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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 24, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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threatening deputies with the sonoma county sheriff's office. it is 5:02. digging through the rubble of the collapsed eight-story building in bangladesh, desperately searching for survivors. the fear is that hundreds more are trapped beneath that debris. the building reportedly housed a number of garment factories in the central park of that country. after the country legalized same-sex marriage. opponents of the move marched through paris nearly every day last week. overnight things turned violent, protesters threw glass bottles, metal cans at police who hit the crowd with tear gas. there are promise that future demonstrations and the measure will take effect once france's president signs it into law. new detail on reported
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patient dumping by a nevada psychiatric hospital. sacramento bee now reporting that those sent out on greyhound buses ended up in san jose. rawson-neal hospital reportedly shipped more than 200 patients to los angeles and 36 to san francisco. san francisco's district attorney is now investigating the reports and considering legal action. it is 5:04. bay area city is positions itself to jump into the national gun debate. richmond city council decided to have city staff draft initiatives on gun control. also throwing in its support for stricter gun control laws at the state and federal levels. the goal is to stop young people from getting killed on city streets twochlt teenagers were killed and a man was wounded last week due to gun violence. city of vallejo shedding new
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light on marijuana medical -- no new business licenses, building permits, licenses will be issued for pot dispensaries for the next 45 days. this will now give them some time to come up with a process on how to properly regulate those dispensardispensaries. live on treasure island, christie smith, with what engineers are concerned with. good morning. >> good morning to you. in just a few hours, caltrans is expected to provide an update on the 288 anchor rods in question. retired engineer has come forward and he is saying that -- >> oh, unfortunately we lost our live shot, live transmission with christie. we'll have more concern.
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a local engineer is looking at it, made a huge report saying they need to replace those rods. we'll check back in with her. >> keep an eye on that bay bridge as it's set to open some time in september. rob mayeda is in for christina loren. >> we started to see the changes yesterday afternoon. sea breeze picking up, offshore breezes coming to a stop. this morning, big deference in the temperatures, 40s inland instead of 60s and almost near 70 this hour around napa. quite chilly. no matter where you are, a jacket will be just fine for this morning. and in some cases, uh-uh may need it for the afternoon, too. west winds into fairfield this morning. eventually we'll see the sea breeze turning stronger this time tomorrow morning. we have low clouds spilling locally across the bay this morning, west of the golden gate, into the afternoon and evening. heading into tomorrow morning. that's when the low clouds will surge much further inland for your thursday morning. today, highs 60s to 70s. mid 70s in and around the santa
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clara valley. a very cool day. oakland and san francisco, highs in the low to mid 60s. again, keep the jacket on heading into the afternoon. tomorrow, even cooler. coolest day. in the seven-day forecast. as we head into the weekend, could see some warming as those highs climb into the 80s again. westbound 80 moves smoothly right now. your commute direction through berkeley. you see the silhouette of the overcrossing. eastbound is where we heard reports of a crash. chp checked it out. no flashing lights and nothing found there. we'll look at the map. smooth drive down now westbound 80 as well as east of the bay bridge. road crews just about cleared 880 nein oakland and no slowing. no active incidents. traffic very light there. we'll call that a sensor read issue. we're looking at traffic for 84,
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lighting up now, which showed earlier slowdowns through livermore. that was pretty characteristic about this time. west 580 coming through the altamont pass at greenville. there's a crash there, car reported in the center divide. we're tracking that as a distraction but it may hold some folks up where that commute starts to slow, backup slowing right now. south bay shows a smooth drive right now. live shot as well. light volume of traffic for 101. not a major problem, guys. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. 508 right now. more changes may soon be happening for you, yosemite national park may be getting bigger. barbara boxer would like to expand the park. if they did, it would be the first time in 7 5 years, a bill introduced would add 1600 acres to the western side of the park. a map there for you. proposed addition highlighted in the yellow part of this map.
