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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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her. >> the love of his life lost in a horrific limousine fire. local family shares their grief and the new effort under way to keep the tragedy from ever happening again. >> firestation caught in the crossfire. we'll tell you about the overnight shooting that sent firefighters running for safety. meanwhile, isolated thunderstorms firing off in the east bay as we speak. we'll let you know who has fair game for seeing more of that activity today. plus, a warm-up headed your way. we'll detail that in your full forecast. of course, we're tracking the volume building at the bay bridge toll plaza and what you'll have to watch for through oakland. hp pavilion, lit up there last night and tonight as well. rolling stones in town on this wednesday, may 8th. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. windows shattered and firefighters ducking for cover as bullets fly through a firestation in oakland. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in station 18 with a look at all the damage there and a link to another overnight crime. good morning, christie. >> good morning to you, jon. these firefighters knew exactly what that sound was. it was unmistakable. gunfire piercing the window of this firestation. this is firestation number 18. the window is where the bullets actually exited, hit another building across the street. we just shot some video from the rear of the firestation on 50th avenue here in east oakland. a window is out on the roll-up door in the back. firefighter i spoke with off camera this morning tells me they had just returned from a call, three of them, and were working inside when the glass just shattered. all three of them had to run. one of them told me it sounded like at least 50 rounds going
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off outside rattled nerves but otherwise those firefighters were unharmed. nearby, a man had been shot. through all of this, firefighters actually called an ambulance for him. he was taken to highland hospital where he later died. so far, no arrests. i have to tell you that those three firefighters who saw all this go down, they're actually still on duty this morning from last night. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 6:02. there is some hope for those is your viefrs from the fire on the san mateo bridge. two of those women are slowly recovering, 34-year-old jasmine desguia and 48-year-old amalia loyola are both listed in fair condition. we're also learning more about the women who did not survive the fire and efforts under way from keeping a similar tragedy
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from ever happening again. bob redell joins us on the san mateo bridge with details. >> reporter: that 1999 stretch lincoln town car that caught fire saturday night here on the san mateo bridge, trapping and killing those five women, turns out, was not require to have a fire extinguisher. and public utilities commission which regulates limos didn't require it to undergo regular safety inspections because it was licensed to carry less than ten people. jerry hill of san ma teo wants o change that. he will introduce a bill next week that will require fire extinguishers and also look into what can be done about those safety inspections. you ask aldo georgnga what went wrong, he blames the limo driver, saying he reacted too slowly and should have known how to handle situations like what happened last saturday night that left his 13 and 10-year-old
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without a mother. >> i will be the only one that's going to go with them when we go out. >> reporter: his wife and eight friends were on their way to foster city, where i'm at right now, for a bridal party, celebrating neriza fojas soon to be married. she would have been wearing this dress on her wedding day as seen in this photo. unfortunately she was among the five women trapped and killed. reporting live here at the san mateo bridge, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so tragic to think about. thank you, bob. investigators still trying to figure out the cause of an early morning fire in an oakland landmark. flames broke out at merritt restaurant and bakery lakeshore avenue. took crews about an hour to finally put out. most of that damage is on the second floor of that building. so far no reports of any injuries. fire officials do say the police
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department is now stepping in to try to help this investigation. >> we've had a couple of fires in the past. >> reporter: does that make this more or less suspicious ta there was another fire? >> not necessarily suspicious. pretty much just unfortunate. >> back in 2006 a fire caused about $150,000 in damage there. merritt restaurant and bakery first opened in 1953. new video this morning of a big rig that crashed down a hill near the bay shore freeway. firefighters say the driver of the big rig may have been trying to avoid a swerving car on bay shore boulevard when he rolled off the road and down a 100-foot embankment. you see the swath of grass cut away as the big rig went over the side. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. traffic not affected. >> minor injuries? >> lucky. >> what a lucky fellow. let's find out how lucky we are in the bay area. christina loren is here to talk
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about wednesday and beyond. >> i think we're pretty lucky. any time you don't have to use your ac, jon and laura, we are in luck. today, the natural coolant is currently coming off the pacific. all your inland valleys now, this is san jose. have mostly cloudy conditions. a nice day today. flight delays backing up in san francisco. you can see why. plenty of low cloud cover overhead. right now one hour delays. we'll keep track of this for you this morning. also getting delays over to the east coast out of new york city, same deal. low ceilings this morning. i want to show you what's really interesting. pop-up thunderstorm over the past 15 minutes we started to see more of this activity. this is just to the north of antioch and pittsburg. you may have heard a few rumbles of thunder this morning. that is the only isolated cell we're watching at this point. otherwise very light, spotty activity from santa rosa south to san francisco. you might need to use your windshield wipers this morning. we have that steady drizzle from the thick, low clouds especially at the peninsula.
