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tv   Today  NBC  April 26, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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get here early. in the meantime, i'm keeping the bench warm for the warriors. go, warriors! live inside oracle arena. i'm marla tallez, live. "today in the bay" it is also going to be biszy in the south bay. >> we have a live look at the hp pavilion where the sharks tickets go son sale. get them online or on ticket master or stand outside of hp pavilion with a whole lot of sharks fans. >> tickets will be, they are handing out wrist bands between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. >> have a great weekend. see you monday. the house is set to vote today. how quickly could it bring an end to the delays at airports coast to coast. and conrad murray, the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death speaks out in a live interview today. friday, april 26th, 2013.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> welcome to "today." >> we're following that breaking news tied to the boston marathon attack. >> 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has been confined at fort devons after moved overnight. we want to go to more on this and the suspect's plans for an alleged attack here in times square. good morning. >> good morning to you. i want to begin with breaking news. as you mentioned, dzhokhar tsarnaev, who had been getting treated at beth israel medical center in boston. by the way, a lot of outcry about that, being treated in the same hospital as many of those attacks moved overnight.
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he is going to fort devens in massachusetts, 40 miles west of boston. this is a specialized facility, specializes in inmates who need long-term medical care. it is located on a decommissioned military base. we will keep an eye on that. dzhokhar tsarnaev's home for the the next bit. the latest developments, we want to question get you up to date on the suspects plan to attack new york city. the suspects came up with it on the fly last thursday and planned to drive here to times square that night to explode six new bombs. officials say if not for this shootout last week with watertown police, tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev may have gone through with it. they had just car jacked an suv. overnight the carjacking victim provided new details to "the boston globe " that he feared for his life in the car.
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don't look at me he said tamerlan yelled at him. i don't remember anything the victim said. later tamerlan okay, you are chinese. i'm a muslim. chinese are friendly to muslims. the victim responded we are so friendly to vuz mims. the victim was able to get away but the victim says during that ride the brothers hatched a new plan, drive to new york's times square and set off their remaining explosives. >> one was a pressure cooker bomb, similar to the two that exploded at the marathon. the other five were pipe bombs. >> reporter: dzhokhar was in times square last year posing with friends in a photo. luckily he didn't make it back this time. >> they had built these additional explosives and know they had the capacity to carry out the attacks. >> reporter: new york city officials say they have new surveillance cameras designed to prevent attacks like this. the nypd showed us how they can
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flag an abandoned package before it explodes. >> the system gives the officers an alert says it is an abandoned package. >> and gives you an image and circles the package for you. >> shows where it was left. >> reporter: a source familiar with the hearing says dzhokhar know showed no reaction when the prosecutor explained he could face the death penalty. his mother in russia is defending her boys. seen in a family photo apparently taken in 2007. >> protect us, our kids, going to be safe. take my kids away from me. >> reporter: important to note this morning the fbi says there's no credible threat to new york or times square at this time. we are also following more breaking news this morning.
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within the past hour, we hav learned the suspect's father who is in dagestan russia and planning to fly to the u.s. as early as today cannot and will not travel the for the next few days because he has gotten very sick. back to you, lester and savannah. >> thank you. we are following new developments on the airport delays tied to the automatic budget cuts that have frustrated thousands of passengers. lawmakers are working out a potential deal. kelly o'donnell is the capitol hill correspondent and is on the hill for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: by washington standards, this is pretty fast action. after days of anger from air travelers stuck by delays and loud complaints from congress from hotel and tourism industry, furious the economy would be hard hit if gridlock in the skies continued. so the senate came up with a deal last late night that gives the secretary of transportation flexibility to keep the air traffic controllers on the job.
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there's no extra money in the budget, but instead of the required across-the-board cuts th can prioritize spending and take money from airport improvements to keep controllers working. this is a band-aid fix. the white house had been against giving any agency special treatment hoping congress would roll back all of the spending cuts. so there's been a lot of blame game over the cuts but the move is expected to ease some hassles of flying. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. we are learning more about the civil war raging in syria. how will the obama administration respond to intelligence reports that chemical weapons had been used. richard engel is the chief correspondent. this was the red line the administration talked about. >> this is serious. the u.k. called it a war crime. now the world is watching to see if this is enough to convince washington to change course. after more than two years and
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70,000 dead, the white house strongly suggested al-assad's regime has used chemical weapons against syrian rebels, but did it with so many caveats as to make a u.s. military response highly unlikely just for now. defense secretary hagel repeated a message the white house delivered to members of congress. >> in talking to our intelligence people here the last couple of hours they have a reasonable amount of confidence that some amount of chemical weapons was used. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials believe traces of sarin were found in blood samples of victims. president obama warned syria that using chemical weapons would be a game changer. >> a red line for us is we start to see a bunch of chemical weapons being utilized or moving around. >> i think it is obvious the red line has been crossed.
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>> white house officials say they have too many questions about the origin of the weapons and how they were used and want a u.n. investigation. but syria so far hasn't been cooperating with other inspectors or u.n. teams. and syrian rebels say bashar al-assad will take inaction from washington as approval. qatar, which funds and arms the rebels agrees. >> if he wants to try your reaction, no reaction you escalate. >> reporter: france, britain and israel have accused the syrian government of using small amounts of chemical weapons, but this time, unlike during the runup to the iraq war, washington is stressing the need for caution. the syrian opposition, to be clear, dunn want u.s. troops on the ground. they want access to more weapons and no-fly zone but to achieve that would likely require sustained bombings from the air by nato and the u.s. >> richard engel, thank you.
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now following the story in bangladesh. the deadly building collapse. >> reporter: rioting has broken out in bangladesh as people are outraged over the worst industrial accident in that country's history. the death toll is still on the rise there with more than 300 people confirmed dead so far and police say the building's owner is on the run. there's some hope amid the rubble this morning as rescuers have pulled 62 people alive from the debris where they have been awaiting help for more than 40 hours. the building housed garment factories that made clothing for u.s. and european brands. lawmakers are investigating whether people living and working near the country's 6,000 fertilizer plants are at risk. this on the heels of the april 17th fire and explosion that killed 14 people in west texas and injured hundreds of others as it lay waste to much of that town. on thursday, president obama traveled to nearby waco, texas, to speak at a memorial service
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for those lost in the explosion the fda is halting cucumber imports from a company in mexico after the vegetables were linked to 73 cases of salmonella in 18 states. no one has died from the outbreak. 27% of those sickens have had to be hospitalized. for more information, head to our website, mary thompson is at the new york stock exchange. how's it looking for closing out the week here, mary? >> we could close the week with a gain. that's the good news. in other news, the senate takes a step closer to ending tax-free internet shopping. a procedure clearing the way to allow states to tax on-line purchases. then the house will have to pass a bill. fred omarosa stepping down after one year at the job at the struggling internet giant and ten years ago apple launched itunes. they have continued to sell
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songs at a rate of 15,000 per minute. the nfl draft kicked off last night and a rare year where a quarterback was not the first pick. eric fisher was the first to be snapped up chosen by kansas city, but a name that wasn't called in the first round, notre dame star manti te'o. he also became tabloid fodder after it was revealed his girlfriend, who he claimed had died was a hoax. we will have to wait until tonight, perhaps when second and third round drafts will be held. an amazing video from mexico. check out what happens when a pod of killer whales decide to tag along with a boat tour, jumping along in the waves, giving sightseers an amazing view and priceless photos. >> no doubt. >> and a heart attack. >> depends how close you are. >> that's a whale watching expedition. >> very cool.
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>> mr. roker is here with a check on the weekend forecast. severe weather to talk about pushing through the south. severe storms from wichita falls, oklahoma city, paris. could be tornados in this. things are firing up. looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms. rainfall amounts generally anywhere from about one to three inches of rain stretching from little rock to memphis, national, paducah in to springville. the local forecast in just a moment, but first this message. . the local forecast in just a moment, but first this message. springville. the local forecast in just a moment, but first this message. ♪ and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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and the next great idea could be yours. you made it to friday. we have a good-looking day shaping up. highs in the mid-70s. as we head through the weekend. take a look at where we are headed. the 90s as of sunday. it is going to get hot around here very quickly. we are going to hold on to the upper 80s, low 90s through thursday of next week. hope you have a beautiful weekend. moved to tears. this is a rare reunion of these
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leaders. all five living presidents at the dedication of the george w. bush presidential center. >> when all of the living former presidents are together, it's also a special day for our democracy. we have been called the world's most exclusive club, and we do have a pretty nice clubhouse. >> reporter: joined by the first lady, they took the day off. barack obama and barbara bush talking up a storm and bill clinton joking about being a member of the bush family. >> my mother told me not to talk too long today and barbara, i will not let you down. and you beat me to be a grandfather. i congratulate you and laura for it. >> reporter: laura bush spoke of compassion. >> i remember his quiet visits with the families of the fallen sharing their stories and tears. >> reporter: for the first president bush seriously ill
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last year it was something of a coming out. >> this is very special for barbara and me. >> reporter: mr. bush stood and waved to a crowd already on its feet. the elder bush, sporting his classic socks. bill clinton even tweeting out a behind-the-scenes moment. on a day set aside to honor george w. bush. >> there was a time in my life when i wasn't likely to be found in a library, must less found one. >> reporter: reflecting on turbulent terms the president and his family watching from the front row became choked with emotion. >> whatever challenges come before us, i will always believe our nations best days lie ahead. god bless. emotion, there was humor today. president clinton gently teasing that these libraries are a way for former presidents to rewrite their history. lester, back to you. before the ceremony, matt
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sat down with three generations of bush women and barbara bush made news when matt asked if son jeb should run for president in 2016? >> she's by far the best qualified man, but no. really don't. i think it is a great country. there are a lot of great families and it's not just for families or whatever. there are other people out there that are very qualified and we have had enough bushes. >> how's that playing in washington? david gregory moderator of "meet the press." good to see you. >> good morning. >> i think an endearing thing about mrs. bush is she speaks her mind. what is the read in political circles about what she said. >> if you wonder where w got it, you know he comes from his mother in dg disarmingly candid or direct as president clinton said yesterday. i think the effect is potential ly chilling on her son jeb bush but it can be intrerpted as a
7:17 am
shot to hillary clinton as well. saying there is more than the clintons and the bushes who can run america. i think this is a mother's prerogative. i think she is an astute political observer. look at the humanity in this. this is someone who has seen her husband go through the riggers of the presidency and policy and watched her son be vilified after two terms in the white house. you can understand a mother who doesn't want her other son to go through that. >> what position does this put that clip will be played over and over again if he decides to run? >> my sense is that former governor bush has some irritation with the political class. we got some glimpse of that as he came out with his book on immigration. that said he is a hot pros pekt in the republican party as someone that can redefine conservatism and expand the base of the party. i think he is looked at seriously. he will be able to raise a great deal of money and another concern is that jeb bush's son
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george p. is someone who is quite politically ambitious, running for land commissioner in texas and he wants to raise a lot of money as well and has a bright political future. never know if dad will step out of the way to clear the path for his son. >> david gregory, thank you very much. there is one other moment at the bush library dedication to highlight. it came from the former president himself. >> i am really happy that mila's mother and father, jenna and henry could make it here today. thank you all for coming. so if you don't have anything you are doing in the morning, tune in to the "today" show. jenna is a krrnt. thereby continuing the warm relationships the bush family has with the press. >> jenna as we have seen her with tears streaming down. so cute. >> if you don't have anything
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else to do, the operative line. >> a ringing endorsement. >> if you are busy, move on but leave the tv on if you would, thank you. coming up, conrad murray, michael jackson's former doctor is speaking out in an exclusive live interview. and martha stewart stuns matt. revealing something about her personal life that you would never x. it might stun you, too.
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♪ coming en minutos hablamos sobre coming up in a few minutes, we will talk about an ad that shocked a lot of people. hyundai had to pull the ade ad and apologize because apparently the premises is that somebody tries to commit suicide. as i understand it, this automaker's way of saying the car doesn't have emissions that are dangerous. nevertheless it was insensitive. >> i can't imagine the story meeting where they are like this
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is a good idea. >> it actually aired in europe
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7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelly. trying to figure out what caused an historic building once home to faber's psych letterry to go up in flames. crews working overnight to put out the flames. the fire broke out at about 9:30
7:27 am
last night. those hotspots there, they are out but now crews are worried that the wooden building which was built way back in 1884 could eventually collapse, because of all that damage. we are happy to report nobody was hurt during the fire. the man accused in a drunken driving crash that kills three members of a dailicy city family is expected in court. police say dennis demecedo had alcohol in his system when he crashed into a car killing a woman and both sons. he will be in court to set a preliminary hearing date. this shut down the streets in oakland at about 3:00 this morning. somebody noticed this grenade on 48th avenue and international boulevard that is near the fruitdale border. it took investigators an hour and a half to determine the grenade was not a threat to the public. scary scene there. happy ending.
7:28 am
let's dhcheck in with meteorologist, christina loren, telling us about a smoking hot weekend. >> you are right on, as usual, mr. kelly. today, we are going to get a little bit of a break. take advantage of it. temps are so getting into the weekend. we have onshore winds showing you they are coming out of the west. that will keep your temperatures in the upper 70s in places like livermore, 80, in gilroy, 74 in san jose. we lose that natural coolant tomorrow. as a result, temperatures are going to soar. 84, inland saturday, up to 90 on sunday. let's check that drive. good morning. much better now. north bound 880 through oakland. past the coliseum. after the earlier crash took a while to clear. it has been a half hour since that cleared. we are looking at a slower drive heading up into the area. 880 southbound, still slow into milpedis is it wrong to buy an entire outfit
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to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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noochlt >> who can forget that moment? it was pandemonium on the plaza where psy had us all dancing to his hit "gangnam style." there is the david gregory dancing video. we can get off of that video right now. >> it is fun when it is david but when it is a vanna. >> it is friday morning, 26th of april, 2013 as we say hello to our crowd. >> coming up, martha stewart. i think she will surprise you. certainly surprised matt.
