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tv   Today  NBC  April 10, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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today in a rare move the first lady will join the fray, traveling to her hometown of chicago. >> this is deeply emotional and deeply personal, and i think part of why she chooses to go back to chicago is because she thinks about her own childhood. >> reporter: senior adviser valerie jarrett says she will evoke the memory of hadiya pendleton, shot and killed just days after performing at the inaugural ceremony. >> it's a very personal speech, it's from the heart. you will feel the pain she felt the day of hadiya's funeral. >> reporter: some of the loudest voices this week have come from the newtown families who are on capitol hill urging lawmakers to act. now the nra has yet to comment on this deal. the senate could take up the gun bill as early as thursday with some republicans threatening to block a vote on the measure.
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but democrats tell nbc news they believe they have enough votes to block a republican filibuster. hoda? >> kristen, the compromise, obviously, was bipartisan. each side probably didn't get something. what didn't each side get? >> that's right. democrats had been hoping for background checks to be universal. they didn't get that. this is going to be a pared down, watered down version of background checks. however, they are still happy about it. republicans skeptical to some extent about background checks so this is a concession on their part as well. the president had ultimately been hoping for an assault weapons ban and limiting high capacity magazines. those measures are very unlikely to pass. >> all right, kristen welker, thanks. there is new word that north korea appears closer to carrying out a missile test. overnight, south korea's defense ministry says it appears preparations have now been completed. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. good morning to you. we're hearing this from south
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korean officials. what are folks at the pentagon saying? are they confirming that in fact a missile is loaded, fueled and ready to go? >> matt, u.s. military and intelligence officials are highly confident that north korea will launch one if not two of these musudan medium-range missiles, probably within the next several days. the problem is they don't know exactly when. and in terms of how long it takes to prep this missile, it almost takes no preparations. they're on portable launchers. they can easily be moved about. in fact, intelligence lost sight of those two missiles for at least a couple of days now, so as one official put it, look, they open the garage door, roll them out and fire them. the whole process could take less than 30 minutes. >> the big question, where does that missile head once it's launched? if it heads out over the ocean, that's an act of defiance. if it heads near a populated area, that's an act of war. >> that's what has u.s. military
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officials so concerned. we do have a couple of guided missile destroyers in the region that can easily track the missile's flight, and they should know relatively soon, and almost immediately after the launch, exactly where and how far this missile could go. now if the missile is going to head toward -- or two missiles are going to head toward open waters, the u.s. military will make no attempts to shoot them down, even if they fly directly over japan. but if there's an indication they are headed inward to one of the u.s. allies, south korea or japan, or even if the missile suddenly veers wildly out of control and they have no idea where it's going, that's when the u.s., those u.s. destroyers could launch their own missiles and try to take them down, matt. >> clearly a tense situation. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon this morning. as always, thank you. there are new developments in the case of a florida father who is accused of kidnapping his children and fleeing with them to cuba.
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nbc's kerry sanders is following that story from tampa. >> reporter: good morning, just hours ago the u.s. government brought the haiken family back to the united states from cuba. the parents are being held at the jail in tampa. joshua and sharon haiken later this morning will be arraigned on a variety of charges, including kidnapping their own two children. early this morning a u.s. government plane carrying 2-year-old chase and 4-year-old cole haiken and their parents, joshua and sharon, touched down in tampa where the pair was taken into custody, put in a van and whisked away. >> chase and cole are safely in u.s. custody. >> reporter: the boy's parents had been booked into jail, they're accused of kidnapping and child neglect and other charges. they apparently sought safe haven on the communist island. the couple had lost custody of
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their children to their maternal grandmother. investigators say a week ago, the boys' father broke into her home, tied up the grandmother at knifepoint and then, after being joined by sharon, they say the couple kidnapped their own children and fled. after six days of frantic searching, the haiken family turned up in havana at the hemingway marina but their stay was cut short by cuban authorities who in rare cooperation with the united states, sent the family back. >> they were very supportive and very cooperative in all of our requests. >> reporter: to some this incident sounds like a reverse elian gonzalez case. a 5-year-old cuban boy who landed in the united states in 1999 after his mother died at sea. he was eventually sent back to cuba to live with his father. chase and kohl's grandparents say they're relieved. >> we're looking forward to sitting with them, getting them in our arms and being with them
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and getting them home where they'll be safe again. >> reporter: also on this strange odyssey, the family dog, a terrier named natty. later this morning the fbi which also brought the dog back plans to reunite the dog with 2-year-old jason and 4-year-old cole. that should be some comfort for two boys who have been on quite an adventure here. >> kerry sanders thanks so much. we are learning more about a possible motive in a frightening stabbing spree at a college in texas. natalie is here with more on that. >> that's right. good morning. there are new details this morning about the 20-year-old student accused of carrying out a stabbing spree at a community college on tuesday afternoon. nbc's jay gray is at lone star college in cypress, texas, where officials say the suspect may have been fantasizing about this attack for years. jay, good morning, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. that suspect dylan quick was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault and could face more charges in the attack at lone star college that investigators now say he had
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been planning for quite some time. investigators say this man, 20-year-old dylan andrew quick, pulled a razor-type knife from his backpack and began slashing fellow students in between morning classes at lone star college. >> when i came out everybody was screaming and crying and nobody really knew what was going on. >> reporter: pictures from witnesses captured the chaos. in the panic, steven meida and other students chased down the suspect, wrestling him to the ground in a common area on campus. >> we pushed him down. as soon as he knew he was caught he said "i give up." i sat on top of him and said why did you do this? >> reporter: at least part of the answer to that question coming overnight. a written release from the sheriff's department which said quick told investigators during a voluntary statement that he has had fantasies about stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school. >> when we got on scene it was chaotic, we were able to set a
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triage area. >> reporter: witnesses describe most of the victims' injuries as stab wounds to the shoulders, neck and face. >> this girl comes out says my friend is dead and another girl had a hole in her cheek. >> reporter: none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. six of the victims are still recovering in a houston hospital this morning. counselors will be on this campus today to help faculty and staff who, like investigators, are trying to understand how all of this happened. natalie? >> jay gray in cypress, texas, thank you. carol the elephant is recovering after being shot in the neck. the 39-year-old star of the wring ling brothers & barnum & bailey circus was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting tuesday morning in tupelo, mississippi. the 7,000-pound pachyderm heads home to missouri. manhunt is under way for the gunman. the u.s. treasury is saying that it licensed beyonce and
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jay-z's trip to cuba as an educational exchange. the trip had raised ire with some florida republicans who demanded to know if the famous hip-hop couple had been licensed to travel to havana. the two received the green light in order to promote people-to-people cultural exchanges in cuba. a little bit of memphis soul came to the white house last night as the obama family celebrated the music that originated in 1960s tennessee and even the president couldn't resist a little sing-along with memphis native justin timberlake performing "sitting on the dock of the bay. ♪ sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away ♪ by yourself. ♪ sitting on the dock of the bay ♪ >> very good. other performers included sam moore, ben harper. pbs will air the full concert next week on april 16th. some strong emotions from the 2012 masters champion bubba
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watson who broke down in tears at augusta national on tuesday when asked what the most interesting thing he's ever done with his green jacket. >> out of respect for them i didn't do any of my funny antics that i normally would do so the only thing i did was wrap caleb up in it. >> okay. that ends our press conference. >> caleb is watson's 13-month-old son. he said he wrapped him up in the green jacket. watson is vying for another green jacket this year as the masters kicks off this week. that is a photo every parent could only dream of, wrapping him up in a green jacket. adorable. >> congratulations on your masters. mr. roker is out on the plaza for the first check of the weather. another warm one out there, al. >> yes, it is. it's anything but warm in denver, colorado, picking up about eight inches of snow. rapid city, south dakota,
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setting a record, 20 inches of snow in one calendar day, breaking the record of 18 inches back in 2001. they had hail in kansas and the cherry blossoms are out in washington. washington, d.c., will see temperatures getting up into the low 90s. here's what we've got for you. still this big storm going on, it's bringing snow into the dakotas. later on today it moves up into parts of minnesota. we're talking 9 to 12 inches of snow. there's a severe part to this system, too. big storms going to be firing up from houston all the way to philadelphia, possibility of tornadoes, damaging wind. rainfall amounts will check in anywhere from two to three inches of rain from louisiana all the way into central ohio. that's your latest weather. we'll get caught up on your local forecast but first this message. alexandria, virginia, to louisiana and all the way into central ohio. that's your latest weather. we'll get caught up on your local forecast but first this message.
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good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we are starting with temperatures in the upper 50s in places like oakland. 58 degrees. 57 in sunnyvale. 54 in san francisco. at noon as you break for lunch already at 79 degrees in san jose. we'll round out the day in the low 90s, making this officially the warmest day of the year so far. 90 for fairfield. right around 85 degrees in san jose. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al thank you very much. this morning the fbi is looking into a troubling allegation from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell.
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was his campaign headquarters bugged during a recent strategy session. chuck todd our chief white house correspondent good morning. >> good morning, matt, it's mitch mcconnell talking campaign strategy. it's a whodunit mystery may end up reading like a hollywood movie script and in this case involves a hollywood actress. >> unbeknownst at the time they were bugging the headquarters a nixonian move this is what you get from the political left in america these days. >> reporter: 41 years after the watergate scandal that brought down the nixon presidency a powerful republican senator from kentucky is charging his opponents with ripping a page from nixon's playbook, bugging his office. mcconnell now firing back after 11 minutes of secret recordings were obtained by "mother jones" magazine from a february 2013 strategy meeting between mcconnell and top aides at his
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louisville headquarters. at the time the campaign was prepared to run against ashley judd who they considered a serious concontinueder. what they didn't know is that the blunt language they would use laying out her vulnerabilities would be caught on tape. >> there's a haystack of needles. >> reporter: they scoured her history and came to harsh conclusions. >> she's clearly, this sounds emotional out of bounds and anti-sort of tradition american family. i think jesse tracked this down, she described having children as selfish. >> reporter: judd made the decision weeks ago not to run. tuesday she lashed out at mcconnell for what she called pursuing the politics of personal destruction. the mcconnell campaign has asked the fbi to investigate who made the recording after a security
7:15 am
team they hired found no evidence of a bug. the mcconnell campaign conducted what one aide described as an internal audit to make sure they were confident no one in the meeting was the leaker, after determining that was the case they went to the fbi. "mother jones" simply said it is our understanding that the tape was not the product of a watergate style bugging operation. by the way, hoda, they've only got 11 minutes of this recording, that's all and they've released all of it. >> interesting, chuck todd live in washington, thanks. now to the controversy surrounding brad paisley's new song, a duet with ll cool j called "accidental racist" and this morning, both men are standing behind its message. ♪ i'm proud of where i'm from ♪ if you don't judge my gold chains ♪ ♪ but not everything we've done ♪ ♪ i'll forget the iron chains >> the stars from opposite end came together to tackle stereo
7:16 am
types. ♪ i'm just a white man comin' to you from the southland ♪ >> reporter: and a rapper's rhyme. ♪ just because my pants are saggin' doesn't mean i'm up to no good ♪ >> reporter: the song is on the album "wheelhouse." >> there's a song accidental racist. >> i did a duet with ll cool j who has become one of my best friends in the world and it sort of deals with, i don't know if any of you noticed but there's some racial tension here and there. >> reporter: it say strong message, one we've heard before from paul mccartney and stevie wonder. ♪ ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony ♪ >> reporter: but this latest effort and understanding has struck a harsh chord with critics. tweeting it's a contender for the worst song of all-time and tmz saying the song
7:17 am
is so awful, it's a hate crime. but some fans love it. one tweeted that it's a powerful song. another called it brilliant and pralz praised it for covering such an important issue. ll answered critics with a quote from dr. martin luther king jr. i have decided to stick with love. hate is too great a burden to bear. i'm going on record saying i love that song. >> natalie liked it as well. >> i liked it. >> it got people talking about this. >> whether you like the song or not it's talking about similarities as a person. i'm all for that. anthony weiner and his wife are speaking out for the first time about the scandal that forced had imto step down from congress but first this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ or that ♪ or this definitely not this! it hurts but i kind of like it! ♪ it hurts but i kind of like it! the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf., and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. just before 11:00 last night, two women and a man were shot on
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yorkshire drive not too far from deer valley road. a mother and adult daughter were two of the victims and they had a restraining order against the alleged gunman, who was proannounced dead at the scene. police say he had a gunshot wound to the head. investigators trying to identify a body found on fire right on the side of a south bay road. crews initially responding to reports of a brush fire on colorado road on-ramp northbound 85 south san hojose last night. while battling those flames they found a body that had been badly burned. and santa clara, clearing the way for a massive shopping center near the new niners stadium. city council voted yesterday to close a bmx track and an 18-hole golf course and tennis club. entertainment district filld with shops, restaurants and a mibs mix of housing will be put in their place. time now to check that weather outside. according to our multi-talented meteorologist christina loren, mother nature making it a good one to be outside. >> she is, jon.
