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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a bay area congresswoman targeted by threats. now the fed and facebook are entering the fray. first, the bolts, then the rods. another problem has surfaced on the new span of the bay bridge. and inside the debate of how to fight a common disease as california courts prepare to make a landmark decision. we take you live to san francisco, give you a live look at the bay bridge. looks gorgeous as always on this wednesday, may 29th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning, it's 4:30.
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i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we made it to wednesday. we have a beautiful day shaping up as temperatures start to soar. approach that century mark into the weekend. 56 to start in san francisco. 58. good morning to you up in napa and 57 in san jose. another very mild start. high pressure really takes control as we head throughout this afternoon. you will notice a warmer day. and then we really warm you up as we get into the next few days. by the weekend, we're talking triple digits. we'll show you where, how long this will last coming up. let's check that drive. good wednesday morning, mike! >> good wednesday morning. out to fremont, as has been the tradition for the past few workdays, construction southbound 880 as you're passing through fremont, you're fine. out toward 237, on your maps, milpitas things start to get more complicated because of cones on the southbound side.
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you start to lose a couple of lanes and down to one lane by the time you get past montague expressway and that continues to brokaw. allow three or four minutes as you're traveling through that entire area to get down in toward 101. meanwhile, northbound commute routes through the south bay are just fine. we'll follow those routes as well as around the bay. thank you, mike. we're learning about a new problem on the yet-to-open bay bridge. bypass railing broke because p bolts were not installed properly. they did not allow for natural expansion that happens in hot weather. bolts were causing it to break. caps have been removed and the bolts replaced. this latest mishap comes as a metropolitan transportation commission holds a special
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meeting in oakland today. they are expecting an update on fixes and broken bolts and rods. congresswoman who outed a marine on facebook pages, jackie spear alerted military brass about marine facebook pages that made fun of sexual assaults but says she's undeterred by these online threats allegedly made by active duty marines. >> it's all about doing the right thing. and i don't think that's the right -- so i think that the military has a big job ahead of us, cleaning up a very distorted culture that has been allowed for decades. >> she says as long as they're not using taxpayer dollars, they have the right to expression, but she feels that if they are
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expressing racial attitude it has no play in today's military. meanwhile, facebook is taking a stand of its own. in a statement, the social media network says it's cracking down on posts that make light of sexual abuse of women. 4:34. 55-year-old man on the peninsula is in jail this morning, accused of attacking his landlord with bear repellant. police say he attacked the man at a belmont complex. plummer hit the landlord and then used stronger than normal tear gas used as bear repellant. remaining docked after
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thieves stole the motors right off boats. someone cut through cables, stealing five motors from pier 40 monday night. it belonged to the group of disabled sailors. without those motors, they can't hit the water. she is unable to use her arms or legs. on a specially designed boat, she moves the boat with her chin. >> i thought it was great i had the ability to sail, given my disability. really not obviously very expected. so i thought it was a really incredible opportunity to engage in a really fun sport and engage actively. >> police found some of the motors but it's not clear what condition they're in. fixing the boats could cost thousands of dollars. on how to deal with crime, retired police officers will
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host a crime prevention meeting tonight. those attending can learn how to properly report crimes and how to be better witnesses. also taking place, a discussion on how victims of crime can deal with the new emotions and stresses victimization can bring. state supreme court will hear arguments over who can administer insulin shots to kids with diabetes. right now teachers, nurses and administrators are allowed to administer insulin. council of nurses association wants to change that so that only certified nurses can give the sometimes life-saving shots but parents and the american diabetes association argue that school employees, who are trained to give the shots, should be allowed to as well, since many schools only have one nurse, if they even have one at all. advisory for boiling drinking water was lifted over the weekend after a tank was ruptured for residential
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drinking water in regards to the follow-up of the last week 5.7 magnitude earthquake in northern california. damages are estimated at more than $1 million. the office of emergency services director says more than 50 homes suffered major damage, including broken porches, windows and decks. one house was even lifted off its foundation. 5:37 right now. check that forecast once again with meteorologist christina loren. it h as a lot of folks are thinking about starting their day. >> probably about that time, especially considering we only have a few more days to get through before the workweek is done. temperatures are nice and mild to start. we are in the upper 50s. and we're headed toward the 80s. a warmer day, especially in places like fairfield, gilroy, temperatures close to 80 degrees today. really comfortable weather headed our way. it will get hot around here really quick. you probably want to enjoy the cooler-than-average temperature.
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temperatures are mild. windchill factor. keep that in mind. breezy conditions will develop throughout the day. look at this. stop that clock on your futurecast right at noon. you can see everyone getting the green shading is where the natural coolant will move in. fairfield, antioch, not going to see too much of that today. delta breeze they always wish for in the central valley, doesn't look like it's going to make it. you'll notice that difference will be at 76 in santda rosa, 72 degrees in san jose. which cities will see the triple digits? we'll get to that in my next report. let's check your drive on a wednesday morning. mike? >> i'll show you the triple digits. 880, the nimitz moves freely past the coliseum, northbound side with those taillights, but the southbound side is the concern we just saw basically no traffic for a couple of minutes and all this burst of headlights indicating we likely had some traffic break. there is construction right before this as we get to the southbound side. there is some slowing south of 880 as well.