7:31 am
we will have a preview of their very candid conversation coming up. and six men drifting thousands of miles across the pacific ocean on a small wooden raft. later, survivors of the boston bombings, a mom and daughter, who are now recovering in the same hospital room share their emotional story with natalie. >> we want to begin this half hour with a "today" exclusive. in a moment, dr. conrad murray convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson speaks from his jail cell but first new details on dr. murray's attempt to have his conviction overturned. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. at this point dr. murray's appeal will likely be released early by the fall he concludes the trial was unfair and as michael jackson's personal physician he did nothing wrong. >> before dr. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to
7:32 am
four years, the max, he told savannah that michael jackson's death had nothing to do with the care he provided. >> do you feel guilty he provided? >> i don't feel guilty, because i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: in his appeal, murray said his trial was fundamentally unfair, the trial judge was biased an the jury should have been sequestered because of the media frenzy around the case. his goal not to get out of jail early but to get his life back. >> you wouldn't be a convicted felon for one thing. it may effect his ability to practice medicine in the future. >> reporter: murray could be a turning point witness in the jackson family's suit against the promoters of the king of pop's doomed concert tour. if it led to the fatal dose of proep follow, what is the role of the promoter who aeg believed would pay his fee.
7:33 am
>> the jackson family will argue, look aeg is responsible for everything that conrad murray did wrong because they put the pressure on him. they reminded him they are the ones in charge. >> reporter: murray said so far he has not been subpoenaed to testify in the suit against aeg but is on the witness list for both sides. aeg says the company didn't hire murray and had nothing to do with jackson's medical care. murray says he might be called to testify but will likely plead the fifth if he is called. savannah? >> all right. thank you so much. dr. conrad murray is with us on the phone from the men's central jail in los angeles. his attorney valerie watts is also here and she's handling the appeal. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, savannah. >> as we heard from our correspt shortening your sentence. you are expected to be out in a few months. as i understand it, this is a chance to clear your name.
7:34 am
do you think it will be sufficient to do that? and do you expect you should be able to practice medicine again? >> well, i hope that -- i think my attorney has done an excellent job in her brief. i hope that the courts will see that an injustice has occurred this occasion and if that is the case i will have my license and be able to continue to practice medicine to give services to all of those seek it, but especially to the unserved. >> in your appeal you blame michael jackson, the jury, the judge and your lawyers. i wonder if having reflected on these faks now you take any personal responsibility for what happened to michael jackson? >> not any responsibility as it relates to his death. i'm sorry that i have lost michael as a friend and as a patient. being a doctor is such a huge impact on our lives, when you
7:35 am
have to tell a family member somebody has passed away and we couldn't save them. it is a tremendous loss. it's so much pain and i have lost a very dear friend and a very dear person to me. it's going remain with me the rest of my life but i'm not going to accept responsibility for anything i did not do. >> let me push back on that a little bit. he died from this powerful an necessary at the timic called propofol as you know. i know your theory he injected himself with propofol. however, are you not responsible for bringing the drug in the room and leaving him unattended? >> i'm not. i met michael jackson when he had his own stash of medication. i tried to get propofol from michael jackson.
7:36 am
he may not have liked the approach i took but the circumstances were to get him away from the agent. >> speaking of the night he died and just those actions, you left the room. you left him unattended when propofol on the package label says it requires constant monitoring. >> i left the room, yes but no propofol in his way that he should have used. i didn't leave propofol that was available to michael to take on his own actions and cause his own demise. i did not do that. >> let me let valerie in on this. >> michael was not on a propofol drip when dr. murray left he room. he was on a saline drip. the effect was out of his system. >> that's dr. murray's contention. there was a larger amount found in michael jackson's body at autopsy and you don't dispute the fact that propofol was prescribed by dr. murray and under your own theory, michael
7:37 am
jackson gained access to it when many dr. murray left the room. >> he gained access but whether it came from dr. murray or other sources is not established. >> what has life been like in jail for you? >> it has been one of my most horrendous experience. i have only survived because of the loving hope and the support that i get from various individuals and especially would like to say my girlfriend nicole alverez has been tremendous. never missed a visitation or failed to not call on a daily basis and let me know i'm not being forgotten. it is those things that keeps me going, my children and a bunch of other people who have written from all over the world who encourage me. >> do you regret not taking the stand in your own defense? i don't know. >> i don't know. i didn't think that the
7:38 am
prosecution had solved, or proved their case. i did not -- i i don't know if i would have taken the stand i would have added anything more. the problem is my attorneys the case was not handled well. there was an on obstruction of justice when the prosecutor himself destroyed the evidence in the open courtroom. that was obstruction of justice and that was unbelievable. almost something impossible to live. >> appreciate you getting up early, calling us from your jail cell. we appreciate it. and valerie, thank you. appreciate that. and now a check of the weather from al. >> thank you so much. we have friends. the parkinsons walk coming up. beautiful weather for that. you will enjoy that. for the weekend ahead we have a slight risk of strong storms stretching from texas in to the mississippi river valley. rain in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot through the
7:39 am
southwest. nice and mild in the northeast. and then for sunday, beautiful weather. making its way gulf coast to the ohio river valley. make that wet weather. we will be looking at showers through the northwest. nice and mild from the gulf coast all the way up to the plain states. 7:39. good friday morning. you can see some fog drifting around from time to time. we have low cloud cover. it is not going to last long. a much warmer day on tap.
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climbing from 2-5 degrees. 78 on the way to livermore. that is not that bad. 71, fremont, 64 in san francisco. getting down right hot by tomorrow. we are going to tack an additional 6 degrees to today's highs and bump those up by 6 more degrees. sunday, equals 90. any time you need to go to the weather channel on cable or online. ♪ ♪ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the whole grains in quaker chewy bars. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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tell them about light & fit greek nonfat yogurt twice the protein and 80 calories. thick... creamy. taste satisfying, right? eat! light and fit greek! ♪ dannon! we're back at 7:44 with a legendary adventure to cross the pacific ocean on a wooden raft. the true story is told in a new movie that's out today in select cities, nbc's keir simmons is at the contiki museum in oslo, norway, on the boat that inspired the film. keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. this was home for six men during three months on the pacific
7:45 am
risking their lives in the years after world war ii. look at this basic sail, because their leader believed that early south americans had journeyed on a raft like this to the south pacific islands. it was balsa wood and rope. they clung on for dear life and put their faith in an ancient legend, contaki, a king from peru. he sailed across the pacific to polynesia, populating the islands. in 1947 a norwegian defied warnings to make the more than 4,000 mile voyagvoyage. >> in order to prove it was possible to cross the pacific on a balsa wood raft. >> his grandson gave me a tour of the tiny courses. >> this was the shelter from the sun and rough weather.
7:46 am
>> reporter: wow. it is so cramped, just try and stand up. you're taller than me. >> it's quite low. >> there were six men on board and a parrot, so this bit of decking is the kitchen. >> yes, right here. >> what did they cook? >> a lot of flying fishes were landing on deck every single day so they picked them up and fried them in the frying pan. >> reporter: they were alone on the ocean. under threat from nature. above and below. so sharks, the raft was so low in the water down here they were literally here. >> when the sharks were floating by, they'd pull them by the tail and take them aboard. >> reporter: and the previous fact is about the expedition leader. he couldn't swim. >> he was a terrible swimmer all his life.
7:47 am
>> they made it to land and their legend lives on in this movie. thor's grandson repeated the journey in a replica raft down to the very ropes. this story, lester, continues to inspire generations. >> small raft in a big ocean. keir simmons thanks very much. up next, martha stewart gets surprisingly candid about her love life and her experience with after this. all o. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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nice crowd on friday. martha stewart has mastered the art of home making and entertaining. >> that's true and now she's focusing on health and wellness in her new book "living the good long life." matt sat down with martha to talk about the book and she was surprisingly candid about her personal life, too. >> for someone who is as famous as you i'm often amazed so little is written about your personal life, your social life, and when i say that i don't mean the parties. >> right. >> i mean romantic social life. >> well i had a long time boyfriend. that ended a couple years ago, and i haven't found the next mr. right. >> do you like dating? >> oh, yeah, love it. >> do you really? >> yes. >> you're one the first people i've talked to who said i love dating. >> i was thinking of going on >> are you serious? you would go online? >> i tried filling out the application. >> did you go with an alias? >> no, i want to do my real
7:52 am
thing. >> wait, wait, wait -- >> i went half way down the page it was impossible. >> no interviewer can let that go. martha stewart went on as martha stewart? >> and imagine what the profile would be. interests, decouage, glue guns, gardening, crafting. >> long walks on the beach. >> chairman of a multibillion-dollar company. >> it's really cool, matt was talking about this, he was surprised how candid she was about it. it's interesting. >> we're not surprised. she's awesome. >> we're going to try to help her meet her match. we'll tell you more after your local news. ter the quiet sneeze. [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour 3. [ sneezes ]
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it is 7:56. six brand newportable classrooms stand destroyed after a suspicious fire in a san leandro elementary school overnight, james madison elementary fire broke out at midnight. the portables were just delivered yesterday and had been pushed together to make one large building. the classrooms fortunately were empty. classes went on at the school this morning since that fire did
7:57 am
not spread to other buildings. expect big crowds at oakland tonight. the golden state warriors bringing that playoff fever back to oracle arena. the first time it has happened in six years. bad news, though. steph curry, a twisted ankle. hopefully, he will be playing. the a's are hosting the baltimore orioles. you might want to get there early so you don't mits tip-off for the first pitch. good luck to both teams. let's check in for weather. christina loren showing and telling us a good-looking weekend. let's keep that good luck rolling chl rolling. 80 degrees. 78 degrees in livermore. for today, 71 on the east shore in fremont. 64 degrees in beautiful san francisco. by tomorrow rk, the mid-80s wil tack on an additional degrees. >> right now, pretty cool for the san mateo bridge. we had a tough couple of days
7:58 am
across 92. the volume picks up. we will show you the map coming. it bogs down. nothing unusual for a friday. unusually slow many could go southbound off of 238. folks are shuffling the northbound route. stalled vehicles is causing the slowdowns. folks might be headed over to the san mateo as an alternate. northbound routes continuing to show slow drives, not so bad for a friday. look at that. we'll send you right back to the "today" show. star command,
7:59 am
i'm detecting high levels of happiness. luscious locks there's an entire land here...with living cars. now this is flying... with style. great glittering galaxies. disneyland resort just got happier, see it all with a 3-day park hopper ticket. i now appear to be lost in a deep dark cave...
8:00 am
♪ back now at 8:00 on a friday morning, the 26th of april, 2013. you're listening to psy's latest blockbuster called "gentleman" it is climbing the billboard charts and we are excited to announce he is coming back to the plaza his triumphant return a live concert one week from today. good morning, everyone. >> we're also going to announce -- >> our summer concert series. we'll unveil who is coming to our plaza this summer so we look forward to that. savannah guthrie alongside al rok roker. >> remember the last time psy was here david gregory busted it out. >> made his career. >> look out.
8:01 am
>> 6'7" dances like that it makes an impact. >> david, are you going to come back for our return engagement? >> i don't see how i could miss that frankly because if i'm going to continue to embarrass my children i have to seize these opportunities, don't you think? >> are you going to do what you did last time, pre-meet with psy to get your private dance lesson so you can show us up? >> i'm just saying i didn't know who he was when i arrived that morning and i was not going to put myself in a position where i was not prepared to address america with dance moves. >> you mean like every sunday morning. >> whoa! >> oh, oh! >> you know, al, even being apart from you, you can throw these jabs. it's unbelievable. even with this distance. >> david he's only acting out because he misses you so much. >> i miss you so. you were my favorite dance partner. >> get your long, lean legs down here, david, we look forward to dancing with you again and see
8:02 am
you sunday on "meet the press." >> he's probably skyping with psy so he'll be all good. coming up in the next half hour we'll get you set for your weekend, everything from the movies to seeing one including four oscar winners and big honor from rihanna, and bette midler's return to broadway after more than 30 years. the age of texting, is typing on a big keyboard going the way of a dinosaur? we'll find out about that. first natalie morales has another check of the day's top stories. good morning again. >> good morning, everyone. boston marathon bomb suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was moved overnight from the boston hospital where we been held since his arrest to a prison hospital at ft. devens, massachusetts. he's facing federal terrorism charges. thursday new york city officials confirmed dzhokhar and tamerlan planned to drive to new york and set off another pressure cooker
8:03 am
bomb and smaller pipe bombs in times square. they were thwarted last friday when terlan was killed and dzhokhar wounded. congress steps in to stop furloughs of air traffic controllers that have mired airports and delay this is week. the house could vote today on a measure to ease flight delays. the senate already "she thinks i still care" and "he stopped loving her today" often considered to be one of
8:04 am
the greatest country singles of all times. journal jon george jones was 81. an american brother and sister had to swim for 14 hours after their chartered fishing boat sank during a caribbean vacation. dan and kate were battling a marlin in rough seas when large waves swamped their boat. they put on life jackets and abandoned ship eight miles off st. lucia. they spent an entire night in the water worried about sharks before safely reaching shore. and wildlife posed a hazard for golfers thursday at the zurich classic golf tournament in new orleans. several large alligators crawled out of the water and onto the course. you don't see that every day. one way to perhaps get the slower players moving there. now for a look at what's trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. hyundai has pulled a european ad that depicted a man that was trying to use car exhaust to take his own life.