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use it all the way up to san francisco this morning. 73, 4:00 pm looking good inland. 68 degrees bay side and at the coast only the low to mid 60s. mike has been pretty busy this morning. any improvement? >> not really as far as the flow of traffic. it just starts to build now. we haven't had any major problems. not like yesterday. we'll check on that. right now first the bay bridge toll plaza. there is the backup. the change here -- not necessarily improvement, the fact that the metering lights are on. that improves conditions on the span itself but causes the backup back to the 880 overcrossing. took less than ten minutes to build here. it will continue coming off the berkeley curve. no issues for the maze. smooth drive down the eastshore freeway. one to watch, hearing from one of our traffic partners that north 880 at 7, there might be a crash there. that might be the reason for a little slow north of 880 up
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toward the bend. chp says there's no incidents. whichever the case, be careful. 58 0 is clear through the maze. smooth drive across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. live looks outside the fremont area. nice flow of traffic easy, light drive southbound lights past tesla and milpitas. past sunol. right now low clouds coming in, not causing a problem for visibility, only for lighting and southbound traffic very smooth out of pleasanton. the build is over through livermore, 84 and 58 0. south bay 101. northbound shows slowing 680 up to 880. we'll show you the rest of the slower routes coming up in the next report. >> thank you very much. coming up, first busted bolts, now brittle steel. we'll tell you about the new concerns over some unseen trouble spots on the eastern span of the bay bridge. we'll let you know what we're learning today. from highways to cars,
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taking a look at tesla as it gets ready to report profits. success story coming up. did duchess kate reveal the gender of the royal baby? we'll tell you what she did. could be a new clue. right now, a live look outside. that is downtown san jose before the sun comes our way. early morning dawn on this wednesday. we're back in minutes on "today in the bay." look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. well, you made it to wednesday, getting halfway there. flight delays out of sfo. one hour, 15 minutes at this point due to low ceilings. thick fog has returned. nice day. we still have showers in the forecast. where we're getting those right now and thunderstorms as well, coming up. and we'll look over here. this is the san mateo bridge.
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your commute direction westbound away from us into some of that may fwgray that's developing, a christina will tell you. clouds are building. slowing coming up. time for a check of the day's top stories. oakland firestation damaged this morning by gunfire. duck and cover when bullets flew through the garage in station 18 overnight. questioning whether the gunfire is related to shooting death of a man blocks away. tedly fire on the san mateo bridge. jerry hill is announcing regiei legislation that would require fire extinguishers to be in those limousines and vehicles carrying ten or fewer people to undergo safety inspections. official that says the terror attack in benghazi, libya, could have been prevented. gregory hicks has said he sd for
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more security before the attacks but was denied. we'll have a live report coming up in our next half hour. new problems on the bay bridge, not the existing span where commuters are heading off to work. but they are here on the new eastern span, slated to open up labor day weekend. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is joining us in our newsroom with more on an expanding investigation about the steel and what we will be learning about that entire bridge project. good morning. >> jon, good morning. this started with 32 bolt that is snapped on the eastern span back in march. with that, it came to light there's also a problem with the steel rods, some that have broken. in fact, the spokesperson with the bay area toll authority tells nbc bay area the entire batch of rods that were produced in 2008 are, quote, worthless. the rods are designed to help stabilize the bay bridge during an earthquake. then there's the brittle bolt problem caused by exposure to excess hydrogen.
