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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia cannon. the pictures of the damage is staggering. the entire neighborhood, cars tossed through walls, the roof ripped off an elementary school. at least 91 people are dead including at least 20 children at the school. in just a few hours, president obama is expected to make a statement about the deadly tornado. he received updates on the search and recovery efforts throughout the night. now, last night, the president spoke to oklahoma's governor. he has already signed a disaster declaration promising more aid for the victims of the deadly tornado. so many people are reacting to it as well. we are hearing reports of the pope asking for world prayer and prayer for the people that are affected by the devastation. the loss of the tornado itself was so large, it completely just leveled entire neighborhoods. >> it has been so rough for everybody out there and parents still searching for their kids
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keeping hope alive. >> jay gray live near the hardest hit area with the latest on the search and rescue efforts now that daylight has hit. >> reporter: good morning. want to give you an idea of some of the devastation. the debris that teams are working through as they continue to search for any potential victims that may be trapped in this rubble and begin the recovery process here. it's one that with the morning light now includes heavy machinery. we have seen a lot of backhoes, a lot of dozers and things like that moving into this area, keeping the promise of the governor that they will continue to try and rescue any survivors as long as they possibly can here. overnight, emergency teams continued to search for survivors working through miles of debris in an area leveled by this massive tornado. >> this is not good. this is terrible. this is war zone terrible. >> reporter: the violent funnel was more than a mile wide and on
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the ground for close to an hour. >> when you see a tornado that big, you find a place. you had no choice. it is either find cover or die. >> reporter: even some who rushed to shelter could not escape the wrath of the storm. injured victims were pulled from the debris that is scattered across more than 20 miles here. entire neighborhoods and communities seared away by what initial reports indicate was an ef-4 tornado with winds pushing 200 miles an hour. >> the storm field was so big that we had a massive amount of areas, almost 20 miles, is what i understand it, some areas almost two miles wide of homes and businesses that were lost. >> reporter: two elementary schools took a direct hit. some of the children were pulled from the wreckage. we now know at least 20 students were among the dozens killed.
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while at a school just off the track of the tornado, students say they could still feel its n intensity. >> i could see the debris flying over. >> we could hear every bit of it. it was scary. >> reporter: emotions like so much here are still exposed and raw. specially for survivors who have obviously been pushed past their limits in some of the hardest hit areas like this one. that's the latest live here in oklahoma city. i'm jay gray. now, back to you. we're just seeing the pictures of the devastation. i can't imagine what it must be like to be there, jay. >> reporter: laura, it is really unimaginable. it is very difficult to explain. it is tough to get words to go with what you are seeing here. i know the pictures are devastating on television. i always think it is even more difficult to see in person. what we are seeing here is just
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entire communities wiped away. someone said earlier, just wiped off the face of the map. that's literally true here. in fact, let's take a look back across. again, what you are seeing in all this mess is areas that used to have homes, areas that used to be a neighborhood and a community. there is a park over there where kids used to play outside of the school. now, for the most part, all of that is gone. it has been very poignant, guys, to see families who had gathered here yesterday as things started to clear up and they could move around a bit. to try and explain to the children exactly what's going on, specially when the adults can't possibly understand that right now. it is a tough situation here obviously. physically, the recovery is going to be difficult. let's not forget, it is going to be a very tough go mentally for so many families as well. >> sure, the nightmares will continue. jay gray, we will check back with you in an hour. we appreciate that.
