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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> also, 100 years of history burned right down to the ground in the south bay. we will tell you which landmark building has now been reduced to rubble. >> welcome to friday. 6:00 a.m. straight up. temperatures are chilly to start the day but we are going to enter into a heat wave. we will be right back into the 90s before you know it. we will tell you who will be the warmest and how long it will last. >> we have had a tough south bay commute in the last couple of days. we are looking at a new crash as we are coming down from mill mill pedis. welcome to friday morning. this is "today in the bay." 6:00 on a friday morning. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm lawyura garcia cannon. in the past few minutes, police
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in east oakland have started reopening international boulevard after a grenade was found overnight. the bomb squad just determined the grenade is nonexplosive. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live on international boulevard. what's happening now? >> good morning to you. i spoke with one oakland police officer saying, given what happened in boston, they wanted to be extra careful. this was very suspicious. a grenade sitting on the corner there. if you can see the red sign, it was a neighbor that spotted it. they shut down international at 48th and called in the bomb squad. now, a sergeant with the sheriff's department here in alameda county where the bomb squad is from, quickly determined that the bomb was inert, that it wouldn't go off. he showed it to us and said it was from the vietnam area. a neighbor saw that just before 4:00 this morning and police came in. they shut down several blocks between 47 thd and 50th. a sergeant tells us that someone
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probably threw it out of the window of a car to share someone. >> this is an inert hand grenade. it looks like somebody threw it out of the window of the car maybe to scare somebody. with he knew right away it was not live. >> what tells you that? >> you can just tell by the look of it. you know right away. all the functioning parts are not even there. >> reporter: in fact, it had a big hole in the bottom of it which would normally be filled. within an hour, the street was back open. they tell us that sometimes people keep these sort of things as memorabilia, not totally uncommon to find them. he says it is a misdemeanor to place it out on the street like this. he picked it up with his bare hand and said he was going to take it back. the bomb squad may use something like this for training. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we also have breaking news from boston where we have just
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learned the suspect in the boston marathon bombings is no longer in the hospital. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved to a prison facility in central massachusetts. he is still recovering from a gunshot injury to his throat as well as other injuries. giving us this aerial view of that boat where the suspect hid out from police before he was eventually taken into custody last friday. we have learned tsarnaev was not on when police arrested him. he stands charged with killing three and injuring more than 260 others by setting off pressure cooker bombs on april 18th. 6:03. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a historic building, once home to faber's cyclery to go up in flames. there is fear it could collapse
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because of damage. >> investigators are saying. >> reporter: you can see that. the structure is compromised. the fire department didn't even go inside. at one point they thought they might need to go inside. the fire started a little bit before 9:30 last night. you can see in these pictures, the flames consumed the upper floor, destroying this landmark in the downtown area. this building was built in 1884. for 101 years, it was home to
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faber's cyclery until it shut down this past february. one reason it burned so easily is because it is a victorian. >> the old victorians have the type of construction that allows the fire to travel through the walls. it can travel from the first floor to the attic. fire travels a lot faster in these structures than conventional structures. >> reporter: a couple other reasons why this fire was a little bit challenging for the fire department, not only because it is an older structure but also because you could see it started to become compremized. there was electrical wires dangling in there. they do not know if there was an electrical problem that might have been the root cause of this fire. that's still under investigation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:05 right now. time to check back in with christina loren telling us about a smoking weekend. >> it is. we are going to lose this cloud cover, jon and laura.