8:05 am
he fails because the car's emissions are too clean. the ad triggered outrage online and hyundai has apologized and once again has pulled that ad. actress and author jessica alba is trending on social media after revealing how she lost her baby weight after the birth of her second daughter in 2011. she tells them that she wore a double corset day and night for three months. jessica says it was sweaty and brutal, but worth it, adding, however, it's not for everyone. and this guy on facebook claims he is one of the three male tourists recently kicked out of saudi arabia for being too handsome. religious police at a festival supposedly feared that saudi women would find the men too irresistible in a country where women are not generally free to mingle. he is handsome. it's 8:05 right now. let's go back outside to savannah. >> what a problem to have, huh? >> yeah, too handsome, i must be
8:06 am
shipped out of the country. >> this is a burden among some of us. what's going on in the weather? >> you know what? we're talking about -- we're taking a look at fargo, north dakota, because of flooding possibilities coming up. they've had a lot of snow, a lot of rain, sunny and cool. the red river is currently at 20.5 feet. flood stage at 18 feet. here's the problem. next week, the temperatures warm up. so we expect flooding at record proportions for the red river. by thursday, up to 38 feet above flood stage. and you look at some of the top-five flooding events in fargo, and it is going to probably fall within that top five. probably equal the april 9th. this is the latest they've ever 8:06 now. you made it to friday. the sun is breaking through the crowds in san jose. we're about an hour away from a mostly sunny sky. we're going to have to wait a little longer at the immediate coast for the sun break
8:07 am
through the clouds. as a result san francisco will hit 64, elsewhere 72, right at room temperature in redwood city. 73 in santa teresa and 80 on the way to gilroy. we heat up starting tomorrow adding an additional 5 to 6 degrees for your highs. adding an additional 5 to 6 degrees more for sunday. and that's your latest weather. lester? >> thanks. coming up next, natalie's emotional conversation with a mother and daughter injured in the boston bombings. now reunited and recovering together. then, what's new, what's up, what's in, from wedding bells for "little house on the prairie" alum to a revealing look to gwyneth paltrow. and a lost art. when was the last time you used a type writer? right after this. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
8:08 am
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when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. [ blows ] [ poof! ] wooo! hey there! i'm your rav4 genie. got any wishes? i wish my son was safer. well, this rav4 has a blind spot monitor and 8 airbags. whoa! how about when he's not in the car? right. [ snaps fingers ] [ laughter ] oh, no. oh, yeah. wooo! use your knees. [ male announcer ] the all-new rav4. toyota. let's go places. back now at back now at 8:11. it's been 11 days since the tragic boston marathon bombings and natalie met up with one family who she first introduced
8:11 am
us to on rock center. and they're learning to heal together. >> it's right, savannah. a mother and daughter now side by side. celeste corkran lost both of her legs in the blast and her 18-year-old daughter sydney nearly bled to death from a severed artery. a hospital room they're sharing. >> i just kept saying over and over, no, no, no, in your head, just give me the last five minutes back. >> reporter: celeste stood with her husband and daughter at the finish line of the boston marathon. they were less than 20 feet away from the first bomb when it exploded. >> before i think they put me under, i just wanted to die. and then i just remember thinking, like, i can't. i can't. i don't want to leave my family, you no he? there's still too much to do. >> reporter: in the blast, celeste and kevin were completely separated from their daughter. while kevin helped celeste, who lost both her legs, bystanders rushed over to take care of sydney.
8:12 am
>> from the moment i got, like, in the ambulance, i wanted to know where they were. i thought i was going to wake up and have no one left but my brother. >> reporter: tell me about, first, seeing each other again. >> it was waterworks. >> yeah. >> complete waterworks. >> wasn't a dry eye anywhere. >> yeah. >> i couldn't get close enough to her. normally, i'm hugging her and not being able to physically get up and go to her has been really hard. >> reporter: did you know the extent of her injury yet? >> right before they brought her in, they made sure that they told me so i wouldn't be in shock more than i already was. so i was a little prepared. and honestly, the shock wasn't bad at all, because i knew i at least had my mother. >> reporter: there are so many pictures that stay with so many of us. we see all the help, the people who came running to help you, sydney. and a gentleman, matt smith, who you recently met.
8:13 am
>> i wanted to find him and meet him and thank him. he was just holding my gaze the entire time. he was getting right up in my face. he kept saying, i was going to be okay. and just to stay with him and keep my eyes open. it was really difficult just feeling so tired, because all of the blood was leaving my body, like i turned white, my lips turned blue. so everything was tingly. i just felt like i was fading. >> reporter: what was that reunion like when he came here and you got to meet him for the first time? >> the moment i saw him walk through that door and just -- i just looked at him, and i knew it was him. i just started crying. and he got teary-eyed and he came over and hugged me, grabbing my hand. >> so many people have been so supportive and have come to, you know, offer their support. other fellow amputees, a couple of marines. one of the gentleman, i believe is gabriel, he has the same
8:14 am
exact injury as mine. and he came in here with his legs. and i was just amazed. he goes rock climbing. sounds like there's nothing he can't do. granted, a few years younger than i am. but sounds like if you have the spirit and you know that you want to do it, i can absolutely achieve it. >> reporter: and you mentioned, of course, the most important thing, you have your daughter here celebrating her 18th birthday. >> yes, today. >> reporter: today. >> the marines, when they were here, gabriel was saying they like to say they now have two birthdays. their original birthday and then the day that they got injured, because you start a new life. >> i mean, it is difficult sometimes. like, sometimes it really just hits you. but other times you're, like, wow. you just look and, wow, that was my life, that happened. >> there's times when everything just kind of overwhelms you, but i just have to really -- i know in my heart that i'm going to be
8:15 am
okay. as long as i'm strong enough or want it enough, i will have a different life, a different reality. >> reporter: and you've got your whole family around you helping you all the way. >> i do. i do. they're wonderful. i just want to see everything in their lives. i'm not ready to leave. so, yeah. if it's with new legs, it's with new legs. >> and celeste and sydney are getting stronger each and every day. but, as you know, savannah, with their injuries, it's going to be a long road physically and emotionally. but they have such an incredible support system. in fact, their whole family said they're not just boston strong but corkran strong. >> well, they're proving that. it's wonderful the gentleman came and said i had the same injury as you and -- >> gabriel ramirez, exactly. a wounded veteran who came in and just lifted their spirits when they needed it the most. >> he personified hope for sure. natalie, thank you. i know you'll have a lot more on this story with "rock center
8:16 am
with brian williams" tonight here on nbc. let's send it over to lester. let's take a turn now and get you ready for the weekend. we have three experts lined up to tell us "what's new, what's up, what's in." we begin with dave carter, the host of "weekend ticket" on fan dango. great to see you. >> you as well. >> a lot of movies opening this weekend. >> yeah, kind of the last weekend before the big summer movie season. >> mark wahlberg has one out, an it's based on a true story. >> yeah, "pain and gain." it's kind of truth is stranger than fiction. it's the story of three gym rats, mark wahlberg, dwayne johnson, going on a crime spree in miami. there's a point in the movie where, let's just say, one character is barbecuing a dead man's severed hands and the screen freezes and says, this is still a true story, just to remind you of how crazy it is. >> you will need that reminder. >> absolutely. >> there's another film coming out, "the big wedding." it has a huge cast here. a number of oscar winners.
8:17 am
>> four to be exact. robin williams, diane keaton, and topher grace, katherine heigl. it's a very cute movie. i was surprised at how naughty it is. a lot of sexual humor. a lot of bed-hopping in the film. kind of a fun, mindless comedy. >> matthew mcconaughey has one, an independent film called "mud." >> it's the best movie of the weekend. it's not playing everywhere, but it's worth your time to seek it out. it's a guy living on the run, living on an island in the mississippi river. these two young boys happen upon him and develop a friendship with him. reese witherspoon is also in the film. you see her there in a smaller role. she's had to cancel some of her talk show appearances. >> she had a rough week. >> following her arrest. she's not doing much pr for it. >> and quickly, the musical acts, kenny chesney has a new album? >> yes, "life on a rock." it's album number 16 for him. another album where it combines his love for island life and country life. a duet with willie nelson on there.
8:18 am
>> we're out of time, but the battle rounds of "the voice." >> yeah, the knockout rounds. >> yeah, sorry. knockout rounds. i'm a big fan, too. all right, savannah? >> lester, thanks. what is up in the celebrity world? michelle beetle is a correspondent and just an all-around great gal. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with wedding bells. melissa gilbert and timothy westfield. i didn't know they were a couple. >> yeah, they did it on wednesday. what was interesting is she wore a strapless red dress. >> yeah. there she is. >> they've known each other 20 years, the third marriage for both of them. they've been friends, got engaged in january, and there they are. >> they look great, too. red heads, looked fabulous. >> daring. >> speaking of fashions, gwyneth paltrow. you're telling me she wore a sexy dress. i confess, i haven't seen it yet. >> focus on the backside. antonio beraddi dress, wore it
8:19 am
to the "iron man 3" premiere. watch on the sides, all -- >> wow. >> -- cut out. there's no undies! >> whoa. >> you can't wear them with that dress. >> you can, but it won't have the same effect. >> no, it won't. she's telling everyone, i am the most beautiful woman in the world. whether you believe it or not. >> if you've got it, flaunt it. let's talk about rihanna. she is amazing and now has 10 bill board number ones? >> yeah, it's interesting, because she beat her good friend katie perry. the song "stay" put her over the top. they've been keeping track of the best pop artist on radio, and she is the number-one artist on radio. ten total hits. what's weird about it, if you notice the list started back in '06 with "sos," no "umbrella." >> that's interesting. >> yeah. >> and that never made number one? >> not on the list. that one got me. shocked me. >> you always give me something i didn't know. thank you so much. >> thank you. here's natalie. all right, savannah, thank you.
8:20 am
"what's in" when it comes to fashion, food, and beauty and style expert lilliana vasquez is joining us. let's see, black and white is the number-one trend. >> it is. anyone can pull off this trend, whether you want to do a dress, cool jeans, or, of course, any black and white accessories. >> all kinds of price points. you can find it everywhere. >> okay. >> jungle or tropical prints? you are illustrating that point so well. >> yes. >> from everywhere. >> from birds of paradise, it looks great at the beach. >> and the shoes, right? >> i'm wearing separates from juicy couture, and the accessories. >> i love that. and let's move on to -- over here we have -- what's this look here? >> so this is the bomber jacket. right now, it's a little cold outside on the plaza. >> oh, yeah, this would be perfect. >> and these are under $25 from forever 21 and >> and moving on to jewelry here. the big cuffs are all the rage. >> you saw the stacked bracelets, the arm party.
8:21 am
it's over now. it's about the cuff. they're in every metal. how gorgeous are these? >> i love those. and hombre is a trend we've seen, everything from hair to clothing, and now seeing it on nails. >> now you're seeing it on your nails. pick one color family and pick five different shades. put the lightest on your pinkie, darkest on the thumb. >> you work your way down. >> or easy way to do it is nail stickers. >> violet eyes. >> yeah, purple looks gorgeous on eye color. >> beautiful. >> do it with eyeshadows, and also with the mascara. >> all right. thank you so much. back in to savannah. all right, natalie, thanks. today's "digital anyoge" simple phone calls obsolete. jenna wolfe is here and has a look at another potential casualty. >> brace yourselves. you guys sitting down? good. it seem the like yesterday the phrase words per minute actually
8:22 am
meant something to someone, but with texting and tablets and smart phones, is it the beginning of the end for typing as we know it? ♪ once upon a time, it was the unmistakable sound of work getting done. >> typewriters were an amazing invention. these machines were in every office, on everybody's desk. it really was a big deal with the comparison like now of having the latest gadget. >> reporter: remember typing class, where getting an "a" "b" or "c" depended on how fast you could type them out on a keyboard? and if you made a mistake -- corrections was a few ways, backspace to the mistake they made. write over the mistake, a typewriter eraser. put the sheet in the machine, type over the mistake. >> reporter: in retrospect, a technological oversight. so we moved on to the computer where unlike the typewriter,
8:23 am
your fingers could dance across the keyboard with reckless abandon, because at least you had this guy. but fast forward to today, and the computer has grown up -- or down, as in size. suddenly, instead of 10 fingers to type, you only need two. and who needs delete when you've got auto correct? because that never gets you in trouble. in the palm of our hands, typing became texting, and texting took off. americans sent an estimated 6 billion texts every single day. the average teen sends 60 texts a day. 60 texts a day! who are these kids? we went to a technology class at a middle school in queens to see if typing really is losing out to texting. what are you better at? >> i would say i'm better at texting. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: have you ever written long sentences, paragraphs, pages, anything over texts? >> papers. >> reporter: what do you mean paper?