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it's going to be so nice. good morning to you. good morning to you at home. what a difference 24 hours makes. that giants flag not getting any pickup where it was really blowing in the wind the last couple of days. winds have relaxed substantially. strongest wind is 8 miles an hour up in fairfield. todays highs will be really warm. make sure you're ready for that. 51 in livermore. your seven-day outlook in a few minutes. let's check your drive with mike. this is fremont 880 at mission. this is 680 at mission. this is 20 minutes ago or maybe a little bit longer. box truck that was righted in the last few minutes. there are two tow trucks that arrived. the second one arrived helping to right it. this box truck on its side is now righted. this still has the connector closed from north 680. look at the jam there. up toward the connector, heading over toward 880. use altamont parkway. still for another 20 to 30 minutes your alternate to mission. there's your issue. slow drive across the san mateo
7:26 am
bridge. j jon, back to you. >> mike, thanks a lot. another local update in one half hour from now. the rule is whenever i get something new,
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i have to get rid of something. shop like a fashionista. today i got these amazing designer heels. save like a maxxinista. what to get rid of this time? designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. lindsay lohan was on the "today" show. the appearance went well, only one camera is missing. >> that would be a lot for me to carry. >> david letterman joke being
7:28 am
one of her appearances on "today" a while back, we remember the visit but all our cameras are here, we're happy to say that. present and accounted for. >> i don't see one missing. >> we should note the conversation between david and lindsay had a serious side, turned to lindsay lohan's upcoming court ordered rehab at one point she teared up. we'll have more on that coming up. 7:30 on a wednesday morning, the 10th day of april, 2013, i'm matt lauer alongside hoda kotb who it in for savannah. americans are taking more pills than ever from medications to cut cholesterol and lower blood pressure to sleeping pills and anxiety drugs. is it all too much? we're going to take a look and talk about that. later on justin bieber reveals a new hairstyle and one of his hit songs gets a remake. former congressman anthony weiner and his wife opening up about the scandal that led to
7:29 am
his resignation. stephanie gosk is here with details. >> good morning, guys. this is a long and very personal interview in the "new york times" magazine exploring every facet of that scandal. weiner and his wife revealing in their own words how it happened, why it happened, and the damage it caused. the photos show a happy couple with their 1-year-old son, while the interview digs into their painful recent history. huma abedin describes the moment her husband, anthony weiner, finally admitted he was lying. at the end of a weekend escape in the hamptons, just before the car ride home. anthony said, "i have something to tell you. i can't lie to you anymore. it's true. it's me. the picture is me. i sent it. yes, these stories about the other women are true." weiner told "new york times" magazine contributing author jonathan van meeder he lied to hide the truth from huma. >> all the lies he told to the press that first crazy week are
7:30 am
the same lies he was telling huma. >> reporter: weiner describes the shame and the guilt. there was the crime, there was the coverup, there was harm i had done to her and no one who deserved this less than huma. the crime was a series of messages from congressmen and other women. weiner says "i knew when i did it, almost from the moment i did it, there was no good way for it to end when i sent that fateful tweet." three weeks later, weiner resigned. >> today i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> reporter: at the time of the scandal his wife was deputy chief of staff to secretary of state hillary clinton. she was also carrying their first child. the question abedin and many others were asking was, why? weiner explained, "i wasn't really thinking, what does this mean that i'm doing this. is this risky behavior? is this smart behavior? to me it was just another way to feed this notion that i wanted
7:31 am
to be liked and admired." >> he's still wracked with a sort of shame and pain and guilt about it, and he cried. i think every time i interviewed him at some point. >> in the interview weiner says he's eyeing the mayoral race in new york. his political committee spent $100,000 on a poll. most people wanted to know whether or not he had learned from his mistakes before they could vote for him. his wife says she forgives him. >> is there much from the wife in the article, is she speaking a lot, too? >> it's a lot from the wife. she had a prominent role in hillary clinton's secretary of state years and if she runs again i wouldn't be surprised if you see huma in a similar type role. >> stephanie, interesting story thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker who is outside. >> it is a beautiful day here, gorgeous skies, temperatures getting up again into the 70s, and let's now go to chicago,
7:32 am
show you a little fog they had yesterday. man, that looks almost very much like london, old london town, but it's going to be different today. they'll be looking at rain today. temperature wise, the jet stream takes a big dip in the mid section of the country so temperatures way below normal, record highs in the east where the jet stream goes way up to the north. boston you're going to be 62 degrees. new york city 78, heading down i-95, philadelphia 86 degrees. d.c. will see a high of 90. we also have a risk of strong storms from philadelphia through much of ohio, central and southern indiana, illinois, all the way down to the gulf coast, rain moving into the pacific northwest, gorgeous day in l.a., plenty of sunshine, temperature of 79, beautiful in miami, partly sunny and a high of 83. that's what's going on in the country. here 7:35 now. clear skies over the greater bay area. and temperatures are already warming into the low 60s.
7:33 am
we've got a really warm day ahead, especially when you consider archl high this is time of year upper 60s inland. 86 in livermore. 82 right here in san jose. the warm-up is on for today. tomorr tomorrow, we'll shave 10 degrees off your highs as that sea breeze returns. frid friday, into the upcoming weekend, looking good for your outdoor plans. >> check that weather any time you need it go to the weather channel on cable, online. up next from pain relievers to sleeping pills, why america is fast becoming a nation of pill poppers. and no more working after 40. one man's ambitious goal to retire early, very early, and he's not rich. but first, these messages. [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand?
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back now at 7:40 with "pill nation" and an in-depth look at all of the medicines that
7:38 am
americans take. more than 4 billion prescriptions were written in 2011, that is the most ever. everything from sleeping pills to drugs for anxiety and depression, you name it. nbc's tom costello is in washington with more on this. good morning, tom. >> modern medicines help us cut cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, the question medical ethicists are asking, whether we're taking entirely too many pills for our own good? it was pain like she had never known before, ten years ago kathy nicholas varraso slipped on black ice, breaking her neck and causing permanent nerve damage. >> i would sit in a ball in the bottom of the shower and cry because i didn't want to cry in front of everybody. >> reporter: it was only when doctors prescribed methadone, a pain killer, that she found relief. without it, she says, she might have given up. >> i wouldn't be alive. i was at the point where i was
7:39 am
seriously considering suicide, just because i couldn't take the pain anymore. >> reporter: thanks to the methadone, she has her life back. nationwide americans are taking more prescription medicines than ever before, more than 15 million americans take pain killers, hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol most prescribed. 5 million sleeping aids and 18 million take antidepressants. the risks? emily knows them all too well. >> i've lost everything and like something that started with just a prescription has led me to places that i never, ever, ever thought that i would go. >> reporter: emily was a high school cheerleader, accepted to penn state when she underwent chest surgery to remove a cancerous mass. she was already taking anti-anxiety medicines. soon she was depended on and then addicted to the pain killers. >> it makes me more comfortable in my own skin look i'm invincible. >> reporter: the government
7:40 am
estimates 2.1 million americans are addicted to prescription medicines. ers treat more than a million prescription o.d.s each year. the most commonly misused drugs, anti-anxiety, pain relievers and antidepressants. >> we turn to drugs for solutions more than any other industrialized wealthy countries do. >> reporter: dr. jerry aborn says something changed in the 1990s when it became legal for drugmakers to advertise. >> that's created a sense on the part of many patients that oh, i saw that ad on television, i think i should be on that medicine. >> reporter: demand for drugs skyrocketed but the drug industry says the ads only inform consumers of the help available to them. >> for all the research and development in the world doesn't do any good if the people who could benefit from it don't know about it. >> reporter: kathy says medicines have saved her life while at the phoenix house in new york, emily says she's finally kicked the prescription
7:41 am
medicines and looks forward to resuming her life. >> i feel good. life without the use of drugs is amazing. >> the cdc tells us more than 22,000 people die each year after overdosing on prescription medicines, many doctors say accidental overdoses can happen too easily when patients, especially the elderly, don't follow doctor's instructions. hoda? >> tom costello thank you so much. gail saltz is a skik terroripsyd "today" contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> they want a quick and easy fix, are doctors too quick to prescribe these medicines do you think? >> i think it is a dual problem. patients are quick to ask for them and doctors are quick to give them and some are giving them who aren't doing the evaluation you would hope for if you're going to give it for the specific thing that they are. >> these drugs become so addictive, they lked about
7:42 am
anti-anxiety medicines. what is the danger? you start on one of those because you need it and suddenly you can't live without it. >> some of these are biochemically addictive so you start with something say a benzodiazepine for anxiety and develop a tolerance and you need more and more of the same medication to have the effect and soon you have a problem, we see that with pain medication, some of the most abused, anxiety medications and then there's sleep aids and antidepressants that people would benefit from another kind of treatment, to be perfectly honest. >> psychotherapy, sleep hygiene and education. that's a better treatment for them but they don't do it because we want the requestic fix. >> gail saltz thank you for being here. coming up next, what david letterman asked lindsay lohan that caused her to tear up. we'll talk about that interview right after this. ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah
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7:47 am
prepromotor "scary movie 5" but david addressed her substance abuse and court-ordered rehab that begins in may. >> how many times have you been in rehab? >> several. >> and how will this time be different? what are they rehabbing first of all? what is on their list? what are they going to work on when you walk through the door? >> we didn't discuss this in the pre-interview. >> no, but it will be three months and -- >> no, i think to be honest i'm happiest when i'm working and healthiest and i think this is an opportunity for me to, you know, focus on what i love in life and i don't think it's a bad thing. i think it's a blessing. >> to be able to perhaps a life saver, a career saving. >> yes. thank you. >> do you have addiction problems? >> now you sound like dr. phil. >> yeah, i'm sorry. is it like alcohol, do you drink too much?
7:48 am
>> we've discussed this in the past. >> did we really? when? see i'm the one who is having the blackouts. >> i'm just sayin'. >> i ought to be in rehab. we never thought we'd see you again honestly, you know, because of the jokes and stuff, but yet you have enough spine, enough sense of yourself, enough poise to come out here and talk to me. >> she was tearing up there at the end. >> i think at one point he asked who is going to take her to rehab. she got teary there. she said "we didn't discuss this in the pre-interview" she said it in a joking way but stars go on that show and "the tonight show" and they don't expect sometimes a more probing interview and that's what makes it more effective and interesting to watch. >> she keeps saying, and she said this in other interviews i'm happiest when i'm working but she's never working, remember "liz and dick" movie
7:49 am
was a bomb. >> and you hear what goes on, on set. >> let's hope she gets it together. >> you go back to look at "parent trap" so talented as a young kid. she's got it, just a matter of getting it back. >> i can't believe she's in her mid-20s. toys for big kids that will be hot this summer. >> there's one right there. after your local news and weather. the new guy is loaded with protein!
7:50 am
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7:51 am
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time now is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm june kelly. caltrans will update us in about half an hour from now on the fix for the busted bolts on the san mateo bridge. more than 30 of the massive rods snapped after being tightened last month. there are a total of 288 anchor rods on that new span.
7:54 am
more than two-thirds of them have not been tightened. caltrans is trying to figure out exactly how to make sure that the rest of those rods do not break. and google now has permission to build an executive terminal at san jose's venetta international airport. the $2 million facility will be ace place for google execs to park and service their private jets. good to be a google exec. also good to be in the bay area. christina loren tells us very nice. >> really nice. jon, good morning to you. good morning to you at home. this is san jose. looks more like southern california, all the palm trees. i can tell you we're going to be warmer in san jose with 82 than what they're expecting in los angeles today. warmest day of the year so far. really setting up for the bay area. 85 in napa. and 74 degrees, downright comfortable, in the city by the bay today. you don't need that jacket. tomorrow, you'll probably pull it back out. we do have clouds in the morning. let's talk to mike about that drive. the drive across the san
7:55 am
mateo bridge is starting to smoth out. we did have an earlier crash out across the toll plaza, backing things up on the hayward side. i apologize, our camera shifted during the winds a couple of days ago. this is the best shot we can give you. slowing out of the hayward side. dumbarton bridge, but now you can use that. mission boulevard 880, still that closure for the reconnector. should be reopening in a few moments. back to you. thank you very much. another local update for you in one half hour. sterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ it's 8:00 now on a wednesday morning, the 10th day of april, 2013, and you know what? >> what? what? >> you got to be a kid to enjoy toys? look at some of the toys we gathered the gadgets on the
7:58 am
plaza, the world's first super light electric folding bike. >> i'm going to be on that with a willard scott sized helmet. i have a head the size of willard scott, that's what they told me in wardrobe. >> she had a bike helmet on earlier, a rather large coconut. >> she's got a big melon. >> hey, hey. what's in a name, naming your dog and we're doing a piece on that. my dog is supposed to be here shortly. i'm looking for him. blake shelton is on the way but we'll talk about how to pick the perfect name for your pooch. and when do you hope to retire? a lot of people are think being that. 30-year-old is working on a plan to do it by the time he hits 40. how realistic is that and how do you pick your magic number? >> we should mention this is not a rich guy. this guy is scrimping and saving to make that happen. >> wanted to mention the number
7:59 am
one singing competition show in america "the voice" i'm going to be there tomorrow. >> you are? >> yes, live on the set. >> you dog. >> yes, battle rounds are beginning, and i'm going to be there. >> oh, oh, wait! >> look who's here, blake shelton. >> this is my dog, oh my god he made it. >> you haven't had this dog this long? >> just since wednesday. is he the cutest dog ever? >> he looks like pepper. >> he's going to be in the piece coming up. yes, you are. all right. >> you're going to be coming up, yes, you are. good little hoda. >> natalie's got a check of the headlines. >> good morning, matt, hoda and al and good morning, everyone. nearly four months after the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school, a compromise in washington on gun control, a deal reached today by senators from both parties would expand background checks for gun buyers. however, it does include exemptions for person-to-person
8:00 am
transactions such as when a gun is given as a gift between family members. a new warning today from u.s. ally south korea that the prospects for a missile launch by north korea are very high. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in seoul, south korea with the latest. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. north korea's launch window is now open. south korea says the launch could happen any time over the next five days, as north korea carries out a series of national celebrations, and every day now pyongyang is making new threats. at the dmz this morning, tensions high for weeks are starting to peak. south korean troops guard buildings that straddle the border. they're used for negotiations with pyongyang but are now empty. north korean soldier can be seen a few yards away until he notices us filming. american troops are here, too. they've been called into action
8:01 am
for the north attack and today showed journalists around. >> 1,000 meters from this monument -- >> reporter: the entire region is on edge. in japan anti-missile systems are around tokyo but in north korea, the government is showing its people blissfully dancing toward armageddon, thousands participated in a state sponsored mass waltz, even as the government said the situation is inching toward thermonuclear war. in south korea the president says she's exacerbated by the endless, vicious cycle. analysts here say north korea may be trying to deliberately drag this out. this is its moment, the time to show the world that it's armed and dangerous, more than just a small dictatorship locked away with sanctions and ignored. north korea is pushing tensions and its rhetoric to dangerous limits and could end up pushing the region over the edge. there is a growing expectation
8:02 am
here that north korea could carry out a multiple launch, firing several missiles at once to increase its dramatic effect. natalie? >> richard engel in seoul, south korea this morning, thank you. police say the student accused of slashing at least 14 people at a houston area college tuesday told investigators he had fantasized since grade school about stabbing people to death. 20-year-old dylan quick was wrestled to the ground by students after police say he went from building to building at lone star community college, cutting people with a razor type knife. several victims had to be hospitalized but are all in good condition. and now for a look at "what's trending today" our quick roundup of what has you talking online the uconn women's basketball team is the top of the sports blog after the huskies won the national title. the 93-60 victory was the biggest margin ever in a title game. justin bieber's hit "beauty and the beast" got the classic
8:03 am
treatment on bbc radio complete with a chamber choir. ♪ ♪ all i need is beauty and a beast ♪ ♪ >> in the meantime, bieber's getting mixed reviews on his new haircut revealed tuesday on twitter. some compared it to the shorter style currently favored by miley cyrus. as you see there. from our friends at buzzfeed, what if gollum covers taylor swift's" i knew you were troubled" might sound like this. ♪ now we're lying in the cold hard cage, yeah, yeah ♪ >> the taylor swift original had more than 92 million hits. i'm not sure about that gollum version.
