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tv   Today  NBC  April 24, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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>> bismarck, i was in 168 greenville, mississippi. i'll never forget it. >> is that the biggest one in the nation? >> uh-huh. and it took you 30 times to get there? >> i was rejected 29 times until i got there. >> here was the deal, ann martin is a legend in that small town in mississippi and she was out sick. because i showed up to work with a blazer, they asked me to anchor and that was the only thing that qualified me. i was terrified. i remember i was looking at the camera. i was, please god, let me make it. it said in the teleprompter, good evening, i'm hoda kotb, ann martin is out sick. and i thought, please god, this is my big break. and i looked up at the teleprompter and said, good evening, i'm ann martin. >> i wanted to pull it back. >> when i mess up, i keep messing up. it was a disaster. >> you kept digging, didn't you? >> it was at the very end of the newscast, it was over and i'll never forget the floor director,
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like davy, but much younger. he took the mic off like -- ooh. and i went -- >> never going to see you again. >> i thought i was fired. i went to the grocery store, because when i get depressed i like to eat a lot of things. i went looking for food and this crazy-looking woman came up to me, her hair was nuts, she had a few teeth and she goes like this, oh, my god, i just seen you on tv. i felt so sorry for you. i was like, i thought it was my first anchoring and my last. but thank god, my boss gave me a second break. >> he said something cute. i think you wrote about this in your book, that i actually read. didn't he say something sweet to you? >> he did say something sweet. but when you think of the times you blow it. it happened to me over and over on local news. i remember speaking in what sounded like a foreign language to my co-anchor. >> like zaba-zu, like what are
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you talking about? >> and 30 seconds seems like an eternity at times like that. >> what do you think of this guy? >> well, he was suspended at first, right and then later that day, let go. when i read that in the papers today, i thought, that wasn't -- that wasn't right. it seems to me he should have been given a second chance. then i saw it. and i went -- how can they let him go back on the air. brand new job, aren't you trying to impress people at least the first day? you get a little class, a little dignity, a little all of those things? >> or when it slips out to go, oh my god. >> he wasn't apologetic at all. he probably didn't know her name, either. these people should have spent a little time together. although they threw up together pretty darn quickly, didn't they?
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>> i don't want to throw up. >> me, too. >> anyway, so here's the deal. speaking of -- >> in light of what we just got -- we'll segue into the same stuff. >> something equally as vulgar. there was, what was it, where was it, walmart, k-mart? >> k-mart has this very, very clever ad. if you haven't seen it, you should, it's called -- ship your pants. in other words, they're going to do shipping is free. you've got to be so careful when you say that. >> when you ship your pants. >> right. let's watch. >> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants? you're kidding. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> did you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. wow, i could ship my pants.
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>> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad. >> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient, very convenient. >> i can ship my drawers. >> i just shipped my nightie. >> i just shipped my bed. >> if you can't find what you're looking for at the store, you can find it at and they'll ship it to you for free. >> i did and it's so convenient. >> i love that ad. >> that's going to be embarrassed by that but i'm not at all. i thought it was very, very funny. remember i told you one time on the air what the bad word means. the origins of words? >> the other one, the one, the "t" one, apparently back entitle 1600s, there's a man who knows far better said kathie, that's not true. but i like it this way, okay? i'm being willfully ignorant on the subject.