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privately owned land located within that yellow space, about 800 acres recently purchased by a conservation group. having too much asphalt and not enough green, bay area city is being called out. plus -- >> it's horrifying to think that you have bed bugs on you and you don't know it until you get home. >> kind of freaky, especially in the morning, right? new reports of bed bugs in the south bay. a popular coffee spot where the pests are now popping up. washington takes a long, hard look at one of those department of energy loans coming up in business. live look outside. shark tank. boy, sharks are on fire. get tickets to the first playoff round. those are going on sale friday morning at 10:00 am. >> back in the playoffs, ninth consecutive year.
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we are happy to report that dozens of women and children that lived in a shelter are safe this morning thanks to some young men from san jose state. marla tellez is live with more. >> reporter: san jose state, which made all the difference for the 40 or so people who lived here because of students stephen gifford, what we wanted to show you right away, though, is the damage, pretty limited to the top floor. the third floor patio, that's where the fire started. the wooden beams are charred. they got it pretty good. it all started just before 6:00 last night when stephen gifford just parked his car in front of the kappa sigma fraternity house. snapshot of the flames to give you an idea of how serious this was. gifford is a certified emt, so
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without hes titation, he grabbea few of his frat brothers and ran into the building, yelling and knocking on doors. he said when it come to his job, his motto is act first, think second. >> make sure everybody was accounted for. nothing stopped me from going in, just making sure that everybody got out and knew that there was actually a fire. >> thanks to stephen gifford, all the women and children made it out okay. san jose firefighters jumped into action, quickly put out those flames. the captain tells us the foyer started on the third floor patio. families are safe and sound this morning but not at this location, because it is not inhabitable right now. they were loaded on buses and taken to other shelters within this particular network. i spoke to one of those other shelters this morning, an employee there. she tells me one of the families is resting comfortably there this morning. that is good news. as to when they'll be able to move back here to this location
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on south first street, not known at this point. the damage pretty limited this morning. we'll hear from one of the teen a agers that stephen giffords helped save. >> thank you very much, marla. it is 5:13. republican members of congress getting ready to delve into the details of pffiskers. >> rememberance of solyndra. house energy and commerce hearings about solyndra in 2011. these hearing about fisker getting ready in the same room, will get under way shortly. critics of the voe loan to fisker says it was a waste of american tax dollars, and the government's willingness to give
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fisker a loan led private invest investors to think that the company was a safe bet. south bay's apple posted its first reduction in profit in a decade on tuesday afternoon. that's kind of the bad news over here. tim cook wants you to look over here at the big dividends. apple shares rose on news that the company would increase payout to shareholders, news we long predicted. apple said it would accelerate its stock buy back as well. fewer shares outstanding mean each share is worth more, a way of upping the share price. that worked just fine. broader markets this morning and turn to jackie deangelis live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, scott. futures higher after stocks rose for a third day yesterday. the dow posting a gain on 15 straight tuesdays. that is the first time that that has happened since 1927. now, this all came despite a few minutes of panic midday when a fake tweet from the associated
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press caused markets to plunge briefly before recovering. the dow dropped 147 points in just three minutes while the move briefly wiped out about $146 billion in value from the s&p 500 index. many traders were able to cancel orders and wait for more information. several firms that use computer al algorithms to track profits may have lost. yesterday the dow closed up 152 points, 14,719. the nasdaq up 35 to 3,269. back to you. nintendo has had trouble selling as many of those eu devices. sale sales are getting better. why? not because they made a change to the game but because we've been talking about. this the japanese government's
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all-in attitude about the economy. they've been pouring yen into the economy, which makes the yen cheaper, which makes the we-u cheaper. >> cash flow. >> that's right. rob mayeda is in for christina loren. i saw a bright, full moon coming in. >> without the cloud cover, you were able to see it. san francisco is wondering, is the moon even out there this morning? low clouds are back. cool temperatures, too, especially inland. south bay and east bay allowing to see the moon outside this morning. the low clouds and the sea breeze both combining to really drop temperatures heading into the afternoon. 40s to near 50 outside right now. look at the 24-hour change in temperatures for the north bay. livermore, we had dry, north winds warming things up in the morning yesterday. not the case this morning. we'll see that sea breeze turn cooler. enough wind during the day, air quality has approved for ground
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level ozone, back in the good range. one of the things you'll notice, temperatures running cooler. highs in the 60s and 70s. ocean air conditioning is back on when you have the low clouds and winds out of the west. tomorrow even more low clouds and an even cooler day ahead to thursday. hour by hour today, low clouds, locally inland through 9:00 and 10:00 in the afternoon. low clouds around san francisco and the peninsula. we head toward the evening, low clouds move back in. watch tomorrow morning how these low clouds fill inland out to the altamont pass and san jose and morgan hill for tomorrow morning. cooler day ahead for tomorrow. highs in the mid 70s around san jose, maybe close to 80 in some of the warmer places inland like fairfield, vacaville and pleasanton today. much cooler, though, san francisco. highs in the low 60s or near 60. feels probably cooler than that, with the sea breeze throughout the day and into the north bay, upper 60s and low 70s.