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good morning to you. today, we wake up with a full deck of clouds right at the coast. it will be nice. use the day. things will change very quickly. getaway friday, we don't have any flight delays out of sfo. 52 degrees, looking good. a little bit of fog and low cloud cover. we don't have any other delays to tell you about, except for in boston. faa reporting that as a staffing delay. you want to check ahead with your carrier if you are trying to get into that area of the country. 52, livermore, 54, san jose, 52 in gilroy as we head throughout the next couple of days. temperatures are going to be comfortable for the first part of the day. you might want to go ahead and seek shade. seek that a.c. for the second half of the day as temperatures are going to be very warm. today is the coolest and by quite a bit. 68 degrees at noon today. you can see your winds are still coming out of the west. 6 miles per hour in san francisco. that's making for comfortable readings. we are going to deal with a little bit of fog between 7:00 and 9:00 and by noon, completely
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clear conditions. highs today, down right comfortable. we'll have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check on the drive first with mike. >> this is a friday. we expect a lighter flow, not so much south of fremont. this is 880 southbound with these head lights and a smooth drive past tesla down towards mission. let me show you the map. from mission boulevard, things will start to slow as you are approaching 237. there is a crash i've been telling you about at the connect nor ramp. it sounds like the hov lane, a fire crew that arrived early on the scene and they are insisting we clothes that portion. the hov lane is a separate portion of that highway. that is requested to be closed to stay on the main roadway which is just building for the commute. you see slowing here as well as west 237. heading over to the same interchange. it may be visible with flashing lights. an injury, accident, sounds like major injuries. it sounds like that. the fire crew that did arrive had to revive someone at the
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scene. we will track that as chp gives us more reports. consider that hov lane closed. that's the issue for the south bay. the rest of san jose is looking fine. 101 and 87 showing the slowdown. we will show you the san mateo bridge which has had a tough couple of days the last couple of days. this morning, no problems. a flat section to the peninsula with no delays for 101 or 280 through that portion. from oakland, the cash lanes backing up. the later friday build. eastshore freeway, no problems. no metering lights just yet. >> 6:08. bay area civil rights group is calling foul on the racial breakdown of companies working on the team's new santa clara stadium. the committee in san francisco is raising concerns about the number of minority owned contractors building the $1.2 billion stadium. an executive director says the main developers of the project
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did not make an effort to include minority contractors. a spokesperson from the city of santa clara disagrees. >> the 49ers spent millions of dollars advertising the new stadium and preparing to build it and you couldn't miss that this thing was going on. it is concerning to think that they are stating we didn't do our due diligence. >> when state and public funds are being used to support a project, that there cannot be any discrimination. there needs to be a fair and open process. >> the city of santa clara claims one minority contractor currently working on the new stadium. >> the time now is 6:09. coming up, trapped by flames with no way out. dozens dead after a raging fire rips through a mental hospital overnight. we'll also let you know what was happening on the inside that left patients unable to move from their beds. >> on a lighter note, you can dance if you want to but leave h.p. behind. h.p. don't dance.
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we'll take a look at the rest of it coming up. >> also, a fashion statement at the nfl draft. have you seen this? we are not talking about a suit. are going to tell you why a first-round pick's eyewear is attracting all the attention a live look at oracle arena. basketball and baseball crowds fighting over that parking lot. marla tallez has a live report coming up in a matter of minutes.
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time for a quick check on the top stories. investigators in russia say patients that died in a hospital fire were under sedatives and most didn't wake up when the fire broke out. the fire outside of moscow
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killed 38 people, only three survived, one nurse and two patients able to escape. >> there are still trapped victims alive in the rubble of a collapsed building in bangladesh. month are than 300 people died when the eight-story building housed a garmet factory. he was moved overnight to a federal detention center. it treats federal prisoners and detainees that require specialized long-term medical care. >> hewlett-packard is denying reports it spent tens of thousands of dollars for dancers. >> scott mcgrew, there were reports that dancers would show up at hp offices to inspire creativity. >> all the report did was inspire justifiable anger both with investors and hp workers who were wondering why swb would waste that kind of money.