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back when they used to ship fertilizer on ships. yes. there were all of these -- boats were exploding. and they couldn't figure it out until they realized that when, when boats do this, when they rock, cargo moves. and cargo can get wet. and when the fertilizer cargo got wet with the ammonia gas? it exploded. >> so what -- >> what they did was they started -- they were geniuses in the 1600s, they started marketing it acronym, ship high in transit. >> what is that again? ship high in transit. store high in transit. store high in transit. >> good to know. if you guys watch -- little
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history lesson. probably not true. >> but neither are most of the things we say. >> nothing is. >> i'm kidding tammy. if you watched "the voice" last night, it's going into those -- >> stop it. >> battle rounds. >> yes. >> steam shakira had one of the good face-offs, it was a person named luke versus a person named monique. my question is who would you have chosen out of this duo. let's watch. ♪ you and i ♪ i'd rather die ♪ without you and i ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ you and i ♪ i would rather die ♪ without you and i >> i renamed them donny and
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marie and send them on the road together, because they're great. i like her best. ♪ i'm not leaving without you >> that was terrible -- she left us totally hanging. >> i thought the young lady. we didn't get to hear as much of the young man. but she's pretty spectacular. when you can wail like that and come down to a soft little voice. i'm blown away by that. >> shakira ended up choosing the woman and i think they stole the man. they were like, who's this guy, who's luke? and they all wanted to steal him. is it time for sara? >> i think it might be. >> the most deserving mom contest. >> we've got our most deserving mom contest. sponsored by
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and the most deserving mom can win a dream vacation anywhere in the world on the norwegian cruise line of her choice, you go to and tell us if you know a deserving mom. you can even nominate yourself. which kathie lee reminds me about. you have until tuesday april 30th. and we have another contest, the kentucky derby hat contest. so time for our hat contest. submit your original creation on, you have until friday to get us the photo and you might win a trip to the kentucky derby. >> the people that won it last year had a ball. >> we want to give a big shout-out to bonnie hammer. she's one of our fearless leaders here at nbc she was honored with other women at the matrix awards. >> what a body she has. >> joan rivers was emceeing and you know what that meant -- it was hilarious. >> and she wasn't bleeped once. >> she was great. >> she gets those things confused with friar's clubs, i think.
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al got an honor from the friar's club. congratulations, al. >> these jeans have been recycled, have they not? >> they're very comfortable. >> they're $178. wow, they're expensive for, at >> eight recycled bottles go into that. >> and by the way, you makeup and hair looks fab. >> who is in makeup today? >> kristen. >> thank you. one of radio's biggest personalities and a good friend of ours -- >> elvis duran is here with a surprise for you today. and from work to romance, we're going to show you why having confidence -- she gives me confidence. >> will change your life. one of the funniest actresses is here. kathy najimy is here.
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she's been in more than 20 films and a dozen tv shows, including the hit show, "veronica's closet" playing opposite kirstie alley and then
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she was in "sister act" and now is guest-starring on showtime's "the big c" playing a no-nonsense therapist for someone battling cancer. >> i'm so happy. i'm so happy. there would have been an age where i can enjoy the fruits of medical science. i love chemo. >> what else can you be honest with? you're not enough? >> no. i am great. i am great, i give you that. but to someone you've had a longer history with and aren't paying could be a real asset. >> oh, wow. >> hello, kathy. >> i've always known you for years and years as a comedienne, along with your partner, mo gaffney. to see you tackling this heavy duty, to go from what you did on the stage before to a very heavy-duty thing.
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they do use a lot of comedy in this show. >> yeah, that's what you just said exactly what attracted me to it and why when they came to me and said, will you do it right away, i said yes. because i liked fact that they take a subject that's really serious, on "the big c" but they don't dramatize it and don't make her an angel. sometimes they take a person who is sick in the story and make them perfect. she is flawed, laura linney's character. there's a lot of comedy, but not like zany hospital comedy, like real life. i love that people living with or dying of cancer, it's a gift, this show. >> they've really embraced it, haven't they? >> it's lonely. >> what was it like working with her? >> it was like a master class. the hall of fame, oliver platte, laura linney. i love oliver platte. >> isn't he cute?
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>> he is. he's your type, hoda. >> he is. and i like that they let me sort of do what i wanted. i always consider myself, a therapist. don't you feel like i can do that with my friends. let me tell you, here's what to do. >> some people are either that way or not. they're the care-givers, like mother earth, what you need right now is an enema. >> ooh. >> that's what you said to me that time. >> every time i see you. >> you like to play with this role a little bit, kathy? what were you able to do? >> they're so great, such good writing, they gave it to me and said, do what you want to do. she's a no-bull sort of person. she says what she thinks, which is sort of what i do. i approached it as if she was my best friend talking to me. that's what i did. >> but she pays you. >> yes, exactly. i wanted to talk to her like i would and just say, no, that's ridiculous, but yes, i understand that.
