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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. nbc bay area news gives with breaking news. good evening, i'm diana dwyer. >> a 9-year-old girl is dead, and there is an intense manhunt. more on the story. >> reporter: the crime scene on
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ribbon road, where the boy went to check on his 9-year-old sister. >> she suffered from very serious and severe injuries and immediately taken to mark twain, st. joseph's hospital, where she was pronounced dead. >> since the suspect was seen leaving on foot, a manhunt began throughout rancho calaveras. with steep hills and a million places to hide. the deputies searched and the residents were told to stay in place. >> it came over the phone. they said we have a crime in your area, in the call-- calave. >> we're doing a house to house search, in some cases, searching extensively into attic and
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storage sheds. it is a difficult area to search, the grass is tall right now. it is remote. we're continuing to search. >> reporter: people remained behind closed doors, where they say many people don't even lock their doors. >> it is just terrible, i don't know what i can say about it. it is a tragedy. >> reporter: deputies say at least two people saw the attacker. the young boy and a neighbor. so far, the description is weak, a 6 foot man, white or hispanic, with a dark shirt and blue jeans, detectives hope to have more in the morning. and juan havalencia was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. he is held on $100 bail.
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and police say a man believed to be in his 30s, with dirty blonde hair and 169 pounds. they say he has no relationship to the girl and was not known this either. the little girl was playing, when the man grabbed the girl and took off on foot. the mother started yelling and the man reportedly dropped the toddler and ran away. police say the girl was scared but not physically hurt. there is a debate going on in california about how you spend your money, and it may make it to the supreme court. sports betting and whether it should be legal here in california and the rest of the country. one lawmaker is confident that a bill that failed to get passed will soon be passed. >> reporter: it is packed here now, people are at the casino saying it will boom for business if sports betting is legal here,
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creating jobs and bringing cash to cities that desperately need it. march madness. >> usually like the over/under. >> reporter: world series, and of course the super bowl but he says he and his south bay friends have to drive to nevada to place their bets. >> a lot of people go to las vegas, reno, tahoe of weekend. >> reporter: californiaens are spending billions. one author of the bill would make it legal in california, providing that cashed bets are 21 and older. california would take 7 and a half% of the cut. >> in a budget like ours, you know, with $70 million, we could
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restore you know child care to poor women in california. i mean, you know, it is not chicken feed is all i'm saying. >> reporter: according to the national gambling study in 1999, nevada took a $2.3 billion in sports betting, but the same betting done illegally hit up to $380 billion. the major ones, the nba to the nfl. they said legalizing sports betting nationwide would encourage it. >> publicly, they're against it, but they like it, they gain. people hyping it up like the super bowl. >> reporter: he says it is about the bottom line, tired of hearing about service cuts namely to police and says the money is being spent legally and illegally. why not capitalize? >> people are going to do what they want to do. they should wake up and try to get you know -- so our cities can get the money.
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>> now even if california passes the bill into law, it will only go into effective the federal law changes. in 1992, the federal government made it illegal for sports betting except for the four states that already legalized it. oregon, delaware, montana, and new jersey. they just lost a battle there, but governor chris christie vows to take it to the supreme court. >> stephanie, thank you very much. the taliban announced plans to launch a new offensive in afghanistan starting this weekend. in an interview with the associated press, the taliban spokesperson said the group is planning suicide attacks on foreigners and diplomatic areas, as well. tomorrow's launch is timed to coincide of the national holiday marking the soviet overthrow of the government. nato is planning to hand over
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afghanistan to the leading security. >> the afghanistan security forces view the winter months widely to provide for the hand-over of the security in fashion by 2013. clearly they are ready. >> despite that, april has been the worst month this year in afghanistan. a soldier wounded in afghanistan almost two years ago is about to make his new home in hollister, thanks to the support from the community. more on today's celebration. >> reporter: sirens and a pause to welcome a hero returning from war. severely wounded, the sergeant arrived to a huge crowd on saturday. city residents, fellow vets, and
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even a former american idol contestant were there to honor his service and break ground on the site of his new home. a gift from the organization, homes for our troops. >> we're really excited to be able to raise our family here. and it is an amazing organization. we're super thrilled. >> reporter: brian was on his first deployment to afghanistan in 2011, when an ied blew up the humvee he was tdriving. now with rehab, he can fully recover in his home residence. >> if that doesn't show the love, i don't know what can. >> reporter: the new home will be specially adapted and modified to help with brian's physical challenges. >> it is designed to be all one level, huge rolling shower in the bathroom so he can actually have the freedom and independence back in his home. >> reporter: homes for our troops has built 129 similar homes across the country so far.