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poor jay is down there with the kids an everybody trying to deal with this right now. getting a handle on what you do now. hearts and prayers go out to everybody. let's take a closer look at what happened down on the ground there. in moore, oklahoma, meteorologist, christina loren is here. let me step out of the way and show you the path that this tornado carved. it was at two miles wide at one point. we see those pictures coming in. right now, what's happening is the national weather service has to head out and survey the damage dictating whether or not this tornado had winds 200 miles per hour plus. we have already heard conflicting reports that this was an ef-5. it has not yet been confirmed. we'll let you know when that is the case. what i can tell you is, the damage is devastating. they sent the kids to the schools because they were well-built structures. however, they ended up in the direct path of that tornado. devastating this morning. our hearts, prayers and thoughts are with everybody in oklahoma this morning. what i can tell you is, as we head throughout the day today, we are not out of the woods just
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yet. we have more severe weather in the forecast for places like chicago. so all the severe weather, you can see it right now, pressing towards indianapolis, louisville also under the gun for today. we are going to keep on top of this for you this morning. as the sun comes up, we are just seeing more and more aftermath. what i can tell you is, latest reports, i'm watching the weather channel, our sister station, reports of tanker trucks carried over a mile. it takes a massive force to do that. we are going to keep updating you as we head throughout the morning. right now, let's go ahead and send it back to you. >> a lot of people right here in the bay area, not very familiar with tornadoes. we can tell you, there are some local connections to this one. a student from san mateo county was right in that area when that devastating tornado touched down. "today in the bay's" marla tallez in our newsroom as she continues our team coverage. the simpson family of pacifica is breathing a sigh of relief knowing their daughter is alive and well. for a while, it was touch and go
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for them. 20-year-old melissa simpson is a student at the university of oklahoma in norman, which is only about 15 miles from the now devastated city of moore. over skype, she tells us she was in moore before the disaster goes off. she heard the warning signs. she said everything seemed fine. once she made it back to campus, she knew she had to pay attention to those sirens. >> everyone was getting freaked out. i think i am going to take them a lot more seriously now. >> reporter: melissa and her friends took shelter on campus while her mother, 1500 miles away from pacifica, was desperate to hear from her. what she did almost made the unknown worse. spl she w . >> she was telling me how horrible it was and i lost the phone connection. my heart just stopped. >> reporter: melissa was just fine. as you can imagine, phone connections aren't the most reliable there right now.
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today, melissa says she is getting trained by the red cross because she wants to volunteer and help in the massive cleanup right there. >> there is a lot of devastation. let's go down -- i'm being told this is live from oklahoma. that area, so much devastation to tell to one of the broadcasters said. it looks like a war zone down there. for more on this oklahoma tornado, including this dramatic photos of all the rescue that is continuing to happen down there. go to nbc bay and then make sure to stay with "today in the bay" for the continuing coverage. our very own jody hernandez is heading down to oklahoma as we speak. this morning, she will be coming up with later newscast with more information to tell us what's happening on the ground in oklahoma. turning to news closer to home, at 5:08. the san jose city council will discuss a proposal today that would increase the tax rate for marijuana businesses from 7% to 10%. san jose is home to dozens of medical marijuana clubs. the proposed tax increase comes as the federal government is trying to shut down california's pot club.
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>> the city of richmond working to keep kids from being exposed to alcohol ads. they are meeting to discuss whether to ban alcohol-related billboards near the schools. the council discussed the measure two weeks ago but continued to debate this week. tonight's meeting is set to start at 6:30. a new plan to restore moffett field's historic hangar one. hangars being offered up for any use similar to its original purpose with no ties to nasa's mission required. federal government is set to submit proposals for the restoration and long-term release from nasa. so far, only google's founders have offered to pay $33 million in costs in exchange for permission to use it to store their private planes. another proposal would turn it into a museum. 5:09. a couple moments ago, christina loren gave us a great and comprehensive look at the
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destruction of the tornado in oklahoma. let's see what's happening locally here. we are so blessed to be waking up in california. a welcome change on the way. for a lot of people sick of the heat. i don't know if you had to use your a.c. over the past couple of days. it has been cooking around here. near record warmth. today, everything changes. the changes are coming in today. the winds are picking up. out of the west, 20 miles per hour sustained. those winds are going to continue to transfer the cool ocean air. it is not going to bring us any showers. it certainly will cool us down. not just today. every single day this week as we continue through the week. you are no you at tuesday. temperatures are going to be very comfortable each afternoon. 62 in fremont at noon. rounding out the day at 69 degrees on the east shore. 68 for oakland. 62 in san francisco and 76 degrees in gilroy. i will have your full forecast coming up in just a few moments. we have a holiday weekend. three days off hopefully for you coming up. we will help you make those plans. first, let's check that drive with mike.
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that means next tuesday, the day aft holiday monday, it is going to be extra trafficy tuesday. a smooth drive right now. the middle of the freeway, both directions going around overnight construction which has cleared in the last few minutes. a lot of flashing lights through the area. we saw crews heading out the area because of a krsh. southbound, heading to the same area. we did have crews there. they are all over on the shoulder. the earlier slowdown has cleared from the southbound side. crews should be clearing from the road there as well. no problem at the maze of the toll plaza, easy build here. we will show you traffic flow as you are heading across that san mateo bridge. light flow for 92. no problem, guys. back to you. it is 5:11. it is a monumental day for the bay area. in a few hours, we will be finding out, if, in fact, super bowl 50 is coming to down. we will have the details coming up. >> apple ceo tim cook will be testifying about the company's taxes on capitol hill.