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bay authority al with caltrans and metropolitan transportation commission will get together to choose a fix. they'll be deciding between two clamp-like options. we'll see which one they go with. testing is under way on a batch of bolts and rods that were made -- that was made in 2010. the testing is to make sure that everything is sturdy enough to carry a commute load for decades to come. officials say so far the components are hold iing up. >> we have taken some out, subjected them to destructive testing that is stretching them until they break. then looking at them through an electron microscope. >> how about this? governor jerry brown, who has kept quiet about the bridge's problems all along, finally speaking out. when asked if this will tla the opening for the new eastern span, supposed to happen labor day weekend, he said, quote, in part, i don't know if it's a setback. i mean, look, [ bleepbeep happe
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>> i like how you censored yourself. >> beep. pitch perfect. revolutionary car company has actually made a profit. scott mcgrew, success story in green energy. >> it really is. we're still waiting for the other brake shoe to drop, right? looks like now tesla is going to be a success story, paying back government loans ahead of schedule. it's sold thousands of cars. recently offering a lease deal as well. tesla reports profits or losses after the closing bell today. now, tesla aside, green energy has not turned out to be the savior that silicon valley had hoped for. electric cars in particular. cars that were supposed to be built in benicia, coda, recently filed for bankruptcy and fisker
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on the verge of doing so. "the new york times" points out when you measure the fisker deba debacle in private money lost it's worse than solyndra, losing about $800 million in private money, fisker losing $1 billion. the house committee has been highly critical of solyndra as well. one wind project which cost a billion and now employs 35 people. finally, good news for yahoo! this morning. chinese partner, alibaba says it doubled profits. yahoo! owns about a quarter of alibaba. it's actually bigger than facebook. jack ma started the company in a coffee house. alibaba is so valuable, it makes yahoo!'s investment in yahoo! irrelevant. marissa mayer can ban working from home, buy some companies,
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looking at hulu. none of that matters as much as the fact that it owns a quarter of alibaba. >> wow! >> thank you very much. >> intriguing. >> it is. treasury secretary jacob lew is working on his penmanship. >> wait, that's his signature? >> that is his signature. it's raised a few eyebrows. even prompted jokes from president obama about how illegible it is. >> rightfully so. my 4-year-old does better with eyes closed. >> now the head of the treasury as secretary, his signature will appear on every piece of printe money. he has been working on it. this signature appeared, clearly showing he is working on it, that j-a for jacob and last name, lew, spelled out. >> congratulations on clearing that up. the other one looked like a google doodle or something that would have been all over our money. >> no kidding. >> we want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina
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loren. we were talking about may gloom. >> we are in the moderate to low range. we had really high pollen levels because of that dry heat. we are going to return to that pattern but finally getting more of the norm for the first week of may. this is the first day. yep. finally seeing that may gray return. it's been really nice in the city. you might be missing the low clouds. they're back in full force this morning. we even have flight delays out of sfo. one hour, 15 minutes right now. keep that in mind, due to the low ceilings. you've seen that cloudy sky in sunol. this is the reason why. thunderstorms moving through the area. isolated thunderstorm here north of pittsburg and antioch. not a lot of activity this morning across the bay area. really good-looking day shaping up. a few isolated cells moving to santa rosa. nothing organized. better chance of getting rained on if you drive to work than just walking out your front door this morning. 52 degrees to start the day in
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napa. good-looking day shaping up. temperatures are rather mild to start. 57 degrees in san hojose. the sun came up at about 6:05 and will remain up until about 8:0 this evening. days are getting longer. as a result, mornings are more and more mild. high pressure builds in with a vengeance today. thick, low cloud cover and starting to see that area of low pressure retreat off to the east. this is what we're looking for today when it comes to showers. isolated cell at that point up in the north bay. a few stray showers in the south bay between noon and 3:00 pm. by 8:00 pm, starting to clear you out of here. we'll meet back here tomorrow morning with partly cloudy conditions tonight and4 expectig some thick fog tomorrow. dense pockets of fog especially along the coast and peninsula. keep that in mind. you know what i'm talking about. if you live in the area, gets pretty thick. high pressure just compresses it, forces it to the surface. as a result, we lose visibility. highs today, comfortable, though. 73 for livermore.
