standing trade embargo
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prevents most americans from traveling to the country. the representatives are demanding information about the type of license the couple received and what the purpose of their travel was and who approved it. justin bieber trumps mid-terms in norway. five schools in western norway have rescheduled their mid-term exams so they do not interfere with bieber's upcoming concerts in oslow. the ministry of education is concerned students will skip their mid-terms any way to attend the concert. last year, dozens of teenage girls were injured at a concert as they tried to get a better glimpse of him. coming up, outdoor ice, why the san jose sharks may be ditching for an open-air venue. how a young cancer patient brought football fans to their feet at a college football game.
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welcome back. 6:25. sharks could find themselves in the middle of the nhl online games. they report they are ready for a deal for a game featuring the los angeles kings at dodgers stadium. no word on who they will play. it would likely take place on hockey day in america, which is
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in february. in the meantime, baseball giants will take on the rockies after a crushing 14-3 loss to the cardinals. let's not he dwell on the negatives. let's focus on the positive, yesterday's pre-game ceremony when the giants were given their world series rings. 21 members of the 25-fan roster were there. aubrey huff, fan favorite, attended the ceremony. free agent, brian wilson, did not. willie mays, orlando sepeda. willie mccovey and gaylord perry received honorary rings. the newest distinguished member, can doe leeza rice, hit the links with three-time masters champion, phil mickelson, on sunday. she became one of the first female members of augusta last summer. as for her golf game, mickelson
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told reporters, quote, she can really putt. 6:26. an amazing moment as a 7-year-old boy battling brain cancer gets a chance to score the play of his young life. >> as i mentioned, that young man has been really adopted by this team. >> isn't that awesome. university of nebraska football team, they unofficially adopted jack hoffmann after he started coming to their games. yesterday, he donned jersey number 22, hit the field with all the other players during a spring game. he went 69 yards to score a touchdown in front of nearly 60,000 cheering fans. that touchdown made jack the game's leading rusher. what a winner! >> it brings tears to your eyes. great story. 6:27. still ahead, this morning's windy weather we are talking about shows no signs of stopping as trees topple down on cars and homes across the bay area. coming up, with he will hae wil
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at the damage. more missiles on the move overnight. a new nuclear threat from north korea. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good?
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a snack crackdown. the irs crackdown that could take free meals off the table at a silicon company. the opening bell for this mopped, april 8th. this is "today in the bay." right now, it is 6:30. good morning to you. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tallez in for jon kelley. i'm laura garcia cannon. a developing story overseas as
6:28 am
tensions begin to rise. "today in the bay's" tracie potts monitoring the new details. she joins us live from washington, d.c. with the very latest. good morning, tracey. the white house says it won't be surprised to see the test in the next few days, maybe by wednesday, because that's the day north korea has said foreign diplomates need to be out of its borders because they can't protect them after that point. also, with secretary kerry heading to south korea to the region, and it is the anniversary of the birth of the founder of north korea, a pretty good time north korea may think for testing these nuclear missiles. we know they have two on the launch pads. now, we have new information this morning about that factory, that complex that's right on the border of north and south korea. apparently, north korea has decided to pull more than 50,000 workers who works at that
6:29 am
complex and they may shut it down all together pulling out of that joint venture with south korea. it looks like they may pull out all together. still, unknown. what might the response be from south korea if, in fact, there is some sort of nuclear tests this week. the united states in an abundance of caution has postponed its own nuclear tefst that was supposed to happen in california on the coast. that's being postponed, not to mention a visit by our top military commander. he was supposed to be on the hill testifying. all of that on hold in an abundance of caution while things are still up in the air. >> thank you very much for the update. at 6:32, we are also watching the weather as strong winds slam the bay area this morning. we have video to show you. some of the wind damage, including a tree that's knocked down in san francisco near the intersection of 48th and point
6:30 am
low mass on the border of the outer richmond. further south in san mateo, the backyard of this home was trashed when a tree came crashing down on hillcrest road. now, live to san jose for this picture. the wind blew the tree on to the woman's car not far from tully road. nobody has been injured in any of the incidents. the windy weather is stirring up plenty of power outages as well. most on the peninsula. pg&e telling us 20,000 people are without power. in the north bay, 2300. in the south bay, 1200. the east bay and san francisco have the fewest. let's check that forecast now with meteorologist, christina loren. good morning to you, marla and laura. good morning to you at home. part of the reasonable for the outages is the strong wind gusts, 70 miles per hour in san francisco. 50 miles plus in burling gam. 40-mile-per-hour for half moon,
6:31 am
pittsburg and san jose at the airport. we are going to be dealing with the winds just about all day long. even though the sustained speeds have dropped off, only about 15 miles per hour in oakland. which are going to continue to see these numbers ramp up. the good news is, we don't have any major delays out of sfo. the only airport reporting any delay is chicago where they have a little bit thunderstorm activity. temperatures won't be bad at all. 68 inland. bayside, 66 for you. 64 at the immediate coast. we'll give you your full forecast and let you know when we will get a substantial break from the winds. we are dealing with them all day long. also, we have a major warmup just around the corner. 6:34. first, want to check your drive. back to work monday. that's an issue for drivers. look at this shot for fremont
6:32 am
where the flag at the bottom of the screen has calmed down for the time being. we have gusty conditions throughout the east bay hills. also, the map shows you, an issue for 880 and 680. south 880, a report of five cars involved in a crash that's happened over the last 15 minutes. we see a considerable slowdown for the dumbarton bridge for the san mateo bridge. look at that slowing coming out of fremont in toward the rest of the south bay. looking at the slowdown coming off of the san mateo bridge for 880 and also for 680. right around highway 86 coming out of niles. that has cleared. we have all that backed up there. that is not too bad this morning. we have a smooth drive heading toward the maze and through the caldicot tunnel.
