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tv   Today  NBC  April 23, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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>> all over. >> yeah. >> well, neil diamond has a way of -- >> what have i told you about neil diamond, hoda? >> well, he's your lover. >> not exactly, but i do love him. that's how things get started. >> tell the story, though. it's so cute the way he showed us. he took a red-eye that night. >> he took a red-eye that night. you know his song, "sweet caroline" is something that's always played at fenway park. and he called the switchboard at fenway and said hey, this is neil diamond. i'd love to come and sing at fenway. and i guess the operator connected him to who he needed to be connected to. he ended up singing right there at the game. and the crowd just went nuts. >> insane. i would go insane anyway if he showed up because i'm such a huge fan of his personally and artistically. but the fact he did that that night, he realized, okay, they're playing a game tomorrow. he got on a plane. he came in. that's patriotism every bit as much as everything else. we're not like dear friends or
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anything, but i remember particularly about maybe six years ago or something like seven i was interviewing him and we had one of those great -- so rarely do we get a chance to spend a long time with someone. i think it was about an hour and 15 minutes. >> wow. >> really went through his whole career and all of that. and i kept looking at the shirt he had on. it was like one of those velvet, just -- i know that sounds tacky. but it wasn't. it was like crushed velvet. it was a great shirt. and i remember saying to him, i would love to have a sofa made out of that. that is the greatest-looking shirt. and he said, thank you so much. as i was getting ready to leave after the interview, he walks out of his dressing room and literally gave me the shirt off his back. he had gone, changed clothes, brought it back and gave it to me. i in turn, because this is the way i roll, gave it to my pastor who is a huge neil diamond fan, and i've really been sorry ever since i gave it to him. >> you should have kept it. >> i know. i know. anyway, somebody that we love -- >> oh, can we just real quick talk for one second? i'm only going to talk five seconds about my dog. and that's it. >> what a weekend you had.
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it was sammy's birthday. >> my mom's birthday. blake took a road trip with me to rehoboth beach with me in the car for four hours. look who is walking blake. oh, hi, we're walking blake. okay. that's right by the boardwalk. there's my mom. everybody got in on the blake fun. >> how did blake do in the car -- >> look at this. look what's happening. >> how is it walking him? >> good. >> is he good? uh-oh. uh-oh. here comes trouble. now let's remember, he has not been fixed yet. >> he's three months old. no, he's five. they already did it. >> i thought you had to wait six months. >> oh. maybe he's six months, then, because they already did it. he's been fixed. is it illegal? >> not illegal -- i don't know. they fixed him and -- he was already fixed when he was here. let's talk about our friend, reese witherspoon.
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>> everybody loves reese witherspoon and everybody was happy when she found love and had another baby with james toth, who is an agent, not her agent but an agent out in los angeles. and then -- >> uh-oh. >> she had one of those nights you wish you could probably ring the bell and do all over. that's a mug shot. >> that's a darling one. >> if you're going to have a mug shot, that's a darn good one. they got pulled over. she and her husband. her husband apparently had too much to drink. they did one of those -- he blew in the tube. >> breathalyzer. >> right. and he was .39 -- >> .1.39. .08 is the legal limit. that was not the issue. it's what she allegedly did. she stood by her man. >> they took him out of the car and she said she wanted to get out of the car. and the officer told her to stay in the car. i think he said -- it says here "miss witherspoon began to hang out of the window saying that she didn't believe i was a real police officer and i told mrs. witherspoon to sit on her butt
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and be quiet and miss witherspoon responded, do you know my name? and i answered, no, i don't know your name right now. and mrs. witherspoon stated, you're about to find out who i am. you are going to be on national news." >> well, that's true. but so is she. and i love reese. but i don't think she was speaking clearly, thinking clearly either. this is what i don't understand. she did have a statement, which i thought was terrific. out of respect for the ongoing legal -- oh, that's not what i'm -- i wasn't going to read. the one where she says -- >> that's it. it goes down further. >> yeah. "out of respect for the ongoing legal situation i can't comment on everything that's being reported but i want to say clearly had one drink too many." >> and i was deeply embarrassed about the things i said. it was definitely a scary situation and i was frightened for my husband. but that is no excuse, i was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. the words i used that night definitely do not reflect who i am. i have nothing but respect for the police and i'm very sorry for my behavior." that, people-s an apology. >> yeah, she was quick to apologize.