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today into tomorrow, continued cooling. morning mists could be possible as we head into thursday. friday, high pressure starts to build back. for your weekend plans, it will be warmer. out to the coast, warmer changes ahead. 80s possibly returning just in time for saturday. mike? >> all right. we'll take you out to the south bay. we show a nice, smooth drive for your northbound routes. little blips here and there popping in, clearing up. slow-moving vehicles. slowing south 280 up toward 680 and 680 around the bend a few minutes earlier this morning. it's cleared and since then have been no problems. expressways, all the moving smoothly through the south bay without any major incidents. we'll track you farther north. toward the peninsula, 101 and 280 moving nicely into or out of the city. heading over to the peninsula, 92 and dumbarton bridge. moving very smoothly from 880, no problems through hayward and fremont on that side of the bay
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as well. farther north to look at 101 through san rafael. just starting to so a little build to the volume of traffic. little slowing. nice easy drive. a look over toward the east bay. bay bridge toll plaza, couple of cars waiting for those lanes. earlier construction and some slowing. now at the high street high rise, smooth drive all the way into or out of the maze. back to you. >> thank you very much. silicon valley may not be as green as we think, literally. only 15.5% of san jose is shaded with trees n comparison, about 60% of the city is covered with buildings, asphalt or concrete. using lasers to map trees from the air found that willowglenn has the most greenery, whereas central san jose has the least. mayor chuck reed says he hopes to plant about 100,000 trees by
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2022 to reduce the city's carbon footprint. a growing problem that just can't be shoved under the rug -- or shall we say the mattress? health officials warning bed bugs -- that's right, bed bugs become an issue in more places than just hotels, apartments and dorms. two women alerting nbc bay area to a problem of those blo blood-sucking, nasty little pests. this starbucks in campbell, the women didn't want to be identified because they work for a publication. they say they told employees about those nasty bugs they found on a sofa at the starbucks, but the workers didn't seem to care i guess they were too busy making caramel macchiatos. the women say they were shocked by the store manager's response. >> he has known for two month that is they've had them. and that just -- that horrified
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me. >> starbucks spokesperson said they called at the first report of those bed bugs. the pest control finally found the problems on a second inspection and starbucks says it, quote, followed routine inspections. we are confident that all infestations have been resolved, end quote. >> put that in your latte. >> of all things crawling out of a sofa. >> aren't they minute? >> that's the first time i've seen them up close and personal. >> that is close enough. lance armstrong facing a new lawsuit this morning. what it has to do with the u.s. post office.
