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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 22, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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winchester, massachusetts police department says, donahue never hesitated. >> he works for the transit. i always tell him, you are never going to see any action, because you are on the subway. there he is jumping into the midst of a gun fight in watertown and making transit very proud and making our entire family and i assume our entire state and country very proud. >> indeed, he did. that very same night, officer donahue was injured and the suspect shot and killed an m.i.t. police officer, sean collier. various memorials right now being planned to honor collier. 5:03. they are known as enemies in the world of sports. new york is continuing to show its support for boston. last night, a candle light vigil was held for the boston marathon attacks in brooklyn. they held candles, boughed their heads in prayer. many held pictures of victims and others carried signs saying boston proud. >> a boy from martinez wounded getting a special visit from a
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few bay area sports stars coming days after the first lady, michelle obama, spent some time with 11-year-old erin herd in a boston hospital. more on what's shaping up to be a very, very cool day for a young man. good morning. >> reporter: aaron hern has no shortage of support here in martinez from the community at-large and his friends here at the junior high school. first lady, michelle obama, reached out for a visit. now, members of the oakland a's are going to visit him in his hospital. doctors say he is showing great progress now. he is off the breathing tubes, alert nd atalkin alert and talking. brandan moss and josh radek
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hoping to visit him. moss told the tribune, i'm excited to meet him. it's terrible that happened. i can only imagine what he has gone through. hern was at the finish line waiting for his mom to cross. she was running the race when the second bomb exploded. he was hit in the leg by shrapnel. he has had several surgeries to try and repair that leg. first lady, michelle obama, visited him and chatted with the family and left stuffed animals of the first family's dog, bo, with him. several businesses here in martinez holding fund-raisers. donating some of their proceeds. a number of other restaurants as well. still no word on when he may be coming home. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 5:05. in central texas, residents continue to return to their homes five days after the huge explosion at a fertilizer plant. more evidence of the major damage that happened there last
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week. new images show an apartment complex ripped open and a heavily damaged school and a displaced congregation that had to attend church outside. authorities say they have now accounted for everybody missing after the explosion. in total, the blast killed 14, injured 200 more. among those killed was a former bull rider who died when he went to help firefighters after the explosion. >> they are such a close family with such a big hole and such a big hole in it. investigators say they found the ornl j origin of the explosion but will not say where or what triggered it. it is 5:06 right now. time to check in with meteorologist, rob mayeda, in for christina loren. a very warm weekend we will be looking at. we had a sneak preview of today's weather yesterday. the numbers climbing well through you the 80s. a warm start to the morning when you are waking up to 59 in sunny
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vei ve vale. san francisco and oakland, nothing in the way of clouds. no low clouds on the coast. winds slightly offshore today. temperatures are going to be climbing on up. we are close to 90 in the forecast today for san jose south down towards the valley. south san jose to morgan hill, low 90s in the forecast. pleasanton, sunol, san francisco to oakland, should be in the upper 70s to mid-80s today, even near 90 around san rafael. we should see relief as we head toward the middle part of the week. a two-day miniheat wave around the bay area. it will cool off as the low clouds spill in. this portion of the east bay and farther east, getting a little hot. we are talking about fremont as far as the traffic flow. also, 680 through the same area, that's okay. 680 and 580 through sunol and
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the tri-valley area, we are looking at the northbound 680 route with the yellow. that just popped up a few minutes ago. live cameras saw nothing as far as the volume of traffic goes. the arrow showing you the sxh . commute. that will start to kick in. things are moving pretty nicely now. this will be changed a bit by this. this tire reported in lanes west 580 through the altamont pass. three cars reported on the shoulder. chp is checking out whether or not there is any crash. we do know it is on the shoulder with a distraction and a lot of slowing approaching the area. you saw that, the lighter flow through livermore. south bay, a smooth drive as the yellow chicklets continue to float around. a light volume of traffic. we are watching this, a new report south 280. we do have reports of debris in the roadway, some sort of road hazard in your fourth lane. stay over to your right as you are headed through downtown for the time being. i'll give you an update.
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hopefully, i can catch you before you leave the house. >> if you are planning on heading out of town jumping on a plane, you can expect delays at all three bay area airports. those delays mainly the result of the furlough for air traffic controllers at the nation's 13 largest airports. the faa warning in some cases, passengers could see delays of 90 minutes or more. that is nationwide. this is all part of the sequestration cuts imposed by congress to save more than $600 million. "today in the bay's" bob redell is at sfo checking on all the delays. we will have more details coming from bob at the airport coming up in a matter of minutes. it is also earth day. crews were busy over the weekend. the odd things they found at the beach. plus, we'll take a look at huge pressure on that company this morning as it gets ready to report profits ahead in business.
