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tv   Today  NBC  April 23, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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mass. they seize a black jacket and white cap similar to what the man wore plus bee bees and a large pyrotechnic. surveillance cameras capture the brothers. one of the brothers pointed a gun at the driver and said, did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that. the victim escaped when they stopped at a convenience store. the s.w.a.t. team members who captured dzhokhar tsarnaev spoke for the first time. jeff campbell pulled him off the boat. >> we wanted to get him into custody and have the situation come to an end for us, for the families, for the city. it needed to end. >> reporter: monday night they remembered the boston graduate student, the 23-year-old from china, she was killed in boston's week of terror. in her hometown of medford krystle campbell was laid to
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rest. the one week anniversary of the bombing marked by a moment of silence. heads bowed across the city and the nation. yet it's the stories of kindness that keep boston going. friday's man hunt trapped mckenzie wells and her 17 month old son holden in their home. out of milk she got this special delivery from a brook line police officer. >> never imagined someone in their tactical gear carrying two gallons of milk down the street. >> the photo taken by her husband, just more evidence of how a small gesture can make a big difference. >> thank you. >> reporter: now today those who left their belongings in the chaos of the explosion can get them from the boston police, and also those who live on the section of boylston street that was closed by the bombings and those who work there, they can return to their places of work and the places where they live, but there is no word yet on when boylston street will be reopened to the public. matt. >> anne thompson in boston.
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thanks very much. pete williams is in washington with new details on the investigation. pete, good morning. and let me ask you about the charges. unlawfully using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and malicious destruction of property. anything surprise you with what he has been charged with and hasn't? >> reporter: no, not what he has been charged with. this is fully what we expected. it's a charge that could carry the death penalty in the federal system. massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty in the state system. he is a ehe's not charged with killing the campus policeman. they could possibly include it in a later indictment or perhaps the state could bring charges. >> so the suspect is gravely injured. he's in a hospital bed and he is's answering did we act alone, were we affiliated with any larger terror group. he says no to that question. do the authorities think his answers are credible? >> reporter: well, they don't know. this is one thing they're going
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to have to check out, but he has said they were not in touch with any overseas groups, that they came up with the plan on their own motivated by islamic religious fervor. he says they got their instructions on how to make their bombs from the internet, specifically from an online magazine called "inspire" published by al qaeda. it has twice included information on how to build bombs including pressure cookers offering a design very similar to the way that their bombs were built. >> let me ask you to change gears because there's another story we're following. in cooperation with u.s. officials, canadian law enforcement officials say they have foiled a plot to blow up a passenger train. what can you tell me about that? >> reporter: a passenger train, matt, from new york to ontario. it would be on canada's version of amtrak. they got onto it lastfall when they got a tip from the ka madian muslim community. authorities have been watching these two men closely since then. they say the plot was inspired by al qaeda in iran which they
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say was providing, quote, direction and guidance. now according to officials in both the u.s. and canada this plot never got to the stage of acquiring explosives, but even so he, these officials say the two men have both the intent and the capability of following through with it, matt. >> frightening possibility. thanks very much. we are following two major stories this morning when it comes to flying. federal officials are putting on hold a new rule that would allow small knives back on planes. it was supposed to take effect on thursday but it has received strong opposition from flight crews and some lawmakers. some of the nation's largest air carriers are also against it. so now the tsa says it will give more groups the opportunity to weigh in before that rule is put into place. in the meantime, if you have a flight today, you should call ahead. budget cuts from the so-called sequester are forcing thousands of air traffic controllers to take time off, and that's already leading to costly delays for passengers.
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nbc's lisa myers is at washington's regan national airport with more on that story. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning. this is the third day of furloughs of air traffic controllers around the country. so far we've seen hundreds of delays, some of more than three hours in los angeles. the airlines are warning that if these furloughs continue, one out of every three travelers could face major delays or cancellations during peak travel season. delays at laguardia, newark, charlotte. the faa on monday blamed staffing and weather and says staffing challenges at regional centers led to ground delays and more spacing between flights around the country. it's the first time the public has felt the impact of across the board budget cuts from the sequester. >> it's already bad enough when they have their regular delays so i can't imagine being stuck here for three hours and not knowing what's going to be next.
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>> in certain places i believe cutbacks should not be happening. >> i think it's horrible. there's enough problems dealing with delays and security and weather and other things when you're flying. i think they should furlough the president and congress. >> reporter: the faa claims it had no choice but to put 15,000 controllers on unpaid furloughs, which means 10% fewer of them working each day. the agency said that could mean delays of 3 1/2 hours in atlanta, more than 2 hours in chicago, and 1:20 in laguardia. the airlines are furious and argue there are other places to cut. >> the air traffic controllers have never been furloughed. they should not be furloughed now. >> reporter: the controllers claim they're being used as political pawns. >> it's the piece of sequestration that i think affects the americans the most, and i don't think that it's fair that air traffic control,
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particularly air traffic controllers -- >> reporter: transportation secretary ray lahood have a message for those who want the controllers back. >> call your members of congress and this will go away. >> reporter: now the administration seems to be saying that it will not accept the solution that merely puts air traffic controllers back to work, that any fix must roll back the entire sequester. savannah, that means that for air travelers the next few months could be a nightmare. >> all right. lisa myers at reagan national airport for us. the airport doesn't make me feel better about everything that's going on. >> you have to wait at least it's nice to have -- >> we do have more breaking news this morning coming out of libya. a bombing targeting an embassy there. natalie has that. >> matt, good morning. an attack on the french embassy in the libyan capitol. a car bomb detonated in tripoli marking the most significant attack on that country since the
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siege on benghazi last fall. two french guards were wounded but no one was killed. looming storms have residents along the mississippi river and across the midwest beefing up make shift levies as flood waters are expected to worsen. communities along the illinois river are in particular trouble as that water way is headed for record crests. last week's rain and downpours across the nation's hartland are being blamed for three deaths. we'll update our weather. a two-day hearing will begin with the 787's embattled battery system. they testified before the national transportation safety board in the wake of the battery fires aboard two planes. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is in jerusalem where he is calling the american alliance with israel, quote, closer than ever and working to thwart
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israel's ambitions. he's heading to jord dand and saudi arabia. now to wall street. cnbc's jackie deangel loss is there. >> good morning. all eyes on apple ahead of its earnings report this afternoon. the concern is that the company could say it saw a sharp drop in iphone sales. the stock taking a big beating down nearly 45% since its peak last september. meantime, netflix is another one to keep an eye on. the on demand movie streaming site reporting a gain of 2 million u.s. subscriber. that's sending the stocks soaring in after hour sessions. >> jackie with the new york stock exchange, thanks. a terrifying moment in celina, kansas, where a woman walked into a bathroom at the circus, closed the door, and then she came face to face with a tiger two feet away from her. this is video when the massive feline escaped during its performance. then when the woman was in the
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bathroom with the tiger, she stayed calm. she was able to exit and alerted workers who then recaptured the animal. the woman's 3-year-old daughter meanwhile had only one concern about that hair racing incident. she wanted to know if the tiger washed its hands before leaving the bathroom, its paws. >> that's like a sequel to the "hangover." >> public restrooms are terrifying but for different reasons. >> all you need is mike tyson. >> natalie, thank you so much. may we turn to a man who was last night given the lifetime achievement award by the friars club here in new york. [ applause ] >> today is my last day. anyway, let's show you what we've got for snow in colorado. it will not stop snowing. the colorado rockies have had to cancel a number of their games because of snow and it just keeps going. we're going to get a little more in there today. let's show you what we've got. a couple of low pressure systems, one bringing snow up to duluth, minnesota.
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the second one bringing more snow to colorado and ahead of it some heavier rain. we're looking at about 1 to 3 inches of snow back through the central plains. 1 to 2 inches of rain from detroit all the way down to the central miss sip pea valley. rain stretching into texas. beautiful weather in the northwest. 73 with some morning nothing los angeles. we're going to get to your local forecast in a moment, but first this message.
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another warm day inland. not quite as hot as yesterday. mid to upper 80s out towards solano county and eastern contra costa counties. 70s for san francisco. upper 70s to oakland. near 80 in san jose. from here, things will continue to cool off. as we see the sea breeze pick up approaching thursday. >> and that'sour latest weather. doctors are sounding the alarm this morning about the so-called cinnamon challenge. it's a dangerous stunt popular among teens that's led to hospitalizations and a surge in calls to pson centers. dr. nancysnyderma is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning, i've never h of this. >> this caut me off guar household cinnamon a little bit no big deal. if you put it in your mouth and can't swallow it, it can become dangerous and it's a trend anks to pr pressure and t
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internet. >> try to eat it and not get hospitalized. >> reporter: it's become an internet sensation. woo! >> reporter: tens of thousands of videos posted on youtube showing someone, often a teenager completing the cinnamon challenge. >> one tablespoon of cinnamon. >> reporter: it involves shoveling tablespoonful into your mouth and swallowing it without sip of water and this happens, a lot of coughing and choking as the spice triggers a severe gag reflex. >> oh my god! >> reporter: the cinnamon challenge is raising concerns among pediatricians. >> some of the powder can be in their mouth, it can be in their esophagus, food pipe. that can lead to swelling,
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inflammation, irritation and thatan cause pain, it can cause trouble breathing. >> reporter: while mos peopl who try it recover quickly a report publied monday online in the journal "pediatrics" warns it's on the rise with seous consequences. >> last year we noticed there was an increasing number of callo poison control centers around the united states for poisonings related to using the cinnamon challenge. >>eporter: the number of calls to poiso control centers jumped more than four times with 222 calls last year. some teens even hospitalized f collapsed lungs. >> it's entirely preventable. our advice would be this is one dare that's not worth doing. >> it's not worth doing when you put something in your mouth if youan spit it out and swallow it but in this case if you inhale it, it hurts your lungs and that's what sends pple to the ergency rooms. don't do it it's a dumb idea. >> you heard it from the doctor
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but i'm not sure i needed to get that advice. >> looks crazy. n another videohat has been watched by millions now a weekend ns anchor opening his first ever broadcast with abn obscenity and now out of a job. stephanie gosk. >> good morning, and there but for the grace of god, a lge camera can be unforgiving to viewers and bosses. e first time liv on the camera cane one of the scariest things but do jitters excuse all mistakes. >> north dakota news. >> reporter: right at the top of north dakota's weekend news. >> [ bleep ]. >> a.j. clemente uttered his first rds as a tv anchor. they were juggling multiple stories but clement didn't seem to realize he was on camera. watch it again. it didn't get much better after his co-anchos first question.
7:16 am
>> tell us a little bit about yourself, a.j. >> thanks, van, i'm excited. i graduated from west virginia university and i'm used to you ow, from being from the east coast. >> reporter: the video went viral. clemente tweeted that couldn't have gone any worse. >> spreads like wildfire on youtube cause it's so secondhand embarrassg but also kind of fascinating. >> reporter: clemente's bosses weren't amused. the fledgling anchor was first suspended and outright fired. consider this moment also on tv over the weekend,oston red sox great david ortiz deeply touched by the terrible events of the week. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. >> reporter: the head of the fcc the strict tv watchdog excuse the the baseball star for fouling f. "david ortiz spoke from the heart at today's red sox game. i stand with big papi and the people of boston."
7:17 am
clemente got similar support from viewers, "the kid screwed up big time but he shouldn't have thave his early career ruined." instead the apology came from the news director along with an assurance that off-color on cameraomments like this -- [ bleep ] -- won't be heard at the news desk again. >> i think he's ready for the business personly. >> fits right in, is that what you're thinking? >> who among us would judge for a little off color language. >> you can't imagine the nerves. this was his first day, his first anchoring gig and he had to be a bundle of nerves. did it work out well, no. >> i don't think he should have been fired though. >> it's tough. newsroom the way people talk in a neroom? >> we all learn first thing open mike is always en ke. >> exactly. should he have been fired or given a second chance? head to and weigh in and we'll talk about those results with our professionals a little later on.
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>> with our hand on the bleing device. then who let the dogs out, yone? >> no. >> please not that song. why certain songs sm to get stuck in our heads, that's certainly one of em. ♪ who let the dogs out >> don play . >> too late. >> oh, it's on. but first ts is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ]
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just in time to open their hearts. that's the enormity of rewarding connections. at's bank k america. [ female announcer ] real fruit flavors. eal tea leaves. and real honey. lipton tea & honey, it's all here. ♪ feel the refreshing taste of lipton tea & honey. the time now is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the san jose police department being called out by an independent auditor for stopping a policy aimed at cutting down on racial profiling. the policy required officers to document all stops they make, even if there is no arrest, including the person's race and whether they are told to sit on a curb. it is not clear why the new acting chief suspended the policy before it was ever put into practice. a prominent bay area defense
7:24 am
attorney fighting to keep her law licensed to. she stands accused of smuggling a hit list out of jail for a client. lorna brown admits to smuggling the note out of jail but thought it was a love letter to a girlfriend. brown could be disbarred for this offense. just moments ago, a solar plane taking off from moffett field. it only needs sunshine to fly. it is supposed to last for 16 hours, landing at 11:00 tonight. the plane is ex petted tos pa the golden gate bridge around 3:00. if you have a chance, you might want to check that one out according to meteorologist, rob mayeda in for christina loren. looks like a nice day for a solar flight. you can see san francisco, clear skies a little bit of a north wind into san francisco. our temperatures, mostly 50s and 60s inland. low clouds and fog down the coast. winds out of the north in our inland valleys will keep our
7:25 am
temperatures in the mid-80s down towards napa and livermore. cooler in around san francisco. 70s to oakland. near 80 in san jose. the sea breeze will win the battle between the two different winds we are seeing this morning. notice the cooldown as we head towards thursday and friday. we are looking over here towards fremont. 880 moving smoothly. you have a lot of company as you are coming south out of hayward. mill pedis, where things start to gum up a bit. still slow for 880 coming around toward mission. still reports of gravel in the lanes. watch for the cleanup. we'll do some slowing as you approach mission in your commute direction. slow out of hayward. the castro valley "y." that's a good volume of traffic over there. for the south bay northbound routes. back to you. another local update in half an hour from right now. the "today" show rolls on.