8:04 am
let's go back outside to matt and hoda, that was kind of creepy. >> a little creepy, uh-huh. >> thank you, natalie. look how well behaved that dog is. >> i can't believe what's happening with blake. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> what a cutie. that's so great. we have kids from the montessori model united nations. where are you from? >> sedona, arizona. >> having a good time? >> yes. >> are you doing some welding? >> it's just a fashion statement. >> there you go, very nice. let's check your weather and see what's going on. little welding. evansville, indiana, nbc 14, afternoon storms may be developing, a high of about 79 degrees. look what's going on, we got snow in rapid city, that's going to be moving into minnesota later today, anywhere from 9 to 12 inches of snow throughout central minnesota and then we got the risk of strong storms from houston to philadelphia, possibility of tornadoes, look at that stuff firing up from dallas up into chicago, more
8:05 am
heavy showers and thunderstorms, flood watches from missouri to michigan, rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches into central ohio. that's what's going on in the country. 8:07 now on a wednesday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. want to start with this live picture just to show you winds are still a little breezy out there. they have certainly relaxed overnight. that's the good news. we're going to be rather warm, 90 on the way to fairfield, 81 in fremont. meanwhile the city will hit about 74 and 80 on the way to santa cruz. tomorrow we're going to drop like a rock back down to the low 70s. by friday, temperatures start to level off and we've got a good looking weekend shaping up. weather. all these nice folks enjoying the warm weather. let's head back over to hoda. >> thanks so much. coming up next we'll talk about one man's lofty goal to retire by age 40. the guy's not wealthy, so is it possible for the rest of us? we'll find out.
8:06 am
also, come on, how are you going to name your dog? how are you going to pick the right name for your dog but look at the face. look at this one. right here, look at this one, right here, looky, looky. all right, we're going to figure out how to pick the right name. i picked blake shelton for obvious reasons. coming up, "steals and deals with jill martin" how you can get things on a bargain coming up. and how about a little more blake shelton, a little bit more blake shelton. we'll be back after this. salad cuie the perfect combination of grilled chicken plump edamame ripe pineapple crunchy broccoli colorful carrots all topped with a savory ginger vinaigrette and crispy noodles. for 300 delicious calories. all you have to do is bring your own lettuce. we'll dress it up. new lean cuisine salad additions. just byol. they're the hottest thing to hit the frozen aisle. nestle. good food, good life.
8:07 am
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that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. what that's great. it won't take long, will it? no. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. that didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. dig in and save with miracle-gro potting mix, a special buy at two bags for just $10.
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♪ [ female announcer ] with its rich, silky smooth taste there's magic in every piece of dove® dark chocolate. ♪ try our delicious new freshly made lunch pizzas on our house-baked pan crust served with soup or salad and made to order. chili's new $6 lunch break combos. more life happens here. we are back now at 8:12, most americans hope to save enough money to retire by the time they reach, i don't know, about 65, but what if you could retire much, much earlier? nbc's tamron hall is here with one man's story. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. 30-year-old jason feeber has a plan and everything he does is
8:10 am
working towards the goal of retiring before he hits age 40. >> this weekend we're going to do some noodles and spaghetti and meat and you've got a great dinner there, five, six bucks. >> reporter: 30-year-old jason feeber is all about saving money and writes a blog about his plan to retire by age 40. >> i live modestly, i try to save 60%, 70% of my net income every month. >> reporter: his strategy is to streamline. he moved from michigan to florida to save money in state tax taxes. he got rid of his car to save on transportation. >> is it difficult to wait for a bus with eight inches of snow around you. >> reporter: he earns $50,000 a year and keeps his monthly expenses low, rent $900, student loans $200, transportation $50 and food between $200 and $250 for a total monthly expense of
8:11 am
$1,400. >> my first year i was lean, spending $120 to $140 a month in food so there was a lot of sandwiches and noodles. >> reporter: being frugal paid off. feeber saved more than $100,000 in three years on his plan, he says he can save more than $400,000 by the time he's 35, that's plenty for him to retire on, since he only spends about $15,000 a year. investments are also part of his strategy. >> what i'm doing is not really all about quitting your job tomorrow and playing golf for the rest of your life or something like that. it's not necessarily about retiring in the traditional sense. i'm trying to buy time so i'm saving as much money as i can. >> his plan may not be for everyone. he does not plan on having kids and as for medical expenses he's optimistic that he will be healthy after he retires. once he retires he plans to spend his time doing charity
8:12 am
work so matt, disclaimer, obviously not for everyone but it's working for him. >> it gets people thinking, t tamron, thank you. >> carmen wong ulrich, welcome. >> thank you for having me here. >> jason says if he saves more than $400,000 he's set because his expenses are low. lifespan he has to figure he's going to live into his 80s. >> there nor guarantees in life. he says he feels healthy and wants to remain healthy but things happen. third of us end up on disability. also, how is he investing this money? there's no guarantee of return and if he sits that in a savings account the interest is not enough. >> if he can get 5% on that $400,000 every year he kicks off $20,000, he says he only spends $15,000 a year, he doesn't want to have kids, if he stays healthy, can he do it? >> that's the thing but still life happens. what happens if he gets injured on the job?
8:13 am
>> not going to be working he's quitting. >> and he could cross the road and something could happen. what we could learn from this is that you have control over your expenses and this is a lifestyle choice that you can make at least partially. >> but you do have to ask the question, do you want to live life to its fullest now. in other words if you're constantly skimping and saving to get to that retirement age early, would it be better for you if you had a little more luxury in your life and allowed yourself some more expenses now, and just pushed retirement off ten years? >> this is a personal choice. this is a commitment to a lifestyle, basically living like a college student, not for those four years but for 20 years. can you do that? first to do that you have to plan the spending of every single dollar. it's that austere. is everyone around you on the side. he mentions not having kids. what if you have kids, a spouse or partner. >> i guess could you go back to work. >> and get a second job.
8:14 am
i've seen folks who get a second job and funnel that money into savings and reach six figures much more quickly. >> help me figure out that number thing. how does the average person figure out their number? >> there's no magical rule for that because it's complicated but you can get an idea by estimating your expenses in retirement and it is an estimate and how many years you're going to retire. two things are important to consider, one, medical coverage so if you're going to be retiring before the age where you can get government assistance for that you have to pay for health care on your own. that could be a third of your budget and second, taxes. if you're retiring before the age of 59 1/2, 401(k)s and i.r.a. gz are not on your investment plan because you can't have access to those without penalties or taxes so be smart how you invest. >> i like your takeaway it does tell people that they can have more control over their financial future right now. >> absolutely, that is the point is that you don't have to be
8:15 am
this austere. if you're living paycheck to paycheck this say choice you can make and you can do things to change it and retire early, maybe not at 40. >> thanks to jason for raising the subject. outside to hoda. >> i recently found out one of the best things you can do is get a dog. i just got this little guy blake shelton about a week or so ago. one of the big questions dog owners have, what on earth should you name your puppy? we take a look right here. that the brooklyn doggy academy puppy party the memory of how the pooches came to be named is a fresh memory. >> milo, jasper, cooper. >> finneas, he knows his name. >> the inspiration for doggy names -- >> billy. >> jazz singer and to an italian
8:16 am
herb. >> that is basil. >> for some families picking just the right name is an opportunity to choose something symbolic. >> we loved matrix. >> there's abannual list of the most wacky pet names, spunky brewster, otto itchy bobo and chew baca. andrea advises to keep them short and sweet. zbl . >> i've had clients give their dogs william benedict the iii and i think that's a little too much. >> even short and sweet can come with a twist. >> it's spelled with two ns although she has the form look. >> and sometimes compromise is the name of the game. >> pink got her name because pink is my wife's favorite
8:17 am
color. originally she wanted to name her principle sis but i didn't want to walk a dog named princess. >> the most popular dog names aren't that different from baby names. bell laand max topped last year's list. >> if they're part of the family you'll take a lot of effort into choosing a name because it's a name your dogs will have through the next 15 years and a name you're going to say a lot. >> and then there's me. i oshlg loriginally wanted to n after blake shelton but quickly learned that everyone has an opinion so i backed down, i named him charlie, until kathie lee set me straight. >> i think there is somebody on the phone that's incredibly disappointed in you, hoda woman. >> what? >> good morning, blake. >> you didn't name your dog after me? >> oh, wait a second. do you want me to name the dog blake? >> i do. >> there you go. >> there's something wrong about
8:18 am
that. >> i asked if it was okay he said let's just pretend i asked miranda and she said yes. >> there is young blake. >> do you call him blake, blake shelton? >> i call him blake. you've got a cute little pooch. >> i have pepper who is also a rescue. >> mine is a rescue but came with her name, zara and i kept it because i love it. >> let's see zara. >> and i've got jules. >> of course you do, jules. >> big tongues hanging out. >> big ears, that's right. you know what it's time for? we brought out our helmets, time for "try it out today" a segment where we test out some fun and funky gadgets. katie is back with toys for adults. >> gadgets galore. >> we are starting with these z board. >> it is an electric skateboard, five years in the making, about 650 bucks on preorder and the
8:19 am
best way to show it off is you got to get on board. >> i'm not getting on it. >> all you have to do to go forward is hit the front foot pedal. it moves 15 to 17 miles per hour. >> be careful. >> i looked at the video here, this is probably not for first time skateboarders. >> you know i have to say the first time i hopped on this i was cruising right away. >> oh, thanks. >> yeah, sure, of course. >> you must know what you're doing, more coordinated than the rest of us. >> it will move with you. this goes up to five miles on a charge, takes about five hours to charge the skateboard like a segway but on a skateboard. >> i can't turn, i'm stuck. >> hit the back pedal. >> it can go backwards? >> yeah, it can go backwards. >> i pick it up and turn it. >> put some foot into it. >> all right. >> oh, yeah.
8:20 am
>> i got the hang of it. these are what, 650 bucks? >> 650 bucks for the base model. they're currently on preorder. >> all right, natalie. >> good job. >> this is like a snowboard a little bit. >> very cool, what's next? >> up next this is a crazy contraption, the yikes bike. this is an electric folding compact bike. i want to show you, too, you can see this model it's 24, 34 pounds. this is the computer's dream. >> can do you it in a dress? >> absolutely. >> this goes up to 15 miles per hour, 15 minutes on a charge up to 9 miles an the bike, three different models, comes in a bevy of colors. ron, stick with her. it is a little bit different design. also it uses a special braking
8:21 am
system. >> does the guy come with it? >> ron does not come with it. >> al you have a folding bike. >> but i have a regular pedaler. how do you turn this on? >> 5'4" to 6'4" to get on. don't be afraid to give it a go. come on, al. >> go al. >> he's moving. >> careful. >> careful, careful, whoa. >> who is driving this, honestly. >> i got to tell you once you gain some speed like racing style it's pretty awesome. >> the throttle is a little odd. >> don't be afraid. >> he took you out for a walk basically. >> watch him, this is how it's done. >> ron has been riding this bike for a while. >> nicely done, al.
8:22 am
don't drive angry. if we don't want to hear helmets and guards you've got remote controlled toys for us. >> a little bit more of a consumer, not so crazy options. this is a stunt tumbler. i'll let it slide off the ground t will flip itself over, these are hex bugs, one of the most popular robotic toys. there's an xl version and a spider and a scarab. fun option so everybody can get on board with it. >> cute. >> so again, toys not just for kids, we got great options for adults as well. >> yes. >> katie, thank you, we appreciate it. >> see you tomorrow. >> we'll have much more ahead out here on the plaza and inside after these messages and your local news. >> that is excellent. good m.