6:20 am
61 in san francisco. 72 degrees. good morning to you, san jose. beautil temperatures, especially when you consider how hot it was last week. we are going to warm you back up. not until the weekend. then we'll cool you right back down monday into tuesday, hitting highs that are pretty much on par with our seasonal averages finally getting some -- excuse me, spring-like weather. it will be hot, guys. check that drive with mike. >> good morning. not a whole lot of reports as far as chp goes. that's great news. i just don't want to talk to them about crashes. nothing going as far as those incidents for the south bay. we have your gentle build easing up a bit. no problems toward 880. 87 starts to build here off 85. 85 as you're coming off toward 17, we see a little slowing there. typical trouble spots showing very light volume right now. we have reports of stones in the south bay. rolling stones and earthquakes
6:21 am
over there. two activities over there will cause more surface street project. that's for tonight, looking ahead. also, we want to say good morning to all the rolling stones. thank you so much for watching us every morning. fingers crossed. i don't know for sure. east bay, a car fire reported south 680. that was a trouble spot before. our camera is swinging around. so far, low clouds is what we see. we don't see any smoke but there is a little slowing showing up. i will follow that. that was a trouble spot yesterday as well. otherwise out of pleasanton, you're okay. down through livermore, typical slowing through the tri-valley. maybe lighter than typical. crash on liberty parallel toward 580. just fine through the castro valley y. bay bridge live look. we have movement not jam packed. good news off the maze. eastshore freeway through berkeley, smooth flow. starting to slow down san pablo in toward the merge and
6:22 am
racetrack there at golden gate fields. north, san rafael with the build just kicking in now. out of nov aato, san rafael and continuing to the golden gate bridge, all lanes open. pavement work has been repaired. back to you. >> always happy to hear that, mike. thank you very much. queen elizabeth attending her 60th state opening of the british parliament. the queen reading a speech, outlining the agenda for prime minister david cameron and his conservative party. she announced plans for tougher immigration laws, new pension reform and reducing red tape to allow businesses to grow. and speaking of the royals, we all know -- this is common knowledge -- every move kate middleton makes is always closely watched as her due date approaches. >> here we go. duchess of cambridge may have accidentally slipped and revealed the sex of her baby. middleton started shopping for the future prince or princess. last week she bought a stroller.
6:23 am
british daily mail reports it's a bugad bboo in bright blue meag a baby boy may be on the way. due in mid july. royal family not expected to reveal the sex of the baby until after its birth. you would think she would have someone to do that for her. >> just because you have three or four people to do it for you doesn't mean the duchess does. >> i wish i did. i wish i did. these two arms, that's it. 6:23 right now. the hard hit that's very hard to watch. how this pitcher, coming up in this video, is doing today after the crack of the bat sends a ball flying right off his head. it was hard to see. >> third and happ hit on -- hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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welcome back, everybody. brandon mccarthy is sending out his best wishes to j.a. happ. toronto blue jays pitcher on th the head. a line drive right back off the bat of desmond jennings. happ was on the ground about ten minutes. players out on the field, shaken up there. he was finally taken off on a stretcher. happy to report here, good news. he is in stable condition this morning. oh, so rough there. last september brandon mccarthy underwent emergency brain surgery after he was hit in the head by a line drive. this morning, was able to get on
6:27 am
his twitter feed and tweet out truly hope j.a. happ is okay and family, friends and everybody else in the toronto organization is holding up through this very tough time. >> oh, my goodness. >> love from the other players out there. those pitches come back 100 miles an hour right in the head. can shatter your skull. >> your life, too. 6:27. still ahead, dubious distinction for a bay area city. we'll tell you about the spot now known as the robbery capital of the country. >> not really something to celebrate. plus, did calls for help go unanswered in libya in the days before a deadly attack? new details to tell you about just in to our newsroom. and is a name change on the way for sfo? we'll let you know, next. ♪
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the dow over 15,000 for the first time in history. see how the markets go today, if they continue to rise. good vibrations out there in the stock market. lots to talk about. 6:30 right now. good morning, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. right now on capitol hill brand new round of questioning about what the u.s. knew and when about the attacks in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens. bay area that attended piedmont high school and cal university. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. where we're expecting to hear dramatic new information about security concerns at that compound. tracie, good morning. >> jon, good morning. because stevens was from the bay area, a lot of people may be tuning in to they'hear about th testimony today. when you do, keep in mind this was a long attack that happened overnight. today we'll hear testimony from
6:31 am
a top diplomat that some of those lives, perhaps, could have been saved. >> care deeply about fairness and -- >> reporter: today, our number two diplomat from libya will tell congress he asked for more help when the benghazi consulate was attacked but was turned down. he said i believe had we been able to scramble a fighter jet or two over benghazi as quickly as possible there would not have been a mortar attack. four special forces operatives were in tripoli ready to go. pentagon said they had to stay in tripoli to protect the embassy there. >> they were going to go get in the car to go to the airport. they were told to stand down. the pentagon in the last few hours is changing its story, that is new news. >> reporter: denying key testimony was when would from the panel that reviewed benghazi. >> we always have encouraged those who want to share their personal story. >> it was unsparing, critical and held people accountable.