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welcome back, everyone of the look at the bay bridge there, illuminated this morning. look at the traffic, too, this
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morning. looks like it's moving smoothly. mike has a look at the morning commute across the bay area for us. 5:24 right now. more trouble for disgraced cyclist lance armstrong, filing a formal complaint against armstrong, accusing him of violating his contract with the u.s. postal service. the claim says armstrong was, quote, unjustly enriched while cheating to win his tour de france titles. the u.s. postal service reportedly paid $40 million to be the sponsor for armstrong's team for six of the seven victories. the government is now seeking three times that amount in damages. armstrong's team director and tailwind sports were named as defendants as well. for years now, maybe you've heard of this one. animal planet offering its alternative to the super bowl. many call the puppy bowl. those cute little dogs have serious new competition. the hallmark channel says it's offering a kitten bowl next
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year's super bowl sunday. no word yet on how the kitten bowl will go down. just like the puppy bowl, it will include animals from shelters that need new homes. animal planet responding to the plan saying the feline rivals are, quote, a bunch of copycats. >> cute cat fight is what you'll have. let's check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina this morning. >> changes in the forecast as you step outside. low clouds have returned to the bay area. running cooler than yesterday especially lunchtime. 70s inland. 60s all day long, close to san francisco. nationally trending cooler headed into the evening. tomorrow, more morning clouds. misty skies for thursday morning. things start to warm up as you approach the weekend. mike? make that curve over toward mission boulevard. watch as you go through the
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area. take our maps in a second and show you the area around mission boulevard itself, connector between 680 and 880. sensors register, moving those crews. construction in both directions between those two freeways. that would be an issue. you may want to use auto mall parkway for the time being, keeping it clear. little slowdown we saw. no big surprises. running a traffic breaker through greenville to get the crash out of the area. no major injuries. it is a distraction. >> 5:27. new app that helps you avoid those crowded bart trains. major piece of giants history ripped off and stolen off the wall at at&t park. what the giants are now doing, trying to get it back.
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new this morning, federal investigators speaking to the mother of the two men accused in the boston marathon bombing. what they told her, coming up in
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a live report. retired materials engineer is warning that more rods could snap unless caltrans makes a change. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what it is in a live report. now we're talking cooler temperatures. you may be surprised by how cool those daytime highs get. a look at that, straight ahead. right now, live outside. rob mayeda is talking about cooler temperatures. fog out there over san francisco. we'll give you a live look at the city by the bay on this wednesday, middle of the workweek, april 24th. this is "today in the bay." hi again, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. it is 5:30. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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the agency discovered more than 30 broken rods on the new span. now caltrans is expected to reveal more construction problems for that bridge. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live on treasure island with a lock at all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. caltrans is expected to provide the public an update on those 288 anchor rods while a retired materials engineer in the east bay has come forward and contacd caltrans. he thinks that more of these rods could break and snap off in the new eastern span unless caltrans does a couple of things, replacing the bolts with less vulnerable steel, according to the contra costa times. chung submitted an unsolicited analysis this week, retired from be be becthtel, expected to meet with the program manager of the bridge on monday. he also recommended new testing for high pressure steel in the future of all projects. he believes, in his words,
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caltrans fell on its face. more than a month after caltrans discovered 32 broken rods, it's still trying to iron out a fix. crews are keeping a close eye on the second batch of these rods made two years after the faulty ones. >> they're built to the same specifications, so why did one group of connecting rods fail, another one hasn't. >> metropolitan transportation system says it's focus here still is safety. the deadline of a labor day opening and big celebration is looming and no one knows for sure if construction crews will be ready. reporting live on treasure island, christie smith, "today in the bay." grief counselors will be at a bay prep school talking to students about the death of a school counselor. sandy padgett was found dead in