8:23 am
it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. today a south bay soldier will be laid to rest next to his father. 24-year-old specialist killed in
8:24 am
afghanistan along with two other american soldiers over the weekend. a car bomb reportedly exploded while they were delivering textbooks to school children. santos was following in the footsteps of his father who had also served in the army. his father fought against the japanese in world war ii and was held as a prisoner of war. specialist santos will be laid to rest next to his father in the philippines. want to check the morning commute now with mike. how are we looking? >> a little better yet it looks a little worse on this shot. fremont south 880 the bottom of the screen, jammed through this area approaching mission boulevard. look at the map, see the drive on 880 as well as 680. i highlighted the parkway, still a good option. the sig alert blocking you from north 680 to mission boulevard has had all lanes cleared at 7:59 after our last cutin. i sent that update on twitter so folks would know. back to you. thank you very much. another local news update coming
8:25 am
up in just half an hour. hope you get a chance to enyoi your day.
8:26 am
8:27 am
♪ we're back now, 8:30 on a
8:28 am
wednesday morning, the 10th day of april, 2013. there is a sure sign that spring is here, the ice is gone from rockefeller center. >> oh. >> it's melted and you know what they're doing right there, starting to install the bar that occupies -- >> hey, now! >> now you got my attention, nice. >> soon to be the home away from home for the fourth hour. >> you know what? that is unkind. >> but true. >> you're right. >> i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb who has been filling in while savannah has been off. natalie is with us tomorrow morning as savannah continues vacation. al roker joins us as well. we have a lot coming up in this half hour. >> jill's steals and deals coming up, she has luggage, she's got jewelry, she's got the mani/pedi, got it all. i'll talk to her in a bit. and mark whitman will be by making the classic one-pan dish paiella. it is cool and delicious. >> he has a twist on that, too,
8:29 am
pasta paella. >> and then he's going to twist. >> we'll meet an influential professor working with major companies to redefine. >> mr. roker how about a check of the weather? >> starting off today, a lot of snow up through the northern plains, risk of strong storms from the gulf coast into the mid-atlantic states, rain moving into the pacific northwest, gorgeous day, southern california, and then for tomorrow, we're looking for that risk into the southeast into the ohio river valley, wet weather in the northeast, icy conditions in the upper midwest. sunny and cool in the pacific northwest, mild from texas into southwest and central california some 8:32 on wednesday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look. hazy skies over san jose. temperatures already warming into the 60s. we're headed towards the mid-80s today in places like san jose.
8:30 am
82 there, 85 for santa teresa, 87 in gilroy. the warm city on the map is fairfield at 90 degrees. as we head through tomorrow, on-shore flow picks up. we'll see that sea breeze. that means temperatures drop back up. friday into the weekend looking really great for your weekend plans. hope have you a great day. forget check that weather any time you need to go to the weather channel on cable, online. >> let's say hello to two wonderful people, julie and grant. >> hi guys. >> this is cool, welcome, welcome. your show is being released not only as a television show but also a video game? >> it's two portals into the same world, it's never been done before, so you can play the game, you can watch the show, you can do both and it gives you an added experiences. >> i go the to get to the premise here for a second. the way i read this the earth is invaded by a lot of different groups of aliens, a war breaks
8:31 am
out for nine years. the earth is destroyed. for me that would be end of series. >> we start from there. the aliens have come to emigrate and through a lot of misunderstanding a war breaks out. there are seven races of them, one race of us and a bunch of machinery that went a little bit crazy and terraformed everybody. so it's no longer earth but also not their environment. >> got it, okay. >> this is your first sci-fi role, grant. were you nerve us? >> i was grateful that it wasn't bright green with giant ears and flippers, you know. it's all good after that. >> are you an ail yeb alslien a? >> no, i'm humor, the mayor, the newly appointed mayor. >> there are a lot of languages in this. you guys had to learn the languages? >> i tried. i'm terrible. i can swear in alien, probably not appropriate for morning
8:32 am
television. >> family broadcast. >> stockel. >> what does it mean? >> don't go there. >> it's what it sounds like. >> we just offended everybody on jupiter apparently. >> ticked off a lot of people on mars. >> julie and grant, thanks. coming up next -- >> "defiance" premieres on sci-fi on sunday. coming up next, jill martin and her "steals and deals" but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:33 am
8:34 am
we're back at 8:37 with one of the most influential people in business you probably never heard of. willie geist recently met a young professor at the university of pennsylvania who is helping to shape tomorrow's ceos. >> good morning, good to see
8:35 am
you. students on the ivy league campus flock to his classroom to hear a simple philosophy that is shaking up the business world. nice guys it turns out often finish first. >> the point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. >> in an era of big bank failures and global recession, gordan gek co's alpha dog style of business is under siege and from an unlikely source. >> it's called pronoia. >> adam grant at 31 is the youngest tenured professor at the university of pennsylvania. >> the fear that other people are plotting your well-being. >> reporter: named one of "business week's" favorite professors and one of the world's top 40 business professors under 40. >> i would love to have new class. >> reporter: his classes are some of the most popular at the wha famed wharton school of business.
8:36 am
>> nice to meet you. >> reporter: you're known as something i'm going to make you uncomfortable a celebrity professor on this camp us? >> i hope not. >> reporter: grant's big idea is this, the cultural wisdom that says only the strong and self-interested survive in the dog eat dog world of business is demonstrably wrong. >> it's unique therecy group of people that succeed in ways of lifting people up as opposed to cutting them down. >> reporter: the students agree. >> i think it fits right into where the world of business is going. >> reporter: "give and take" fleshes out the argument. people fall into one of three categories, takers, givers and matchers. >> if you were a taker would you only help other people, when the benefits to you would basically outweigh the cost, whereas a giver is somebody more likely to help when the benefits to the other person outweigh the personal cost. >> reporter: the rest of us fall in between, matchers. it's true you'll find takers at the top of many organizations but professor grant's research
8:37 am
shows givers are the ones who stay on top. so take me through the career of a giver and why he or she would be successful? >> if you work in a team and you're the one who is willing to put the team's interest ahead of your own the team will reward with you greater status, with more promotions, et cetera. >> one of history's greatest givers? abraham lincoln. >> lincoln was able to look at what's going to be in the best interests of the country and bring the most capable people along even if they weren't his best friends. >> reporter: grant says spotting a taker in business can be easy. >> they talk about their successes with i and me instead of us and we. >> reporter: exhibit "a" this full page photo of disgraced ceo enron's ken ley. >> they have larger photos of themselves in their annual reports, just sort of signals it's all about me. decisions and predictions about the stock market. >> reporter: professor grant has been called in to evaluate the culture at organizations like google, goldman sachs, even the
8:38 am
envelope, make-a-wish, a foundation built on giving turns to him as well. >> it's very evident right away that he knows his material. there's an instant acceptance of what he's doing. >> reporter: a long way from the self-described intro vert who once turned to magic to come out of his shell. was that your card? >> whoa! >> reporter: but today there is no trick to his message. >> there are ways i can be helpful to you, i hope you'll reach out. >> reporter: just science that may change the way the world does business. >> a lot of us underestimate the success and the meaning and happiness that comes from making a difference in the lives of others. >> professor grant concedes there are limits to what a giver can do before he or she becomes a doormat or pushover. he tries to weed out the takers from his own life with a simple test. if someone asks you for something, ask them to pay it forward with some small task of their own. if they're unwilling to do that, don't waste your time with them.
8:39 am
>> how many ceos watching are calling their pr saying shrink the size of my picture on the yearly statement. >> you know what? professor grant says that applies not just to ceos but if you look at your friends on facebook, that's a great indicator and there are studies that show people who have only pictures of themselves, watch out. >> somebody told me that has to do with your signature, big signature, big ego. thank you very much. up next "steals and deals" from dresses to luggage. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:40 am
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we are back now "jill's steals and deals" when we get some deeply discounted items today and jill martin is here to walk us through. this is my first time doing the steals and deals. how does it work again? >> go on right now, all the deals are there, and we'll link you to the retailer's
8:42 am
website. we have limited amounts so if you want it, get it fast. >> go fast. so dresses. >> you could be wearing this today without a jacket but we will need them, very versible dress retail $250, it's a best seller for nearly a decade. >> what is the deeply discounted price? >> it's for all body types, two sizes, 0 through 12 and 14 through 20, machine washable, doesn't wrinkle. you see the different ways you can tie it a zillion different ways. the deal is $59, that's 76% off. >> 59 bucks? i'm shocked. what is next in. >> okay, so the julep mani/pedi set, retail $143. start with the mani collection, six runway inspired nail colors, three best selling hand products, remover, cuticle stick, glycolic hand scrub and
8:43 am
the pedi, the polish remover, the foot file. >> to get the stuff off the bottom of your feet. i like the whole thing. >> this is an at-home spa. the retail $143, the deal for either -- >> what is it, i can't wait. >> $29.99, 79% off. >> i don't know how this is possible. this segment i don't know how it's possible but it's astonishing. >> and it comes in a box so great for gifts. >> jewelry. >> i'm wearing them now, the leather wrap tassel bracelets, retail $148, hand made from earlized leather wrapped chain with a signature tassel, gold, silver or rose plated, sold in high end boutiques and department stores across the country, katy perry, carrie underwood wears it. $39, 76% off. >> you're wearing two so you can
8:44 am
mix and match. >> you can layer them, and another great gift. >> this is important for all of us who are on the road. is this travel pro? >> it looks like your luggage. >> except mine's beaten up. >> travel pro, retail $300 to $380 so the 21 inch, the 25 inch or 29 inch expandible and it spins, available in four colors, sold at macy's and dillards. check the shipping. the retail is $300 to $380. the deal $69 to 89 depending on the size, 77% off. >> just so i'm clear one of these is $380? >> one. you pick one and then the deal is $69 to $89. >> and now linens and things. >> spring cleaning, the retail $170 to $180, made of 100% organic cotton, 250 thread count, available in queen and king.
8:45 am
look how beautiful the bed is made. >> does look pretty. >> a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases available in seven colors. >> i like the way do you that. >> i did that myself came in early. $170 to $180, the deal $48 for the set, up to 78% off. >> so let's recap because this is my part. you've got the reversible dresses, the julep mani/pedi set, the bracelets by nissa and the travelpro luggage and nine space sheets. coming up, how to make the perfect paella. bittman is in the house and you know what that means. bittman is in the house and you knowis it wrong to buy an entire outfit to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista.
8:46 am
designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
8:47 am
today's kitchen" is brought to you by chili's $6 lurching break combos only at chili's. >> this morning in "tooled's kitchen" spain's most famous dish, paella a one-pot dish. mark bittman is a "new york times" columnist and author of "how to cook everything, the basics." welcome back. >> good morning, matt.
8:48 am
>> you say paella is rice and a liquid. what you add to it is what makes it fun. >> paella is rice and liquid and other stuff. >> let's talk about how you cook paella. you have different pans. why are these good? >> this is the classic or similar to the classic paella pan so it's broad and shallow own the idea is the liquid cooks quickly because you've got a wide pan and you develop a little bit of a crust on the bottom but any of these, this is perfect. these are really good even if you're making a small cast iron pan will work. we have three kinds of rice here, almost any rice will do. this is a sort of classic paella rice but this is borio from italy or brown rice will work, too. >> you said all it takes is rice and liquid but yet you start with olive oil and onions. >> i said rice and liquid. >> that's what you're starting with.
8:49 am
>> olive oil and onions and you cook the rice until it becomes glossy and shiny. >> when it comes to the liquid, water, stock? is it kind of interchangeable? >> water is the most traditional liquid, obviously the ease ye to come by. stock is, will give you more flavor. we have a beautiful chicken stock here and you'll notice that it's gorgeous, bright yellow because there's saffron in it. >> the consistency is important so how much liquid do you want to add to that rice as it's cooking? >> about twice as much liquid as rice and here's some saffron and i thought you might just like to take it home because it's very expensive. >> oh, withal thank you very much. you're giving me a to go bag? >> there you go. >> great, thanks very much. i'll probably get stopped at the airport with that. all right. so now you've done that. >> we would do that and now this is really about the most basic you can get. >> i'm going to stir for you
8:50 am
while you're doing that. >> since we're both left-handed. >> there you go. once do you that, at what point do you add the shrimp which is what you're using in this paella? >> we can add it now because we want it to look nice but really i'd keep it to almost the end because shrimp cooks so quickly. >> we want to move on to other things. this is what it looks like when it's done, that's the consistency you want. >> and not only will it look like this but if we do it right, it will have this lovely sort of brown crust on the bottom. >> now you're going to change things up, first of all another risotto and added chorizo and peas. >> this is chorizo, peas, tomatoes, red peppers. no seafood. you could put seafood or chicken in here, whatever. >> talk to me about pasta paella. >> called fidaios, same technique, cook onions and break up pasta so it's like this and you cook it and we can do it,
8:51 am
cook it in some oil, broken pasta. >> is that a whole wheat pasta? >> same thing, cook it until it's glossy and add your vegetables, your stock or water and at the end your seafood and that's really beautiful. >> let's bring our gang in here. >> we have to feed the gang. >> serve it up. >> i know where i'm going. >> you want the rice paella? >> i want this right here. >> i want the chorizo one. >> you could eat out of the pan and fight over it. >> a communal pan? of course. >> natalie? that one, too. >>. >> i want the middle one. >> people like the crispiness on the bottom. >> al? >> i'm going with the middle one. >> that's the best part. crispy. very good. >> delicious. >> it's all about giving, after that last segment.
