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tv   Today  NBC  April 25, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio, 1a. >> hello, everybody. it's wines-day wednesday, just in time for me to feel better. i want to thank all of you for the best wishes yesterday. i didn't tell everybody i wasn't feeling well for sympathy. i just wanted to create suspense that i might barf at some point in the hour. >> you're all back? >> it's one of those things where i thought you never know how it's going to go.
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i found the key is less than 24 hours, just drink water. no fizzy stuff, no crackers, don't do anything. >> sometimes that works. you don't put anything that might have a desire to come up. thanks, everybody. >> a.j. clemente was the anchor at bismarck. >> for one day. >> it ended quickly. it ended in a matter of seconds. >> morality failed for all of us. >> he cursed on the air. his explanation was they came on 30 seconds before they were supposed to and he was unaware they were on the air. he was cursing, because he was trying to pronounce the name of the marathon winner. he couldn't say it. >> he also dropped the f-bomb.
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>> so letterman had some fun with this young man. >> right down letterman's alley. let's see. >> here's what happens. take a look. >> a.j. clemente was fired by kfyr after this unfortunate incident on his first day. >> [ bleep ]. after being relieved of the position, he said he's now proud to curse for you. he will curse at your corporate events, birthday parties. [ bleep ] bar mitzvahs [ bleep ] or just to tell that special someone you love her. act now and get half off golf appearances by tiger woods. don't delay and book today. >> oh, my gosh. hopefully he's having a sense of humor about it, because he was with savannah and matt earlier, and he did explain why, sort of. >> kind of.
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>> i was looking down and i'm going over my script, my co-anchor happens to be looking at the camera and she notices the red light came on. we came on 30 seconds early. i'm going on, the london marathon is my second story. there is literally three names i don't know how to pronounce at all. >> you're practicing. as you kept messing them up, you got frustrated, and you thought you had time before you went on the air. >> and fireball shot came right out of my mouth. >> fireball shot. >> okay. you know what? i feel for the guy, i really do. it will be interesting to see what happens as a result. i think most people feel like [ bleep ] -- shoot, that could have been me. we all make mistakes. you wonder how systemic that is in him. >> it was his first day. we've all had horrible weekends.
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>> he had been on the weekend before. >> and he was promoted. >> you kind of wonder who should lose their job, poor a.j. or the person who hired him. oh, gosh. jimmy fallon was having some fun, as he tends to do. >> can't the man have a career without us? >> i don't think so. let's look. >> let's take a look at the pros and cons of nbc earth week. pro -- a recycling plant can store millions of bottles. con -- so can kathie lee and hoda's wine fridge. >> it's all organic. >> and judge not lest ye be judged. >> and we have some more -- >> my liver is in shock. >> we ran out. this is all that's left. >> it's a special. tell me how it is, hoda woman.
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she was drinking before the show. i sigh lipstick spots on before it. >> all right. let's talk about some kids at a dance. there's a dance that is going on among eighth graders at a school in new jersey, and the principal of the middle school decided he didn't like how risque some of the girls were dressing, so she told them that they should have straps. you can't wear a strapless dress, you must have straps, and she decided the dresses would be distracting to boys. that's why the girls should make sure that they wore straps, which would apparently change how the men felt if there was a tiny piece of cloth there. >> just put them in hazmat suits and call it a night. it does trouble me that the
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sexualization of young people long before they are -- basically have not even grown their brains yet and they're already so sexually active. i do understand what she's trying to say, but it's not really here from up that's the problem really. some of the prom dresses are so short that it's far more revealing -- >> yeah, i think so. >> if i were a true -- at that school, that's what i would do. i would take my strapless dress and shorten it like crazy. take that fabric and make straps, but i would have it up to the wazoo. ♪ if i were a slut girl ♪ la, la, la, la, >> this is a very serious news story. >> for someone to say put on a
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sweater over your dress, i just wouldn't want that to interfere with my daughter's self-esteem. i would never let my daughter walk out of the house in something inappropriate. >> for guys, they're not going to do anything inappropriate. >> i don't want to waste my money just because i bought a dress that doesn't have straps. >> apparently they just announced this, and a lot of kids had already purchased their dress. >> their dance isn't until june. i think it's strange. >> and it's being held at a venue away from the school. the school apparently is not paying for it? is that right? we don't know. we're not sure. i think separate and apart from anything that is not at the school. >> here's the school's statement -- the school district has a policy regarding dress code which is universally applied to the school day and school events. we regret that a small number of families are upset by this, and we welcome their input and
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communication. the board of education regularly reviews and revises this policy. >> sorry. no, i think there's classy and there's trashy. >> and straps don't make it one or the other. >> and you know it when you see it. i've seen some beautiful dresses that are strapless, and some trashy long ones. >> let's show that picture of j.lo in the versace thing. >> we do want to know what you think. is the principal doing the right thing, telling girls they need to wear straps? >> i think the motivation is right, i think she just didn't think it through. let's talk about "the voice." >> no, beyonce. beyonce is upset, okay? apparently when she was performing at the super bowl there were some photographs taken by photographers, and she didn't like them because she
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looked like that, and like that. so, anyway, she said this was a group called bud -- they said here are the pictures that beyonce doesn't want you to see. and she was upset. >> you know, that's part of being a celebrity. there's unflattering pictures of you, anyway. forget about it and keep moving on. she's a beautiful woman, an amazing talent. she just drew attention to it, and we wouldn't be talking about it if she hadn't made something about it. >> we all have terrible photos taken, but whatever it is, and especially if you're her, we know you're gorgeous and we know the pictures aren't great. >> anybody in one second can be caught in an unflattering -- >> but i think it's speaking to a bigger issue. >> that's my concern.
