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tv   Today  NBC  April 30, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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correspondents' dinner. he didn't answer any questions. he will answer questions this morning. >> whatthat's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with a live local news update. have a great day! changer. reaction pouring in from main street to the white house this morning to nba player jason collins's decision to reveal he is gay -- a first by a male athlete currently playing a major u.s. sport. new twist. this morning the fbi is testing female dna found on a piece of one of the boston bombs while they search the home of the widow of one of the suspects. is there a connection. and new this morning. catherine zeta jones cho suffers bipolar disorder checked back catherine zeta jones cho suffers bipolar disorder checked back into a health center. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. this announcement by jason collins is groundbreaking, called a game changer. it comes at a time when attitudes toward kbas and gay rights are changing rapidly. >> many nba players, even the president are offering support. in a moment we'll talk to another pioneer in the world of sports, martina navratilova. first peter alexander has more on how people are reacting to collins's announcement. good morning to you. >> reporter: jason collins's announcement has largely been met with a chorus of approval. he wrapped up his 12th nba season in washington for the wizards. overnight he broke down one of the last barriers in professional team sports writing three simple sentences, i'm a 34-year-old nba center.
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i'm black, and i'm gay. >> reporter: at 7'0", 255 pounds, jason collins is no longer just a towering figure on the court, but in sports history. just hours after he came out in sports illustrated the news raced across the nba. >> this is a game we play, a sport we play. it doesn't change anything if you're heterosexual, homosexual. >> as long as he's happy it's cool with me. >> reporter: the president called collins to offer support. former classmate chelsea clinton cheered her friend for having the strength and courage to be the first. for years collins said fear kept him living a lie until now writing in "sports illustrated," i want to do the right thing and not hide anymore. i want to take a stand and say, me too. collins lived a double life, getting engaged to a woman, hiding his secret from his twin brother who also played in the
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nba. >> he said, five years ago i wouldn't have considered this. it's a different world. >> reporter: on the court he wore the number 98, the year of one of the nation's worst anti-gay hate crime. when a gay college student was kidnapped and murdered in wyoming. john amici came out in 2007 after his nba career. >> it's certainly time that sexuality stopped being something you could persecute people for. maybe jason is the guy that could make that happen. >> reporter: collins said he knew he had to go public when he learned from joe kennedy he marched in the 2012 gay pride parade and he's straight. collins said he will be there with his friend joe kennedy when they march june 8. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. martina navratilova is a tennis icon who won 59 grand slam
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titles. she came out more than 30 years ago at a different time. mike lupica is a columnist from the new york daily times, radio talk show host and author. martina, we have long been asking the question when would a man playing a major u.s. sport say he's gay. we know the answer now. the next question is, what's the impact? >> i think the impact is immediate because we are talking about it. it's an everyday word now. we don't have to hide. for jason, i think it's going to make a big difference in his life. it already has. most of all, he'll sleep better at night. he's leading the way being the first major leaguer to come out. i can't believe it's 32 years after i came out. better late than never. it puts it on the front page. we don't want being gay to be an issue. we don't have equal rights. jason coming out this way is going to push that forward a little bit. also save lives. no kout in my mind some kid is not going to commit suicide
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because jason is out. >> do you expect other professional athletes in the four major sports to follow suit? is that important? >> i'm sure some will come out. they will play better ball. it takes so much energy to hide who you are. jason hid it from his twin brother. that's how far in the closet he was. you cannot be who you are unless you are out there. unless you come out and embrace yourself. as he said, if a straight guy is marching, he can. >> when you came out it was very different. you say you didn't get a call from ronald reagan, madison avenue shunned you and mike lupica told me about wimbledon where you were getting a hard time from fans. this is a very different time. >> it's fantastic. the support jason is getting and any gay athlete is getting. like i said, we don't want it to be a big deal.
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it is because we don't have equal rights but the media has done a 180. fans have done a 180. now you're getting support when you come out. the monkey's off your back. it's like, nobody wants to go back in the closet once they came out. i'm sure there will be other athletes who come out. with each one it will be less of a big deal. that's what we're all about. we don't want it to be a big deal, but it is. >> mike, give me two headlines. what's the headline on the sports pages, on the front page about the story. >> the headline on the sports page is, it's a good thing. it will be interesting to see when it's the second best quarterback in the national football league, some huge star. also interesting to see if jason collins who doesn't have a job for next season is inhibited from getting a job because of the announcement. in the greater context i hope the league of old men and women on the supreme court are paying attention to this. same-sex marriage and the constitutionality is going to be
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heard probably in june. i hope they are looking at the reaction to this in the country. because it's really, really important. this is a human rights issue, not civil rights. >> charles barkley, never shy with his opinion, was asked about this and said players in professional sports have been playing alongside gay players for a long time. he wonders if the fans won't give them a harder time than their teammates will give them. will that cause other players not to come out? >> i'm not sure it will be a great big door swinging open wide. there will be six players coming out next week. do you know what i was thinking about when this happened? i have thought it for a long time. women have been doing this in sports for a long time. women have been more accepting about this. it verifies that women are a lot smarter and cooler about this stuff. i'm hoping that that transfers now to guys. >> that gets a smile out of martina. thank you so much.
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michael, thank you. good to see you both. thank you very much. here's savannah. we are following new information on the boston marathon attacks. female dna found on a piece of one of the bombs, a discovery leading to new scrutiny of the widow of one of the suspects. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. pete, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. law enforcement officials stress the dna could have come from a victim, from someone who touched a piece of the bomb before the area was sealed off or from employees at a store where one of the parts was sold. investigators say they found female dna on one of the pieces of the pressure cookers that were used to build the marathon bombs. experts in bomb investigation say such evidence can actually remain on bomb parts despite the heat and force of an explosion. >> fingerprints and dna evidence can survive a bomb blast and be recovered from bomb components. >> reporter: an fbi team conducted a search monday at the
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rhode island house where tamerlan tsarnaev's widow katherine has been living since the bombing. officials left with a sample of her dna. she said she was shocked by the attack and had no idea he was planning it. in another development law enforcement officials say they found nothing local boston-area landfills but are still searching garbage containers in the belief someone may have carried items out of jdzhokhar tsarnaev's college dorm room. authorities say it's not clear yet whether whoever may have done so knew evidence could be destroyed or did something just to help a friend. as he remains in the hospital his lawyers are talking about a deal to avoid the death penalty in exchange for a full accounting to the fbi of what happened and why. his lawyers added an experienced death penalty attorney, judy clark of california, to his legal team.
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she represented the unabomber and jared loughner. both pleaded guilty. >> thank you very much. >> tomorrow we'll have an interview with the man carjacked by the two bombing suspects. meantime natalie is following a story. two small planes colliding in california. >> the f.a.a. and ntsb are launching investigations into monday's midair collision. the two small planes. unfortunately left one pilot dead. mid-air mystery. investigators are looking into how two small planes managed to collide in clear skies north of los angeles, resulting in one fatality, a small brush fire and a surreal scene on a golf course. fire crews were called to the scene in the santa monica mountains when they came across the burning wreckage of a cessna aircraft and the remains of the pilot. five minutes later they got a call for a second small airplane coming to an abrupt but successful landing on the third
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hole of the west lake golf course. >> i see a white streak going across the course. ended up being a plane. it spun, hit a tree and turned. >> reporter: those three passengers were treated but amazingly suffered only minor injuries. >> i was flabbergasted by it. it was amazing to see a plane on the course. >> reporter: the f.a.a. confirm it is two planes collided in the air. investigators believe the pilot killed was on an engine test flight but expect to know more details in the coming days. now to wall street. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. jc penney confirms that goldman sachs has lined up $1.75 billion in financing for the company backed by real estate and other assets. the loan will buy the company extra time to operate and time to gain back customers. meantime the markets await data on home prices and consumer confidence, both expected to be higher. this is the s&p 500 squeezed out
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a new record high yesterday and the nasdaq finished at a 12 1/2 year high. back to you. >> all right. thank you. actress catherine zeta-jones checked into a mental health facility as part of her ongoing treatment for bipolar disorder. the 43-year-old spent time two years ago for the condition. a bittersweet farewell in the netherlands this morning as 75-year-old queen beatrix abdicated the throne after a 33-year reign handing over the monarchy to her son. that makes him the first king in more than a century. next in line is his 9-year-old daughter katarina, princess of orange. it is now 7:12. back to savannah, matt and al. much more relaxed royals there. >> they fly under the radar there.
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thank you very much. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> one of our major cities talking about snow in the next 24 hours. that's right. denver, colorado, today seeing temperatures in the 60s. look at the future cast. you can see snow making its way across denver, casper into salt lake. the snow will be heavy at times. talk about a changeover. we'll be looking basically today at partly cloudy skies, 69. rain develops tonight, changes to snow tonight into tomorrow. snowfall anywhere from six to nine inches. some areas could pick up up to a foot of snow in and around the denver area. ouch. we'll get to your local forecast in a moment after this message. plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase,
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plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why phase... good tuesday morning. 7:17. still going to been o the hot side. down by a few degrees from yesterday's high of 88. 79, fremont. 81, redwood city. 74en o the way to san francisco. 96 by thursday. low to mid-90s friday into saturday. finally, some heat relief sunday into monday. hope you have a great day! tt? >> thanks very much. shooting death of trayvon martin is back in the headlines this morning. a key hearing for george zimmerman accused of second-degree murder in that case. kerry sanders in sanford, florida, good morning.
7:15 am
>> good morning, matte, the hearing later this morning is significant because it could set the stage for the type of defense that george zimmerman may or may not be allowed to use. >> george zimmerman admits he killed 17-year-old trayvon martin but has always maintained he shot the teen in self-defense. trayvon martin was unarmed. today, prosecutors are expected to argue if zimmerman plans to use florida's controversial stand your ground law to prove he is not guilty. he has to do it now before trial. trayvon martin's family attorney ben cromp. >> we believe that should be done before the trial. >> reporter: zimmerman's legal team disagrees. they may use an immunity defense in june in front of a jury rather than in front of a judge now. >> knowing i was going to try the case, get the acquittal from the jury, the verdict, but we certainly hope on an acquittal,
7:16 am
why would we need this judge address the issue of immunity, if we only want her to address the issue of criminal immunity, we'll get that from the jury. >> we think it'll only confuse the injury if they argue stand your ground during the course of the trial. >> reporter: it's the latest in a harsh back and forth between the two sides. anything resembling a microphone or a camera. calling those unfounded attacks that should be stricken from the record. legal experts say that's all a side show. the main question today, stand your ground. >> the defense is being very strategic and not having the hearing before trial. that way they're not going to have to show all their cards and avoid the risk that the judge might reject the self-defense claim. >> in civil court, george zimmerman has sued nbc universal for defamation and the company has strongly denied his allegations. >> reporter: jury selection in
7:17 am
the second-degree murder murder trial against george zimmerman is scheduled to begin in a little more than six weeks. savannah? >> kerry sanders in sanford, florida, thank you. and now to the fight to fill south carolina's vacant congressional seat. last night, mark sanford's bid to salvage a political career and her effort to start one collided in a spirited debate. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. well, this was already a race to watch. and now turn that up a notch. after a debate that delivered some surprises and the south carolina crowd turned rowdy. this was a faceoff between a political newcomer, a nationally known former governor looking for his comeback and nationally known episode of infidelity while he was governor. >> it's an important point. >> reporter: a fiery debate monday night at the citadel in charleston, south carolina, marked the first and only meeting a former republican governor mark sanford and democrat elizabeth colbert bh
7:18 am
locked in a battle to fill a vacant seat. colbert bush is the sister of stephen colbert who has helped her raise campaign money. sanford's political career was notoriously derailed in 2009. after he disappeared and then lied about hiking the appalachian trail when in reality the then married governor was visiting his mistress in argentina. >> i developed a relationship. >> reporter: a scandal that colbert-bush wasn't afraid to try to use to her advantage. >> when we talk about fiscal spending and the taxpayers, it doesn't mean you take the money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose. >> reporter: sanford then said he hadn't heard the comment. >> i couldn't hear what she said. >> okay. >> repeat it. i didn't hear it, i'm sorry. >> answer the question. >> what was the question?
7:19 am
>> clearly, everyone on that debate stage and in that debate hall heard what she said and he was pretending in that moment that he didn't. there's sort of a rule in south carolina, keep your dirty laundry to yourself, and he hasn't been very good at that. >> and the mistress is now mark sanford's fiancee. the special election is one week from today, sanford had been expected to pretty much easily win this because it was in a heavily republican district. but his poll numbers also dropped after news that his former wife accused him of trespassing at her home. he said he was visiting his sons. but it raised new concerns about personal struggles just when colbert bush has pulled ahead with buzz and attention. >> thank you so much. coming up, amazing technology on getting to try out google glass right now. here's the demonstration. okay, glass. take a picture. >> make it a good one.
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>> delete that picture. delete that picture. >> he's more machine than man now. >> next time i have to ask for lighting then take the picture. >> oh, ow. wow. >> and part two of matt's conversation with martha stewart coming up. she opens up about her time in prison and what it cost her. but first, i'm going to smack matt. >> where's the air brush feature on this? >> this is "today" on nbc. rush on this? >> next on nbc. wow, the track looks perfect.
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the number-one jewelry store in america. [ neil ] every woman should feel like a star. ♪ every kiss begins with kay it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. a south bay woman under arrest accused of poisoning the orange juice at a san jose starbucks. investigators say the woman came into a starbucks on snell avenue in south san jose yesterday afternoon and replaced two bottles of orange juice with bottles from her bag. they allegedly had a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol. an alert customer noticed the woman acting suspicious. police arrested her at her home last night. this afternoon, the san jose city council reviewing its decision to stop a policy aimed at cutting down on racial profiling. the policy required officers to document all the stops they make, even if there is no arrest. including the person's race and whether they are told to sit on
7:27 am
a curb. the new acting chief suspended that policy before it was put into practice and just last week, an independent auditor releasing a report criticizing the chief's decision. right now, let's get a check outside. christina loren tells us, if you like it hot, you are going to love this. >> you are going to love today and the rest of the week. some people do. others don't. what i can tell you, some heat relief is on the way. we have to get through four to five days of really warm temperatures. the winds are going to pick up. rather acalm. we have a red flag warning because of the wind and heat. that goes for the hills above 1,000 feet. we want to practice the best of fire safety for today. 88 degrees on the way to livermore. not as hot as yesterday. 79, oakland rkts 74, san francisco. 80, fairfield. we are going to heat you back up to the 90s tomorrow and mid to upper 90s for thursday. staying hot this weekend. let's check that rush-hour drive. looks bad, mike. >> we will save that. north 280 at 880.