8:52 am
>> you're a giver. >> mark, we appreciate it, thank you very much. >> noodles. >> okay. >> this is great, has a smoky flavor to it. >> that's the chorizo. >> very good. >> well done, bittman. >> you've outdone yourself. >> thank you. that's for you. >> mark bittman as always good to have you here. we'll have much more ahead on a wednesday morning, including -- >> what? what? >> you've got a special visit coming up, don't you, in the last hour? >> yes, we do. you'll have to wait and see what it is.
8:53 am
8:54 am
good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the mother and father accused of killing their daughter's suspected pimp will be charged this morning. they are facing first degree murder charges in the death of calvin snead. two of the suspects claim snead was pimping their teenager daughter. >> it is going to be a really beautiful day. temperatures are going to be on the warm side later today. 86 inland, 77 bayside at the coast around 72 degrees. hey, 72 at the coast, beautiful conditions, haven't even hit the summertime just yet. you can hit the beach comfortably. thursday into friday, temperatures start to drop off, leveling off for the weekend. staying nice and comfortable for outdoor plans. hope you have a great day. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces.
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8:57 am
♪ welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, april 10th, 2013. another beautiful day here in new york city, inside studio 1a i'm willie geist along with al
8:58 am
roker, natalie morales and "today's" contriting correspondent jenna bush hager. good morning, jenna. >> good morning. >> we're in the red zone now. >> bags packed, ready to go? >> the bags are not packed. >> okay. >> where am i going? >> vacation? >> hospital. >> the hospital, not yet. no, i need to pack the bags probably, that's another thing on my to do list. just add something else. >> more pressure. >> no pressure, it's fine. >> henry will help. >> did you pack your bag? >> yes. >> you've got to be ready. >> now she's worried. you're okay. >> wait ten minutes at least. >> if you don't have everything in there you can always go back and get it. >> that's true. it's not like i'm delivering in a different country. >> henry can run home. we want to start with our baby shower. >> yeah. >> my baby shower was not published in "people" magazine but jenna's was. beautiful shots. tell us about the big day here. >> it was so sweet.
8:59 am
the ladies of "today" put it on. >> and then there was hoda and kathie lee. >> whoa! >> come on. >> great little hors d'oeuvres, peter callahan, tiny little bites with baby themes, really well done. rubbing the belly. are you sick and tired of people rubbing your belly? >> strangers, it's awkward but friends. it was so sweet. henry, my husband, came and surprised me, which i was, he turned kind of red but that's a sign of a sensitive man. >> there you go. >> and everyone gave me books, which was really sweet. >> because you're a teacher. >> because i am a teacher and my mom was a teacher and librarian. >> there's natalie. >> i grew up with a mother that read to us all the time. and natalie actually sang me a really beautiful song. >> oh, no! are you serious? >> she did, in front of everybody. they want to hear it. >> no, no. okay. how many times have you read
9:00 am
"good night moon" to your kids? >> many, many. >> millions. >> i have read this book so many times, i have it committed to memory and committed to song, because i have to jazz it up not just for my kids. >> actually you don't have to. you don't have to. >> she jazzed it up. ♪ in the great green room there is a telephone ♪ ♪ and the red balloon -- >> that's burlesque. ♪ and the picture of -- >> look at jenna's belly bouncing. the kid's going let me out of here! >> wants out. >> panic! no, the strangest book i got was "fifty shades of grey." >> who gave you that? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> i want a name. >> you can guess. >> do they work after 10:00 on our show? >> actually it's jackie, our producer. >> sorry. >> you said this was for baby number two, henry. >> i said we don't need a baby number two yet. >> let's get baby number one. >> worry about one at a time. so get that go bag.
9:01 am
this is very cool, in "people" magazine. >> and meghan kauf. >> a party manner extrordinaire. great job. >> amazing. let's go to our take one. lindsay lohan on david letterman last night was on to talk about "scary movie 5" and making a cameo on charlie sheen show "anger management" but dave went off script asking her about her upcoming court-ordered rehab stint and things have got a little uncomfortable. >> how many times have you been in rehab? >> several. >> how will this time be different? what are they rehabbing, first of all, what is on their list, what are they going to work on when you walk through the door? >> we didn't discuss this in the pre-interview. >> no, but it will be three months and -- >> no, i think, to be honest i'm the happiest when i'm working and healthiest, and i think this is an opportunity for me to, you know, focus on what i love in life, and i don't think it's a bad thing. i think it's a blessing.
9:02 am
>> so she's been on the show several times. she knows dave, but she obviously was not expecting some >> no. >> she was asked a question do you have addictions or what are your addictions and the best thing she could do especially for people who do struggle with addictions is come out and say, yes, i'm battling addictions. why not be up front and honest with it and say this is something. she did say, i view this as a blessing, going to rehab and hopefully it gets her back on track. >> i think it's interesting it took somebody like david letterman to ask her the tough questions and maybe somebody would do this and make her pay for some of the stuff she's done, maybe she could be on that road back. >> also the people that need to ask her the tough questions are like her family. >> and we see that's not happening. >> no, so she's due to report may 2nd to rehab. this is for reckless driving case that happened last year. so we'll see how that turns out. let's go to our take two, the national spelling bee adding
9:03 am
vocabulary now, making this more difficult for these kids. for the first time in the 86-year history of the national spelling beacon test tants will have to worry about what the words mean as well as how to spell them. >> wow. >> that's cruel. >> now they have to read the dictionary. >> study the dictionary. >> to qualify for the championship finals in the semis, spellers are judged on a cumulative score that incorporates the live spelling but also computer-based spelling questions and computer-based vocabulary questions. you won't see that part on the broadcast. >> thank goodness. >> it will figure 50% of your score is based on what the word means. >> it's a multiple choice so it makes it a little bit easier. we decided to give our hosts a little test. >> i don't know if this was a great idea. >> jenna is going to put us to the spelling bee test. >> i'm a teacher and this is a third grade level word. >> okay, set us up, here we go. >> if you don't get it maybe you should go back to school. the word. >> we have to spell it and define it. >> spell it and define it.
9:04 am
>> okay. >> borborigmus. >> borborigmus? >> borborigmus. >> this is third grade level? >> i think so. i got it right away. >> origin? >> there's no origin. i believe it's latin. isn't everything? >> aren't they all? >> borborigmus. >> you can use it in a sentence? >> no, we have to -- >> if you can't get the word i could use it in a sentence. >> we have to define it. >> that could help. context clues again. >> borborigmus. >> what would that be? no? let's do a reveal. >> borborigmus. >> you have a definition? i'm just going to think of a definition. >> he knows it. >> no, no, i don't. >> i think you do. >> nat, go ahead. >> i should have written it bigger. >> close but no. >> what is your definition?
9:05 am
>> we'll wait until after. >> here is mine. >> no. but close.3 c1 it's spelled b-o-r-y-g-m-u-s. >> a rumbling of the intestines. they put it right there. >> i was going to use it in a sentence. my borborygmus is hurting. no? >> that would not be right. you got the answer. >> when you're pregnant, unfortunately there's some borborygmus. >> that's what they do. >> for sure. >> we could have come up with some funny definitions but, oh, well. >> so sad. >> what were you going to go with? >> i was going to say what happens when we get very boring? >> oh, like a condition. like i've come down with a case of borborygmus. >> at a dinner party, people that put to you sleep. >> that's right.
9:06 am
proving once again we're not qualified for a 12-year-old spelling bee. >> good luck. >> the stations just went away. don't go, don't go, he didn't mean that. >> i didn't mean that. take three, a fun quick one, friends at buzz feed. >> here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> roll it. these are facts that actually aren't true. we think they're facts but they're not true. number one, one-half of all marriages end in divorce, conventional wisdom. not true. this figure is a simple comparison of course of the number of divorces in a given year with the total number of marriages. but since the two figures represent two very different groups of people, the 50% number is not correct. now you know. >> another one is that pregnancy only lasts nine months. >> it's ten months. >> it's 40 weeks. >> why do they never tell you that until you get pregnant? >> because you wouldn't get pregnant. wait a minute, hold on!
9:07 am
nine is okay. ten, i'm out. >> low balling. here is another one which we've proven today, people only use 10% of their brains. >> some of us only 5%. >> i'm not even close to half that. >> when you're pregnant it's 2.5. >> princeton neuroscientists among many others, debunked the idea 90% of our brains go unused. >> they say we use different parts of our brains at all times. >> you guys put that to task today. >> natalie, save us from ourselves. okay, let's get to our news this morning and the new move toward expanding background checks on gun buyers with an announcement expected on a bipartisan compromise deal on background checks, senate majority leader harry reid plans the first vote tomorrow on starting to consider gun legislation. today first lady michelle obama weighs in on gun control when she speaks in chicago.
9:08 am
also today, president obama sends congress a budget for 2014, one that aims to reduce the deficit, raise the federal minimum wage, and eliminate tax loopholes mainly benefitting the wealthy. the white house says the budget will create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and cut the deficit in a balanced way. democrats don't like the planned cuts to social security, while republicans don't like the new tax hikes. tensions are running high this morning in south korea with north korea apparently poised for a medium range missile launch. officials say the test could come any day. north korean officials have told foreign diplomats that starting today they will no longer be able to guarantee their safety. south korea and the u.s. are stepping up surveillance. mtv canceled the series "buckwild" after the death of its star, shain gandee last week. gandee and two others were found dead in their vehicle, they died of carbon monday oxide poisoning. while the incident did not happen during taping for the
9:09 am
series, production was suspended after his death. an unusual and heartfelt wedding message. last weekend when his brother was getting married an airman serving overseas couldn't be there in person so he sent brandon and mandy his congratulations from high in the sky over afghanistan. he said it's a day they'll remember for the rest of their lives and he wishes he could have been there, calling mandy the perfect match for his brother, he told them that marriage is a journey and told the two to go nuts together. good advice, good advice. >> very cool. >> there you go. >> like that. >> i hope somebody was manning the controls while he was doing that, a nice gesture. >> i think he's okay. >> al, a check of the weather? >> a lot going on, big storm system in the mid section of the country. on the back side we got a lot of snow. rapid city picking up 20 inches yesterday, minneapolis will see anywhere from 9 to 12 inches of snow today on through in the mid section of the country. and we're also looking at the risk of strong storms from houston all the way to
9:10 am
philadelphia, isolated tornadoes, damaging winds, hail a possibility. you can see already stuff firing up from chicago down to dallas, rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches of rain. we've got flood watches from missouri on into michigan. that good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look from our emeryville cam. we don't have a cloud in the sky here. something you don't typically see at 9:12 a.m. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s already, warmer in san francisco and oakland than san jose. 65 at noon today we'll see temperatures in the 80s warmest cities across the bay, rounding out at 90 in fairfield, tomorrow take the temperatures down. enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. jenna bush hager, thank you. pack that bag, cannot leave home without the baby seat, the car seat. >> the car seat, yes, got to get that, too.
9:11 am
we don't have a car but okay. >> you got a lot to do, girl. what are you doing here? what are you doing? >> go buy a car! coming up next, being a friend to a friend who is sick, the new book that's out, right after this. w book that's out, r after this. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪ [ female announcer ] special k popcorn chips. 28 delicious chips for 120 calories. freedom to enjoy.
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9:15 am
decided to write one herself, "how to be a friend to a friend who is sick." good morning. >> good morning. >> you're cancer free a year? >> i've been la best n segment. it's such a difficult conversation for anybody to have, a good friend who is very ill, you want to comfort them in some way, want to say you look great. why is it so difficult for us? >> you know, the two things that come naturally for you to say are how are you, that's the opening line of normal discourse, and you look great to make the person feel good. >> you say that's not the way to go. >> how are you a big mistake for somebody who is sick because you hear it constantly with intonations that are really depressing, like how are you? with a squeeze of the arm, and you hear it over and over again. and you really don't want to revisit your diagnosis, the worst part of your treatment, you don't want to go back there. so don't ask how are you. ask, what are you feeling?
9:16 am
it's so simple. what are you feeling? it opens it up for the person to tell you. i feel good or i have pain or i'm depressed or whatever. >> i feel like if i ask that, that's too much, i'm asking you to give me too much information about something you may not be comfortable talking about but that okay.eathe mood o person ad the condition that they're in. my book covers people who are going into alzheimer's, it covers people with chronic disease, people with a broken leg, somebody who is alcoholic, somebody who is depressed, somebody who just committed suicide, somebody who lost all their money with madoff, all of this can make you sick at heart so it's the physical and the emotional and the mental and people will give back whatever they're ready to give to you but at least you're saying, what are you feeling? >> some of the other things you say. >> not the cliche. you don't want to say, "god only gives you as much as you can handle" or you don't want to say "you don't deserve this,"
9:17 am
because who does? >> you say also how are you? you want company? you look great, oh my god, you don't want that. but some of things to say, i'm sorry this happened to you. tell me how i can help. that's a good one. >> that's it, two very good ones. another very simple one is, i can't imagine what it's like. because you really can't unless you've been there exactly. you don't know that kind of pain. you don't know what it feels like to have a drain coming out of your body. so for you to say oh, i know what you must be going through, you really don't, and don't equalize yourself with the patient. so i kind of have three basic rules in this book, and one is tell me what's helpful and what's not. you want an honest exchange. as soon as you can possibly start, say to the friend, i want us to be able to talk honestly about what you need and what you don't like. the second thing is do you want to be alone or do you want company? that's a very big one for
9:18 am
people. we assume everyone wants company and the best thing to do is show up. sometimes it isn't. it may be the best thing to show up for the person taking care of your friend, but not for the friend, who may be miserable, want to sleep, in the middle of a nap, feeling ugly, all of that, and the third thing is tell me what to bring and when to leave. because you know, i might bring you a bunch of flowers that you're allergic to or chocolate, when you really get hives from chocolate, whereas what you may want is an ice pack, you know, so tell me what to bring, and tell me when to leave, because most people overstay. most people think their wonderful presence is going to be healing, but it isn't. it's not necessarily healing. it may be that you just want to sit there, keep the person company, or it may be the best thing you can do is say, you know, good-bye, i can see you're a little tired. >> these are really difficult conversations for people to have and i think you've made it a lot easier with this book so
9:19 am
congratulations, letty, thank you. >> good to see you. >> we're back after this. i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes. there's a lot i had to do... watch my diet. stay active. start insulin... today, i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said that with novolog® flexpen, i don't have to use a syringe and a vial or carry a cooler. flexpen® comes prefilled with fast-acting insulin used to help control high blood sugar when you eat. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. no drawing from a vial. you should eat a meal within 5 to 10 minutes after injecting novolog® (insulin aspart [rdna origin] injection). do not use if your blood sugar is too low, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life-threatening. ask your health care provider about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions and low potassium in your blood.