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it turns out they didn't. it wasn't true. there are no dancers. the report ran on cnn's money website. the article said hp paid dancers $25,000 to show up unannounced and show tech workers some moves. they found one case of dancers showing up at an idaho office charity drive. nobody paid any money for it. the company spokesperson said he saw the article and said, quote, have we lost our minds. i thought to myself, no, we hadn't. it turns out the story wasn't true. now, to add another strange twist to this, the article was written by the wife of david einhorn, the investment banker who has caused so much trouble for apple recently over the company's payment of dividends. other news this morning over at yahoo! the chairman of the board is exiting stage right. fred amarosos came on board after they fired scott thompson for faking the resume. he helped hire marissa myer and
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after a year at the boar, he is stepping down, saying, he did what he came to do, get yahoo! on the right track. you are familiar with the computer graphics that they show on tv during a baseball game analyzing the pitches and the hits. these graphics. they are done by the same company that does first and ten line in football. sports vision, the company recently discovered that the graphics, the data collected when you make the graphics is incredibly valuable to baseball coaches. it is like supper money ball. >> the wholly graholy grail thet to determine is whether a pitcher is about to be injured or be injured and hasn't told the team doctors about it. >> we will talk about the future of sports using computer analysis after "meet the pr ess on sunday.
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even into basketball. all kinds of sports. it is 6:15 right now. oakland's oracle arena will be rocking tonight as the warriors take on the denver nuggets in game three. >> this place is really going to light up. a live look at the arena. the series is tied at one game a piece. the big question, will steph curry be ready for tip-off? >> we hope so. we know "today in the bay's" marla tallez ready this morning with how tonight's game could bring the east bay to a stand still. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. this is where all the action happens tonight. tip-off is at 7:30 tonight. feast your eyes first on what allen is giving you a live look at, inside the oracle arena. all the gold, the seats covered in these we are warriors t-shirts. that's what i have on. i was lucky enough to get one to show that to you. we are warriors. oracle arena ready for game
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three. if the warriors take this one, they will take the lead, 2-1, in this series of the seven-game series against the nuggets. a huge win in game two when the team shot an amazing 65%. did you see that one? the warriors took that 131-117. tonight, the fans and teams are high up. the big question is, will their star point guard, number 30, steph curry, take the court after he twisted his ankle in game two. he made it through the entire game two. he did not practice yesterday but he is still hopeful. >> i can only speak about how i feel right now. i wouldn't be able to play right now if there was a game. so that's just got to take advantage of the next day and a half to get right. i think i have enough time to do it. >> steph curry tells the mercury news he would be willing to take a painkiller shot if it comes down to it. a last-minute gametime decision. tip-off is at 7:30.
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across the parking lot, the a's take on the orioles. they start just about 30 minutes earlier at 7:05. you can bet it is certainly going to be a traffic nightmare in the east bay with these two games going on tonight. your best bet is to leave early or be late. you can catch the warriors on our sports network comcastsportsnet@csn bay live inside oracle arena. go warriors. >> please throw up a shout or something. this is a big day for another oakland team. the raiders, silver and black selecting quarterback, d.j. hayden, number 12 pick. he got the news over the phone. you can see there, his family in missouri city, texas. everybody very happy. hayden, by the way, he nearly died last year after an on-field collision with a teammate. >> 49 has traded up for the number 18 pick overall.
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selected erik reid out of lsu. his young daughter, lalani was on hand when her dad picked up the new niners jersey. >> i love that shot. experts say it is possible reid could step right in. >> she has those little cheeks you just want to go up and squeeze them. >> what a cutie. to check out a little bit of fashion during the nfl draft. >> the detroit lion's first round big, native, ziggy onasa. a pair of 3-d glasses with the lens popped out. he says he got the glasses a while back after watching the 3-d movie "thor" in 3-d. he has been wearing it around the byu campus ever since. the ladies are loving it.
