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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 18, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that's hazardous material. we can't get to them. >> reporter: a triage center was established at a local high school but later evacuated for fear of a second explosion. >> right now, we have a tremendous amount of injuries. probably over 100 at this time. >> fires by the blast burned into the morning. those fires and possible dangerous fumes preventing emergency workers from searching the rubble. >> this harain has to make it a real mess now. the latest casualty counting 160 injured. they are guessing 5-15 fatalities, maybe more. at least two are local ems paramedics who were killed and they fear they may have lost a few more as well. david scott in west texas. back to you. >> thank you very much, david. we are learning that neighborhoods very close to the plant are certainly so damaged. this is new video that was blown out of storefronts in the area
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near the blast zone. the impact of that blast was felt as far away as 25 miles. the explosion could be heard as far as 45 miles away. the blast itself was so strong it registered as a 2.1 magnitude seismic event according to the u.s. geological service. >> that will give you some perspective. firefighters responding to a fire at 6:00 last night. five or six of the firefighters were inside the plant when the explosion went off about 50 minutes later. not all have yet been accounted for. so far this morning, the fire, the good ews, we can tell you, it is under control. people who live in that area, being urged to stay away from that plant, not get close, because of the possibility of new explosions and ammonia leaks from the plant. texas governor, rick perry, has mobile looized resources to
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with resources. >> he tweeted out thoughts and prayers with everyone in west texas. thanks to all the emergency responders on the scene. we are learning about citations previously brought against the fertilizer plant. our coverage will continue throughout the morning. our website,, being updated with new information about the search and rescue efforts. breaking news in the bay area. the bomb squad has just given the all-clear to a suspicious package that shut down third and market. the scare forcing those who were there to mark the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. they had to move that at the very last minute. christie smith is live with an update. >> reporter: as one police officer said this morning, after
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what happened in boston, you can't be too careful in a situation like this. this is near where the suspicious package was found earlier this morning where dozens of people would have been gathering at about 4:30 this morning after a detour, though, some of those folks are back, including the police chief and fire chief. because it was here, that's why police took the precautions of shutting down marquetket street block in each direction. about 2:47 this morning, san francisco police got a call of a suspicious package. they called in the bomb squad and a robot to check it out. what they wanted to make sure is that everything was okay, safe for people to be here. they evacuated market street near kearney and blocked off market. >> at about 3:00 this morning, there was a suspect in a
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dark-hooded sweatshirt at third and market. he put the bag down and he left. security guards saw this happen. now that we are commemorating the quake, they decided to take matters into their own hands and move the commemoration over to union square instead. they took off in period costumes and antique cars. they came back here to the fountain to lay the wreath like they usually do. i spoke with the chief of police before he took off. he thinks it is the first time the ceremony was disrupted. he says in his words, san francisco was resilient then in 1906 and it is resilient now. the show will go on. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for the update. at 6:07 this morning, the city of boston reeling from twin blasts set off at monday's
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marathon. we are waiting an announcement to tell us where the investigation stands. right now, the fbi tells nbc news, a significant break has been discovered through surveillance video at the scene. >> sfaras far as we know, no on under arrest and no suspect has been publicly identified. marine one was attending multi-faith prayer service in boston. "today in the bay's" chris pollone live in boston with a look at the day of prayer and reflection. >> reporter: we are expecting to see the president and first lady arrive within the hour, 11:00 local time, the prayer service will begin at a boston cathedral not far from the bombing scene. it is a day of prayer, comfort, reflection. meanwhile, behind the scenes, the fbi is trying to figure out
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who two men are who responded on surveillance video. they want to know who they are and question them. in boston, wednesday night, an emotional outpouring of pride and resilience, thousands of fans at boston gardens singing the national anthem as one, embracing the motto, boston strong. the slice of normal capping a chaotic day that saw investigators hone in on a possible suspect and an evacuation of a bomb threat. a significant break in the case came tuesday. department surveillance video captured images of a man leaving a bag or backpack at a spot where the bomb went off. it is pictures like this one helping investigators zero in on a suspect, while it is not clear if the garbage bag contained a bomb, that is the spot where the
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second device exploded. jim cavanaugh says it is obvious to him. >> large injure is on the side of it, the field on the left. some protected areas on the right side that indicate the wlas the was to the one side of the trash receptacle. this was the scene of the blast. >> reporter: as member orials a tributes pile up, they are anxious for an arrest to take place soon. the next step in the healing process for a city on edge. >> you are taking a live look at marine one which is meeting air force one, which will take the president and mrs. obama here to boston. there is the president, as you can see, leaving marine one. he will board air force one along with his wife for prayer service at 11:00. the president is set to spend several hours here on the ground here in boston. he is expected to meet with state and local officials as