6:33 am
disabled vehicle reported on the lower deck. not an issue coming out of san francisco and here through berkry. you see the camera shaking. be careful. watch the richmond ribridge and all of your bridges we all know silicon valley tech companies offer plenty of perks to keep employees on campus. >> today, we are learning a well-known freeb by ie is an is for the irs. >> there is no such thing as a really free lunch. >> the irs wants to make your salary part of your salary. pictures from one of google's gourmet restaurants where everything costs the same, nothing at all. google serves a staggering 50,000 meals a day. none of it is taxed. the irs is thinking about taxing these meals. yahoo! also serves free food. it's new ceo, remember, worked
6:34 am
at google. there is an out in all of this if the irs decides to tax these meals. the companies can argue the food is keeping the employee at work working. another negative is, free food hurts both local small businesses and cities looking for more taxable income. twitter got a tax break when it located where it did in san francisco, because it helped the local economy. it also serves free meets as well, meaning the restaurant across the street, the little griddle, doesn't benefit as much as it could. fewer people buy that $12 evel knievel burger. the city misses out on the tax. if the lunches are a benefit, they should be taxed. >> it sounds like you know about the evel knievel burger. >> of course. much more on "today in the bay" at 6:27. coming up, children buried alive
6:35 am
under a mountain of dirt. the tragic twist swrjust announ in this overnight search. taking a live look outside. the winds whipping everything away. how long will they last? we're going to have a look at the forecast. a lot more news ahead. 6:47. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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crews in north carolina have
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recovered the bodies of two children who they believe died after playing at a construction site. investigators say a 7-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl got trapped while playing in this 30-foot hole. part of it collapsed. rescue crews dug for almost four hours by hand and shoveled to try and find them. the suspected serial killer is prompting an investigation after his arrest last fall. he is waiting trial in los angeles. authorities in numerous cases are reopening unsolved murder cases to look for possible ties to the former boxer. at least nine states are looking to build their case against little. dna results are pending on other cases the president of rutgers university will hold a town hall meeting in the wake of the abuse scandal surrounding the school's basketball coach. coach mike rice was fired.
6:39 am
pushing players and berating them with gay slurs. today, university president, robert barchy will visit the school for discussion about new programs. there was calls about him to step down after it was revealed he only suspended rice instead of firing him. it is 6:h41. homes and cars crashed by windy weather. the overnight damage, just a preview of what is to come. strong winds are whipping. you can see that san francisco giants flag flailing in the wind. what do these winds mean for the game out there today? your morning drive and when will we get a break? stay tuned. that answer is coming up. getting a break as far as the flows but not as far as the wind. it is tough driving across the bay. it is tough looking at this shot. we will talk about more slowing and more issues caused by the wind coming up. [ wind howling ]
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this morning, we are watching the weather as wind whips throughout the bay area damaging several areas overnight. we have plenty of new video to show you of when stirring up the sand along san francisco's great highway. check out pleasant hill where a tree came crashing down on a truck overnight leaving a mangled mess behind. take a look at this live picture from san jose. wind blew this tree over on to this woman's car overnight. this isn't too far from tully road. luckily, nobody was hurt in any of these incidents, in fact. those aren't the only places dealing with wind gusts. "today in the bay," bob redell. he is live. driving along the peninsula
6:43 am
where there has been plenty of damage. how is it in the live truck for you, bob? >> reporter: well, we are just out here demonstrating, you want to be careful on your ride into work, because it is windy, specially if you are in the exposed areas. we are in the city streets. you are not going to get as much wind. when you get out into any of the bay area bridges. i'm talking about the big five. gusts of 20, 30 miles an hour, specially on the incline. if you have a high-profile vehicle like we do, which is basically a utility van, you are going to feel it. if you are in a low-profile vehicle, be aware of the big rigs. they are getting tossed about. that wind has -- >> he easily illustrated how the wind can interfere with some of our live shots losing your transmission. we will give you a break. let's talk about the power outages. so many people have been hit in the bay area. >> on the peninsula, 20,000
6:44 am
people without power right now. south bay, 1200, east bay, 900. san francisco, 150. in the north bay, just over 2300 people in the dark this morning. >> not just a bad hair day you are facing out there. there are some problems. >> it is really strong out there. we the had the latest round of strong wind gusts come in. we are getting 70 miles per hour. over the pass up to 80 miles an hour. it is really dangerous out there. if you drive a high-profile vehicle, you know what we are talking about. i have been here for quite some sometime. i have only seen winds this strong in the bay area a handful of times. it is one of those days you want to make sure you are ready for it. we already clocked 75-mile-per-hour gust in san francisco. not just higher elevations and immediate coastline. the wind-prone areas and all of the bay areas getting smacked by