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two zones, one heading toward 16th and another by the coliseum, likely on the move for one set of those crews. we'll see slowing for the next 20 minutes likely through the area. heading toward the maze it's not a problem for north 880. in fact, the east shore freeway is fine as far as speed indicators show. let's see how the conditions are. clear view over here from richmond. you see there aren't even problems for visibility off the carcenas bridge. east shore freeway. good stuff. across the bay, golden gate bridge, much clearer view here. lights across the span. those flashing lights, don't worry, just a crew moving the cones getting ready for the commute. as i said, they're cones. back to you guys. >> watch out. tough morning for sharks fans. >> yeah. >> their season came to an end last night. >> eliminated from the playoffs by the champion l.a. kings. they cut the kings' lead from 2-1 in the third period, had
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fans on pins and needles, believing their team could get get that job done. but fans were left with that all-too familiar feeling. the season was over and no stanley cup. >> clearly, it was a huge disappointment. i've been a fan for several years now and we keep getting so close, yet so far. >> my number one goal is to root against l.a. for the rest of everything. and then after that, you know, next season. we always have next season. >> that's right. there's always next year. put a huge roll in the series as neither team lost a home game. sharks will meet at their practice facility tomorrow for the last time this season. >> i know somebody from here actually flew down here just for that game. he texted and said i should have stayed home. i said no, that's a true fan. >> yeah. 4:40. still ahead, physical challenge and mental battle. bay area boy injured in the boston marathon bombings opens
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up about how he is recovering. plus his first pitch at the a's game last night. michele bachmann, why she's decided not to seek another term. and a sandstorm causes havoc in southern california. amazing video of some of the damage next.
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good wednesday morning to you. look at the port of oakland. that will wake you up this morning, all lit up out there. minnesota representative and tea party icon michele bachmann has announced she will not seek another term in congress. she made the announcement a couple of hours ago in her individuvideo on her website. bachmann ran unsuccessfully for the republican presidential nomination last year. we have new video from a violent explosion and train derailment near baltimore. take a look. this cell phone video shows a large cloud of black smoke and flames after a train hit a garbage truck and went off its tracks. as the driver slowly approaches the track site, that huge ball
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of fire erupts. hazmat team was called to the scene. it didn't find any toxic inha inhaleants at that site. the truck driver was seriously hurt. everyone else is okay. 4:45. as the recovery after the devastating tornado in oklahoma continues, they'll get a major hand from major star power tonight. spearheading a telethon. oklahoma native and his wife, mira miranda lambert will host the concert tonight in oklahoma city. many other celebrities expected to make an appearance as well. los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa is in beijing this morning for meetings with china's president days before meeting meetings with president obama.
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the two shook hands yesterday before sitting down with delegations from the u.s. and china. in one of his last overseas trips, the l.a. mayor reinforced economic ties. xi jinping visited los angeles last year to try to boost trade during the two cities. villaraigosa is leaving office in july. balance may make you smile. wall street reacting to good news on car sales, consumer confidence and home sales. for more on that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to bertha coombs. good morning. >> good morning, laura. what's your favorite day of the week? >> friday. >> friday, right? we all love fridays. wall street for some reason seems to love tuesday of late. investors yesterday reacting to that better-than-expected data on home prices and consumer confidence sent the dow climbing 106 points to 15,409, a new record high.
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a new record for the dow as well when it comes to tuesdays. we have been up now for 20 straight tuesdays. nobody can exactly figure out why that's the day, but it is now. for the nasdaq it's ten up tuesdays in a row, adding 29 points to 3488. apple ceo tim cook says he expects the iphone and ipad will be responsible for several more game-changing innovations, he's just not saying which ones. speaking at a tech conference tuesday night, cook didn't drop any hints about any new products from apple but said wearable devices could be the next big thing. he also says he has a grand vision for television beyond the current apple tv device but didn't go into details. digitize is reporting this morning one of the things apple is looking at this year is a lower price iphone to try to get in at the lower end of the market. that will be key particularly when you're talking about in asia. back to you. >> here's to your tuesday then.