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♪ hey i just met you and this is crazy ♪ ♪ so here's my number so call me maybe ♪ when you're singing that song to yourself later today blame us. "call me maybe" is just one example of what's called an ear worm, songs you cannot get out of your head and coming up, we'll talk about the ones we can't shake and tell you why science may have finally discovered a cure for it. >> that's a good one. ♪ baby, baby, baby oh
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>> you have to replace it with something worse. 7:30 on a tuesday morning, i'm matt lauer algside savannah guthrie. >> "call me maybe" give us some mercy, please. ryan is here, he'll co-host our 8: hour with us and reveal his most embarrassing moment on live television. >> he's about to tell that woman's fortune for something. >> or ask her to marry him. >> david ortiz spoke from the het over the weekend since the terror attacks in bton but was his use of profanity, we' remind you of what he said in a little while, appropriate considering there were a lot of children in the stadium and watching on tv. we'll get into that with "today's professionals"nd weigh in by tweeting us with #yespros or #nopros. a big event in texas the dedication of grge w. bush's
7:29 am
presidential library >> i'll be there on thursday with the first le interview with president bush and his wife, laura, talking about his presidency, and becoming grandparents, thursday, live here on oday". joe biden and dr. jill biden will travel to cambridge for a memorial service for m.i.t. police officer sean collier. on monday i spoke exclusively to collier's siblings, i began by asking them how their family was coping with the terrible loss. >> i think we're coping as best as we possibly can. were a very large and close family, rallied together at our parents' house, spending time together and tryin to remember the best parts about sean. >> nicole, thisust have been terrifying. you find out of course that something has happen at the m.i.t. campus and then you find out that it is your brother, sean. >> it was a nightmare come true.
7:30 am
>> how are your parents doing this morning? >> as well as c be expected. think everybody's just going through the motions right now d pulling togetheror sean because that's what he would want us to do. >> and let's talk about sean, cause we've got on it learn in the last few days what a wonderful person tha he was. andrew, what would you want people to know about him? >> sean was such a goo person. i remember whe he was a kid, there would be a bug inhe hous an ant in t house, and he would go to get it with a napkin and 's, no, no, no don't kill it. you into ed to put him outside, you need to put h outside, stories of being at restaurants and seeing a woman crying and all of us are sitting there kind of just, you know doing our thing, eating our papa gino's and sean just obsessing that my mom needs to go over there and try to help, and i think that really shows from the very start
7:31 am
sean's, just care for other people and it's almost something that i took for granted and didn't realize, but now you know, through his death i realize how good of a person he was and i wish i could have told him that, while he was still here. >> rob it sounds like he was just a natural born protector his whole life. how important was this worof policing to hi >> oh, very important. ever since we were kids, seaea and andy would be doing something each other, andy would take off and sean would be taking off after him siren noises, pull over you're breaking the law. ever since a young age thiss what he's wanted to do and he did it. he worked his tail off and he really, you know, has made us all very pro of him. >> jennifer, what's it been like to see the outpouring and hear from people yo guys didn't know
7:32 am
toear what an impact he had on their lives? >> that's been really just amazing forur whole family because we see a side of seanie, he's myerky little brother who is too cool for me. we'veeen able to hear about him volunteering, taking time out to personally meet students at m.i.t. that he worked with, playing sports in the community with his friends. we get to see a whole other side to him that he wa just so humble and didn't really speak to us about. >>jennifer, finally, so many people want to help and have been touched by this story. you set it up so donations could be st to the jimmy fund and there's a hisry behind tt with you and your brother, correct? >> there is. there is a summer sean was in high school and was in college and we had a summer job together at a medical office but we would listen to the radio to pass the ti and that one day they were doing a fund-raiser on this
7:33 am
radio station for the jimmy fd and they just told stories of these children who were figg for their lives and their families and sean was just so impactedy that, and he went home and me a donation. just this high school kid, he had no money b made a sma donation and he set up a recurring payment from his own account to make regular donations to the jimmy fund and did that until the day he died and so we wanted to carry that on for him. >> he sounds like an extraordinary person and we are so grateful to you for sharing more about h. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we will switch gears now and get a check of the weather from al. >>savannah, thank you. let's look and show you what we can expect today some cold air coming into the central plains down into texas, jet stream taking a big dip down to the south. temperatures some of tm 30 degrees below where they should be for this tim of year as that
7:34 am
cold air continues to stream do from canada the rest of the country we expect to see showers from texas all the way onp into michigan, look for plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest. showers movingff the east coast, prorobly will just affect new england, coastew england into boston and northern new engl we continue to see some interesting weather around the bay area from the 50s around san francisco over towards concord. mid-60s inland. santa rosa, fairfield and livermore, in the morning. you have been seeing the north winds inland around a little bit of sea breeze coming up the coast bringing fog around pacifica down santa cruz for the afternoon. today's temperatures, mid-80s inland. 70s across the bay and trending cooler tomorrow and a lot cooler by thursday. you see the highs, 60s and 70s for the end of the week. >> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. thank you. coming up next, an exclusive new look at high-tech tools to
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already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. dig in and save with vigoro one-quart annuals, four for just ten bucks. back now at 7:42 with a rossen reports exclusive in wake of the boston bombings. new sophisticated tools being used by police that may help protect us against future attacks. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is in boston. he has the details. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. it's really amazing what they can do now. look forward to showing you some of these demonstrations. here in boston, we saw how important these video surveillance cameras are.
7:40 am
after the attacks, it did not take long to identify the suspects. what if the cameras were so high-tech they could pick out a bomb hidden on the street before it goes off. as you're about to see, the future is now. watch this man. he drops a bag on the ground, then walks away. what if it was a bomb. would officers spot it? now the nypd can in seconds, using new cutting edge technology. >> the system gives the officers an alert. it says it's an abandoned package at the chrysler building. >> it even gives you an image and circles the package for you. >> shows exactly where the package was left. >> it's called artificial intelligence, software that turns surveillance cameras into smart cameras, so smart the computer learns what normal behavior looks like on every corner and can spot abnormalities instantly. from abandoned packages to suspicious activity, alerting police in realtime.
7:41 am
>> how effective has it been? >> well, we've had 16 plots against the city since september 11th and none have succeeded. >> what if the suspects are in a car? the nypd showed us another high-tech tool. in this simulation, a vehicle on the police watch list has entered the city. little do the criminals know, special cameras are tracking them, reading thousands of license plates every second. >> our camera just spotted a vehicle on the west side highway. not only do we know where the car is, we get two pictures in realtime of that vehicle. in addition, it will show us every place where that license plate has been scanned before on our system going back as long as we have data. >> these cameras can even pick suspects out of a crowd based on the shirt they are wearing. lets say it's red. each of the city's 4,000 cameras can hone in and pull all the red shirts out. >> individuals who want to attack or think about attacking,
7:42 am
pause for thought. >> now other cities are using smart cameras, too. a former secret service agent selling camera technology to agencies from houston to san francisco. while no one knows if it would have prevented the bombings in boston, officials say this technology is the future. do you think this can change the face of law enforcement? >> this is changing the face of law enforcement. catching these events before they happen is the name of the game. >> reporter: boston police do not have this technology yet, but told us by phone late last night that right now everything is on the table. it is important to note here, matt, police officials say this technology by no means does it replace police officers on the streets patrolling. they say it is just a tool to help them. if anything else, the reason they wanted us to share this with you at home, because they are hoping it will deter terrorists, we will catch you before you strike. >> thank you very much. coming up on a much lighter
7:43 am
note, songs that tend to get stuck in your head. and more importantly, how to flush them out. we'll catch up with ryan seacrest as he gets set to host our next hour. right after this. original recipe? dad, i think you ate the bones. i did what? you ate the bones! i ate the bones? i ate the bones! i ate the bones! [ male announcer ] kfc original recipe, now available without the bone. freshly prepared white or dark meat chicken, boneless and skinless. get 4 delicious, mouth-watering pieces in your next 10 piece mixed bucket for $14.99. today tastes so good. from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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♪ the one and only, cheerios back now at 7:50, ryan seacrest will be co-hostinghe next hour. >> talking about a lot of things we shouldn't be talking about. >> during the commercial break. >> matt has many stories to tell. no, no, no. we were also talking abo this young anchor in north dakota who fired off an expletive at the beginning of his very first broadcast, ryan. what do you think, should this guy have been fired or given a cond chance? >> i think we could relate to possibly being in a sitittion close to this. so maybe he deserves a second chance. >> a young guy obviously didt mean anything by it.
7:48 am
it was an accident. >> one of the things you lea in the business is that t mikes are always hot, although sometimes we forget that. >> i've had to run out to a coercial break during "american idol" it's hot you go to the bathroom. >> didn't anybody see "naked n"? >> exactly. >> how aut that press conference scene? come on! >> one of the other things wll talk about,manners, we have o pet peeves about manners. what is yours? >> one thing i was surprised to learn about standing up at the table because i thought that's something you shoul do but we'll learn next hour maybe not always when a lady gets up. that surprised me. >> that was drilled into me as a kid, stand up if a lady gets up. >> a who should pay when yore on a date. >> y should also. >> my pet peeve is when people pull out their social media and start using their blackberry. >> i was in an elevator, six people in the elevator, every one of the o tir
7:49 am
smartphones. >> eveone agrees let's have a pause and look at our phones, if everyone does it at the same time? no, i guess not. >> ryan is with us for the whole next hour. hurry, let's do this! ♪
7:50 am
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7:53 am
it is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. a unique scene in san jose. a biologist has just scaled the walls of city hall. why is he up there? placing a lightweight aluminum leg bands on the young peregrine falcons that will allow scientists to track and collect data. we will learn the sex of those three little birds. this video, compliments of the city's falcon cam. officials are voting on summer water restrictions. they are recommending them on nonessential uses after an
7:54 am
exceptionally dry winter. sparse rainfall along with increased state regulations designed to protect threatened and engadangered fish have led another marginally low water year ahead. they would save 100 million gallons of water. let's get a check on your local forecast. christina loren is off. rob is in with the look. >> no signs of any rain. water issues around the bay, dry north winds helping to warm our temperatures up at the north and east bay valleys into the mid and maybe upper 80s out towards concord and fairfield. 80s into san jose. notice san francisco as we head toward the evening. the sea breeze takes hold. a hint. much cooler weather arriving thursday with morning drizzle. >> look at this very slow drive. north 101. underneath that 680/280 interchange just off of there. we are looking at the map there. it is congested throughout your northbound route there. there is some sort of a hazard
7:55 am
there on the approach. s wilalso 280 and 880. creeping down toward the 40s and 30s at time. we are looking at a slower route. the east bay slows down off the castro valley y. another update in half an hour.
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ 8:00 now on a tuesday morning, it's april 23rd, 2013, we're happy to step outside, say hello to the folks who have come to the plaza this morning on a pretty spring day, and good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer, al roker and ryan seacrest, officially right now beginning his 8:00 hosting duties. >> they're teaching me how to do this.
7:58 am
i just said today i always have coffee and this morning i only had mint tea, so i don't know what's going to happen by 8:42. >> new york spring weather? >> i have four layers. normally spring means jam shorts. not good. anyway -- >> what's coming up? >> the science of the ear worms. the songs that we listen to on the radio and you can't get them out of your head. we'll reveal why it happens and a possible new antidote and the songs we actually can't get out of our heads. mine is in my head. >> tell us. >> it's a bit of a rap. >> "baby got back"? >> she does but it's not in my head. an eighth grader goes to school with an nra shirt and was taken out of class and jailed for a while because the school said it violated the policy. was that the right course of
7:59 am
action? our professionals will weigh in, in a couple of minutes. we have a great look at body image from real women who took part in an interesting discussion with our style editor bobbi thomas. >> everybody sat around in their spanks and bras. >> we do that before the morning show. let's get to natalie morales who has a check of the day's top stories, good morning, again. >> good morning to you guys and good morning, everyone. the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings is now facing federal charges that could bring the death penalty, officials say 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev told interrogators that he and his brother were motivated by religious fervor. in a telephone interview, the mother said u.s. investigators had questioned her in the past. >> what happened is a terrible thing, but i know that my kids have nothing to do with this. i know it. i'm mother.