7:28 am
really bogging down. a couple of crashesver the last 45 minutes. some in lanes just off the shoulder. it is in the center of the map that i show you with the arrow pointing toward the direction coming at us. slow out of san jose. 87, bogging down. 101 from the bottom of your screen, still have a crash in the middle of your freeway. there is the slowdown there. a quick look at the eastshore freeway all the way down toward the berkeley curve. back to you. another local update for you coming up in half an hour. see you then. ♪
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♪ well, if you thought "gangnam style" would be psy's only hit, think again. in just two weeks "gentleman" has received more than 255 million hits on youtube. in three days psy will bring his swagger back to the plaza for a live concert here on the "today" show. as an added bonus that morning we'll reveal the line-up for the summer concert series. check it out. 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, april 30, 2013. i'm matt lauer along savannah guthrie. >> limbering up. >> three days and counting. >> get ready to dance. >> i missed the first wave. >> we can't let it happen again.
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coming up, google glass, the wearable computer. we are showing you what it can do live in studio. here's natalie modeling. >> i'm trying to demo it. we took pictures earlier. we have that. here we go. now i'm calling somebody who i don't know. >> can we order doughnuts? >> wait, we have traffic. i see traffic. 59 minutes to home. >> this is fascinating. >> you have launched into someone's private material there. >> i have the forecast on google glass. taking your job, al. >> we'll show you more about it in a couple of minutes. also, could it be the end of tim tebow's football career? the football player is pondering his future after being released by the new york jets. we'll look at where tebow mania goes from here. >> and meredith vieira has a story about a little girl who just became a medical pioneer. the first to get a new organ made in part by her own stem cells. we want to begin with aymmanda
7:32 am
knox. her memoir is out and she's revealing details about her time in an italian prison. >> the 25-year-old writes her freedom has given her the chance to answer everyone's questions. in her words, set the record straight. amanda knox describes the moment she was acquitted two years ago. my heart hurt from beating so hard. i was out. i was free. i was so overwhelmed i couldn't talk. a school year abroad that turned into four years locked in an italian jail, convicted for the murder of her roommate, british exchange student meredith kercher. susan page was the first to interview knox face to face. >> one of the things that worried her most when she got to seattle was she was disappointing her family and friends because she came back a different person than she had left. >> reporter: in her book "waiting to be heard" she lays
7:33 am
out every di delaware taetail - the prison time. there was the video of her kissing her boyfriend. she describes watching it now. i'm gripped by the same awful feelings i had that afternoon. i can only see myself as i was, young and scared, in need of comfort. knox writes about her friendship with kercher and her carefree lifestyle, trysts with men, smoking marijuana. around our house marijuana was as common as pasta. she's struck by how naive and trusting she was during the investigation until one overnight interrogation with police when she realized she was a suspect. i felt like i was suffocating. there was no way out. still they kept yelling, insinuating. and then she was arrested. knox was found guilty and
7:34 am
sentenced to 26 years in prison. suicide crossed her mind. i imagined myself as a corpse. it made me feel sick, not relieved. but it was a fantasy i had many times. knox was acquitted and she returned home to seattle. the legal battles aren't over. the italian supreme court will retry knox's case. in 463 pages knox tells the story of her innocence, but the fight to clear her name in court could still take years. her lawyer announced knox will not be returning to italy to stand for the trial. >> not a surprising decision. stephanie gosk, thank you so much. let's go outside for a check of the weather now from al roker. >> in keeping with the news of the netherlands queen abdicating you have a new king. what's his name? >> koning willem alexander. >> it's good to be the king! she just crowned me. all right. let's see your weather, show you
7:35 am
what we have for today. we are looking at record high temperatures out west. hot weather from the southwest all the way into west texas. phoenix, 100 degrees. 12 degrees above normal. albuquerque, 14. amarillo, 20. as we make our way east you can see kansas city with a high of 85 today. chicago getting up to 82. memph memphis, 85 degrees. eight degrees above 7:35 on a tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. it is going to be a very summerlike day. the one addition, a little more cloud cover. that will keep your temperatures down about 3-5 degrees from yesterday's highs. courtesy of an area of low pressure. the winds are still rather calm. we have a red flag warning for elevations above 1,000 feet. that is due to high fire danger, gusty temperatures. by tomorrow, we are going to heat you back up.
7:36 am
the hottest day of the week looks like thursday. weather. matt? >> thanks so much. tim tebow is one of the nfl's most popular players, but this morning he finds himself without a team. so what's next for him? nbc's craig melvin is here with more on that. good morning. >> mat good morning. tim tebow's play never matched the hype. this morning after just one season with the jets he's waking up out of a job and wondering where he will land next. there is a chance he won't play in the nfl again. he certainly will not be leaving the spotlight any time soon. tim tebow's on-field praying sparked a phenomenon known as tebowing. not surprising his only response to getting sacked, quoting the bible in a twitter post. proverbs 3, trust in the lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight. when he came to the new york jets last year tebow's first press conference got the kind of attention usually reserved for
7:37 am
super bowl mvps. >> well, it's an honor for all of you to show up to hear me say a few words today. >> reporter: commercials, billboards and talk. he'd be the most famous new york athlete since broadway joe himself. >> thanks for the support. >> reporter: hordes of fans drawn to the 25-year-old's well publicized face. he transcended the sport and became spoof-worthy on late night tv. ♪ tim tebow to jesus christ >> reporter: on the field tebow struggled. his only season as a jet, lack luster. in a short statement rex ryan said we have a great deal of respect for tim tebow. unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped. we wish him the best moving forward. >> if he wants to play quarterback and not be a backup he needs to look at other leagues. if he wants to play in the nfl he needs to think seriously about giving up his desire to play quarterback and adopt some other role. >> reporter: his football future
7:38 am
is uncertain. but tebow could cash in on his carefully cultivated persona. >> the tebow brand will last without having the nfl behind it. you could definitely see him being a sports announcer. you could see him talking about religion, possibly writing a book. he's had an interesting life. >> reporter: as tebow gets ready to start a new chapter, fans and followers get ready to say good-bye to the player known for his face as much as football. now he's an waivers meaning other teams can claim him. if that doesn't happen he'll become a free agent. there is talk of a team in canada that's expressed interest. >> hard to imagine what happened in a year after the arrival in new york. >> a lack luster year to say the least. >> craig, thank you very much. up next, meredith vieira with an exclusive look at a revolutionary transplant procedure on a child and the controversy now surrounding it. we'll talk about it right after this. when did you know that grandma was the one?
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back now at 7:43 with a medical breakthrough. surgeons at the children's hospital of illinois will announce the first of its kind surgery on a child and not without controversy. here's meredith vieira. >> here we go. see? look at that. >> reporter: she's the radiant little girl whose sparkling personality has always defied the rare deadly disorder she was born with. ♪ o mister sun, sun >> we'd get phone calls from the hospital. i'd say, did she die? it was like a nightmare. >> reporter: born with no windpipe hannah warren was kept alive for two and a half years by a tube inserted from her mouth into her lungs. she spent her life in this neo natal intensive care unit in seoul, south carolina, unable to
7:44 am
breathe, talk, swallow, eat or drink on her own. ♪ >> reporter: but last month she was flown 13 hours to peoria, illinois, where she's become the first child in the world to receive an artificial windpipe grown with stem cells from her own body. >> this is the page-turning in science. this is like the first organ transplant, like penicillin. we are turning the page in medicine. >> this little girl was a prisoner. now she has a chance to have a relatively normal life. >> reporter: the operation was performed three weeks ago by an good morning. it is 10:44 here in the east,
7:45 am
7:44 in the west. the president obama will hold his first press conference, marking the first 100 days of his second term today and he will be taking questions on a wide range of issues. nbc's chief white house correspondent, chuck todd is in the briefing room for us. as i understand it not one of those occasions where the president is expected to come out and deliver a piece of news. >> that's right, savannah. if you think about just the last 15 days, when you have the boston marathon investigation, those bombings are continuing. you have this sequester standoff over the airports and faa funding. and then now throw in the issue with syria, there's a lot on the table. is white houses love to have press conferences when congress is out of town. congress happens to be out of town this week so they get washington and the spin cycle to themselves. so, put all that together and the fact that this is that -- one of those mythical markers that the white house claims they don't follow but they just happen to schedule a press conference today, the first 100 dives that second term. and you have all of it coming together for a reason, for the
7:46 am
president to come out here and take some questions. >> there's a lot to talk about as you mentioned, from foreign policy to domestic issues, one you didn't name. i know many people are thinking about is the implementation of the president's health care law and there was some news on that this morning. >> there was. they put out an application, i wouldn't be sur is priced if this ends up being the opening statement. they put out a simpler application process. savannah, i can tell, the single most important thing the white house is focused on when it comes to implementing health scare getting young voters -- young people under -- >> good afternoon -- good morning, everybody. i am here to answer questions in honor of ed henry. as he wraps up his tenure as president of the white house correspondents association. ed, because of that you get the first question. congratulations. >> thank you, sir. i really appreciate that and
7:47 am
hoping we can go back to business. >> you might be mad at me. >> i'm not. a couple questions on national security. on syria, you said the red line was not just about chemical weapons being use bud being spread. it was a game changer, seemed cut and dry. and now your administration seems to be suggesting that line is not clear. do you risk u.s. credibility if you don't take military action? and then on benghazi, there are some survivors of that terror attack who say they want to come forward and testify. some in your state department. and they save they've been blocked. will you allow them to testify? >> well, first of all, on syria, i think it's important to understand that for several years now, what we've been seeing is a slowly unfolding disaster for the syrian people. and this is not a situation in which we've been simply bystanders to what's been happening. my policy from the beginning has
7:48 am
been that president assad had lost credibility, that he attacked his own people, has killed his own people, unleashed a military against innocent civilians. and that the only way to bring stability and peace to syria is going to be for assad to step down and to move forward on a political strategy, we have organized a humanitarian community, the largest humanitarian donor, worked to strengthen the opposition, provided assistance to the opposition, applied sanctions on syria. so, there are a whole host of steps that we've been taking, precisely because even separate from the chemical weapons issue, what's happening in syria is a blemish on the international community generally and we have got to make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect the syrian people. in that context, what i've also
7:49 am
said is that the use of chemical weapons would be a game changer, not simply for the united states but for the international community. and the reason for that is that we have established international law and international norms that say when you use these kinds of weapons, you have the potential of killing massive numbers of people in the most inhumane way possible and the proliferation risks are so significant that we don't want that genie out of the bottle. so, what i said that the use of chemical weapons would be a game changer, that wasn't unique to -- that wasn't a position unique to the united states. and it shouldn't have been a surprise. and what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria, buzz we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. we don't have a chain of custody
7:50 am
that establishes what exactly happened and when i am making decisions about america's national security and the potential for taking additional action in response to chemical weapon use, i've got to make sure i've got the facts. that's what the american people would expect. and if we end up rushing to judgment without hard, effective evidence, then we can find ourselves in a position where we can't mobilize the international community to support what we do. there may be objections, even among some people in the region who are sympathetic with the opposition if we take action. so, you know, it's important for us to do this in a prudent way. and what i've said to my team is we have got to do everything we can to investigate and establish with some certainty what exactly
7:51 am
has happened in syria, what is happening in syria. we will use all the assets and resources that we have at our disposal. we will work with the neighboring countries to see whether we can establish a clear baseline of facts and we have also called on the united nations to investigate. but the important point i want to make here is that we already are deeply engaged in trying to bring about a solution in syria. it is a difficult problem but even if chemical weapons were not being used in syria, we'd still be thinking about tens of thousands of people, innocent civilians, women, children, who have been killed by a regime more concerned about staying in power than it is the well being of its people. and so we are already deeply invested in trying to find a solution here. what is true though is that if i
7:52 am
can establish, in a way that not only the united states but also the international community feel confident is the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime, then that is a game changer because what that portends is potentially even more devastating attacks on civilians and it raises the strong possibility that those chemical weapons can fall into the wrong hands and get disseminated in ways that would threaten u.s. security or the security of our allies. >> by game change, you mean u.s. military action? >> by game changer, i mean that we would have to rethink the range of options that are available to us. now, we are already, as i said, invested in trying to bring back a solution inside of syria. obviously, there are options that are available to me that
7:53 am
are on the shelf right now that we have not deployed. and that's spectrum of options. you know, as -- as early as last year, i asked the pentagon, our military, our intelligence officials to prepare for me what options might be available. and i won't go into the details of what those options might be. but, you know, clearly, that would be an escalation, in our view, of the threat to the security of the international community, our allies and the united states and that means that there's some options that we might not otherwise exercise that we would -- that we would strongly consider. >> on the benghazi front, i know piece of the story have been litigated. you have been asked about it. but there are people in your own state department who say they have been blocked from coming forward that they survived the terror attack and they want to tell their story. will you help them come forward and say it once and for all?
7:54 am
>> and i'm not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying. so, what i will do is i will find out what exactly you're referring to. what i've been very clear about from the start is that our job, with respect to benghazi, has been to find out exactly what happened, to make sure that u.s. embassies, not just in the middle east, but around the world are safe and secure and bring those who carried it out to justice. but i will find out exactly you are referring to >> they have hired an attorney because they say they have been blocked from coming forward. >> i'm not familiar with it. jessica? >> there's a report that your director of national intelligence has ordered a broad review, this is with regard to the boston bomb -- marathon bombing, has ordered a broad review of all the intelligence gathering prior to the attack. there is also a series of senators, colin sacks business
7:55 am
chambliss, lindsey graham, all the years after 9/11 there still wasn't enough intelligence shared prior to the attack. and now lindsey graham, a senior member of the armed services committee has said that benghazi and boston are both examples of the u.s. going backwards on national security. is he right and do our intelligence miss something? >> no. mr. graham is not right on this issue, although i'm sure generated some headlines. you know, i think that what we saw in boston was state, local, federal officials, every agency, rallying around a city that had been attacked. identifying the perpetrators just hours after the scene had been examined. we now have one individual deceased, one in custody.