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thanks. video out of southern california on this wednesday morning where a sandstorm led to two massive pileups. chp said one of those crashes involved at least 20 cars and six people were hurt. all are expected to be okay, though. sandstorm kicked up around 4:00 yesterday afternoon north of l.a. in lancaster. look at that. >> looks pretty bad. >> dangerous conditions forced the chp to shut down the antelope freeway for several hours as visibility was reduced to as little as six feet. >> that is tough down there. up here in the bay area, a warm-up on the way. christina has been warning us for quite some time now. >> calmer winds as well, good news for anyone who has to travel on 1. that can get dangerous with the sand blowing around. temperatures are still so mild because of a full deck of clouds overhead serving as a blanket. 56. good morning to you, san francisco. 55 to start the day up in wine country. we're looking good for today. temperatures don't soar until tomorrow. so if you've got those outdoor
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plans, maybe it's something as simple as getting some gardening done, little bit of yard work. great day to do so. come tomorrow, the heat will tell you, hey, it's too hot out there. you don't have to do it. then you'll end up resenting it. as we head throughout the day today, get it done early, especially inland. temperatures will be on the warm side, approaching the 80s today. plenty of 70s around the inner bay and 60s today at the coast. up to 68 degrees, santa cruz. area of low pressure starts to race in the central portion of the nation. that could create some severe weather once it makes its way over the rockies. for us, high pressure builds in. we've got a big, strong ridge of high pressure t will set up offshore flow. winds will warm as they pump from land to sea. that means we'll see elevated fire danger. keep that in mind especially over the course of friday, saturday, into sunday. those look to be the warmest. here is what we're expecting for today. really comfortable readings. you can't get much better than 72 degrees. in fremont, room temperature.
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it's not too cold this morning. save on that pg&e bill. you don't need the heat this morning or the ac later on today. look when you just might need that ac. coming into the weekend, temperatures warm up quickly. we're talking about the mid 90s in some of your metropolitan areas. triple digits on the way. 90 for saturday. that is a great day to hit the beach. back to you right now, marla and laura. >> thank you so much, christina. 4:50. 12-year-old martinez boy hurt in the boston marathon bombings got to throw out the first pitch at last night's a's/giants game. aaron hern walked to the mound, threw out the first pitch to brandon moss, who visited him day days after the attack. he suffered hearing loss and some serious leg injuries. he talked to nbc bay area about
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his recovery. >> physically, i'm doing a lot better. i get really tired easily. when i lose it, i'm like done. i have to like sit down or something. mentally, it's still a lot. once in a while i'll have bad nightmares, stuff like that. otherwise, i'm pretty good. >> he's doing great. great to hear from him. his mother, katherine, says community events like this one makes up for aaron's little league games and all the swim meets he'll actually miss this year. what a great spirit about him. >> absolutely. hanging out with bruce bochy there, not bad. mother that have baby stuck in a sewage pipe in china comes forward. why she said she didn't come forward sooner. look outside. 880 has sorted itself out. earlier, in fact, on the southbound side, still has work going on out there. i'll show you what's on the peninsula, coming up.
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welcome back at 4:54 this morning, a mother is admitting she is the mother of that newborn baby boy found wedge in the sewage drainage pipe. she alerted her landlord about the trapped baby after giving birth in a toilet on saturday. she says the child slipped into the sewer line and she couldn't reach him. firefighters ended up sawing away a section of the pipe to free the baby, who is miraculously doing fine this morning. the woman says she did not
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initially come forward as the mother because she can't financially support the baby. police are treating the case like an attempted homicide, but so far no charges have been filed. >> the baby was two days old, too. >> unbelievable, but the baby was okay. >> exactly. it is 4:55 right now. >> the record will stand for now. >> an 81-year-old man from nepal giving up on his quest to become the oldest person to reach the quest of mnt everest because of poor weather conditions. that means 80-year-old yuichiro onora will remain the oldest person. mike, what's going on, on the roads? >> that's when i'll go to mt.
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everest, when you can take a car there. you see a little slowing past the exit. that's an optical illusion as traffic gets away from us. maps will show you the same thing. dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge. commute traditionally westbound and no problems in all these areas heading up or down the peninsula, 101 and 280, into and out of san francisco. smooth drive showing up right there over on the right side. little slowing 80 over toward 101. no incidents reported in the westbound 80 direction or south 101. it is eastbound 80 reports of a stalled vehicle. it sounds like the on-ramp, fourth street on-ramp to eastbound 80, approaching the lower deck and the skyway. it sounds like it's a city street issue. i do see some slowing on the sensors. we'll track that. the bridge itself moves smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:56. why dozens of people are waking
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up early in the south bay all in the name of education. that's coming up. plus, evacuations at the happiest place on earth. the explosion brought the bomb squad to disneyland and what we've learned about it overnight.
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facebook announces major changes and certain posts. i'll have that story. push in sacramento to try to better our children's education. i'm bob redell. i'll have that. kids just have a couple of schools day left, if that. by tomorrow, the 90s. we'll sort out the details where you live. >> and if you live near the dublin interchange, heads up. it's not even 5:00. >> but we're just seconds away
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from 5:00. in fact, we'll reach it as we take a live look outside san francisco this morning. beautiful morning, exactly 5:00 right now on wednesday, may 29th. this is "today in the bay." >> and it is still 5:00 am. thank you for being with us thon wednesday. i'm marla tell ez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. facebook is saying this morning it will take action against the accounts of any user making light of rape or violence against women. live at facebook headquarters in menlo park, what the company is saying this morning and the bay area politician who has become a target of it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. facebook said it's going to change its policy to do more about posts that make light of violence against women. let me tell you about


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