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let's see if you need the sunglasses. 6:20. good morning to you as you are putting your wardrobe together. you want to get the real shade. the cloud cover, not going to last long. by 8:30, mostly clear conditions over the south bay. we are going to have to wait a little bit longer at the immediate coast. that lingering cloud cover is going to keep your temperatures from soaring today. we have a warmer day on top by 5-8 degrees. crisp to start. good morning to you, san francisco. 54 sunnyvale, 50 degrees, good morning in concord. the jetstream stays way to our north. high pressure builds in. this is going to maintain quite a bit of energy all weekend long driving the winds jauch shore from land to sea. as they do so, they warm up along the way. really warm weather here in the bay area as of this afternoon. if you want to stay indoors, we have a little something happening right here on nbc bay
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area. just for you, those giants are back at it. taking on the padres. they are not here in town. they are going to be at petco park, san diego. temperatures are going to be perfect for a ball game. wind will likely come into play, north/northwest. 10-15 miles per hour. make sure you keep it locked on nbc bay area to catch the giants tonight, the world champion giants. the proud broadcast home. 78, livermore, 71 in fremont. 74 in san jose. spend a little bit of extra time on the seven-day outlook. to make you aware of the warm weather headed your way. we are going to jump in the upper 70s right to the mid-80s. on sunday, the 90s arrive. thursday, of next week, i'm really, really holding off. i wanted to make that 91 a 94. it looks like it is going to be extremely warm. i want to let you know, we could be headed toward the triple
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digits for the first time as we head through friday of next week. 6:21. actually, 6:22. let's check that drive with mike. time to stock up on the ice at home. >> we are looking over here for the south bay. now, friday, we tend to see a light ter flow of traffic. we have a number of pretty good size incidents going on. the volume of traffic showing a heavier flow from 680. speeds coming down into the 50s. closer to 50 than to 60. south 880, there is a crash as you make the connector over to west 887. the fly-over. the fire crew that was on scene told us they had a request. caltrans and chp have not done that. watch for the slowing. west 237 showed a good deal of slowing. that injury crash still being worked there. they are waiting for two flat-bed tow trucks from what i understand. a little easier flow. you might want to consider that. here, a smooth flow for the tri-valley. early slowing for dublin and 580
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at the interchange. no problem right now. an issue eastbound. watch for that as you are coming down through and ed hadding over toward the altamont pass. 680, stone valley road still closed after an overnight deadly crash crashed into a pg&e pole. there are no off ramps or on ramps closed through the area. about a mile off the freeway. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a quick show of the backups. the metering lights are on. a lighter flow of traffic. you have the backup to the 880 overcrossing. across the san mateo bridge, clear. 6:23. coming up, face to face with a killer whale. >> look at how cool that is. >> we'll tell you where the unexpected guest took over and made a surprise appearance.
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an amazing view this morning. the playful side, if you want to call it that. a couple was on a drive trip in la paz, mexico, when a pod of 20 killer whales started following them near the back of the boat. look at how fast they are going. they were acting more like
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dolphins leaping out of the water. can you imagine how long? the couple said the pod of whales followed them for an hour, within inches from the back of the boat. they say this type of behavior, very rare for, specially killer whales. >> kind of like they said in the classic jaws, you got to get a bigger boat. 5:27 right now. still ahead. o are little leaguers taking an unfair swing at their teammates? >> we plan on publishing a letter addressing our concern. >> we are going to tell you why a team that made headlines is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. wow, the track looks perfect.