7:56 am
charges have been brought. i think that all our law enforcement officials performed in exemplary fashion after the bombing d taken place and we should be very proud of their work as obviously, we are very proud of the people in boston, the first responders around the medical personnel who helped save lives. what we also know is that the russian intelligence services had alerted u.s. intelligence about the older brother, as well as the mother, indicating that they might be sympathizers to extremists. the fbi investigated that older brother. it's not as if the fbi did nothing. they not only investigated the old brother, they interviewed the older brother. they concluded that there were no signs that he was engaging in extremist activity. so that much we know.
7:57 am
and the question then is was there something that happened that triggered radicalization and actual -- an actual decision by the brother to engage in the attack -- the tragic attack we actually saw in boston and are there things, additional things that could have been done in that interim that might have presented it? now, what director clapper is doing standard procedure around here, which is when an event like this happens, we want to go back and review every step that was taken. we want to leave no stone unturned. we want to see, is there, in fact, additional protocols and procedures that could be put in place that would further improve and enhance our ability to detect a potential attack? and we won't know that until that review is completed.
7:58 am
we won't know that until the investigation, the actual crime is fully completed. and that's still ongoing. but what i can say is that based on what i've seen so far, the fbi performed its duties. the department of homeland security did what it was supposed to be doing. but this is hard stuff. and i've said from -- for quite some time that because of the pressure that we put on al qaeda court, because of the pressure that we put on these networks that are well financed and more sophisticated and can engage in and project transnational threats against the united states, one of the dangers that we now face are self-radicalized individuals who are already here in the united states. in some cases, may not be part
7:59 am
of any kind of network, but because of whatever warped, twisted ideas they may have may decide is to carry out an attack. and those are, in some ways, more difficult to prevent and so what i've done for months now is to indicate to our entire counterterrorism team, what more can we do on that threat that is looming on the horizon? are there more things we can do, whether it's engaging in community -- engaging in communities where there's a potential for self-radicalization of this sort? is there work that can be done in terms of detection? all this has to be done in context of our laws, due process and so part of what director clapper is doing then is going
8:00 am
to be to see if we can determine any lessons learned from what happened. >> are you getting all the intelligence and information you need from the russians americann they go to big public events now? >> the russians have been very cooperative with us since the boston bombing. obviously old habits die hard. there are still suspicions sometimes between our intelligence and law enforcement agencies that date back 10, 20, 30 years back to the cold war. but they're continually improving. i've spoken to president putin directly. he's committed to working with me to make sure that those who report to us are cooperating fully. in not only this investigation, but how do we work on counterterrorism issues generally.
8:01 am
in it terms of what the response of the american people, i think everybody can take a cue from boston. you don't get a sense that anyone's intimidated when any go to fenway park a couple days after the bombing. there are joggers right now i fwa guarantee you all throughout boston, cambridge, watertown. and i think one of the things i've been most proud of in watching the country's response to the tragedy there is a sense of resilience and toughness and we're not going to be intimidated. we are going to live our lives. and people i think understand that we have to do everything we can to prevent these kind of attacks from taking place. but people also understand in the same way they understand after a shooting in aurora or newtown or virginia tech or
8:02 am
after the foiled attempts in times square or in detroit that we're not going to stop living our lives because warped twisted individuals try to intimidate us. we're going to do what he wiwe . which is go to work, raise our kids, go to ball game, run in marathons. and at the same time, we'll make sure everybody is vigilant and doing everything we can without being naive to try to prevent the at that time tack attacks f the future. >> you are 100 days in to your second term. on the gun bill, you put everything into to try to get it passed. obviously it didn't. congress has ignored your efforts to try to undo the sequester cut. there was a even a bill that you threatened to veto that got 92 democrats in the house voting yes. my question to you is do you still have the juice to get the
8:03 am
rest of your agenda through this congress? >> if you put it that way, maybe i should just pack up and go home. golly. i think it's a little, as mark twain said, rumors of my demise are exaggerated at this point. look, we understand that we're a divided government right now. republicans control the house of representatives. in the senate, this habit of requiring 60 votes for even the most modest piece of legislation has gummed up the works there. it comes to no surprise that right now things are pretty dysfunctional up on capitol hill. despite that, i'm actually confident that there are a range
8:04 am
of things that we'll get done. i feel confident that the bipartisan work that has been done on immigration reform will result in a bill that passes and gets on my desk and that will be an historic achievement and i've been very compliment taker aryt efforts of republicans and democrats. it is true the sequester is damaging our economy, hurting our people, and we need to lift it. the only way we'll lift it is if we do a bigger deal that meets the test of lowering our deficit and growing our economy at the same time. and that's going to require compromises on the part of democrats and republicans. i've had some good conversations with republican senators on far.
8:05 am
thoseconversations are continuing. there is a genuine desire to move past not only sequester, but washington can dysfunction. whether we can get it done or not, you know, we'll see. but i think the sequester is a good example. this recent faa issue is a good example. you will recall that even as recently as my campaign, republicans were saying sequester is terrible, this is a disaster, it will ruin our military, be disastrous for the economy, we have to do something about it. then when it was determined that doing something about might mean that we close tax loopholes for the wealthy and well connected, suddenly, well, you know what, we'll take the sequester. and the notion was somehow that we had exaggerated the effects of the sequester. remember? the president's crying wolf,
8:06 am
he's chicken little, sequester no problem. and then in rapid succession suddenly white house tours, this is terrible, how can we let that happen. meat inspectors, we have to fix that. and most recently, what are we going to do about potential delays at airports. so despite the fact that a lot of members of congress were suggesting that somehow the sequester was a victory for them and this wouldn't hurt the economy, what we now know is that what i warned earlier, what jay stood up here and warned repeatedly, is happening. it slowed our growth. it's resulting in people being thrown out of work. and it's hurting folks all across the country. and the fact that congress respond to the short term problem of flight delays by giving us the option of shifting
8:07 am
money that's designed to repair and improve airports over the long term to fix the short term problem, well, that's not a solution. so essentially what we've done is we've said in order to avoid delays this summer, we'll ensure delays for the next two or three decades. >> why did you go along with it? >> hoold on a second. so the alternative of course is either to go ahead and impose a whole bunch of delays on passengers now which the does not fix the problem, or the third alternative is to actually fix the problem by coming up with a broader larger deal. but jonathan, you seem to suggest that somehow these folks other there have no responsibilities and that my job is to somehow get them to behave.
8:08 am
that's their job. they're elected, members of congress are elected, in order to do what's right for their constituencies and for the american people. so if in fact they are seriously concerned about passenger convenience and safety, then they shouldn't just be thinking about tomorrow or next week or the week after that, they should be positioning about what's going to happen five years from now, ten-years from now or 15 years from now. the only way to do that is for them to engage with me on coming up with a broader deal. and that's exactly what i'm trying to do, to continue to talk to them about are there ways for us to fix this. frankly, i don't think that if i were to veto, for example, this faa bill, that that somehow would lead to the broader fix. it just means that there would be pain now, which they would try to blame on me, as opposed
8:09 am
to pain five years from now. but either way the problem is not getting fixed. the only way the problem does get fixed is if both parties sit come down and say how are we making sure we're investing in things like rebuilding our airports and roads and bridges and investing in early childhood education. all the things that will help us grow. and that's what the american people want. just one interesting statistic when it comes to airports. there was a recent survey of the top airports in the country -- in the world. and there was not a single u.s. arnt that ca airport that came in the top 25. not one. not one u.s. airport was considered by the experts and consumers who use these airports to be in the top 25 in the world. i think cincinnati airport came in around 30th. what does that say about our
8:10 am
long term competitiveness and future? so when folks say, well, there was money in the faa to deal with these furloughs, well, yeah, the money is this pool of funds that are supposed to try to upgrade our airports so we don't rank in the bottom of industrialized countries when it comes to our infrastructure. that's what we're doing. would yo we're using our seed corn short term. and the only reason, because right now we have folks who are unwilling to make simple changes to our tax code, for example, to close loopholes that aren't adding to our competitiveness and aren't helping middle class families. so that's a long way of answering your question, but the point is that there are common sense solutions to our problems right now. i cannot force republicans to embrace those common sense solutions. i can urge them to.
8:11 am
i can put pressure on them. i can rally the american people around those common sense solutions. but ultimately they themselves have to say we want to do the right thing. and i think there are members certainly in the senate right now and i suspect members in the house, as well, who understand that deep down. but they're worried about their politics. it's tough. their base thinks compromise with me is somehow a betrayal. they're worried about primaries. and i understand all that. and we'll try to do everything we can to create a permission structure for them to be able to do what's going to be best for the country. but it will take some time. bill plant efe.
8:12 am
>> as you're aaware, there is a growing hunger strike at began t guantanamo bay. is there a surprise that they would prefer death? >> it is not a surprise that we have problems at guantanamo. which is why i said we need to close guantanamo. i continue to believe we have to continue to close guantanamo. i think it is critical for us to understand that guantanamo is not necessary to keep america safe. it is expensive. it iss it is inefficient. it lessens cooperation with our allie allies.
8:13 am
it is a recruitment tool for extremists. it needs to be closed. congress determined that they would not let us close it. and despite the fact that the people in guantanamo despite the courts saying they could be returned to their country of origin or potentially a third country, i've asked my team to review every currently being done in guantanamo, and i'll rein-gauge wi rei engage with congress to make the case this is not something in the best of the american people. and it's not sustainable. the notion that we'll continue to keep 100 individuals in a no man's land in perpetuity, even though when would e're winding
8:14 am
the war this in iraq and afghanistan, we've kept the pressure up on all these transnational terrorist network, when we've transferredin iraq a afghanistan, we've kept the pressure up on all these transnational terrorist network, when we've transferredin iraq a afghanistan, we've kept the pressure up on all these transnational terrorist network, when we've transferredn iraq an afghanistan, we've kept the pressure up on all these transnational terrorist network, when we've transferredin iraq a afghanistan, we've kept the pressure up on all these transnational terrorist network, when we've transferredin iraq a, we've kept the pressure up on all these transnational terrorist network, when we've transferred authority in afghanistan, the idea that we would still maintain forever a group of individuals who have not been tried, that is contrary to who we are, it is contrary to our interests and needs to stop. now, a hard case to make. i think for a lot of americans the notion is out of sight, out of mind. and it's easy to demagogue the issue. i'll go back at it because i think it's important. >> continue for -- >> i don't want the individuals to die. obviously the pentagon is trying
8:15 am
to manage the situation as best as they can. but i think all of us should reflect on why exactly are we doing this. why are we doing this. we've got a whole bunch of individuals who have been tried who are currently in maximum security prisons around the country, nothing's happened to them. justice has been served. it's done in a way that's consistent with our constitution, consistent with due process, consistent with our traditions and rule of law. the individual who attempted to bomb times square, in prison serving a life sentence. individual who tried to bomb the plane in detroit in, prison serving a life sentence. somali who was part of al shahad, in prison. so we can handle this.
8:16 am
and i understand that in the immediate after math with 9/11 with the traumas that have taken place why for a lot of americans the notion was somehow that we had to create a special facility like guantanamo and we couldn't handle this in a normal conventional fashion, i understand that reaction. but we're now over a decade out. we should be wider. we should have more experience in how we prosecute terrorists. and this is a lingering problem that is not going to get better. lele it will get wourrse. it will fester. so i said before we'll examine every option we have administratively to try to deal with this issue, but ultimately we'll need help from congress
8:17 am
and i'll ask some folks over there who care about fighting terrorism but also care about who we are as a people to step up and help me on it. chuck todd. >> mr. president, thank you. nate bachus referred to the implementation of your health care law as a potential train wreck and other democrats whispering never usness about t nervousness about the impact on the political campaign. why does senator baucus believe this is wrong? >> i think that anytime you are implementing something big, there will be people who are nervous and anxious about is it going to get done until it's
8:18 am
actually done. but let's just step back for a second and make sure the american people understand what it is that we're doing. the affordable care act, bom ca obamacare, has been with us for three years, gone through supreme court tests, effort to the repeal. a huge chunk of it has already been implemented. and for the 85% to 90% of americans who already have health insurance, they're already experiencing most of the benefits of the affordable care act even if they don't know it. their insurance is more secure, insurance companies can't drop them for bad reasons. their kids are able to stay on their health insurance until they're 26 years old. they're getting free preventive
8:19 am
care. so for the average american out there, for the 85% to 90% of americans who already have health insurance, this thing has already happened. and their only impact is that their insurance is stronger, better, more secure than it was before. full stop. that's it. they don't have to worry about anything else. the implementation issues come in for those who don't have health insurance maybe because they have a pre-existing condition and the only way they can get health insurance is to go out on the individual market and they're paying 50% or 100% more than those of you who are lucky enough to have group plans. people too door poor to get hea insurance and employers don't offer them . maybe they work for a small business who can't afford to provide health insurance. so all the implementation issues that are coming up are
8:20 am
implementation issues related to that small group of people 10% to 15% of americans, now, it's still 30 million americans, but relatively narrow group who don't have health will insurance right now or are on the individual market and are paying exorbitant amounts for coverage that isn't that great. and what we're doing is we're setting up a pool thso that the can pool together and get a better deal from insurance companies. and those who can't afford it, we'll provide them with subsidies. that's it. that's what's left to implement. because the other stuff's been implemented and it's working fine. the challenge is that setting up a market based system, basically and online marketplace where you can go on and sign up and figure out what kind of insurance you can afford and figure out how to get the subsidies, that's still
8:21 am
a big complicated piece of business. and when you're doing it nationwide relatively fast and you have half of congress who is determined to try to block the implementation and not adequately funding implementation, and then you have a number of members of -- or governors, republican governors, who know that it's bad politics for them to try to implement this effectively and some even who have decided toimp pleme to implement and state legislatures say don't implement, when you have that kind of situation, that makes it harder. but having said all that, we have a great team in place. we are pushing very hard to make sure that we're hitting all the dead lines and the benchmarks.