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>> complete ownership of it. but here's what i don't understand. whether it's lindsay lohan driving around or it's reese and her husband. why is it sometimes that the people who can afford it the most just don't get a car and driver? they can afford to have -- if they're going to go out for a night on the town and they know they're going to have a couple of drinks, get a car -- get a driver. call a cab or something. >> i know. but i do have to say when i was watching the earlier story, they showed her movies. >> we love reese. >> oh, my god. all i could think of was i want to see "sweet home alabama" and the johnny cash movie again. i love both of those movies. >> and "legally blonde." she needs that lawyer right now. >> i love those movies. >> she's a great actress and she's a lovely, lovely person and we all make mistakes. i made one saturday night. but i'm not going to tell you about it. we went to my friend carol creole's birthday party. there's a new restaurant i've never been to k5u8d del posto. i guess it's lidia bacianic. and is it mario batali?
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they have a couple of restaurants together. we went there. >> was the food great? >> the food was fantastic. but we also had some wine. we had a great guy michael, who drove us there and drove us home. we're the very same people that they always ask us to do, don't drink and drive psas. then you've got to -- you can't do it. >> right. >> hoda. >> they've never asked me to do a don't drink and drive psa. anyway. we have to show this video, the little girl who doesn't want to buckle her seat belt. we haven't seen it but it's touted as the video to watch. let's see. >> by yourself. >> can i help? >> no. no help. >> you want me to help? >> no. thank you. >> thank you. >> oh, my god, look at her. >> what do you want me to do? >> worry about yourself. >> what? >> worry about yourself. >> worry about yourself. >> worry about yourself. >> i'm going to do that. you drive. i don't need your help. you go drive. >> oh!
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>> you worry about yourself. >> it reminded me of cassidy. when i used to -- i made her -- i was crazy about getting her to say "thank you." "no. thank you." >> thank you. >> that parent's doing everything right. you've got to love that dad. >> shall we talk about favorite things? >> shall we? first of all. brilliant minds think alike this our dear friend bobbie having a very big year. her book comes out tomorrow. she's getting married at my house on may 31st. >> yes, she is. >> but this is the first -- this is her book kickoff. it's a beautiful week. we want to get her on the best-seller list. >> by the way, her book is really good. >> it's really good. >> i was looking through and it talks about body shape. and what clothes you're supposed to wear for your body shape. and apparently, i'm -- what is it? when you're short-waisted, and i've been wearing the wrong clothes. how about that? >> i tried to say so. but some of us didn't listen. >> and also you're in the front. did she write in your book? did she sign yours?
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>> this is an extra one. this is jerry's personal copy. okay. we love her and "today" kicks off green is universal week. so i have a green product. >> where is it, over there? >> yes. it's one of those. >> yes. art that heals bags. these bags are made of discarded containers and water bottles. and a portion of the proceeds go to child health, a non-profit that helps prevent child abuse. love those ladies. you've met them. >> yes. >> they are great people. i think that's a fantastic idea. >> i like it. and we also have bob harper on the show. he's got a great book. >> sara is here. >> don't you worry. we're going right to sara. this book is great. it's about losing weight. and he'll help you lose yours. >> three weeks and we're going to hold him to it. i'm not going to do anything he says. but let's see if it works. >> by the say, sara has been really rocking the crowd outside. i don't know if you guys noticed in the earlier hours, sara has gotten that crowd all lathered up into a frenzy. >> she's a stand-up comedienne. who knew? >> she's got them rocking and rolling. >> you're giving me way too much credit.