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we are going to check in for rob mayeda. 5:11. this is also an important week for apple, california's most valuable company must prove it still deserves the title. not long ago, we were referring to the tech giant as america's most valuable company. >> america, not anymore. apple has fallen way beyond exxon in overall market capitalization. pressure growing on ceo tim cook to say something, do something, excite the apple faithful and share holders. show we have got something up his sleeve more than just an incrementally better iphone. apple reports its profits tomorrow and has a telephone
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conference with reporters and analysts. tomorrow, eric schmitt's new book comes out. the former ceo of google teamed up with jarrod cohen to write about the digital age from his trip to north korea. it will be in bookstores tomorrow. let's check the markets with courtney reagan. good morning. hi. good morning to you, scott. futures are higher as the markets come down. the dow posted its biggest weekly decline in nearly a year. you mentioned apple. softer demands today iphone and ipad. ibl lo ibm lost 8% on friday. we will get earnings on existing home sales and cal pillar and n netflix. the nasdaq rose 39206.
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there cob a bill to collect sales tax on all online purchases. that will give local governments in as much as $11 billion in additional revenues they are owed. until now, the rule has been as long as the retailer didn't have a physical presence in the state where the consumer was shopping, the company didn't have to collect sales tax. ebay is fighting back. they are e-mailing users to recruit them to lobby against the senate bill. scott? 5:13. jon and laura, over the weekend, i had a chance to host the tech challenge awards where kids create an invention to solve a problem. it is very involved. this year, more than 3500 kids participated. here is me handed out awards at the elementary school level. scott budman did the same for junior high. this year, girls teams made up 49% of the entries. >> that's fantastic. >> it is. we do something with eastside
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high school district as well, their science fair. it is more than 50%. girls in stem is an important issue. it is working. we are winning. girls are winning. we are all winning. >> all right. >> love it. >> exactly. cool. >> all those smart kids out there getting it done. i love it. >> our future. >> good thing to think about. rob mayeda jumps back in for christina loren. more hot, hot, hot. >> it is nice being in our air conditioned studio. let's fast forward eight hours from now when we are seeing temperatures in the 80s or 90s. a mild start to your morning. san francisco, oakland, san jose waking up to the same temperature at 57, 59 in sunnyvale. coolest spots in the upper 40 this morning. there isn't much of a sea breeze. our temperatures are warming up quickly. the skies may look a little bit like summertime around the bay
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air without the wind. out towards the east bay and in towards the santa clara valley. mid-week, as the sea breeze turns stronger. near record-breaking highs today if we can manage. some records may fall later on this afternoon. the culprit to the big warmup is an unusually strong ridge of high pressure clearing out most of the northeastern pacific from seattle to san diego. sunny skies. around the bay area, not much in the way of clouds. that will be the hint of cool changes ahead. some relief from the heat. maybe around pacifica today. looking pretty good. temperatures near 72 degrees, half moon bay also in the low 70s this afternoon. as we take you down toward santa cruz, you may feel a little bit warm today right there near the boardwalk. 82 degrees and mid-80s possible in the forecast along that part of the coast next couple of days. near 90 today.
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south of san jose down towards gilroy as you head up the sunol grade. low 90s in the forecast out towards livermore as well and into the north bay. we will see numbers in the upper 80s to near 90. san francisco, very close to 80 degrees have the parts of the peninsula, we will see some 80s in the forecast for today. today looks to be the warmest of the next three days. notice the big temperature drop. wednesday and thursday. that's when the sea breeze becomes stronger and we start to see the numbers look more appropriate for this time of year as the temperatures cool off for the middle part of the week. >> looking over here toward the south bay where we are looking at an appropriate flow for traffic right now, i told you about an issue south 280 at seventh. there is a stall at the seventh street on ramp. this will likely not affect your drive on 280. we may choose one of the other for the time being. flashing lights and activity because of the stall at the seventh street on ramp.