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we love beyonce. i didn't love the title of her last show, i don't like the dress she's wearing in the tour, i get upset, i think she's brilliantly talented, but she's so talented she doesn't need to go down that road. >> trying to control the situation. let her talent speak. >> yes. there are talented people on "the voice." >> that's what i hear. these are the battle rounds. they sang a song? spanish written by shakira, or sung by her, anyway. let's listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay. so the little girl, the smaller woman -- >> we could hardly hear her in here. all i heard was the second girl singing. >> this is a really big dramatic moment. so the smaller girl, the shorter girl ended up the littler one, and -- >> let's say vertically challenged. >> she was chosen by shakira. it was over, the other one was crying, so she's leaving the stage, she's free to be stolen and everyone sits there. she's walking away. it's over. she's walking away and usher's staring at his button and hits it and saves her. she's crying again. it's drama, when you lose and then you win. it's so exciting.
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she won. >> so they're all moving forward. >> those are. >> is that it? >> yeah. so they sang "wanted you more" by lady antebellum. ♪ something in you must have changed ♪ ♪ all the words unspoken ♪ promises broken ♪ i cry for long ♪ wasted too much ♪ not knowing what went wrong the second girl i thought -- she sounds like trisha yearwood and then sounded like kelly clarkson. i liked the guy, a lot of soulfulness.
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so what happened there? >> well, who do you like? who would you have picked? >> honestly we're -- enough, so i have to go with the second girl. >> you're right. that's who adam chose. >> what about the morgan kids, the blond kids. >> they got booted. that's over, out. should we say congrats? >> yes, yes, yes. we love our curtis stone. we feel like we own him. >> we made him. >> actually tammy did. >> but we absolutely love him to pieces. he's done one of the most unbelievable cookbooks, "what's for dinner" and he made the "new york times" list. bobbi will, too. >> she's on a roll. >> number 19 or something. >> she's rockin' it. >> hi, sara. >> hi, guys. i'm here to remind you the most deserving mom contest sponsored by
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[ female announcer ] real fruit flavors. real tea leaves. and real honey. lipton tea & honey, it's all here. ♪ feel the refreshing taste of lipton tea & honey. are proven to be effective pain relievers. tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain. bayer advanced aspirin blocks pain at the site. try the power of bayer advanced aspirin. ♪ i believe in miracles ♪ since you came along ♪ you sexy thing as you might already know gwyneth paltrow was revealed as "people" magazine's world's most beautiful woman.
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she's having a great year. >> there were a few surprises this time around. julie jordan is a senior writer at "people." hello. >> this always causes a firestorm, because people's idea of beauty differs. it's a very subjective thing. >> we never get arguments in the fall with the world's sexiest man. >> remember who you're talking about, but everyone is deserving. >> beyonce was last year? >> um-hmm. >> how is she still not the most beautiful woman in the world? >> it's a reign, and then you gracefully step aside. kind of like the miss america pageant. >> tell us about the choosing. >> this is her mom. "iron man 3" is coming out. her cookbook was on the number one list. she has really embraced her role as mom. i was with her, her kids came
2:23 am
and played. they were normal kids. >> how old? >> she's 8 and 7. >> she is like 25 years old. >> it looks like she doesn't wear a lot of makeup. >> her mom is a beautiful woman. >> she says she works hard at it. this is her job, and she's first to admit that exercise sucks. she hates it. >> does she do yoga? >> the tracy anderson movement. >> that makes her on some lists the most annoying. some people say i wish -- i'm not trying to put her down for it, but i'm trying to explain why -- >> she's a working mom, too, so she has guilt the same way as all of us do. >> halle berry, first-timers like tim mcgraw and justin timberlake.