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but the questions are about you guys. i've been telling everything. >> really? >> yeah. you're my best-selling product. speaking of products, i have a green one today. this is the light the way k57b8d by aveda. it's $12. 100% of the proceeds go to clean water projects around the world. so it's a good day to have that. but then i also want to remind you guys about our deserving mom contest. >> who doesn't think that they are? >> exactly. this is sponsored by so this deserving mom can win a vacation to anywhere in the world, with the choice of norwegian cruise lines, whichever one you want. go to and tell us if you know a mom who deserves this. you can even nominate yourself and you have until april 30th. >> are we going to know who nominates themselves? >> isn't there something else we're talking about or do we have to go? >> the kentucky derby. >> the kentucky derby. >> we've got to go? >> i have not been drinking. >> apparently we'll have to do it tomorrow. is that all right, sara? >> yes. >> he's one of the most talked about stars in the olympic games. five-time gold medalist ryan lochte is going to tell us about his new reality show. look at him. >> he's so comfortable in his own perfect skin.
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all right. time for today's buzz, when we fill you in for all the get ready for the alliteration. hot hollywood headlines. and celebrity gossip from the weekend. >> from new photos of kate's baby bump. to bradley cooper's bedside visit. >> we love him even more now. >> yes, we do. and we also love -- >> jason kennedy. >> his mom and dad are visiting him today. >> how cute are they by the way? >> now we know why you turned out like you did, buddy. >> practically perfect. so bradley cooper, he does all great things, it seems and he did something else just spectacular. >> he's shooting a movie in boston right now. he went to the bedside of jeffrey bauman jr. a man who lost both of his legs in the boston bombing. and there's this photo. it really became this iconic image of a man in a cowboy hat wheeling him away from the finish line. there it is right there. after the incident. so cooper came. julian edelman, who's a wide receiver for the new england patriots, took the photo, tweeted it and sent it out. but it's so great because here's a guy who's gone through so much and these guys are busy. they came to visit him. and it looks like jeffrey's doing well.
2:18 am
>> sweet. >> god bless him. isn't he the one that woke up and remembered seeing one of the bombers? >> and told authorities. gave them a description. >> incredible. >> let's switch gears a little bit. justin bieber has been having some trouble. but there's a photo floating around of him and his old girlfriend, selena gomez. >> it was a big story last week that selena and justin were both in norway together. but we didn't have photographic evidence. now we do. >> this is serious news here. >> i work for e! news and this is serious news here. here's the photo. he put it up on an instagram account and removed it after a few minutes. >> you can't tell when it was taken or where from that photo. >> exactly. but they are together and she went to his concert in denmark over the weekend there. a lot of people think she's a good influence on his life. but they're young. that's what you do. young love. you get together, you break up. you break up again. >> could that be part of the reason he's been in a downward spiral? because it seems like all the big influences in his life have been gone -- >> all the healthy ones. >> that's what a lot of people say. that's what so many people say. we can't officially say they're
2:19 am
back together, but they are spending time, and he gave us the photo proof. >> i think one suggestion for him, somebody take away his phone. >> just take it away so you can use it. you have to tell me what you're going to say on it. what you're going to tweet on it. all he needs is someone to sort of guide him. think it this through but you're not going to be happy with this tomorrow. >> set up some rules. >> a terrible fatal accident involving -- >> todd harrell, a bassist for three doors down. he clipped another vehicle in nashville, spun a guy out of control and killed him. a 47-year-old man. and then he admitted to authorities, not only was he drinking and driving, he was under the influence of pills. then he brought the pills in the jail. hid them in a sock. and this is not the first time it's happened. he got arrested for a d.u.i. last year. >> what kind of pills? >> xanax -- ♪ part of me >> that seems to be the next thing causing problems. not the illegal drugs, the ones you can get over the the counter. >> absolutely. >> at the box office, tom cruise
2:20 am
hit a home run. >> big week, "oblivion," over $30 million. he hasn't had an opening like this in years. he hasn't had a movie like this with this type of success in a long time. >> and it did not get great reviews. >> it didn't. it's a sci-fi thriller. "42," jackie robinson going strong. about $18 million. came in in the number 2 spot. but a good weekend for tom. >> i don't know. you think it's escapism when there's so much going on in the world when everybody's been glued -- they say enough bad news, let's go watch some unreal bad news. >> you need it. that's what i say every day on e! news, you've got to have shows like that so people can flip over and watch it for a bit. >> let's talk about kate's baby bump for a minute. >> did we see it? >> where is it? >> she is so lovely. >> she's wearing this kind of a green jacket and you can visibly see it there. she did a private and a public appearance at windsor castle with a lot of scouts over the weekend. >> there it is. >> it's visible. she's six months pregnant and you would think, you know, she's nearing the end and she's going to stay home and just hang out.