8:00 am
i have, i know my kids. i know my kids. really my kids would never get involved into anything like that. >> officials say their evidence includes surveillance video that apparently places both brothers at the scene of the bombings. a court appearance today for two men charged with plotting to derail a passenger train on the canadian portion of its route between new york city and toronto. officials say the men arrested monday are not canadian citizens and had help from al qaeda elements in iran. police said a tip from toronto's muslim community launched their year-long investigation. the tsa has postponed a controversial policy change that would have let airline passengers carry on small knives. it had been scheduled to go into effect this week, but the tsa says the delay is needed to accommodate feedback from an advisory committee. flight attendant and federal air marshals groups are among those urging the fsa to keep the knife ban in place. another day of flight delays
8:01 am
blamed on mandatory furlough -- budget cuts. cascading delays on monday held up flights at some of the nation's busiest airports in some cases for hours. the artist who is first to take the stage at woodstock folk singer, richie havens died monday from a heart attack. havens played for nearly three hours at the legendary 1969 music festival, "freedom" which began his freedom. richie haven was 72 years old. and now, a quick look at what's trending right now. and what has you talking online today marks eight years since youtube uploaded its first video. >> the whole thing with these guys is that they have really, really, really long trunks. >> little did we know that the interaction between animals and
8:02 am
people would never be the same. chaz bono's new look is the number one search on yahoo!. cher's son tweeted he hit the 60-pound weight loss mark and feels good, dropping sugar, grains and most dairy from his diet, along with high intensity workouts looking good. evian wants you to dance with your inner baby gulping down natural spring water, the company's new baby and me video attracted more than 22 million youtube hits. very cute. i watched that yesterday. it's 8:05, let's go back outside to al with a check of the weather. >> thanks so much, natalie. we have our friends set up here at our "wake up with al" bedroom set. ryan seacrest talking with some of the folks going to >> not my first time in the bedroom stuff with you. >> enough about us but are you ready for me to come to your home and help wake you up?
8:03 am
why would you want me to come to your home? >> think about that. think about that. >> it's a very beautiful place. >> where are you from? >> greenville, tennessee. >> yes. little southern charm. >> so go to, 250-word essay, send in a video essay. all of the words and regulations to go. >> more words to go. >> ryan telling the folks how to do it, "wake up with al," before you know it. where are you from? >> salinas, california. >> ooh, that's very lovely. very nice. let's check the weather, for today for your wake-up town, green bay, wisconsin, nbc 26, rain and snow showers, temperatures in the low 40s and as you can see we got a lot of snow making its way through the central plains into the midwest, more rain into missouri, heavier showers and thunderstorms will be moving into there, rain in chicago as well. beautiful day in the pacific northwest, 65 in beautiful seattle. 71 in portland. look for rain along the northern
8:04 am
new england coastline, windy conditions in the northeast, sunny and warm through florida, temperature of 83 degrees. any other folks here checking it out with ryan? >> yes. how many times can you wake up, because these are pretty good essays. >> wow. >> can you wake up a lot? >> i can wake up every day. that's what's going on in the country. here's what's happening in sunshine over san rafael right now, higher hill tops seeing gusty north winds at times. temperatures around the bay area, mid-60s out across hill tops, up towards santa rosa, 60, 64 in san francisco. we do have a bit of a sea breeze keeping low clouds on the coast, dry conditions inland. mid to upper 80s inland, 70s around the inner bay. upper 60s on the coast. tomorrow continued cooling and big-time cooling thursday with some morning mist. weather. ryan? >> thank you, al. so, the tv anchor that used
8:05 am
profanity, should he have been fired during his first broadcast? it's coming up. should he get a second chance? we will ask "today's professionals" and then women open up about beauty and modern image and the modern rules of the road when it comes to manners, why etiquette is making a comeback in the digital age. etiquette is making a digital comeback. before they earned 1% cash back and 2% back on groceries foris breakfast, lunch and dinner... even before automatically earning 3% back on gas picking him up for the first time... hi!! they opened a bankamericard cash rewards credit card just in time to open their hearts. at's the enormity of rewarding conctions. that's bank of america.
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8:08 am
♪ looking for these? ♪ [ male annncer] gooey creamy delicious kraft macaro & cheese. you know you love it. we're back now, 8:11 with "today's professionals." and we have a lot of discuss this morning. star jones, donny deutsch and dr. nancy snyderman. the boston bombing, this was an event that played out in this new and exploding, no pun intended, digital world. we watched the events in real time. before i get to the specifics of positives and negatives, do you think that the advantages of the digital world outweighed the disadvantages as they pertain to the boston marathon bombing? >> as i sit here now because one
8:09 am
suspect is dead and the other alleged suspect is in custody, i have to say yes, and because a lot of it came from the digital world but knowing that it was probably started on the digital world gives me pause. >> so, in other words, all the images, the video, everybody having a camera taking those digital images, getting them online, the fbi getting the images out to people that was a major advantage in solving the crime. >> you know, i was on holiday last week which was a terrible frustration as a reporter and separated from my nbc family and obviously worried about friends in boston and i watched things play out through the traditional news media, following things on twitter, i watched bad information, cautious information, and you see the guys had the connection, this guy had his own youtube channel. at that point i thought wow, it is crashing down around us. >> here is the concerning issue for me about this and anything else.
8:10 am
the digital age, you know, the world that stays okay when there is centralized power, benevolent power, the digital age unfortunately spreads power across billions. with that, causes some form of -- >> power among millions is great if they become deputized law enforcement agents. >> but we are -- i worry about civilization. but the world doesn't exist when 8 billion people can do certain things. >> let's go back to specifics. the fact that the digital age helped law enforcement solve this crime is over here and the fact that they may have been radicalized these bombers online that they have now admitted one has now admitted the surviving one admitted they learned to build these explosive devices in part online. >> and let me take it one step further, the digital age and your civil rights, and now what are you willing to give up because of surveillance. >> other people were
8:11 am
misidentified because of our 8,000 -- >> and placed on the front page of a newspaper. >> absolutely. >> the big point is, every horrific event done by a small group of people will be enabled by technology going forward. >> absolutely, it is our new normal. >> the genie is out of the bottle. a related story, as boston tried to get back to reality and get back on its feet after the bombing saturday there was a game at fenway park and with 35,000 or so in attendance, watching on tv, david ortiz, one of the stars of the team gets up and on microphone tries to rally the crowd and this is what happened. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. and nobody gonna take away our dictate our freedom. stay strong. >> was that appropriate? >> of course it's not with the
8:12 am
kids in the stand. having said that, all of our kids hear this word. this is a quality, decent, passionate charitable man. i'd rather have a not so decent man who speaks perfectly. >> ladies? >> i thought it was interesting that the head of the fcc said there will be no fines. >> because it's big papi. he's our nemesis, being a yankee fan but on that day i felt like a bostonian. the only thing is, is we have to be responsible to say there are lots of other words he could have chosen in order to inspire the crowd and he shows the "f" bomb. >> every 8-year-old know what that word is. >> we asked people to weigh in, 52% said it was inappropriate. 48% said it was okay. to the control room, i'm skipping ahead to our last segment here, all right. this one is a story we've talked about already this morning, it involves this young man, a.j.
8:13 am
clemente, his very first day as a news anchor in north dakota, bismarck, north dakota, nervous before he goes on the air, doesn't realize his mike is open and they are actually on the air. here's what happened there. >> nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition. >> okay, [ bleep ]. >> good evening, i'm van tieu. a.j. will be joining the weekend news as my co-anchor. >> so, he dropped a couple of words that you just don't drop on tv. >> what you don't see on the clip is that the name he had to pronounce which was a russian name i think was overwhelming. >> he got fired, his first day on the air, he got fired for that, was that right or wrong? >> that's a little punitive to fire right off the bat, but my biggest concern was whether or not he could actually handle breaking news. that's his job. if he gets nervous and does not have the ability to pull it back
8:14 am
and be ready to go in if something tragic were to happen maybe he's not the right anchor. >> look, if that was the case savannah guthrie wouldn't be here. >> oh, come on! >> like a teamster over there! >> not on the air though. >> she covers her mike, okay. i've got my girl's back here. >> he made a mistake. this will be a blessing for him he'll get hired someplace else. >> he is going to get hired somewhere else. however, i would like to remind him that west virginia is not the east coast. >> by the way, we asked people weigh in on this one, you want to take a guess? >> they said he should not have been fired. >> 87% give him a second chance. >> savannah, what do you think? >> 13% no. >> i agree with a second chance. >> by the way he's going to be here. we'll talk to him exclusively tomorrow morning. >> really? >> network television. >> let's go over to savannah. be careful. >> our finger on the bleeping device. now to a breakthrough on an issue that plagued us all,
8:15 am
science addresses important issues. a new study reveals why certain songs get stuck in our heads. ♪ you spin my head right round >> reporter: you can run but often you can't hide from them, they're called ear worms the catchy songs that crawl into your head and bury themselves into your mind. ♪ hey, i just met you and this is crazy ♪ >> reporter: last year "call me maybe" became virally unescapable. ♪ hey, hey, hey >> reporter: scientists at western washington university say the involuntary music takeovers can be caused by a life experience or a memory. >> it's about the match of the song to an individual. ♪ set the world on fire >> reporter: contrary to popular belief, it's not always an obnoxious song that gets planted in your head. 70% of the time an ear worm is a song you actually like.
8:16 am
♪ wake me up before you go, go >> reporter: and 65% of the time a song becomes an ear worm simply because you've recently heard the catchy tune, triggering it to play in your brain again and again and again. ♪ i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world ♪ >> reporter: but just when you thought it was making you crazy. ♪ living la vida loca >> reporter: a new study has revealed that it is possible to flush that worm out of your head. >> the best way to get your consciousness actively engaged in some task that you find really challenging and very interesting. ♪ baby, baby, baby, oh >> reporter: a possible means to an end, that is, until the next captive musical invasion. ♪ rumor has it >> so there's science behind this, actual science. >> those are my favorite studies. i love that study. >> we have ten songs stuck in our head. >> let's go around the living room here, mine is, here's how
8:17 am
it goes. ♪ i've got to punk some tags, $20 in my pocket ♪ ♪ and go to the club >> do that again. >> you're doing this everywhere you walk around. >> i can barely see myself in the mirror. >> ryan the thrift shop. >> that song not so clean in certain parts. i just realized that when i read the lyrics. >> but when you sing it on air -- >> what is yours? >> the fun song "carry on." this one. >> it's a fun song. ♪ roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light ♪ ♪ you don't have to sing that song ♪ >> how can you not get that stuck in your head. >> that version, no. >> oh, my gosh, matt.
8:18 am
the dogs just started gathering. >> it's going to get much better now. >> behold the power of -- ♪ baby baby baby oh i can't get that song out of my head. >> oh, "roxanne" can knock that up. >> roker? ♪ wake me up before you go, go >> is that wham? >> yes, it is wham. >> exactly. >> i remember that one, i could not get it out of my head. >> now it's the theme song for "wake up with al." >> "the a team." ." >> "the a team." women's fashion and body image "the power of style" recently bob thomas talked to four women brave enough to speak out in bras and shapewear for a wau look at how they feel about the way they look. >> i'm a 12 model, and i'm a
8:19 am
llroom dancer. >> i'm in a beauty and style for >> i'm a photographernd burlesque dancer. >> i work as a hostess, i he two children and four grandchildren. >> well, ladies, let's rip the bikini wax. how many people have said i feel fat. i know almost every said that this today. >> just when i was shopping. >> growing up, ifelt, now he the pressure to even be super skinny or be a specific type of curvy. you want to own your curves but don't want to feel oversexualized. >> you feel the same way? >> yes. >> having curves makes y feel sexualized? >> and it feels totally nothing happens around you but you feel it in your head.
8:20 am
men love curves. >> i feel sometimes i'm happy to be fairly fit but i don't have the curves. i have a boyish figure and i'd like to feel more fem minu aini curvy. i'm interested in what is under the dress especially coming from the fason and beauty industry and it goes hand in hand. you cannot separate style from body image because y look at fashion and it's impossible to not think of your figure. >> there's so much focus on you being a size zero or plus size and women are alliffere sis in between and have our own specific issues with our body. i don't think there are many of us who feel like our body is perfect. >> i won't turn sideways to look in the mirror. >> looking at your own self? >> yes, standing and looking sideways, no. >> are we afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror? >> i'm tired of being insecure. i got to that int. >> we are all guilty of having
8:21 am
bad days which is completely normal, and sometimes we don't like what we see in the mirror, but the one thing i do think that the women sitting here do that i wish more women would do is that you all value who you are, whether you like it or not, and that is my wish for everyone like what's under the dress because what you put on will have so much more meaning. >> bobby, good morning, congratulations. >> good morning. >> if anybody wants to know how lovely amazing and kind you got women to sat around in their bras and spanx. >> the checks aren the mail. in a honesty this was special to me. i don't think a lot of people know my background wasn't in fashion classroo i was a psychology major and a rape crisis counselor and so this i really the full circle connection for style. it's really still how you express yourself. >> we've talked about this as you puthe bk together over
8:22 am
the months and it's a first of its kind. it's about style, sort of a self-help but links body image and style are so important. >> the absolutely are and i had a tough time believe i or not sellinthis. i talked to publishers, we lov part two, let's do part two the fashion. i said i can't really honestly write a book about fashion with of crse in this book will you find your best colors, your best cuts and h to edit your closet but none of tha matters unless you love what's under the dress and that is something that my dad was not very happy aut the fa that i'm going to sit down in my spanx but these women, gosh, online i have been taken aback by, the book isn't even out and the connection that women relate to, it's almost ke we hate looking at ourselves naked in the mirror. we're afraid of mirrors and this was really important to start part one in the book to shift the conversation from the runway and the fashion magazines we see that are great and spire us,
8:23 am
but the truth that what we see inside matrs to shift the conversation first. >> all about acceptance. the book is "the power o style" manners but first your local news. good tuesday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. public hearing gets under way today over closing time at bars statewide. san francisco senator mark leno's bill wants that time extended from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. the bill is meant to draw more tourists into the city. what was considered to be san jose's 14th homicide of the year is now being called a suicide. yesterday afternoon a call came in on the south side of a man found stabbed to death.