8:22 am
i'll give you a recent example. we put together initially an application form for signing up for participation in the exchanges that was initially about 21 pages long. immediately everybody sat around the table and said this is too long. especially in this age of the internet, people aren't going to have the patience to sit there for hours on end. let's streamline this thing. so we cut what was a 21 page form now down to a form that's about lee pages for an individual, a little more than that for a family. well below the industry average. so those kinds of refinements we'll continue to be working on. but i think the main message i want to give to the american people here is despite all the h will uhu he have and cry and sky is falling predictions, if you already have health insurance, that part of obamacare that
8:23 am
affects you is already pretty much in place. what's left to be implemented is those pr those provisions to help the 10% to 15% of the american public s unlucky enough to not have health insurance. if you have a pre-existing condition, this structure will make sure you're not left vulnerable. but it's still a big undertaking. and what we're doing is making sure that every single day, we are constantly trying to hit our marks so that it will be in place. and last point i'll make, even if we did everything perfectly, there will still be glitches and bumps and there will be stories that can be written that says, oh, look, this thing is not working the way it's supposed to
8:24 am
and this happened and that happened. and that's pretty much true of every government program that's ever been set up. but if we stay with it, and we understand what our long term objective is, which is making sure that in a country as wealthy as ours nobody should go bankrupt if they get sick and that we would rather have people getting regular checkups and gone to the emergency room because they don't have health care, if we keep that in mind, then we'll be able to drive down costs, we'll be able to improve efficiencies in the system, we'll be able to see people benefit from better health care and that will save the country money as a whole over the long term. >> cooperation of a handful of governors, particularly large states, that you can fully implement? >> i think it's harder. no doubt about it. >> can you do it without? >> we will implement it. we have a backup federal exchange. if states aren't cooperating, we
8:25 am
set up a federal exchange so people can access the federal exchange. but, yes, it puts more of a burden on us. and it's ironic since all the folks say they believe in empowering states that they will end up having the federal government do something that we'd actually prefer states to do if they were properly cooperating. let's see how we're doing on time. last question. where is anthony. there you are. [ inaudible question ]. >> -- is there room for who are c more conservative proposal than the one in the senate on immigration. and second for mexico, yesterday
8:26 am
the mexican government saidcons one in the senate on immigration. and second for mexico, yesterday the mexican government said all contact with the u.s. law enforcement will now go through [ inaudible ] is this change good for the u.s. relationship with mexico, do you see the layer of security and cooperation can be maintained? >> on immigration reform, i've been impressed by the work that was done by the gang of eight in the senate. the bill that they produced is not the bill that i would have written. there are elements of it that i would change. but i do think that it meets the basic criteria that i laid out from the start. which is we've got to have more effective border security, although it should build on the great improvements that have been made on border security
8:27 am
over the last four to five years. we should make sure that we are cracking down on employers that are gaming the system. we should make the legal immigration system work more effectively. so that the waits are not as burdensome, the bureaucracy is not as complicated, so we can continue to traattraction the b and brightest to our shores in a legal fashion. and we want to make sure that we've got a pathway to citizenship that is tough but allows people to earn over time their legal status here in this country. and the senate bill meets that -- those criteria. in some cases not in the way that i would, but it meets those basic criteria.
8:28 am
and i think it's a testament to the senators that were involved that they made tough choices and of it compromises in order to hammer out that bill. now, i haven't seen what members of the house are yet proposing. and maybe they think that they can answer some of those questions differently or better and i think we've got to be open minded in seeing what they come up with. the bottom line, though, is that they still have to meet those basic criteria. is it making the world safer, is it dealing with employers and how they work with the governments to make sure that people are not being taken advantage of or taking advantage of the system. are we improving our legal immigration system. and are we creating a pathway for citizenship for the 11
8:29 am
million or so who are undocumented in this country. if they meet those criteria but slightly different than the senate bill, i think we should be able to come up with an appropriate compromise. if it doesn't meet those criteria, then i will not support such a bill. so we'll have to wait and see. when it comes to mexico, i'm very much looking forward to taking the trip down to mexico to see the new president. i had a chance to meet him her, but this is the first more extensive consultation, an opportunity for his minister, my cabinet members who are participate to go really hammer out some of these issues. a lot of the focus will be on economics. we've sent so much time on security issues between the united states and mexico that sometimes i think we forget this
8:30 am
is a massive trading partner responsible for huge amounts of commerce and huge numbers of jobs on both sides of the border. we want to see how we can deepen that, how we ccan improve that and maintain the economic dialogue over a long period of time. that doesn't mean that we're not going to be talking about security. i think that in my first conversation with the president, he indicated to me that he very much continues to be concerned about how we can work together to deal with transnational drug cartels. we've made great strides in the coordination and cooperation between our two governments over the last several years. but my suspicion is that things can be improved. and some of the issues that he's talking about really had to do with refinements and improvements in terms of how mexican authorities work with each other, how they coordinate more effectively, and it has
8:31 am
less to do with how they're dealing with us per se. so i'm not going to yet judge how this will alter the relationship between the united states and mexico until i've heard directly from them to see what exactly are they trying to accomplish. but overall what i can say is that my impression is that the new president is serious about reform, he's already made some tough decisions. i think he'll make more that will improve the economy and security of mexican citizens and that will improve bilateral relationship, as well. and i don't want to leave out that we'll also be talking to during my visits to costa rica presidents of central american countries, many of whom are struggling with both economic issues and security issues. but are important partners for us because i think the vision
8:32 am
here is that we want to make sure that our hemisphere is more effectively integrated to improve the economy and security of all people. the that's good for the united states, it can enhance our economy and improve energy end inside. there are a whole range of opportunities and that's the purpose of this trip. i'm sure those who travel with me will have a chance to discuss those opportunities. >> jason collins-will- >> i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. seems like a terrific young man and i told him i couldn't be prouder. one of the extraordinary measures of progress that we've seen in this country has been the recognition that the lgbt community deserves full equality.
8:33 am
not just partial equality. not just tolerance, but recognition that they're fully a part of the american family. and given the importance of sports in our society for an individual who has excelled at the highest levels and one of the major sports to say this is who i am, i'm proud of it, i'm still a great competitor, i'm still 7-foot tall and can bang with shaq and deliver a hard foul and for i think a lot of young people out there who are gay or lesbian who are struggling with these issues to see a role model like that who is unafraid, i think it's a great thing. and i think america should be
8:34 am
proud that this is just one more step in this ongoing recognition that we treat everybody fairly. and everybody's part of a family. and we judge people on the basis of their character. and their performance. and not their sexual orientation. so very proud of him. all right? >> speaking for about 50 minutes from the white house press briefing room and covering a range of topics including foreign policy, syria, the prison at guantanamo bay and domestic issues including his congressional agenda. let's get to chuck todd who has been listening along with us this morning. and chuck, wide ranging is an apt description for that news conference. the president even returning for one more at the end. what is your headline? >> i would say politically the headline is but for congress, it seemed the answer to many of the questions including guantanamo, of course the budget in that question and this idea that here
8:35 am
he is 100 days in, six months from his re-election and the fever hadn't broken and so i would say it's the but for congress press conditions here as far as the president's explanation of some of his struggles of late. >> much more on "nightly news". this has pain an nbc news special report. you know, sunni-oswego was a big hockey power house. >> did you play? >> i listened to the games. >> when we come back, we are talking sex and marriage and what to do if you have lost the spark. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8:37. when it comes to marriage how much intimacy is healthy and
8:38 am
normal and what do you do if the spark has disappeared completely. mara schiavocampo has one couple's story. good morning. >> good morning. the majority of couples have sex regularly but some struggle with the loss of intimacy and are left figuring out how to repair a sexless marriage. couples not having sex after marriage are often a punch line of pretty funny jokes. >> before you get married get all the sex you want. afterwards, i don't feel like it, i got a headache. >> reporter: for this couple their sexless marriage was no laughing matter. when chris initiated sex with his wife of almost ten years she would usually turn him down. >> the longest time we went without sex was a year. there were multiple times we would go six months. >> reporter: he kept a journal, documenting her lack of interest. >> i wanted to prove to my wife we had a sexless marriage. >> i didn't really want it. he wanted it. >> i started to wonder, does my wife still love me?
8:39 am
the way i dealt with it was to eat. swelled up like a balloon. >> reporter: chris decided to take action and presented options. >> i could live in a sexless marriage. i could meet my sexual needs somewhere outside the marriage. the last option was we fix our sex life. >> reporter: her choice was to fix their sex life. >> i decided the only way i was going to save our marriage, i better make myself be the best option or i'll lose him. >> reporter: their sex life is not typical of married couples in this country. according to a university of chicago study, 80% of married couples have sex a few times a month or more. 32% say they have sex two to three times a week while 47% reported having sex a few times a month. >> sex is the number one thing people fight about. you stop having sex, there will be no more fights. i am living proof. i have no sex. i am the happiest i have ever been. >> men really do get more of
8:40 am
their emotional needs from sex. women get their emotional needs a lot of places. sex as well, but they don't need it as much because they are getting their needs met elsewhere. >> reporter: last year with advice from a self-help book they worked together to bring intimacy and desire back to the relationship and save their marriage. >> i think we both gained more respect for each other. i have gained more respect for him seeing how independent he is. he's gained confidence in himself. and a self-worth. that has made me love him more. i want to be with him more. >> we have been on turbo speed ever since. >> reporter: experts say it's normal for sexual attraction to wane over time. one study found couples who focused on each over's needs, not their own were best able to maintain desire for each other over time. savannah? >> mara schiavocampo, thank you so much. r.g. allen is from drexley university and ian kerner is a
8:41 am
sex and relationship therapist. good morning. >> good morning. >> as we heard, it is typical for the sexual desire to change over time. how do you know what's normal and what's something to be alarmed about? >> you're not feeling comfortable. or one person is angry or upset all the time or you're feeling like you are arguing too much. you have to peel back the layers and figure out what is going on. >> we often hear about a man wanting to have sex and a woman not really having the desire. isn't it just as common to have the opposite be true? >> absolutely. i think it's a stereotype that men are always amped up and raring to go. i do a lot of work with low libido couples, mismatched libido. just as often it's the guy's low desire. especially with the economy. for men, so much of sexual desire comes from self-esteem. a lot of guys are getting battered out there in the world. it's affecting what happens in the bedroom. >> that reflects how complex this is. i wonder if you look at a
8:42 am
dramatic drop in sexual desire as a canary in the coal mine, a warning that other things are amiss. >> it's a neon flashing light. it could be the kids, fatigue, depression, chronic illness, just time that eludes us. we have to talk about it. people want to have sex but they don't want to have a conversation about it. >> i have a feeling you will tell me there is no right answer. people are wondering what is normal for a married couple in terms of frequency of sex. >> i have a little rule of thumb which is try to be sexually intimate once a week. you know, if you can stay connected once a week you're maintaining the connection. if you let a week go then it's two, three and pretty soon you can't remember the last time you had sex. sex ruts beget sex ruts. sex begets sex. i tell couples to put your body through the motions.
8:43 am
trust that your brain will follow. i have a try it, you'll like it approach. >> do you agree? are you a proponent of, even if you're not feeling it, do it for your partner. >> absolutely. sometimes you have to plan it. i say throw the gadgets out of the bedroom, even the tv. make it a place where you connect. i agree with ian. sometimes you have to plan it because other things will get in the way. it will not be if you have a change in sexuality or your sexual relationship. it will be when and what you're going to do about it. >> the premise of the discussion is you have to have sex if you are in a relationship. i suppose there are people who could agree mutually, all right we don't want to have that much sex. or are you saying that's a no-no? >> i think sex is really important. it's the glue that holds couples together. it's what makes your relationship special. it's what makes you more than just roommates. when couples have healthy sex lives they are having healthier lives overall. when they are not having healthy sex they are vulnerable to
8:44 am
anger, depression, infidelity. >> good discussion to have. thank you so much for your expertise. up next, we'll spice things up here with new ice cream flavors. how about that? first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ music playing ] welcome back to the bar scene. our three-day fun filled look at food this morning. we are serving up ice cream. we are doing it with our bartender for the week. she is gale simmons and the special projects director for "food and wine magazine." welcome to you. >> we know you are an expert in desserts. >> i am. this is my favorite thing, pecially for breakfast t. first thing i will make for you, savannah; a southern peach. i have some poundcake. i toasted them in the oven.
8:47 am
i have peaches and a little bit of butter in my pan. to it, i will add some brown sugar, some fresh lemon juice and then bourbon. >> i like the sound of that, gale. >> it will go on. you can flombay it in your kitchen or with an adult. we will get you some supervision. can you smell all of that first. you will dock it all down into a beautiful sauce. then you make your sundae. >> how long does that ache? >> 8-10 minutes at the most. do you want to top it with some c -- utons? >> simple have a nine la ice cream? >> simple vanilla ice cream. >> i love it. >> moving along you will make me a salty dog. >> you can buy this at specialty companies. you can do chocolate if you
8:48 am
can't find it. i have some crushed peanuts, roasted peanuts. >> unsalted peanuts. the salt is coming elsewhere? >> the salt is coming from a crushed potato. >> potato chips and ice cream? >> i am missing my caramel. it will go on. over there. >> thank you so much. perfect. saltd caramel. this is a great balance. that's the next one. this is for you. >> perfect. i'll try that, gale. thank you. >> a tropical sundae. >> this is a tropical storm. this is ginger, fresh ginger and water. i made a syrup. >> i love ginger. >> i love ginger. it makes everything taste better. i have a little pineapple. five or six minutes to get it soft and soak up the ginger
8:49 am
juch juice. into it, i will put get i have coconut and mango sorbet in here. you can use anything that's fresh. >> mango. >> exactly. you can top it with a little pineapple. right like get then drizzle some of that sauce. >> what's that? is that coconut? >> this is coconut. >> does it add a little spice to this? >> it is a tropical storm, after all. there is a little kick a. kick at the end. curly flakes on top. you want to taste it? there you go. >> does that look like captain crunch? >> it is captain crunch. >> it is cereal. it's bananas, butter pecan ice cream, captain crunch and bacon. instead of caramel, i use syrup. this is breakfast in a sundae.
8:50 am
>> wow! >> next is a cheesy apple pie sundae. i have vanilla ice cream. i broke the dough into pieces an serve it on top. so you get the cheese, the salt, the apples. >> great stuff. >> i love my ice cream, yeah. >> gale, thank you very much. by the way, tomorrow, we are doing a potato bar. >> that's right. all diendz o potatoes. >> when we dom back, how to get the greenest lawn on your block. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
wow, the track looks perfect. now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell?