2:24 am
>> tim credits his wife for changing his life. >> he stopped drinking. >> all healthy. and justin is with jessica. they really have a good relationship. >> i love the fairy tales. >> i do, too. >> a couple seconds, but who is henry cavill? >> he's the new superman. >> tell us about him. >> henry is adorable. it's fun. this year we asked everyone what have you learned to embrace about yourself? so traits and personality quirks, and he said he's a complete geek. i'm not sure we'll see him as a geek, but that's who he is on the inside. >> julie, you're adorable. >> thank you. thank you. >> julie, thanks. >> great to see you. we're about to check out the hilarious photos you sent us. >> oh, no. >> "what the what?"
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it's that time when we check out all the photos and say "what the what?" sara has several. >> the first is the win the caption from last week. michelle had the winning -- how dare hoda give me this hand-me-down book. >> now, that i like. funny. we'll reveal the next caption one that we love. that's what you get for -- >> she was sharing. >> moving on to our first photo in hastings, minnesota. look at the condoms right next to the kids' stuff. isn't it a little late for this? >> they call it a pleasure pack. great.
2:30 am
great. >> of course they do. >> ultra-ribbed kind. >> sorry, hoda, we're throwing you down. the nebs photo is right here, which is -- this is how kathie lee feels during -- >> what kind of segment has this turned into? the next one is the thompson -- whoever stole our plunger, not funny. return it. hurry. you know beep is going down when they put it on the sign. >> i like they said whomever. this is the photo for next week. submit your captions. >> cutest thing ever. we'll be right back.
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♪ we keep waitin' ♪ on the world to change we're back with more of "today." we're ready to play "who knew?" we thought we would find out how much you know about saving the
2:33 am
planet. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. for those who don't, they get her cd. lucky dogs. here to help me out is cofounder of the sharing site >> it's a great earth week so far. >> adam hasn't seen the crowd. just kidding. a lovely lady from ontario. how many trees are saved per every ton of recycled paper? 5, 10, 13 or 17 trees? how would the average person know? >> i would say 13 trees. >> you're close, though. but your grandchild will love this. >> all right. >> so 17 trees? >> it's amazing what we can do with recycling. just be recycling a ton of paper, we also save 7,000 gallons of water and 3,000
2:34 am
gallons of oil. and we can do better at recycling. >> we'll work on that. >> she knows from texas i'm having trouble. true or false. >> 37 two-liter bottles produce one square yard of carpet? >> true. >> how did you know that? >> it's written on the card. >> do you work for 1-800-empire. >> no, but it's 50/50. >> the answer is true. we actually have 36 two-liter bottles over there. i didn't know you make carpet out of the bottles. >> you can do amazing things with plastics. we shouldn't be throwing them away. about 75% of the bottles end up in the garbage. this is a good moment for re-using thing. >> since everyone started drinking bottled water, that's all over the place. back across the street. >> another lady from ontario.
2:35 am
how quickly can glass go from recycling bin back to a store shelf? >> i'm going to go with the safe answer of c, four months. >> this will surprise you, i think. >> the answer here, 30 days? >> this is where glass is really incredible. most of the glass we're drinking out of has recycled glass out of it. so our challenge right now is to use more and more of it. >> do most people have recycling capabilities in their neighborhoods? >> the rate is about 34%, here in new york it's about 15%. that's one thing that mayor bloomberg is committed to doing better on. >> look at this face on this beautiful girl from portland. her birthday was earth day. so happy birthday. >> thank you. >> true or false, recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to keep a 100-watt bulb burning for four hours? >> true. >> she's not just gorgeous, she's smart too.
2:36 am
>> she's absolutely right. this also brings to the forefront the really critical aid to climate change. to make glass you have to heat sand up to 2600 degrees, and it takes a lot of energy to do it. >> this is a girl from portland's mom, who says she wants the whole world to know that her daughter is single. not for long, honey. how much can recycling divert from a landfill? >> i will go with 20 million. >> i don't think so. you're going to love this. >> we have so much stuff. i read recently that the average american has 62 legos, and there's enough lego -- 62 for every man, woman and child in
2:37 am
the planet that have already been created. so instead of storing stuff out, we need to share more effectively and use them together. coming up next, the best apps to save you as much as 50% off your next vacation, coming up right after this. ♪ i want to get away ♪ i want to fly away n and a ha. people have chosen it again and again for over eight years. its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients. simple. put them together and it's a great combination. try a sip... then decide.
