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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 24, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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reporting live, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. now to a developing story we've been covering all morning long. more than 87 dead after an eight-story building clanses overnight in bangladesh. likely that number could be getting higher. right now firefighters and soldiers working hard using drills, machines and cranes. they are searching for any possible survivors. the building houses several garment factories, some of which operate 24 hours a day and make clothing for benton, the children's place and the dress barn. some of the workers there telling local media they did see some deep cracks in that building the day before the collapse. one of the workers said he voiced his concerns but a factory manager there reportedly told him the building was, in fact, safe. so far no word on the claims for the owner of the building. in boston a few signs of normalcy returning to the street, that street where the bombs went off. now back open to the public.
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>> this as mourners gather at mit to remember the officers killed by the bombing suspects. nbc jay gray in boston with the latest. there is an energy back along boylston street today, nine days after the terror attack here boston has reclaimed copley square. >> there's always hope. whenever there's a tragedy, there's always hope in it. >> reporter: there are also still scars here. plywood covers shattered window, new brick and cement replaced a spot on the sidewalk charred by the blast. outside evidence, city crews say, of an inner resolve. >> people of boston are strong like cement. strong people. everybody gets together. >> reporter: right now they gather around the flowers, flags and banners that have been scattered outside the site. all those makeshift memorials moved to a park near the blast overwhelming for many, returning to the area for the first time. >> i don't think i realized what it would be like to actually see
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the blast. everything closed. the rowses back there are really hard. >> so much is so hard right now. this afternoon, thousands are gathering on the campus of mit. vice president biden will join them for a memorial to honor murdered campus police officer sean collier and all the victims of the attack. standing together or silent alone, the message is the same. >> the concept of boston strong is really a good concept for the city at this time. i think it's something that really is going to help the city recuperate and heal. >> a big part of that process is unfolding right now along boylston street. >> reporter: now, city officials expect repair work to continue in this area but they say it's just as important for life to continue here as well. jay gray, nbc news, boston. okay, jay gray, thank you very much. closer to home, teachers at
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a bay area middle school so fed up with on campus violence, they are now taking their cause to the street. staff at alliance academy in east oakland say there's been a recent spike in safety issues on campus that includes drug, weapons and violence there. they say it's reached levels like they have never seen before. while the school district provides security, teachers say that's just not enough to stop the problem. >> we need programs on campus, we need a plan on campus to prevent and respond to these issues such that the safety concerns do not get in the way of education. >> some of the problems are just emblematic of what goes on in the community and some are specific to this site and feeling that we can work on it and fix. >> they point out it has met with the school staff and right now presenting preliminary solutions. police and sheriff's deputies all over the bay area are on the lookout for a serial
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car thief who made his mark in at least five bay area counties. 42-year-old dmitry storm stole a mercedes later found in pallet alt. also in sonoma, marin and santa cruz. >> the santa cruz sheriff's department hoping you can help them catch a would be robber. deputies releasing surveillance video hoping someone can take a look at this guy and recognize him. they want to talk to him. they say his friend pulled a gun on a driver outside of 7-eleven on north san jose road april 15th. that driver quickly reversed and took off without getting hurt. deputies think the man in this video is a frequent customer of that 7-eleven and could help them catch the would be robber. also in san jose, an off duty emergency medical technician and some of the students at san jose state are
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being hailed heroes this morning. they ran into a homeless shelter that caught fire to warn people inside to get out. it happened just before 6:00 last night at the villa, a shelter for women and children and also homeless people. thanks to quick thinking, no one was hurt. stephen gifford was parking his car in front of kappa sigma fraternity and on his way to class when he saw smoke and flames. >> it was running. i'm a certified emt, kind of trained to take on situations like that. act first, think second. >> we like that he's a giants fan as well. gifford and a few others ran in the building knocking on doors. everyone got out and san jose firefighters quickly put out the flames. the cause still being investigated. but firefighters think it may have started on that rooftop patio you just saw. the 40 people inside are staying at another shelter. >> talked to those fellows jumping into action. nice work. new details, something known as patient dumping. it's a practice reportedly now