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well as first responders. there may be a stop to see some of the victims in this attack. that's a story live in boston. we will continue to follow this for you. 6:10. back here at home, we are watching that weather for you. give you a live look at san jose. the sun slowly creeping up out there. let's check in with meteorologist, christina loren. >> it is going to be a good-looking day. this is part of the reason why. good morning to you. welcome. to see the winds have dropped off substantially overnight. they are going to continue to be on the calm side all day long. so you can get on outdoors and enjoy the day. if you want to spend some time with your family today outside. it is going to be a nice day to do so. chilly start, nice rebound. as you head through friday, you are returning to the beach weather, the barbecue weather. the heat really cranks as we head into this weekend and next week. 80 degrees inland. 75, bayside, 69, let's check that drive with mike. >> good morning. i am tuning in a view from our
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chopper. i want to see where they are. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been turned on the regular time. traffic flow overall, a little bit lighter than a typical thursday. we have the backup in the fast-track lane. this almost looks like a friday commute. a little bit busy for a friday. this is a thursday, indeed. let's look out into the maps. we will show you the big significant alert going west 580. a big rig crash. reports of injuries. the driver, it sounds like, was pinned in the trailer as the trailer slammed into the rig. two lafnes look like they are blocked. i will get more details. i'll bring it to you guys. there is that stream coming through livermore. >> snarled up. >> we'll keep checking with mike. 6:12. much more ahead. a teenage sexual assault victim
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the time now is 6:14. almost, 6:15. time for a quick check on the day's top stories. as many as as between 5-15 people reported dead. more than 100 injured after an explosion at a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. the explosion in the town of west texas leveling homes and apartment buildings after catching fire yesterday evening. sefr several firefighters unaccounted for. >> they are close to identifying a suspect in the marathon bombings. they are examining surveillance photos that appear to show a man dropping a bag or backpack at one of the sites of the explosion. >> no crowds at the fountain for
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the 107th anniversary of the earthquake in san francisco. a bomb squad. a suspicious package forcing organizers to move the annual commission ceremony to union quar. the attorney for the family of audrie pott is speaking out against the saratoga high school ki district. she skilled herself after a sexual assault. the family is taking legal action. they are saying it needs to be held accountable for failing to handle her case. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joins us with what's happening today. >> today, the pott family attorney, robert allard, is making himself available for questions surrounding this new legal claim he has just filed on behalf of the pott family. the family is accusing teachers and administrators at saratoga high school of a number of shocking allegations. number one, the pott family says
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the district did not act when they knew 15-year-old audrie pott was being bullied. they are accusing the saratoga high school principal of prematurely announcing her death before the family realized she was passed away. this is because she was kept on life support for organ donation purposes for two days after she hanged herself. the family claims she was still technically alive when the principal made this announcement. the principal says awed audrie's stepmother gave him permission to do so. >> the key for what the pott family is looking at is, did the school know audrie bass being bullied. >> if the dissemination of the photographs and the bullying occurred on campus between students, then that's something that the school perhaps should have prevented. >> in response, the district
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released a statement saying, our internal investigation showed that audrey never reported the bullying or they would have stopped it. the family released a statement. it said, our reaction is one of disgust and display. coming up in my next report, why the district says the three boys being charged with awed audrie's asawed were not suspecteded. they are saying because it did not happen on school grounds. there was anger over the decision not to extend background checks for guns. >> he is the guy that backs
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start-ups like twitter and uber. he says he will help raise money and use his own money to fund candidates who will run against those who stood in the way of senate passage of expanded background checks. conway seen here during a meeting with parents from newtown, connecticut, has the political capital and, frankly, the capital/capital, to do what he says. according to the sunlight foundation, the national rifle association contributed about $18 until to candidates last year making the nra a powerful force. here several high-tech titans gathered together to give twice as much of that money to ucsf alone. google is telling app developers this morning that are interested in its new glass device, the company is going to be much more restrictive than it is for android. android, you can do pretty much anything you want. glass, no. no advertisements, for instance and apps will have to be approved ahead of time. google reports profits today. watch for increased costs.