8:24 am
>> i did my book report. >> reporter: you did a whole book report on your phone? >> yes. >> reporter: and it can be a struggle for today's teachers to help kids rediscover the lost art of typing. >> it's the arrogance of youth. the arrogance that i know everything there is to know. i text all the time. i can text quickly, why do i need this typing skill? we take a little while to crack them out of that notion, disabuse them of the idea that every problem can be solved with a smartphone. >> reporter: just as this generation has gotten comfortable with tapping two fingers to text, the latest technology has us down to one. >> now you can kind of slide and glide to type words and phrases and sentences. so some companies like swift key, swipe, and others are making it so that as you're gliding, it's automatically starting to learn what you're trying to write. it will appear up on the screen and you can choose that. >> reporter: now if only someone could find a way to dial with your -- [ buzzer ] that's technology i could get -- well, behind. you'd be surprised how fast these kids are typing. and we were talking about it, to
8:25 am
put this to the test, i would type a paragraph with 10 fingers. you text the same one with two. hands down, three out of three, they beat me. >> you're kidding. >> reporter: these kids are so good. they are just typing at such a fast rate with their foeps. you sit them down, they don't know what they're doing. >> well, really -- >> you know, every office in america has the keyboards so you're better off -- >> that's why they're trying to get these kids -- >> i use three fingers. i never actually learned to type. >> you're a pecker. >> we're so obsolete. >> -- and i would type letters to my parents and my -- >> yeah, and no fingers soon. we'll just be talking and -- >> hold on, a fax is coming in. .
8:26 am
i'm laura garcia-cannon. the little league world champions from petaluma back in the spotlight but not for the right reasons. some of the players on that team are now accused of bullying. petaluma high school suspended players after another player accused them of bullying. the alleged bullying did not happen on the baseball field but the president of the national little league board says the league is adopting a new anti-bullying policy as a result. the league champs no longer play on the same team. time now to check that morning commute with mike. how are we looking this friday morning? >> we are looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza look. at this. this is exceptionally light for friday. no back-up. we do have metering lights on. the latest thing, there was a
8:27 am
car that ran out of gas, assisted off the roadway, one of your exits at treasure island. no more slowing up the inklein. the maps, we did have a problem, stall, crash 880, marina, that clearing up, slowing off castro valley, south 880, 92, hayward, san mateo bridge. no problems on the span for 92. there's a sig alert south 242 south 680 earlier crash but that's starting to lighten up as they clear the roadway through concord and alternate is highway 6480. >> hopefully stay home and watch. back in half an hour with local news. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, april 26th, 2013. a great shot of our crowd here on rockefeller plaz gla. a beautiful morning, time to go out on a limb and say it is a perfect morning here in midtown manhatt manhattan. >> a massive crowd. >> a massive crowd this morning. we say hello to them. all right. what do we have coming up, lester? >> what was your favorite video of the week?
8:31 am
from the slip of a tongue on an adorable baby, we'll let you decide who will be crowned top click. also ahead, if you're worried about your kids' prospects for summer jobs or even getting jobs out of high school, we're going to show you one program that's landing teens great-paying jobs right out of high school. all right. and then grammy nominee sarah burrell is here. she has a new hit burning up the charts. she'll be performing that for us live in just a little bit. >> heard her rehearsing. she sounds good. and now a check of the weather. let's see how the weekend will be. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms stretching from texas on up into the mid-mississippi river valley. rain in the pacific northwest. lots of sunshine along the east coast. warm down through florida. then sunday, sunday! we are looking for more sunshine along the eastern sea board, although showers start to encroach into the ohio river valley. rain in the pacific northwest. sunny, hot southwest on into texas. mild conditions on into northern california.
8:32 am
good friday morning to you. the time now 8:31. taking a live look at the bay bridge. can you see it's glassy out there on the bay. tugboat passing through. beautiful conditions later on today, once we get rid of that low cloud cover. it's that low cloud cover that will keep temperatures from soaring. comfortable in livermore, 64 in san francisco. getting into tomorrow, the mid-80s and 90s arrive by sunday. that's going to be the day to make those beach plans if you can. staying hopt hot just about every day next week. ese a el clima y ahora i like pie! >> we are in orlando, florida. where all good things happen. what is happening this weekend is fantastic. 35,000 people sniffing, slicing, and eating pie. the american pie council and crisco are sponsoring there. we hope you can see us.
8:33 am
we want you to meet a very dear friend of ours, whom i love very much. shannon arnold, where is it -- >> it's 50 miles east of dallas. how is my hair? >> it's lovely. >> yours looks good. >> pecans in it and a little molasses. why is that? >> that's because i brought you the official state pie of texas, the pecan pie. >> you're kidding me. >> i'm not kidding. >> it really is the official pie? >> it is. and great pie starts with great crust. and great crust starts with crisco. >> oh, you ole devil. that's fantastic. i love pecan pie. let's check the birthday buddies and find out who's on tap for our friends at smucker's. louis bailey from columbia, north carolina. not south. he walks all the time. the other day from pittsburgh to cleveland, two days. how about that?
8:34 am
ann degregorio, 100 years old today. her secret to longevity? younger men. >> hubba hubba. >> that's it. well, just showing my little emblem that the nice people sent me, autism. this is national autism month. so much work is being done, but more needs to be done. that's it, that's all. it's almost time to say, let's have another cup of coffee and let's have a piece of pie! >> all: yumny, yummy in my tummy! >> oh, union help is hard to get. that's it. >> all right, willard, thank you. it is friday. you know what that means? today's "top clicks" where you vote for your favorite videos of the week. as always, willie is our guy. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. the train keeps rolling here. we have a check now for four weeks in a row, it is the dog that can't catch. >> wow. >> one, two, three. catch. >> oh.
8:35 am
>> hurts every time. >> just setting up shop at the top of our charts here. four weakness a row. i have to tell you, he has good competition this week. >> okay. >> click number two, if i may, my personal favorite, driving miss crazy, a hilarious twist on the backseat driver. >> worry about yourself. >> don't -- >> worry about yourself. i do this one so you -- you drive! worry about yourself! go drive! >> worry about yourself is the new quote. that is the adorable and very bossy august. she does not need help buckling into her car seat, and suggests her old man just turn around and drive. >> worry about yourself. >> can you imagine her in about 20 years. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's your television producer. >> august won that argument. he turned around and drove. he did as he was told. click number three, here with us this week. a.j. clemente, the anchor out of
8:36 am
a job after just one show. >> nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition. >> okay. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> good evening, you may have seen our newest -- a.j. on -- the north dakota news and he'll be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor. tell us a little bit about yourself, a.j. >> thanks, van. i'm very excited. i graduated from west virginia university, and i'm used to, you know, from being the east coast. >> never gets any easier, does it? >> a.j. called it a rookie mistake. now he is a web sensation and looking for a second chance. >> i was up in boston covering all of the events that. when i saw that, in my hotel, it gave me my first belly laugh in -- just brought tears to my eyes. >> you needed something to work through up there. the click number four. another great one. kate mckennen does an impersonation of ellen degeneres for "snl." she met ellen this week face to
8:37 am
face for the very first time. ♪ >> if i'd only known -- >> ahh! >> all right. it's time to say good-bye now. be kind to one another, please. adios. avocados. i'm vegan. just kidding, i'm ellen. >> and the great part was, ellen started doing the impersonation of herself. she was imitating kate mckinnen imitating her. they danced up the aisleway. the reigning champion, the dog that can't catch, and worry about yourself backseat driver, the rookie tv anchor and ellen meets ellen. head to our website and we'll reveal the favorite next week. >> a very good race. earlier, we gave you a preview of matt's interview with
8:38 am
martha stewart, well, jay leno and his friends at "the tonight show" are having fun with it. >> next tuesday on the "today" show, matt lauer has a revealing interview with martha stewart. >> do you ever wish you could wake up and not be martha stewart? >> tuesday, a revealing conversation, plus a different side of martha. >> do you like dating? >> yes. >> watch the magic unfold as matt and martha go one on one. it's matt and martha only on "today." >> that's great. that's a promo. i'll tune in for that. >> i'll watch. >> say, martha, do you like gladiator movies? >> that's so great. still ahead, your favorite soap opera is going digital. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:39 am
[ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future.
8:40 am
♪ if you want to call me back now at 8:40 with today's good news, and this
8:41 am
morning, jobs for teams and the revival of an old industry. craig melvin is here with details on that. good morning. >> good morning. 16.2%, savannah guthrie, the unemployment rate for people under the anyone of 25. it's about double the national average. but there's a new program in massachusetts that's helping young people find well-paying jobs, and the good news for many, you don't have to have a college degree to be hired. walter adams remembers what some of his bouddies said when he decided not to go to a traditional high school. >> he said it was a stupid choice, people make fun of vocational schools. >> reporter: that's because when the 16-year-old graduates next year, he'll make around $45,000. right now, in massachusetts, that's the average starting salary in manufacturing. >> i can make as much money as a -- like someone going to college, coming straight out of high school. i don't have to pay for college
8:42 am
loans or anything like that. >> reporter: no woodworking or table saws here. that dusty shop class from a by-gone era? it has turned into a high-tech training ground that's churning out well-paid workers. >> just walk me through what we're doing here. >> what i'm doing is fly-cutting the part. it makes a nice clean finish on it. >> reporter: as part of massachusetts's new amp it up program, students use state-of-the-art machines, computers, even robots to learn how to code, program, and design. >> it's better than sitting in a classroom to me. >> reporter: pathfinder regional vocational school has become wildly popular. >> there is a waiting list for the shop right now for kids that want to get into it. >> reporter: and mary jane says her students have little trouble once they're out. in 2011, every pathfinder graduate landed a job in their field. >> the machine shops are clamoring for people right now. they can't expand, because they don't have highly skilled people. >> reporter: demand is only going to increase over the next decade. massachusetts expects 100,000
8:43 am
new advanced manufacturing jobs, the most growth of any sector. many of the new jobs will be in biotechnology and involve creating medical components. >> the question is, how do we make sure that the opportunity is there to get the skills levels across the need in our economy. >> reporter: governor deval patrick's answer involves changing perceptions. >> colleges right for many, but not for everybody. >> i can break down a machine and set up a brand-new job. >> reporter: did you think about college? >> i did when i was younger. i knew from a very early age i didn't want to do it. it's not for me. >> reporter: but michael rhodes says he loves his job not only because he's just 19 and can afford his new car and save for a house. there's something else. >> it is easily the hardest thing i've done in my life. >> reporter: on the floor and back in the 21st century classroom, part of the draw for manufacturing's newest faces is they won't be working in their grandfather's factory. >> my father was, like, working on asomably lines assembling
8:44 am
things, doing the same thing, repetitive motion. it's not. >> so officials are rolling this program out nationally, because it will become very popular. and manufacturing employers are so desperate to fill the open jobs and they wanted me to give you something. when they're not making medical devices and things of that nature, they make cool games. >> wow. >> so make sure savannah and matt get this game they designed. you can play this at home. >> i will. >> take it home. >> it's heavy, too. >> yes. >> amazing, and i love to see them at that very skilled work. great to see the manufacturing sector doing so well. i don't know if i -- it's a two-hander. help me, craig melvin. great story. thank you so much. coming up next, a live performance from sarah burrellis.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert
8:47 am
>> we're back now at 8:46 with three-time grammy nominee sara bareilles. her new song "brave" is the top tune on itunes. it's from her third studio album. great to see you here. >> hi. >> you're no stranger to studio 1a. we've never met before. >> no, this is our first time. it's exciting. >> i'm a big fan of your music. the song "brave" which we'll hear in a moment, catchy, upbeat. >> it's a big theme for me in my life, and also in what i want to be speaking with this new record. i was inspired by a dear friend of mine who's struggling with coming out. and i just feel like i'm seeing that theme a lot just -- even with, you know, young women i know -- wanting to empower them and the youth that i know in my life, just wanting to give them a message. >> yeah, listen to the lyrics carefully.
8:48 am
this was a collaboration you did, right? >> yeah, with jack antonov, from the band fun, and an amazing friend and a mentor of mine actually. >> i have enjoyed you as a judge on the singoff. you're coming off the show. >> i am, yeah. yeah, at the end of the last cycle, i had a great time. but i really want to get back to touring and making the record. >> you just started touring this week, right? >> i did. >> you're doing a solo, acoustic tour, meaning all of you are unemployed. is that's what's happening here? what is that like? that's like going on a stage naked, isn't it? >> it's terrifying. completely terrifying, which is why i wanted to do it. i'm trying to practice what i preach. asking people to be brave, so i'm doing it myself. >> anxious to hear the song "brave." sara bareilles. ♪ you can be amazing you can turn the phrasing into a weapon or a drug ♪
8:49 am
♪ you can be the outcast or be the backlash ♪ ♪ of somebody's lack of love ♪ or you can start speaking up nothing's going to hurt you ♪ ♪ the way that words do when they suddenly are scared ♪ ♪ kept on the inside and the sunlight ♪ ♪ sometimes a shadow is and i wonder what would happen ♪ ♪ if you say what you want to say ♪ ♪ and let the words fall out honestly ♪ ♪ i want to see you be brave and what you want to say ♪ ♪ then let the words fall out honestly ♪ ♪ i want to see you be brave i want to see you ♪ ♪ i just want to see you just want to see you ♪ i want to see you ♪
8:50 am
♪ i just want to see you i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ everybody's been there everybody's been scared ♪ ♪ down there on the knee fallen from the fear ♪ ♪ disappearing bowed down to the mighty ♪ ♪ don't run you stop holding your tongue ♪ ♪ baby there's a way out of the cage where you live ♪ ♪ maybe one of these days you can let the light in ♪ ♪ show me how big your brave is ♪ ♪ say what you want to say and let the words fall out ♪ ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ if it's what you want to say then let the words fall out ♪
8:51 am
♪ honestly i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ and since your history of silence won't do you any good ♪ ♪ didn't think you would let your words be anything ♪ why don't you tell them the truth ♪ ♪ and say what you want to say ♪ and let the words fall out honestly i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ what you want to say let the words fall out ♪ ♪ honestly i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ oh, oh i want to see you be brave ♪
8:52 am
♪ hey yeah, yeah, yeah see you be brave ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah >> sara bareilles, thanks. first, this is "today" on nbc. is it wrong to buy an entire outfit
8:53 am
to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
8:54 am
sara bareilles, happy song. >> it was so great it's friday, the weekend's here, sorry, lester, the weekend is here. >> you guys are my warmup act. this is like before the big time. five-day run-up to the weekend. >> here's a look at how it unfolded this week right here on "today". >> at this point dzhokhar tsarnaev cannot use his voice to respond because of that gunshot wound to the throat but we're told he is responding to some questioning in writing. >> do the authorities think his answers are credible? they came up with the plan on their own, motivated by islamic reridgious fervor. >> the brothers hatched a new plan, drive to new york's times square and set off explosives. citizen armies with sandbags along the illinois river, the mississippi and elsewhere are battling to hold these historic water levels back.