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i got to sort of just be myself. >> this is the last season and it's got the extra work after. what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> you'll find something. >> i read something i was surprised, your husband is in a rock band. >> he is a rock band. >> he is a rock band. >> dan of the dan band. >> cool. does he tour. >> look at you bowling. >> look at that. >> what is more fun than -- are those something else, those are mammaries, right? >> what's more fun than bowling? nothing. >> there's a picture of us bowling. that's the most work we've done all year is hold the ball. like we're not that couple. he's got a show called the dan band and he's the lead singer and it's funny and he swears a lot and he has a huge audience. >> yeah. it's like "the hangover" and all of those kinds of things. >> you both have actual jobs and make money and such.
2:22 am
>> unlike most people on this planet. >> exactly. you go up and down. >> yeah, it sure does. >> you're going to work again. >> i have a feeling. >> thanks. >> give everybody on the show our regards. >> good to see you. >> you can watch "the big c" showtime on monday, april 29th at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. one of the cool new gadgets that's eco-friendly. >> but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] you never know what messes you'll run into while dusting. of course there's dust. in addition to dust, you might find a little latte. ♪ and maybe something beastly. mixed in with the dust, you may even find some pixie sneezes. compared to a dry duster, a can of pledge picks up more dust and cleans 100% of messes. pledge multi surface. dusts better. cleans more. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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how to look confident even when you don't feel confident. we'll show you how you can change your life for the better. >> one of the country's top radio hosts, elvis duran is here with something new, he's going to start doing for us, he'll share his pick for the hot new artists and they're going to perform for us. and our style maven and author, bobbie thomas shows you how to dress to your colors she's got a new book out. >> and it's terrific, we're so happy for her. we're back with more of
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we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day, tuesday, talking about the power of confidence, if you're having trouble in relationships or finding a job. it could be related to your self-esteem. >> your body language speaks volumes about how others perceive you. here with tips to boost your confidence is life coach laura baron and tonya reiman, who is the author of "the body language of dating." >> we're looking at you. >> i couldn't believe -- >> we have the body language. >> can i tell you something, i did sit up more erectly -- >> what? >> you're all sick. >> as you say that, i mean confidence does affect your sex life. >> yes. >> let's talk about confidence. it is -- we're looking at the crowd outside saying i wonder if
2:30 am
you can tell just by looking at people. but people do make a snap judgment about you based on how you carry yourself, don't they? >> and respond to you as well. >> people are going to railroad you if they see that they've got an option. that's where it's so important. you cannot have successful relationships or be in a successful profession if you're not confident. >> you know what -- it's one tenth of a second. no, no, no, yes. all of these assumptions are made before we've even had an opportunity to say hello to someone. we've decided if they're yes or no. can you fake it? absolutely. >> and plus, you don't even have to grunt or -- don't grunt. >> i mean, like this is an easy fake to do. if you're going to fake something. >> don't people have a sense like when you walk up to someone and they're pretending, you feel, i feel it when someone feels at ease in their own skin. >> there's an excellent study that came out where they showed,
2:31 am
you do something called the power pose, a dominant pose. so you would stand up tall, hands on hips, open up your body language. what that does is it increases your testosterone which gives you power and confidence and lowers your cortisol. >> can't you also intimidate somebody? >> yes. >> and think you're looking confident, but actually looking arrogant? >> the difference is you need to exert what's most natural to you. you can't change your character. if you're somebody who is quiet and soft-spoken when you come in with a superman pose, although it's a great tool, you'll look ridiculous. >> let's pretend you're walking into a meeting with your bosses and you're kind of soft-spoken and people don't listen to you. what should that person do? >> first of all, wear stilettos. >> okay. then what? >> you're in the room. >> your shoulders are back, neck is elongated, you walk in with a firm purpose.