6:17 am
larry page has always said, if he wants google to change the world but not necessarily make money. now shall the company says a tremendous amount of money. that's not important to investors, though. well, i got confused there as we talked to somebody. the bottom line is that google is going to make some profits, probably not as much as everybody expected. i'm just going to throw it back to you. >> a lot of companies reporting profits. 6:20 right now. keeping tabs on weather. meteorologist, christina loren, here to sell it. >> i will sell it this way. a really tough news day. very ease why i easy in the we department. 6:20, straight up. 12 minutes away from your official sunrise. it is spectacular, from high atop san bruno as the new day begins. in northern california, a good-looking day shaping up here.
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down right hot in so-cal. companies climbing into the 90s very quickly. i want to start with your wind speeds which have really relaxed. the strongest sustained speeds are at six miles per hour, fairfield and napa. as we head throughout the day, your temperatures are going to rebound nicely. cold enough for a little bit of frost to develop on your windshield. still, plan accordingly. you are looking good. you want to dress for the two parts of the day. mid to upper 60s and low 70s. palo alto, 70 degrees at noon. great day to make the plans on the water for lunch. we are rounding up the day at 80 in livermore, 77 degrees. on the way to santa teresa. 80s today, 80s tomorrow by saturday into sunday. you will feel that warmth and then monday, the heat is on, up to 90 degrees inland. we'll stay in the upper 80s for tuesday and wednesday. your best beach weather coming
6:19 am
up. first, let's take a look at your drive. mike, it is a rough one. >> it is a really rough one. the chopper is over that scene. we talked about this tractor-trailer that crashed there. it looks like there are two tractor-trailers hooked on to that rig. we have at least two lanes and the off ramp partially blocked. look at this big backup, west 580. your commute direction. usually, heavy on a thursday. extremely packed past the b.a.r.t. station. folks are ditching out toward highway 84 to get out of that. two, three lanes blocked. no great alternate for you except for that b.a.r.t. line. the backup going past dublin and pleasanton. a backup here forcing folks to ditch out early into livermore.
6:20 am
we saw a considerable amount of traffic. it looks like things have simmered down. people have made alternate plans and settled on the effect they are going to have a long drive. that does keep things on 680 clear heading down towards sunol. we have no more delays. they were able to clear this at vargas without any major incidence. a smooth drive into the south bay. northbound 101, no slowing there. lighter overall for the rest of the bay area. a quick look at the east shore freeway. look at the big spacing between your cars. 50s at the worst. the toll plaza has a backup. it is relatively mild there to the end of the parking lot. back to you. it is 6:23. coming up, anger and an impassioned speech from the president. >> all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. why the president says his battle over gun control is just beginning? ♪
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, you are watching "today in the bay." welcome back. 6:26. there is shock and anger in washington this morning after the senate shot down a bill that would have expanded background checks to gun shows and internet sales. so, all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> surrounded by victims of gun violence, including newtown families, the president questioned how something he said the majority of americans support could be voted down by lawmakers. he blamed the nra for spreading
6:24 am
lies about the proposal. later this morning, former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, is expected to speak on the bill she lobbied so hard for. it is 6:26. still ahead, sifting through the rubble for survivors. >> like an earthquake, a lot of the buildings are gone. we need to get some search teams in here to get the people out. >> more than 160 injured. possibly 15 dead after a massive explosion in texas. door to door search for any signs of life. new details coming up ahead in a live report. we are getting new details on this big rig accident that happened at the dublin exchange. how to help you work through that and all of the areas through the bay area. it is 6:27 right now.