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now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell? welcome back, everybody. live to new york city and the stock exchange. they ring in the day, a
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spectacular week. members jumping out there. we will see if it is more of the same today, welcome to friday. friday, april 26th. this is "today in the bay." >> if feels great saying that. >> happy friday. >> the device that led city streets to be shut down overnight during a bomb squad investigation. the grenade is not active and not capable of exploding. it did cause delays out there. "today in the bay's" christie smith live at the scene near 48th and international in he can o land. she will have a live report about the overnight scare coming up at 6:45. want to get away? well, the senate just passing a bill that could mean fewer flight delays just in time for weekend travel. now, the plan is heading to the house for a look at what is in the works. let's check in with "today in the bay's" tracie potts right now live on capitol hill with at least one bay area lawmaker calling today's votes a quick
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fix. tracy, good morning. >> good morning, it is a fix a lot of travelers wanted to see making it easier to get out of sfo, oakland, san jose and airports all over the country that have seen delays as a result of air traffic controllers being furloughed one day every other week, which means 1500 of them are off the job every single day. they have to slow down the flight traffic and that's why people have been stuck one, two, sometimes three hours in the airport. now, washington is working on it. the senate un animously passed this. the house votes on it today. $53 million to take care of the air traffic controllers. >> we are just fooling ourselves if we think we are doing the american people any favor by not finding a real solution.
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>> of course, this comes just in time for lawmakers headed home this weekend. they are off next week. they will be in their district for a week. if they go home with a fix in hand, they won't hear from lots of angry travelers who are also their constituents. >> tracy, at this point, we have to wonder. a lot of people are trying to figure out, if the money was there all along, why do the furloughs and delay vs. to happen at all. >> the way washington works, when money has been set aside for one thing, the agency can't always automatically shift that money to something else. these are funds that were set aside for airport improvements and other projects that it will take and it looks like we will see today an act of congress so those funds can be used to pay air traffic controllers. >> tracie potts, always filling us in on what's happening on capitol hill, thank you very much six brand portable members.
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>> the fire broke out at james madison elementary school on juniper street on midnight. the portables were just delivered yesterday. they had been pushed together to make one large building. the classrooms were empty. class will be held since the fire did not spread to other buildings. >> quite the scene there. 6:33 right now. christina loren is back telling us we are cranking things up for a hot, hot week. >> a lot of people have been waiting for this heat. you want to sit by the beach, get a little bit of a tan if you are going pasty like i have been for most of this season. so you are going to have that opportunity. let's start with what's happening right here, right now. good morning, san jose. a full deck of clouds. still to come, about your flight delays. 52 degrees. san francisco, no delays. we just talked to tracie potts, the delays not due to weather.
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they are likely due to the furloughs out of sfa. you are going to find significant delays, one to two hours out of boston and delays out of newark and newark city. check ahead. another round of thatted to. 52, livermore. 54, san jose. 54, sunnyvale. looking pretty good-bye noon today. rounding out the day in the mid to upper 60s, low 70s. by about 4:00 p.m., when our highs come in, 78, lever more, 74 in san jose. take a look at your city. ad an additional five degrees tomorrow and the 90s return by sunday. your full forecast in just a few moments. first, take a look at your drive and see if that is smooth with our own mike inouye. >> a real big problem through oakland past the coliseum. >> northbound side with the tail lights that are not moving very quickly past the coliseum and high street underneath where it says orchard supply.
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you see the flooashing lights. that's the crew that's on there. coming over the high-street high rise. this is from the coliseum. the approach at 98 up past toward high street where we do have the crash. it may be affecting the off ramp. we will watch for that as welcoming off of the southbound side. more activity. 580, a great alternate for you. international boulevard has reopened as christie smith has been reporting. that's much better news. no major problem. you will find slowing throughout the morning. here is slowing for southbound 880 coming off of 238 in san laurente. i still get tweets from folks that are frustrated in the move and the reroute for the traffic. a crash still going on at the connector. watch the hov lane.