2:32 am
>> you practice before you go in? >> don't kid yourself about the power pose, although it seems like it might be intimidating, what it does is it brings out more of the natural alpha you. >> the young man that made the terrible gaffe on his first day, what advice would you give him? what should he do when he goes in to see his boss about it? >> well, first of all, he should not be speaking. >> ever? for the rest of his life? >> no. >> wow, tough. >> he'll be fine. >> he'll find another line of work. >> tanya, what do you think? >> get on your fours and apologize. >> in the situation, sometimes do you have to go in in a more docile manner, go in a lower demeanor? >> he screwed up. you walk in and i'm sorry. >> recognize that. you know -- >> i do also like if you've done such a big goof, you need to like -- >> in the old days, the goofs were just between the people
2:33 am
that watched that afternoon, now -- we're talking about it on the hottest show on television. >> now eye contact. >> a little stalker. >> from bikes to battery. cool new gadgets that aren't only fun to use, but eco-friendly, too. that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh. oh. see that? great job. ok, now let's get ready for the ball... here it comes... here you go. good catch. perfect! alright now for the best part. let's see your pour. ohhh...let's get those in the bowl. these are way too good to waste, right? oh, yea. let's go for it... around the bowl and... [ male announcer ] share what you love... with who you love. mmmmm. kellogg's frosted flakes... they're g-r-r-reat! good catch dad. [ laughs ]
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>> announcer: today goes green is brought to you by glad trash bags. small change, big difference. on green your routine today cool new gadgets to help you reduce waste and save energy without even thinking about it. >> from electric bikes to light switches with sensors, the technology works for you. digital lifestyle expert karlie is here to show us. >> is that an electric bike
2:38 am
you're on? >> it's a fantastic electric bike that you guys are going to love and i will tell you why. first, let me park my ride and -- i know you guys like the helmet, too. >> it's pretty cute. >> awesome, right? this is a really good option if you are looking for a way to be a little greener in your local commute but you don't want to do the pedaling. it goes up to 40 miles per hour. >> which is fast. >> and it's $3,000, which is pretty pricey. but it's half the price of a scooter and it's definitely cheaper than a car. >> you can pedal, you can do as much or as little as you want. from a-z. >> even if you pedal, it will never go over 40 miles per hour? >> yes. >> all right, karlie, if that's your real name. >> this is a water pebble. ladies, let's get personal. how long is your shower in the morning? >> ten minutes. >> yeah. >> the average american shower is 8.2 minutes.
2:39 am
which depending on your shower head, can be 25-50 gallons. this is the water pebble. i'll emulate a shower here and show you what happens. you put it in your shower and as it gets --'s going to talk to the drain -- we'll move it on to the solid surface, it will flash green and then red, yellow and red, what's happening to my -- there we go, it's in the shower, it will flash green and then yellow, red, it will help you curb your water consumption. >> you're going to listen to that? it can't even smack you. >> it can remind you. >> it will subtly help you. >> this is lutron maestro occupancy switch. unlike motion sensors where you have to wave your arm to tell it you're still in the room, this is very sensitive. pop it into any switch in your house, $22 and it's sensitive enough to know that you're sitting on the couch reading a book. >> we've got a minute left.
2:40 am
>> i love these. >> say cheese. it's going to take a picture and it's going to print it with no ink. >> no ink? >> this is an inkless camera. zero ink technology, it's called zink. >> the picture will come out. >> woolly pocket has reinvented the indoor wall effect. a great way to bring the outdoors in. there's a vent in the front to help it not get musty and root-bound. >> can you do a whole big stack of these and have a living wall. >> this is a company called earth style. they care about the entire lifecycle of your battery. when they lose their charge, the box they come in becomes a mailer so you can send them back and they recycle them. this is a solar-powered wireless keyboard. no more batteries for this. >> all good stuff. hoda would use all of it. >> here's our picture.