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south 101 shows a little slowing now. we have seen this float around the yellow patches throughout the area. south 880 showing some slowdown. light camera showing you a very light volume of traffic. not a major concern. the temperatures rob is talking about, expect highway 17 to get a little more traffic. some folks finding an excuse to get over down towards santa cruz. looking at foster city, as folks are coming off of the san mateo bridge. westbound, a smooth, easy drive. there it is. you can see the flat section. a clear view from the peninsula. here is the toll plaza for the bay bridge, an ease whyy drive well. 18 minutes for the drive. it is earth day. we are encouraging mass transit as one of your options. no delays for any of the is systems. that's the fast-track, the hov lanes. the carpool lanes, consider that
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as well. we'll send it back to you. it is 5:18 right now. from waterfalls to nature trails, yo semsemite is the per escape for people in the bay area. in the national park, there is also crime. investigative reporter, elise kirschner joining us now. >> around 3 million vehicles travel to yosemite every year, most have no problem. crime is growing at the park. drug possession is on the rise. we found that the number of arrests and citations has grown 18% over the past five years. >> many of the people that are here and come here and spend an awful lot of time have similar sensibilities. that was always traditionally a drug culture. that might account for it. >> do you think there is a drug problem at yosemite? >> i think there is a transient drug issue here, largely folks that are coming and going. >> tonight at 11:00, find out
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how yosemite's drug stats compare to other national parks like yellow stone and the grand canyon. we brake down arrests and citations about i t citations by the number of visitors. elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. more and more short-term daycare centers popping up at business centers, shopping malls, grocery stores and other businesses. unlike full child care providers, they are not licensed or regulated by the state. leland yee of san francisco wants to change that. he plans to introduce a bill that would put basic standards in place. his bill would require workers at drop-off daycare centers to have criminal background checks and be at least 18 years old and it requires at least one adult for every ten children under six and one adult for every 15 children seven and up. today is officially earth day. over the weekend, a lot of green events popping up all over the bay area, including a cleanup effort in san francisco.
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while volunteers are at the beach and surrounding area, divers from aquarium of the bay divi diving under water to find items. >> last year, we found bottles. we found -- people have gone down there and brought up tires and sinks. last year, i found a couple crowbars. things that come off of a lot of ships. more interesting things this time around. today, a plastic ban going into effect in ploemost cities in sa mateo county. >> lots of focus on energy efficient light bulbs that could soon be more reliable and more affordable.
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last night, not a great one for the sharks. the blue jackets beat them 4-3. the sharks still have plenty of time to get ready for the playoffs. 5:23. today, if you haven't heard, is earth day, a chance to take a closer look at environmental issues. today, we take a look at energy efficient light bulbs that might not perform as well as advertised. a lot of the bulbs are labeled to last eight or nine years. a lot of consumers say they don't seem to live up to that promise. in fact, that's what consumer's union found. >> what we were finding is that they would burn out much faster, specially in high traffic areas where you would be turning them on and off quite frequently. >> they work best when they are turned on and left on for hours. they may not be the best idea for bathrooms or closets. they may not be best in cold or outdoor temperatures either.
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the cold can affect their durability. let's check the forecast right now. you are going to need something cool for today. >> it may actually be t-shirt weather by 9:00 this morning. you can see how quickly things will be warming up hour by hour. 1:00, mid-80s inland. i do think 90s are in reach for the north bay valley, east bay and san jose south. today, more like august instead of april. that's the story for today's temperatures. as you head toward the middle part of the week, sea breeze starts to kick in. two days that look and feel more like summer outside. mike? >> remind the kids, school still in session. 101 moves smoothly through palo alto. northbound head lights. 101 shopping center, a smooth drive, no problems there or at
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the shopping center. we are looking at the map and the area farther south of here heading down toward mountain view and palo alto border. we see a little bit of slowing. you saw the light volume of traffic with a few lights away from the camera. we are updating 280. it looks like all activity including the stalled vehicle has completely cleared. underneath 280, just past seventh street. crews clearing the area. no other problems for the south bay. everything is starting to calm down. there is a smooth drive. 880 at 237. now, at 5:26, we are starting to see the volume build up a little bit. back to you. the time is 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay," we have new details on the boston bombing investigation. >> passengers warned to expect flight delays at every airport. why the slowdowns have nothing to do with the weather. withers
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more questions, fewer answers as they question the teenage suspects and how he is communicating with investigators today. he has already had a visit from first lady, michelle obama. a martinez boy injured in the boston marathon bombings is getting a more high-profile visit today a mild start to the morning. 50s for now. a few spots could be approaching the 90s. we'll show you where coming up. >> an a typical flow around the golden gate and a new crash. we'll give you updates on both coming up. >> san francisco international airport. why you could see delays there and at other airports across the country. we will have the details on this monday, april 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and good