8:24 am
officers say the wounds and to be self-inflicted. lets check now the morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> things have kicked in all over the bay in the last 45 minutes, things packing in, north 880 through oakland, a brufl bright sunny day but slow as you travel north past high street. look at the map north 880 as well as west 580 a series of crashes. they are all off to the shoulder. also reports some of the reflectors off the roadway north 5th causing some vehicles to swerve. be careful downtown, south slow out of san leandro, dumbarton bridge down to fremont 60 and 880 slow all the way past mission boulevard. there's your south bay with northbound routes jamming up around 880 interchange. back to you. >> another local news update coming up in half an hour. hope you get a chance tonight joy the beautiful day.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
♪ 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, it's also the 23rd day of april, 2013. we get that picture? yeah, okay, good. and it's a kind of chilly spring day here in the northeast out on
8:28 am
the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker, natalie morales and from the west coast, mr. ryan seacrest helping us out for the entire hour. good to have you here. >> great to be here. thanks for inviting me for breakfast. >> always good to have you here. by the way, in a world where a lot of people are addicted to their smartphones and computers and civility seems to be something of the past. it seems more and more people are looking for manners. they want people to have great manners. we'll be talking about that in this half hour. we're going to start with a three-day series. our first day has to do with manners around the kitchen table, the dining table when you're out on a date or conference room table and how etiquette differs from place to place. and sandra lee is with us this morning, she's got sweet treats and you and i think are going to have a cake decorating competition. you watch out, i can do amazing things. >> my money on seacrest. >> my money on seacrest, too. >> hey! >> i'm going with savannah.
8:29 am
>> thank you, al. >> you're just doing that to make it even. you've seen her decorate, it's not good. also coming up, we have an unusual musical pair, steve martin and edie brickell blessing us with tunes. okay, speaking of music, mr. seacrest, i understand that, for the first time this season a young lady was actually eliminated from the finals. >> of the finalists, janelle arthur. >> one of our favorite contestants. >> thank you. >> seemed like just hours ago we were standing on the stage. >> i know you followed me to new york. >> i'm going to follow you for a long time janelle. >> be careful about that, janelle. >> in the last segment the final two before they find out who is going to go to talk to each other. you were saying you thought it was going to be you. >> oh, yeah, i really thought it was going to be me. i was telling cree don't you worry it's me, not you. you don't have to sing tonight.
8:30 am
>> you didn't get great reviews from the judges on your dolly parton song. >> give her a break. >> did you think it was a bad performance? >> i felt so good about that performance, and the reason why i chose that song is because it was my own arrangement so it was my opportunity to kind of like show that i could take an older song of hers and make it more my own thing. >> dolly gave you a message, right? >> she did. she liked it. >> yeah. >> that was awesome, it's great to hear from her. >> one of the things you'll miss from your experience. i'm sure miss ryan chief among them. you love cowgirl boots, you assembled a collection. >> i only had one pair of cowboy boots before i came on the show and now i have about eight or nine. >> there you go. >> special edition. >> thank you, i love those! >> they look good, too. >> we look out for that. >> she likes the list in the boot. >> thank you. >> good luck with everything.
8:31 am
>> thank you. let's get to the weather. >> i jt want to show these nice folks over here from the march of dimes, they've been out here all morning long and go to to find out more. we have cuties all here so they do wonderful work. thank you. what anniversary is this? >> 75th. >> 75, that's fantastic. let's check your weather and see what we've got for you today. we are looking at some showers stretching from the great lakes all the way down into texas, sunny skies up and down the east coast with the exception of new england, looking for rain making its way down tomorrow from the western new york area all the way down into the gulf coast. sunny and mild in the pacific northwest, snow showers in the northern plains, sunshine, cool in the upper mississippi river valley. that's what's going on in the country. here's what's happ good morning, 8:34, a live look out in san francisco.
8:32 am
can you see we have clear skies. the flag is not moving a lot. winds offshore. that means we'll see a warm day inland, still at the coast not going to see a warm day. 64 in san francisco, only 51 in santa cruz, 65 in san jose. later today those winds will start to shift. they are offshore right now but later on today they will start on shore. places at the coast will be 72 at santa cruz, 72 san francisco, 80 in san jose. cooler for tomorrow with 80s inland, 60s at the coast. >> wow. >> come join us. >> don't say it, don't say it. >> natalie, you're hogging the covers. >> you got the cooties? >> what's wrong with us? >> so, al can come to your home and do something like this live. and some of the entries pouring in. >> some entries were just withdrawn. >> they came out in droves. >> hey, al. >> hi, al. >> al, wake up, it's time to do the weather. >> on the plaza.
8:33 am
>> who has not always dreamed of waking up with al roker? >> on >> we could whip up breakfast together. >> patsy would love to see you. >> from all 50 states. >> new orleans! >> fargo, north dakota. >> just hoping for a chance -- >> i will come to your home and broadcast from your home. >> a chance to bring one man to their neck of the woods. >> al, wake up with us. >> could it be hotlanta? >> hey, al, come visit atlanta. we'll meet you on beat street. >> maybe the north star state. >> hey, al, come to minnesota. >> his bags are packed. >> we're going to put al to work. >> his destination unknown. >> come on down to orlando. >> one day left to enter. >> beautiful winston-salem, north carolina. >> one more day to state your case. ♪ i want to wake up with al >> one more chance to wake up with al. >> that's a wrap. bring willard with you.
8:34 am
>> so you have until tomorrow to enter at you never what? >> all of the things we've done together this is not one of them. >> it's going to remain that way. >> oh! >> we're going to be back. >> those aren't pillows. >> this is "today" on nbc! >> that's not my hand! >> finally, finally! hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
8:35 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
8:36 am
we're back on "today" beginning a three-day look at modern manners in ts day and age where we're tethered to our digital devices it c be hard to remember how to interact face-to-face, what rul still hold and what are outdated. anna post is the great, great granddaughter of emily post and coauthor of the 18th edition of "emily post's etiquette." good morning. >> good morning, thank you. >> we're on a date, okay, it's
8:37 am
our first date. >> okay. >> do i always pay if i asked you out? >> these days whoever does the asking does the paying typically or that's the time to negotiate who is going to pay. >> but if the check comes, should you at least offer to pay? >> a lot of women do. lot of make the reach, and i think it makes us comfortable sometimes that we feel like maybe if the date doesn't work out so well we weren't taking advantage of our date getting a free meal. >> itreates an awkward moment. if you reach for your wle and i accept, i say yes you can pay or chip in, does that basically say i have no interest in continuing this relationship? >> no, don't read anything into it at all. first date, keeping it nice and light. >> a lot of boomers are back out there, and they're in the dating world and sometimes you might think what you learned and acticed as a young individual no longer applies. for example, is it always
8:38 am
required or expted for a man to get up andold a chair for a woman? >> notalways. these are wonderful gendered manners many people grew up with and are comfortable, if you are, by all means pull them out, show her she's special. >> men holding doors for women outdated or relevant? >>till lovely but if you grew up not doing this on a first date if youull this out and it's not authentic it's going to sh. >> if we'reaving dinner and you get up to go to the bathroom, should i stand as well? >> if you've always done this for women, yes. i wouldn't start dng something unnatural for you. >> if it's a big table with a lot people and you get up every time a wan gets up -- >> you'll be getting up a lot. >> i get that look and i say i am standing. hello. so with this world lot of busy families, it's rare you get to sit down with t family but if you do it's a good opportunity to teach the kids manners. >> this is the perfect the manners that you want them
8:39 am
to have, also keep an eye on the manners th m be sneaking in from the play ground you don't like so much. >> napkins placement. >> in the lap. >> on the lap. what else, now this i something that a lot of people still do, elbows on the table. is that bad or not bad? >> this is now i'm not going to go against your mother because she's right in part. what ryan was showing we're engaged, here and talking but i'm not goin to pick up my glass and you don't want to eat or drink with your elbow still on t table. sit up to do that and no slumping. exactly. >> all right. >> i'm waiting to are to you stand up. >> yes, i have to go to the restroom. >> the oth guys always look at you like really, you had to do that to me? >> now we have to do it. >> i feel like there's a meeting we should get to. >> conference table. >> we'll have a meeting and the first question is these gender
8:40 am
roles. >> let me get that for you. >> thank you, matt. >> these gender rules on a date don't apply in the board room. >> today business is about people doing things for business. >> anna, do fee a favor. >ou interrupted. >> sorry. >> so badf me taking the wrong seat. >> your f tip is don't reach across the table to shake. hi. >> tha rude. >> stand up to shake hands. if you can't get around the table and the hand's alreadyut there shake it but at least stanup to do it. >> next rule has to do with don't check your device during meetg. >> yes, absotely. yo want your attention fully to be with the people you're scheduled to be with. if you're always on your device even if you think you're multitasking you don't look like it. >> and quickly showing up late. >> say something. >> pet peeve. >> don't say i right there in thmoment, maybe a light joke if you know each other but if al is doi this all the time, then
8:41 am
mayb address that later. >> we'll do digital etiquette tomorrow. coming up next kate's bake-off. it is on. this is "today" on nbc. let's go! wow, the track looks perfect. now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa
8:42 am
little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell?
8:43 am
>> annouer: "today's kitchen" is brought to you by kraft m macaroni a cheese. delicious, cheesy goodness, you know you love it. >> this morning on "today's kitchen" delicious desserts. "every dish delivers." >> and the part i cannot wait for we're going to learn how to decorate aake and have a decorating contest. >> it's going to get ugly, going to be the meanest cake decorating contest ever. >> you're going to be wiping frosting from your brow if you keep talking like that. >> we haven't even started.
8:44 am
>> tell us about the cakes we haveere. >> one of the cakes ianted to make is my daffodil cake. i thought you could do any kind of cake for any season with the exact same concept. this is a lemon cake to go with my daffodils. inside is a pound cake but you can do a store-bought angel cake, scooped out and top goes on, now the icing is powdered sugar, lemonade concentrate, a lile bit of vanilla and you whip it up with the whipped topping and there is your coating. how do you spread it so neatly? >> it just pours. >> she acts le we should kw that. >> you can have the fork and the whole cake. this is the spice cake. there are a lot of cake mixes on the market. you want to buy a premium cake
8:45 am
mix. don't look for theapest thing. instead of oil i put yogurt and the eggs, you bak that off. th whipped top something store bought, i used cream cheesend vanilla. one cup sugar, girasala and go to town. >> we have 20 secds to do our frosting test. >> everyone has the beautiful flat takes. take your mound, flip it upside down nice and square. everybody's icing, everybody's cake always crumbles. don' feel bad, firstayer goes on nice and smooth. in the crafts sre you see the great rolling kind of cake pedestals that he's all you do. if you do a filling go in here and create a little edge and
8:46 am
your filng goes inside. >> it's on. >> you guys are making a strawberryayered cake given the two sects of instructions, ice your kick, put in the filling, put on the top, ice it again. >> i used to mow a line so i might be able to do this, getting the lines right. decate, take your time off. >> i don't get points off if i get frosting on t plate. where does this go? i'm going purely by instinct. that looks great. >> is there anything inside of this? >> there is now. >> i'd le to put something side a filling like that >> if i were you i would put my cakeper on the side.
8:47 am
>> the time constrain are difficult. >> pulling around the edge. >> where are y helping him? go,go, go. frh strawberries. >> do not touch us. >> don't say anything. >> don't take my stwberries. >> well. >> mine looks accessible. >> your face is decorated. >> ooh! >> that's the way it's supposed to look? >> if you look at the cover of my new magazine it's easy to do. remember your piping bags, i'll do this on something you take it and go lik that, that's all you're doing. >> i feel like she's upset with me. i have filng inside of mine. >> taste it,, it doesn't matter. >> the recipes are on, sandra lee, that was hard.
8:48 am
we're back with steve martin and edie percale
8:49 am
>> announcer: the toyota concer sear owes on "today" brought to yoby toyota. >> steve martin i an actor, comedian and producer, but also
8:50 am
a song writer. >> he and edie bricll, how did this pair up happen, this collaboration? >> want me to go? we've known each other for over 20 or more years, but we reay just met i mean met at a party a cole of years ago and we thought maybe we could write some songs together and then we did this horrible thing you never don hollywood, we followed up on it. >> you actually did it. has it been at all different for you edie? >> completely different. steve's tunes inspired me to right in a way i never have befo. >> she said it, not me. >> i always wanted to say this, ladies and gentlem, steve and edie. >> take it away. ♪ ♪ shead a job buthean from
8:51 am
the bank, he was married with a son ♪ ♪ all of her familyaid give that child away, try to erase what you done ♪ ♪ but whenhe held that sweet boy in her arms none of their words meant a thing ♪ and when she held that sweet boy in h arms she heard the quiet angels sing ♪ ♪ love, love, love has come for you ♪ ♪ love, love, love has come for you ♪
8:52 am
♪ he grew up strong with heart full of dreams and a good mind to make them come true ♪ ♪ he never gave her a day's worth of grief ♪ ♪ she lit up when he cameo the room ♪ ♪ love, lo, love has come for you ♪ ♪ love, love, love has come for you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ still she believed to 'til the
8:53 am
day that she died he was giv from heaven on high ♪ ♪ and on that daye was right there by her side and she heard thangels one more time ♪ ♪ love, love, love has come for you ♪ ♪ love, love, love has come for you ♪ [ applause ] good tuesday morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. solar plane is above bay area skies right now for a marathon
8:54 am
flight. the plane that only needs the sun's rays to fly took off at 7:00 this morning. it's a test flight that's supposed to last 16 hours landing at 11:00 tonight. get a chance to see it. also get a chance to see meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina right now. >> thank you, thank you, lovely to see you as always. 67 in santa rosa, 64 san francisco. down in the south bay, 70 in san jose. it is going to be the warmest in our inland valleys, santa rosa 84, san jose at 80. coastal regions cool off today and tomorrow, 80 inland, 63 at the coast. 72, a little drizzle by morning. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy...