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we will break down this complex issue for you coming up. they were continuing to incompetent are and grind right through moore. then, we continue to see the power flash as power flashes. plus, in his own words, a chopper pilot describes what it was like to see the massive tornado rip through a town flattening neighborhoods. our coverage of the breaking news in oklahoma continues. coming up.
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apple's ceo, tim cook, will testify on investigation this morning. he is asking u.s. politicians to change the tax code. this, as a senate report shows apple uses a variety of maneuvers to avoid paying u.s. income tax. scott mcgrew joins us now. you are covering this complex issue right now.
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>> i am going to do it the bess the i can. the senate has asked professors from harvard to come in and assist it on understanding what's going on with the tax laws. it delves into apple's dealings. the senators were the people that wrote that law. we expect cook to begin testimony just before 6:00 a.m. our time. let's be 100% clear apple has not been accused of breaking or even bending any american law. rather, apple is using the rules set down by congress so effectively it is able to keep billions of dollars overseas in specially set-up companies to save itself billions. a senate report says in many cases, apple has figured out how to keep billions of dollars outside any country's reach. now, this is hardly the first time we have seen curiosity into high-tech taxes. last year, this very same committee interrogated officials from hewlett-packard. h.p. said, if i can take a day's worth of testimony and distill
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it into a couple of sentences, h.p. said we are following the law you and washington set up. the irs hays lawyers permanentl assigned to h.p. they go there to make sure the company follows that law. let's get a check on the markets this morning. seema mody is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, seema. good morning, scott. that was an interesting breakdown of the apple story. futures are lower after stocks took a step back on monday. investors were a little unnerved by comments suggesting a central bank could be closer to pulling back on their economic stimulus programs. the dow goes for a record 19th straight tuesday with a gain today. apple ceo, tim cook, testifies before a senate panel this morning about the iphonemakers tax practices. the panel says the company used offshore units to avoid paying taxes on $44 billion in foreign profits. apple hasn't violated any laws
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since big u.s. companies don't have to pay corporate taxes on foreign profits if that cash doesn't enter the u.s. in his prepared testimony, cook said, apple doesn't use tax gimmicks. back to you. >> at 10:00 a.m. our time, microsoft is going to unveil a new xbox today. this will be the first gaming un unit from the company. keep in mind, jon and laura, video games are very important to us here in silicon valley. they make the chips that go in the current xbox anyway. they make many of the games up in redwood city. we deeply care from an economic point of view what the future is going to be. >> let alone the people that play them. >> thank you very much. >> i still play a little pong, old school. >> we are going to get this guy. it is 5:17. christina loren is back to talk about a nice cooloff from yesterday. >> if you want to play some real golf, not just tiger woods
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version, today is a good day to do so. 5:17. it is going to be beautiful out there. it was pretty hot yesterday, ex se cept at the beach. beautiful condition, kind of cool and overcast at the beaches today. cool conditions, courtesy of an area of low pressure moving on shore pumping the winds. we have fierce winds headed our way. not until this evening. you want to keep that in mind. your futurecast tells the story. as you can see here, we are going to be in the hot pink range as we head throughout the second half of the day. into the evening hours, temperatures are going to be cool and we are going to have a windchill factor with the winds pretty plblustery. highs today are going to be cool. 73, livermore. 69, fremont. 71 in san jose. your seven-day outlook tells the story. as you can see, it is going to be cool, not just today, not just tomorrow, all the way through saturday and even
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sunday, holding on to the low 70s inland. by monday, memorial day, hopefully, you have that day off. if not, we will be here to guide you. 77 degrees. comfortable conditions. you can hit the beach. 62 degrees. 5:19, we will check that drive. beach weather, 92 and 17. both get very crowded headed to the coast. to the south bay, nothing to worry about right now. north 17 around camden, reports of a black bag in the middle of the roadway and some loose lemons. be careful. when life gives you lemons, you watch for the traffic break. we might have to do that coming up. it should probably break up over the course of time. we are looking over here to north 880 heading up out of san jose and in towards milpitas. a lot of slowing and overnice paving work. the crews are still there. that's likely the reason for the slow traffic as we start to see the build for the morning commute heading out of san jose and into the area. no delays reported other than
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the fact that you are down to one lane at a time. over here, west 580, coming out of the altim dem ma pass. 680 heading towards san ramon. the bay bridge toll plaza will end with this shot, nice, easy, light drive. no problems. the span is okay, guys, for the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 5:20 right now. this is also decision day for the nfl. team owners will vote today on which city gets to host super bowl 50 in 2016. the vote comes down to san francisco or miami. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live at the new 49ers stated y stadium in santa clara. the bay area has an edge. >> reporter: yes, miami has the better weather in south florida but the 49ers have something south florida doesn't have.