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monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. laura garcia cannon. i'm jon kelley. good morning. there is new information coming out in the boston bombing investigation as the 19-year-old suspect has now started communicating with federal agents from his hospital bed. dzhokhar tsarnaev still recovering and the injury to his throat making it impossible to speak. he is answering questions by writing. it was initially believed his older brother died as the result of a police shootout but investigators say he likely died when his brother ran over him trying to escape police. as the investigate continues, officials in washington now asking whether authorities should have seen those attacks coming. we'll get more coming up in a live report from capitol hill in about ten minutes. in the meantime, the
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tributes to the boston bombing victims continue. hundreds gathered at the boston marathon finish line this weekend to honor those killed and injured in the attacks. today, the governor of massachusetts is asking people across the nation to observe a moment of silence the first time the bomb went off. the one-minute silent tribute scheduled for 11:50 pacific time. it will be followed by the ringing of the bells and elsewhere nationwide. one injured in the attacks was 11-year-old aaron hern from martinez. he continues to recover. a number of baseball stars are set to check in on his progress. christie smith joins us live with more on the special visitors and a look at aaron's recovery. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. aaron hern's doctor says he has shown amazing progress under the circumstances. he has so much support here in martinez from friends and the
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community at-large. members of the oakland a's baseball team are hoping to visit him today, including first baseman, brandan moss and right fielder, josh reddick. they just flew in to boston. mass said, i'm so excited to meet him. speaking of the 11-year-old who was injured when the second bomb went off at the boston marathon. after several surgeries on a deep leg wound, we are told he is off his breathing tube, awake, talking and there is only an i.v. left. of course, aaron is no stranger to high-profile visit. first lady, michelle obama, stopped by his hospital bed at boston children's hospital and chatted with he and his sister and parents leaving stuffed animals with him. also, at martinez junior high, hundreds of students recorded a get well video recently. they are clapping and chanting his name over and over at the top of their lungs.
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reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> no doubt, his family anxious to get him home. we'll stay with nbc bay area on air and online. visit for up to the minute details on how the city is starting the healing process. this morning, oakland police investigating a mugging and shooting in the city's upscale rock ridge neighborhood, an area not usually known for violent crime. saturday night, a couple was walking on manila avenue when somebody tried to rob them at gunpoint. police say the suspect shot that man in the shoulder and then took off without any of the couple's belongings. oakland city councilman, dan cobb lives two blocks from where the shooting happens and says the attack should be a reminder no neighborhood in oakland is immune to violent crime. >> what people want and have the right to have are more police on
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the streets. they have to know whether crime does happen, it is going to be investigated. >> the victim is expected to recover. no word on any suspect description. a $5,000 reward is being offered for any kind of information leading to an arrest. 5:33. san jose police say it is amazing no one was killed after someone fired several shots into a car full of people. outside a popular south bay nightclub. police say the shooting happened around 2:00 a.m. sunday morning in the parking lot of this fiesta nightclub on monterrey highway in south san jose. officers are trying to determine if an argument inside the club led to a gun fight outside. in san lorenzo, police are trying to figure out how a woman died in her own driveway. the woman, believed to be in her 50s, was found early sunday morning outside of her home on silv silver leaf drive on east 14th street. the sheriff's department says the coroner will now determine
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whether the woman was a victim of the crime. >> the woman accused of stealing an suv with an 11-month-old girl from san jose inside is expected to make her first court appearance this morning. the stolen vehicle led to a bay area wide amber alert. she went back inside the house to grab something. when she got back, the child and the vehicle were gone. five hours later, they found that suv with 11-month-old gabrielle safe inside in a driveway across town. three weeks later, officers arrested 30-year-old carla hernandez for that crime. she is facing kidnapping, child endangerment and auto theft charges. we are looking at the end of april but rob says it is going to feel a little more like august. temperatures as warm as the low 90s in a few spots. we are starting to see some of the signs that we will be looking at a warmer day than
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yesterday. san jose in oakland, comparing that to 24 hours ago, we are about 5-7 degrees warmer. we are off to a running start with the temperatures this morning. same amount of warming that we saw yesterday. the numbers will likely get into the low 90s. notice the wind direction, slightly offshore. high pressure reaches its maximum intensity today. look at how it has cleared out the entire northeastern pacific from british columbia down into san diego and northern baja, california. no signs of low clouds for now. once the low clouds return to the coast, that's when you know we are going to start to see the cooling trend take place. in the meantime, numbers close to 80 around san francisco and oakland. low 90s inland out toward the tri-valley and areas south of san jose. when you are talking about low 80s and upper 90s, tomorrow, not quite as warm. as the sea breeze comes back in full force, we will see those numbers cooling quickly toward
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the middle part of the week. >> we are looking for that sea breeze right here. the ocean, golden gate bridge moving very smoothly. we will have construction blocking a couple of lanes on the north side. ov overnight, we did not have that. the cones were moved earlier. here you go into the golden gate bridge in the city. just north of north san pedro, southbound with these head lights. smooth drive. a crash on todd road farther north of santa rosa. might be an issue off of the shoulder. the road, itself, is open, watch for that coming off 101 from the west. we will get a look at the maps. we see the north bay coming over the richmond bridge. no problem either direction. the commute direction, a smooth drive to a little slowing around the s-curve.