2:21 am
but she was out last weekend hanging out. looking for nursery products. and she increased her appearances and stuff. so she's going to be out and about even more now. >> she's so classy. >> she's the best. >> thank you. >> who is our biggest fan? do you think it's you? unlikely. >> we'll find out who this week's lucky winner is. >> and he's the winner in the pool. olympic swimming champion ryan lochte is here. he's going to talk to us about his new show. what's it called? >> "what would ryan lochte do?" >> but first these messages. ld . i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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and it's fun-day monday, so that means it is time for our fan of the week. >> sara has the lucky winner. and it is -- >> i sure do. it is vickie kephart from kansas city, missouri, who watches on kshb on channel 41. she's a full-time nanny, so nap time means kathie lee and hoda time. according to vickie, tgif stands
2:26 am
for thank god it's fourth hour. she's not only a loyal viewer but a true show ambassador, she's always talking about the show to friends and family and even strangers. her facebook wall is full of posts of her favorite "today show" segments, like ambush makeovers. big congratulations to vickie. and in celebration of earth weekend, nbc universal, we are sending you on a very green trip to greensboro, north carolina. >> it's gorgeous there. >> especially this time of year. >> you and a guest will enjoy a twonight stay at the platinum-certified hotel in the u.s., the proximity hotel. it has a elevator tha generates electricity, 100 solar panels that heat the water and a restaurant with views of a nature preserve. it includes lunch and dinner, bike rentals, round-trip airfare for two, provided by the proximity hotel in greensboro, north carolina. >> she'll have a ball. >> i like her t-shirt. >> she's a party animal, that one. >> if you ever find yourself in a bind, just ask, what would ryan lochte do?
2:27 am
>> the gold medal swimmer tells us about all the fun he's having on his new reality show. and then the "biggest loser" trainer bob harper gets you on the road to skinny in three weeks. >> and the must-have fashions for your man for under --
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♪ welcome back to "today" on this fun-day monday. he's one of the golden boys of the olympic games. ryan lochte has captured the world's attention, winning a total of 11 olympic medals in his career, five of them gold. >> he's diving right into the world of reality tv. >> that's good. >> exactly. a new e! show called "what would ryan lochte do?" >> we do that when you're not even here. >> everything from his family to his search for love. take a look. >> would you describe yourself as a player?