6:45 am
these winds. make sure you are ready. the real time gusts right at the coasts. sustained wind speeds, 18 miles per hour sustained. that's a straight wind out of the west/northwest in san jose. we are going to continue to see these winds all day long. hot pink at noon. you can see here on the key, 50-mile-per-hour gust territory. not until about 10:00 p.m. even at that point, it is going to be rather windy at the immediate coast. make sure you are ready for that. you still have time to bring in the loose objects that could get damaged by battering winds. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, talking about a significant break. a nice, calm morning. we will talk about breezy conditions. it will still be a little blustery at that point. highs today, like this, 69, livermore. 70 degrees in fairfield and gilroy. by tomorrow, temperatures ramp up.
6:46 am
5-8 by wednesday. temperatures rivalling those we experience in the summertime on wednesday. keep that in mind. we'll drop you off for late wednesday into thursday night. temperatures start to drop off. an area of low pressure comes through. they will bring our overnight lows down. more comfortable as well. we'll see how that wind is impacting your drive. good morning. the wind and related factiors. gusty conditions, debris in the roadway. this was a completely separate issue. five cars or five vehicles involved south of 880, around thornton south of the dumbarton bridge. a good number of cars still there as well as law enforcement. there is a distraction. south 880 is slow from the san mateo bridge approaching the area through hayward and down into union city and fremont where things start to clear up. south 680 also still slow.
6:47 am
started off early it this morning with a slow drive through sunol. a disabled vehicle long since cleared. for highway 84, basically, 680 and 880, stuck with a few minutes extra because of earlier problems. here for 580 through the tri-valley. nothing unusual. the south bay itself shows you the northbound route 101 through 680 coming up. all the way from downtown, a slower drive. 85 shows a late start. a slowdown heading up towards saratoga off of highway 17. peninsula, live look shows you palo alto has a smooth drive. all the way up into san francisco. no delays as far as the traffic flow. registering with heavier winds.
6:48 am
another live look here shows you the bay bridge getting into the city. a smooth drive on the span. a wind advisory here. all of your bay area bridges and the backup at the toll plaza approaching this incline going back past the west grand avenue overcrossing. back to you. >> a new video of a massive fire in a sunnyvale neighborhood off of matilda and evelyn avenue. no one has heard a word on a cause. 6:50. new this morning, police are the hunt for a gunman that shot someone at a doughnut shop in san francisco. shooting happened at the happy doughnuts on bayshore boulevard around 3:00 this morning. police say it is not clear' victim is an employee or a customer. the gunman was stabbed before running away. a san francisco police vo h
6:49 am
investigating a dead body. police say this is a suspicious death. homicide investigators have taken over that investigation. a follow-up on a story we told you about last week. police have caught up with that smooth-talking suspect accused of stealing electronics from dozens of businesses around the bay area. police arrested nicholas anthony semat on thursday at his friend's home on pinol. he said posing as a customer, he would wait until employees wrer distracted. he admitted to stealing iphones and said he did it to support his drug addiction 6:52. redwood city pulling the plug on the red light cameras. they are blaming the lack of revenue generated to cover the cost. more drivers are stopping at red lights and most tickets are being given for right-turn
6:50 am
violations. there has been an increase in rear-end collisions equipped with cameras. redwood city joins hayward as one of two bay area cities to turn off the red light camera program. another blow to local line sharing companies. sfo telling drivers to get out or get arrested. cab companies have to pay for permits to operate at the airports. businesses such as lifts and side cars do not. the airport authority says that's unfair. it has issued a cease and desist order to six ride share companies. the order will be lifted if the california public utilities commission certified the ride sharing companies. markets holding their breath, under pressure from portugal an the two koreas. a correction is likely. >> it could be a correction defined as a 10% dip on the
6:51 am
market. several analysts say they expect that correction. the dow industrials are down about 55 to 14,509. you mentioned portugal. a judge there ruled that cost cutting proposed to keep them out of bankruptcy was united states constitutional fresh video coming out of korea. south koreans leaving the joint factory. officially shutting down that facilities. north korean workers will no longer show up. an earlier report that north korea will test another nuclear weapon is cloudy. radio reporter have him on tape saying what he now denies saying. we will continue watching that. 6:54. if you want to take your shot at becoming an instant millionaire. powerball has officially arrived in california. a lot of people have been
6:52 am
waiting for it. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san loren know where one man kamped out all night to get a ticket. >> reporter: good morning to you. if this doesn't draw you in, i don't know what will. the luckyest store in the bay area. this is kavanagh's liquor. they have produced a number of winners. there may be another one sitting here this morning. tony, you have been hooer sinhe since last night. what is your system, quick pick or play your own numbers? >> a combination of both, mostly just numbers, birthdays. >> why are you so excited about powerball coming to california? >> because of the jackpots. they are really big. it draws a lot of ex sichlt. they had one recently that got to about half a billion dollars. it is fun.