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typical slowing off the bridge and through antioch. a typical monday build at 5:37. we had the earlier issue with the roadway hazards and tires in the lane. west 580 at north flynn. a lot of folks heading over there. all the way in toward livermore, the dublin interchange, 84. watch for the slowing there. this just in from chp, a new crash in the south bay. we will bring you those updates coming up. 5:38. if you are headed to any of bait area airports, you might want to pack your patients because the dreaded sequestration cuts are expected to slow down flights nationwide. bob redell live with why those delays could be here to stay. bob, good morning. >> reporter: the answer is sim, because there is no end in sight for the budget sequestration, not until congress or the president decides to act.
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yesterday, more than $600 million in automatic spending cuts went into effect or the faa which means travelers here at sfo could see delays up to 90 minutes. there was no real impact yesterday, because that was sunday. today is the real test, because air traffic is much heavier, a weekday. how are the automatic budget cuts expected to cause delay? they are expecting them to furlough one day every two weeks through september. as a result, airports will have to delay takeoffs so short staff control towers don't get overwhelmed trying to land the airplanes. the airport is feeling the brunt of these cuts shall those in new york, d.c. and chicago's o'hare, which might have to close one of its control towers. what happens there trickles down to here on the west coast. the airlines and pilots have gone to court to ask to block these cuts. they are arguing it is going to tremendously snarl air traffic. the earliest they could get a hearing would be sometime later
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this week. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much for that report. 5:39. still ahead, could the boston bombing have been prevented. why lawmakers in washington want to know more about the suspect and his entire history with the fbi? >> plus, from the red carpet to jail bars. why an oscar winning actress is now facing criminal charges.
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welcome back. 5:42. lawmakers have a lot of questions for investigators in the boston bombing. they center around whether key warning signs were missed. the older brother of the two suspects had been questioned by the fbi before. tracie potts joins us live with more. good morning, tracie that was back in 2011 at the
5:40 am
request of russian intelligence. they cleared him after he traveled to russia and came back with no travel restrictions. in light of what's happened, in light of remaining and lingering questions about whether he may have been radicalized there or whether he had any terrorist ties, now the fbi is facing heat for that. listen. >> i want to know how the fbi or the system dropped the ball when he was identified as the potential terrorist. it was a mistake. i don't know if our laws are insufficient or the fbi failed but we are at war with radical islamists and we need to up our game. >> at some point, they have nothing. you can't ask them to do something with nothing. >> in the meantime, the 19-year-old younger brother who survived is in a hospital in boston. he is being questioned by the high value detainee interrogation group. those questions and his answers for the first 48 hours without a miranda warning not admission i
5:41 am
believe in court. prosecutors say they have plenty more evidence to convict him. laura? thank you very much. the bombings resonating worldwide, not a tribute to here in the united states. the runners in london holding their own memorial. yesterday, 36,000 runners stood in silence for 30 seconds before the beginning of the race. that race was held under some extremely tight security. in fact, officials say police presence was increased by 40% over previous years. they point out that extra security was meant to reassure the public and was not a response to a specific threat. >> 5:44 this morning. relief crews are rushing food, water, and other supplies into china's szechuan province after a major earthquake killed more than 188 people and injured more than 11,000. the hardest hit area, mountainous. it can be very difficult to access. heavy machinery and trucks
5:42 am
carrying supplies moved slowly along rhodes partially blocked by debris. at times, first responders have used t used dynamite to try to clear roads backed by landslides triggered by the quake. >> five people have been killed after a chase and crash involving border patrol agents near tucson, arizona. they tried to stop a chevy tahoe with 20 people inside. a high-speed chase ensued ending a rollover crash. a young boy was among the five people killed in that crash. at this hour, still not clear exactly why the border patrol started chasing the suv. a california elementary school teacher is accused of helping third grade students cheat on a standardized test. they are investigating the case. a student told the principal the teacher had helped several students with test questions on the star exam. burbank unified said if the charges are approved, the test scores could be declared invalid