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being used by nevada hospital impacting the bay area. the sacramento b reporting at least five of the more than 1500 patients sent out of state on greyhound buses ended up in san jose. the rawson neal psychiatric hospital shipping patients all over the country in the past five years, including more than 200 to los angeles and 36 of them to san francisco. san francisco's district attorney now investigating those reports and is considering legal action. the silicon valley may not be as green as we think literally. a new study shows only about 15 and a half percent of san jose is shaded with trees. in comparison about 60% of the city is covered with buildings, asphalt or concrete. the study which uses lasers to map trees from the area found that the willow glen and rose garden areas of san jose had the most greenery, whereas central san jose has the least. mayor chuck reed says he hopes
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to plant 100,000 trees by 2022 to reduce the city's carbon footprints. new this morning speaking of keeping it green, mixed results as the american lung association released its annual state of the air report which breaks down air quality all across the country. the report is showing overall the air we breathe is now much cleaner than it was a decade ago, even in busier areas like l.a. and the bay area. however, the report also showing four out of ten people that live in counties, they now live in counties that have unhealthy levels of smog and soot. some polluted bakersfield, fresno, l.a. and modesto. all of them ranked top ten, more like bottom ten. you can see how crowded b.a.r.t. trains are being stepping on board. bob redell joins us live on b.a.r.t. to show us how it works. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, marla. b.a.r.t. is beta testing a new feature on its online quick planner. now when you go online and choose a trip, on the 1057 bayfair to fremont train, there will be an icon. you can see it right over there. they will tell you just how crowded the train is expected to be. if there are three heads in that icon, it's expected to be heavily crowded, two heads moderate. clearly one head means lightly crowded. of course, it's true. there's hardly anyone on this train. there's only a few people, plenty of seats available. it should be noted this is based on historical data, not realtime data. it's not like b.a.r.t. has somebody checking turnstile and info rider levels. well, how new is this data? is this from a year ago? they said, no, it's generated every quarter. the data at the oldest would
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only be about three months old. transit agency launching this -- we're pulling into union city. the transit is launching this because so many people are riding its trains. they are seeing record levels of ridership. they have been seeing these record levels since the fall. it hopes people will use this tool to shift their ride times and perhaps spread out the crowds to trains that are less full. of course, this could be especially beneficial to people who have bicycles, because clearly they need the most room. again, you go on online on your mobile phone or website, desktop at home or work and that icon is there. again, they said generally it is predictive, not in realtime but based on historical information it seems to work, at least for us today. granted this is mid-morning, late morning train. generally these aren't full. reporting live, bob redell. >> all right, bob. thank you very much. i sure hope he didn't miss his
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stop. 1200 square miles large. coming up, we'll tell you why yosemite might be getting even bigger. virgin american airlines lets you send a drink to almost anyone on the plane. we'll take a look coming up. and we're seeing cooling changes in the forecast today. you may be surprised by just how cool our temperatures get as you wrap up the workweek. we'll have a look at that in the forecast coming up. and we are following breaking news. take a look. this is in san francisco. reports of a three-alarm fire on vallejo at laguna. you can see the smoke coming up among the blue skies out there in san francisco. this is basically marina pacific heights neighborhood. our crews are on this,000. we'll be gathering more information. again, a three-alarm fire on vallejo in san francisco. stay with us for more coverage.
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more changes could soon be happening, yosemite national park. it's already big. it could be getting a little bigger. u.s. senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer both want to expand that park for the first time in 75 years. a bill introduced just yesterday would add nearly 1600 acres to the western side of that park. the map here for you, see a little highlighted yellow area on the map. that's where it would be. if approved, the bill would incorporate two separate areas of privately owned land that's located within the tiny yellow space, including 800 acres recently purchased by a conservation group. >> morgan hill may have made the world's fastest bike. scott mcgrew says you don't even have a flat. >> reporter: showing it at 6:00. it's called a turbo. it's electric and can reach speeds of 30 miles an hour. that is super fast on a bike. the bad news, it costs more than a decent used car, more than
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$7,000. san francisco-based virgin america has unveiled a new feature where you can use the seat back video system not just to order yourself a drink but to send a drink to anyone else. you are presented with a map of the seats and you click the seat and send the attractive person who caught your eye a gin and tonic. please, not the copilot or pilot. how about this app, go comics, gives you online to calvin and hobbs and our hometown dilbert and peanuts as well. fox trot, another one. good one, guys. i know people don't read cartoons much anymore. now youave them on the iphone when you're waiting in line. >> hi, scott. >> i miss that sunday mornings breaking out the funny ads. >> you can still do it. >> i still can. i'm just not able to read. looks like it's chilly and windy. >> sea breeze pushing in cooler marine air for most of the bay area. exceptions to the rule,