6:32 am
>> reporter: lawmakers today are ready to ask questions. >> should we look at ben fwaghb? yes. we should look at our security throughout our embassies. they will always be easy targets. >> reporter: nominee to replace ambassador stevens, one of four killed in the attack, says security there is still a concern. >> loose weapons, including man pads tlout the broader region must be staunched. >> reporter: jones says they've lost ground as there were setbacks in libya because the ambassadorship has been opened for eight months now. jon? >> lots to watch there. tracie potts, thank you very much, from capitol hill. a follow-up this morning at 6:32. san francisco has given initial approval to a plan to create a 25-foot buffer zone around planned parenthood entrances in the city. legislation extends the current eight-foot bubble.
6:33 am
there will be a vote next week. oakland tribune looked at fbi figures to determine that oakland has more robberies per resident than any other city in the entire country. there was one robbery for every 91 residents last year, the highest robbery rate of any major american city since way back in 2000. when compared to other bay area cities, oakland leading by a long shot with 851 robberies per 100,000 residents in 2011. san francisco had a mere 298. while in san jose, there were just 115. 6:33. holding a community meeting. it will focus on funds for measure a. tax initiative adopted in 2000 to provide money for transit improvements. tonig tonight's meeting will allow the public to comment on the funding and whether it's been spent appropriately. it starts at 6:00 pm at the vta
6:34 am
complex. good wednesday morning, everybody. hope you're feeling great. christina loren is here to tell us about a good-looking forecast ahead. >> good-looking forecast. return of the low cloud this is morning, jon and laura. good-looking day shaping up. san francisco. you can see plenty of low clouds. flight delays now at an hour and 15 minutes. we'll let you know as soon as those clear. we'll likely see that low cloud and fog clear by 9:00 am today. shower activity. it's becoming more organized and a little bit more widespread at this point, especially on the east end of the north bay and the east end of the east bay hills. if you live in the tri-valley, for instance, it's going to be pretty wet for your commute. give yourself extra time. overall looking good. 53 to start the day in concord. livermore. right here in san jose, comfortable to start at 57 degrees. this is what we're expecting as we head throughout the day. 73 degrees inland. it's going to be nice temperaturewise today. a little cloudy.
6:35 am
68 bayside. we'll keep that chance of showers in the mix throughout today. tomorrow, a warm-up on our hands. not just that but giants game today. we'll take you through the full forecast in a few minutes. first, let's check in with mike. >> it is an afternoon game. flashing lights partially hidden by the trees. looks like that crew has just cleared. that's in the same area where we had the problem yesterday. that's the slowing we see at the scene. map will show you an earlier car fire. there's slowing. mostly off to the right shoulder. partially affecting the slow lane. that was the big spectator slowdown. slow through sunol heading up toward fremont up the hill. again as the crew clears from that scene we should see a smoother drive as these folks coming in out of livermore, highway 84, 580 to 680, pleasanton. we have the slow off the dublin
6:36 am
interchange. fender bender cleared around9)? foothill. slowing around the castro valley y and south 880 in toward fremont. we have alvarato. should be slowing. and also in fremont and down toward milpitas. other side of the bay, peninsula shot for palo alto. smooth drive past willow. approaching candlestick parkway, sounds like there's a crash blocking your slow lane. that's just developed on our sensors. we'll talk about that in our next report. >> thank you, mike. plans to rename sfo after harvey milk have been scrapped. backing off from the initial push to have the airport renamed after the iconic gay lawmaker. he wanted to put the vote to the
6:37 am
s citizens but they deciidn't wano have the cost. a terminal will be named after milk. michael jackson trial. what really happened behind closed doors. we'll tell you why mcdonald's is honoring one of the heroes who helped to bring three women to safety in ohio. >> she had to climb through the bottom.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