2:30 am
>> describe player. going out trying to look for a date, i don't really have to do that. they kind of -- they come to me. >> do you want to go out for dinner? >> i'll treat you. >> i don't know where my love life is going. there's millions and millions of women out there. >> how are you doing? >> fine, how are you? >> good. >> i don't want many, i just want one. why can't i find them? >> oh. >> there's millions of beautiful women out there. i just want one. >> you're just a humble sweet boy from gainesville, florida. are we supposed to believe that? >> yes. >> so what was wrong with all of these girls we saw you schmoozing? >> you know, honestly, it had nothing to do with them. i think it was me and my lifestyle. i'm always on the go. i have appearances that i'm always leaving town. >> what kind of appearances do you have? >> obligations with my sponsors. >> and so i'm never really at home all the time. and i think that's -- >> do you think that would be
2:31 am
too tough on the relationship or just too tough to develop one as a result? >> both. >> we know you from the pool from the olympics. now we're seeing the other side of you. for people who missed last night's show, what is the other side? >> the other side -- i mean you know when everyone thinks of an olympian, they think they eat, they train, they sleep. that's it. >> that's all they do. >> with me that is definitely not the case. i'm the complete opposite. >> tell us. >> i have fun. >> what do you do for fun? >> i go out and i'm doing stuff. pretty much i could get myself hurt in basketball, skateboarding. >> why is that a good thing? >> because i'm living life. >> the sponsors don't like that, either. >> he's living his life. >> yes. the smile on my face. as long as i have that smile on my face, i'm living life, i'm having fun. >> has it always been like that or were you saturated? you got to the point where you were pruny and you said that's it? >> no, i've always been like
2:32 am
that. swimming doesn't define who i am. swimming is a sport i'm good at. >> you're drinking, clearly, in some of these scenes. how are you training the next morning after the drinking? >> you know i was always told growing up, i mean, if you're going to be a man at night, you've got to be a man in the morning. meaning if you're going it go out, beat your body up, drink, dance, stay up late, you've got to still have a job to do. and you have goals that you still need accomplished. and no matter what the circumstance is, i'm waking up and i'm going to the pool and i'm putting 110% effort into it. >> going to the pool to train and going to the pool in vegas are two very different things, aren't they, ryan lochte? >> oh, yes, they are. >> how can you train hard, honestly because -- you're obviously a terrific athlete. but if you do drink late at night, most athletes wouldn't do that because they really want to be top of your game the next day. you wouldn't be top of your game the next day even if you give 110. >> yes, you can. i have to train -- i have to push my body that much harder the next morning. >> you don't do that during the olympics?
2:33 am
right? >> no, no. >> come on, hoda. >> i don't know what he's doing. >> what is your drink of choice? >> my drink of choice? i mean, if i had to choose, it would probably be johnnie walker on the rokd on the rocks. >> uh-huh. >> i like that. >> a blonde or brunette. >> i don't have a preference. >> tall or short? >> i don't have a preference. >> heavy or -- >> so far i'm in the running. >> as long as the woman makes me happy and makes me laugh, i'm set. >> see, hoda, there's hope for us. >> we never knew. >> ryan lochte, you take care of yourself. all right? >> thank you. >> watch out for those -- you know what i'm talking about. >> gold-diggers. >> mm-hmm. >> you can catch all-new episodes of "what would ryan lochte do?" sunday at 10:00, 9:00 central on our sister network e!. >> three weeks to skinny, coming up with bob harper. your weight loss. >> yeah. >> i can't wait. >> right after this. even the toughest odors?te
2:34 am
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♪ on "get fit with kathie lee and hoda," we're helping you reach your weight loss goals in three weeks. >> whether it's your class reunion or spring weddings, celebrity fitness expert bob harper says he can help you slim down and get into shape just in time for the big event. >> he's a long-time trainer for the nbc hit series "the biggest loser," and now he's out with a new book, called "jumpstart to skinny: the simple three-week plan for supercharged weight loss." >> quite the title. >> hi. it's a plan, three weeks, i know that these women want to get in their wedding dresses, in their bathing suits right now, and it's like this plan is going to get them to meet their goals. >> it seems doable. it seems like people at home could take away. the first tip is salt. we overdo it on salt. >> especially people are eating such high processed foods right now and i'm trying to get them more healthy, just fresh, food that has not been touched so much. you cut that salt and you're going to cut that water weight. that's what i need you to do.
2:39 am
>> you go low sodium on a lot of things and you reach for it dawes because it doesn't mean no sodium. >> that's right. >> stop it. >> there's so much sodium still in the food. >> how much salt should you have a day? >> about 1,000 milligrams a day. >> put that in people terms, please. >> that's like about a teaspoon, you know. >> at the most. >> it's like -- i want you to use like more herbs and like limes and -- use things like that to flavor your food. i see people immediately grabbing the salt to throw onto their food before they even touch it. enough of that. >> what about coffee? good or bad? >> i think it's a huge benefit. in my plan i want you to be able to have a cup of coffee, espresso a couple of times throughout the day. it helps your metabolism, it helps your performance in the gym. so it's like -- i'm a big fan of caffeine. within moderation, of course. >> and you're not a big fan of alcohol. >> i was so excited to talk to you guys about this. because it's like no booze. i've got to talk to these ladies about no booze. it's three weeks. you guys went a whole month. >> hardly. >> we did not. >> off the air. >> did you do it? you went for a month. >> on the air.