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there are literally hundreds of people hurt. >> i walked through the blast area, massive, just like iraq and the murray building and oklahoma city. hydrous exploded. so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at now. >> the around-the-lock efforts continue as crews search the charred remains of a neighborhood in texas simply leveled by an explosion at a nearby fertilizer plant. >> it boomed so loud, it could be heard at least 45 miles away. >> this is cell phone video just one view of that explosion that leveled 5-6 city blocks in the
6:28 am
small town of west texas. crews are searching through the rubble for any signs of life. david scott joins us live. we understand the death toll is rising. the exact number of people who lost their lives is still unknown. >> reporter: the blast was so massive last night, about 8:00. it leveled just about everything within five blocks in all directions, 75 homes ruined or destroyed. a middle school, a nursing home. they got all 133 seniors out. they were searching all through the night in the dark, going through the rubble. home by home, hoping to find survivors. the casualty count that we have gotten, 160 people injured now at local hospitals. they are guesstimating the fatalities at 5-15. at least two are local ems paramedics. they fear that more paramedics may have been lost as well. they will continue searching all day long.
6:29 am
there is a lot of destruction to go through. they are being very careful with their casualty count. >> david, it is a pretty small town. is it a tight-knit community? >> very small town. everybody knows everybody. it is only 2800 people. i'll tell you, because of the fear of toxic fumes, they evacuated about half the town overnight. >> where are those people going? >> reporter: a lot of places. in this part of the country, they go to churches, shelters, ymca, red cross comes along, friends in the next town over. that's one of the difficulties in tracking down the injured, the dead and so forth and the missing, because you don't know where a lot of these people may have gone. >> they have been going door to door trying to find people. thank you very much. we have learned a side story. that fertilizer plant was cited for failing to qualify fr a permit in 2006. detective commission on
6:30 am
environmental quality investigated that plant after receiving complaints of a strong ammonia smell. the permit problem was later resolved. >> they told the environmental protection agency, there was no risk of fire or explosion according to a emergency preparedness report. the plant had an ammonia, which is not considered an explosion risk in a gas form. "the dallas morning news" says it can pose a greater risk when in a container. the report says the company did not have any other dangerous chemicals at that plant. we will continue our coverage throughout this newscast and we will check back in with david scott live from west texas coming up in a live report at 6:45. our website, nbc bay is being updated with new information about the search and rescue efforts and td investigation. a much nicer, kinder, warmer
6:31 am
picture here. this is san francisco. a beautiful shot. very clear skies out there as christina loren checks back in to tell us about the day ahead. good morning. 6:33. isn't that spectacular? we need good news. not as many ripples out on the bay. not as choppy as winds are calming down substantially. take you live to san jose. you are also getting a beautiful, mostly clear start. just a few high cirrus clouds overhead this morning. it is cold out there. winds have significantly dropped off. that's the good news. the story of the day. chilly start. nice afternoon rebound. we are going to climb into the 80s and warm city across the bay area. great beach weather tomorrow. the heat really cranks as we head into the upcoming workweek. temperatures will be in the 90s in most of your metropolitan inland cities as we head to next week. lots of talk when it comes to warmup. 69 degrees. want to head over to mike inouye.
6:32 am
he has some major traffic alerts to tell you about this morning. >> overall, traffic looking light. this is the opposite of that. right here. let's take you to the chopper. we just got the signal back. we have a west 580 through the area. the chopper is showing us the big rig tow truck has arrived. a trailer attached to the rig itself. it sounds like the driver is the person that was injured and might have been pinned inside that cabin. reports of chp say the driver slammed on their brakes and cause the momentum, themomentum. the chopper spinning around to show you this truly huge backup out of livermore from vasco road to the dublin interchange, things are backed up solid. speeds below 20 miles per hour. this is out of the ordinary. very slow. now, we will get to the maps and
6:33 am
show you. some folks are backing up here on the city streets. also through livermore. some folks are going down through highway 84. that's adding more traffic to the surface street. that diagonal, that's the first off ramp in getting toward homes. all the surface streets can get flooded as the morning continues. that's keeping things lighter through sunol and down into the south bay where there is just that northbound 101 for san jose. we will get a look at that shot. you see the volume of traffic moving pretty steady. speeds coming down into the upper 50s. head up towards 880 and the airport. the bay bridge has the other backup. lighter than normal flow for a thursday. you have a pleasant drive until you get if to the maze. 6:36. new this morning, san francisco police investigating a deadly
6:34 am
officer-involved shooting. the dead man, someone police say came at them with a hammer. it happened not far from san francisco general hospital. police were responding to a family dispute in stabbing. when they got to the scene, a man confronted them with a weapo weap weapon. the family member is recovering. the crucial court aing in the sierra lamar kidnapping and murder case. >> the disguise police say he used to get into a bay area home to attack a young girl. >> we take you live to chicago, a wild and scary scene there. a huge sinkhole has swallowed three cars. you can see that right there. they slid into that. this happened about 5:30 local time. they were called on scene to the southeast side of chicago. one person being reported with serious to critical condition by the chicago fire department. we will keep you posted on this.