6:53 am
it is just fun. >> reporter: it is fun. the store opens up at 9:00 this morning. i wanted to mention that california gives the lottery $1.3 million to schools each year. it is estimated that this will go up with the powerball. i wanted to mention to tony if you are a winner, i'm going to leave you my phone number so you can pass some to your favorite reporter. reporting live, i'm christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, are you going to get a ticket? >> reporter: absolutely. you know i will. is drawn here for a reason. why not get a ticket? >> it is a sign. it is a sign. you are yourour favorite report. don't forget it. >> she already did. today is your chance to snag a ticket to see rock royalty on stage. >> you may have to win the lottery to pay for them.
6:54 am
rolli rolling stones hit the road for a nine-city north american tour. never stop. tickets to see the rolling stones go on sale this morning. they will play on may 8th at the pavilion. meteorologist, christina loren, the big story of the day we're talking about, the wind out there whipping around everywhere. >> if you get those tickets, hold on to them tightly. we do have a blustery day to get through. the strongest wind along the peninsula. san francisco getting hammered right now. they much these relentless winds all across the bay area with debris all over your local roadways.
6:55 am
winds don't stop until 9:00, 10:00 p.m. this evening. hard to find a cloud in the sky with all the winds blowing the clouds out of the area. that's the one thing you can enjoy, lots of sunshine. let's take a look at your drive. mikes is back. we are putting him right to task with all those winds, we have all of that debris, downed bra branches, trees, wires. we have had a lot of activity, south 80 toward thornton. between the san mateo bridge and the dunbar tmbarton bridge, ver clear. both have had wind advisories every o the cour over the course of the morning. south 680, very slow.
6:56 am
the stalled car has cleared about 25 minutes ago. these folks to the tri-valley, all head through the same area heading down into the south bay. quick look over there on the peninsula side. the east shore freeway toward the bay bridge, the camera shaking a bit. a nice, smooth flow. watch all your bay area bridges because of the wind advisories here as well as the one i was eager to get to. the camera shakes quite a bit as well. watch the high-rises and the dumbarton bridge. be careful, drivers. 6:59. britain's first female prime minister, margaret thatcher, died overnight following a stroke. she was 87 yirs old. baby food warning labels are at issue. gerber and del monte are being
6:57 am
sued by an environmental grew. they want the companies to include information about low amounts of led on the label. they said there isn't enough to require labeling governor jerry brown is headed to california to promote california' agriculture an tourism. more than 70 will accompany the governor on his trip. we are back at 7:25 with a local news update. we will update you on the windy weather as we look at this tree that fell on top of a car this morning. we will be back at 7:25. thank for waking up with us. enjoy your day!
6:58 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." 7 a.m. on the west coast on a monday. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm hoe da kotb b n /* /- in for savannah. >> she was one of the most
6:59 am
influential figures of the 20th century and known as the iron lady for her uncompromising style. michelle is in london. good morning to you. >> reporter: david cameron said that margaret thatcher didn't only lead britain she saved it. she was the country's only female prime minister, longest serving in the 20th century. the family says she passed away following a stroke peacefully this morning. known as the iron lady, her influence was unmistakably strong. some would say toughing unwaiveringly conservative. >> we lost a great prime minister a great leader. a great britain. >> reporter: among a divided economic struggle in britain, protests and union strikes she was the leader from 1979 to 1990. >> the iron lady of the western world. >> reporter: ronald reagan's counterpart and partner in


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