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the brand new $1.2 billion stadium they are putting up in santa clara that will be ready in time for the season. before the nfl owners vote later this morning at their spring meeting in boston, the 49ers are expected to make one last pitch to host super bowl 50. it would be a presentation that would highlight the fact that the new levi's stadium, as it is going to be called, would be the most technologically advanced in the country allowing fans to do pretty much everything with their smart phone. they plan to commit some of the money raised to programs that help the poor. miami seemed to have a pretty good shot at hosting super bowl 50 in 2016 until plans fell through to renovate its football stadium, which is much older than the brand new ones here behind me. they were hoping to raise $350 million with a new hotel tax. the state put the kibosh on that earlier this month. the owners will vote to see who
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gets to host li. the loser of super bowl l would be hosting against them. it is that 50 would be going against the 49ers and the last time they hosted it was back in the day of parachute pants and leg warmers, 1975. >> they are back. >> i haven't seen jon in the newsroom. >> i still go hammertime. you know how i roll. 5:22 right now. super charging your phone. a bay area teen figures out how to power your cell phone in a matter of seconds.
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dispatchers listened into the conversation and related to police who caught the man before they carried out their heist. wow, it is 5:25 right now. in the meantime, a saratoga teen is here to have made a breakthrough that will have us all cheering. 18-year-old lynbrook high school senior created a powerful gizmo that will instantly charge your cell phone. it delivers a charge more quickly and lasts longer than the typical battery. it only takes 20 or 30 seconds to fully charge a phone. isha kari entered the device winning the young scientist award. she received $50,000 for that prize. >> congratulations to her.
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>> now, market it and she will probably make more. >> absolutely. you always have a couple of the super charged so we can hit it and be ready to go every morning. 5:26 right now. christina loren is here with our tuesday forecast. good morning. good morning. the cuban coffee, sometimes, that's all it takes. temperatures are going to be much cooler today than where we ended up yesterday. pull out that sweater, specially in san francisco. we are only going to hit the low 60s. 74 in santa rosa. 69 in fremont and perfection in san jose today. 71 degrees. now, coming up, i am going to show you where we could see more severe weather in the united states today. we are not under the gun just yet. we are still under the gun. i should say. my bad. it is going to be pretty bad today specially in the midwest. chicago, looking right today. we are going to talk about what's to come in that neck of the woods. also, for us, we have some changes headed our way as we get into the weekend. your full forecast coming up. want to check your drive and get you out that front door with mike. good morning. this is traffic tuesday.
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so far, no real drama. we have had a number of crashes reported around the bay. the eastshore freeway. you are taking a look at that. a smooth drive, close to the limit throughout the area. down to the bay ridge toll plaza with very little backup. a couple of cars in the crash lane. no problem to or from that eastshore freeway, guys. we are going to send it back to you. it is 5:27 right now. coming up -- >> towards the back and with everything in it. all i can remember i had her and i was picked up, threw back down. i could see things twisting and things, debris. >> we continue to keep an eye on the news coming out of oklahoma. the devastation just awe-inspiring. we are going to bring you the very latest images next.
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so scary, so sad. simply doing whatever they can to survive. we have new video coming into our newsroom of the massive tornado that touched down in oklahoma. you can just see there, that rainbow in front of it, just how large it really is. here is a look, jon, at the devastation that's left behind. entire neighborhoods in the town of moore just leveled. crews working throughout the morning hoping to find survivors in that rubble. >> just heart wrenching video and reality. it is 5:30 right now. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the numbers sadly keep rising and the news is not good. the latest report, 91 people dead as a result of the ef-4 tornado. of those, dozens of them young children who took shelter in a pair of elementary schools directly in the tornado's path. >> we can tell you this was more than a mile wide.