6:35 am
you can see that huge hole there again on the southeast side of chicago. we are back in a matter of minutes. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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a plea hearing for garcia-torres, charged with kidnap and murder in the
6:38 am
disappearance of sierra lamar which happened last year. her body has yet to be found. >> 6:40. oakland police hope surveillance video will help them catch a suspected child molester. take a good look. the man seen running in this video is believed to have attacked a 7-year-old girl last saturday. the man posed as a maintenance worker to get into an apartment on oak and tenth street. police say at some point, he was alone in a room with a 7-year-old girl and began molesting her. the girl screamed and family members came into the room and the man took off. it is 6:40 right now. coming up, a significant break in the case in boston. there are new details in the fbi investigation. the city is coming together for a day of prayer and healing. more than 160 injured, and untold numbers killed. we are following the new developments after the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas.
6:39 am
at 6:14, the sun on the golden gate bridge. the camera holding steady. winds drop off. i will let you know when the 90s come back in the mix in the full forecast. our chopper continues to track this. the scene as it evolves west 580 at the dublin interchange. this crash involving this big rig and the cleanup. it has to p ha. the worst place it could happen at the worst time of day. we will track your tri-valley commute coming up. ♪ alright, let's go.
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boom! the big explosion. glass went everywhere. >> there are literally hundreds of people hurt. it is just overwhelming to us
6:42 am
for a town of 2400. we have three ambulances. we are going to search for everybody, make sure everybody is accounted for. that's the most important thing right now. >> a neighborhood leveled in this small town of west texas as a community searches that charred rubble left in the wake of a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. this morning, more than 160 people are hurt and an untold number are dead. it is an explosion so powerful that witnesses say the area around the blast looks like a war zone. among the damaged buildings, 50-75 houses and apartment complexes with 50 units, a middle school, nursing home, where first responders evacuated more than 100 patience, some in wheelchairs. daybreak is bringing rain and wind with it along with the command post. as crews go door to door to find survivors and help the injured. david scott joins us live with the latest breaking details.
6:43 am
david? >> reporter: good morning, laura. it may be called west texas but we are in central texas, an hour south of dallas. now, the last hour, we've had a nasty cold rain squall move through here which is not doing the search and rescue any good. on the bright side, it is past down now and at least they have daylight to work with. all night long in the dark, they were going house to house, hand gripping through the ribl and debris hoping to find survivors. now, this blast took out about 75 homes, badly damaged a middle school and a nursing home but they got all 133 of the seniors there out. the latest casualty count, about 160 people have been taken to various hospitals. they can only guesstimate the fatalities at this point. people are missi and the searching is not done. their guesstimate for the fatalities, 5-15. we do know that at least two
6:44 am
were local ems paramedics. they fear they may have lost more. >> what can you tell us about the air quality? it was a fertilizer plant so there were hazardous materials involved. >> i don't have any reading to are you this morning. i can tell you this. they were concerned about it overnight. a town of 2800 people. they evacuated about half of them because of the fear of toxic fumes. >> the investigation will continue. david scott, thank you. >> back here closer to home, some breaking news to tell you about. the bomb squad has given the all-clear to a suspicious package that shut down third and market street. that scare forcing those who were there to mark the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and allow this fountain to move that memorial. an update on the situation.