8:52 am
this morning on "today's home" we are talking about a five-step plan to get the greenest lawn on the block. lou manfredini is host of the syndicated show "house smart"ment always good to see you. happy spring. a lot of people say i want a great lawn so they go out and do this. they buy sod. is that a good or a bad idea? >> this is great-looking sod. deliya does the sod for yankee stadium. but it needs a lot of sun and a lot of care. if you have shady spots, hard places to grow grass sod isn't always the best choice although it's instant green lawn. >> say we are going to do seeding. you don't just throw seed on dirt. >> no. >> you have to prepare the soil
8:53 am
first. you have a rake which is a simple way. >> when it's a small yard i'm pulling up the thatch. this clogs your lawn. if you have a larger lawn this is a power rake. you can rent them. you can rent them for $40 for four hours. it goes on the larger yard and pulls all the thatch up so the lawn can breathe. but you're still n ready to throw down seed. >> no. this is an arrerator. this is the business end. this is a rental. you go and it puts holes in the soil to allow air down into the soil. it allows the soil treatments which we'll talk about to get inside the soil. these are the two single best things you can do to get the lawn looking good. >> say we have done them, rented the equipment. now we're going to try to actually put -- you blocked the path. what are we putting on the prepared area now? >> the whole idea is treating the soil. these are soil treatments.
8:54 am
magical is calcium for the lawn. this is love your lawn, love your soil. and milorganite is natural organic fertilizer. it takes the soil and balances the ph so weeds can't grow. >> does it say on the bag how much you need for this? >> it does. the beauty part of the organics is it won't burn the lawn. this has been around forever. put it on your lawn, you will hear it grow. >> come on. >> honest to goodness. it works. >> lou. >> put it in the spreader and take it along. there are settings that tell you where to set it so when you go you're not putting too much down. >> you just put it in my shoe. >> i know. sa i'm sorry. >> let's talk about seed. it's regional? >> you have to be careful. this is black beauty ultra. scotts grass seed. you have to know if you have sun and shade or shade mix. this is the water smart product.
8:55 am
after the preparation you will lay that seed down in the area and go ahead and overseed it. the best thing to do to stop weeds is put more seed. cover it with peat moss. that keeps the birds -- >> water immediately? >> water immediately. when you cover it with the moss the birds don't see it or eat it. keeps it moist. in two weeks you will see grass grow. >> wait, we promised people a five-step program. one more. >> you have to feed it. this is the industry standard of the step programs. it's important. we are right at the tail end to get step one down. keep in mind with the crab grass preventer, if you put seed down you have to wait two weeks. otherwise you kill the seed. go with the steps and the most important step is in the winter. it promoteslthy root growth for your lawn to look great and green next year. my lawn has never looked so great. >> i'm sorry. i heard grass growing.
8:56 am
>> do you hear it? >> lou, appreciate it. much more ahead on a tuesday morning right after these messages and your local news. it is 8:56 now. good morning, i'm marla tellez. the oakland a's, they are getting some well deserved rest at home this morning after the longest game played in oakland. brandon moss hit the game winning home run in the 19th inning. the game lasted more than six and a half hours. mike is tracking a prb on the peninsula.
8:57 am
>> slowing southbound 101 into palo alto. that's not the deal. a deadly crash. jammed up for 280, use 101 into the city if that is your route. it's slow on the surface streets moving slowly. 101 off the san mateo bridge, peninsula back-up pretty standard. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, april 30, 2013. clearing up in new york. shaping up to be a good spring day here. inside studio 1a i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales. helping us out again here. >> glad to be back. >> we have great news from the tony award nominations. kathie lee's scandalous nominated carol lee carmelo as best featured actress in a musical. >> amazing. >> she's incredible. she was on the stage the entire show. >> i have never seen anything
9:01 am
like it. >> amazing run she had. to perform the entire time with no breaks. >> that voice just blows you out the back of the theater. >> voice of an angel. >> that's old style broadway. >> congratulations to them. great news. >> anybody named lee. you got a tony nomination. >> pinky lee and spike lee all got tony nominations. >> even spike got love. >> sara lee, the baked goods. >> we love sara lee. >> nobody doesn't like sara lee. >> let's get to take three. take one is the nba center of attention. 34-year-old jason collins. you know publically came out on monday in a candid cover story for "sports illustrated" titled the kba atgay athlete. he wrote, i didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major american sport but since i am. if i had my way somebody would have done it already. nobody has, so i'm raising my
9:02 am
hand. a huge story came out yesterday. there he is. that's jason collins. a free agent now. not clear what team he'll play for this year, if any. we should point out there have been many women athletes who have come out previously. this is a big deal in the macho world of professional sports in particular for him to come out publically and do it in an arctticulate way. >> thank goodness. i'm looking forward to the day when this kind of thing doesn't matter. you know, when someone's sexual orientation is not a big deal. doesn't matter if you are in professional sports or a broadcaster. whatever you do. >> as has been pointed out there are a lot of athletes who know they are playing side by side with other gay athletes. jason just made a courageous stand. good for him. >> hopefully opens the doors for others. i think what's important to note is so many people have said he's a role model for a lot of kids now who struggle with this and struggle with their sexual orientation. hopefully as mike lupica said
9:03 am
earlier he could be saving lives by doing this. >> he got a lot of love on twitter. lebron james, kobe bryant. a wide receiver named mike wallace for the miami dolphins tweeted, all these beautiful women out there and guys want to mess with other guys. shakes my head. he later deleted it 20 minutes after that. he took a lot of hate for the tweet specifically. it's still a problem out there that people are not giving a lot of love. 95% of the time it's love. >> things are changing. there's been a drastic shift in the mindset. >> kobe bryant came out within minutes of the announcement. i guess he's the second most famous or best player in the nba. to come out that quickly and set the example for everybody else in the league. everybody else in sports talking about don't suffocate who you are because of the ignorance of others. proud of jason collins. he said, i don't know if this happened ten years ago you would
9:04 am
have seen the floodgates of support open this way inside the sports world. >> that's true. you would not have. >> reaction almost as big a deal as the announcement. >> that's right. even the president saying how courageous. >> bill clinton, chelsea clinton. >> she woo with him stanford. people weighing in. take two is google glass. i saw you with it this morning. this is a first look. >> come on in, lance. >> this is a breakthrough from google. here's the editor in chief of "mashable". >> walking and looking at the google glass. >> you look like you're talking to yourself half the time. >> fits right in in new york city. >> so what's the idea here? >> this is wearable technology. that's the future of what's happening. it has a screen above my eye here. looks like a 25-inch screen from seven feet away. bluetooth, gps. it's connected to my phone and a phone over there. so it can screen cast. you can get direction because it has gps. you can talk to it. it has voice recognition.
9:05 am
it has bonduction audio. that's how you hear it. i tip my head or tap it to turn it on. >> are you recording? >> by default, ten seconds. take a picture. i said take a picture. no one's smiling. >> we weren't ready! >> usually it's one, two, three. >> take a picture. all right. so that was better. i can do, okay, glass. i turned it off. i will turn it back on. i look crazy doing this. >> yes, going like this. >> ultimately i want to just tap it to bring it back. okay, glass, directions. carnegie hall. >> practice. >> there you go. >> so it brings up -- basically it will look for directions to carnegie hall from our current location. there's the address. it would take me there. see, there's the map. i have to t carnegie hall. >> google is investing a lot in
9:06 am
this. >> google is spending a lot on this obviously. they don't see it as something that takes over your life. it's not about that. it's about augmenting, enhancing by giving you the information and access to yourinformation, peoplend thinen you need them. you notice it's above my eyes. i'm looking at you, not staring at the screen. i just look up. okay, glass. >> there are privacy concerns about this. >> there are privacy concerns. you asked about the video. shoots by default ten seconds of video. it's not shooting all t time. that's number one. number two, i will bring it back here. okay, glass, how do i say hello in japanese? google. how do i say hello in japanese? while i'm talking you can see there is a light on the screen, right? >> we know you are recording or doing something. >> film, photo people without them noticing. >> unless you are walking behind them. >> you're ogling them. >> i'm not trying to cause
9:07 am
problems. >> i understand. people have concerns. they will say google is invasive. i look at it this way. without google you can't google things. meaning our lives revolve around this data and this information, access to it. why have access only on the phone, at the desk top. why not have it with you wherever you are. instantaneously. >> it takes time to pick up the phone. >> i'm terrible with names but i remember faces. i would imagine i would meet somebody, take a picture, say who is this and have them find it. >> that's an idea. who is this? here'she privacy thing. >> okay, glass. if you know them. >> but what if you don't? >> record a video. >> now you will be angry at me. >> i think the coolest app is you can do video conferencing so your friends see what you're looking at. if you are at a fun event and have wifi. >> or you're checking out a girl from behind. there you go.
9:08 am
stalking. >> google plus account. you can do a google hangout. what they see is what i see looking at you. in the screen you see them talking to you. it's amazing. really cool. this is $1500, $1600. not available to everybody. there is an explorer edition they gave to 8,000 people. the rest of the world gets access late this year or next. >> christmas. >> one other thing, i wear glasses. so i can't see you right now. eventually they will get lenses with a prescription you can put in. >> i'll wait for the price to come down a little bit. >> thanks, lance. >> our take three -- we have to show you -- >> he needs directions off the set. >> carnegie hall is that way. out the door, to the left. >> looks like he has a tic, too. >> talking to yourself. >> twitter tornado. our friends at the weather channel, the interns were so excited about tornado week this week at the weather channel they decided to create a
9:09 am
twitter-powered tornado inside the offices down in atlanta. there they are. >> eric fisher in the middle. dave malkoff, screen right. nameless intern on the left. >> this is live streaming inside the work space so you can see them working in the wind. as the tweets go up over the course of the week, they will turn up the velocity and the wind in there. if they hit a million mentions they will turn the wind to an ef-5 tornado which will take down a structure. >> they are basically going to explode the weather channel. >> right? that's as bad as it gets. >> they want to get to a million. >> imagine ordering jim cantore's lunch in the middle of a tornado. >> there he is. >> there's al and stephanie. >> they are at 18,000 now. they have a long way to go. >> long way to go to get to a million. >> # tornadoweek. >> we should all do it.
9:10 am
>> turn up the wind. how about a look at the line >> the director of national intelligence james clapper has ordered a review of how intelligence was handled that pertained to the boston marathon bombings. meantime, investigators are comparing female dna found on a piece of bomb debris to dna from the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. agents searched the home where she's been staying since the attack. officials stressed that the bomb dna could have come from any number of sources, even perhapses an employee at a store where the part was sold. the sister of comedian stephen colbert clashed on stage last night in her debate with former south carolina kbgoverno mark sanford. elizabeth colbert-bush is battling sanford to fill a vacant congressional seat. she brought up the scandal over his comeback bid. his 2009 disappearance when he claimed to be hiking but he was with his mistress in argentina. testimony begins in the
9:11 am
wrongful death suit by michael jackson's family against concert jackson's mother was in the courtroom for monday's opening arguments. her attorney claimed the promoters were negligent for hiring dr. conrad murray to care for jackson as he prepared for the comeback tour. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death from an overdose of propofol. aeg says they did not hire or supervise murray. actress catherine zeta-jones checked into a mental health facility as treatment for bipolar disorder. she spent time in a similar facility two years ago for the condition. it is characterized by mood swings and depressive episodes. we all have good luck rituals. this one in japan is a little bit more than usual. take a look at a tradition investigating back 400 years. mothers bring their babies to be held by sumo wrestlers to see which infant cries the loudest and the longest.
9:12 am
the annual event is based on the belief that a good, long cry is healthy for babies. of course the little ones aren't hurt. you might cry, too, if a giant man wearing a diaper picked you up and held you like that. >> give me a hug. >> in this country we take our kids to see santa. we have pictures of it. >> a little more clothing with santa which is better. >> all right, natalie. how about a check of the weather? >> this is crazy to think about. denver, colorado, is looking at temperatures into the 60s. they are looking at almost a half to a foot of snow tomorrow. you can see on the future cast the snow getting itself together throughout much of colorado. a high of 69. tonight, drops down to 33. tomorrow's high, only 35 degrees. we are talking 6 to 12 inches of snow throughout a good portion of the central rockies. 9:0012. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina
9:13 am
loren. can you see mostly glassy conditions on the bay. old glory getting a little more pickup. we aren't expecting strong winds to develop until later ts evening. winds will be strong. 88 on the way to livermore. 74 degrees on the way to san francisco. we have hotter days just ahead. we'll peak on thursday, 86 inland taking temperatures down on friday and just about as warm on saturday. anks. let's take a bonus take. today's buzz list. we got a great response on monday's buzz list segment. unexpected uses for everyday items. i thought we'd demo these from you, the viewers. the first you have is the caribener clip to carry groceries. >> we have two on our stroller. >> you put it on the handle to carry them. >> lots of bags. >> you lose circulation with six or seven bags. >> right. >> this is a rustic rake and mug holder. decorative and practical. >> cool. very country.
9:14 am
>> very country. this one, using straws to keep your necklaces separated. i guess you shoot them down the straw to stay in a straight line. >> they don't get tangled. >> and this is from you, natalie. >> this is my tip. if you have a blemish. overnight you can mash up aspirin if it's a red flaring blemish. mash it up good. >> like egg shell. >> right. make a paste. eventually it will be a real solid paste. you know, i don't have the correct formulation here, but dab it on your blemish and overnight you will see the inflammation go down and also will see the redness go away. >> sleep with it on. >> obviously you have to be careful. dermatologists may not recommend it because it could dry out your skin a little bit. >> who cares? natalie recommends it. >> she looks good, so you'll look good. >> we didn't have to paint nails today. i was nervous. >> jason, thanks.
9:15 am
good to have you with us. up next, therapy goes digital after this. do hot or cold foods ever cause you tooth discomfort? now there's a sensodyne toothpaste that can actually repair sensitive teeth and help relieve pain. new sensodyne repair and protect. with twice daily brushing, its clinically proven ingredients builds a repairing layer over the sensitive areas to help repair and strengthen your teeth. protect your teeth from sensitivity. try new sensodyne repair and protect toothpaste. from the #1 dentist-recommended brand for sensitive teeth. this has been medifacts for sensodyne repair and protect. this has been medifacts for go! olive garden's new buy one, take one, just $12.95. this has been medifacts for choose one of five amazing entrees to enjoy today, like smoked mozzarella chicken. and take home a second entrée for later. buy one, take one, just $12.95. go olive garden! i'll bebooop. back. hi, listen i think you could do better. oh no, he's a nice guy.