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that twister was on the ground for more than an hour ripping across the suburb destroying everything in its path. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is in the newsroom. she has the latest on the search and rescue efforts continuing down in oklahoma. today, more emergency crews are on their way to all the devastation. most of it in the city of moore which has a population of 40 to 50,000 people. all of them trying to come to grips with what their new reality is today. that tornado completely wiping out plaza towers elementary where students lost their lives. the governor of oklahoma has deployed 80 national guard plems to help with rescue operations today. she has called in extra highway patrol officers. governor mary fallon says in her 23 years in office, this is the most unbelievable event she has witnessed, even worse than the vicious funnel cloud that hit her state more than 14 years ago. >> i have been through the may 3rd tornado. i was here when the april 19th
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bombing hit oklahoma city and destroyed the federal building. this is bigger than anything i've ever seen. it is absolutely huge. it is horrific. it looked like somebody just set off something that just destroyed structures, not blocks but miles. >> that tornado was wind-clocked at more than 200 miles per hour. it didn't just wipe out schools but also hospitals, the community hospital in moore is now leveled among the debris. the oklahoma medical examiner's office says more than 120 people, including 50 children are being treated at other local hospitals. in about 90 minutes from now at 7:00 our time, president obama is scheduled to make i astatement from the white house overnight. he did approve a major disaster organization from oklahoma which opens up federal funding for recovery efforts. >> for more on the oklahoma tornado, including dramatic photos of the rescues, go to nbc bay and stay with "today in the bay" for continuing coverage. we'll have a live report coming up at 6:00. we will hear from a peninsula
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teenager who was just miles away when the tornado touched down. "today in the bay's" jody hernandez on her way to oklahoma right now. she will be live in the town of moore with the latest on the recovery efforts later today. now, eerily enough, tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of the country's deadliest single tornado in decades. the tornado killed 161 people when it hit joplin, missouri, on may 22nd, 2011. hundreds of others were injured and thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed. joplin city officials are sending a support team to more, oklahoma, which will include about a dozen members from the police and fire department. >> they will continue updating that all morning long. happening right now, turning the page, in less than 30 minutes, apple ceo, tim cook, getting grilled about the cupertino company's taxes. christie smith is live. washington making it clear that something here doesn't add up. >> reporter: that's right. apple has released an advanced
5:34 am
copy of tim cook's temperature. basically, the ceo is saying that apple does not use tax gimmicks. in his opinion, it is likely the largest corporate in-cap taxpayer in the u.s. about $6 billion paid last year. when he testifies before congress in just a little while, cook may explain why they can do what it is that they do. the company is accused of exploiting a number of loopholes and tax shelters on income overseas to avoid paying taxes on billions of dollars here. one report suggests apple pays virtually no taxes on $102 billion. arizona senator, john mccain, the ranking member of the senate subcommittee where cook will testify that their tax practices were highly questionable. the subcommittee, though, stopped short of accusing apple of breaking in he laws or really doing anything wrong. u.s. companies owe federal income tax on profits, whether earned in the u.s. or abroad. they can defer payment on
5:35 am
foreign earnings at least until the profits are brought here to the u.s. cook says that apple actually welcomes an adjusted examination of the corporate taxes here in the u.s. scott mcgrew continues our coverage here. scott, the company that apple and other high-tech firms set up, they have a special. >> you may hear cook use the term. it is called check the box. the name comes from a special irs form that apple and h.p. and other companies use to designate these tax-free entities. their literally are boxes that have to be checked. keep in mind, no one anywhere has accused apple of violating tax law. apple is just using the rules the way they are written. in the case of check the box, rules that congress set up in the 90s which were so poorly thought out. companies immediately took advantage of the loopholes even while telling congress how bad those laws were. in fact, apple's cook is going to suggest changes to congress