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sounds like that's where all the activity is. you should be able to get by on the other portion of the overpass toward west 237 and slowing coming out of millpedis area. northbound 101 and 280 showing the volume increase. here is your peninsula. quick check for palo alto. a nice easy drive for 101 and 280 along this portion of the bay. >> that's how we like it, easy like friday morning. petaluma, back in the spotlight. not in a good way. some of the players stand accused of bullying. petaluma suspended seventh graders that played on the team after another player accused them of bullying. the alleged event did not happen out on the baseball field. the president of the national league board says the league is adopting a new anti-bullying policy as a result. >> we plan on publishing a
6:37 am
letter on our website addressing our concerns. we are going to put a link to the bullying policy and education our coaches on what bullying is and we want them to talk to the teams about it. >> the little league champs no longer play on the same team but they will be reuniting this weekend for the butter and eggs festival and parade. >> 6:37. still ahead. pulled from the rubble. the story of survival after an eight-story building collapses in bangladesh. >> happening right now, this is from evans city, pennsylvania. a big-time collision out there. this one involving a transit bus and a train. we don't have a lot of information on any injuries right now. again, a scene there involving a bus crashing into a train. we will keep you posted and give you more information as we bring it in from evan city pennsylvania. you see the workers there checking out the scene.
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new details on the deadly psychiatric fire outside of moscow. at least 38 are dead including two medical workers. government officials say patients were under sedation at the time and some windows were barred. three people managed to escape, a nurse and two patients. russian investigators are looking into whether a short-circuit sparked that fire. a store we have been reported on for several days. search and rescue crews in
6:41 am
bangladesh have pulled two survivors from the rubble of the collapsed building. the eight-story building housed several garment factories. new video showing police visiting the building the day before it collapsed. officers were called to check out the cracks that were found in the walls. police say they ordered the evacuation of that building. but, they say, obviously, that order was completely ignored. >> what could have possibly been prevented there? it is 6:41. coming up, an exclusive look into a suspicious device that shut down streets overnight with in one bay area city. i am going to have to extract some promises out of jon
6:42 am
and laura before the gadget friday. we will tell you where it will be the warmest and where you will find some heat relief. >> we wish they could provide you some relief. 880 not giving you that. there is a crash north of high street. i will let you know about the progress coming up.
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an update to breaking news where police have reopened after a grenade was found a few hours ago. the bomb squad has determined the grenade was nonexplosive. "today in the bay" is live on international boulevard. they are wondering what are they doing with that grenade. >> well, you know, they may end
6:45 am
up using that for training. i spoke with one oakland police officer who said, you know, given what happened in boston, they said they just wanted to be really, really kaur fucareful h. a grenade was found across the street. it says henry, henry, 48th and international. they shut down the street after a neighbor discovered a grenade sitting on the corner awfully suspicious and potentially dangerous. a sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's department bomb squad was called out. he said he knew pretty quickly it wasn't a threat, wasn't capable of exploding. it was missing some of the necessary parts. he says, it was a vietnam era grenade and pretty banged up as well. the first officers to see it turned off his police radio immediately in case this was a live grenade and was operated by radio or remote control. international shut down for an hour between 47th and 50th. here is the first bomb squad
6:46 am
sergeant on scene. >> this is an inert hand grenade. looks like somebody through it out of the window of the car maybe to scare somebody. we knew right away it was not live as soon as we got here. >> reporter: what tells you that? >> you can just tell by the -- just by the look of it. you know right away. you could tell all the functioning parts are not even there. he says he was able to pick it up by hand and didn't need to put on his protective suit. some people actually have these grenades as memorabilia. they keep them but he also tells me it is a misdemeanor to leave it out on the street like this. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we also have new information where we have learned the suspect in the boston marathon bombings no longer in the hospital. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved to prison facility, a federal medical detention center in central massachusetts. the suspect is recovering from a
6:47 am
gunshot injury to his throat and other injuries. he is charged with killing three people and injuring more than 260 others by setting off pre pressure cooker bombs on the 16th. the 11-year-old was critically injured on the boston blast. he made an emotional return to the scene of the attack yesterday afternoon. aaron henry. his father says the boy suffered scrap shrapnel wounds to his legs. his mother was running in the marathon. no word yet on when aaron is expected to return here to the bay area. that had to be quite the day for him to get out in the wheelchair and go out and see the scene. we will welcome him home with open arms when he does return. let's take a live look outside this morning. we are watching the weather as well. a live look from the south bay overlooking san jose. christina joins us with a look at the forecast for today.