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if you were planning your summer vacation, you probably noticed that airfares and hotel rates are pretty steep. >> but you can save big bucks just by knowing where to look and where to book. here with the best web sites and apps is sarah, "travel & leisure's" digital editor. >> so you click online. >> i have a couple great resources. the first is get going.
2:42 am
this is for flights. if you're flexible and like me, you have a hard time deciding where you want to go. put in something like your dates and caribbean hotels. it would offer two different options. and then you put in all your credit card information, and it will give you one of the two options for up to 40% off. >> wow. >> so it helps you make that decision. >> exactly. >> there is no decision. it's right there. >> it's nonrefundable, so make sure. >> hoda, be careful. >> you want to see side by side comparisons sometimes. >> pinterest. if you love to find things online, it allows you to pin certain itinerary, share them with people you are hoping to travel with, and watch as the prices go up or down, so you're knowledgeable. >> is this just a seasonal thing, or are there other factors involved? >> there are other factors involved. of course there's price --
2:43 am
whether or not there's demand. there's -- >> so lots of things. >> flights are changing all the time. >> exactly. >> if you want to pick a specific seat, if you like a certain seat. >> hoda likes an aisle seat because her legs are so long and gorgeous. >> put it's called so it will show you the seats where you'll have more legroom, better picks, so you'll never make that decision and never have to be in the back of the plane again. >> if you're interested in being close to great food options, hipmunk will show you fares on the areas where you want to visit. they also offer great discounts and they'll show you how others pricing that exact motel. >> would you say if you were going to rome in july, would you book right now or wait to see what's going on?
2:44 am
>> i like to monitor things over time to see how rates go up and down. and then, you know, the closer you get to the time, the more expensive your hotel will be. >> the closer you get. >> if you want to book a hotel, but don't care specifically i need to be in this hotel -- >> this is a fun website called guest mob. they group hotels together. so you can basically book a room, sort of a collective, and then you get that rate at any group of hotels that you've agreed upon. >> and if you're going overseas and have a language barrier, there an app to help you out? >> this is actually maybe you would have to see the video demonstration, word lens. it uses a video camera, and you lift it up to the sign and basically translate it. >> i've heard about this. >> you'll never have to order that mystery meat ever again. >> that's so smart.
2:45 am
>> great to see you. you've never looked prettier than today. >> you do look beautiful today. we have dating advice if you're back on the market in the boomer years. >> what do you think? >> what are you saying? >> like you don't know. good morning to you, i'm meet rojt alex wilson. we're watching for rain and snow showers around the fwrakz and a few right along the east coast up in the parts of new england. many areas staying true, atlantic, central part of the country. over to the west coast, thinkings quiet. denver, you're at 62. 66 for salt lake city. and stay to the low to mid cities from boston to new york to d.c. tomorrow rain showers on tap,
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even thunderstorms through the central part of the country. temperatures around dallas will be in the mid-70s. upper 50s for kansas city and mid-60s for chicago. into the day saturday things will be soggy, 62 for atlanta with the rain showers and cloud cover. 82 for new orleans. and mid to upper 60s for parts of california. son kund things dry across most the west coast. watch for rain showers with temperatures arranged mid-60s in seattle. southeast, rain showers and cools temps for atlanta. d.c. in the low 70s. start the new work and school week with some rain showers out ther once again for southeast spots, even edging close to portions of the d.c. metro area, southern parts of west virginia. new orleans 78. same for houston. minneapolis, 76. on tuesday rain and snow into
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parts of the west and of course rain showers through the nation's mid section. highs near 68 in boston. 74 in washington, d.c. each weekday morning you can wake up with al and stephanie at 5:340 eastern. hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. isn't that for digestive health? yeah and did you know trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut
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♪ but i still haven't found ♪ what i'm looking for when you were in your 20s and 30s, your plan was probably to fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. that's funny. >> yeah. but more and more women are finding themselves on the dating scene in the boomer years, wondering why won't guys date women their own age. >> what's with that? >> don't say it wrongly, it's aarp magazine. nice to see you both. >> ken's here for a good reason. >> ken's looking for love. >> you've been in the dating pool for many, many years.
2:50 am
you're divorced, you finally hit the jackpot? >> i did, and it's with a fellow boomer. i think the cultural history we share is terrific. >> you were -- you were young -- were they bouncer not boomer? >> i mostly dated boomers, you didn't have to explain that mccartney was just a solo act. >> i imagine it makes them feel more youthful. >> absolutely. i think when you get out there and date and you're a man, i think there's a rumor that men only want to date younger women, and that scares women. it's not true. >> as you evolved as a human being, has your thought process evolved as well? not just looks or firm bodies? have you learned something, ken? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> because he's adorable.