5:36 am
this morning. now, when president obama first took office, he said he would get rid of many of these tax loopholes specifically check the box but the push failed under pressure from big business and the republican party. which brings us to the political side of this. today's hearings are led by senator carl levin of michigan. he is a democrat. as they are in the majority, i doubt very much you are going to see the same sort of hearings on the other side. no matter what kind of improvement that levin and cook can come up with, they are unlikely to become law, because they might pass one side of the congress. they would never pass the other. some of this is in theater. is it important? tens of billions of dollars that are not ending up in washington's coffers. it is a lot of politics as well. >> as it often times is. thank you very much. >> i'm sure there will be a very tight microscope on a lot of
5:37 am
major companies out there that play with those numbers and hide the taxes. 5:56. let's check back in with meteorologist, christina loren. a cooloff coming our way. checks and balances in the weather department as well. payoff today. today, it is going to be right here, inland. san jose, a gorgeous start to the day here. the sun starting to make an appearance. official sunrise right around 5:55. you can see mostly cloudy conditions to start the day. a stark contrast with where we started yesterday. what's happening is we have a storm system to our north. cool ocean air pumping inland transporting that cloud cover. in livermore, concord, you are going to wake up with mostly cloudy conditions. that natural a.c. has turned right back on. 54 in livermore to start. by noon, you are going to jump up to 63 degrees. 59 at noon in fremont. 73, on the way to livermore. 69 for fremont and 62 degrees. kind of cool today in san francisco. these numbers, you just can't beat specially as we are transitioning into the end of the month and just one month
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away from summertime. 5:37. still got to get those kids to school. let's check on the drive with mike. you have to get to work. some of us have to pay for the school supplies as well. we are looking over here toward 880 southbound. this is fremont. we are picking up the volume a tad bit. pretty typical schedule this being a traffic tuesday. we expect a pretty heavy volume. so far, things are pretty easy as far as incidents. look at the maps. smooth drive for 880 and 680 heading down towards mission. that's the cutover. at the funnel point there, there is some slowing right now on that street. we are looking at northbound 80 as welcoming out of san jose toward 237 into milpitas. we still have the slowing. down to one lane overnight as you are heading up past montague. it looks like those paving and finishing crews are still in the area causing some slowdown. not a big deal. no delays reported. that should be clear for the morning commute. we will look over here toward the tri-valley. the congestion point in
5:39 am
livermore heading down through dublin and the interchanges. the golden gate bridge is an easy flow of traffic from the north there. look the beautiful flow and a nice, easy flow of traffic. good news, bad news for the giants last night. this is the down side. pitcher, ryan vogelsong, now slated to have surgery this morning after getting his hand crushed, fractured by a pitch during yesterday's game against the nationals. this was painful to watch. he is expected to miss four to six weeks while he recovers. he was having a pretty good day pitching five scoreless innings before he was injured. his effort helped the team with a little bit of good news. they beat the washington nationals, 8-0. >> it makes you cringe just looking at it. we have a live look outside. shark tank in san jose. where the sharks are getting ready for game four of their playoff series with the l.a. kings. in the crowd tonight, a very special fan. the dream foundation will grant nick gallagher a wish.
5:40 am
he is a native who has spent the last seven years battling brain cancer. he and his family will have ice level at tonight's game. they will meet the players before the game as well. he will also get to ride the zamboni during one of the intermissions. that's pretty cool. tonight's game starts at 7:00. crews are on that. he will get that superstar welcome. the crowd will be there. >> he deserves it. 5:40 right now. the president getting all set to make another trip out to the bay area. we will tell you when and where next. plus, keeping you safe. the new changes now being recommended after the deadly virus outbreak in yosemite.