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9:18 am
you can truly enjoy a cover up free summer. what will you gain when you lose? a recent new york times article highlighted the growing trend of digital shrinks. there are apps for repairing relationships to improving mood. do they work? gail saltz and technology reporter natalie morris. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, kbgai. do these work? and if so for what problems. >> they raise awareness of symptoms. that's mostly what you will find. that works for people with mild conditions. for people who are more moderately having problems or certainly severely it doesn't replace professional care. it is not like professional care. but it may serve as an adjunct
9:19 am
professional care. doctors use this with patients to help them get from appointment to appointment to keep them engaged with the treatment, to keep them aware of symptoms. that can help in actual therapy. >> on their own, not a way to treat a psychiatric illness. >> it's not treatment for a psychiatric illness. it raises awareness and may be helpful for people mildly feeling certain things. >> we call this a growing trend. how popular are the apps? >> we call it the quantified self. this movement to quantify or track your personal behavior and habits. we see it with health. we see people using heart rate monitors, calorie counters to monitor the physical self. when you use things like this to monitor your emotional state that's another side of that coin. the idea is the more you track your behaviors the more likely you are to commit to positive habits. >> let's check these out. mood monitoring is big.
9:20 am
how am i doing today? helpful? >> it is. people walking around, feeling badly and they are not in touch with or aware of specific feelings they are having. they can't address them. we used this technique in therapy. we tell people to write down what is their mood at different times of day to reflect back and see, i wasn't sad all day, only part of the day. that can improve your mood. in that sense it can be helpful. not if you are severely depressed or anxious. >> you have one called mood panda, very popular. >> right. you just go into our app and click update mood. it gives you a little slider. you slide toward the happy face if you are happy, toward the sad face if you are not so happy. you can give a reason. when you feel yourself in a bad mood, you can slide down and say, why am i in a bad mood? somebody cut me off at starbucks? maybe you could change that behavior. also you can share it with your social network on facebook or twitter which might be helpful
9:21 am
for people who follow you on your social networks. if you see, my gosh, my boss is really at a 3 today. i will steer clear today. >> good advice. i will show more. not a lot of time. let's jump ahead to relationships. tell me about relationship apps. >> communication is everything in relationships. learning some basic tools for, you know, i said this and it didn't work. or i might say this instead could be helpful. by the time people feel they have a relationship problem usually it's worse than that. this is not a divorce fixer. >> how does it work? >> go into fix a fight and choose repair. the language is constructive. you choose a repair that maybe you are working on a lot. put two people in here. i have chore division that my husband and i work on. surely that's something no one can relate to, right? you both tend to use the language in order to fix that. i felt bad when you didn't put your dishes in the sink. i felt like you thought i was your maid or something like -- not that i feel that way.
9:22 am
you use language that's not extreme. you say this hurt mes me and yo hand it to them. >> that can be helpful. >> helpful with the day to day. thank you, ladies. coming up, this year's hottest bridal trends after this. ♪ and i would do anything for love... ♪ ♪ but i won't do that ♪ or that
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9:26 am
today tastes so good. good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. a south bay woman is under arrest accused of poisoning the orange juice at a san jose starbucks. police just released this mug shot of 50-year-old woman. investigators say she came into a starbucks on snell avenue in south san jose yesterday afternoon and replaced two bottles of orange juice with bottles from her bag. the bottles allegedly had a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol inside. police say there was enough of it to make it lethal so they added an attempted murder charge. an alert customer noticed her suspicious behavior. police arrested her at her home last night. meanwhile starbucks said it destroyed all the other juices in that store out of an
9:27 am
abundance of caution. employees checked juices at other stores. all of those checked out okay. investigators said they found no signs of foul play of a sheriff's deputy. he was found dead in the bay yesterday. they found his body floating in the vallejo marina yesterday afternoon. hours later his boat had been found adrift. it's not clear how roberts ended up in the water. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good tuesday morning to you. the time 9:28. temperatures are climbing nicely. we're still running 2 or 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. 61 san jose, 65 gilroy, currently 68 degrees in sunnyvale. once we get close to that 90 degree mark later today, the place to be, of course, right by the water. 75 in santa cruz. winds are going to pick up in the north bay and east bay. keep that in mind, 88 on the way to livermore, 79 in fremont and 74 in san francisco. we have a red flag warning in place for elevations above 1,000
9:29 am
feet until tomorrow evening. 9:28. check the rush hour drive with mike. >> big deal here, not 101 palo alto, getting into the city 280, 101 through daly city. lanes blocked by single car deadly cash that happened just as you pass over the 101 joins with highway 1, 280 joins with highway 1. this is still going on for another hour or so. chp, coroner on the scene, use 101 as your alternate to 280, 380 up to daly city. send it back to marla. >> mike, thanks so much. we'll be back with our next local news update at 9:56.
9:30 am
i just read that the average family will spend $1,100 on prom this year. or in my case, $11. that was me there. i just wish we were on the same page of how tan we were going to be for this night. >> you didn't get the memo. >> i match her gloves. my head matches her white gloves. >> he does look pale. >> we all have a picture like that somewhere. >> sure. >> inside studio 1a i'm willie geist with al roker and natalie morales. coming up on wedding season. natalie will check out the latest trends. >> we'll look at the hottest styles in bridal gowns now from beading to metallic accents at affordable prices. and travel gadgets. waterproof floating speakers to wine in a purse.
9:31 am
kathie lee and hoda, did you hear? wine in a purse! >> it's like a box of wine, right? >> in a purse. >> i'll take it. >> like a squeezable canteen. then this morning, no songbirds here. owls and alligators. wildlife in your backyard. >> oh, natalie, look. >> we have a gator and a snake for you. >> lucky me. >> and speaking of natalie, fun, fearless latina award. natalie is featured in "cosmo." every time i turn around you are in a different magazine. >> i guess that makes me fun and fearless then. >> you are! >> there you go. >> we concur. congratulations. >> it's their new latina issue. good to have cosmo on board. >> i didn't know cosmo kramer had a magazine. >> you would go there with the kwo "seinfeld" reference. >> let's look at the weather. >> strong storms in the upper
9:32 am
mississippi river valley. wet weather on the gulf coast. windy conditions in northern california. snow in the plains. for tomorrow, we've got heavy snow in the central rockies. denver picking up six to nine inches of snow. strong storms in the central texas. sunny and hot in the southwest. warm and mild into the pacific northwest. gorgeous weather in the upper ohio river valley. into the midatlantic states. more rain into central and southern florida. 9:32 now on tuesday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. you can see we have plenty of strata, this is sunol. those clouds are making for a cooler day. look how much cooler we're running in livermore. 15 degrees cooler than a few hours ago. by the end of the day we're only going to end up 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. hey, we'll take any heat relief we can get. 88 degrees on the way to livermore, 79 fremont, 74 in san francisco. getting into the next couple of days, the heat stays on, 96
9:33 am
peaking on thursday. >> your latest weather. natalie. >> thank you, al. this morning on today's style, bridal gowns fresh off the runway." roni joining us here. >> i'm so excited. fashion week for weddings just finished. these are hot trends that we have been seeing. you will see women walking down the aisle in it this summer. >> let's talk about the average price a bride will spend. it's $1,211 to be exact on her gown. >> that's a lot of money. wedding dresses are $600, $1600, $16,000. you can get them at any price range. the secret is to find a look you love. we have on the knot where you can put in your price, style and we'll find the dresses for you. >> that's handy. >> beautiful on any budget, we say. >> let's get to our first model lauren. one of the first trends is bold beading. beautiful jewelled necklines. >> lauren is a real bride.
9:34 am
getting married july 6. >> exciting. >> i love this look. it has a feel to it with a big flowy skirt. statement necklaces are hot. check out the back on this. brides showing a little bit of skin. look at the beautiful back. >> gorgeous. >> very flattering look. traditional but modern. >> the sheer neckline very in. this is just under $1200. >> perfectly at the average price point in america now. it's great from alfred angelo. >> thank you, lauren. good luck. >> yes, good luck. our next model vi is wearing the cap sleeve dress, another trend. strapless is popular, but for the ladies with a little bit of coverage up top. >> this is a kate middleton look. we still want to be sexier in america. this is the kate middleton effect. it's a regal look with the lace around the bodice. it has a little bit of illusion. the princess seams, this is a
9:35 am
great, flattering shape for all different figures as well. >> the price on this one. >> it's $605 from moonlight bridal. >> you look great. thank you. next trend, floral embroidery. let's bring out nicole. >> this is really stunning. >> this is amazing. a vintage look is hot now. you see the 3-d embroidered, embellished, flowers all over it. this is one of the hottest looks of the moment whether you are getting married in a loft, in a farm or outdoors. >> very summery looking with the flowers popping up. >> it has an english garden -- everything english is hot now. >> this is a reasonable price as well. >> $799. it's a great price for this beautiful lace look. this is a great shape, too. >> nicole, you look great. >> thank you. >> pearls are the next hot trend. let's bring out our model karen wearing a dress with lots of
9:36 am
pearls. >> the fairy tale look is always big in bridal. this bodice is embroidered with pearls and a little bit of shimmer. >> sequins and shine. >> big full skirt. the '60s,princessy feel for a girl who wants to live in the castle. >> thank you very much. >> last but not least, let's bring out linchelle wearing the metallic accent trend. >> this is a stunning look. >> the hot trend is great gats by. >> looking good with the head piece, too. beautiful. >> this is only $1,000. it's an amazing price. beautiful 1920s vintage look paired with a headpiece. we'll see a ton of brides wearing this look in the coming years. >> bring out the models for a last look here. lots of options to choose from. very reasonable prices.
9:37 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, your travel gadgets to make summer vacation more fun after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. [ female announcer ] real fruit flavors. real tea leaves. and real honey. lipton tea & honey, it's all here. ♪ feel the refreshing taste of lipton tea & honey. [ blows ] [ poof! ]
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9:41 am
iams. keep love strong. now you can keep love fun with new shakeables meaty treats. >> announcer: today's travel is brought to you by the venture card from capital one. miles you can actually use. today must have gadgets. summer vacation around the corner. we have tech expert katie from talk nerdy to i love this stuff especially when you're coming down to the water. this is a water buoy. >> $17. it's on water >> you dropped your keys. >> if you're playing water sports, jet skiing on the boat, might lose your keys, there is a trigger mechanism. it automatically floats to the surface. that was ten seconds.
9:42 am
there's a light on it. >> the light is flashing. >> for 24 hours this will pop upment night or day lose anything from the camera to the key, water buoy has you covered. >> he can't go down with three barrels on him. no he can't. >> i like it. >> everybody is at the pool or beach worried about dropping the phone. the life proof case. >> this is my iphone 5. >> your phone. >> $80. it's water proof, shock proof, dirt proof, toilet proof. throw it right in the water. it will protect it. you can use it under water. >> how deep? >> 6.6 feet. no problem. >> if you go 7 you're in trouble. >> it's over. forget it. 6.6 is the number. it works great. made me nervous to test it out. >> and the ipad. >> there is a life jacket so it floats to the top. >> it's crowded in there. >> throw them all in. we like it.
9:43 am
we like it. one more great water gadget. this is my favorite now. this is the isplash speaker. let me tell you something. forget the water resistant speaker. this is a water proof speaker. throw it in the pool. sound quality. get it in there. blue tooth. >> we're going to need a bigger tank. >> play tunes anywhere with superior sound. all right. this is a fantastic producer. former miss usa here. >> hey, kristen. let's get her in the tank. >> put her in! >> what's the deal. >> she's modeling the perfect cardigan. finding the perfect cardigan for the ladies is like finding the perfect man. it's light weight mad for storing your gadgets. you can see super deep pockets and secret pockets. when you're on the beach, walking around, traveling you don't have to carry a purse. put your chis in there, wallet,
9:44 am
smartphone. >> all the pockets. doing it with towels now. >> this is the towel mate. starting at $25. kids towels, adult towels. there are hidden pockets on each unit. put your stuff in here from your phone, keys, ipad. >> no one knows it's there. >> you don't have to carry anything extra at the beach. >> impressive. >> this is one i like. i don't think people take advantage of headphone splitters, tunes for two. >> you're at the pool, boom. >> put the headphones in here. your dude puts them in here. you're both listening to the same music. cute little robot. >> saved the best for last. >> we have two more gadgets actually. this is viama $15. this is the only way your dude will carry your purse. >> it's got wine in it. >> two bottles, plus a spout to pour it easily. the awesome thing is once you have opened the wine it lasts up
9:45 am
to five weeks. >> all right. kathie lee and hoda. >> be jealous. >> last but not least. >> what's life without your little personal butler. >> there you go. >> it's an r.c. cooler. this is about $72 an six d batteries. >> combine it with a roomba and you can drink and clean at the same time. >> cheers to that. >> kay think, thanks so much. up next, animals that show up in the backyard whether you like it or not. hey, that's one angry beaver. right after these messages. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go!
9:46 am
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call 1-888-xarelto or visit head to for more information including cost support options, in a sunshine state of mind? and click on the alamo deal retriever(sm) to get our best deal, customized for you. because everyone loves a little getaway... alamo. this morning on today's call of the wild the national wild life federation is teaching people to create wild life friendly gardens for years. >> and naturalist david is here with backyard animals. good to see you.
9:50 am
>> most people want birds and butterflies and pretty animals. i'm here to tell you about other animals that may show up and give you tips on how to deal with them. let's bring in our first animal. >> a groundhog. same as a woodchuck? >> same animal. we'll get her going. there she goes. this is a common animal in the eastern half of the country. cute but can be a pest in the garden if you do vegetable gardening. it's okay to have them around. if you see them in your neighborhood you may want to put up a fence. there are natural repellant sprays you can mix up with hot peppers and garlic. spray them on vegetable plants to keep them from getting into trouble in the garden. >> good-looking animal. >> they hibernate in winter. this guy recently woke up. >> you will see more of them. >> exactly. at this time of year you will see babies which is pretty cute. >> this is an animal people will be shocked when i say can be found in the backyard. it's an american alligator.