8:55 am
>> everybody's pulling together and doing the best they can. >> when you step in here do you miss it? >> no. >> not at all? >> i really don't. i had all the fame and power i needed. laura and i knew when our time was up it was time to come home. she just didn't sound right. she brings a heartbeat to the house again, she brought us back to life. ♪ i've got this feeling on this summer day when you were born ♪ >> that's a whole nother story! >> look it's natalie morales. >> the great pierce brosnan is here. >> that is your latest weather. savannah? ♪ this is awesome ♪ roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby
8:56 am
>> a little bieber. >> don't get used to that seat, pal. >> will we see another bush in the oval office? >> mila bush hager. >> good evening, i'm van [ bleep ]. >> a fireball shot came out myself mouth. >> you talk about second chances so we'll give you one now. way to go. photography at 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. that breaking news at the santa clara government center in san jose. it's been evacuated this morning after smoke was reported in the building. it happened in just the last half hour or so. even though crews on the scene say they do not see smoke, they are still checking to make sure everything is okay before they allow people back inside. lets see if things are clear with the forecast.
8:57 am
checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> 78, bayside 70 and 63 at the coast. those skies are clearing quickly. by tomorrow we're not executiving muexecutiv expecting much fog. you can find heat relief at the beach. 72 at the coast for sunday. have a great friday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ welcome to "today" on this friday morning, april the 26th, 2013. another beautiful day here in new york. we're on a three-day weather winning streak. >> not bad. >> inside studio 1a i'm willie geist and al roker and natalie morales and look who is here. tamron hall. >> security let me in. good morning, guys. >> from news nation. >> news nation is out in full force. >> let's get to our take three. take one is a story we've been talking about the furloughs because of the sequester that have led to delays and cancellations of flights at airports leaving people frustrated. last night, the united states
9:01 am
senate took action to end this so we'll get a vote in the house, probably go through to get basically move some money around inside the faa to get people back in the control towers and alleviate some of the problems. i think we agree that's good news, get commerce back, get people moving through the airports. people are pointing out this morning that it came about because of the outcry of people who use planes and left alone some of the other things, head start, preschool. >> meals on wheels. >> for low-income families. >> those cuts remain in place by the white house's account, 70,000 preschoolers will not have head start because of what's happening due to sequestration. so a little imbalance. >> the whole point of the sequester was that these cuts would be so traumatic for both parties, for the republicans and the democrats, that they would get together and come up with a deal, but now we're seeing this piecemeal where like you said air travelers, many business folks. >> squeaky wheel. >> the squeaky wheel gets the most attention and results and do we want our country to run
9:02 am
that way? it's crazy. >> i think it goes without saying, too, so many people are hurting from the sequestration. lot of people are losing hours, losing their jobs in the process as well. there has to be some resolution fairly quickly. >> they're the silent victims. we're hearing about the air travelers because you have pilots getting on the planes saying that one hour delay, blame the u.s. government. but the head start mom i saw one story on a head start mom in ohio who is like i don't know what to do. >> not to mention seniors who need meals on wheels. take two, a beautiful magazine cover, boston magazine one week after the events tributes pouring in around the country. the new issue of "boston" magazine a tribute. all running shoes in the shape of a heart, i think there are 120 of them, that they worked together to make that, those are all shoes that ran in the boston marathon, beautiful piece of art. >> such a simple statement.
9:03 am
>> gorgeous. >> the headline reads "we will finish the race." >> they should put that in a museum. it is just amazing. it's like an art installation. >> when i clicked on the link you see beautiful tribute to boston runners, don't know what to expect and i clicked on it and you have that swell. i started tearing up but they're tears of joy because you know so many of those people will finish the race. there was a woman yesterday from rhode island, she had her leg amputated from the knee down and talked about how friends and family helped her persevere, heather albott and she said i'm going to finish that race. you're just like yes, this is what it is about. >> natalie, some people you talked to who have lost legs and said they're going to give me new legs and i'll make it across the finish line next year with my new legs. >> just to see you heard so much the boston strong but you're really seeing it among the victims who they have a long way to go still emotionally, physically. >> financially as well. >> financially. this is just the beginning of what they have to face. the insurance won't cover a lot
9:04 am
of the things that they're going to need. >> we can't forget them. this will fade into memory and we have to keep remembering them because this is going to be something as we said something they're going to be dealing with for years. >> a new reality. absolutely a new reality. but to hear the positive message and in fact the mother and daughter who i interviewed you're going to see that again tonight on "rock center" to hear what they have to say, inspirational message and really they don't hate the bombers who did this. they say i believe you know that young man, those two young men were sick and that's really it. they don't hate them though. >> pretty graceful. hopefully that iconic cover of "boston" magazine will help people remember. let's move to our take three a little bit lighter. if you want to feel old i'm about to give you a birthday. sunday marks the tenth anniversary of itunes. >> wow. >> it's been ten years -- >> i was 8 when they started that? >> so you were a baby and you didn't know how to do math.
9:05 am
>> i come for the insults and the free food, thank you. >> apple put together a multimedia timeline looking back at milestones from its ten-year experience. the idea, cds -- >> done. >> i think for the most part we go online and buy singles. right? i take the songs i want. >> and i've got all of these cds, what am i going to do? so many are probably duplicated. the itunes match, who has the time? >> do you remember tower records you'd go to the mall and a record store, yeah, $9.99. nobody know what that is. >> no one even knows what that is. >> lilo is 14 and doesn't know what a record is. >> i heard vinyl is making a comeback. >> with all the djs. >> the sound quality of vinyl is far beyond. >> warmer. >> it's much warmer and richer, you hear the base, you get all of that, where you don't get that. >> i'm still holding out for the
9:06 am
comeback of the laser disk. >> the eight tracks. >> that was a short window, it was like a year. >> it was like boom, giant platters. who thought that was a good idea? let me get something the size of my head, twice as big put it in there. >> seemed like a good idea at the time. >> at the time. >> it kind of ended up being what we have now with blu-ray. isn't that the same technology. >> smaller. >> but mini. >> you know how many songs you have, itunes. >> i don't know the number. >> i have the same playlist i have over and over again. i tend to go back to it. >> i wonder if it's a woman thing or not. i have "tiny dancer" with elton john. i hear that over and over. and etta james mostly consists of the next four. >> last album you bought? >> leila james i bought it yesterday. >> online. >> even a cd? >> cd. >> oh, do they sell them still?
9:07 am
>> sure. >> it's probably eight, nine years. i'm going to say "mystical" maybe "danger." >> the rapper mystical? go! >> mr. ridgewood. mr. 201, mr. bergen county. >> now we move from mr. 201, ms. 411, what's our news? >> okay let's get to it in the news this morning, boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has moved overnight from the boston hospital where he had been held since his arrest to a prison hospital at ft. devens, massachusetts. he is facing federal terrorism charges. on thursday, new york city officials confirmed that dzhokhar and his older brother tamerlan made a last-minute plan to drive to new york and set off another pressure cooker bomb and smaller bombs in times square but they were thwarted last friday when tamerlan was killed and dzhokhar was wounded. >> a breaking story we're
9:08 am
following right now. country music legend george jones died today in a nashville hospital. jones recorded more than 150 albums and had number one songs in five different decades from the 1950s to the 1990s. his hits included white lightning, she thinks i still care and he stopped loving her today. often considered to be one of the greatest country music singles of all time. george jones was 81 years old. the fda is halting cucumber imports from a company in mexico after it was linked to 73 cases of salmonella in 18 states. no one has died from the outbreak but 27% of those sickened have had to be hospitalized. for more information, head to our website. it has been nearly four years since jackie lost her three young daughters, killed in a mini van driven by her aunt who was driving the wrong way. jackie spoke exclusively with
9:09 am
ne curry about how she learned to forgive her sister-in-law. >> up until that day, i only knew what i knew and she was a good person and a good mom and a good, you know, friend and so i don't know what happened that day. i really don't. >> and there's much more of ann curry's exclusive interview on "rock center with brian william" tonight at 10:00 eastern. it was supposed to air last week but because of the news in watertown, it will be this week instead. royal baby watchers were seeing spots this morning. kate, the pregnant duchess of cambridge wore a polka dot dress for a tour of warner brothers studios. we're told it was a thrifty design from top shop. father-to-be prince williams took a joy ride on the bike from "the dark knight rises" something he probably won't do when there's a baby on board. the royal couple headed to the
9:10 am
harry potter props to square off in a magic wand duel. that brings you up to date with the royals now. okay. >> need a little motivation to hit the gym this morning? let this red panda inspired you as he gets his groove on. one, two, one more. the aspiring gymnast gets treats from his trainer. >> a guy in a panda suit? >> we're calling that right now a guy in a panda suit. >> a very little guy in a panda suit. >> come on, that's real. >> look how low he goes and pulls his body back up. >> that's a kid in a panda suit. >> what is wrong with you two? >> we're this close to doing the iron crawl. >> maybe he's training for the summer olympics. >> that is not real. nope, nope. not real.
9:11 am
>> during the newscast, tamron is going like there and tamron is going like this. why would you believe that's a real -- exactly. >> we know how hard it is to lift and we're not pandas. you'll see. >> not pandas. let's just do the weather, al. >> this is real. we are talking about a risk of strong storms from wichita falls, oklahoma city, on into paris. we're going to see the strong storms again tomorrow and on into sunday. look at the rainfall amounts we're talking about anywhere from one to three inches of rain from central arkansas all the way up into kentucky and on as far east as nashville. the rest of the country beautiful day along the eastern seaboard, a few leftover showers in northern new england, another gorgeous day in the pacific northwest with temperatures in the 70s. 91 degrees in phoenix, arizona. that's what's going on in the 9:11 now. we do have major flight dlis el.
9:12 am
out of sfo. staffing issues. check throughout the day with your carrier. the same issue is developing on the east coast as well, laguardia, d.c., newark all reporting delays. 79 for getaway friday. livermore, no reason to leave town today. might get too hot as we head to the weekend. 84 inland saturday. by sunday we'll be in the 90s holding onto that warmth just about every day next week. we have a bonus take here. did you know speaking of ten-year anniversaries the national pretzel day is today, started in 2003 on this day in pennsylvania, and we've got some really good treats here from the philly pretzel factory. >> look at this piece of art right here. >> statue of liberty, the "today" show logo, peacock. tamron? >> i love soft pretzels. >> with mustard? >> yes.
9:13 am
i like them soft. >> the aunt annie's pretzel. >> some people like the middle and they eat the outside. i like to lick the salt and then eat. >> do you do that? >> let's not do that. tamron is going to lick the salt. >> my mama is watching tvs. >> while you do pull-ups. >> in a panda suit. 500,000 bucks or less on the water, next.