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her home early monday morning. police believe her husband killed her and then tried to kill himself. he is hospitalized in critical condition and cannot speak. pad gechlt tt was a counselor and teacher in san jose and worked there since 1998. 5:32. santa clara county sheriff's department hopes you could cahe them catch a would-be robber on north white road in san jose on february 14th. the driver quickly reversed and took off without getting hurt. deputies think the man in the video is a frequent customer of the 7-eleven and it could actually help them catch that would-be robber. police and sheriff's deputies on the lookout for a thief who could be armed and dangerous. live in palo alto, bob redell,
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where the suspect was seen earlier this week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. yes, seen by a woman who hitched a ride with him. she tells the san mateo county sheriff's office he dropped her off at vista point in skyline monday night. she called 911 because she had become nervous and frightened after he mentioned that he had a knife. when shown a photo, she was able to identify the man who picked her up as dmitry storm, a 32-year-old man who authorities want in connection to robbery with at least 10 cars from marin, santa cruz and monterey counties, all those robberies taking place since the start of april. sheriff's office is looking into whether he stole another vehicle early yesterday morning not far from where he dropped off that hitchhiker. down south in santa cruz county, our sister station is told in that area that storm has a history of violence, considered armed and dangerous. his mother, who did not want to be identified, believes otherwise and is pleading for
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her son to just turn himself in. >> just stop all this and turn yourself in. and don't put everybody in -- put yourself in harm's way and all the officers and everybody driving around you. just please stop. >> dmitry storm is also accused of threatening deputies with the sonoma county sheriff's office after allegedly steal iing a ca in windsor april 5th. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for the update. i think you'll feel the temperature drop today. >> yeah, cool. >> rob mayeda in for christina this morning. >> mid to upper 80s yesterday and 90s. 40s to near 50 outside. north winds have stopped. areas in purple here, north bay into the east bay, almost 15 to 20 degrees cooler than 24 hours
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ago. that sea breeze is pumping in more moisture, too. humidity levels have started to come back up. sea breeze will keep our temperatures in check for today. patches of low clouds inland as we head toward lunchtime. still seeing the areas of low clouds in san francisco. watch what happens here overnight into thursday. marine layer deepens up. livermore and fairfield by tomorrow morning. thursday will be even cooler than the temperatures we see today. mid 70s in san jose. mid 60s in oakland. light jacket weather for the afternoon for most locations around the inner bay. still upper 70s inland around the tri-valley and close to 80 in fairfield. plan on an even cooler day tomorrow morning. misty skies and low clouds, which may -- at times, at least, slow the morning commute along highway 17. mike? >> we'll watch for that. looking over the san mateo bridge. smooth drive across the bay. starting with the maps along the
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pen i peninsula. woodside, reports of a crash there. doesn't look like lanes are blocked with any issues there. it is in the center divide there, a single car, spinout there. moving very quickly around the interchange. east bay, we are looking over here toward livermore and dublin, which shows slowing for 84. no surprises here. although farther back, altamont, earlier track crash at a shoulder. no major injuries. major backup over the last few minutes. we'll track that as well for your build on that commute. with no major issues here, you do have a number of cars heading toward the toll plaza with the cash lane showing a little bit of a line, six or eight cars in each of those cash lanes. fast track, no problem, guys. >> thank you very much. bart passengers can now get a sneak peek at how crowded those trains are before even
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stepping on board. visit bart's new website and plan your trip through its quick trip planner program. three heads indicate it's a pretty heavy crowd. it is not in real time. instead it is using historical data which officials say is very accurate. it's time to look into the future, the future of transportation. city of mountainview now calling on the federal government to help get pod cars off the ground. we'll show them to you in a second. city council voting to request the fta offer a competitive $4 million grant to american companies developing the automated transit network technology, those pod cars allows driverless transit vehicles known as pod cars to run along those magnetic overhead rails. you know, of course, what that makes me think of, right? >> tomorrowland? >> meet george jettison. >> doesn't it, though? you're ready for elroy.
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>> his boy, elroy. love it. >> there you go. 5:38. the man who claims to be the head of one of the world's biggest hacking groups now in police custody. we'll tell you what officers say he did. plus -- [ horns blowing ] >> little bit of a wake-up call there. remember those annoying horns during the world cup in south africa? the soccer league ended up banning it. now they've created a kinder, gentler move to get the teams pumped up. and a live look outside this morning. you'll notice the temperature drop as you head out the door. 90s, 70s, where are we headed next? rob mayeda is in for christina. it's 5:39.