9:51 am
if you live in florida, the deep south, coastal areas of the carolinas they may show up in the yard. it is formerly an endangered species. we protected it and now they are common enough they wander into suburbia. the key with predators whether it is a black bear, coyote or alligators, never feed it. you don't want them to associate people with food. that's when they become dangerous. let wild life be wild whether it is a bird, a squirrel or alligator we can live with them in harmony. >> what do you do? >> call professional wildlife removal company or municipal animal control. don't approach it. don't try to feed it. >> that was not going to be one of my choices. >> we have another wetland animal here. >> do beavers come into backyards? >> they do. depends where you live. if you live where there is a
9:52 am
wetland nearby this is an animal that could show up. they're awesome. another species we almost wiped out. we protected them and they have recovered. they are found around the u.s. the problems with beavers is they create dams and flooding. they like to chop down trees in order to do that. tips for living in harmony with beavers is put wire mesh around the base of your trees. if you see them causing flooding, your municipality can put beaver blockers on stream culverts in your town to prevent them from damming the streams up and causing flooding in the neighborhood. >> the beaver block. >> they're cool. >> let's bring out the snake. >> king snake. >> everyone is terrified of snakes. when you talk about gardening for wildlife it's easy to sell people on the idea of birds and butterflies. you want predators in the yard. this is a california king snake. one of the cool things about the species is they eat other snakes including venomous species.
9:53 am
if that doesn't sell you on the idea of having them in the garden i don't know what will. >> i don't know if that's venomous or -- how do i know if it's a king snake? >> he has a crown. >> have a field guide. identify the species in your neighborhood. >> real wick, bring in the owl. >> come on in. >> you will get tips on identifying wildlife and attracting them. this is an eagle owl. not native to north america but similar to the great horned owl. beautiful creature. you may not ever see this animal. if you attract it to the yard with big trees you may hear it at night. >> david, thanks a lot. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. this afternoon the san jose city council reviewing its decision to stop a policy aimed at cutting down on racial profiling. the policy required officers to document all the stops they
9:57 am
make, even if there's not an arrest, including the person's race and whether they are told to sit on a curb. the new acting police chief suspended the policy before it was ever put into practice. last week an independent auditor release add report criticizing the chief's decision. the boston marathon bombings are raising concerns and security on san francisco's upcoming very popular beta breakers race. race officials are announcing a ban on all backpacks and large passion and will not allow anyone to run the course unless they have officially registered for the race. the boston marathon had about 25,000 runners. the beta breakers traditionally has even more. the 102nd annual foot race will be held may 19th. that's a sunday. meteorologist christina loren joins us now. she's talking warm temperatures and wind. >> hey, harlz. we have red flags, not just us but four corners region, keeping things nice and dry. now winds in the western half of the united states.
9:58 am
we have high fire, red flag warning in place in the hills. very dry, no significant rainfall since april 4th. today will be just about as had the as yesterday. 88 degrees in livermore, touch cooler, 79 in fremont, 74 in san francisco. hottest day of the week looks like this thursday but we're going to stay hot every day through saturday. take a look at your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. a very slow drive, north 280, a live shot here as it approaches 880 in the northbound direction. it's still slammed up. look at the map slow out of downtown san jose all the way to cupertino middle of the screen. 5 at the bottom. a series of crashes have cleared from the roadways, still slow, dragging from before you get to 17 all the way up to the area around the 280 interchange. still slow north 280, 380 over toward highway 1 as well because of that sig alert.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathy lee gifford and hoda. >> hey, everybody. hello. what is it today? it is booze dai tuesday. >> it's bigger than april 30th. it is a big day here around the "today" show. we found out the big news, an hour and a half ago. it's so exciting to announce. carol lee carmelo -- >> your leading lady in the broadway show, i know a lot of you guys saw it, was just nominated for a tony award!
10:01 am
and confetti. >> congratulations to my girl. it's her third tony nomination. she's just -- oh, i'm -- i really am -- i'm rarely stunned. i'm thrilled, because she so deserves this. a lot of life isn't fair, and this was fair. let's listen a little. ♪ >> carol lee, is unbelievable. i wish for a second we could reenact the makeup room where we found out about it. it was one of those moments where i was clock watching it, 8:30, i knew the tony nominations were on cbs. we were kind of not trying to pay attention in case something
10:02 am
doesn't happen. you guysthought, i know something's going to happen. and you -- >> you set yourself up for a disappointment, you know. with such a disappointment when the show closed early. such a disappointment that so many people that had tickets and were coming to see it over the holidays didn't get a chance to. you spend 12 years of your life on something that just means the world to you. nobody can have any concept of what it's like to do that, if they hadn't done it themselves. congratulations to all the nominees. this is thrilling. she has been my leading lady for about ten years of those 12. >> we love her. and we're so happy. we're happy for you, too, my dear. >> and david, my come piecer friend. >> we've got our bags packed. >> this is really important. >> we're going to charleston, south carolina. >> we're heading out. we'll be there for two shows. >> we want you to come out and see you on thursday.
10:03 am
it's called college of charleston. and we are going to have a big party. >> two big parties. >> two. come and join us. arrive no later than 7:00 a.m. >> it's early, but it will be worth it. main gate at porters lodge. >> tonight -- >> we have an assignment for you. please break out the poster board and make a great sign. whoever has the best sign is going to get a prize. >> maybe they'll win a new scandalous cd. >> you might as well. if you guys have an issue with a body part, and for a lot of women, we know what that body part is -- okay? >> for once i'm happy for that little bar to be there, right over it. >> now there's a new craze out there that women are deciding, instead of doing the weightlifting stuff, or maybe because they've tried it and it hasn't worked for them -- >> whatever reason. >> -- now there's --
10:04 am
>> big bucks for arm surgery. >> you have an incision from your elbow to your armpit. then you get rid of your back wings. >> i call them flock 'em. >> here's a weight watchers ad that has fun with it. >> what's your secret? >> weight watchers online. ♪ never thought i'd eat weight watchers ♪ ♪ never thoth i would love the app ♪ but now my arms don't flap ♪ i can be sleeveless when hailing a cab ♪ ♪ i rock the scanner ♪ weight watchers online >> it's like 9,000 to 12,000, but i wonder if they just do one arm? >> to your right. >> then you could hold your
10:05 am
other arm down for the rest of your life and wave with the one arm. yawn with that arm. >> applaud. >> yeah. everything with one arm. and nobody would ever notice. >> we have a very important topic we're tackling on our program today. >> what is that? >> how to deal with flatulence. >> yesterday was bad breath, now it's flatulence. because we're nbc news. and that's what we do. we're working our way to number one, dag gone it. >> here's the thing about gas. a lot of people try to stifle it. they don't want people near them. >> let's be honest, we try to sit on it. >> that can be doing damage to your -- >> i never knew this. especially passengers on plane, they say it's not healthy for
10:06 am
them. you've got to let your flatulence fly. >> have you ever been on an international flight after a few hours? you know you have a ten-hour flight to israel or greece or something, and you're thinking, if this is bad now, can you imagine what it's gooding to be like in ten hours? >> they walk through the cabins with the spray things sometimes up and down. because it must get rid of it. they say you pass gas, how many times a day? >> i never do. mm-hmm. >> 20 times. that's a lot of times. >> 20 a day? >> a day. >> there's a little -- and then there are -- >> we'll tell you foods you should avoid. anyway. all right. today is national honesty day. think about your day so far. >> it's just any other today to my, hod. it must be a very big day for you. >> it's a very big day for you,
10:07 am
too. >> no, honesty day. because most people lie. apparently women lie less than men. and most people, % of all of us lie on a regular basis. >> here's how you would lie. how are you? i'm fine. >> not good. got a sty. that's what i say. >> most people, rather than burden the other with all their baggage -- >> i don't want to burden you with my sty. i want to answer you honestly. ask me how i'm doing? >> how are you doing? >> not good. so i don't lie. >> i think it's one of those, like sometimes we lie to make the other person not feel bad. >> you lie all the time, but it's to be nice. >> i don't lie -- like if you say do you like the color of my shirt? i'll say, that is a nice shade of purple. now, do i love it on davey? >> it's been through too many
10:08 am
washes. >> he just put on his jacket. anyway, they say that people outgrow lying as they grow older. >> old people stop lying because they don't give a rip anymore. that's why they toot at will, too. they don't give a rip, so they let it rip. and they don't care about lying. they're not trying to impress anybody anymore. they just tell the truth. >> a friend of mine said they went to a dinner party and some woman was telling a gas baggy story about being in thailand and going on and on and on. and the grandmother looks up and says, boring, boring, boring. because she told the whole truth, everyone was watching this woman go down the -- >> but there's freedom at that point. yo stop caring. >> well, we want to point out in honor of the 139th kentucky derby this weekend -- >> frank and i were at the very first one. >> we're drinking mint julep.
10:09 am
4:00 p.m. eeastern right here o nbc. >> the winner will go with a friend, wearing a big hat. think about the derby that's fascinated me, all the buildup. and then how long does the race last, a minute? >> like a minute 30. >> a lot of bildup for not much. is carol lee on the phone? >> carol lee carmelo, are you on the phone? >> i am on the phone. >> this is our tony nominated actress who's now on the phone. >>. >> hi, everybody. >> how do you feel, sweetheart? >> oh, i'm thrilled. i mean, you know, it's bittersweet, of course, because we wish the show was still running. and i wish that you had been recognized for your great work. >> ah. >> but it's an exciting day. i'm still in my pajamas fielding phone calls and texts. >> carol lee, honestly, you and
10:10 am
i have been friends for a long, long time. it's not just because we're friends, i love you anyway. but you've given the finest performance of anyone's given on a musical stage. to have you honored this way, along with the other ladies who are so deserving as well, but i'm telling you, the range you showed, and the emotional range, the ages you played, the notes you hit that are just -- i am so happy for you. >> oh, thank you, kathie. nothing is more thrilling than following your flatulence story. >> only you could do it. you're that good. >> you are that good. >> well, i am going to be -- >> i had to. >> we love you, carol lee. >> this ain't over, baby. and we are all -- everybody here in the "today" show, everybody went through this with us. they're so proud of you. so proud of you. >> oh, thank you very much. >> i'll call you after the show. >> buy, carol lee. >> love you.
10:11 am
>> love you, too. >> hi, sarah. >> hi, guys. would you like to make the announcement about the most deserving mom? yes, that's what i thought. it's your last day to enter the most deserving mom contest, sponsored by the most deserving mom will be able to sail anywhere on a norwegian cruise line. go on our website and tell us about a mom that deserves to get away. today's the last day. >> i nominated my mom. >> yeah. >> for junior busey. >> all righty. >> she's 92. >> it's going to be -- >> gary, you're in pretty good shape today. you're doing all right. you're hanging in there. >> got great shoes on. >> he is going to -- >> pray for us. he was down on the "apprentice."
10:12 am
we'll talk to the inpredictable gary busey. >> and a fashion face-off, which celebrities wear it better. you can decide. but first, you'll have to stick around for these messages. [ wind blowing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] when is it okay to lose the cover-up? when you can. take the special k challenge... and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. ♪ my, my, my, my with the help of delicious special k red berries cereal, you can truly enjoy a cover up free summer. what will you gain when you lose? creating gimmicky words like "hyper-softacular" to tell you our new extra soft just got softer. instead we give you things you can really use -- like a free roll of our new extra soft when you join scott shared values. sign up at oooh...
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i don't know. i think they kind of like fighting. come on! [ male announcer ] the windows phone nokia lumia 920. engadget's readers choice smartphone of the year. ♪ do you act like a dog? >> oh yeah. [ barking ] >> and i'm going to go down on all fours. [ barking ]
10:16 am
>> can you start moving around crazy and maybe humping the coffee table. >> so, creative genius or barking mad? that's oscar-nominated actor, gary busey shaking things up on nbc's "all-star celebrity apprentice" with his out-of-the-box idea for a commercial. >> his mechanical dog idea did not have a leg to stand on. >> let me explain it to you. >> explain away. >> mechanical dog. i mentioned mechanical dog, it's a folly. i didn't expect it to be in the 92nd commercial for lg smartphones. but pen gillette and lisa laughed very hard. >> chaotic comedy and come back to the lg smartphones and i said, okay. so i did it. >> was he messing you? >> he must have been messing with you. >> no, no, that was an honest and sincere reaction.
10:17 am
they did mess with me when they abandoned me. and they wouldn't help me, they wouldn't give me advice, they wouldn't tell me what they really thought would be good. >> why not? >> the reason they didn't was because of their ability to think together and get me off the show. >> they were trying to get rid of you. >> but what happened was ivanka and donald went in to pen gillette and lisa rinna and ate them up because they abandoned me. it was obvious. you see penn and lisa shrink in their skin when ivanka and donald were talking to them. >> you got fired, though. >> i got fired because i was the project manager and i created the mechanical dog. but i will tell you this, there are some surprises coming. >> really? >> in the next few weeks. i cannot tell you what they are, because that would be like you explaining what kind of underwear you wear. >> you signed a paper that said you wouldn't do that, too. >> you signed a paper that says
10:18 am
you can't tell everybody. >> i signed the back of a cheerio box. >> whatever it is, you signed it. >> have you spoken to lisa and penn since that? >> no, but i love them and i respect them and they are great in who they are and they're lovely people. and i don't take anything personally. people say about me in a bad way. because if you did that, you'd have a cloud over your shoulder and you'd be walking around like that. i'm happy. >> you are a happy boy. >> you are a very happy guy. >> are you going to do this again next year? the celebrity apprentice, do you like it that much? >> i love it. and donald trump is a pure man with such strength in his focus and his brilliance. and i'm doing a book called "buseyism." >> give us an example of an buseyism. faith, f-a-i-t-h, fantastic adventures in transcriusting hi. >> sober s-o-b-e-r, son of a
10:19 am
[ bleep ] everything's real. >> the word fart, feeling a rectal transmission. what you know -- it's, once we have a definition of fart, it's okay to fart on an elevator and you could play name that smell. i did it coming up here. it was fun. when you eat in a london hotel, you're going to have some happy gas to play around with. >> give us another one. >> well, a good way to empty a room? is -- get a bottle and a mason fruit jar. no, i'm not going to tell you that. >> see, i want it, he doesn't. >> i'll show you how to have fun. >> later? >> you'll be able to empty a room in 20 seconds.