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they say with more than 1500 vets severely wounded right now, there is still lots to be done. >> they're still fighting in afghanistan, coming home injured. this is something we want to continue on. >> reporter: but he and his family say it is the beginning of a new civilian life and in some ways, a new mission for them both. >> we hope everybody pays it forward, there are other injured veterans out there that needs help. >> it is nice you know? >> in boston today, some of the bombing victims who are still hospitalized were transferred to a new state-of-the-art facility. spalding rehab hospital cost $225 million. about ten of the patients moving there today were injured by the bombings. also in boston, hundreds gathered to remember those hurt and killed in the blast.
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it was the first weekend that the finish line area was open to the public since the attack. and in russia, the mother of the suspects insists her sons were framed and says the fbi has no reason to put her on her son on a terror watch list back in 2011. and a person has been arrested for sending letters laced with poison. he is accused of sending letters with the deadly toxin ricin to the president, a mississippi senator and a judge. the investigators searched his home and karate studio, he denied involvement. >> i had absolutely nothing to do with the letters. and the person accused of sending the letters, his defense attorney said steered them in my direction because i was probably an easy target. >> prior to today's arrest, he
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was out on bond on charges of child molestation, to which he pled not guilty. if convicted in this case he could face life in prison. firefighters say a fire started spreading to five acres before crews arrived. firefighters said it didn't threaten any other structures, but the cause is still under investigation. coming up next at 1:01. >> keep it with you at all times, if you need help, blow. >> the sisters took to the streets in the castro district. we'll explain ahead. also a new risk factor when it comes to heart disease. it has nothing to do with your weight or blood pressure. and we'll be waking up to some areas of low clouds tomorrow morning, 40s, 50s to get the day started. unlike today, the temperatures
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they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell? some community groups join forces in the castro community tonight to try to get the word out for safety. they want everybody to be eyes and ears for each other, especially since there was a spike in burglaries. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diana, whistles were handed out with the hopes that some of these incidents will deter crime.
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with the castro community on patrol, they are focused on curbing crime. >> a lot of people come here to have good fun. unfortunately, there are also people who come to prey on that. so we want people to be prepared and to arm themselves with knowledge. >> tonight, they teamed up to hand out safety packets. >> for your key chain, a safety whistle, with safety information on it make sure to keep it with you at all times, if you need help, blow. >> it sounds like such a simple thing, it works. i, myself, was attacked, and had the whistle. just the huge piercing noise of it drives people away, but it is also a way to get help. >> this is not a new program, but in fact, around for decades, he is a gay rights activist who was also an intern for harvey
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milk. >> there were a lot of stray kids coming into the neighborhood to beat gay people up. we organization, we had an organization called the butterfly brigage. >> he notices an up tick in crime, why is why the sisters and the castro community on patrol say it is important to talk to people about safety. >> we've done this for years, we passed out the whistles. every time we pass them out, they have never heard it before. so the response is as if it is for the very first time. >> reporter: they ran out of packets and had to go get more. live, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you. we come back, sports, sharks, looking for home ice in the playoffs, the giants looking for
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a win. we'll find out what happened coming up.
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hi everybody, i'm dave feldman in the comcast sports news room. you don't have to be a historian to know that warriors are starved for a win, it has been six years since they went to the playoffs. warriors lead the nuggets, 2-1 in the best of the series.