9:20 am
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9:24 am
9:30. more than 30 of the massive rods snapped after being tightened last month. there are 288 anchor rods on that new span. more than two-thirds of them have not yet been tightened. caltrans trying to make sure the rest of the rods do not break. investigators are trying to identify a body found on fire on the side of a south bay road. crews initially responded to reports of a brush fire on the on ramp to northbound 85 in southbound san jose last night. while battling the flames they found the baed that has been badly burned. oakland police looking for second gunman in connection with killing of oakland tribune photographer. police arrested 38-year-old anthony lister of san leandro. they say he's a ten time flown and charged killing the 54-year-old. he was driving home from the gym friday night when he was caught in the middle of a gunfight. he was hit by a stray bullet and later died. police say at least one other gunman is involved.
9:25 am
a quick break but a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:26 am
welcome back. the time now 9:28. look at some of these temperatures 9:28, 90, not even summertime. 62 in gilroy. just want to show you cupertino at 69 degrees. as we head throughout the day, winds have dropped off. they will shift offshore as a result. we're talking about 90 degrees in places like fairfield, 86 concord, 86 gilroy. tomorrow we'll lose 10 degrees of that warm. by friday, lots of sunshine, upper 70s. we'll check your drive with mike. >> yikes. looks like summer arrives around 3:00. looking southbound 880, slower drive, starting to thin out more. south heading toward mission boulevard. look at this. on the map slow southbound side out of newark and union city area. that's a pretty standard flow. the northbound side did completely clear up after the morning clearup. it is cleared, a good connection between 680 and 880, northbound.
9:27 am
slowing at 680 and 880. back to you. >> thank you very much. thanks for joining us. another local news update coming up in half an hour. hope under the circumstances a chance, enjoy your day. back now more of "today" on a beautiful wednesday morning in new york city, it is april 10th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie morales and al roker. just ahead this half hour, former nfl great kurt warner is
9:28 am
here to tell us about a new show on the usa network. >> i love the idea, all about second chances. he'll talk about that in a bit. also, once a rule-breaker but we're going to show you how you can wear white before memorial day, and then also -- really so concerned. from fabric to rugs and paint color, choosing the right white for your home. plus giada de laurentiis is going to show us how to take advantage of spring peas. i don't know why you'd want to take advantage of them. they didn't do anything to you. >> leave the poor peas alone. let them just be in their pod. >> they were safe in their pod and all of a sudden taking advantage of them. >> taking advantage of them. >> i hate that. >> all right, al, a check of the weather. >> we digress. >> today we have a risk of strong storms from the gulf coast to philadelphia and pennsylvania, we're looking at wet weather making its way behind that and snow up in the rockies, i should say in the northern plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest. for tomorrow that risk of strong storms makes their way to the
9:29 am
southeast, on into the ohio river valley, wet weather in the northeast, look for cool but sunny conditions in the pacific northwest. beautiful weather from texas on into southwest and southern california into central california as well. that's what's going on in 9:32 now. on a wednesday, good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this emeryville camera showing you the city of oakland. nice clear conditions across the bay area. look at your beach numbers for today. 80 degrees in santa cruz at 4:00 p.m. you can tell if it's that warm at the beach it's going to be down right toasty inland. temperatures warming up to 90, places like fairfield, 86 in concord and 74 in san francisco. seven-day outlook shows you not as warm tomorrow, shave off 10 degrees. mvp kurt warner is clearly an accomplished professional athlete and dancer, but it wasn't always an easy role. now he's helping deserving individuals follow their dreams on the new usa show "the
9:30 am
moment." good to see you.. >> good to be here. >> you really understand this because while you have really achieved everything you would want as an athlete, it didn't start out that way for you. >> no, you're exactly right. show about second chances, having gotten a second chance and the great thing is you understand everything that goes into it but you also understand the possibilities. i mean why i'm here, my career, where my family is right now is all because i got a second chance, so to have the opportunity to step back into people's lives and present that opportunity to them is extremely exciting and to be the host, it's not just introducing people, taking the viewers from one place to another, i get a chance to interject my story, help teach these guys, give them lessons that they can avoid in their process of chasing their dream. >> you're their guide and the people i understand that were sent in by family and friends. how did you go about picking the people and giving them that moment? >> you know, it's obviously a long process of making sure, first we want to make sure they have a chance to fulfill their
9:31 am
dream. you obviously have to have skill, not taking somebody on a whim, i want to be a professional football player. you have to have the skill, obviously the story behind it. these are people that were chasing their dream at one point in time and then life stepped in, life threw them a curveball and forced them to step away from their dream so the story part of it, you know, and obviously for television you got the personality part, you want people that will engage with the audience that can really attract the audience. >> exciting. kurt, we're looking forward to it. catch the series premiere of "the moment" tom night at 10:00, 9:00 central on usa. coming up next it's okay to wear white before memorial day turns out. we'll show you how to break the rule or so-called rule. >> the guidelines. >> the guidelines. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet.
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if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast, like the special k breakfast, actually weigh less. what will you gain when you lose? this morning on "today's style school" how to wear white before memorial day. lloyd bachmann is a style expert. >> good to see you. >> the number one question you get asked on social media, when can i technically break out the whites. you don't have to wait until memorial day. >> you don't have to wait but you want to make sure that the fabric is seasonally appropriate. making sure you use something
9:36 am
like check out the pants today, corduroy. you want to stay away from things that are not seasonally appropriate. you don't want to be mrs. roper before memorial day, linen, be careful unless you're living in a hot climate clinen linen is n appropriate. if you're at miami beach or laguna. be careful, strappy sandals, flip-flops make you look too summery before the season breaks. sxw . >> you have a great summery dress and white cardigan. add accessories? >> start with the cardigan, a great way to wear white right. it's over the seasonal party dress and the dress and necklace come from i love the belt from
9:37 am >> this is a beautiful trend, people concerned wearing something so light it will get dirty. >> on the so longiest day it makes you feel like a million bucks. this costs nothing, from it adds light to your face. the yellow pants are soft and pastel-like and i love these because they have a great feel to them from and spared it with a watch, because a little yellow keeps it soft and yellow. >> and a lot of pops of color throughout so brightens up the white of the trench. >> way to go. >> if you are going to wear white pants there is again about the fabric. >> a lot of ladies are afraid of white pants in general. go for a nautical theme, easy way to go, look at the necklaces head to toe, from i love these jeans, white jeans are a great way to go, get them a size larger if you're concerned about the hips or the
9:38 am
bottom blessings we call them, go a size larger. >> bootylicious. >>, this is a veggie bag. bags are okay before memorial day. veggie bag because it's not leather. this is from >> and finally the crisp, white shirt. i thought you could wear this year round. >> you absolutely can but this is for a woman who wants to take a baby step if she's in the office. it's wrinkle resistant. i found this at and the skirt the mirrored print of the moment, love this piece from kenneth coal found on and a baby step, a simple accessory takes it home without going too far. >> i wore my white denims in today and i wore a linen shirt so i guess i'm still breaking the rules here. >> rule-breakers always get noticed. keep your head up. >> thank you. and we are sticking with the color scheme because we're talking about choosing the right whites for your home right after these messages. da nnon
9:39 am
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willpower. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard, ♪ life used to be so hard. ♪ now everything is easy 'cause of you, ♪ ♪ and our la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la. ♪ in "today's home" finding the right white from paint to
9:43 am
fabric, there are hundreds of options, making the choice can be overwhelming. elizabeth mayhew, author of "a flip for decorating" is here to help us sort it out. >> good to see you. >> why are there so many choices. >> you think white is white but white is not white. you need to find the right whid. >> these are tremendously different. one looks dirtier than the other. >> you may be looking on camera. >> i'm looking in person. >> al this is creamier and yellow, a linen white from benjamin moore. in the room it gives a warmer tone in the way it reflects -- >> dinghy. . >> dingy. >> it's not. when you see meringue icing with the glossy white grayish, something like decorator white has that tone. something else like this is much creamier, more like a buttercream. >> where does eggshell fall? >> eggshell is a finish, it is a
9:44 am
way of finishing. this is the thing you really need to find the white -- i can't say it, the right white for your house. the way to do that you need to get samples. the white that you choose in your house in new york is going to be very different from a white that someone else chooses in arizona because the way the light reflects in the room, the things you into ed to take into account, where are your windows, the size, the height of your ceiling. >> what about the room size? >> the room size is very important, what it's reflecting outside, all those things go into account and that's true with all coats but particularly with white. >> i mentioned eggshell does the finish make a difference? >> for example here, you can tell viewers this is -- >> glossy. >> very glossy. if you want a lacquered finish it has a modern feel. this is an oil paint. the only way to really get that high gloss finish is to use oil paint. >> white if you're trying to cover colors that's a lot more
9:45 am
work, right? >> you use a primer behind that. i tend to like white, for example in my dining room i use all decorator white. i like the glossiness that it finishes in my own dining room it's chocolate brown but i used a white finish around it. >> some examples here. >> okay so then you go from paint which you're choosing to decorating. in this room, people sometimes think that white, they're scared of it, they think it's going to get dirty. white is one of the easiest things to clean, that's why you have white slip covers, you take them and slow them in the dish -- the dish washer? >> if you're trying to save time why not. >> in terms of fabrics and really interesting things, all outdoor fabrics are great indoors for white, this rug you might be scared about t it's a white rug. you take a little all purpose cleaner taken comes out. the other thing about white is white sometimes people think they're cold. whites can be quite warm especially when you add in more natural tones like natural
9:46 am
pillows or creaming. creams can tone it down. take this cream throw from pottery barn, throw that over a white sofa. it matches because it's in the same color form and warms up the room. >> what about this divider? >> a screen is a great way to mask a part of your room but if you do it in a natural color it goes with everything so in white or natural. also in terms of upholstery same thing at ballard design you can get all outdoor fabrics in upholstery. >> kids, pets, cleans up. >> absolutely and you can add little touches in, like white lamps, always they go with everything this one from target, and then also trays and things and vases, very affordable and it goes with everything. the other thing about white is it's an empty canvas. you can add whatever colors you want. if you're a novice starting out in decorating it's a good way to go. >> you know how you can instantly improve the room? >> he hates pillows. >> all right, elizabeth good to
9:47 am
see you. you're rockin' the white. >> i have a feeling this is, lloyd would tell me wrong fabric. >> you're making it work. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. coming up seasonal cooking with giada de laurentiis who is adding color here. this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
9:48 am
real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
9:49 am
>> announcer: "cooking with giada" is brought to you by target, giada's exclusive line is only available at target and >> this morning we're "cooking with giada today." chef giada de laurentiis is here with peas. they're at their peak in spring and giada is sharing some of her favorite recipes. good morning. >> good morning. >> spring is the time for peas? >> it is, and it's one of my favorite spring ingredients. we have english peas and snap
9:50 am
peas. i grow both in my garden. have you ever -- oops. nevermind, that one was already opened but can you open a pea? do it, let's see. these are fun and i think with my daughter, who is five we open them up. >> you can eat them like this. >> you can eat them raw or what i like to do especially for this first dish is blanch them. you only blanch them for a minute, boil saltwater, put them in for a minute and put them in ice water for the green color. >> is it something when you look at a pea in the supermarket? >> you want to look for something fat and plump. if they look kind of dry, old, the peas will be starchier. you can see this one right here is starting to get old so you want to skip it and get ones that are fat. you can feel the peas inside of it. snap peas you can eat straight or branch them. i'm going to show you three different ways to use peas.
9:51 am
the first one english peas, you take the peas out, blanch them and put them in ice water and the food processor. so what we do now is we're going to put, you know what, let's open this. i wanted to started with it closed because i don't know how to open this thing. there we go. >> i don't either. i'm no help. >> there are so many makes and models. to give it more sweetness and freshness some garlic and a little salt and pepper and we're making a pea puree and italian broth. there we go, perfect. now you turn it on. >> pulse it? >> no, just start. >> we're going to mix it together so start to puree it and add half a cup of extra virgin olive oil. turn it off. and you can kind of mix it together like this. >> beautiful.