6:48 am
we are going to see temperatures creeping up. >> some of the warmest weather this year so far. >> a lot of people really look forward to this. the first stretch of warmth. bring it on. then, once we hit those triple digits, take it back, take it back. 6:48. taking a live look at sfo. you can see the golden gate bridge out there. we do have low clouds. sfa reporting staffing delays out of sfo. they are not the only place. you probably heard about this. the furloughs out of sfa. we are on time out of the area. significant delays in laguardia and boston. washington, d.c. these will likely ripple out. hopefully, these will be the last day we will have to wait and see. temperatures looked pretty good if you want to head out for a bike ride. 51, napa. taking to the south bay, 54 to start in san jose. 52. nice day starting out in gilroy. you are probably going to be the
6:49 am
warmest city across the bay. if you do live in gilroy, get ready. low 80s. by 9:00 a.m., the thickest fog that will start to feel back. completely clear conditions, not just over the bay, over the coast. we are talking about a lot of sunshine in pacifica, half moon bay and daly city. the cities that don't get all that much sunshine. high pressure holds firm. we talk about that, not going to see any of that in the near future. for the next he have issen to eight days, offshore flow stays firm. high pressure will bring our temperatures toward near record levels. 78 in livermore, not too bad there. 64, san francisco, will turn over to the 70s as of tomorrow. mid-80s on the way for saturday inland. the 90s arrive as we get into sunday. the better beach day. calm winds in the sunshine. it might be warm enough for you
6:50 am
to get into the water. 6:49. we'll see how the drive is heating up. busy right about now, mike. very busy. unexpectedly slow for this friday. 880. a current live picture up past street. all the way over to here. a good number of flashing lights around the bend. it needs to be cleared from the fast lane or maybe the left two lanes. a crash reported there. christie smith. the activity is flowing traffic. back side of the coliseum as well as san leandro to get around the backup. eastshore freeway shows a build.
6:51 am
metering lights at the toll plaza. south 880, a surprise, from mission to 237, very slow. the crash still reported at the connect nor ramp to west 237 making the flyover. be careful there. sounds like it is affecting the hov lanes, slowing off of 237 heading to millpedis. 87, a slow, easy drive. 87 is going to start the build as well. heading up through the area. tonight, the warning. continued traffic. raining. one of our voice coaches is going to be out there. we are looking over toward the freeways. very calm right now. it has had a couple of problems the last couple of. we will track it. 3:51. investigators in the south bay looking into what caused an overnight fire at a historic
6:52 am
fire at a building in san jose. bob redell with more on the history. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. a fire that started a little bit before 9:30 last night. it destroyed this landmark here on first street near the 280 overpass. you are looking at an old structure that was built from 1884. after 101 years, it was home to faber's psycyclery. you will notice that the building is leaning slightly to the right. the structure has been compromised. authorities couldn't go in last night because there was concern that it might collapse. right now, it seems to beholding.
6:53 am
there was some problems with llapse and electrical wires that were dropping down on top of our fire apparatus. huge safety hazards for us. at one point, they make entries to rescue a woman and child who live upstairs. it turns out, they weren't at home at the time. or they made it out safely on their own. bait city news service says the red cross is helping them with temporary housing. the fire department still trying to determine the cause. we do know there was power running into the building. that became an issue for the fire department. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:53. a high school student is under arrest accused of making bomb threats at local schools.