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fairfield and livermore in the 70s. many locations in the north bay and south bay, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. it's all because of that sea breeze which has been quite strong at times in and around san francisco. west winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. fairfield, seeing a southwest wind. low clouds west of the golden gate down the coastline today, probably not the best beach day. this is going to be the story for the next couple of days as the low clouds have come back and that marine layer is going to thicken up. we do have a giants game, early afternoon start, first pitch, madison bum gardener on the mound. 12:45 start time, breezy out at the ballpark. the forecast for the afternoon, low clouds west of the going until evening. we'll probably start to see low clouds spill inland heading into tomorrow morning you can see the surge of low clouds moving further inland. i do think we'll have areas of drizzle to contend with tomorrow morning. today's high temperatures dropping out mid to upper 70s
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inland. warmest places fair fooemd and antioch, quite cool. san francisco sea breeze early on in the day. going right now. by the evening we've dropped into the mid-50s by 6:00 in san francisco. tomorrow's temperatures with the clouds sticking around longer, running cooler. as we head into the weekend, high pressure builds back, temperatures climb, which means we should see 80s in the forecast as we approach saturday afternoon. back to you. >> very good. thank you, ron. back to breaking news we're following in san francisco. that's where crews are battling the three-story apartment fire near pacific heights. just a minute ago, we could see quite a bit of smoke billowing in the air. looks like that's under control. this is near vallejo, laguna, right there on the rooftop as john points out, the smoke is there. i missed that. these are live pictures from one of our roof cameras. currently three alarms, no word on any injuries yet. we do have a crew headed to the scene and we will update you as information comes into the
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newsroom again. this is vallejo and laguna and san francisco's laguna heights. >> based on the camera bouncing you might have to battle wind issues. >> 10 to 15 miles per hour there. by now you've probably seen this video. >> nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high-definition. [ bleep ]. >> good evening. >> every time -- i've seen it 100 times and it's still funny. a.j. clemente made what he's calling a rookie mistake, first night anchoring. he's gotten all kinds of love, on the "today" show. opened up about what led to his obscene word he let slip out. got him fired for the job. he said, look, there's no excuse. it was a perfect storm of things going wrong before the newscast. there was no one to cue him on set and no earpiece. the show started 30 seconds early. >> the london marathon was my second story.
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there is literally three names i don't know how to pronounce at all. >> so you're trying to pronounce them, practicing them. as you kept messing them up you got frustrated thinking you still had time on the air and that's when it came out of your mouth. >> fireball shot came out of my mouth. >> to be clear, there were reports he had used the word gay at the very top of the show, but that actually wasn't the case. clemente was practicing announcing the name of the winner of the london marathon, which is pronounced like that of about the newscast. >> so far recovering pretty good. on the "today" show, david letterman tonight. >> is that what i need to do to make it to the "today" show? the boss is watching. >> still to come, speaking of hearing things, that annoying musical instrument last world cup? organizers say they found a way to tone it down. maybe a better solution. upcoming action for soccer tournament after this break. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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welcome back. the warriors are back in the bay area this morning tied in their playoff series in the nuggets at one game apiece. they put on a show last night in denver. did you see this? they hammered nuggets, 131-117 shooting the playoff franchise record 65%. >> what were they shooting? what? >> 65. >> fuego. >> game three friday night at 7:30. nice work, gentlemen. remember the loud horns used in last year's world cup. good news here. looks like they found something less destructive on the eardrums. a musician creating this yellow and green percussion like a
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moroc morocco. this one kinder to the ears because of the vuvuzela horn. they should get rid of it because of what it's called. it was later banned by the european soccer governing board so now it's just moroccos. >> much more relaxes.
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you'll love this one, a warm and fuzzy story. for years animal planet offered something different to watch on super bowl sunday called puppy bowl. breaking news. looks like these cute dogs have competition. >> hall mark channel said it will be offering kitten ball on next year's super bowl sunday. no word on how the kitten bowl will go down. like the puppy bowl, it will include animals from shelters that need new homes. >> these make you saw ah. >> they are so sweet. they look a little big. animal planet responded to the plan seeing the feline rivals
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are copy cats. get it. >> i see what you're doing with that. of course they are big. it's super bowl. some might be drug tested, could be steroids. >> thanks so much for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. have a great day, everybody. bye.
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