6:45 am
christie, good morning. the 1906 commemorative earthquake wreath is back where it belongs. back to where it always goes at latis fountain on market street. the police chief and the fire chief made it back here to hang the wreath as san francisco has done for years. before 3:00, a man in a hoodie was spotted leaving a suspicious bag near the fountain across the street where people would soon gather to, ma the 107th anniversary. police quickly shut down the 107th block and later determined it was just close and papers, harmless things in that bag. in the meantime, people in period costumes and antique cars who would have been here, they just moved the ceremony over to union square. given what had happened in boston, the police chief said it
6:46 am
made sense to be very cautious. the show went on. >> we are a city that figures things out. that's what today is commemorating, the city that's all but burned to the ground in 1906. i'm one that would say it is the best city in the world. to be able to figure out how to move a commemoration four blocks, it seems apropo. >> reporter: market street opened up around 5:30 and the crowd came back here to latis fountain where they ended the ceremony. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> glad to see things back to normal. thank you very much. 6:49. the sit scity of boston still
6:47 am
reeling. a significant break in the case has been discovered through surveillance video. no one is under arrest as far as we know and no suspects have been publicly identified. we also have new video to show you of president obama and the first lady heading off to attend a multi-faith prayer service in boston to honor the victims. chris pollone joins us live in boston. >> reporter: we expect the president and first lady to land any minute. it is a very short flight from washington, d.c. up here to boston. once they arrive, they will be headed to logan airport from the cathedral of holy cross. the president is expected to deliver the closing remarks of this prayer service that is scheduled to begin at 11:00 eastern. we'll continue to monitor that for you.
6:48 am
with regard to the investigation, we expect to hear more from the fbi. yesterday, it was revealed to nbc news that they believe they have isolated two men who appear to be carrying some sort of black nylon backpack. they believe those gentleman were carrying the bombs that were used in this attack. they were seen on the video with back tac backpacks and later on, they did not have them. it appeared they put them somewhere on the ground. the big task is to figure out who they are and where they might be and who they are associated with. that's what we are waiting for now, to see if they can determine a positive identification on their own or appeal to the public for some sort of help. meanwhile, over in the secured area where all this took place, the fbi agents continue to go through there trying to find any little pieces of those bombs that they can. that's also another avenue that may lead them to the bombers. that's the very latest here in boston. we are waiting for the president
6:49 am
and first lady to arrive. we will continue to monitor their development. i'm chris pollone, in boston. we'll send it back to you. >> in fact, right now, we have live look at the cathedral of the holy cross in boston where crowds are already gathering. we expect the president and first lady to visit there for the interfaith prayer service and to try to bring some sort of comfort to so many victims in that city from those attacks. >> a lot of difficulties and heavy hearts around the country. out here in california, specifically in the bay area, a much brighter story to talk about. look at that sunrise. that is gorgeous over the hills in the south bay. we are watching the weather and christina loren is leading the way. it is pretty to look at. >> we are lucky to be waking up here this morning. the people in texas and boston, 6:52. taking a live look at san francisco where the flag is still flying half-staff. you will notice that flag not getting a lot of pick up.
6:50 am
that is a welcome sight for a lot of people. san francisco, gusts up to 65, 70 miles an hour over the course of the week. finally, today, a significant break from the wind. you notice that already taking place on the water. a lot more calm. a little bit more glassy than this time yesterday. it was down right choppy for the past couple of days. improving there. look at all these cities reporting absolutely nothing. calm winds, sunnyvale, san jose. 46 degrees in napa. 48 to start the day in san francisco. we move that wind. our temperatures drop. that cold, dense air is able to settle to the surface. you will need your coat this morning. a return of winterlike readings at gilroy. 39 degrees, we are going to rebound nicely as a big ridge of high pressure moves in taking the storm track way to the north. this is packing so much energy we are talking about a return of the 90s in some of your metropolitan cities. what does that translate to. beautiful beach weather as you want to spend time with the
6:51 am
kids. winds out of the north, 10-15 miles an hour. half moon bay, 69 degrees there. our warmest beach city down in the south. comfortable conditions. you don't have to deal with all the wind out there. you don't have to hold on to your beach blaerng ket. a comfortable day shaping up there. 71 on the way to san francisco. let's take you through your extended forecast. things are going to change. we are going to warm up. we are going to get down right hot in some cities by monday. there is that big, bold 90 for monday. tuesday into wednesday, the upper 80s. 6:54, send it over to mike inouye. that is a traffic snarl. typically the definition of the dublin interchange. here, approaching the area, the big rig right there, chp and a big rig tow truck. i saw it was attached and had lifted the cab into the air. they haven't cleared it yet. there was some sort of leak over