9:52 am
>> we'll take the blid out. >> i got it, we're good. >> all over willie, sorry. you're going to put it in here and there we go. now here use this and get it all in there. see that color? >> beautiful. >> it smells sweet because of the mint and because of the peas. then what i do at this point is add a half cup of parmesan cheese. it brings it together. just gives it a little bit of salty, cheesy bite and i mix it in here because that container gets really, really hot. we have a minute left. >> people are here. >> the pea puree is done. >> hi, guys. >> hi. we're going to make lemon broth, sha shallots, olive oil, lemon zest and lemon juice and chicken broth and let it simmer for five minutes just like that. salmon, salt, pepper, in the pan. sear it on both sides, about four to five minutes for medium rare on each side, looks like this and the finished dish, you
9:53 am
can finish it. >> should we put it underneath? >> a do a little bit of the pea puree. >> with the fish on top. >> the broth is over there and maybe al can do that. >> what is this? >> that's mint to finish it off. >> this looks amazing. what is this? >> turkey scallopini with a
9:54 am
it is 9:56. good morning, i'm marla tellez. within the past half hour, san jose state university announced it is expanding its online classes. the school is partnering with online course developer to offer more of its classes online. other csu schools are part of the expansion. governor brown has pushed for schools to aggressively pursue online courses. dozens of students from the bay area will join an immigration reform rally in a few hours. high school and middle school students left from oakland international airport last night. they are part of a group called "by any means necessary." they are demanding full citizenship rights for all undocumented workers and passage of federal dream act.
9:55 am
most students raised the money for the trip on their own asking for donations door to door and speaking to unions. it is the warmest day of the week. lets get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> yes. it is warming up nicely out there, marla. good morning to you. we head through the day, temperatures in santa cruz at 2:00 will be 75 rounding out the day at 85 degrees. it's one of those days if you can get out to the beach, just perfect conditions. temperatures drop off tomorrow. we're forecasting 90. in fairfield 81, fremont 80 today. in redwood city head to tomorrow, shave 10 degrees off. hold onto the 70s all weekend long. lets check your drive with mike inouye. >> 880 typically slow at this time starting to ease up a bit. look at the map, coliseum, slow into through oakland 880, 580 cleared up half hour ago. southbound side clearing fremont into the south bay, northbound
9:56 am
routes for 101 as well as 280 gumming up. we're still watching for traffic breaks at bear creek and 85. overnight a fatality, they still have to move the car from the cliff side. traffic still flowing. back to you. >> thanks. back with the local news update at 10:26. we'll see you then.
9:57 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb.
9:58 am
live from rockefeller plaza. it's the day you've been waiting for. wines daye wednesday. >>. i learned something else. they don't do any drinking on this early. >> what the heck is the point of that? this is a new way to drink wine as if you needed another one, in a zips case. you have your choice of crimson red and quartz white. >> is this glass? >> no, it's plastic. >> that's neat. >> yeah. >> i'm not going to, because i have a holy man in our midst today. >> yes, you do. >> one of my good friends and one of the greatest writers in the world of faith, just writing in general is max lacada, he's with his son-in-law here. he's somewhere. but max, you and i met max, we talked to him when we had just
9:59 am
read one of hess books, we were in san antonio. >> so it must have been four years ago. >> you read the first line and went, i'm in. he's got genius for that. >> there are certainly people who can string four words together and you feel emotion right away, and you go, how did he do that? max is a guy like that. he. >> he's become a good pal. he has a new book in the fall, called "you'll get through this" right, max. >> that's right. >> we can't see you but you used the story of joseph and the amazing tick any color dream coat. >> congrats on the book. we look forward to it. >> you know what i love so much about max? he's a preacher, but he doesn't preach at you. he just loves you. we need more of that. topic number one. >> what can you do for lindsey, max?
10:00 am
>> she acted as if she had been caught off-guard by some of the questions dave was asking. i guess often they have pre-interviews. she kind of got emotional, but they also had some fun. let's take a listen. >> lindsay lohan was on the "today" show today. the appearance went well. only one camera was missing. >> that would be a lot. >> the cafeteria in the court has named a sandwich after you. >> they don't let you eat there. she punched a psychic in the nightclub right after the psychic told her you will soon punch a psychic in the nightclub. >> well, she seemed to be handling things well there. >> yeah. it changed a bit throughout when he asked what she was addicted to, and she said we didn't talk about it in the preinterview and
10:01 am
he asked another question and she sort of seemed -- >> a little put off. >> what do you think? >> what we're not showing is what she said later, listen, i've learned my lesson, i'm only happy when i'm working, but that makes it sounds like she's been on this solid good path for a while now, and yet just last week we were reading about her some brazil under a table with scratched up legs because of her -- bloody -- you know, here's the thing. this is still a child. she's a grown woman, but she still thinks and acts lycra child does. because i think -- i'm not a psychiatrist, but i've raised kids. if my kids were acting that way at their age, you would know something in them did not develop properly. somebody's got to get ahold of her and i said it for years, before we read about her, she's gone, and everybody will say, somebody who was close to her should have done something. yeah, you know who you are, so
10:02 am
do it. >> she does keep saying i'm happiest when i'm on the right path. >> but then she sabotages her work ethic. >> it sounds as if it's the same old song. plus she's going on letterman. if you are thinking about turning the beat around, maybe that's not the stop you would take. >> this is something i just don't understand. number one, if you really want help, if the judge said i'm putting you in rehab, i would say put me in tomorrow, i want help. put me in tomorrow. but the courts say -- you're going to have three weeks of rehab, three weeks until we send you to rehab. you know how much damage keg done in three weeks? >> right. >> if she needs it, go. >> yes. i like your earrings, by the way. >> when hoda zones out. >> no, no, no, a friend of mine
10:03 am
told me often when women are talking, they think about something else going on. >> that's a daily thing with you. >> i know. >> i'm going to chalk it up by being exhausted. you're mine again, don't even let matt think you can have him again. by the way, you were sensational. >> if they just had vino. >> we love savannah. >> her mom was having surgery, and we wish them the best. speaking of our lady friends. >> we went last week, we weren't allowed to talk about it, because it was going to be a huge thing in "people." >> jenna bush hager is pregnant, having a baby, and we had a baby shower that megan organized and did a great, great job, and there it is. there's her husband henry. >> who's a doll. we just expected a bit more than this huge thing we had to keep
10:04 am
quiet for a week. so we're grateful, don't get us wrong. >> peter callahacallahan's, by f. catered the events. we're such a joyful group. i gave one that hannah left behind in my apartment. bring your favorite children's book. i have running -- my god, where was "curious george" and i realized hannah left one, and it was the dr. seuss. >> and your other baby took a bow today. blake was here. that bloke blake showed up. >> he did. he was very cute. he came in, because we did a piece on naming your dog. anywhere, blake and i watched a bit of "the voice". >> he's very rambunctious and crazy. >> he's a sneaky dog.
10:05 am
he didn't act that way when you first bought him and he gave you those eyes. and then he was all over the place. >> a crazy dog. >> god works in mysterious ways. >> now every has their teams in place, so let's listen to some of the final contestants. ♪ thunder only happens when it's raining ♪ ♪ players only love you when they're playing ♪ ♪ love ♪ won't you open up your eyes ♪ it's just a matter of time ♪ just hold me close ♪ don't patronize ♪ don't patronize
10:06 am
♪ who cares ♪ we have a pocket full of cash we could blow ♪ so now the teams are complete, so jackie went to team blake. the second girl amber went to team adam. and jessica who we just saw at the end went to team usher. now they're full. >> i was most impressed with the first and the fourth. sometimes you can be just a fine singer, but too reminiscent of somebody we already heard. that can be a problem, because there's a crowded marketplace. you need such a distinctive sound and such a distinctive way about you. >> and on your team you may have somebody who sounds exactly like that girl. >> you know who knows that pretty much better than anything? >> who? >> our friend doug morris, the producer of a new musical. the opening is monday night.
10:07 am
>> looking forward to it. this is a bizarre story. there was a family on a united flight, i think to d.c. >> from denver to baltimore, yeah. the in-flight movie came on. you know how the screens drop down. they had young kids. the movie that was in the screen was "alex cross". >> which is pg-13, which can be very rough by today's standards. >> so the mom was upset. >> she has a 4-year-old and 8-year-old. >> so the opening scenes were scary. she asked the passengers around her and can we threat put the screen up so my kids donnell don't have to be looking at this while on a plane, and the flight attendant said no. >> i said, can the captain override this? does he have authority? who knows what happened. it's all alleged. an hour later the plane was diverted to chicago. >> for security reasons.
10:08 am
>> because there's -- cops boarded the plane. >> they grabbed -- i don't want to say grabbed. they took the family off the plane. >> and put through a background check and interviewed by an fbi agent before being rebooked to accommodate them, united said, on another flight. breaking news action united has a statement that we've heard is in our teleprompter, plane was diverted after the crew reported a disturbance involving a passenger. the flight landed without incident. the passengers were reel removed. we accommodated the passengers and have since conducted a full review of the in-flight entertainment. that's the statement. >> which i think is -- yeah, what else is new? who knows what really happened? >> it was a disturbance, you wonder. the family is saying they didn't raise their voices. >> you know what? we have our producer tammy, i don't even know if -- >> she says no. >> too bad, too late.
10:09 am
tammy said she's seen this movie, watching it on a plane, and she agreed. she has children. if your kids had been with you. >> i would have been horrified. it's not something for children to watch. >> plus on a flight anyway, why are you showing a bang-up movie. >> the customer is always right unless they're completely drunk and ripping off their clothes, you know? if a family is trying to protect your children, it behooves you to try to help protect their children. we have a couple agrees starts. a highly anticipated new thriller called "defiance." . >> sounds like nightly news with boler and benz. >> very cutting edge, hoda, just like you. and how to dress like celebrities for less. you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. there's nothing mini about me. i'm huge.
10:10 am
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10:13 am
called "defiance" is ready to thrill audiences. >> for the first time ever, a tv show will be coupled with a video game. here are two of the stars of the series. >> what a good-looking duo. benz and boler. >> we definitely could start an automobile factory. >> this is on the syfy channel, obviously involves aliens, the end of the world -- >> what do you mean obviously -- i guess sci-fi it does. >> if you're not a sci-fi person, would you be interested. >> at the core it's a character-driven story. >> do you play aliens or humans? >> humans. >> as luck would have it. >> thankfully. >> some of us more than others. >> cuts down in the makeup -- >> it's a lot quicker getting out in the morning.
10:14 am
do the aliens and humans get along? >> it's complicated. >> i know. >> julie plays the mayor of the town. >> because everybody has a drop-dead blonde mayor, right? >> i tell you, it can't hurt. how do you feel about it? >> is the big struggle in the town is can aliens and humans live peacefully together? >> why can't they? >> i know. why can't they? >> all get along. >> you want to ebony and ivory. >> you have a singing voice. >> she sings. >> i used to. i have 16 cds would you like to hear them? this is exciting. they're very excited, got to have them on the show and tell people how amazing this is going to be. why are we going to love it? >> essentially it's an immigrant drama. it's the story of america. it's the story of a group of disparate people, disparate
10:15 am
races from different backgrounds stuck on the same life craft. it's no longer earth. >> 30 years later, right? >> after a terrible war, but also a horrific accident that's left the world, not the earth, but not the homes that the aliens left. >> so everybody is out of -- >> and the aliens can't go back. they lost their planet. >> so we feel sorry for them, too. >> we talked about how this is a video game/tv show. let's explain what we're doing. >> can you ask how you you this lindsay is doing? you were in the -- >> i was in -- yes, it was just the two of us. i don't know. >> what happened on letterman, were you surprised? >> i didn't see it. i was on a plane here. >> we just played it. >> i don't know. we don't -- >> all right. you were a gentleman through the whole thing and continuing to be, which is nice. >> let's play.
10:16 am
>> the one thing you need to know is, we win. >> good. >> because grant 'playing, i don't know how to play. that's us. >> this is julia over here. >> and you unfortunately. >> and go. this makes you run, you turn. >> now we're going to go up here. >> i don't play these at home, do you? did you know we were firing? >> let's go down the hill. >> that's me down there, running away. >> the wonderful thing about the game is that this is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you go off the cliff. >> nice. nice. >> you get him. >> and we're looking for bad guys. >> i think we're winning. i think we're winning. we're already here. good luck there, julie. >> i got off of it. >> we're going to go, sadly.
10:17 am
all i know, kath, we're running and we're winning. >> i can't turn. >> it's a lot of fun. you can catch the premiere at monday 9:00, 8:00 center time form the game is in stores right now. we're going to talk about the photos you're going to say "what the what?" >> we have to do that? >> yeah. i'm here with daphne oz, a model of healthy habits. so daphene, do you eat activia. i do it's always in my fridge. and you know activia isn't just for minor digestive issues. exactly, it's also important for my overall well being because it helps regulate my digestive system. and when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside! whether at work, with friends, on a special night, or just enjoying an activia. shine from the inside out with activia. . . . .
10:18 am
. . . . . . r really sizzles. it's one step, no prep. and so good, they'll ask for more. and that little victory is a pretty big deal. land o'lakes® sauté express. find it in the dairy aisle.
10:19 am
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the cheese judges awarded cracker barrel a gold for cheddar. and that's high-praise. because after tasting wheels of cheese, wedges of cheese and bricks of cheese... our aged reserve's rich, full flavor was considered... the champion of cheese. cracker barrel. it's cheddar, perfected. now you be the judge. enjoy a champion cheese, anytime. it is time for what we call "what the what?" check out the unusual and funny photos. >> they're not funny, but hysterical. sarah sorted through them all. >> top picks. >> one of our favorites is the photo caption contest. this was from last week, and the winning caption is from lori john savido -- what? like you never peed in the shower?