2:41 am
>> no more ink cartridges. >> coming up next, bobbie thomas shows you ways to add color to your wardrobe. good morning toy, i'm meteorologist alex wilson. we're going to be watching for rain and thunderstorms in areas like pennsylvania, verify verify. that rain will extend town into parts of mississippi and texas. snow still falling up in parts of the northern plains. as far as temperatures for, it's all about the cold around billings and minneapolis. 47 for your high. 50 in denver. 80 around washington. tomorrow we've for the rain showers right around the north carolina coasts. try on the west coast. tomorrow highs in the low 60
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oscar for l.a. and an fan cisco. on friday, here's what we're looking at. just a few showers right around kansas city and dallas. east coast and west coast dry. temps in the 60s for new york and bog. as we head into the start of the weekend, that's when things are going to finally improve for parts of northern plains. low 70s in minneapolis and denver. mid-70s for billings. new york city, also at 64. on sunday, a few showers, even a few snow flakes up into the northwest. of in billings, the 7 though for phoenix. still rain showers down in the southeast. temperatures around 66 in boston. monday we'll continue to watch
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>> bobbie thomas has a great book that we think you should buy. if you stare in your closet every morning to try to figure out what looks good on you, we're here to make it easier. >> she is an expert. >> "today" show stylist and author, bobbie thomas is an expert on figuring out whether your skin tone is warm or cool and you can dress to your colors. >> her book is called "the power of style." everything you need to know before you get dressed tomorrow. hey! >> and we'll get through this week. >> yeah, i will. >> i want to give a thank you to both of you, you lift up not just myself, but all the women around here. >> the women we like. >> we have seen videos of you
2:46 am
and a bunch of girls sitting around in bras. >> i wanted to reveal the true power of style which starts under the dress. it has nothing to do with the fashion. sometimes it's what you see in the mirror. and a lot of the women we use here to highlight trends and segments, all of the ladies are here today with me, but they're everyday women. and i have had my heart broken watching a mom look in the mirror and criticize herself while her daughter is watching. >> and it can do a lot of damage. >> this is about fun stuff to help you with on the outside, a reference book. i have these brave women who are here with me today. talk about color, there's something really basic when it comes to color. it's cool or warm and i have a graphic to show everyone at home. >> for skin tone. >> if you look at the inside of your wrist and you see the inside of your veins if you're more blue purple. i'm cool, you're warm and you're kind of in between.
2:47 am
>> i'm cool warm. you're on the fence. >> but it's not just about the color of your skin, whether you're light or dark. i also have another graphic to show you, so you can identify with some celebrities that look like you. these are cool colors and these are warm colors. >> warm colors are like the desert, earthy greens, sunset. cool colors are like the ocean, jewel tones. >> so we have melanie and melissa, wearing scarves that are the wrong colors. but when they swap, you see the big difference. when melissa puts on the warm orange and melanie puts the cool color on that's pink and it makes a big difference. it kind of warms your skin tone up. another big test, another big test is that white and ivory, not all white is equal. franzen looks amazing with the red hair, the white is kind of contrasting with. when she swaps with marino, she
2:48 am
was washed out in the ivory and when she puts the white on, it pops and the red hair really works and warms up with the soft ivory. the small differences make a big difference. because this book is about the power of attraction and getting people to notice you. and pat is my last example. who is wearing a gorgeous color that i love. but you can break the rules, you can wear any color, it's about the shade of the color. this is a little bold, so it's kind of competing with her hair. like most women, we spray tan or dye our hair. but a softer salmon really kind of softens her up. and so that's the kind of stuff i wanted to put in the second part of the book. >> the other thing i like about the book is it tells you your body type and what you should wear. if you're short-waisted, do i wear a long thing or short thing? it kind of gives you abcs. >> i wanted to tape what was in my head when i would walk into a dressing room and i would see an x on people. i help you figure out what your x factor is and that's where
2:49 am
your shoulders and hips meet. you'll learn so much to make it easy. >> you're right, it's like an encyclopedia for fashion. and ladies, thank you so much. next up, bobbie's book "the power of style" is on our website, and musical masterminds, the hot duo, timeflies. >> they're elvis duran's new finds.