6:52 am
there as well. they had to clean that up. lanes blocked. the off ramp to 680 is open. you do have to slow and get around it. jammed to two lanes. the extent of the backup. we have a backup and you are crawling from livermore and out of the altamont pass. folks are bugging down through livermore and pleasanton. homes looking better. we have slowing from isabelle down. this looks like it should clear soon. not giving the timeline when you think it is going to open. the b.a.r.t. system, delays early on. no more delays for the b.a.r.t. lines. that includes dublin and pleasanton. muni, no delays after the earlier police activity. that suspicious package in san francisco. cleared. all trains reported on time
6:53 am
above and below the roadways. caltrans moving smoothly. the peninsula drive is moving nicely as well. 880 headed southward. no winds or problems there. the south bay, with he now have the northbound route kicking in. capital all wait up to the airport, we are seeing speeds come down into the 50s. 85 and 87 showing the build. the same for 280 off of 87 in downtown. the north bay showing lighter traffic flow this morning as well. southbound 101 through san rafael. no problems through the curve. 6:56. the family of 15-year-old audrie pott say they are disgusted and displayed with the los gatos sear atoga union high school district. audrie's suicide coming to light after three 16-year-old boys were arrested for assaulting
6:54 am
her, taking pictures of the incident and leaking those photos on to the saratoga high school campus. the pott family is preparing to take full legal action against the district. marla tallez joins us in our newsroom with some of the overnight developmentins and reaction from both sides. they have filed a legal claim. this is a big hint that the family is getting ready to file an official lawsuit. our legal analyst says the claim comes down to one key legal question for the family. did saratoga high know audrey pott was being bullied? they discussed the issue from the spring of 2012, months before her death. the district says we are precluded by law from divulging the specifics of any counciling session with parents and students. we can say the issue of bullying was not the subject covered in those conversations, end quote. audrie hanged herself over a week after pictures of her
6:55 am
alleged sexual assault spread throughout her high school. the three 16-year-old boys were arrested last week. two were dropped from the high school football team. as to why they were not suspended or expelled. education i a fundamental right. participation in sports is a privilege. they had more latitude and discretion when limiting privileges as opposed to rights. they could not expel or suspend the boys because the alleged incident had not happened on school grounds. if you would like to read all four pages of the school's response, we posted it on our website, today, the pott family attorney will be answering questions about the new legal claim. it is 6:58. let's get a check on what's happening on wall street. scott mcgrew is here to tell us. apple below $400 a share at
6:56 am
3 $399. google around microsoft report profits. take a look at the fun video. from san francisco, 10,000 iphones lined up and falling like dominos. who has 10,000 iphones. it is cgi. they thought, what better way to advertise their skills than to make an incredibly cool youtube video. it took a month for them to put it together and studied how iphones call against carpet. >> it looked pretty realistic. a little mind-blowing on apple. that's what's happening "today in the bay" as we leave you today. a live look at the cathedral of the holy cross in boston where president obama will attend a prayer service along with the
6:57 am
first lady, of course, in honor have the victims of the boston marathon bombings. the crowd has already assembled there. we will be back with a local live news update at 7:25 this morning. and every half hour of that, we will leave you with this shot as people gather prayer and come together to try to heal in boston. see you tomorrow. have a great day! breaking news. extreme devastation. that's how officials are describing the scene of a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas this morning. dozens of homes and businesses in the blast zone. the number of dead and injured still being determined as the search for survivors goes on. we're live at the scene.
6:58 am
developing now, the boston blast. the fbi racing to identify a young man seen leaving a bag and walking away from the scene of the boston marathon bombing. are investigators closing in on and in custody, a mississippi man behind bars this i'm savannah guthrie.
6:59 am
>> and i'm matt lauer. we want to start by saying we are following an awful lot of breaking news this morning. we're going to take you through these stories one at a time, including the tragic scene in west texas, a town about 20 miles to the north of waco. there's been a news conference just moments ago. police said survivors are being found. >> the other major stories, a search for a potential suspect in the bombing. investigators may have pinpointed an image of a man they are now looking for, and the president, as you may have heard, is on his way with the first lady, to boston for an interfate service. that would take place later today. in washington. fallout over the defeat of new gun laws in the u.s. senate. a visibly angry president obama declaring it shameful. we'll start with the deadly explosion in west, texas.


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