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curry played on a sore ankle. in game three, they scored 29 points. when it was over, there was a celebration in oracle. all right put it in perspective. >> can't get too high or low. it was cool for what it was last night. but it is over and done with. you know, we're back to business as usual, you know, focus on sunday. >> it is too early to talk and put them away. we have too much respect for them. they're a heck of a team. it is about winning the next one. and that is our mind set. >> all right, from the hard wood to the ice, last game of the regular season, sharks and kings, logan couture splits the defense, tied at 1. third period, kings up, 2-1,
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great puck, finds justin williams, they go on to win, 3-2. the sharks will travel to vancouver for your round one of stanley cup playoffs. giants and padres, hunter pence, a 1-run triple to right. giants lead 7-6, bottom 12, marco scutaro. the squirrel is going to out-run a human, you know the world is in an upside down place. hosting the orioles, bottom three, josh donaldson, back up the middle, off the mound. donaldson four for four, a's down two, nate mccloud, first
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home run of the year. and the a's lose, 7-3. nfl draft, marcus latimore drafted out of south carolina, he made news when he suffered a devastating knee injury that left him with torn ligaments. he has had two devastating injuries, but says he will be ready to go. and by all accounts, it was a successful day for the 49ers. >> all right, dave, good news. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us, talking about warmer temperatures. >> today we warmed up to the mid-80s, inland tomorrow, right now, mostly 50s, cooler in the north bay, 40s showing up. 24-hour temperature change, not a lot of change, but by this time tomorrow, and especially during the day we'll see at least a five to ten degree jump for temperatures for sunday afternoon. right now, still a seabreeze,
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reaching into livermore and farrfai fairfie fairfield, but more of a breezy day tomorrow. close to 90, if you don't hit 90 tomorrow and are in the inland valley, you have a better chance of meeting those temperatures thursday, friday, you can see the winds working done to the coast. needless to say this is a dry pattern that will continue to quite sometime. the blocking ridge of high pressure is strengthening up and over northern california. it means a little less in the way of low clouds. even for the coast, we'll see the temperatures climbing up. tonight, no signs of wind on the coast, 40s and low 50s tomorrow, the difference in the forecast tomorrow, highs in san jose, today, we're in the mid-70s.
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tomorrow, 85 degrees, closer by 90, morgan hill and gilroy. pleasanton, out to livermore. mid-to-upper 80s, heading to concord. 87 degrees in the north bay. highs in the 70s and low 80s tomorrow. san francisco and oakland, starting to climb into the 70s and 80s possible around the inner bay come weapons and thursday. the three-day forecast, showing temperatures warming up. one time to watch, tuesday, dry, breezy conditions up out of the north. we may see fire weather watches. very early in the year for that. a dry spring, a possible for wednesday. temperatures looking nice, mid-70s, wednesday, thursday, almost into friday. a very summer-like forecast, if you just look at that, you think august, not april. >> i would think happy, thank you, rob. coming up next, a type of bacteria we all carry is being linked to heart disease in
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people who have very low risk factors otherwise, we'll show you the foods you may wan to cut back on. and old plastic bottles, we'll show
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taking care of your heart may not be as simple as watching your cholesterol or blood pressure. a new study shows the latest upon for heart disease could be a chemicaled amo, made by a bacteria we all carry in our gut, people may need to reduce certain types of foods, including cheese and raw meat. but if a person doesn't have the high levels of this, they may not need to change their eating
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habits, a simple test could identify people who are at risk. and you have a choose of newer or recycled swim suits.
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you're watching c-span. we return now to caracas, venezuela, where the memorial service for president hugo chavez is currently under way. [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: although we have lost a great leader, the memory of president chavez will live on in the voices and fists of the venezuelan people.
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and now, it is my pleasure to introduce one of the most talented singer-songwriters of his generation. "rocket man." >> "tiny dancer." >> translator: "tiny dancer." >> "philadelphia freedom." >> translator: "philadelphia freedom." >> and "lion king." >> translator: "lion king." [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, mr. elton john! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hello, caracas. hello, crocodile-aracas. [ laughter ] i should confess, i didn't know hugo chavez very well. but as the saying goes, "hey, a gig is a gig." [ laughter ] i did a bit of research, and it turns out president chavez was quite a complex man. so here it goes. everything in this song is true.


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