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5:41. federal investigators are in
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russia, talking to the mother of the accused boston bomber. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with what they told her overnight. plus the growing anger here at home over how the investigation is being handled. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with the good news. boylston street reopened after that horrific bombing, new concrete covering the spot where the first bomb went off. we have new information about that interview with the parents of the two suspects, the parents had been talking with investigators this morning and yesterday in what was said to be a friendly conversation. still questions about how tamerlan tsarnaev, the older one, was able to head to russia after being flagged by authorities in russia and the united states. now we hear the secretary of homeland security saying the flag on his travel was over a year old at the time he left and had expired after that 2011
5:40 am
intervi interview. meanwhile, lawmakers are concerned about the investigation, whether or not the agencies involved are talking to each other as they try to figure out what happened in boston and why it happened and whether these suspects were working with anyone else. no evidence of that so far. finally, today, vice president and mrs. biden headed to boston for the memorial service of that m.i.t. officer, sean collier, 26-year-old killed allegedly by these two suspects. laura? >> thank you for the very latest updates there. a funeral will be held for one of the people killed in the massive fertilizer plant explosion. kenneth harris jr. will be laid to rest following the blast that leveled most of the town last week. he was working as a volunteer firefighter at the time of that blast. at least 14 people were killed, 200 more injured in last week's explosion. an off-duty emt and san jose
5:41 am
student this morning being called heroes. they helped to evacuate a women's shelter that caught fire. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live in san jose with more details on this heroic effort to save a lot of lives out there, marla. good morning. >> reporter: about 40 or so, jon. good morning to you. this is really the case about being in the right place at the right time. it's also about location, location, location. because the kappa sigma fraternity house is right next door to this particular women's shelter near san jose state where these heroic students live. we want to show you the damage. it is pretty easy to see. we pan up here to the top floor. you can see the wood beams are burned. this is the third floor rooftop patio. fire officials say most of the damage is water damage. the top floor is where the fire started. so, it was just before 6:00 last night when stephen gifford parked his car in front of this fraternity house. he saw smoke, smelled flames,
5:42 am
grabbed a couple of his buts and immediately jumped into action, started yelling to get out. inside, 40 people, all women and children, including 14-year-old sierra harris and her 13-year-old brother. >> do you need help? i'm like, what are you talking about? he said there's a fire, there's a fire, there's a fire. i'm like really? come on, we've got to get out. there's a fire, there's a fire. >> strange twist of fate, stephen gifford is a certified emt, off-duty at the time but says he was just doing his job. >> you just want to make sure everybody gets out. >> everyone made it out okay but no one is able to stay at this shelter for now because of the damage. those people were loaded on to buses and taken to another shelter within this particular shelter network. an employee i spoke to this morning says all these families are resting comfortably this morning. the red cross has also stepped
5:43 am
in to help out. as to when they'll be able to move back in, that is yet to be determined. rob mayeda is in for christina this morning. >> summer to winter maybe. >> something like that. >> giving you froe air conditioning today, courtesy of the sea breeze, which is back, which has done a number to our inland temperatures this morning, santa rosa, napa, livermore waking up to the 40s. yesterday at this time, closer to 70. we had gusty north winds. 24-hour temperature change extreme around the north bay and east bay valleys this morning. sea breeze, not too strong right now. it's enough to push in some low clouds locally around the inner bay. these onshore winds will pick up as we head into the afternoon. that's good news for the air quality, which keeps everything in the good range from north to south, ground level ozone not a problem today. temperatures will be running
5:44 am
cooler thanks to the marine influence on our weather, 60s and 70s today. more low clouds tomorrow morning, thursday looks even cooler. could have some drizzle in a few spots for tomorrow morning's commute. low clouds continue to be out near the coastline close to san francisco. giants game today about 12:45. cool, temperature there is around 60 at game time. more low clouds pushing back in around the east bay and all the way to the altamont pass and carcenas strait tomorrow morning. misty skies at times. mostly sunny, but cooler. mid to upper 70s around the tri-valley. numbers close to 80 in pleasanton. much cooler, though, oakland to san francisco. highs today low to mid 60s. close to 72 in santa rosa. big drop in temperatures from the last couple of days. temperatures will continue the cooling trend on into thursday. may actually feel chilly for a change. as we get into the weekend, high pressure builds back.