5:43 am
a downer weekend for reese witherspoon now apologizing saying she is deeply embarrassed after being arrested down in atlanta. she and her husband being charged with disorderly conduct after police pulled them over this weekend. things reportedly got out of hand when witherspoon interfered as her husband was being arrested on suspicious of dui. according to police, witherspoon refused to stay inside the car and started arguing with officers saying, quote, do you know my name? that couple right now scheduled to appear in court sometime today. >> it is 5:46 right now. we want to check the forecast with meteorologist, rob mayeda. >> i'm still trying to wake up. >> lots of coffee. >> it helps. >> the warming temperatures will warm us up an wake us up perhaps as early as 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. mild start to the morning. mid to upper 50s right now. around san francisco, oakland and san jose. by 9:00, we will see 70s on the
5:44 am
map as things warm up quickly heading into the afternoon. we don't have a sea breeze but something opposite. a sign of high pressure building in over the bay area. winds out of the east into livermore and napa. all the way out to the coast, you are going to see some warm temperatures, unfortunately, almost summerlike air quality levels you will see as we go through the day. some brown layer of haze right over some of the buildings near oakland. you will see the skies not as clear as they probably should be. air quality will improve for the middle part of the week as those temperatures cool off and the sea breeze returns. not today. we have clear skies from our inlani inland valleys out to the coast. no storms coming our way. as we go through the afternoon, no signs of any low clouds. today, we will see those temperatures soaring well into the 70s at the sea shore.
5:45 am
head out to pacific a. numbers out to the 70s. further down the coast towards santa cruz, temperatures will climb into the 80s this afternoon. 82 actually cool, compared to the rest of the bay area. upper 80s and low 90s around san jose. tri valley looking very much like a summer afternoon. those numbers in the low 90s. over to san francisco, 78. 89, santa rosa. things start to cool off a little bit tomorrow. you will notice the cooldown heading towards wednesday and thursday. winds back on shore again. our temperatures dropping quickly as we pass the middle part of the week. mike? >> first, we'll show folks this first burst of volume of traffic coming toward me. typical for a monday just before 6:00. it is 5:48. we'll show you the map overall. not a dramatic slowdown. we have speeds dipping down towards the 50s. 87, a concern. basically, just before you get
5:46 am
to kertner in toward 880. so far as i can tell, based on the live cameras, i did catch a peek. as we track that, i do want to call out this for north 85. as you are approaching union avenue. we will watch. it sounds like all the activity is off to the shoulder. no major slowing. you can see this happened a few minutes ago. so far, a smooth drive over towards north 17. 17 south for a little bit of relief. we look at fremont coming down into the area, the south bay southbound side picking up the volume just a bit. tesla, a little bit before you get there on the northbound side. into and out of the south bay. for 880 and 680. hold on to this shot. i want to talk about 880. 92 to san mateo bridge. reports on the smoking car and shoulder, that may be a krconce. i wanted to hold on this shot
5:47 am
not to confuse it with the bay bridge. the bay bridge, nothing unusual. cash lanes, fast track moving smoothly. a clear view approaching the berkeley curve. we with you see the metering lights turned on in about 15 minutes this is what warrior fans did not want to hear. the team will be without power forward, david lee, suffering a torn hip flexo during saturday's game against the denver nuggets. that injury happened late in the game. the game was very close but in the end, the nuggets hold on to win this one. they beat the warriors, 97-95. game two set for tomorrow night in denver. tip-off set for 7:30. moving on right now, still ahead, the racers, they will be honoring some runners this morning as the tributes for the boston marathon bombing victims continue. we will show you how the nascar drivers ended up paying their respect this weekend.
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we'll take a look at why this could get cheaper coming up.