2:50 am
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2:53 am
>> today we're kicking off a brand new series called elvis duran's artist of the month when elvis duran brings us his pick for hot musicians to watch. >> today it's the duo, time flies, made up of cal shapiro and rob resnick. billboard named them one of the 13 acts to watch in 2013 and their newest single is "i choose you." which every girl loves to hear on those dating shows. elvis, welcome.
2:54 am
>> rock center. >> this is pretty cool, this little segment that we're going to be doing. >> you know, i'm glad that we're coming together for this. you need to have an experience, a learning experience every month with new music. that's why i'm -- >> every week, believe me. >> i'm bringing a friend by. working at z 100 here in new york and all the stations, we've been breaking new artists for years. some of them have become huge superstars, some of them not. >> who's been your big success story? >> gaga, britney spears. we've been around for 30 years, think of every number one song we've had in 30 years, we've had them on. >> how did you find these guys? >> cal and rez, timeflies, i was tooling around on itunes and i saw this number one song by timeflies, i had never heard of them. how did that slip by me? >> what's been going on? >> we've been doing it independently. we kind of just did it on our own. put it out and we got the best
2:55 am
fans in the world and they got us on itunes and we snuck past him. >> did you call them at home and what was your reaction, elvis duran on the phone. >> he was not happy. >> they grew up listening to me on the radio. they heard me breaking other artists, it's their turn to be broken. >> they knew it was the voice. they knew it was the real elvis. >> to toot their horn, they're selling out everywhere they go with not a lot of publicity. they've got such an underground following. >> i just heard a little bit upstairs and it sounded very, very script a little bit. that's one of the very few i like. >> have you guys been together for a long time? >> we went to college together. >> how old are you guys? >> 23. >> you were not going to say how old we are. but go ahead. >> guess how old we are. >> no. >> "i choose you" is what they're going to sing. >> i was at a party and he was like, you should sing for my funk band and we started doing
2:56 am
this. >> this is called "i choose you." ♪ crossed down to the west end ♪ i'm wasting my time ♪ i know, i know, i know, i know ♪ ♪ i know, i know, i know ♪ i know, i know, i know ♪ i know, i know, i know ♪ everybody needs somebody to love ♪ ♪ everybody needs somebody to love ♪ ♪ and i choose you ♪ yeah ♪ i choose you ♪ yeah baby i choose you >> how do you like that? >> great. that was great. elvis, good pick. >> the album is out this summer. this single is out today.
2:57 am
so -- >> you guys are great, elvis, great. >> you guys are really adorable. >> i'll be back next month with more. >> we'll keep the studio warm for you. the list of the world's most beautiful people of 2013 "people magazine." >> we're not in it. >> and tips to make traveling easier. reaction when you heard the shots? n the midst of a tragedy, he became a hero. that all happened just like this. man who helped save the life giffords. hen, how a 6-year-old boy's idea raised over $150,000. >> i wanted to try to help him. [ applause ] jeff: hello, hello! roll it!
2:58 am
[ cbs television distribution ] jeff: all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. on this th my wife show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. [ applause ] hello. welcome to the show. welcome. for the have a seat. all right. a great show today. i really think you're going to inspired. we have people who go way out on a limb for friends. daniel hernandez risked his life gabi ve congress woman giffords from what we know was a wound.fatal gun shot at the other end of the dillan raised over $150,000. he's 6 years old. save his friend's life. great show. is yvette nicole brown
2:59 am
here. >> hi, jeff. jeff: hello. >> how are you? good. i'm recovering from an adventure. yes. happened? jeff: you know -- remember a had, oheeks ago when we my gosh, dominic monahan from "lord of the rings." he has a show called "wild things." actor, but he n also loves animals and insects and critters and stuff. on here promoting the show. so we kind of hit it off. off so often you hit it with a guest. >> we're buds. jeff: sometimes you want to hit it off. when hugh jackman was here, i was secretly hoping he would probst, let's hang out. >> you have a crush on him. didn't.t he >> he hasn't done it yet. he could still call. call.ld still jeff: yeah. that is so like the friend of a can't get a girl, you her to callou


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