8:55 am
and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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8:57 am
♪ that's my ear worm now, i'll have that song stuck in my head now thanks. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, april 23rd, 2013. it's a chilly mornin i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales. some days this jobs cooler than others. >> yes. >> some days you walk in and steve martin is picking on the
8:58 am
banjo while edie brickell sings with him. >> sometimes we walk in and just see the crew breaking down. >> like right now. >> that's all i got t say. >> boy can hepick. steve martin can play that thing. >> a man of man talents. >> remember when he used to play with an arrow through his head. that's how old i am. >> of course. >> our take one, who else young a.j. clemente from our nbc affiliate in bismarck, nor dakota, firs night at the anchor deskou may have seen this by now, just a tough way to start a career. >> it's gone viral. >>bc north dakota news your ne in high definition. okay. [ bleep ].]. >> good morning, a.j. will be joining the weekend newseam as my co-anchor. >> thanks, van, i graduated from west virginia university and
8:59 am
used to being from the east coast. >> you got my suit. >> that hurts, i feel bad for him. >> he didn't realize it was live either. >> there were pele talking to him as they tend too here on many occasion >> you got to remember this is his first tim live. >> yes. >> sent out a tweet and wrote rookie mistake i'm a free agent, because he wasir by that station. can't help but laugh at myself and stay positive. wish i didn't tp over my freaking shoes out of the gate. >> just go with that. his begs the question have eier of you ever dropped a word on television you'd like to have back? >> not an expletive but something i just said something can i take thaback? >> ie been on the air with someone who did in the retelling of a story in which there was an "f" bomb. >> oh no,. >> didn't realize he was telling
9:00 am
someone else's story, said it on the air and this host didn't realize he'd said it himself so he keeps goinghrough the story and we're all of a en,, like this, he gets in his ear and realizes. >> al owns his own careero somebody else's expletive. i'm not getting anywhere near the word. i think it happens and today people are more forgiving of that. on 87 of the people. >> said he should not he been fired. >> i think it was a knee-jerk reaction. >> he'll be here tomorrow we have anxclusive with hi we'll have our seven-second delay or the bleeping machine ready too just in case. >> i like to think he's leaed his lesson. 'll get a second chance somewhere, first time ever on television. hel be back. >> now he gets to go national with the "today" show >> we'll talk to him tomorrow. >> he's gone national already. >> he's gone viral. >> take two, mayor bloomberg in new yo city is supporting a
9:01 am
proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase a pack of cigarettes to 21 from 18. this is on the heels of a decade of moves to crack dn on smokg under mayor bloomberg here in new york city. new york already has the highest cigarette tax in the country, as of late last ye, 28 states banned smoking in all general workplaces, public places, including bars and restaurants. so this essentially would raise the age if it goes through to the same age where you can buy booze so booze a cigarettes in the same category. >> you wonder if that will backfire make mor kidshe same with alcohol wan to try i because you have to be 21 to have access to it. >> i don't know. >> i tnk it's a great idea. >> i do, too. >> there needs to be some tougher legislation. >> the good news is that new york smoking rateor teens in new york city is at like 8.5%, which is far less than the state average and the national average, but it's been stagnating. it had been dropping and now it's stagnating. i don't see anything wrong with
9:02 am
it. >> this continues the long decline of smoking in america some numbers that stunned me t wasn't until 1998 that smoking was banned aboard all u.s. domestic flights under six hours. >> i remember we were talking about how it doesn't seem like it was that long ago, i remember taking a flight to europe and being stuck in the smoking section. it's like whoa. it's awful. >> of course now you walk out of a buildingnd you haveeople congregating smoking. >> i'm waiting for that to be the nextmove. >> keep them from outf the port builngs. you want to smoke, get out into the cold andain and get out, leave's lone. >> that's one of thehings our kids will look back on. you got to smoke inside these metal cylinders as you flew six hours across tocean. and you walk past therooms, these people in the smoke filled cubicles. look at that, mommy, look! >> i was on a flight recently and a guy had one of these
9:03 am
electric cigarette type things and seeing more and more of that catching on, but i mean still nicotine is still a drug. >> do youike them wilight them electric ted robinsonic matches? >> i was at breakfast in new yorknd guy two boothsver having his breakfast and puffing away steam. >> that's very popular move right now. >> yes. our take three the best and worst js of 2013,his is a new survey from let's start withh the best for is year, number one, actuary, insurance company, looking through data. >> they make on average $8000 a year to start. biomedical engineer, software engineer. engineering the way to go it seems. >> financial planner. >> audiologist and financial player. >> 87,600 is the means for actuary. >> 9:00 to 5:00 hours, probably bank holidays off. >> t worst jobs of 2013, number one this year, newspaper
9:04 am
reporterthey say the average salary is something like $36,000 and declining. that industry obviously i shrinking in print. >> especially local pape. >> lumberjack. ♪ i'm a lumberjack i'm okay, i work all night and i sleep all day ♪ >> has the obvious dangers. >> that's why i'm not a good lumberjack. >> number three, enlted military personnel. >> that's terrible. >> number four, acr, worst job. >> if you're not brapitt, right. the median salary is lik $17,000 and actor/waiter/waitress. >> good job for 30 people at the very tough. and oil rig worker was the last one. >> lots of dangers. >> tv hosts not on the worst list yet. >> unless you'rea.j. clemente. >>akes a while to getthere. periced how hard it is. >> a.j. will be here tomorrow
9:05 am
morning. >> let's get to our hdline this is morning. the surviving suspe in the bost marathon bombingss facing federal charges that could bring the death penalty. officials say 19-year-old told investigators they had no ties to any terror groups. in a telephone interview the mother said u.s. investigators questioned in the past. >> what happened is a terrible thing but i know that my kids have nothing to do with this. i know it. i'm mother. i know my kids. i know my kids. really my kids would never get involved into anything ke that. >> officials say their evidence among much evidence includes plenty of surveillance video that places both brothers at the scene of t bombings leaving a backpack there athe scene. a courtppearance today for two men crged with plotting to
9:06 am
derail a passenger train on the canadian poron of its route between new york city and toront officials say the men arrested monday are not canadian citizens and they had help froml qaeda elements in iran. tip from toronto's muslim community launched their year-long investigation. the tsa postponed a controversial policy change that would have let airline passengers carry on small knives. it had been scheduled to go into effect this week but the tsa says the delay is needed to accommodate feedback from an advisory committee. flight attendant and federal a marshals groups are among those urging the tsa to keep the knife ban in place. air travelers are bracing for another day of flight delays blamed on mandatory federal budget cuts. the faa arted furloughing air traffic controllers and other employees sunday. cascading delays held up flights at some of the busiest airports and in some cases up to many hos. > disgraced fmer new york
9:07 am
ste congressman anthony weaner is tweeting once again launching a new account some two yea after his twier scandal that led to his political fall from grace. he resigned in 2011 after admitting to exchanging inappropriate messages with several women. his latest tweets stick to policy only asis name emerges in the field of potential candides for new york city mayor. we all have dreams and this goat's dream is to be apparently a chicken? so far the impression is spot . ke a look. [ clucking ] so our obsessions with goats continues. and the noises they make. >> talking goats, singing goats. >> break out to bon jovi. weove the goats. >> take that act t vegas. >> mr. roker has a special
9:08 am
guest. >> when that goat lays an e whh is what i do just about every day. carl leonard is here. >> 25,000 volunteers are going out in one day all day to give about a half million books to people in nursi homes, little league games, diners, schools, all in one y. >> how did this get started? >> started in the uk about three years ago. >> what a great literary effort. what are some of the books? >> "phantom tollbooth" "lightning thie" >>lasss and contemporaries. for more information. >> let's check your weather and show you what we've got, a mix of snow and rain and thunderstorms making their way through missouri, plenty of sunshine making its way along the easte seaboard, gulf coast looking good, we've got sunny skies in the pacific northwest, 71 in portland today, some fog down in southe california,
9:09 am
rain showers along the northeast and new england coast on up downeast maine and look for a few snow showers in the u.p. of michigan. sarah haines is bothering the crowd. >> i am, i fou ireland! >> yeah! that's what's goin good morning. nbc "weather center" anthony slaughter. see our flag offshore. that will keep things mild for the time being, 72 in oakland, 70 right now in san jose. most of our winds are offshore. inland valleys are going to see a very warm day today. up against the coast, cool and 72 in santa cruz, 72 in san francisco. 85 in livermore. the heat continues at least for today. cooling for tomorrow with a little drizzle by thursday. >> that's your latest weather and our deadline is coming up for ourake up with al contest. go to todadacom an submit an essay of 250 words or less as to
9:10 am
why i should come to your home and wake you up. if you think tt's a great idea go to today.m. i'm looking forward to it. not savannah, natalie and willie. >> savannah? whm i,al? all right, thank y. >> thanks, al. up next, makeup that's good for you and the environment, right after this. hi, listen i think you could do better. oh no, he's a nice guy. no i'm talking abt your yogurt. see dannon oikos is so rich and thick and smooth. so smooth. in a national taste test dannon oikos fat free rawber flavor beat chobani 2 to 1. mmmm. stamos? look babe - i'm doing better. she means the yogurt. join us babe. try it for yrself. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon it'not a ndy bar. 130 calories
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9:14 am
this morning on "tooled's beauty" feeling pretty while protecting the planet. bahar om "shape" magaze has some tips. good morning. >> good morning. >> the foundation, must have >> absolutely. >> here we have one that is eco-friendly and great for your skin. >> that's right, this is from bare minerals and what makes this eco-friendly doesn't contain fillers, no fragrance and no waxes. it contains anti-aging botanicals. it's a powder but when it goes on it feels like a cream so it's nice and blendabl >> really good coverage, too. >> great product. >> and important to have the right ols when you apply makeup and you found these
9:15 am
ecotools. >> this pack here is easy on your walle and the earth so for $15 you get five different brushes. what i like about them feel how soft they are. cruelty free and the handle is made fm bamboo. >> good for travel, smaller sizes. now over to the bronzer and you're wearing the bronzer. >> i am. >> looks great on you. >> thank you, this is from traditions forma. bronzer gives you the sun kissed glow without having you go in the sun. it has jojoba oil and organic milk. the packaging is 93% less plastic than your typical compact. >> rfect. brush by aveda. why doou like this? >> you get three different colors in one slice, n mineral oil, no parabins, it has organic
9:16 am
lavender. >> easy packaging, too. >> this is recycled plastic so you can feel good, it's good for the earth. >> tl us about this eco-friendly concealer? >> it's from origins, it gives you great coverage, it has rosery oil to firm up the skin around the eyes and get rid o o the dark undereye circles. >> needots of that in the morning. i love the colors here, this is clay from the amazon, this eye liner, is that right? >> this is a gel eye liner. it goes on really, reay smoothtwo different colors, dual sided bamboo brush. >> the color again. >> this is fm tart so you can use it in the blue or the black. i love this. >> and over here, mascara, a lot of people may think how can you make that eco-friendly. what did they use to tt it? >>hey're using fruit and vegetablepigments, everything from blueberries to
9:17 am
blackberries, megranate. it has that fruity smell, 100% organic. >> 100% natural. >> this is by 100% pure is the brand. >> it is 100% pure and las but not least liplass and lip colors by burt'sbees. >> you get color and hydration and the actual package you can recycle this. and it comes in so many fun different shades. great for everyday use. >> you can look good and feel good about the environment as well. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. coming up, willie dishes with a group of dads, the man panel on everything from parenting to their own vanity. but first these messages. , yeah♪ ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ i love ya ♪ o, yeah, h-ooh, yeah [ female announcer ] special k popcorn chips. with 28 delicis chips for 120 calories,
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9:22 am
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light and fit greek! dannon! ♪ i'my body doesn't work e way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients likeeeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. good tuesday morning. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose police department is being called out by an independent auditor for stopping a policy aimed at cutting down on racial profiling. the policy required officers to document all the stops they make even if there's not an arrest, including the person's race and whether they are told to sit on a curb. it's not clear why the new acting chief suspended the policy before it was ever put into practice.
9:24 am
a prominent bay area defense attorney fighting to keep her law license today. she's accused of smuggling a hit list out of jail for a client. laura brown at mitts to bringing the note out of the jail but said she thought it was a love letter to a girlfriend. brown could be disbarred for the offense. we now know the sex of three peregrine falcons living on top of city hall. biologists scaled the wall of city hall this morning. he put an aluminum leg band on the birds. the band will allow scientists to collect data. this is from the falcon cam. the word is all of the falcons are, ready, boys. better think of the names now. we're going to take a quick break. we'll come back to boys when we come back.
9:25 am
welcome back. temperatures are warming nicely this morning. 67 in san francisco, 70 san jose, 72 in oakland. our winds will shift today as we
9:26 am
head through the afternoon. more of an on shore breeze will start to take over the coast. temperatures on the coast not going to be as warm as they were yesterday. only 72 at san francisco. 72 in santa cruz. warm inland 80s in san jose, 85 in livermore. even cooler tomorrow with a little drizzle on the way for thursday. that could impede the morning rush hour. speaking of rush hour, here is mike inouye. >> nothing like drizzle, maybe steam at the most. cameras shaking. look at that. wind picking up and moving that flag as well but it's not helping move the traffic. slow 880. look at the maps. 880 south through fremont and 680 out of sunol. really slow after a morning of gravel and slowing towards mission boulevard for both these roadways. just a congestion part. peninsula, 101 and 92 recovering after a series of crashes on both those freeways. the oakland commute slowing on 880. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
9:27 am
have youeen the new e! reality show "what would ryan lochte do?" he's a good guy, premiered last night. i don't want to say it's hard watch. you don't want to say that, would you never say that. >> even honey boo boo was like did this guy hit his head or something? are you for real? a rare jimmy fallon bng mean. >> ion't know if that's mea as much as -- >> true.