10:20 am
>> why would we want to empty a room in 20 seconds? >> so you'll have more room, what do you think? think with your brain! >> it is a little warm in here, you're right. >> that ain't from me, baby. >> we're going to empty itight now by saying that "all-star celebrity apprentice" airs when? >> sunday nights. >> send a donation to that for children's kawasaki disease, which my son had two years ago. he's three years old, he's well now. it's an invisible disease, there's no lab test on it and the symptoms are rash, con jungtivitis, and if a fever lasts for four or five days, get him into the doctor. five months to five years old. busey is where you can send a donation and your donation, it's not about the money. it's about the heart of giving
10:21 am
for healing and children. and it's tax-deductible. >> great seeing you, thanks so much for being with us. we all get it. but no one wants it. >> we're talking about, what gary was talking about -- gas, we'll tell you how to deal with it. [ male announcer ] can gravity be used to help overcome gravity? the chevrolet malibu eco with eassist captures downhill energy, unleashing it later to help propel you uphill. it adds up to an epa-estimated 37 mpg highway... ...and helps defy gravity and gas pumps. ♪ that's american ingenuity, to find new roads. right now get a 2013 chevrolet malibu eco for around $169 per month. right now get a 2013 chevrolet malibu eco mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey... where? for life's bleachable moments.
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10:27 am
yesterday afternoon and we placed two bottles of orange juice with bottles from her bag. they allegedly had a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol inside. police say there was enough of it to make it lethal so they added an attempted murder charge. an alert customer noticed her suspicious behavior. police arrested her at her home last night. take a look at the weather and roads after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look at what looks like a limp flag here in san francisco. can you notice our cameras shaking a little bit. winds are pick k up just as we ordered. as we take you throughout the day today, they will pick up more so, enough to prompt a red flag warning. hot, dry weather, keep the red flag warning in place as well. we'll have the forecast including triple digit heat. lets check our drive. good morning, mike. >> a good drive right now. good by good back-up slorks past the bay bridge toll plaza, east shore freeway also show. big slowing off 24 heading west on 580 as well a congested point through the maze but not as bad as this. unexpectedly slow 283 daly city after the earlier crash, up to daly city, the off-ramp. back to you. >> thank you, mike. one of the stories we're following today, famed bay area restaurant chez panisse, we'll
10:30 am
show you their progress coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. up next, otmar lieber. >> i love him. >> we're back with more of our special series, called how to deal. and today's bodily function is an occasional bout of gas. >> what causes gas and how can you get rid of it? >> if you want to. gastroenterologist robin shupkin knows she's the founder and medical director of the digestive center for women. >> there's a center? >> wow. >> there's a center for flatulence? >> well you ladies are not giving gas its proper due, this is serious business, this is serious medical stuff. >> talk about it.
10:31 am
>> what you're seeing here at the table, these are tell-tales, cabbage, we make the joke. >> i just can't eat cabbage. >> these are good gas, these foods are incredibly healthy. >> except for bagels. >> not the question, but the broccoli and the cauliflower are a cruciferous vegetables, because the gas is not broken down, it floats onto the colon where it gets fermented into bacteria, lots of gas. >> what to do? >> eat a little less, but there's another solution we'll talk about at the end, something to help you break down the nutrients. >> apples, we think it's fructose is bad, but it's not bad, it's in bananas, apples and grapes, this is another way you can get gas, because you eat more of it than you can absorb. >> and carbs? >> bagels and pasta.
10:32 am
these two foods contain gluten. a protein in wheat, rye and barley, and lots of people are sensitive to gluten and don't realize it. it irritates the lining of the small intestine and they get gas. >> prunes are great for constipation, but smelly gas. the whole issue of rasinos, some of that stuff doesn't get broken down. >> what about wine? please don't put that in the category? >> wine, some people don't digest alcohol as well. the important thing is to know your limit, if you exceed it you tend to get gas. >> milk, more than half of the world's population has lactose intolerance. you might have tolerated it as a child and when you're older, you might find you're getting a lot of gas. >> steer clear of sodas. let's get down to the chewing and gum. >> you told us an amazing thing
10:33 am
during the commercial break. you said if you choose gum, you can gain one dress size from air. >> swallowing air, a condition called air aphasia. you're chewing gum, when instead of air going into your lungs, can it go into your stomach. can you go up a full dress size. talking on the phone while you're drinking. >> talking on the phone while drinking? >> that's bad for gas. >> give us some solutions, what can we do? >> so this is one, you know, people often reach for an antacid when they have gas. but antacids can change the ph of the gi tract and cause overgrowth of bad bacteria. so not such a great idea, actually if you're having gas. ginger tea, fennel tea, these are soothing for the digestive tract. >> what about bean-o? >> it contains an enzyme that helps you break down the
10:34 am
chemicals in the broccoli and cabbage. >> and this is the last thing, a three-pound weight. >> my favorite. you lie on your back and you hold the weight in your hand and you start on the lower right and you go in a clockwise direction, circumnavigate your belly button. that helps to push gas out of the colon. >> so that's a solution. >> please do that in the privacy of your own home, thank you so much! that was great. >> this is for hodie. everybody in the pool! >> sara finds out about teaching your baby to swim. itso it holds up better busy buthan ever, angel soft®.er, it's built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger than the leading value brand. well done, angels! stronger, holds up better...
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10:38 am
from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. oh, angie? i have her on speed dial. we've all swimming is good for infants. >> sarah found out for babies, it's not just considered an extracurricular activity. >> it's actually a growing trend across the country. more and more doctors are prescribing swimming lessons for infants as part of the water smarts baby program. suiting up in a locker room, there are squeals and wiggles. getting ready to hit the pool. but most of these young swimmers can't talk yet. or even walk. lana whitehead is the founder of swim kids usa in arizona. in an ideal world, when would every parent start swim classes with their babies?
10:39 am
>> about the time of upright locomotion. when they get up to walk around. >> the idea of sputing a baby underwater, scares me to death. how did you feel the first time did you that with your kids? >> it was scary. but i would rather her do that with me for the first time than for her to fall down and not know what to do. it's one of the other things as a new mom you're scared of everything. it's one more thing to push her into. >> cross it off your list. >> good girl. >> we took the babies through different skills beginning with reach up, hold on. >> yea! >> and trapeze, to teach them to climb out of the pool on their own. floating on their back is an essential tool. next is push down, stand up in the shallow end. >> yea! >> and when the class was getting restless, it was time
10:40 am
for a motorboat ride to calm down. overall, it was all about getting comfortable in the water. >> we try to get them used to the feeling of water on their face. we want them as used to that water on their face as possible. >> amber saw the benefits of her classes when her 4-year-old son, brady, fell in a pond. >> he flipped. i turned around, and as i looked over, to see him, he was turned back around and went to the edge just like he knew to do. he was really scared because he thought the ducks were going to bite him. but he knew what to do. he wouldn't wait. he wanted to get in the car and let us know the right thing to do. >> hard work and hard play, they get a warm towel and snuggle at the end of the class.
10:41 am
they're getting doctors involved, so it gives it a credibility. >> it just becomes so natural to them, the earlier you start like that. as long as it's supervised like that. >> i just thought it was recreational. i didn't know the emphasis was all on safety. it's about the kids getting into their clothes. many times kids will fall in their clothes. that's towards graduation, they are in their clothes. so it's really great. >> good deal. >> you look natural with those babies. >> i know. they didn't let me take one. which celebs wear it better, after this.
10:42 am
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and for those who sleep hot or cool, now save $500 on our temperature-balancing memory foam bed set. sleep number. comfort. individualized. hollywood celebrities spend a fortune on their stylist and wardrobe, trying to set trends and stand out from the rest. but every now and then, it happens. they get caught wearing the same
10:46 am
outfit as another celebrity. >> robbie from e who wore it better, to find out who rocked her outfit and who didn't. >> okay, we have jada pinkett smith and adriana lima, in the same dress as you can see. in your opinion, who wore it better? >> i think adriana lima. >> adriana lima. >> we all agree? >> yes. >> she wore it bet centre. >> i'm going to go jada pinkett. i like that you can see her belly button and there's an opening there. >> it sucks to be you, adriana lima. >> she wore it way better. >> look at that. >> ooh. >> adriana lima. >> the model? >> the model. >> tell me why you went with her? >> it's beautiful on her. >> i have to tell you, she's wearing the dress -- backwards. >> what? that's the actual front. how do you feel about that? is it blowing your mind? it kind of is.
10:47 am
>> we have mireille. she have an outfit and eva longa, killing it in this dress. who wore it better? >> eva. >> yes, hands down, we all agree on that one, huh? >> she looks mad in it. >> yeah. >> she doesn't look comfortable with it. >> she is not killing that look. the look is killing her. >> kate bosworth and shay mitchell in the same spring dress. who wore it better? >> i like her belt. yes, i really do. >> okay. >> so for that reason -- >> she's got a black belt in fashion. >> i did it! >> yeah. >> shay mitchell? >> definitely. >> i would be a "pretty little liar" if i didn't agree. >> you guys are sufficient laughers. >> hoda, kathie lee i'm going to be in studio with you soon, and i can't wait. >> that's not chardonnay, who
10:48 am
put water in this cup? i need names, kathie lee would not settle for this! >> no, indeed. jeff, we brought you a little glass of vino, welcome to new york. >> thank you so much. >> this is the first thing i've had in my system all day, so it's really hitting me, i love it. >> you're with us now. >> now -- a great tragedy for these women, they spend a lot of money or they've been given these outfits and then they show up and somebody has the audacity to wear the same thing. >> i've been doing this segment for four years and literally we never run out of people. >> do celebrities get upset? >> i have to watch my back when i go out after doing the segment for so long because sometimes i say some pretty funny stuff. a lot of it was edited out. i'm much funnier than that. my god. i have to watch my back and i'm sure they do. some do get upset. >> did brings out what's really there in a person. if you're wearing the same
10:49 am
dress, you go over and you take a picture and have fun with it. >> and if happens on the same red carpet, that's the only way to go over it, have fun with it. >> jada pinkett and adriana lima. let's look again, we're going to pick. >> see -- adriana, she's wearing it backwards. >> i do like it backwards. >> when you're a super model you can wear it backwards. >> i think jada looks great, but i love it on the supermodel. >> i like it backwards as well. >> let's try eva longorilongori. >> i think in black it's so much more dramatic. >> i agree, the cutouts i just think show up more and the other one looks very bland. >> it's like the last -- a wrap costume he wore when he was -- >> zorro. >> that's too much. >> how about kate bosworth and shay, i like shay.
10:50 am
>> i do, too. i don't like it belted and i don't like it with those clunky shoe, i like it with the long, lean. >> i love that shay is not afraid to go get coffee for everyone on the set. >> who is shay? >> she's on "gossip girl." i believe, i want to say. >> i'm sorry, i don't know who she is. >> cheers, that's it. >> we want to say thank you. >> he came all the way from los angeles for a glass of wine? >> the show's been a real gas, thank you. >> oh! nice to see you. a pinch of personality and a dash of celebrity. the "jersey shore's" vinnie is cooking it up the perfect recipe for his new show, we've got his family here. what is going to happen? >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. you can't change
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
the "jersey shore's" vinnie
10:54 am
is on mtv with "on the show with vinnie." when lil wayne arrives, the whole family gets in the act. >> my mom is giving lil wayne broccoli rabe. it's called anti pasta. >> don't swallow it. >> don't chew it yet. >> okay. >> take a bite of cheese. >> now close your eyes and you're in sicily. >> have you ever been to sicily? >> vinnie is here with his mom, paula and his uncle nino. >> yes, you say they call you vino, right? >> uncle nino vino. >> dell us about the genesis of this show. how did this even come about? >> well, i like doing other things besides reality tv. and people knew my family from "jersey shore." and mtv is a fun place that you want to bring musicians to and actors. the talk show thing came about. >> your mom's the cook? >> my mom is the cook.
10:55 am
we don't have any kraft services, she cooks for the crew. >> your italian. 100% italian. >> pure virgin olive oil. >> extra virgin, i came here when i was ten. >> when your mom and uncle and everybody is on, are you nervous? worried what they're going to say. >> do you see me right now? i'm shaking. >> during the commercial break, he's going ma, don't say that! >> they embarrass me however they could. >> so you have lil wayne on. who were some of the other guests? >> we had mark wahlberg, we had anthony mackie. >> we love anthony mackie. >> we had jenny mccarthy. whitney cummings. usher. >> a lot of big names. >> what happened? >> you're cooking and you're hanging out in the kitchen? >> they come by for a regular home-cooked meal. they come to my house in staten island. they come and hang out. i have family dinner every
10:56 am
sunday with my family. this is just with an a-list celebrity. >> when you first came on, that's quite the cast of characters, you came on, and we girded our loins. as they say. and you came on and you're like the sweetest guy. so sweet, we said, he wasn't raised by wolves. no. >> i was raised by this one right here. >> i kept him -- >> we're all about the family. i love my family, they keep me grounded. we wanted to include that in the show. >> mom, what are we cooking? >> artichokes. and chicken. >> how did you make the artichokes? >> i cleaned them. and lemon water. otherwise they get black. your hands get blk. see these not in the lemon, your hands get black. and anyway -- >> then what, you put them in a pot like this. halfway water. and you stuff them with garlic and parsley. >> a lot of garlic and a lot of parsley and you let the water cook down and you just keep
10:57 am
drizzling olive oil until -- until the leaf is ready and you pull it off. >> but the bottom -- the bottom has to get like this. >> see? >> the bottom has to get like this. >> i want to thank you. >> nino, what do you do? >> i do as least as possible. >> you just hang out? >> i eat everything. >> what's missing? >> is a bottle of uncle convenienino's vino. >> we wish you good luck with the show. you can go on to get the schedule. the "the show with vinnie" premieres thursday night at 10:00, 9:00 p.m. central on mtv. tomorrow, the jonas brothers and a guide to losing ten pounds by memorial day. have a great day, everybody, god bless. >> bye-bye!
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tellez. we have new details this morning on the poisonous drink investigation happening at a san jose starbucks. the 50-year-old woman arrested in the case is now facing attempted murder charges. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live in san jose. now, bob, police say if someone actually drank this tainted o.j., they could have died. >> good morning, marla. you are correct. police believe the woman allegedly behind this would have killed whoever drank those poison bottles of orange juice because the levels of rubbing


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