2:40 am
>> but you have to -- i'm dealing with these women that want to look great in their wedding dress. i'm like -- >> i'm married for 27 years, i don't care. >> you're going to go on the beach. you're going to go -- >> no. there's satellites in the sky. >> but for those sad souls that do want to do it, tell them how to do it. the young one over here. >> exercise is a part of it. one thing i want people to do is get up, 45 minutes to go for a walk before they have their first meal. so it's like easy. >> you can have coffee but -- >> that's it. >> does working out on an empty stomach make you burn more calori calories? >> i think it's a great benefit. it sets that routine. i want you to be able to get a little bit of a workout in. but it's low intensity. you're not going to be pounding out like we're going to be doing here. but it's like i have a couple of moves like -- can i get up with you? like just a squat. if you take your legs a little wider than shoulders and sink down, notice how she's dropping her hips all the way below parallel.
2:41 am
i want that big range of motion because she's going to have to -- the thing about it is when you're using your larger muscle groups like your leg, you think it's just a leg and glute workout, but it's a full body workout. >> i feel that after two. >> how many of these should you do? >> in my workouts they're about 15 minutes. so if i got you doing something like this, say, i did three rounds of this, 20 to 30 a round, you're going to be getting that heart rate up. that's what i really want. and by the way, i love that these are your kettle bells. i didn't even know that they made kettle bells that small. >> these are earrings. these are not kettle bells. >> but if you had heavier kettle bells and you're really popping that, and i'd take it all the way over your head. not all the way like that. just straight arms. good. so again, she's doing a kettlebell swing and if this weight was heavier you don't need to squat that much. just hinge forward and pop it up. a movement like this is going to be a great fat-burning movement. >> thank you, sweetie.
2:42 am
>> sara, you look skinnier already. >> it's an animal house around here. >> isn't it always? >> the call of the wild. >> right after this. good morning. i'm weather channel meteorologist alex wilson with your seven-day forecast. today it's the middle of the country where we'll see some of that action. rain and storms through portions of texas and oklahoma. and then snow around denver all the way up toward minneapolis. once again, in the midwest we will be watching for the potential of rain. some heavy rain at times. and of course we still had those flooding concerns for areas in the midwest. temperatures range from 53 in new york to 45 in boston. warmer in washington, d.c. you're at 64. the call there is still in the northern plains. temperatures only around 41 degrees as you head up toward minneapolis. and then over toward the west coast we've got 70s for l.a. 60s for -- or 60s for l.a. 70s for san francisco. now, tomorrow we are going to
2:43 am
see minneapolis continue to watch for some of that rain and snow. and then of course that rain extends up from the new england areas all the way down toward the gulf coast. we'll once again be watching for storms in some of those southern spots. 82 tomorrow in atlanta. near 80 in washington, d.c. 52 in kansas city. near 50 in denver. and then we've got 60s for san francisco and l.a. west coast stays on the dryer i'd side. we will see a few showers on the east coast. 65 for the nation's capital. 62 in louisville. 63 in kansas city. by friday a few showers into portions of kansas and oklahoma, with 76 on thermometers for the afternoon in dallas. 60 in chicago to end the week. on saturday we'll see those rain showers push a little further to the east. so areas in the southeast could see some rain. 66 for louisville. 73 in atlanta. then by sunday once again southeastern spots will be seeing some of that wet weather and we'll even start the new work and school week with some showers in areas like new york city and also d.c.