9:14 am
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(announcer) take their taste buds for a little spin with more than 50 delicious flavors. friskies. feed the senses. this morning on "tooled's real estate" homes on or near or under the water for $500,000 or less. "today" real estate contributor barbara corcoran. >> none are under the water. >> austin, texas, san leon. >> it's a hidden gem in
9:17 am
galveston county and surrounded on three sides by beautiful galveston bay. you'll have a nice look at the bay in a moment. this is a three-story waterfront with its own elevator, sits on the bay and has its own dock. here is the great room, you have a peek of the dock, tiles easy to maintain, a kitchen with a small center island with a sink and all white cabinets, a big formal dining room that seats eight people and surrounded by windows and glass with doors out to your own beautiful deck to the left side there. the house has its own boat slip and lift and here's what it looks like from across the water, no the a bad house. this is not expensive $419,000. >> now saugutuck. >> this say log room, most people live here year-round and a getaway on king fisher cove and it's a short bike ride to the town. what a beautiful shot there. it's a hand crafted cedar home
9:18 am
and it's the interior is all wood, it's a great room with a towering stone fireplace and balcony above, low maintenance. you either love these homes or hate them. who could say they don't like it? it has an all wood master bedroom, with the sunny seating area. feels warm and comfortable. the cozy loft upstairs works as a bunk room, an office, a tv area, but it's all extra and the king fisher cove has private lake frontage, pool, nature trails and boardwalks. >> let's head to portland, organize oh, three-bedroom, two-bath floating home for $465,000. >> floating homes are popular because you just plop it in the water. water typically on two to three sides. this one here is right on the columbia river, crystal clean, swimming, sailing, kayaking right off your own 1,200 foot dock in the front yard. the living room has soaring
9:19 am
vaulted ceilings, plankwood falls, the curved staircase, glass front cabinets, tile splash and counter. the bathroom is swanky with the soaking tub and glass brick shower and the third bedroom office has a wall of windows. gives you the sense of why people like these floating homes. >> can you actually throfloat t away? >> people think you can but you buy the space for a year so you better like your neighbors. >> now to vero beach florida $475,000, four bedrooms, three baths. >> this one comes with five acres and on its own private pond, comes with two horse farm stalls, four paddocks and a jumping ring. the main house has a roomy 2,800 square feet and four bedrooms and three baths and the dog is not included. the picture window, fireplace and french country feel. the master bedroom has nice wood
9:20 am
floors, pretty pond on the property and you get a great shot of the pond and there's the dog again, all right, they're teasing us with the dog. the waterspout keeps the bugs away. >> i don't think i've ever heard you say dog not included. >> pleasure, al. >> go to for more. still ahead the lies we tell our doctors but shouldn't, after these messages. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. ♪
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well there's some great news for soap opera fans "all my children" and "one life to live" are coming back and going digital, available monday through thursday on hulu and itunes and eray ka the most decorated emmy winner in history, julia barr from" all my children" and leslie miller the host of more "all my children" and more "one life to live." welcome. >> thank you. >> the fans have spoken. there's a facebook page with some 4 million followers demanded this so now it's happening. >> i know. thanks to rich frank and jeff who run prospect park. they made the effort. they tried to do it last year and it wasn't quite ready. they never gave up and we are coming back on monday, april 29th. >> do the soaps pick up where they left off? victoria lord your character has
9:24 am
been through it all. >> not everything. i've been dead a couple of times. daytime you never die. >> she's come back to life. >> we pick up a few months in advance. they aged up our young people so they could go to the nightclub and get in trouble. >> we pick up five years later so there's a little bit of, you know, suspension of disbelief but they also wanted to age some of the existing younger characters to bring on some other ones so we are five years forward from a catastrophic event. >> leslie, you host the show "more." there's an online integrative component so all people can get involved. >> two separate hours and this is an opportunity for our fans to really, really connect with our stars. it's interactive. through skype, twitter, facebook, our fans can ask julia and erica questions about, well,
9:25 am
we won't give much detail about plot lines. >> starts april 29th. thank you so much. like this woman here. hello! what's your name? linda. linda obviously sacrificed a good haircut so that her daughter could have a warm coat. it's windy. yeah. now you can help people like linda stop with the sacrificing. tell them about light & fit greek nonfat yogurt twice the protein and 80 calories. thick... creamy. taste satisfying, right? eat! light and fit greek! ♪ dannon! waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. to visibly reduce fine lines backflips and cartwheels.mile?. love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal!
9:26 am
honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. good friday morning to you. 9:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. south bay fire investigators trying to figure out what caused a historic building to go up in flames. crews worked through the night to put out that fire at the victorian building. fire broke out last night about 9:30. hot spots are out but the crews are worried the wooden building, which was built in 1884 could collapse because of all the damage. luckily no one was hurt in that fire. the man accused in the drunken driving crash that killed three members of a daly city family is expected in court. they say he had alcohol in his system when he crashed into another car killing a woman and her two sons.
9:27 am
he's pleaded not guilty to the charges. he'll be in court today to set a preliminary hearing date. this shut down streets in oakland this morning. around 3:00 someone noticed a grenade on 40th avenue near national boulevard near the fruitvale border. no waters, it's inactive. it took investigators an hour and a half to determine the grenade was not a threat to the public. didn't want to take any chances there, though. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28. taking a live look. still have some clouds hanging out over san jose but they are welcome clouds if you want temperatures down. temperatures will soar as a result. i want to point out we're still dealing with significant flight delays. not because of weather but because of staffing issues. they are popping up across the nation right now. just make sure you check ahead. a getaway friday. a lot of people heading out. 79 in livermore, 74 san francisco, 72 redwood city. getting into the weekend, mid-80s tomorrow, be in the 90s
9:29 am
by sunday. staying hot next week. check that drive with mike. >> affects friday traffic as well. we'll show you the map, a pretty easy drive 880, 101, a crash clearing to the shoulder caused a little slowing. 5 through mountain view 101 a crash north of middlefield north of shoreline. also a concert tonight, keep that in mind. there will be additional traffic after work. san mateo bridge, take a look. no problems. back to you. >> thank you for joining us as well. another local news update in half an hour. hope you have a great day and fantastic weekend.
9:30 am
next tuesday on the "today" show matt lauer has a revealing interview with martha stewart. show the promo. >> do you ever wish you could wake up and not be martha stewart? >> tuesday a revealing conversation plus a different side of martha. >> do you like dating? >> yes. >> watch it unfold as matt and martha go one on one, it's matt and martha, only on "today". >> a special edition of "today" coming up next. >> woo! >> that was great. >> you can catch more of the actual interview next week on "today". >> i love how they do that. they even found a voiceover guy sounds just like the announce per >> was that "the bachelor" i think they spliced the water scene. i'm xwst gst along with al roker and natalie morales and lester
9:31 am
holt inside studio1a. have you ever lied to your doctor a little bit? >> i sent you the bill. >> those among others. tell you why they might get you in trouble. also ahead in celebrity news a sneak peek at beyonce's newest single and ben affleck becoming a doctor. we'll tell you what that's all about. and an amazing performance from an impressive group of singers on their way literally to carnegie hall. first what's coming up on the weekend edition of "today"? >> the latest on the boston bombing suspect's parents, when will they come to the u.s. and will they be allowed to visit their son. it's prom season. you won't believe how much some parents are spending on the big event. we'll let you take a look and from standup comedian to successful daytime talk show host, some are asking if steve harvey is the new oprah sandra lee has fun spring dishes to spice up your next barbecue.
9:32 am
all that and much more on this weekend's "today". >> we check in with al with a look at the weather. >> saturday beautiful day up and down the eastern seaboard, gorgeous weather out west, showers and thunderstorms stretching from west texas on up into the ohio river valley. sunday, sunday, look for more sunshine, right along the east coast but rain encroaches from the gulf coast, eastern texas into the ohio river valley, more wet weather in the pacific northwest, sunny and mild in the northern plains with big problems for flooding there later and look for the heat to continue from western texas into the southwest. that friday is happening. friday is happening right now in our neck of the woods. good morning to you. we're going to hit highs that are pretty comfortable. 79 in livermore, 80 in gilroy. all things in perspective. they will be comfortable in comparison to where we're headed sunday. down right hot the 90s return. we're going to return to that warmth almost every single day next week.
9:33 am
break out summer greer. great beach weather sunday through thursday. hope have you a fantastic weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> all right, thanks a lot. this morning on "today's health" lies we tell the doctor. we've been guilty of leaving out maybe part of the story when we talk to our doctors and that has turned out to be a big mistake. dr. carrie peterson is "today's" women's health contributor. >> good morning. >> why do we lie to the doctor when we are asked basic questions? >> some people are embarrassed to admit something they're doing, sometimes there's a stigma associated with it, sometimes people don't realize the issue may impact their health so it's multifactorial. >> let's run through scenarios, the first one what's new in your life, you say not much, same old same old. things are going poorly for you at work, you were passed off for a promotion or laid off. what is the health risk to these lives? >> the health risk is moderate. woman usually spends about
9:34 am
one-third of their time at work, and that can really take a toll on their medical health. first off the immediate thing you can see it can elevate the blood pressure. if a woman is coming on a lunch break and it's high, the first thing i'll ask is are you having a stressful day because it impacts that quickly and some other interesting statistics, if you're under extreme stress, you are 69% more likely to misuse your birth control which can lead to unplanned pregnancies and if you're unemployed and have newly lost your job that can raise your risk of having a heart attack, so it's a real problem. >> even the most basic question yields all that for a doctor. interesting. let's move on to the next one, this is about drinking, a familiar question for a doctor, how often do you drink? socially, only on weekends when the truth is you probably do a few happy hours throughout the week as well. what is the risk here? >> the risk here is a high risk and the problem is why are you misrepresenting yourself. is there an issue with
9:35 am
dependency or are you underestimating how much you're actually drinking. a woman should have no more than one drink a day. many will underestimate how much they're drinking because bartenders have big glasses, and overpour, one drink may be the equivalent of two drinks and there's immediate risks and long-term risks. the immediate risks if you have one night of drinking you're not going to have a good night's sleep, more prone to injuries, causes you to feel bloated and in the long-term it can cause breast cancer, heart disease among other problems. >> if you have a glass of wine with dinner seven nights in a week that's okay. >> that's okay but four alcoholic beverages per night that's a bingeing, a problem. >> let's move on to smoking, an uncomfortable conversation for some people. do you smoke, the doctor asks, you say not really, maybe once in a while when the truth is you puff at least once a day or several times a week. i think i know the answer to this but what is the risk? >> the risk is high here. many people don't want to tell
9:36 am
their doctors that they smoke because they don't want to hear the lecture, but let's just go over a few numbers here because it's really going to impact how your doctor cares for you. one cigarette exposes you to 40 carcinogens so because of the increased risk of cancer, lung, breast or cervical your doctor may screen aggressively so it's going to change your care. if you're a woman and take oral contraception, that can increase your risk of blood clots and strokes so your doctor may want to find other ways to help protect you against pregnancy so there are factors to take into account. another thing if you're having trouble getting pregnant and you smoke, smoking decreases your fertility so it's something you need to take into account. good news, though, if you quit smoking it cuts your rate of premature death by half. >> a really quick one in before we go, simple question, how you're doing. you're saying you're fine but you're sad inside. >> that leads to depression, social isolation, self-medication with drugs and alcohol and there can be
9:37 am
underlying medical causes your doctor can test you for and reverse the symptoms. >> tell the truth to the doctor. >> be forthcoming. >> thank you, dr. carrie peterson thank you so much. >> my pleasure. coming up next, beyonce to ben affleck, headlines from hollywood when we come back. ien. so here's a few reasons to choose university of phoenix. our average class size is only 14 students. our financial tools help you make smart choices about how to pay for school. our faculty have, on average, over 16 years of field experiene. we'll help you build a personal career plan. we build programs based on what employers are looking for. our football team, is always undefeated. and leading companies are interested in our graduates. we'll even help you decorate your new office. ok. let's get to work. in 14 hundred 92. nice! [ female announcer ] big days call for a breakfast packed with fiber and nearly a day's worth of whole grains. kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. this is one giant leap for mini-kind. [ female announcer ] keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused.
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♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. that's a wrap is brought to you by mcdonald's. experience a whole new way to eat at mcdonald's. now to "that's a wrap" a roundup of all of the hot headlines from hollywood. alicia, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> let's get started, beyonce's fans eagerly anticipating her fifth album. there have been some leaks of some of the k songs, but her new song is featured in an h & m ad. >> she's done a collaboration with them. boy, oh, boy, hot video, bikinis
9:42 am
which will be sold in h & m. beyonce is on tour, the mrs. carter world tour. she's in paris right now with jay-z and looks hotter than ever in this video, natalie. and she's coming to new york, one of the co-chairs. >> here, by the way, pictures of blue ivy. >> beyonce calls her my homey, my road dog, she's a very hands-on mom. >> moving on to into the one of our favorites, ben affleck is pledging to live on $1.50 a day. what is this about? >> it's called live below the line. i took the challenge for a day. it starts april 29th. they say do $7.50 for all the meals for the week. i did it for a day, documented it for e! news. >> what did you eat, beans and rice? >> you're supposed to do it that
9:43 am
way. me only doing it a day, i didn't do transportation, i had meetings where there's free food and all that, but the point is, sympathizes other people. ben affleck is doing it, raising awareness. >> he's also soon to be dr. ben affleck, is that right? >> he's getting an honorary degree at brown university at their graduation on may 26th in the arts. yes, dr. ben affleck. this has been his year, at least honorarily. >> yes. >> okay, next to our hot hash tags, jessica alba, as we reported earlier, she's trending today. she talked about how she lost all that baby weight after having her second child, her daughter back in 2011. what's the scoop there? >> she did what some people are saying is unusual, but i heard this before. >> i did that for maybe two days. >> she wore corsets day and
9:44 am
night. my sister had a baby recently, it's hard to do, but she did it. >> i had a c-section, so it's different. helps you get it all back in place. >> i know what you're saying. she's got to focus, she did it. >> it's working, i think it has to do with genes, more than anything else. the rock, apparently, dwayne johnson, had surgery this week. this goes back to that bout that he had at msg, is that right? >> that's right. wrestle mania. >> wrestle mania. >> he tore abdominal muscles, and i interviewed him just last week in miami, he said, yeah, i'm going to do this the natural way and heal the natural way, not quite right. he had emergency hernia surgery. had to do it. >> superman back on the mend. >> that's right. he's very strong. he's got a whole team around him focusing on his food plan and working out. >> he's got a great movie coming
9:45 am
out. >> yeah. >> fast and furious is coming back out again. >> busy man. >> yes, he is. and michael buble guest hosted here as you probably saw on wednesday. he serenaded new york commuters, is that right? >> he was on the 67th street subway line and he sang. this is so buble. >> so great. >> he's off the cuff, he's fun. everybody loved it. he's got a beautiful voice, and for him, this is what you do as a musician. if you interview michael as you have, this is just michael. alicia, thanks as always. coming up next, beautiful music from a chamber choir on their way to carnegie hall, literally, right after this. literally, right after this. [ male announcer ] introducing mcdonald's new premium mcwrap.
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9:50 am
>> and we're back with the chamber singers from the high school of santa ana, california, made a cross-country check for the appearance at the heritage festival at carnegie hall and mass. scott, the director, happy to have you here. why did you pick this song? >> this is called shoshiloza, it's the second national anthem for south africa and we do a big outreach with the campus ministry, we have 2,000 kids that get together and this year it's for africa and we have a counselor serving with the peace corps. >> let's hear it. all right. ♪
9:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:52 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> the chamber singers from the high school of
9:53 am
9:54 am
coming up, kathie lee and hoda serenaded by michael buble. >> plus more tips to drop ten pounds by memorial day.