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welcome back. a live look from down in moore, oklahoma. a tornado ripped through the
5:43 am
heart la heartland area. president obama all set to have a press conference to talk about the devastation. help on the way down there. 7:00 local time. we will bring that to you. it is 5:43. a new federal report is out on the deadly haunt ta virus outbreak at yosemite national park. it recommends design changes for privately run lodges to be reviewed by national park officials. they say deer mice that can carry the problem, the tents were upgraded. eight of the nine people that got sick stayed in the tents. a total of visitors ended up dying in the outbreak. a san jose city council member making a special plea to his colleagues in a very public way. he wrote a special article in this morning's mercury news. in it, he calls on the city council to stop fighting against
5:44 am
measure "b." last june, voters approved the measure leading to pension reform for city workers. a san jose police union is challenging measure "b" saying the city should have bargained more with the union before putting the measure on the ballot. he is making the comments ahead of the city's budget session which could include close to $1 million in lawyers fees to fight for measure "b." in his statement, he wrote, quote, we can not wage war against our employees, expect them to provide high quality service for lower pay and then be surprised that they seek employment elsewhere. the former acting irs commissioner in the hot seat today being questioned on capitol hill after testifying before a house committee last week. steven miller will today be a witness at a senate hearing. lawmakers will ask him about the irs targeting the tea party and other conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. during last week's testimony, miller apologized but denies irs
5:45 am
employees were politically motivated. also, that irs scandal leading to protests all across the country today. the group, tea party patriots, asking people to demonstrate outside the offices nationwide today starting at noon. the chair woman of the tea party caucus, michele bachmann, expected to push for further investigation of the irs. >> well, he is coming back to the bay. president obama returns to the bay area in just a few weeks showing up for another big money event. this time, he is fundraising for democrats in the senate. the president's first stop on june 6th. a 5:00 reception at the palo alto home of a couple of tech entrepreneurs. at 6:30. a dinner and discussion at the portola valley home of a venture capitalist. tickets for the dinner will cost you $32,000. reception tickets start at 2500. mr. obama was last in the bay area in april. fundraising in san francisco and along the peninsula. >> 5:45 right now. let's check back in and get
5:46 am
christina loren's take on what's happening outside. i think the president likes the weather out here. >> you can't beat it. better than d.c., please. i think you are a very smart man, mr. president. 5:46. our weather here is going to be the envy of the entire nation yet again. cool conditions out there to start the day with wind out of the west at 21 miles an hour. a strong sustained speed for oakland. so hold on to your steering wheel today, specially if you drive a high-profile vehicle. pass that jacket. we are only going to climb into the low 70s, even in places like livermore where we usually get the warmest. san jose touching on the low 70s. it is going to be kind of breezy as well. we have the storm system just to our north. this is going to kick up some pretty strong winds. all that shower can activity stays well north to the bay area. getting into your thursday, another system develops. that's going to continue to reinforce that cool ocean air pumping on shore. that means we are going to stay cool, not just today but all the
5:47 am
way through this upcoming weekend. really, no changes. just some subtle differences each day between now and sunday. if you like the mid-70s, you are in luck. on the way to places like concord, 73, los gatos. 62, san francisco. getting into the next couple of days. not a whole lot of change heading our way for this weekend. on monday, it is not going to be as warm as we typically see on memorial day. you can still get outdoors comfortably. we don't have any threat of shower activity. a little bit breezy. 71 degrees bayside. 62 at the coast. let's check on that drive. good morning, mike. >> no major headlines as far as the flow of traffic. we are looking northbound, 101 with a smooth drive, not so bad. the build here, pretty much the only build for the south bay. we will show you on the map what i'm talking about as far as 101 goes north of 680. we see that slowing going on. the southbound side is where
5:48 am
there is a crash reported near the off ramp. i did see some slowing as you came down toward capital expressway and then it cleared up over the last couple of minutes. this incident and crash, maybe some debris reported over the last ten. we are still tracking the area. chp has to pass through the area to give us a full update. so far, counter commute and no slowing shows up there just yet. we are looking toward the tri-valley with the build into livermore. still holding steady for highway 84. that volume build heading down towards 680 eventually. a smooth drive over towards the castro valley in the east bay. in palo alto, no problem. thank you very much. it is 5:48 right now. new this morning, we are planning to learn more later on today about the san jose pedestrian struck and killed crossing a busy street late last night. this all happened on the city's east side before 9:30 at the intersection of white road and madeline drive not far from
5:49 am
james lick high school. it appears the vic testimony was in a crosswalk, the police say, when this accident happened. the driver did stop at the scene. we're being told the driver is cooperating with investigators. police at this hour have not released the victim's names or any more details surrounding the crash. it is 5:49. a rash of violent crime in east palo alto prompting that city's police chief to declare a crime emergency. on sunday night, a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed and two other teens were hurt. one of more than 50 firearm assaults since january. starting today, east palo alto's police department will be under a crime emergency that allows the department to cancel days off and make patrol changes. the crime emergency will last 30 days. a search is underway this morning at golden gate park and along ocean beach for a missing bay to breaker's runner. 27-year-old bo rasmussen was last seen on sunday.