2:44 am
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now to a special earth day edition of today's "call of the wild." >> dedicated to protecting the planet. the national wildlife federation works to protect the earth all year long so wild animals will have a home. >> naturalist david wisajuski is here with some of the most interesting creatures. >> happy earth day. >> happy earth day. >> what's the creature on your face, when did that happen? >> you've got to mix it up a little bit. speaking of fuzziness i've got a furry animal here but it's not a cute mammal. earth day is all about protecting wildlife. that's what national wildlife federation does. not every animal, though, is cute and cuddly. we've got some that are maybe a little bit scary-looking. but the point here is this is a goliath tarantula. it's one of the biggest species
2:47 am
of spiders on the pl and just because something is ugly or scary doesn't mean it doesn't need our help. >> is it poisonous? >> it is venomous, it's got one-inch fangs. >> so why are you holding it? >> because it's calm. it's used to being handled by people. so i can do this safely. obviously, i wouldn't recommend you handle any wild animal if you don't have training. and that's a big message here. i just want to show you this guy. because even though he's not cute he's important to the environment. >> what does he do that's necessary? >> he's a huge predator of all sorts of other insects and other animals. let's see if i can get him off my hand here. >> yeah, let's. >> let's look at our next animal here. think you'll like him a lot better. >> a baby boo boo. >> a baby black bear. we'll try to feed him a little bit. >> hello. >> let's see. others totally not interested in the bottle here. anyway, this is a black bear cub. there you go. >> oh, no. >> he's only a few weeks old. he was born in the den with his mom. this is a fairly common species, but bears around the world are declining. >> what happened to his mom?
2:48 am
>> his mom lives in captivity and we're able to use him as a cub to teach people about wildlife and get people engaged in protect wildlife. that's what the national wildlife is all about. >> so he knows that ain't momma. >> he knows it ain't momma. and actually, he's got a full tummy. but an amazing animal. this is an animal found all over north america. >> but again -- >> these are not pets. >> no, no. >> these are wild animals. this guy can only be handled like this because we work with them and we have the training to do it. let's go to our next animal here. this is a critically endangered species and we're going to let him go right here. it's a black and white russ lemur. she's got some marshmallows and some grapes. this is an animal, a primate -- >> look at how he -- >> it's a she, hoda. >> i got it. >> look at its eyes. >> her! >> it's a black and white ruff lemur. these guys live in madagascar. let's see if we can get her to turn over this way. she's looking at her mom over there. critically endangered. these animals are declining because of habitat loss, their forests are being cut down. you can adopt a lemur with the national wildlife federation, which is a kind of neat way of getting involved and protecting
2:49 am
animals on earth day. >> but they can't come home with you. >> they can't come home with you. it's a symbolic adoption. but when you donate money to support the adoption it goes to help wildlife all around the world. >> is she okay to have sugar like that? >> it's just for her tv appearance. we want to keep her happy for the cameras. >> what does she eat normally? >> normally, they eat fruit. they eat leaves. and they're completely vegetarian. they live up in the trees. they've got this beautiful long tail. >> great. great. >> we've got a couple more. there we go. going back to us. >> you're fine now. >> come over here. >> we've got another sort of unlovable animal. this is a lungfish. totally gross-looking. >> looks like a catfish. >> it does look kind of like a catfish. it's a fish that breathes through lungs. it doesn't have gills. it's kind of gross-looking. but these are animals that have amazing adaptations to survive on this planet. >> it has to get enough oxygen to go down and be under the water for a long time? >> they can survive out of water.
2:50 am
in africa where this animal lives if the water dries up it can live underground until the water comes back. even though it looks primitive and gross, it's a cool animal. >> very smart. >> do we have time for one more? >> let's head back over here, so we have a little bit of room. >> oh, a kangaroo! >> i'm going to have jamie hang on to her because she's a little wild. >> this is a red kangaroo. joey. >> you always call them joey. >> that's what a baby kangaroo is called. these guys live in australia, they live in the desert. baby animals need our help. scary animals need our help. so earth day, support animals. >> thank you, dave. >> hot looks for your man for under $100. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:51 am
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2:53 am
♪ the boys are back in town in today's style the hottest trends in men's fashion that won't break the bank. >> if your man needs a little help in the fashion department, senior fashion director at "men's health" magazine has some great looks for work and play for our guys here at the studio.