5:45 am
weekend plans, will see 80s back in the forecast for saturday. mike? >> a little over here toward the tri-valley, your slowing shows up for westbound 580 over toward greenville. talk about the earlier traffic break after the crash. moves over to the shoulder. now these folks are headed west over toward north livermore. there is a report of a crash there. that may be an issue as folks head here, hearing about it on the radio, they may bail out ear early, which causes more folks to head toward livermore. shift in the parntd. 84 and over toward dublin, the build is on for the tri-valley. moving you south, no problems through sunol. northbound route 101, first burst that's kicking in a little bit right now. both directions of 87 slow. increase in volume. slowing between downtown and capitol expressway. 280, slow here. live look. we'll show you there is, indeed, headlights heading toward the area. we'll see if it sticks around.
5:46 am
no big surprises here. peninsula is clear up to the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll end with this shot of the cash lanes. fak fast track is not a problem. we'll show you this as it builds, though. back to you. >> thank you. police in australia say they have captured the head of an sbrshl hacking elective. they will not release the name but say he is the head of a group claiming responsibility for attacks against the government such as the cia and companies such as sony pictures and nintendo. >> we are not dealing with small, petty crime here. potential for such access has huge ramifications for society. >> the contract was reportedly in a position of trust in an international company and had access to sensitive information from clients, including government agencies. police are on the lookout for a notable piece of bay area sports history. it's the plaque honoring former
5:47 am
giants star barry bonds at at&t park. it's missing. this is where it used to hang. you can kind of see where, right beyond center field. the memorial marks spots where bonds hit his record setting 756 career home run. it was stolen, though, some time last week. giants say they're actually in the process of replacing it, not involving police, saying it would be, quote, a waste of taxpayer money. the team is planning on look in at a week's worth of security video to try to catch the thief. sport scene, good news, warriors back in the bay area all tied up in that playoff series with the nuggets at one game a piece. they went into denver and stole one. putting on a show. they hammered the nuggets 131-117, shoot iing a playoff franchise record 65% from the field. that is called on fire. next two games will be at oracle arena. they've stolen that home court advantage. ball is in their court, game
5:48 am
three friday night at 7:30. to the ice. the sharks heading into the playoffs now for the ninth straight year. congratulations, fellows. they beat the stars 3-2 last night in a come-from-behind victory. they stole two goals in the final minute of the game. that's the way you do it. late last night, the team announcing tickets. playoff ticket time for the first game of the series will go on sale friday morning at 10:00. they'll have two more games before the postseason actually starts. tonight's game against the phoenix coyotes. >> remember those loud horns the fans used during the last world cup? >> yeah. >> we may have found a row placement for them. yellow and green percussion struchlt, singing there with it. those will be used during the 2014 soccer world cup hosted by brazil. kind of like the rain sticks a little bit. >> looks like it would be good for a party. >> this makes a rattling sound, designed to be a little kinder
5:49 am
to the ear than the vuvuzela horn that was popular during the 2010 world cup in south africa. that horn was, let's say, irritating to some. it was banned by the european soccer governing board. because it was so loud, so many people in the bay area waking up happy about that. >> i like the shakers. told you about it yesterday. now we'll show you the video of the all solar powered plane and that smooth flight over the by area. >> great video. stick around for that. plus a rare defeat for tesla, ahead in business.