5:50 am
he told friends he was on the way to the beach for a swim. that was the very last time anybody saw him. his personal belongings were found in golden gate park near the beach chalet restaurant. one teenager's very special prom date. the nba star that made a special visit. we'll have it all coming up next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
a live look outside at 5:52. that's going to be the new 49ers stadium they are building so quickly in santa clara. we are going to hear today. they have been making that bid to try to bring the super bowl to the bay area. a great place for it. >> super place. >> bob redell is out there live. we are going to have more from him in a live report. it is 5:52 right now. remember your prom date. a shot in the dark. turns into the night of one
5:53 am
girl's life. florida high school senior named nicole posted an online plea on youtube asking miami heat star, dwyane wade, to take her to the prom. he never officially responded. so she assumed the plea had fallen on deaf ears. she got another date until a very special guest appeared. >> all right. we are going to make this a special night. he posted the video on youtube himself. they got to dance, brought her a corsage and, of course, they took the customary photos together. >> working it. >> what about the other guy, the date? >> i am glad he is still smiling. >> what about me? well, it was all possible because the miami heat have been on fire lately. they knocked out the chicago bulls quickly in the playoff action giving him a night off to go to the prom. >> go ahead, d-wade.
5:54 am
the poor guy that looked the young lady looks like he is photo bombing with the young lady and the girl. >> moving on to yahoo!. a new flicker. >>. yahoo! has gotten a lot of grief for ignoring flicker. it is one of the reasons they have the reputation they do. no more. not only have they updated flicker, it is offering a tara bite of storage for free. that is a half a million photographs. if you fill up your flicker account now, you need to take your pictures. the announcement comes a day after yahoo! said it would take over tumbler. it was excellent timing under marissa myers part. they can actually manage new properties well. yahoo!'s stock largely ignored monday. we told you that would happen ahead of the bell yesterday. wall street and investors believe in marissa myers so much
5:55 am
they had already run the stock up 70% since she was hired. when she actually made those big changes like buying tumbler or flicker today, investors said, that's what we expected of her. >> that's confidence. >> she has shown it. >> she has. she has earned that trust. >> want to check in with meteorologist, christina loren. we are in unisonn today. >> great minds much cooler today than yesterday. you will notice the difference. it is going to be down right perfect. we consider room temperature right around 70 degrees. you don't need your heater or the a.c. 73 for livermore, 71 in san francisco today. it is going to be kind of cool as we head throughout the next couple of days. we will take you through the changes we have headed our way for memorial day weekend. we have developments coming out of oklahoma. i want to give you the latest. reportedly, children believed to be trapped at plaza towers
5:56 am
elementary school. we are going to take you back out there live. if you are leaving right now, mike knows what could slow you down. we are watching a couple of reports of crashes here in fremont. we will start with this live look southbound with the head lights past the truck scales in tesla. the auto mark parkway lit up on the left side. just south of here on the maps, reports of a crash right around the area approaching mission. that's 262. also, around the auto mall parkway to the north. either side, reports of a crash. it sounds like a similar situation. look at the top of your screen. we are just trying to see the slowdown. approaching auto mall where the single crash is, guys. send it back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. how about a possible homecoming for a future hall-of-famer. that safety, charles woodson visiting raiders headquarters talking about possibly getting back with the team. the raiders have not confirmed this meeting. woodson, if you recall, started his career with the raiders and
5:57 am
played eight seasons before moving on to the green bay packers, during a weekend charity golf tournament. he said ending his career where he started is a very viable option. he did meet with the 49ers but nothing ultimately came of that meeting. >> 5:57. still ahead, decision day. hours from now, the bay area will find out if it is hosting super bowl 50. we are going to have more details in a live report. plus -- >> he was continuing to just rip and grind right through moore. then, we continue to see the power flash. his power flashes. >> that black photo cloud in the skies such an ominous scene. we will tell you about more on that tragedy down in oklahoma. word just in that a news conference could happen at any minute. we will, of course, keep that for you and bring it to you live coming up. wow, the track looks perfect. now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying!
5:58 am
whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell?
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6:00 am
things were twisting and i took a deep breath and thought, i'm alive. 91 people reportedly dead and block after block of an oklahoma city suburb flattened as crews all morning and all through the night sifting through the wreckage for any sign of life. good morning. 6:00, thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it is called a monster tornado. at least a half a mile wide with winds up to 200 miles per hour. in the town of moore, about ten miles south of oklahoma city, at least 91 people are dead including 20 children. many of them students and teachers at two elementary schools that took a direct hit. >> we had to pull a car out of the front hallway off a teacher and i don't know what that lady's name is but she had three little kids underneath


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