9:55 am
talking about the right kind of snacks. >> and secret beauty tips from celebrities. first a check of your local news and weather. have a great weekend everyone. bye.
9:56 am
good morning to you, it is 9:56. six brand-new portable classrooms are no more after a suspicious fire in a san leandro middle school overnight.
9:57 am
james madison school, the fire broke out about midnight. officials say the portables were liveresterday and pushed together for one large building. classrooms were empty. classes went on this morning since the fire did not spread to other buildings. expect big crowds in oakland. back to the oracle arouena. officials are recommending you get there early to make sure you don't miss tip-off or the first pitch. tip-off at 7:30, first pitch 7:05. should also feel good about that forecast. lets look at it with meteorologist christina loren. >> thanks, marla. temperatures are pretty comfortable and down right hot in the weekend, 77 in concord, 64 in san francisco, speaking of which, those giants, they are not here in town but you can catch them right here on nbc bay area as we head through tonight's 7:00 first pitch
9:58 am
taking on the padres. lets go giants, right here on nbc bay area. getting you to saturday and sunday, the heat is on, 90 degrees by sunday, staying hot just about every day next week. take a look at the ride with mike. >> palo alto, no problems for 101 both directions, right around university and shopping center there. get a look at the maps and show you the same situation there. el camino showing a slowdown, slower traffic north 101 past shoreline tonight because of a concert going on there. we're also looking at slowing now north from 237, pretty standard there. the rest of the south bay clearing up on the northbound commute. 880 past the coliseum. marla told you about two games tonight so watch it after work but right now it's fine. back to you. >> thank you, mike. back with more local news updates at 10:26.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome to try-day, friday, april 26th, this year is going a little too quickly, hoda-woman. >> but we're going to help you celebrate this friday, because we have entertainment on our program. >> it's been michael bublé week here at nbc. and we're thrilled. >> he has a new cd out and it's so much fun. we're going to talk with our buddy michael bubryly. >> he's one of the most happily married men expecting a baby i've ever met in my life. >> he has a new cd out that's a
10:01 am
lot of fun. he says may be his favorite cd of all. >> they did it live, you know. and he was saying, i love my other ones, i'm so grateful for them. but i got to admit, a couple times i feel a little cheesy. >> he said they cheesed me out. >> he's adorable. >> i haven't seen this, but i guess we have to promote it. because it's nbc. >> let's tee this up, there's a program called "smash" the making of a musical and all that stuff. so who should be a guest star on "the making of a musical"? >> kathie lee. >> that's right, kathie lee. >> they asked us to do a cameo, hoda-woman. you were on your book tour, you couldn't make it. >> this one, you did not play yourself. >> i played myself. >> you played kathie lee monroe. >> marilyn monroe meets kathie leigh gifford. >> hey, i'vy. you did four shows over the
10:02 am
weekend and flew out to los angeles, did leno last night. got home on the red-eye and here you are with us on the "today show," it must be exhausting. >> no, it's exhilarating, kathie lee. >> are you ready to mambo? >> i'm ready. >> watch how it's done. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> fun! ♪ >> that's great. >> that was cool.
10:03 am
>> everybody was -- that took six hours, by the way. >> i didn't know all of that was happening. >> me, either. it wasn't in the script the way it was -- >> what was that supposed to be. >> i kept moaning and groaning, why do they need me for six hours. i was going to say hey girl. i didn't know until i got out to queens in some big warehouse. an old bagel factory or something. >> where they shot it. >> by the way, do you have your dancing shoes? you're going to be in the number. >> it was a lot of fun and they were so sweet. i'm sorry the show -- hasn't -- hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, it is such a fun show. >> until now. >>e're going to ask you nicely on saturday night at 8:00, 7:00 p.m. central, to watch it or tivo it. saturday night. >> they've got some fantastic performances on there, lovely, lovely people. >> that wig, you wore it well, girl. >> you know there's been so much about cursing in the, in the
10:04 am
news lately. of course david ortiz. >> and aj clemente. >> yeah. >> remember him? >> this guy -- nobody ever heard of him before. he's a household name now. >> there's a lot now about kids cursing obviously they're hearing their parents and then they're doing it. >> they're doing it in the school yard. >> on tv. >> all over the place. and the question is -- is it too much? and you know keep in mind the fcc is fining every time there's a curse word. >> they didn't fine david ortiz, they said they agreed with him. i thought we missed an opportunity there to say, listen, standards are standards, we understand the emotion behind it, but there are so many children in that -- >> this happened at a boston red sox game. >> shortly after the boston bombings. so we get it, we get did. but i was disappointed that -- i don't want anybody to be fined, it was in the moment. but then you can't say, bono was in the moment, too. who is the arbiter of it? >> here's the thing about kids cursing. this terrified me. i was baby-sitting a kid.
10:05 am
i don't know, six. he was a cute kid who lived up the street his name was todd and i was putting him to bed and his parents were coming and he looked at me and he dropped the f-bomb. >> i thought his parents were going to think i said it. because i didn't, i go, don't say that. he kept saying it. and i -- >> the little nose-picker. >> and all i thought was the parents would come home and say, did you say that -- i was praying he wouldn't say it and i left. >> i go to the parents first thing when they come in -- >> if you were 12 or 13 or 14 -- >> something unfortunate that happened with your little nose-picker. tell them the truth, so later they wouldn't think that hoda-woman wouldn't have said it. >> not even the s-bomb, the f-bomb. i was like, wow. >> we're going to ask you, do
10:06 am
you think it's okay for kids to say oh snap, or instead of, or oh shoot. >> i think there are a lot of other words that kids use. >> i like dagnabit. >> didn't you say oh sugar when you were a kid? >> my mother rarely, you know my mom. my mom, get the bleep ready, you guys, with the s-word. because my mom when she was really angry or so upset or something, she would go oh -- [ bleep ] bird. and we would look at -- my mother who was just the most prim and -- we would go what, and she said that's right, i said it. i was angry. >> did you curse when your kids were growing up? >> once i started dating sailors, everything in my life changed. my voice, whiskey sailors s an cigarettes. >> one of the writers, someone
10:07 am
wrote in and they wanted to tackle the topic of nicknames, a person writes in, we have a 2-year-old son named nicholas and we live in a friendly apartment building, our neighbors greet our son and they shorten his name to nicky. it grates on them, they want their child to be called nicholas. and they think it's insensitive. >> i think that's the wrong word. >> they want -- the neighbors to use his full name, nicholas. >> so is it okay to correct someone who gives you your -- child a nickname? >> yeah, yeah. personally, i think the first time you don't, i don't know. i mean i have so many nicknames for my children. but i mean -- >> if your child's name is kathleen and you're like, hey, kath, it's annoying. >> it's the motivation of the person saying it. they're down there and playing with your child and they're sweet. i don't know, i think -- i think you pick your battles and that
10:08 am
ain't one of them. are you ready in. >> i've been ready for three weeks. >> you have not let me do my friday funny. >> hold on one second. >> this is from facebook fan perry straisner. i believe it is. a guy calls in sick and his boss pleads no way. he pleads to his boss. no way, no, no, not today, we are way too busy to let you out today, is what the boss says, the employee says, i'm sick, my head hurts and i have a terrible stomach ache. the boss replies with a cure, hey, listen whenever i'm feeling lousy, i make love to my wife and it makes me feel better. you try that and get your butt in here. >> about an hour later the guy walks into work and says, to his boss, you're right, it does work. and by the way, you have a very nice house. >> that was a good one. >> i want to thank the person who sent that in. >> that's great. >> let's bring our girl bobbie thomas!
10:09 am
>> bobbie is having a very big week. >> how is the book? >> i'm just so grateful. >> how are the signings going? do you have any weekend we need to know about? >> not this weekend. i should know the test. >> that's okay, to find out more go to >> because it's green week, i wanted to highlight some items that are very cool. did you know you could recycle your wedding? most of us spend so much money i'm learning on planning a wedding. >> we can sell items from your wedding to other people who are planning theirs? >> russell's blog. you can post them and upload them and sell them to other people. i love this idea. i've been looking on there. >> dresses and everything? >> there's dresses to decor and even if you're not planning a wedding, a special event or if you just want linens. there are people selling like one and two-pieces, a great way to upcycle nice things. not a waste of money. then this is a special project called the giving keys. i'm wearing some keys and all of
10:10 am
these are old, discarded keys that now have a word on them like truth or inspire. when you get this necklace, you wear it, but if you see somebody who needs that word, you pass it forward and then people have been writing their stories on the giving >> cool. >> and tear-jerking amazing stories. >> lovely, lovely. >> bobbie is having one of the biggest weeks of her life, that's the way she rolls. >> and another cool thing i found was uptown soak company. love the packages, made here in new york city, glass bottles. yes to blue berries, yes to strawberries. on and can you vote on shoes coming up for the wedding and diy decor, we need ideas. >> bobbie is getting married at my house on may 31st. >> we can't wait, it's going to be a party. >> be a part of her wedding by going to our website. it's time for our johnson's baby of the week, i'm so excited when we celebrate new moms and
10:11 am
their adorable new additions to their lives. sasha in grove city, ohio, making william a big brother and mom and dad very proud. next up is maurice, he was born in michigan on march 22. >> march 22, cody gifford's birthday? >> exactly. >> and mom says the long, sleepless nights are worth it. >> and our third today's johnson's baby of the week is elle, born february 27, not far from us here on long island. what a cutie she is. so congratulations to all the babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear in today's johnson's baby of the week, go to and i also -- speaking of babies -- >> thank you to johnson's for doing that. >> switching from babies to moms, we're doing the most deserving mom contest, sponsored by >> am i allowed to nominate
10:12 am
myself? >> no, no, no. >> yes. >> how about hoda? >> yes, she's a mom to blake. >> you can sail anywhere in the world on a norwegian cruise line. so if you know any deserving mom, go to to nominate them. >> these are delicious sugar cookies. >> this is supposed to be earthy, three-time grammy winner and about to be a dad, one of our favorite people, michael bublé, right after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
beautiful day." >> off his brand-new album. it's michael buble day, which is a collection of pop and soul standards, as well as original tunes, called "to be loved." and boy, is he loved. >> you guys are hilarious. >> he is really being loved at home. >> big, big stuff. a new album, a brand new baby boy on the wam coming in august. >> yup. >> what's life like right now? >> great. life is, you know what, i've got the most sexy pregnant, hot wife and i get to feel the baby kicking for the first time. you know, it's like i said, she comes, everybody, everybody you know, lots of people have kids, but when you have a kid, it's like the center of your universe, nothing, the record, listen, i made a great record i'm proud of this record, it's the best thing i've ever done. people are going to love it and hear me smiling, but if you're asking me what matters to me?
10:17 am
not even close. >> when you found out it was a boy, michael, what were your thoughts there? >> truly, hope it's healthy, don't care if he's gay, straight, doesn't matter. as long as he's happy. but i had secretly hoped for a girl. >> really? >> yeah, you know, i think girls are always daddy's girl. girls never leave dads. and boys, by the time he's 16 he'll want nothing to do with me. >> people say that, but i'm telling you frank and cody are closer than they've ever, ever been in their life so don't let that stereotype affect you. >> i'm like my father, i'm very close to my dad. i wasn't close when i was younger because i was a rotten kid. >> but even rotting kids can turn out well. >> "it's a beautiful day" you think its going to be a beautiful love song, and it is, kind of. >> "it's like a beautiful day" like a revenge song. a song i wrote for an anthem for
10:18 am
all of these people where they've been in a relationship that got dumped and now that they're gone, life is way better without them. >> we all know that feeling. >> these videos, are such fun. you feel like you want to get involved in the party that's going on. where did you shoot that, michael? >> that's the "desperate housewives" set on universal. >> wisteria lane. >> and there's jamie presley. who was kind enough to have a bird poop on her head. she was so cute, so game. it was a long day, a little cartoon bird but they made her put like little goops of stuff on her head. >> did you record a song with reese witherspoon? >> my second favorite song on the record. ♪ ♪ >> she's just great. ♪ then i go and spoil it all ♪ by saying something stupid
10:19 am
like ♪ ♪ i love you >> why did you choose her? >> i chose her because i met her a few times and i fell in love with her, i thought she was a really incredible person. and not, "walk the line" portrayal of june carter was the most amazing thing and i've said it a million times and i'll say it a million more, she's who you think she is she's who you want her to be. and now getting to know her, i think she's, she's untouchable. >> all of those people out there that might be upset with her with her little incident last weekend -- >> you know as well as i know, we all know. everyone does stupid things, okay? we all do things that we should have thought better. >> we'd like to have back. >> but it's how we come back from them and i thought this woman couldn't have been more gracious and -- >> perfect apology. >> she's a goddess. >> she went up in your estimation. >> yes, she did i wrote her. she's a goddess and i thought that you know, as liz said, i said to her, you're a goddess -- >> liz rosenberg.
10:20 am
i said, reese you're a goddess, and not only that, your hair looks great. what's more important than that? >> we are so happy for you. >> please give your beautiful life our love, okay? >> i absolutely will. >> we'll be what? >> we'll be back with more of "today" right after this. add resolve deep clean powder before you vacuum. the powder is moist, lifting 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. when not treated properly, your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. jolly rancher bold hand soft juicy chews. untamed fruit flavor... jolly rancher.