former choreographer for britney spears claims molestation by jackson. at that time robson says he shared the bed with the pop star but was never sexually abused. lawyer for the jackson estate reportedly calls the new claims outrageous. have you seen this one? one minute this man is at home eating a big mac, the next busting down his neighbor's door. so some say charles ramsey now a national hero. he told 911 dispatchers he was eating mcdonald's when the scene unfolded monday. that call went viral, turning ramsey into an overnight
6:41 am
sensation. mcdonald's tweeted way to go, ramsey. we'll be in touch. >> love it. >> what police just found this morning inside the suspect's house in the next ten minutes. >> they need to come up with a mcdonald's, the mcramsey hero sandwich, make it 12-foot long. barbecue sauce. all right. 6:41 right now. much more ahead on "today in the bay." bakery up in flames. not the first time it's happened. overnight arson investigation next. how a big rig landed 100 feet below a bay area freeway. and bullet holes, shattered glass. this all happening at a local firehouse. we'll tell you about the overnight shooting that sends firefighters scrambling for cover. high cost of going to the hospital. plus dow industrials over 15, 0 15,000. we'll take a look in business. mostly cloudy start of the day over san jose. we're tracking showers and a few pop-up thunderstorms. we'll show you those and let you
6:42 am
know about a significant warm-up headed your way. your seven-day is up next. plus, gray skies happening right here. clearly visible, slowdown, burst of cars south 880. and a problem, yes, just like yesterday, or similar at least for 680 through sunol, coming up. ♪
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6:44. windows shattered. firefighters ducking for cover overnight as bullets hit a firestation in oakland. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live and just spoke with the battalion chief and has new details for us this morning. christie? >> reporter: good morning, laura. they said location wise they're at ground zero for this type of
6:45 am
thing. i want to step aside so you can see one of the bullet holes in this window here this morning. i'm told a lieutenant was just talking about what to do in a shooting and that's when the gunfire erupted but he says they won't quit. this is what they do. bullets flew right through firestation 18 at 9:00 last night near 50th avenue in east oakland. nearby a man was shot, taken to hi highland hospital where he died. inside, crews had just returned from a call. they had to duck for cover. here is what the battalion chief had to say. >> the shots came through the apparatus door, through the doors, through and through. they dove underneath the fire engine. some ran inside the firestation and dove underneath the desks. firefighters upstairs stated they could hear the bullets zinging by and dove underneath the desk as well. >> good news at least on this end is that no firefighters were injured. i wanted to show you one more thing before we go.
6:46 am
and that is that actually the bullets flew this way and went out the building and across the street, hit another building there, where there's more shattered glass. that's the latest here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." cause of an early morning fire at an oakland landmark near lake merritt. flames broke out at 2:45 this morning at the merritt restaurant and bakery at the corner of east 18th street and lakeshore avenue. this one took crews about an hour to finally put out. this hour there are no reports of any injuries. we can tell you this is not the first time that bakery has actually caught fire back in 2006. fire caused about $150,000 in damage. 6:46. a fix could soon be on the way for the broken bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the bay area toll authority will get an update from caltrans on the status of the steel rods that snapped below the bridge deck. right now, additional rods are being tested to make sure that
6:47 am
problem doesn't spread. a clamp-like fixture has been proposed as a solution. toll authority is expected to approve it at today's meeting. we're happy to report traffic back to normal out at the golden gate bridge this morning. crews had to work very hard to work all through the night to fix asphalt that crumbled during yesterday's morning commute, leaving large pebbles out over the roadway. all lanes of the bridge now back open. new video to show you this morning of a big rig that crashed down a hill near the bay shore freeway. driver of the big rig may have been trying to avoid a swerving car when he rolled off the road and down a 100-foot embankment. you can actually see the swath of grass cut away as the big rig went over the side. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. traffic not affected. lucky. >> so lucky. very rare we get to use the term swath of grass.