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>> what do the gap, chevron and have in common? >> they all are bay area companies. >> nontech companies make more money than tech companies. when you take chevron and add it to visa and wells fargo and tg&e and other bay area companies, profits grew more there than in tech. profits ultimately, the point of company, the point of business. so that's a pretty important conclusion he came up with. one footnote is chevron. really helps the nontech team over the finish line. take out the chevron numbers and the overall numbers will be
5:51 am
different. >> the japanese nikkei hit a five-year high. it proofs a point lots of people forget. the stock market, regardless of whose it is, and the economy, are totally different things. japan has a stagnant economy. its government recently announced it would inject huge amounts of money. this forces money out of bonds and into the stock market. up goes the nikkei. the hope is that the economy will also turn around in japan. dumping money into the system means the yen is cheaper. that makes a sony tv cheaper, a toyota corolla cheaper. hopefully, the japanese will sell more of both. if it doesn't work, we could see the mother of all sovereign debt crises. caterpillar says it didn't makes amuch money as analysts
5:52 am
expected. all economic growth starts with a caterpillar machine. fewer bulldozers. 5:54. let's check in. christina loren is off. meteorologist, rob mayeda is in. what's happening outside? we have clear skies. we will finish the day. the difference right now, 50s for now. as we jump ahead, let's say, 3:00 this afternoon. in the 70s and 80s around san francisco and oakland. near 90s. near san rafael. two days that are going to look more like summer. >> we will start with the peninsula where the traffic flows as you would expect. 5:55. no delays for 101 or 280 between the south bay and san francisco, either direction. we will look at the maps and show you the same thing. crossing over the dunbmbarton a
5:53 am
the bottom. on the westbound side, that is your commute. as i told you earlier, reports of a car fire. at least a smoking car. maybe some flames under the hood. on the shoulder. no injuries reported. we will get more details. we have a little slowdown for a couple of minutes. it looks like it cleared up. activity, westbound 92. the toll plaza is moving smoothly. also smooth along south 880 off of 238 and the castro valley "y." 92 through hayward, you see that starting to slow down. here is your tri-valley commute, doubling at the interchange as well as 84 through livermore slowing. we are going to end it with one live shot out there. good volume and traffic. everybody is getting along. you are still in the 50s as you come through berkeley approaching the berkeley curve. back to you. the nascar racers gave a special
5:54 am
tribute. many cars carried the boston strong decal to honor the victims and first responders. other cars had numbers resembling the boston marathon bid runners wore on the day of the race. many were in boston red sox caps in the crowd as well. nice trivia. >> nice to see people going together like that. >> 5:56. a developing story in the middle east. billions held hostage by the taliban. the latest information coming up next. viinvestigators questioning the suspect. how they are interacting with him. [ wind howling ]
5:55 am
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5:57 am
a new photo taken moments after the shootout with the police. >> how federal cuts could affect your next flight here in the bay area starting today. byob as in bring your own bag. the new way the peninsula is going green on earth day and how it will affect your next shopping trip. monday morning begins with clear skies around the bay area. temperatures that could be approaching the 80s by lunchtime. we'll talk more about a summerlike forecast. traffic ticking in. i'll give you an update on the south bay incident coming up. look at that. what about those lights? the sunrise for this monday morning over candlestick point. this is "today in the bay." this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us.
5:58 am
i'm laura garcia cannon. good morning. we start with a developing story in afghanistan where we now know foreigners are among nine people being held hostage by the taliban and all of those hostages are civilians. late sunday, bad weather forcing a civilian helicopter to land in eastern afghanistan, an area controlled by the taliban. a chopper carried two pilots and another crew member. the remaining people on board were passengers. no word on the names or nationalities of the people taken. no word yet on exactly why those people are in afghanistan. 6:01, as the boston bombing investigation continues, we are getting a new look at the suspect's final hiding place. an up-close look at the boat one of the suspects was found hiding in. it was taken as police chief was clearing the boat moments after
5:59 am
19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was taken into custody. officials sea he is opening up to investigators. dzhokhar tsarnaev reporting to questions in writing. he cannot talk because of a gunshot to the neck which may have been self-inflicted. his older brother was likely killed after being run over by his brother during a gun fight with police on thursday. the police commissioner says they were likely planning other attacks and authorities found an arsenal of homemade explosives after the gun fight. >> 6:02. boston on who ari boston boston honoring the


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