9:28 am
>> stating a fact. >> we hadochte here yesterday. >> yeah. >> because we ran out of words for yes. >> sure, okay, uh-huh. >> oh my goodness. coming up a roundtae with some of our favorite dads, everything from talking to your kids about the uncomfortable facts of life and the scientific case for more guy time. >> there needs to be a scientific case? >> not just me it's science. >> oh. ahead we've got the top ten food tips at you may not know about d yet will change yr life. >> for example? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> tease that. it's a tease. and he doesn't know. two things. >> ido. i , b these will blow your mind. >> okay, let's go. >> jyeah! >> mr. roker a check of the weathe >> all right, let show you, i know this.
9:29 am
toten weather tngs that will change you. look for some morning fog in southern california, we've got rain along the northeaern new england coast we're looking at plenty of sunshin in the pacific northwest, sunny skies through the plains states. snow back through the central rockies. tomorrow we've got more rain moving into western new york, western p.a. down into the gulf. betiful out west, sunny and mild from the pacific northwest into the southwest. re snow hanging around the plains, sunny andarm ang the mid-atlantic coast into the soutast. don't forg to enter our wake up with al contest, i will come to your home if you're picked and you wil get the rules and regs. tomorrow your last chance to enter. ♪ that's what's going on around nbc bay area weather, in for
9:30 am
christina loren. we're not talking about any fog at least inland. at the coast, fog there, santa cruz 53 there, 63 in morgan hill, 70 in san jose. it will be a warm day inland. that's where we'll see the widespread 80s once again like we did yesterday. temperatures at the coast, 72. san francisco 72 and santa cruz. 85 in livermore. you'll notice temperatures cool tomorrow, even cooler thursday with drizzle by morning. >> and this he's your latest weather. willie? >> thanks a lot. we have summoned our great panel of dads to talk about guy time, male vanity and the birds and the bees. hal runkle bt selling autho of "scream free parenting" terry cruz, actor, former nfl star and the father of five and sam sheridan is author of "the disaster diaries: how i learn to stop worrying and love the apocalypse." welcome ck. good to see you all. i spentll week at roo to go, i got the fake boo and whole thing. >> good man, smell the leathe
9:31 am
>> let's start with guy time. this is somethi most guys probably wouldike a little more of, there ia study out of brigham young university that shows having great friends and long, strong relationships can he youctually live longer. in ft relationships are as beneficial to your health as quitting smoking and exercise. terry, married for more than 20 years, how do yo do it? how do you me that balance between being with your family and keeping the friendships? >> the big thing for me, you have to let your family know that your alone te or guy time doesn't mean that you reject them. at's the biggest, biggest thin for me, i have my fortress of solitude and i have myime with my boys and the whole thing and i come back refreshed and you got to give your wife that same pleasure,, too. so as long as you can you kw do both things with both people, it will be all good. >>heres a fine line between beinthe guy who goes on a golf trip every weekend, who goes to vegas every couple of weeks and
9:32 am
getting quality time with your guys that you can balance with your family. >> here's the question you into ed to ask yourself. not just i'm not rejecting my family. i'm doing the guy time for their benefit as a retreat to help me be a better me so when i come back, so i always ask myself- >> she buys that when you is ai that? >> absolutely. >> just rking. >> so i ask myself am takg too much home and also i'm checking with my wife, asng, this is coming up, because i got a regular date night with my guy friends, i can't believe i just called it a date night but we do thatnce week. if i'm traveling that week, eh, maybe not this week. >> sam you said something interesting when we talked earlier, one of yr new year's resolutions was to drink more. noi asked you this in the context of the question. >> yes. >> it goes to ieed a ce, something outside my family. >> it's not really about booze, it's about findi time for yourself and having your guy friends and i think kind of
9:33 am
reconnecting with your identity a little bit. it's easy to get stuck in a group thing where you're worried about what's the kid want and the wife wt all thetime. out with your buddies you're worried about what is going on and it's more of a self-identification thing. >> terry, what if your wife comes to you and says i don't like that crew you'reangi ouwith or i don't like that guy you're spending a l o time with. >> they're gone. look, you cannot have -- no, really, really, because it gs my way if i see my wife hanging out with ople, wait a minute they're bringing you down, there has to be approval of who you're going to hang out with and what you're going to do on your guy time. that's for real. >> nt topic, talking about the sht in gender roles we're seeing this acros the country and around the world, dads now spding more time at home with the kids, the mother oftentimes is the bread winner out and this hits yo sa too. you say particularly because your we has job that she keeps long hours, she works very hard. you do as ll. you've taken on the role of
9:34 am
primary caregiver. >> not all the time. she was the primary caregiver fomost of my son's life but occasionally i have step into that role and it's interesting and rewarding and it connected know my mother a little bit, filling those same roles and i don't feel le there's a stigma because i see it all the time. there's two people working. even with lawyers they're still dog a lot of the cross. it's a modern world. >> do the kids notice whether it's mom or dad at home, dohey care? >> no. there's a businesside to parenting, structure, discipline and a personal side to parenting. great couples, great mriages have it, great parents where each paren is able to do both, a little bit of both. you don't want to lock in wher you only do the nurturing the traditional feminine role and you only do the masculine stuff. >> my wife and i have a rule no score keepin it's not you were with them this many hours, i have to b with them this many hours tomorrow. you work togher like anything else.
9:35 am
>> we do what our parents did. sometimes what our parents did doesn't work. sometimes your father never td you he loves you. you got to sometimes reverse those roles, do something different and now you got to share in everything. it's a new thing, i do the dishes and i do thecooking, it's not a problem. i'm a good cook so it's good. so sometimes if you operate on your strengt it's best foror th whole family. >> rapid fire i want to get one moreegment i here i-parenting, do you allow your kids to use anpad at the staurant? >> you got to put structure. it is a powerful, powerful tool, put structure on their usage. >>e'll be right back. we have a lot moreo talk about. oh no, he's a nice guy. no i'm talking out your yogurt. see dannon oikos is so rich and thick and smooth. so smooth. in a national taste test dannon oikos fat free strawberry avor beat chobani 2 to.
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9:39 am
we're back with marriage answering family therapist hal nkel, terry cruz and terry talkg about male vanity there's science behind the idea that a man feels his best, he' most proud of himsen the year after he,e and his wife had a child. what is the science there? >> it's validation your boys can swim, create a new life, but then it sets i crud now i havav to provide and do lots of things. if you are not actively taking care of your body, grooming, right, i'm plucking, waxing stuff. >> are you? >> my number one gl i still to be attractive to my wife, i've been married 20 years so i'm a sextherapist. guys want to have more sex. if you're asking your wife to navigateour june in orde to get close toou you're asking
9:40 am
wa way too much. >> whoa! >> come on. >> wow, with that, terry, how do you keep it together? you're a fine looking man. >> the great deion sandersaid if you look good you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, you play good, they pay good. okay, and it's the truth. i find the reactions i get when i'mressed like this or i feel fit it's a diffent reaction from other people and always a positive reaction whichounces off into another positive reaction for me so it's just a win/win foeverybody. >> thereat floss fear prime time, i lik you invoking that. comeclean, man, what have you got? >> you know what? iot toit on the couch next to these guys and feel like an adult, that was my problem coming tod so it is true you got to dress how you want to be rceive so that's a good part of it. >>alk about the birds and the bees.
9:41 am
british survey ss 95% of parents expect mom to be the one to have that conversation with the kids. how do you do it? >> it's not one conversation. every parent is a sex ed teacher. you are teaching everything you're do somhing teaching your kidsbout seality, how they see it and le for instance, a couple weeksgo my kids both have sleepovers, both teenagers d iwasreat when my son came home the next day he was found there were still clothes in the living room and he's like what's mom's underwear, oh, guys, that's disgusting! which i think is great because we've been married,d, 20 years,e have teenagersut we're still going after it. >> wow in the living room? i don't want to get too deep but the living room? >> absolely. >> not with me, man. >> terry what about the age? you have five kids. at what age do you hav the conversations? >> you got to have it as soon as possible. i would put it once they start
9:42 am
to ask the questions you got to answer them. myids have walked in on us at times and it's one of those things, i have four daughters and a little sono you know, she's like you're hurti mommy? i'm like no, let's talk about this. and then one thing is i bring my wife , too, because it just helps. because theyon want to hear it from you and at least with a woman there, it kind of breaks up some of the tension that's happening. >> you made a good point, moms shouldrobably have these conversations with the ughters. >> i do. i think moms and daughters and dads with sons, becau we know, you know, the male and with women it's just hard. i just don't know everything. >> sam, there is annstinct for dad to say g ask your mother because it's uncomfortable. >> i have a 4-year-old s and we're inhe place is it the stork from dumbo, baby is in mommy's tummy. i'm not there with you guys yet. >> me either.
9:43 am
>> it's got to be specific what question, what tone is the question coming and that will dictate the answer. >> guys, always fun to have you together. hal, terry, sam, thanks so mu. coming up next ten food tips to help y be a better cook, that's right after this. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... beause all these whole grains aren't healt unless you actuly eat them ♪ multigrain cheio also available licious peanut butter. healthy never tasted soweet. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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9:47 am
life." jen ader i health and fitness editor for "women's health" magazine. blow our mind number one. >> always crack an eggn a flat surface. >> why? >> because if you do it without it you're going to get the shells will fall in. crack on a flat surface. emy jelly jar, instead of throwing that out, oil and vib garr, salt and pepper, youave a berry vinaigrette for a sala marinades you taken extra day, plan ahead. >> you say no. >> no. >> no. >> no, onc it's done tooking ple it inhe marinade ten minutes. >> my head's go to go! >> so simple. >> instead of salt. >> cut back on the sodium, squeeze some lemon. >> when do you do that? >> right after it's finished cooking. >> anhing? >> anything. >> limes work great, too on
9:48 am
chicken and fish and pretty much anything. >> i got to take a second. okay. cheese rind. >> put it in a soup, minestrone gives it this rich, fuller flavor. before you serveit, take the rind out. we're just going to keep going. >> you say freeze your butter. >> when you're making a pastry dough. >> why? >> y grate it in and once you finish grating it you'll handle the dough less and any good baker knows the less you hand tell the flakier and ricr the pastry will be when you're finished. >>re you allowed to tell us this stuff? >> top cret. >> bizarre vegetables. >> when i doubt, roa them. they're great, make sure they're cut the same length, oil, sal and pepper, throw them in at 400
9:49 am
degrees, they'llook beautiful, people will think you're a master chef. >> doesn't everything taste better roasted? >> nice carelized flor >> could you use the cheese rind on that? >> i don't know if that would fork for this. >> i was just wondering. >> this is a gre one, most people making a cookie or bread that has cinnamon and spices in it, put it into dry pmixture. put it into the butter and sugar en creaming it. the fat in the butter disperses the flavor more intensely throhout the bread. amazin >> this is scary. ginger. >> ginger, you want to freeze it so ginger is great but you only use a little bit at a time. the rest goebad. if you freeze it, it stays fresh and grate it when ready tose it. >> great anti-oxida, die jess shun. it's a super food. >> and this i think is best for last most important thing. you want to make a salad, you
9:50 am
rinse the leafs but they're wet. if ty're not super dry the salad dressing will not stick so you want to make sure they're super dry. if you don't have the salad spinner, line paper towels and that's w wt gives it extra flavor you'll use less dressing because it will stick to the leaves and n roll off. >> jen ader you are a national treasure. >> mind-blown, right? i'm going to have to get me a newrain and we're going to roast i thanks so much. we are back in a moment but first -- "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
i'm still recovering from the top ten. >> i got this. coming up tomorrow "people" magazine's most beautiful person in the world. spoiler alert. and michael buble.
9:53 am
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good morning, i'm marla tellez. the town of atherton is sending the white house a bill for $8,000. that's how much it cost to protect president obama when he visited earlier this month. the president attended two events in the upscale town and raked in more than $3 million. atherton plans to send in in voices to the white house, the secret service, national committee and two households which hosted the private donner events. the president also stopped in san francisco but city leaders there say they do not plan on charging him. the new span of the bay bridge is months away from opening and so is the new bikepath on the bridge. most of it anyway. the first two-thirds is a pedestrian walkway. it will open september 3rd, the same day cal tran plans to open the eastern end. the old bridge is in the way of the remaining third of that
9:55 am
bikepath. a good day for a bike ride. lets look at the forecast. >> in for christina loren this morning. a warm day. flags are something we're keeping an eye on in san francisco. it's blowing offshore. still talk about temperatures warming nicely first half of the day 67 san francisco, later on the coast cooler 72 in. 80 in san jose, 80 livermore. cooler tomorrow and drizzle for the morning rush hour owned thursday. here is mike inouye for your traffic. >> there's the flag here, fremont blowing west. there you go. slow drive south. look at the map jammed up out of the tri-valley 680 the big concern, slow and dragging right now. exceptionally crowded through sunol, down through mission, mission merge, a couple of crashes on 680 north. shouldn't be a problem for the southbound commute. 880 slowing into the south bay, some late slowing, marla.
9:56 am
back to you. >> those people slept in. thanks so much. back with the local news update at 8:26. see you then.