2:51 am
>> actually the woman i'm in a relationship now with is my very best friend, something i don't think i enjoyed in the past, so picking somebody who is also a friend, it's about trust. >> camaraderie. >> wasn't it intriguing to date a younger woman. when you look at pictures, they look just thrilled to be standing next to that girl? >> no, really i didn't go there. i had one date with a younger woman, but that was it. it was too uncomfortable. >> what's in it for the women when they're dating an older man? do they have their hand on the wallet? is it about that? >> i think we live in times when people like to experiment with different things. i think a lot of women feel it is a status symbol to go out with someone older than them, and there can be some benefits, but the more you have in common with someone, the better the likelihood it will work out.
2:52 am
>> did you think, ken, 25 years now dating, that's what my life will be about, the simple thing? >> well, it takes great stamina to stay in the pool, especially online. you have to take a break once in a while. i think online dating is terrific. >> which ones did you go on? >> aarp, in affiliate with -- i actually was on several web sites. >> and how did you meet the lady you are presently with. >> online. >> any advice for men and women? >> well, take it slow. there's no rush. take your time, date different kinds of people. one of the great things about being, you know, a boomer and dating is you are free to date people that maybe you wouldn't have been able to date earlier your parents aren't going to tell you not to date -- >> your children or grandchildren may. >> enjoy the process. >> make a list of things you
2:53 am
have to have, and stick with your lists. >> great to see you both. >> thanks for being a good sport. we're so happy that ken found love. all right. deliver ways to remove stubborn stains with items you already have. >> really? we're doing this again? >> this is "today" on nbc. >> and baking soda.
2:54 am
2:55 am
whether it is your favorite blouse or your grandmother's silver, there's no need to buy special cleaners. you can remove common stains by using things in your house. >> here with clever ideas is
2:56 am
lifestyle expert bruce lubin. he's author of "who knew?" 10,001, easy solutions to everyday problems. are there that many problems in the world? >> way more, and all of them can be solved. >> here, one on one. >> all right. so how do you get lipstick off plastic. >> booze-related tips, because i know where i am today. if you have lipstick, this is oil-based. but ace salt and water. then it goes into the dishwasher. if you put your nape with a sharp -- salt and water, in the dishwasher, problem solved. >> vodka, not just for breakfast anymore. this was under $10. think how big this is. one part of this to five parts of water.
2:57 am
it is going to do some miracles. smell this, eight bit flunky. >> is that from your house? >> we don't want -- >> now it smells like vodka. it smells just like vodka. >> in 40 seconds it's going to smell absolutely clean. >> this is popular in your community? >> you promise it doesn't smell like -- >> you know, in about 40 seconds it will stop smelling like vodka. you can spray it on your winter clothes. spray it on your pores to tighten your skin. get rid of mosquitoes if you spray vodka, i kid you not. this is my wife's stains, you know deodorant stains,
2:58 am
pantyhose, that will get rid of the stains. >> do you do that for her at home? >> you can use it to clean suede, candles, if you're -- and freeze it first. >> clean candles? >> yeah, before you wear them the first time, go to the warehouse, jeannie will show you how to do this, then they won't run. >> next time we want jeannie here. >> of course, that's a trade up. this is baking soda. what i'm going to do is put this tarnish thing in here. it works for jewelry, all sorts of things. >> if you want to clean your teeth, whiten your teeth. peel a banana upside down, there will be no strings. >> that's how you don't get strings? >> that's how you don't get
2:59 am
strings. >> running out of time. go. >> and let's go back to this. can you see how that's cleaning that now? how about that? >> just from baking soda. >> you missed something here. >> the potassium and manganese will whiten your teeth in about two weeks. if you have pen on your hand my kids can't seem to write without pen. >> it's a tea bag. >> well, you need to tell us that. >> and where are we looking? at you. >> here's how you major your old detergent. borax and soda -- >> that will never happen. >> i thought that was cheese. anthony mackie with us tomorrow. bye, everyone. bye, everybody.
3:00 am
buy his book. jeff: in one day she lost 17 years of her life. >> when i sat up she's saying mommy i have put two and two together. this is my daughter jeff: for nearly ten years he has no clue who he is. has anybody reached out? >> nothing really. jeff: two stories of rebuilding a past and learning to live again. >> i didn't know how to eat. jeff: it's like you're born again. >> yes. jeff: hello hello. roll it. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show. and i'm learning to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting the talk show because there's a lot to talk about.


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