6:48 am
very well played. christina loren is back to talk about our wednesday and beyond. >> interesting forecast. things you need to know about before you head out that door this morning. low clouds in the city. you see that here in this live picture of san francisco, forcing flight delays, hour and 15 minutes. keep that in mind for your travels. everything is on time out at san jose. we do have an interesting setup. i zoomed in on this cell for you. it just moved through the altamont pass. we'll check on your drive with mike inouye. he is standing by. watch out for slick conditions east bay and parts of the north bay where we've had organized showers starting to move in. same deal as yesterday. on and off light activity. better chance of using your windshield wiper as you drive to work. you might want to bring that um bra brela today just in case. 48 degrees in gilroy. 54 in livermore. by tomorrow, you can leave it at home. we'll be done with the rain. finally, that area of low
6:49 am
pressure, cut-off low moves to the east. for us, high pressure builds in, forcing the moisture to the surface. we'll deal with some thick fog. we head throughout tomorrow morning, keep that in mind overall today it's not that bad. visibility is still looking good. giants game today, home game 12:45 take on the phillies yet again. wind out of the west, 10 to 15 miles per hour. you might want to bring your rain gear. nothing heavy. rains will play a bigger factor. could carry that ball out to center field. catch that on comcast sports net bay area. 71 in fremont. 61 in san francisco. next few days, temperatures stay steady in the 70s. we hit the 80s over the weekend. man who loves the 80s, our own mike inouye. >> very slow drive northbound.
6:50 am
earlier crash in brisbane just cleared. traffic still relatively light 280 great alternate for you through daly city. no delay now in towards san francisco again, heading up through brisbane to the airport that's where you'll see the slowing by the time you get to candlestick. we have a backup, of course, here because of the time of day. this is milder than we typically see. nice, easy flow and some of those fast track lanes offering great benefit over those cash lanes. get your fast pass. sunol, southbound 680 coming up the hill into fremont. now getting there, a little slower on the maps. you'll see there's a slowdown. south 680 through sunol. approaching where we had a car fire reported earlier. slow drive, also slowing folks coming off 84. similar pattern to yesterday. not quite as severe. all lanes are open through sunol
6:51 am
out through pleasanton. just kicked in here as well as 84 out of pleasanton and livermore heading through the area. that's not actually a town. keep it in mind, dublin, pleasanton, smooth drive here. castro valley y, end with this shot and slower drive through hayward. back to you. >> thank you very much. new details from cleveland's police chief about what was found in that house where three women were allegedly held captive for ten years. this morning we do have confirmation the women were tied up and there were chains and ropes inside that home. the chief also says he expects charges will be filed today against those suspects. meantime the fbi taking industrial lights into the home of ariel castro and moving boxes out. it could take several days to complete a complete search of that house. the three suspects, ariel, o' a
6:52 am
o'neal and pedro castro, will be questioned. among those involved, investigators from the sex abuse division. three women and a child are doing as well as they reportedly can be. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. investigators say they are taking a slow approach because the women are likely suffering from ptsd. >> understandably. it is 6:52. some hoped for four survivors of a limousine fire on a san mateo bridge. this morning we know at least two of those women are slowly recovering. + desguia and amalia loyola are listed in fair condition. the condition of t-- we're also learning more about the women who did not survive the fire and efforts under way to keep a similar tragedy from ever happening again. joining us live on the san mateo
6:53 am
bridge with new details for us, bob redell. good morning to you, bob. >> reporter: good morning. jerry hill reportedly will introduce legislation next week in sacramento to prevent the kind of tragedy that happened here saturday night on the san mateo bridge. that 1999 stretch lincoln town car that caught fire and killed five women, turns out, was not required to carry a fire extinguisher. hill's bill would change that. that limo is not required to undergo safety inspections. the public utilities commission doesn't require inspections for limos that carry less than ten people. hill would like to dive deeper into that issue and see what could be done. geornga now left to raise his children on his own believes his wife and four friends would still be here if it weren't for the limo driver. >> he should know how to handle
6:54 am