6:54 am
the 16-year-old admitted to making seven bomb threats this week at deer valley high in black diamond middle schools in antioch. police say deer valley staff and students provided information that helped them track that student down. >> the man accused of a triple fatal drunken driving crash in daly city last month set to make a brief appearance in court this xpzuhp &hc& police say dennis parrera had alcohol in his system when he crashed into another car on march 9th killing a woman and her two sons. he has pleaded not guilty. he will be in court today to set a preliminary hearing date. an experimental hiv vaccine being tested in san francisco and 18 other cities is now being stopped have the an independent review board says the study called hvtn-505 did not prevent hiv and did not boost t-cell count in the blood. more than 2500 volunteered for that study. google co-founder and ceo,
6:55 am
larry page, overseas, meeting with the president of south korea, there discussing ways to use information technology to help boost economic growth. south korea's president has been pitching her new economy initiative. it calls for creating new markets and jobs by developing new technologies. one of the many things i love about scott mcgrew's gadget friday, you never know what we are going to get. remember when he had the electric skateboard in for gadget friday? >> we all wanted to try it out. >> helping you there. >> i had to kick off the heels, because it was an electric skateboard. that had some torque to it. it really took off. once you could manage it, you really liked it. jon kelly took it over on me. it was fun. eventually, i caught on too. maybe not as fast but i gave it a nod. this week, we want to try the gadget. i think you have made us promise we have to wear a helmet this time. >> you have to wear a helmet. >> two promises.
6:56 am
you have to wear a helmet and i get to upload it to our facebook page. >> this is the specialized turbo. look at the bright light on this thing. this is from morgan hill specialized. it is an electronic bike. it doesn't look like one. it has the sexy mountain bike look, not the dorky bike look we have had in the past. we have some video of it in san francisco. lots of people giving it a try from specialized on wednesday. it is really an amazing bike in the sense that you are able to feel instantly the torque that comes behind it. it doesn't have a throttle. it cyst peddles like every other bike. there is a motor in the back right back here in the hub and you just turn it on and start peddling. off you go. it really is an astounding feel when you do it. you can blow cars away at the green light. the kids will love it. i think it is expensive.
6:57 am
it is $5900. i have run into several people in the newsroom who say that. kids will love it. i think it is expensive. it is $5900. i've run into several people in the newsroom who say, oh, really, is that all? apparently, there are two different kind of bike buyers. >> apparently, our writers are getting paid very well. >> ruben martinez, one of our technicians took this on a ride and got it up to top speed. >> it might be needed. we'll check it out after the newscast. thank you very much. >> scott, i want to have that. please keep it. well, now, if you love sports, the east bay is the place to be tonight. the warriors taking on the
6:58 am
nuggets. the a's take on the orioles. "today in the bay's" marla tallez live at the oracle arena. >> she is sporting the heels. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> reporter: of course, jon would like this. guys, i am so far away from above the rim. what am i, 5'4" are my heels on. i have a "we are warriors" t-shirt on. look at this sea of gold as allen gives you a live look inside. every single seat has one of these t-shirts on. about 20,000 seats are covered in these tees. the game is sold out. there is plenty of hype around tonight's game. a reminder this is the second time the warriors have made the playoffs in 19 years.
6:59 am
tonight's home game is a long time coming. will steph curry join the team after twisting his ankle in game two. that is the question we all want to know the answer to. here is coach mark jackson. >> the things he has to do to put himself in position to play. that being said, watching the video of it, i was shocked. i told him this morning that he even got up and walked off and came back. it looked bad. it is a special time. he is a special player. >> tip-off tonight is 7:30. now, switching gears to baseball alive at the coliseum. a traffic nightmare in the east bay. the warriors are being kind enough to open up the doors inside oracle arena two hours early at 5:30. get here early. in the meantime, i'm keeping the
7:00 am
bench warm for the warriors. go, warriors! live inside oracle arena. i'm marla tallez, live. "today in the bay" it is also going to be biszy in the south bay. >> we have a live look at the hp pavilion where the sharks tickets go son sale. get them online or on ticket master or stand outside of hp pavilion with a whole lot of sharks fans. >> tickets will be, they are handing out wrist bands between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. >> have a great weekend. see you monday. the house is set to vote today. how quickly could it bring an end to the delays at airports coast to coast. and conrad murray, the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death speaks out in a live interview today.


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