10:21 am
>> that's a good one. >> we're going to reveal the next photo at the end. first up, for this week, this is from our own tammy filler, guys. child switch. >> what does that mean? >> it's in universal, where you can hand your child -- maybe one parent rides and -- we're trying to figure that out. that's a legit sign. >> who submitted this photo? >> tammy, she was saying if you don't like your own child, just swap them out at universal laura jana from omaha, nebraska submitted this photo. look at the bottom. first of all, endless loop, and then straight to hell. this route is not recommended. >> that's funny. somebody has a sense of humor in that town. we have a photo from jenny mitchell from virginia beach, virginia. >> if we can't fix it, we will fix it so nobody else can. >> i think that's straight forward. >> that should be on the back of blake's truck. and finally julie cooper
10:22 am
from mississippi submitted this photo. >> adult daycare center. they don't have naptime, but there might be recess. >> but what kind of people are running it when they can't put the p closer to l? >> i have a feeling something else was there before. just so we can get the photo caption from last week. next week's photo is for next week. submit yew best caption. >> all right. >> thank you very much. we have a lot coming up. >> i'm not sure what it is. >> all i know is we're going to play, who knew? and dress like a celebrity without spending a lot of dough. and finalists compete in the joy-ful lasagna. ists compete ine joy-ful lasagna. this is my hungry monster. one in six americans struggle with hunger every single day. if i could stop hunger, i would definitely do it. [ male announcer ] let's growl back at hunger. during april, walmart and kraft are coming together to fight hunger by donating to feeding america. which contributes to food banks in your own community.
10:23 am
support us in creating the biggest growl ever. [ kids growling excitedly ] ♪
10:24 am
it is 10:26. good morning. i'm marla tellez. one man is dead and two women recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting in antioch. police say it happened before 11:00 on yorkshire drive not far from deer valley road. neighbors say two of the victims are a mother and her adult daughter. the two had a restraining order against the alleged gunman. the gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. coming up after the break, we'll have a look at weather and traffic.
10:25 am
10:26 am
welcome back. the time now 10:28. taking a live look, clear sky over san francisco. we've got a beautiful day shaping up. let me tell you one thing, the winds have certainly dropped off. that flag hardly getting any pick up. 70 in san jose. 70 in livermore, 72 degrees in gilroy. some of your beach cities like santa cruz, for example, slated to hit the 80s as we head through the day today. make sure you're ready for that one. let me know if you might be breaking a record in the city at 11:00. a slowdown at bay bridge toll plaza. things got crowded. it's great weather and also the giants game they have to worry about over there as far as traffic. that would be the issue. fremont smoothly, 880 completely
10:27 am
smoothed out. still a little slochlt this is typical around mission. earlier 680 and mission. problem all morning. cleared the rest of the south bay. 280 once crash cleared, a little slowup. back to you. >> talking about the bay bridge. engineers say so far so good when it comes to the second batch of bolts tightened on the new span of the bridge. caltrans gave the update with the metropolitan transportation commission this morning of the news comes after more than 30 of the massive rods snapped after being tightened last month. coming up at 11:00, a live report on that meeting and what else caltrans plans to do to fix the busted bolt problem. we'll see you at 11:00. and we are back with more of today on this wednesday wines-day. we're taking you back in time with questioning about famous brothers and sisters. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out a hundred bucks to those who get the
10:28 am
questions right and those who don't, lucky lucky, they get a kathie lee cd. she's dressed again for us. it is access hollywood's michelle beadle. >> all right. i don't want to put pressure on anyone, but i expect a perfect record on this. >> kath, take it away. >> i didn't know it was national siblings day, did you know, hoda? >> no. >> say hello to irwin. you're from little falls, new york. here's your question. finish the lyrics to this theme song ♪ here's the story ♪ of a lovely lady ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ >> here you go anybody here to help her? you don't know, let 'be honest. you've got 12 new songs to learn. >> beadle. ♪ all of them with hair of gold ♪ ♪ like their mother
10:29 am
♪ the youngest one in curls cindy -- >> did you watch it growing up? >> i did -- well, in reruns. sure. sure, i did. we're going to bring it more recent. >> let's see. sherrill from seattle. honey, what are the names of the real-life twins that have played roles in "it takes two" and the tv series "full house." >> olsons. >> katie -- indicakate. >> mary kate and ashley. she got it. she got it. she was close. >> mary kate and ashley, especially in new york, we see them a lot. well, one of them likes to go. i never know which one is which. look how adorable.
10:30 am
>> and really nice girls. >> there were already billionaires at that point. >> very sweet girls. where are you from? >> san jose, california. >> which lindsay lohan film does she play identical twins? >> "the parent trap." >> with lindsay in the news as she tends to be -- >> i didn't know if people would get this, because i think people have forgotten about this cute adorable lindsay and replaced it with what we know know. hopefully she'll find her way back. >> from marietta, georgia, name the group of famous siblings who sang this song. ♪ abc ♪ easy as 123 >> jackson brothers. >> that's the home run. you didn't think they would get that one. >> i was unclear. i wasn't sure. >> if they had said jon gnaws, i
10:31 am
would have walked right out of here. >> these brothers are both big-time need command actors who have appeared in movies from "old school" to "wedding crashers" okay, who are they? you know who they are. >> owen wilson and luke. >> yes. what happened? >> we got it! there you go. >> i showed them the picture. >> she still wasn't sure, though, so that was a tricky one. these guys are hilarious, but this time we have the hemsbort -- mark and donnie i'm not putting as comedy brothers. >> did you enjoy yourself? >> i did. >> that's it. it's over. >> but i've got other stuff. >> you have to come back another time. >> that's fine. celebrity styles for less, right after this. i don't like to golf.
10:32 am
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10:36 am
time now for today's style, how to dress like a hollywood celebrity without spending like one. >> today contributing editor for people stylewatch is jill martin with affordable looks. >> we always like to look like celebs. >> and all these lines are making lines for target and j.c. penney. it's nice to feel expensive without breaking the bank. we have three looks. >> miranda, tell us about her look. >> leaving victoria's secret, i understand. >> she's gorgeous on or off the pages. we see the before picture here and this is marina. look how similar, her prada bag alone $1,595. this entire outfit $270. >> not include the bra and panties.
10:37 am
>> this is from h & m, and it's real leather. it's a little pricier considerable. >> you can imagine the markup. it's all about label. >> it's all about label. the skirt is great for so many body types, and then you pair it with a simple t-shirt. it's a beautiful look. >> thank you. next up, gwyneth paltrow, rocking the white. >> i love white. >> we love winter white. >> nobody looks better in white jeans than you. >> here she comes itches this is the white look. now, white before labor day, of course fine, and winter white especially, so just the sweater for gwyneth, $994. this total look, $240. this is just a great sweater to
10:38 am
mix and match, even in the summer with just a pair of jeans. >> that skirt looks expensive. >> $83. >> stop it. people don't thing you can wear this kind of skirt and tuck it in, but just wear a longer top. i love red pumps. you have to know where you're going. >> there's so much attitude with that outfit. >> and where you're going. also just to be able to buy pieces you can mix and match. i like that. just uses the red and blue with the white. >> very patriotic. >> yes. >> thanks, laura. finally naomi watts' picture. that's cute. >> she's stunning. >> she's wearing skinny jeans. we always say can anybody wear them? she can. >> and dara actually has two children. look how great she looks, but i say these coated jeans, very in,
10:39 am
but if you're going to buy one jean, i would say you do something that's flared a little at the bottom. but i wanted to show here, you can put it with a longer top and blazer, and it really works. >> is this she's gilbert got freed's wife. >> i didn't know that. >> i didn't either. he's his teschally funny i can't believe you two have two children. >> that did not come up in the fitting. >> she's adorable. now we know your whole family. >> everyone come back out again. >> did we not say everything about her outfit. >> no, naomi watts' jacket was $595, this one $69.95. >> so bring out our lovely ladies. >> i'm sorry, but i can't get over you're gilbert's wife.
10:40 am
this is joy's big segment. the best lasagna, after this. >> looking forward to it. [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good.
10:41 am
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10:42 am
yes it is... isn't it? absolutely magnific... my bottle! my eagle! introducing... quick , get a rodent. uh, re-introducing ...a rodent, benjamin. smart tube technology.
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real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls.
10:44 am
and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. today we're very excited, because we're kicking off a brand-new series joy-ful cookoff, get it? we asked you to send in the healthiest lasagna recipes, and we have flown in the three finalists to compete for the grand prize. >> here are the three finalists -- gail compton, and julia. so joy, you really had to narrow down a lot of recipes. >> this was intense. we had hundreds of outstanding, delicious scrumptious submissions, but these were
10:45 am
three standouts. i'm going to walk through them. -- >> and they're healthy. >> they're all healthy. >> are they all pretty much the same calorieic level. there's small differences. this is the skinny lasagna rolls. >> what's going on in here? >> i love this. this is a bit out of the box. they're automatically portion control. she's using light cheese -- she integrates spinach, so bumping up the nutrition. >> why didn't it look look that? >> it's going to cook like this in here, but they're individual rolls. >> these are actually whole wheat lasagna noodles, i including cottage cheese. >> my god, that's crazy. >> and pip spinach, of course. >> my mom always used cottage cheese as a result of ricotta. as a result, i don't like it in lasag lasagna. >> this is delicious.
10:46 am
>> just a tad more. >> i also want to say she was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. she has kicked cancer's butt two times and her diagnosis is what got her into healthy eating. >> yes. yes. >> incredible. >> you are beautiful. >> oh, thank you. >> i see a prop. >> her italian stallion -- she was told years ago she would never be able to have children and her miracle arrived with a sign that says vote for my mom. like everybody else. she wants to cut carbs. this is a low carbs, no noodles. she layers it with eggplant. this is stuffed with vegetables, but also integrates lean ground turkey, so good for a man as wet, hearty. >> i tall it my italian stallion. i married into an italian family. you know guys. there is cottage cheese, but i had -- >> only 260 calories were slice,
10:47 am
and the first one was 240. >> hello. >> julia went vegan a year and a half ago together with her husband and her little daughter. this is a super-cool twist on traditional lasagna. it's gluen-free, dairy free, and totally vegan. it's all vegetables layered on corn tortilla. >> it has a members ka tate to it. >> but avocado cream. she blends avocados with coconut milk. >> only 160 calories per slice. >> oh, my gosh. >> good luck, ladies. >> are you nervous? >> i'm a little nervous. >> okay. here's the thing. this was hard, because all of
10:48 am
these were delicious, and all unique and different. we're crazy about roqu reformfort -- but the winner is right here. >> and i'll tell you why. these are all great, but it most takes like -- >> it tastes traditional. >> and the recipes will be on the website. >> i have a present for you downstairs, all right? more of "today" on nbc. >> we'll be back with more of today on nbc. did you say that? >> yea
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
you think you deserve a raise or promotion? you are not alone. according to a new surveys, more than 60% of women have wanted to ask for more money, but never did. >> how about you? >> yeah, i'm in that group. >> that's why god made agents.
10:52 am
to help women lean in and take charge of their careers. kelly wallace is chief correspondent of ivillage and amanda, a new to our show, is a job search expert. >> you gathered data. >> we did women don't seem to be leaning in enough. less than 20% have ever asked for a promotion, only 35% have asked for a raise. get this, only 17% of women have ever asked for a meeting with their boss or supervisor? >> even now, and we're so enlightened and so empowered. >> but we're really not. >> it's start when we're kids. on the playground, the boys are the leaders. the girls were called bossy. that travels into our adult lives and our professional lives. >> institutionalized. >> but if you deserve a raise, money is one of those things that sometimes can push you along to go after it. >> and it's taking me a long
10:53 am
time, money equals value. it's really important. what we found when women were asked, are they happy or not with their job? the women who were unhappy, the number one thing was how much they're making, so it's really important for women to realize. i also think job security came through here, too. a lot of women are worried about losing their jobs. we have to get the message out just by asking for a raise, promotion, more responsibilities doesn't mean you'll by penalized. >> what if you ask and you get turned down. >> you have to go in prepared that might happen. and it's plan b. are you willing to work away? and if that's not, what else do you want to negotiate? there are other thing besides money? if you don't have the skill set
10:54 am
to get to the next level, you have to say, well, what do i need to do? let's develop a plan. >> that's a conversation you could have with your boss. you say what will get me to the next step? what do i need to do? >> and we all know from our own careers, just by putting yourselves out there -- look at hoda here now today. >> look at you. >> on top of the world.
10:55 am
when you perceive yourself as moving forward, other people think, without, i didn't realize she wanted this. >> and then they thought -- but it was right. why are they going to give you money unless you put it in your brain and you think, gee, i don't wantof team. if you do your homework. >> how do you find out what other people around you are making? >> you don't need to go to everyone n but you
10:56 am
10:57 am
good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. we do have new information about the bay bridge bolt problem. this morning there are questions
10:58 am
about whether the new eastern span will be ready to open by labor day weekend. caltrans says a second batch of bolts on the new eastern span of the bridge has been installed and seems to be holding up. engineers met with the bay area toll authorities this morning to update them on their investigation after dozens of similar bolts broke last month after they were tightened. the bolts that broke were manufactured in 2008. the bolts that are working were installed two years later in 2010. engineers believe hydrogen makes the steel brittle but it's unclear exactly why they snapped. caltrans is looking at several options for a repair but no decision was made today. a bridge spokesperson says the new span is still set to open labor day weekend unless crews are still working on the steel rod. >> one man is dead, two women recovering right now this morning after following a shooting in antioch. police say this happened after 1:00 on yorkshire drive not too far from deer valley road.
10:59 am
neighbors say two of the two victims are a mother and her adult daughter and the two of them had a restraining order against the alleged gunman. that gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. police say he had a gunshot wound to the head. >> we saw this, what is this. then to hear about somebody being shot, it's devastating. >> the two women were taken to the medical center and remain in stable condition this morning. four mondays after the tragedy in newtown, two pivotal senators are announcing a deal on gun control. bipartisan senators would expand background checks to all gun buyers. bob redell in milpitas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the national rifle association blames gun violence on a mental


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