emergencies. five families are grieving. he is to be blamed. >> reporter: the nine women in the back of that limo saturday night were on their way to a bridal party in foster city for neriza fojas, bride-to-be, tragically was among the five women trapped and ended up dying in that fire. bob redell, "today in the bay." san jose woman accused of kidnapping an 11-month-old baby is expected to return to court this morning. carla hernandez being charged with kidnapping, child endangerment and auto theft. she stole an suv with that baby girl right in the backseat in a car seat. the kidnapping led to a massive search and amber alert all over the south bay. suv and the little girl, more importantly, were found several hours later unharmed. san jose police need your help nabbing a robber who showed
6:55 am
up in an unusual disguise. surveillance photos showing the robber posing as a subcontractor. police say he walked into the dsw shoe store on april 25th and asked to talk to the manager. he was armd with a gun and told that manager to open the safe. the manager put money in aing about and the robber took off in a white car believed to be a prius. releasing new pictures of a bank robber still on the loose. surveillance videos released. suspect allegedly robbed a chase bank near japier road. he was last seen taking off on foot. 6:55. law firm that represented victims of the explosion could be taking on chevron. wanting to secure damages for the august fire that injured several refinery workers and sent more than 15,000 to area hospitals with respiratory
6:56 am
problems. the cause was traced to a leaking pipe inside one of the refineries crude oil units. >> we mentioned 15,000 people going to the hospital. now the cost of going to the hospital can very wildly, ju-- widely, depending on which hospital you choose. >> who charges what, where. scott mcgrew, we learn more about this data today. >> it's a lot to go over. what hospitals charge the government's medare for common procedures. washington post early crack at some south bay hospitals and their results show going to kaiser hospitals cost half as much as going to other hospitals in san jose. the government released this data after time magazine launched an enormous investigation, showing some hospitals charging hundreds of dollars for over-the-counter medication that is cost a few cents or charging medicare twice as much money for a procedure than it charges for regular insurance companies.
6:57 am
taking a look at the markets this morning, dow industrials still above 15,000. although they've sunk a bit, down about 21 points. tesla, jon and laura, reports profits after the closing bell today. we'll have more later. >> thank you very much. >> i want you to buy one of those model s. >> okay. >> so i can drive it. >> okay. >> she's so agreeable. christina loren with a check on the weather. maybe you can ride with us, too. >> i would love to. she gets more agreeable the closer we get to the weekend. this isn't what i usually do at 6:57. we made it through most of the shower activity. we'll be done with it by tomorrow. we have a warm-up on the way. i do not want you to forget about mom this year. sunday, mother's day. 71 degrees at the coast, 78 bay side and 86 inland. he won't forget about it. here is mike inouye. >> no. evening activities, rolling
6:58 am
stones and earthquakes both have occasions in the south bay. post-work traffic. pre-work traffic already kicking in. slow south through pleasanton. all lanes are better now. still slow heading down into the area and out of livermore for highway 84. second day in a row through that tough drive. earlier crash has cleared but slowing in both directions between the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. north of the airport, 101 showing a slowdown still recovering after the earlier crash finally cleared from the lanes. northbound 101 around candlestick. 380 up to the area. 280 is a great option getting into the city. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you so much. 6:58. oakland firestation damaged by gunfire this morning. firefighters say they had to duck and cover when bullets flew through the garage at station 18 overnight. investigating where the gunfire is related to the shooting death of a man a few blocks away. making limousines safer
6:59 am
after last weekend's deadly fire on san mateo bridge. requiring fire extinguishers in those limousines and wants vehicles carrying ten or fewer people to undergo inspections. bay area toll authority is expected to decide on a fix today for the broken bolts on the bay bridge. caltrans will present an update on the investigation and possible solutions including a clamp-like fixture to secure some of the bolts that may have cracked. sharks warmed the crowd up last night, doing something no other team in franchise history has done, they swept another team out of the playoffs. they beat the vancouver canucks in a thrilling overtime game. still waiting to find out who they will play in the next round of the stanley cup playoffs. tickets go on sale friday morning. warriors down in san antonio, taking on the spurs. hopefully, they'll get it done
7:00 am
tonight. tip-off 6:30 tonight. >> go, warriors. go, sharks. go, everybody in the bay area. have a great day as well. good morning. breaking news. this morning, chilling new details on the women freed from a decade-long kidnapping ordeal in cleveland and what they endured, as police face questions about the possible warning signs that could have led them to the victims years ago. savannah's there live. "today," wednesday, may 8th, 2013. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, welcome to a sp


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