9:57 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from sdio 1a in rockeller plaza. hello, everybody. it may be booze-day, tuesday, april 23rd for you, but it's not for me. >> you're not feeling great. >> no i'm not, hoda. but i'm here for you because i
9:58 am
don't trust you when i'm not around. >> it's very unusual that you don't feel well. the pastive years, this is the second day. the very first day we worked together, shooting promos. >> and we hav joe at the ready. >> joe is ther >> joe has a bucket. >> five years o. joe, how was i? >> he's got a bucket in his hand. >> ah. he's there. you k kw what i went, i worked with regeor ha, 15 years and never, never had a sick day. not once. i've worked with you now five years and never had a sick day. >> but you don't feel good. >> well that's, wouldn't you stay he for a sick day? but see, i'm too proud. it's a ridiculous thing. >> well were you going to slip and say sething inappropriate like that guy did? >> like frickin' o-poo? >> there was aid named aj clemente. >> are you sure? his co-host wasn't sure what it was. >> he was a co-host anchoring in
9:59 am
south dakota. >> we want you to watch it through the beginning of the news cast. >> he had a little bit of nerves. >> his first second. >> nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high denition. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> good evening, i'm van tieu. this is our new anchor, aj clemente. hel be joining the weekend hus team as my co-anchor. tell us a little bit about yourself, aj? >> th,, van, i'm very excited. i graduated from west virgini originally and i'm used to being from the east coast. >> okay. well -- >> i feel for them. honestly. we've all been brand-new on the job somewhere, scared, poopy-less and that's wh he was. but everybody around here having a lot of fun with th. >> in local news, by the way, i don't know what market that is - >> north dakota, hoda. >> bismarck, i was in 168
10:00 am
greenville, ssissippi. i'll never forget it. >> is at the biggest one in the nation >> uh-huh. and it tk you 30 times to get there? >> i was rejected 29 times until i got there. >> here was the deal, ann martin is a legend in that small town in mississippind she was out sick. because i showed up to work with a blazer, they asked me to anchor and that was the only ing that qualified me. i was terrified. i remember i was looking at the camera. i was please god, lete make i it said in the teleprompter, good evening, i'm hoda kotb, ann martin is out sick. and i thought pase god, this is my pick break. and iooked up at the teleprompter and said goo evening, i'm ann martin. >> i wanted to pull it back. when i mess up, i keep messing up. it was a disaster. >> you kep digging, didn' you? >> it was at the very of the newscast, it was over and i'll ne forget the floor director,
10:01 am
like davy, but much unger. he took the mic off lik -- oo and i went -- >> never going to see you again. >> i thought i w fired. i went to therocery store, because when i get depressed i like to eat a lot of things. i went looki for food and this crazy-looking woman came up to me, herair was nuts, she had a few teeth and she goes like this -- oh, my god, i just sn you on tv. i felt so sorry for yo i was like, i thought it was my first anchoring and my last. buthank d, my boss gave me a second break. >> he said something cute. think you wrote about thisn yo bk, that i actually read. didn't he say something sweet to you? >> he did say something sweet. but when you think of the times you blow it. it happened to me over and over on local ne. i remember speaking in what sounded le a foreign language
10:02 am
to my co-anchor. >> like zaba-z like what are you talking about? >> and 30econds seems like an eterty at time like that. >> what do you think of this guy? >> well, he was suspended at first, right and the later that day, let go. i, when i read that, in the papers today, i thgh that wasn't -- that wasn't right. it seems to me he should have beeniven a second chance. en i saw it and i went --ow can they let him go bk on the air. brand-new job, aren't you trying to impress people at least the first day? you get a little class, i little dignity, a lile, all of those things? >> or when it slips outo go oh my god. >> i wasn't apologetiat all. he probably didn't know her me, either. these people should have spent a little time together. although they threw up together
10:03 am
pretty darn quickly, didn't they? >> i don't want to throw up. >> me, too. >> anyway, so here's the deal. speaking of- >> in light of what we just got -- we'll segue intohe same stuff. >> something equally as vulgar. there was, what was it, where was , walmart, k-ma? >> k-mart has this vevery, very clever ad. if you haven't seen it, you should, it's called -- ship your pants. in other words, they're going to do shipping is free. you've got to so careful when you say that. >> when you ship yr pas. >> ght. let's tch. >> ship my nts? ght here? ship my pants? you're kidding. >> you can ship yourants right here. >> did you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. wow, i could ship my pants.
10:04 am
>> i can't wait to ship m pants, dad. >> iust shipped my pants and it's very convenient, very convient. >> i can ship my drawers. >> i just shipped m nightie. >> i just shipped my bed. >> ifou can't find what you're looking for at the store, you ca find it at and they'll ship it to you for free. >> i did and it's so convenient. >> i love that ad. >> that's going to be embarrassed by that but i'm not at all. i thought it was very, very funny. rember i tol you one time on the ai what the bad word means. the origins of words? >> the other one, the one, the "t" one, apparently back entitle 1600s, there's a man who knows far betteraid kathie, that's not true. bui like it this way, okay? i'm being willfully ignort on the subject.
10:05 am
back when they used to ship fertilizer on ships. yes. ere were all of these -- boats were explodg. and they couldn't figure it out until they reazed that when, wh boats do this, when they rock cargo moves. and cargo canet wet. and when the fertilizer cargo got wet with the ammonia gas? it exploded. >> so wha -- >> what they did was they started -- they were geniuses in the 1600s, they started marketing it acronym, ship high in transit. >> what is thatagain? ship high in transi store high in transit. store high in transisi >> good know. if you guys watch -- little history lesson.
10:06 am
probably not true. >> but neither are most of the things we say. >> nothing . >> i'm kidding tammy. if you watched "the voice" last night, it's goingnto those -- >> stop it. >> battle rods. >> yes. >> steam shara hadne of e good face-offs, it was a person named luke versus a person named monique. my question is who would you ha chose out of this duo. ♪ you and i ♪ i'd rather die ♪ without you and i ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ you and i ♪ i would rather die ♪ without you and i >> i renamed them donny and
10:07 am
marie and send them on the road together, because they're great. i like her best. ♪ i'm not leaving without you >> that was terrible -- she left us totally hanging. >> i thought the young lady. we didn't get to hear as much of the young man. but she's pretty spectacular. when you can wail like that and come down to a soft little voice. i'm blown away by that. >> shakira ended up choosing the woman and i think they stole the man. they were like, who's this guy, who's luke? and they all wanted to steal him. is it time for sara? >> i think it might be. >> the most deserving mom contest. >> we've got our most deserving mom contest. sponsored by and the most deserving mom can
10:08 am
win a dream vacation anywhere in the world on the norwegian cruise line of her choice, you go to and tell us if you know a deserving mom. you can even nominate yourself. which kathie lee reminds me about. you have until tuesday april 30th. and we have another contest, the kentucky derby hat contest. so time for our hat contest. submit your original creation on, you have until friday to get us the photo and you might win a trip to the kentucky derby. >> the people that won it last year had a ball. >> we want to give a big shout-out to bonnie hammer. she's one of our fearless leaders here at nbc she was honored with other women at the matrix awards. >> what a body she has. >> joan rivers was emceeing and you know what that meant -- it was hilarious. >> and she wasn't bleeped once. >> she was great. >> she gets those things confused with friar's clubs, i think. al got an honor from the friar's club.
10:09 am
congratulations al. >> these jeans have been recycled, have they not? >> they're very comfortable. >> they're $178. wow, they're expensive for, at >> eight recycled bottles go into that. >> and by the way, your makeup and hair looks fab. >> who is in rocking it today? >> kristen. >> thank you. one of radio's biggest personalities and a good friend of ours -- >> elvis durant is here with a surprise for you today. and from work to romance, we're going to show you why having confidence -- she gives me confidence. >> will change your life. one of the funniest actresses is here. kathy najimy is here. s is here.
10:10 am
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10:13 am
, angie? i have her on speed dial. angie's list -- revis you can trust. she'seen i more tn 20 films and a dozen tv shows, including the hit ow, "veronica's closet" playing opposite kirstie aalley and then she was in "sister act" and n is guest-starring on shtime's
10:14 am
"the big c" plang a no-nonsee therapist for someone battlg cancer. >> i'm so happy. i'm so happy. there would have been an age where i can enjoy the fruitsf medical science. i love chemo. >> what else can you be honest with? you're not en? >> no. i am great. i am great, i give you that. but to someone you've had a longer history with and aren't paying could be a real asset. >> oh, wow. >> hello, kath >> i've always known you for years and years as a comedienne, along with your partner, mo gaffney. to see you tackling this heavy duty to go from what you did on the stage before to a very heavy-duty thing. they do use a lot of comedy in this show. >> yeah, that's what you just said exactly what attracted me to it and why when they came to me and said, will you d it right away, said yes. because i liked fact that they take a subject that's really serious, on "the big c" but they
10:15 am
don't dramatize it and don't make her an ange sometimes they take a person who is sk in the story and make them perfect. she is flawed, lauralinney's character. there's a lot of comedy, but not like zany hospital comedy, like real lifefe i love that people living with or dying of cancer, it's a gift, this show. >> they've really embraced it, han't they? >> it's lonely. >> what was it lik working with her? >> it was like a master class. the hall of fame, oliver atte, laura linney. i love oliver platte. >>sn't he cute? >> he is. he's your type, hoda. >> he is. and i like that they let me sort of do what i wanted. i always consider myself, a therapist. don'you feel like i can do that with my friends. let meell you, here's what to
10:16 am
do. >> some people are either that way or not. they're the careivers, like mother earth, wt you need right now is an enem >> ooh. >> that's what you said to me that time. >> every time i see you. >> you like to py with this role a little bit, kathy? ha were y what were you able to do? >> they're so great, such good writing, they gave ito me and said, do what you want to do. she's a no-bull sort of person. she ys wha she thinks, which is sort of what i do. i approached it as if she was my best friend talking to me. that's what i did.d. >> but she pays you. >> yes, exactly. i wanted to talk to her like i would and just say, no, that's ridiculous, but yes, i understand that. i got to st of just be myself. >> this is the last season and it's got the extra work after. what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> you'll find something.
10:17 am
>> i read something i was surprise your husband is in a rockband. >> he is a rock band. >> he is aockband. >> dan of the dan band. >> cool. does he to. >> look at you bowling. >> look at that. >> what is more fun than - are ose something else, those are mammars, right? >> what's more fun than bowling? nothing. >> there's a picre of us bowling. that's the most work we've done all year is hold the ball like we're not that coup. he's got a show called the dan band and he's the lead singer ands funny and he swear as lot and he has a huge audience. >> yeah. it's like "the hangover" and all of those kinds of things. >> you both have actl jobs and make money and such. >> unlike most people on this planet. >> exactl u goes up and down. >> yeah, it sure does. >> you're going to work again. >> i have a feeling. >> thanks. >> give everybody on the show our regards. >> good to see you. >> you can watch "the big c"
10:18 am
showtime on monday,pril 29th at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. one of the cool new gadgets that's eco-friendly. >> but first, these messages alright, kid, let's get ready for this morning's quiz.
10:19 am
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10:22 am
when youon't feel confident. we'll showou how youan change your life for the better >> one of the country's top radio hosts, elvis durand is here with something new, he's going to start doing for us, he'll share his pick for the hot new artists and they're going to perforfor us. and our styleaven and author, bobbie thomas shows you how to dress to your cors she's got a new book out. >> and it's terrific, we're so happy for her. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. that nasty odor coming from your washer. say farewell to the smell
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good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. the san jose police department is being called out by an independent auditor for stopping a policy aimed at reducing racial profiling. the policy required officers to document all the stops they make, even if there's no arrest, which included noting the person's race and whether they were told to sit on a curb. not clear why the new acting police chief suspended the policy before it was ever put into practice. after the break, we'll look at weather and traffic. bl
10:25 am
10:26 am
welcome back. i'm anthony slaughter, nbc bay area "weather center" tracking your forecast, in for christina loren. it's warm in santa rosa, san francisco 68 starting to cool. only 55 with fog down in santa cruz. today temperatures will cool just a bit at the coast. not as warm as yesterday, 70s there. 80s inland. in fact, we're talking about cooler weather headed our way. we'll detail that at 11:00. meantime, here is mike inouye. >> commute compressed, tough over the last several hours. toll plaza, flashing lights, over sized load new york city incidents at the toll plaza. freeway starting to thin out nicely, back close to the speed limit. looking towards fremont where 880 shows a lightening crowd, 60 slow as well as fremont heading down towards the south bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a san jose man is leading the charge to buy a boat for the man who first spotted one of the
10:27 am
boston marathon bombing suspects in his backyard. bay area based podcaster richard bliss is starting a campaign that raised $600 for the boat owner. we'll hear from bliss in 30 minutes at 11:00. we hope to see you then. we're back with more of oday" on this booze-day, tuesday, talng about the power confidence, i you're having troublin relationsps or finding a job. it could beelated to your self-esteem. >> your body language speaks volumes about how others perceive you. here with tips to boost your confidence is life coach laura baron and tanya reiman is the thor of the body language of
10:28 am
dating. >> we're looking at you. >> i couldn't believe -- we he the body language. >> can i tell you somethg, i did sit up more erectly -- >> what? >> you're all sick. >> as you say that, i mean confidence does affect your sex life. >> yes. >> let's talk about confidence. it is, we're looking at the crowd outside saying i wonder if u canell just by looking at people. but people do make a snap judgment about you based on how u carry yourself, don't they? >> and respond to you as well. >> people are going to railroad you, if they see tt they've got an opti. that's where it's so important. you cannot have successful relationships or be in a successful profession if you're not confident. >> you know what -- it's one tenth of a second. no, no, no, yes. all of these assumptions are made before we'veven had an opportunity to say hello to
10:29 am
someone. we'vdeded if they're yes or no. can you fake it? absoluly. >> a plus, you don't even have to grunt or - don't grunt. >> i mean likehi isn easy fake to do. if you're going to fake something. >> don't people have a sense like when u walk up to someone and they're pretending, you feel, i feel it when someo feels at ease inheir own skin. >> there's an excellent study that came out where they showed, you do something called the power pose, a dominant pose. so you would stand up tall, hands on hips, open up your body language. what that does is it increases your testosterone which gives you power and confidence and lowers yourcortisol. >> can't you also intimidate somebody? >> yes. >> and think you're looking confident, but actuay looking arrogant? >> the difference is you need to exert what's most natural to you. you can't change your character. if you're somebody who is quiet and soft spoken when you come in
10:30 am
with a superman pose, although it areat tool, you'll look ridiculous. >> let's pretend you're walking into a meeting with your bosses and you're kind of soft-spoken and people don't listen to you. what should that persondo? >> first of all, wear stillettos. >> okay. then what? >> you're in the room. >> your shoulders are ba, neck is elongated, you walk in with a firm purpose. >> you practice before you go in? >> don't kid yourself about the power pose, although it seems like it might be intimidating, what it does is it brings out more of the natural alpha you. >> the young man that made the terrible gaffe on his first day, what adve wod you give him? what shouldd do when he goes in to see his boss about it? >> well rst of all, he should not be eaking. >> ever? for the rest of his life? >> no. >> wow, tough. >> he'll be fine. >> he'll find another line of
10:31 am
work. >> tanya, what do you think? >> get on your fours a apologize. >> i the situation, somimes do you have to go in in a more docile manner, go in a lower demeanor. h screwed up. you walk in and i'm sorry. >> recognize that. you know -- >> i do also like if you've done such a big goof,ou need to li -- >> i the old days, the goofs were just between the people that watched that afternoon, now -- we're talking about it on the hottest show on tevision. >> now e ntact. >> a little stalker. >> from bikes to ery. cool new gadgets that aren't only fun to use, but eco-friendly, too. not giving a thought to their owsasfaction. like this woman here. hello!