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it is time for three two one live, with sara haines, hanging out with the crowd right across the street at the nbc experience store. >> first up is dustin from tennessee. >> i love him. >> hi, dustin. >> hey. what is your most embarrassing moment on tv? >> right now. >> you mean today or yesterday? >> yeah, we had so many, i've made a career about them. it's hard for me to choose one. >> i mean i've had, i don't remember, there have been a lot -- >> maybe the personal grooming segment? >> maybe the first time we shared -- >> thank you, sara.
10:24 am
honestly, some people that are horrified by those things. we just learn to make it, every show. >> i think they cut my mic. next up is adam from vermont. >> hi, who would you rather be? superman, or batman? >> neither. >> it's sexist! why wouldn't we want to be bat woman? >> he's got a point there. >> i want to be superdog. >> no, that's, that's a -- that's a friend of mine. mighty mouse. i would rather be mighty mouse, because he flies, too. >> these are very interesting questions. >> we've got to go. we almost made it. all right, coming up we help you satisfy your snack attacks and still lose ten pounds by memorial day. >> and great beauty tips from the stars of top makeup artists.
10:25 am
>> and michael buble will be singing for us. go! go olive garden's new buy one, take one. go for dinner tonight and take home a second entrée for later. all for just $12.95. choose one of five favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken. then choose another favorite to take home. like new mezzaluna ravioli. so go for the food. go for the company. go for the breadsticks. go for dinner tonight, and take home a second entrée. new buy one, take one, just $12.95. go olive garden! (alarm clock buzzer) ♪ (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast. pure chocolate goodness that brings people together.
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when the chocolate is hershey's life is delicious. good morning, it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. the 1-year-old from martinez who was critically injured made an emotional return to the scene of the attack yesterday afternoon.
10:27 am
aaron hern had shrapnel wounds to his legs. no word when he'll return to the bay area. a tough 11-year-old. weather and traffic after the break. (male announcer) break the monotony. visit
10:28 am
welcome back. happy friday to you. the time is 10:28. taking a live look. beautiful conditions over san jose. the sky now clear. a little hazy out there. happy to report, though, we have good air quality all across the bay area. it's a warm afternoon, 80 degrees on the way to gilroy. 78 for livermore, 70 degrees in
10:29 am
fremont. meanwhile 64 in san francisco. we have a major warm-up headed our way. i'll detail that for you coming up today at 11:00. check that drive first with mike. >> good morning. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. as we get a close-up look, folks are shell shocked from the last couple of days. no problems across the span now. over at the east bay maps show a big slowdown. things are slow from the stretch between there and dakota. a couple of earlier crashes look like they tied things up. if you're headed to peninsula, take that instead of dumbarton. coming from the north, take dumbarton instead of san mateo. thanks, mike. san mateo fire investigators are trying to find out what caused a favorite building to go up in flames. crews worked overnight to put out the flames at the victorian building near 280 and san jose. the fire broke out around 9:30 last night.
10:30 am
no one was hurt but we'll explain why the danger is not over. that's coming up in a half hour at 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. we're back on this try-day friday, with more on our special series, drop ten pounds by memorial day to help you look the best before you put on the bathing suit. >> one of the best ways to get ready is choosing wisely when it comes to snacks, here is diet and nutrition expert madelyn furnstrom. >> snacking, you don't realize how much it adds up. you raise the best point of all. do we actually need to snack? we're always fueling all day for what? most of us are inactive. the first thing is to cut down. you're sitting around, there's no need to add extra calories. what to do instead of snacking, can you brush your teeth, a favorite of yours. you can take credit for that one. >> i didn't make it up.
10:31 am
>> some of the coolest things are tooth brush carrying it around. these are tiny tooth brushes and they have toothpaste right on them. you can use them and throw it away and keep your mouth busy without food. and the gum-chewing is a stress reliever and if you chew enough, it's about ten calories an hour. >> every time i chew something that tastes sweet, i crave sweets, when i ban all things that even taste sweet? >> that's your temperment, so you have to know it and accept it. that's not going to work for you. every tip is not for everyone. >> now here's a way it fool yourself into thinking you're having a snack. we eat way too often. if you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, try to divide it up. think of your breakfast like a yogurt and a banana. make your yogurt and your
10:32 am
breakfast, and later on eat the second half of your breakfast. the same thing with lunch, you can have your soup and have your sandwich later. >> the soup -- >> ooh. >> now let's get to the fact that you have to know your snacking temperment. if you are going to snack, you want to limit it to one or two a day. you don't want to be grazing all day. you can have something a fat tooth, aweet tooth or a salt and crunch tooth. so when you have a snack, you know what you like. you can have things like fruit and yogurt, like sweets. >> you're a little salty, too. baby. >> so you can have anything from single-serving of soup. to a string cheese and any of these from between 50 to 100 calories. one or two together. >> we say cheese is not a good choice, but that's mozzarella, low fat and a single serving piece, you're not taking this giant hunk and hacking off a bunch. >> that looks good. >> that's a little -- pickle. >> are there calories in
10:33 am
pickles? >> just a lot of salt, but five calories, if salt is not an issue, enjoy yourself. you can have things for crunch, crunch and salt -- >> you need to chew and have that sense like, that's really important. you might want to have some cereal also a lot of crunch with a little milk or your favorite -- we love the popcorn. >> you did something, what did you do? >> look at you, crazy madelyn. >> rice cakes are back with a little peanut butter on it. these are gluten-free if that's a concern. but gab you're going to have the salt and crunch, there's plenty of substitutes. >> and the sweet tooth. >> this is something, mini kind bars are at 100 calories. regular fruit, nature's candy or frozen grapes. >> how many calories are an average woman supposed to have each day? >> depending on your activity and age, about 1500 calories a day to lose weight it could be as much as 2,000 or as low as 1200 you have to keep track of these. >> that's not a lot.
10:34 am
>> we just did that. let's go to lunch now, hoda. >> do you have any tips on how you're dropping 10 pounds for memorial day? tweet us and tell us how. and inside tips from top makeup artists and celebrities, next. ning's quiz. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred 92. nice! follow me. the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww my 8 layers must've given it away. [ female announcer ] big days call for a breakfast packed with fiber and nearly a day's worth of whole grains. kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. this is one giant leap for mini-kind. [ female announcer ] keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. whoo-hoo! [ female announcer ] keeps 'em full. new almay smart shade mousse is like smooth velvety magic. it instantly transforms to my perfect shade and gives me a flawless, airbrushed finish.
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naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. do you want to depuff your face? >> yeah. >> get ready to stick it in a bowl of ice. >> one of those great insider
10:38 am
beauty secrets we're divulging. >> people styleat compiled the 50 best beauty tips and contributing editor and "today" contributor jill martin is here to share them like stuffing your face in a bowl of ice. >> hi, jill. >> hello. >> does this work? >> this is what i want to share this is from beauty experts, celebrities all over who have shared these tips. indicate hudson says i stick my face in a bowl of ice when my face looks tired. i do it again, it really depuffs. >> she's a whack job. >> oh, my gosh, jill. >> i didn't wear makeup to show you. >> i wondered what it was with you. >> i thought jill is not feeling well today. >> all right. >> but look beautiful. >> i really was wondering. >> does it work? >> they do make a cucumbers and pads that you put under your
10:39 am
eyes. it really does work. >> they're anti-inflammatory. >> is going to make you shrink up. >> i want to share with everybody. >> you've never been more attractive to me. >> your first celebrity tip. >> and we should have left that for last. >> so anyway, now maybelline foundation, make shoe you put it on your eyelids as well. because it acts as a primer and so when you put on eye shadow, it will make it stick longer. she has just blush on right now, from nars, that's her color. >> see what makeup can do for you, jill? >> in the summer to not just use brushes, also add bronzer. so you'll get this dewy look. then if you a lot of people hold
10:40 am
it so tight, you get so much color on her cheek, want to hold it a little farther back. >> she has a beautiful cheek. >> and make sure you blend it. >> last look. get a little bit of gold. center of the eye. right like this. >> and it will brighten your eye instandly. >> we'll do a little of that for you, jill. >> great makeup brushes, also from target. look how pretty those are? >> this is fabulous. if you drop your makeup bag, or you just crack your compact, you take rubbing alcohol, you pour it in, you let it sit for the night, which we did last night and it's back together in the morning. >> it heals itself? >> it heal it isself. >> overnight? >> that's a way to save money. that's such a bummer. >> i'm going to skip that one. let's move to this one, you're in the shower, you have very thin hair. which i do not have that
10:41 am
problem. but people do. and they want to thicken their hair, they want it to look flour, equal amount conditioner, you put it in your hair and when you rinse it out and come out, your hair will be thicker. >> it absorbs, it will make it thicker and you can bake easier. >> you smell like a cake -- >> product, people overuse product all the time. a dime for serum, for cream a quarter-size, half dollar, gel and mouse, a golf ball size. >> you look beautiful. you do. >> no makeup, you look great. >> i have one more thing to say. >> she's not done. >> this is your last thing. because of the keratine in my hair, i like, but take a piece
10:42 am
of hair, put it right at the root. it will just add a little fullness. >> thank you, jill. >> thank you. here's something to scratch off your list. how to deal with dandruff, jill does not have that. [ male announcer ] at the 2012 world championship cheese contest, the cheese judges awarded cracker barrel a gold for cheddar. and that's high-praise. because after tasting wheels of cheese, wedges of cheese and bricks of cheese... our aged reserve's rich, full flavor was considered... the champion of cheese. cracker barrel. it's cheddar, perfected. now you be the judge. enjoy a champion cheese, anytime.
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10:44 am
♪ [ girl giggles ] [ male announcer ] now's the time to rid your lawn of pests, get spectracide for just $11 at lowe's today. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios.
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also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
10:46 am
we're kicking off our new series, how to deal and our very first topic is dandruff? >> are you tired of scratching those flakes. here to rescue is dermatologist janine downey. tell us just basics, dandruff, you can always see it on someone's black jacket and it's very obvious.
10:47 am
what is it? >> you'll die of embarrassment. you see is it in about 5% of the population consistently. it affects everybody at some point in their life. it's dry, flaky skin, no the just the scalp. it can appear on the eyebrows, in the base of the nose, body folds, in the front of your chest and chin. >> and climate change? >> it's stress, hormones, weather changes. it's family history. and for hair, it's product build-up. >> how do you know if it's dry skin or dandruff? >> sometimes you have to go see somebody, especially if it's not going away. >> isn't dandruff dry skin? >> it's a severe form of dry skin with a redness that needs to be treated. >> let's look at photos, because why wouldn't we want close-ups of dandruff. >> these are some -- >> nobody is going to know who he is, that's good. >> that's the lone ranger, everybody. >> that's a wicked case of dandruff. that's somebody that's very stressed. you see this more in the winter. >> it looks like he has some
10:48 am
roseac roseacea. >> look at that, hopefully that's not the same guy. >> it's more prevalent among men and that women. >> that was a man. >> let's talk remedies, i think a lot of people who have this wish they could figure it out. >> look at the flaking in the scalp. >> so glad you came today what shall we do. >> a matter of replenishing, right? >> you can use this mineral oil if you want a good over-the-counter and people will put it in their scalps and comb the flakes out. and then you shampoo after. that can help and a lot of people do this for babies, because babies will have cradle cap. >> but it's cute on them. >> but not on adults. head and shoulders works wonderfully well. >> they own the market for that. >> my office manager loves this product and then this is the t-sal, that also is very consistent. and if you have flaking at the base of your nose and you can't
10:49 am
get into a dermatologist, you can try a little lamasil. >> and then these are prescriptions, the a scalp wash or topical cream, and this is a cream and also a shampoo. >> and you said something about product build-up. how often should one wash their hair. >> it with me, i wash once or twice a week but with a lot of african-american women they try to wait a week or two. after a week you really need to wash your hair. but a lot of people wash it every day. >> does that make dandruff worse, if you don't wash it? >> if you don't wash it, that can make it worse, but if you wash it too much, that can make it worse. >> thank you, janine. his music is going to keep you young at heart. >> a terrific performance by michael buble, but first, this is "today" on nbc. why are 8 million people sleeping better tonight?
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10:53 am
three time grammy winner, michael buble is out a brand-new album call "to be loved." >> here he is singing "young and heart." have an awesome weekend, everybody, bye-bye. ♪ fairy tales can come true ♪ it can happen to you ♪ when you're young at heart
10:54 am
♪ for it's hard, you will find ♪ when you're young at heart ♪ you can go to extremes ♪ with impossible schemes ♪ you can laugh when your dreams fall apart at the seams ♪ ♪ and life gets more exciting ♪ with each passing day ♪ and love is either in your heart ♪ ♪ or on its way ♪ don't you know that it's worth ♪ ♪ every treasure on earth ♪ to be young at heart
10:55 am
♪ for as rich as you are ♪ it's much better by far ♪ to be young at heart ♪ >> and if you should provide 105 ♪ ♪ look at all you'll derive ♪ out of being alive ♪ here is the best part ♪ you've got a head start ♪ if you are a among the very young at heart ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ and if you should survive to 105 ♪ ♪ look at all you'll derive ♪ out of being alive ♪ and here is the best part you have a head start ♪ ♪ if you are among the very young at heart ♪
10:57 am
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all. thank you for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. a lot of people are upset now that a san jose landmark is no more because of an overnight fire. the faber's cyclery served for more than a century. bob is live at the scene. i understand we just lost bob. we'll work to get him back. san jose firefighters have made a special request. again, this is in regards to the fire at the victorian home that used to be the faber's cyclery in san jose. in other news now in the east bay, another fire related


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