5:50 am
5:51 am
does not use a single drop of fuel. did you happen to see it over the bay area yesterday? the solar impulse actual ly spet
5:52 am
16 hours flying around the bay area. it has a wing span of a 747 jet but uses power equal to an electric scooter. >> that was just fun to watch. look at that. >> yes, it is. glider there. uses the sun's rays, of course, to charge its 12,000 solar cells. when the sun goes down, it uses a charge that's stored in batteries. the plane is scheduled to take off next week for a cross-country flight. state slogan may be virginia may be for lovers but, guess what, it's not for tesla. the car company will not be allowed to open a dealership there. scott mcgrew is here to explain exactly why. >> virginia says cars have to be sold by private car dealers not car companies. california has no problem with that. here is the tesla showroom in santana row. the car company is working on changing texas law as well. but in virginia this morning, the company gets a big fat no. the head of the dmv there says
5:53 am
tesla did not prove a private franchisee couldn't do as good a job as a company-owned tesla store. many states have very specific, very old laws that prohibit car companies from selling their own cars. it's designed to protect the dealers. in many ways, it's similar to baseball. you can't just start a team or open a dealership anywhere you want to. you have to have the blessing of other car dealers and have to do so in a territory not already claimed by another dealer selling the car. apple shares gaining overnight after the company said it would up its dividend and increase its stock buy back. apple said on the phone call yesterday it would become one of the biggest dividend companies in the world. now sales, those weren't so hot, jon and laura. nor were profits that fell for the first time since about 10 years now. but apple is paying back a lot of that extra cash to invest.
5:54 am
>> people like to hear that, too. >> yes, they do. >> thank you very much. took time to check in with rob mayeda in for christina loren. >> koler finish of the day today, highs only in the 60s. moving through the afternoon, mid 70s in san jose, upper 70s inland around the tri-valley. expect a cooler day tomorrow with morning clouds. we turn warmer approaching the start of the weekend. mike? san jose, 101 very smooth. traffic flow is moving nicely as well through the south bay. 101 a little slow. 87 not a problem now. that's what we expect to see for the south bay. additional slowing through livermore, crash over at first street. sounds like it is, guys, over on the shoulder. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:57. the scam that could be costing you, next. the latest details after a deadly building collapse in bangladesh. dozens of people right now dead. the search is on for many more. that update is coming up for you, next.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
at least 87 killed. he's just trying to get away. he is just in escape mode. >> a crime spree suspect on the run. is he hiding out on the peninsula? what his mother is saying about his mental state and new details about his recent encounter with a local woman. plus, first it was busted bolts. now it could be something else. we'll tell you about the latest roadblock to construction on the bay bridge expansion. some places around the bay area running 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at the same time. i'll have a look at your forecast coming up. >> seeing low clouds.
5:58 am
not an issue for drivers on the east shore freeway. crash in livermore causing a backup. live look outside. over san francisco. drop in those temperatures today. you made it to wednesday, halfway through your workweek, april 24th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-canngarcia-can >> and i'm jon kelley. the death toll rising to more than 87 after a building collapses in bangladesh t's possible that death toll, unfortunately, may continue rising. right now, firefighters and soldiers working very hard, using drilling machines and cranes, trying to search for any survivors. the building houses several garment factories, some of which operate 24 hours a day and makes
5:59 am
clothing for benaton, the children's place and the dress barn. some of the workers there are telling local media they saw deep cracks in that building the day before the collapse. one worker says he voiced his concerns, but the factory manager telling him that building was, in fact, safe. so far, no word on those claims from the owner of the building. >> at 6:01, armed, dangerous and on the run. police in the peninsula are looking for a man they say is responsible for a crime spree five counties wide. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us, and now a plea from the suspect's mother. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. last sighting monday night, a woman who hitched a ride from the suspect tells the san mateo county sheriff's office he dropped her off at the clouds vista point on skyline here in palo alto. she called the sheriff's office,


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