10:32 am
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three cans in every pack. new beneful medley's. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing ts y going quite like 8 grams of whole grains in quaker chewy bars. today is going to be epic. quaker up. today is going to be epic. what if we could keep that much plastic waste out of landfls each year
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by using just one less trash baeach month... we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full. soou can take them out less often. it's a smallhange that can make big difference. and for continuousdor neutralization... use new glad orshield th febreze. >> announcer: today goes green is brought to yo by glad trash bags. small change, big difference. onreen your routi today cool new gadts to help you roo dee waste and save energy without even thinking about it. >> from electric bikes to light switches with sensors, the technology work for you. digil lifestyle eert karlie is here to show us. >> is that an electric bike you're on? >> it's a fantastic electric ke that you guys are going to
10:36 am
love and i will tell you why. first let me park my ride and -- i know you guys like the helmet, too. >> it's pretty cute. >> awesome, right? this is a reall good option if you are looking for a way to be a litt greener in yr local commute but you don't want to do the pedaling. it goes u to 40 miles per hour. >> which is fast. >> and is $3,000, which i etty pricey. but it's half the price of a scooter and it's definitely cheaper than a car. >> you can pedal, you can do as much or as little as you wa. from a-z. >> even if you pedal it will never go over 40 miles per hour? >> yes. >> all right, karlie, if that's your real name. >> this is water pebble. ladies, let's get personal. how long is your shower in the morning? >> ten minus. >> ye. >> the average american shower is 8 .2 minutes. which depending on your shower head, can be 25-50 gallons.
10:37 am
this is the water pebble. i'm simulate a shower here and show you what happens. you put it in your shower and as it gets, it's going to talk to the drain -- we'll move it on to the solid surface, it will flash green and then red,ellow and re what's happening toy there we go, it's in the shower, it will flash green and then yellow, red, it will help you curb your water consumption. >> you're going to list ton that? it can't even smack you. >> it can remind you. >> it will subtly help you. >> this is lutron maestro occupancy switch. unlike motion sensors where you have to wave your arm to tel it you're still in the room. this is ver sensitive. pop it into any switch in your house, $22 and it sensitive enough to know that you're sittg on the couch reading a book. >> we've got a minute left. >> i love these. >> say cheese.
10:38 am
it's going to take a picture and it's going to print it with no ink. >> no ink? >> this is an inkless camera. zero inkechnology it's called zink. >> the picture will come out. >> woolly pocket has revented the indoor wall effect. a great way to bring the outdoo in. the's a vent in the front to lp it not get musnd root-bound. can you do whole big stack of these and have a living wall. this is a company called earth yle. carebout the entire life cycle of your battery. when ty lose their charge, the boxhey come i becomes a mailer so you can send them bac and they recycle them. this is a solar-powere wireless keoard. no more batteries for this. >> all good stuff, hoda would use all of . >> here's our picture. >> no more ink cartridges.
10:39 am
>> coming up next, bobbie thomas shows you ways to add color to your wardrobe. ♪ ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ i love ya ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah [ female announcer ] special k popcorchips. with 28 delicious chips for 120 calories, you can bring the flavor of the movies home and still stay on track. eedom to enjoy. what w wyou gain when you lose? find them in the crackerisle. compared to a dry dust, a can of plee picks up more dust and cleans 100% of messes. pledge multi surface. dusts tter. cleans more. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light.
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♪ [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep t calories away. yoplait. it is so good. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep t calories away. it's the latt haircolor trend. ombré. now l'oréal lets you cate this dark to light finish yourself. with wild ombré from feria. exclusive lightening forla plus an expert brush lightens hair lengths in a stroke. so easy. pluferia wild ombré. lightens hair lengths in a stroke. from l'oréal paris. awarded cracker barrel a gold for cheddar in 2012, they went to the birthplace of cheddar cheese -- to see what inspired our rich, full flavor. say cheese! [ male announcer ]e're pretty sure they're never coming back. hey! yes! cheese! cheese! chee! cheese!
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[ male announcer ] cracker barrel. it's cheddar, perfected. and n, enjo cracker barrel extra sharp individually wrapped for any time.
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10:43 am
bobbie thomas has a great book that we thi you should by. if you stare in you close et every morning to try to figure out ha looks good on u, we're here to make iteasi. >> she is an expert. >> "today show" stylist and author, bobbie thoma is a expert on figuring out whether your skin tone is warm or cool and you can dress to your colo. >> her book is called "the power of style" everything you need to kn before you get dressed tomorrow. hey! >> and we'll gethrough this week. >> yeah, i will. >> i with a wan to give a thank you to both of you, you lift up not ju myself but all the women around here. >> the women we like. >> we have seen videos of you and a bunch of girls sitting
10:44 am
around in bras. >> i wanted to reveal the true power oftyle which srts under the dress. it has nothing to d with the fashion sometimes it's you see in the mirana lot of the women we use here to highlight tnds and segments, all of the ladies areere tay with me, but they're every d women and i have had my heart broken watching a mom look in the iro and criticize herself while her daughter is watching. >> and it c do a lot of dama. >> this is about fun stuffky help you with on the outside, a reference book. i have these brave womenho are here with me today. talk about color, there's something reall bas when it comes to color it's cool o warm and i have a graphic to show everyone at home. >> for skin tone. >> if you look at the inside o your wrist and you see t insidef your veins if you're more blue purple. i'm cool, you're warm and you're kind of in between. >> i'm cool warm you're on the fence.
10:45 am
>> b it's not just about the color of you skin, whether you're light or dark. i also have another graphic to show you, s you can identify with some celebriti that look like you. these are cool colors a these are warm colors. >> warm colors are like the desert, earthy greens, sunset. cool colors are like the ocean, jewel tones. >> so we have melanie and melissa, wring scarfs that are e wrong colors but when they swap you see the big difference when melissa puts on the warm orange and melanie puts the cool color on tt's pink and it makes a big difference. it kind o warms your skin tone up. another big te, another big test is that white a ivory, not all white is equal. franzen looks amazing with the red hair, the white is kind of contrasting with. when she swaps with marino, she was washed out in the ivory and
10:46 am
when she puts the white on,t pops and the red hair really works and warms up with the soft ivory. the small diffences make a big difference. because this book is aut the power of attraction and getting people to you. and pat i m last example. who is wearing a gorgeous color that i ve. but you c break the rules, you can wear any color, it's about the shade of the color. this is a little bold, so it's kind of competing wither hair. like most women we spray tan or dye our hair. but a softer salmon really kind of softens her up and so that's the kind of stuff i wanted to put in the second part of the book >> the other thing i like about the book is it tells you your body type and what you should . ifou're short-waisted, do wear a long thi or short thing. it kd of gives you abcs. >> i wanted toape what w in my head wn i would walk into a dressing room and i would see an x on people. i help you figure o what yr x facto is a that's wre your shoulrs and hips meet.
10:47 am
you'll learn so much to make i easy. >> your right, it's like an encyclopedia for fashion. an ladies, thank you so much. next up, bobbie's book "the power of style" is on our website, and musical masterminds, the hot duo, time flies. >> they're elvis durand's new finds.
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
now what we do with him. >> today we're kicking off a brand new serie called elvis duran's artist of the month when elvis duran brings us his pick for hot musicians towatch. >> today it's the duo, time flie me up of cal shapiro anrobresnick. biboard named them one of th 13 acts to watch in 2013 and
10:51 am
thei newes single is "i choose which every girl loves to hear on thoseatin show elvis, welcome. >> rock center. >> this is prett cool, this little segment that we're going to be doing. >> you know, i'm glad that we're coming together for this. you need to have an experience, a arni experience every month with new music. that's why i'm - ery week, believe me. >> i bnging a friend by. wog at z 100 he in new york a all the stations, we've been baking new artists for years. some of them have become huge superstars, some of them not. >> who's been your big success story? >> gaga, britney spea. we've been around for 30 years, think of every number o song 've had in 30 years, we've had them on. >> how did you find these guys? >> calnd rez, te flies, i was tooling around on itunes and i saw this number one song by time ies, i had never heard of them. how did that slip by me? >> what's been going on?
10:52 am
>> wve been doing i dependently. we kind of just did i on our own. put it out and we got the best fans in the wor and they got on itunes a we snuck past him. >> did you call them at home and wh was your reaction, elvis duran on the phone. >> he w not happy. >> they grew u ltening to me on the radio. they heard me breaking other artists, it's their tur to be broken. >> they knew it was the voice. th knew it was the real vis. >> to toot their horn, they're selling out everywhere theyo with not a lot of publicity. they've gosuch an unrground following. >> just heard a little bit upstairs and it sounded very, ve script a little bit. that's one of the very few i like. >>ave you guysn together for longtime? >> we went to college togeer. >> how old are you guys? >> 23. >> y were not going to say how old we are. but go ahead. >>uess how old we are. >> no. >> i cose you is what they're
10:53 am
going to sing. >> i was at a party and he was likeyou should sing for my funk band and we started doing this. >> this is called "i choose you." ♪ crossed down to the westnd ♪ i'm wasting m time ♪ i know, i know, i know, i know ♪ ♪ i know, i know, i know ♪ i know, knowi know ♪ i kn, i know, i know ♪ everybody needs somebody to love ♪ ♪ everybody needs somebod to love ♪ ♪ a i choose you ♪ yeah ♪ i choose you ♪ yeah baby i choose y >> how do you like that? >> great.
10:54 am
that was great. elvis, good pick. >> the albums out this mmer. this sgle is out today. -- >> you guys are great, elvis, great. >> you guys are really adable. >> i'll beack next month with more >> we'll keep thstudio warm for you. the list of the world's most beautiful of 2013 "peopl magazine." >> we're not in it. >> and ts to make traveling easier. ♪
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♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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breaking news despite reports on twitter, everything is okay at the white house. less than an hour ago hackers attacking the twitter account of the associated press sent out erroneous tweets saying there had been two explosions at the white house and president obama was hurt. >> nothing to joke about here. the ap has since suspended its twitter account and is working to correct this issue.
10:58 am
the bogus tweet briefly sent dow jones down 130 points but it has since recovered. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. the suspect in the boston marathon bombing said to be cooperating with authorities from his hospital bed. because of his injuries he's not able to speak at this point, so he's writing answers to his questions and also nodding his head. the accused, a 19-year-old man from cambridge remains hospitalized with gunshots to his head, neck, leg and hand. jay gray in boston with the latest. >> reporter: from his hospital bed, bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is apparently koobt cooperating with investigators indicating his brother tamerlan was the mastermind behind the attack. he said their motivation was to protect islam and the two acted alone with no help from outside terror organizations. the criminal complaint outlines
10:59 am
security video and photos, including this one, that shows the 19-year-old leaving his backpack along a metal barrier and using his cell phone. the complaint points out he alone appears calm in the chaos after the first blast. we're also hearing from swat team members. the officer that pulled him from the boat where he was in hiding. >> we wanted to get him in custody and have the situation come to an end for us, the families, the city. it needed to end. >> reporter: though there are still signs that tragedy is far from over. scars from the blast can still be seen along boylston street. today for the first time it's open to residents and business owners as they continue repairs. the public should be allowed back in the area soon. also this morning slain mit police officer sean collier was laid to rest. >> everybody is just going through the motions right now and pulling together for sean because that's what


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