2:54 am
>> we're so excited. >> shall we rock? let's bring out jason. this is the work look. jason's one of our -- >> oh, my gosh! >> tell us about him, sondra. >> i've never seen him without his yankee cap. >> well, i just want to point out his entire look is constructed for what it costs most guz a single sportcoat. everything is under $100. it's a linen blazer. it's really relaxed. it looks tailored, but it's very airy. it's going to let a lot of air through. he's going to be nice and relaxed. the pink, the pink shirt is there for a specific reason. >> did he fight you on that? >> no. >> you look hot. >> here's the reason. because women love pink. they love men in pink. >> women love jason. thank you, jason. let's bring out our next lovely person. casual friday. look at marky. >> look at mark! >> mark is one of our stage managers. >> yeah. >> and mark loves to wear sweaters. >> yes, he does. >> i wanted to keep him in his comfort zone.
2:55 am
>> he looks very comfortable. >> i wanted to add a little pop of color for spring. so we added the red. which really brings your eye up. you always notice his face first. and notice the vertical lines which are elongating and slimming. something we can all use, right? >> look at his haircut. >> you just came to play. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you, mark. >> for date night let's bring out james, one of our utility guys. on the show. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> oh! >> somebody came to play, too. >> you look cute, james. >> look at the shoes, which are matching on the bottom of the pants. >> that is a great point. what i was going to say is women notice shoes. so if you're going on a date it's always great to have a fantastic pair of shoes. >> those are gorgeous. >> and luckily for him, this pair's under $100. also, guys always wonder what to wear on dates. it's all about balancing dressy and casual. he can wear jeans because he's wearing a tailored top. >> that's adorable. >> let's bring out our amazing security guard perez!
2:56 am
>> looking good. tell us what perez has got on. >> this is for travel. a lot of guys travel in sweatpants and pajamas. i'm not even kidding. they think that's what they have to wear to look comfortable. instead i suggest a lightweight knit. it's really versatile. it's just as comfortable as a t-shirt. >> looking good. you look great. >> thank you. >> it will keep him just as warm and when he lands he can wear it with something else. >> thank you. >> let's bring out our final look. weekend ed. >> stop it. >> oh, ed! >> tell us about what he's got going on. >> very cute. ♪ what's going on >> the star of the show here. are the shorts, the shorts are the star of the show. >> no, those hairy legs are the star of the show. >> the dockers, they're docker shorts and you get two in one because they're reversible. there's a pattern on the inside, as you can see. there's a chambray on the outside. they're the perfect pair of shorts. and he's wearing them just right.
2:57 am
guys should always wear their shorts about an inch above their knee. otherwise it's going to make their legs look shorter. >> let's bring all of our boys out. the hottest guys in town. >> lovely. >> let's look again. >> coming up tomorrow what do we have? >> actress kathi najimy. >> and a new service with popular radio dj elvis durant. have an awesome day, everybody. see you torrow. >> from being a family sailer to cup, that's like jumping into the super bowl. dangerous sport. >> you have to worry about the pretty ones. females are se paving the way for women around the world. their a little taste of moves. you're ready. hello, hello!
2:58 am
roll it! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad a blendedzing kids in family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. is the adventure. to the have a seat. thank you for making me feel so loved. all right. today, it's all about women. hree strong determined nspiring women who defy the meaning of the word fearless. katie is the youngest member of an all-women sailing team. she's bringing her expertise to team.irst female this is in the middle east. she's brought her passion and is the lives of these women. changing how they look at the world. kicking and punching her way to the top, the first and
2:59 am
ufc women's champion is here today. and ocean ramsey, that's her name, ocean ramsey. she had a video that went viral when she got into the water and white shark.reat i love sharks. i don't want to swim with a great white. passionate. she has an interesting and surprising message about are song she says sharks misunderstood and they are in danger. i butchered that. you're with me, right? she swims with scary sharks and them.oves yvette nicole brown is here. >> hi, jeff. here's what's happened. our audience team and intern team. into this habit, which i love. but it throws me off my game. yvette comes out here. people dance. it's all fun. then the show starts. i'm walking down this way to


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