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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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names, baseball bombshell that could get a lot of stars suspended, including several with bay area ties. lace iing up for the last t. the controversy that's getting a charity walk for cancer canceled. and good morning to you. temperatures are crisp to start. plenty of 50s. thick fog forcing flight delays out of sfo. what you can expect for today and when we crank that heat in your city. >> and the build happens over on the east bay side of the bay bridge. a new crash affecting that eastshore freeway. how interstate 80 is affected. >> a live look out of san rafael as the sun slowly starts to shine on the bay area. brace yourself for this wednesday, june 5th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. pulling a ann suv out of the water. video here for you. that car ended up there following an overnight chase. chp says officers started following a black range rover on the bay bridge about 10:30 last night. it made its way through berkeley, ending up at the alcoh aquatic park. he was able to get out of the vehicle and swim back to shore on his own. that's when officers grabbed him and took him into custody. no word on any charge this is man will face. chp tells us they believe he might have had a run-in with the san francisco police before the chase took place. new details on a fight that happened on a boat -- bay area boat that led to an officer shooting and killing an armed man. around 7:00 last night, police got a call of a loud verbal and physical argument inside a boat in the vallejo marina.
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police say a man pointed a gun at the officer, who responded to this call. fearing for his safety shall the officer fired and hit the man in his 40s. he was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. no one else was hurt in this shooting. it is a drug scandal expected to just rock major league baseball. players with bay area ties front and center on this one. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in oakland at coliseum. the a's starter bartolo colon and former giant melky cabrera. >> we're talking about the possible suspension of 20 major league baseball players. espn is reporting. though they've not independently confirmed yet that in a couple of days an informant is expected to link a's baseball bartolo colon and melky cabrera, along with others, expected to link
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them to performance-enhancing drugs. informant's name is anthony bosch, founder of the anti-aging clinic just outside miami. bosch has agreed to talk with mlb and drop a dime on these players. in exchange, mlb will drop a lawsuit as filed against bosch. he is expected to name the a's player battertolo colon, who wa suspended for testing positive for testosterone levels. so was melky cabrera, who was in the game against the giants, first time playing since last year's suspension. he told usa today, the newspaper, at last night's game he was unaware of this new report and said if he were suspended again, it would be harsh punishment, because he believes he has already served his sentence. bosch is also expected to name yankees superstar alex rodriguez, who has before admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and
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ryan braun, national league mvp in 2011. braun plays for the milwaukee brewers, which will be playing the oakland a's around 11:00 this morning. starting for the a's this morning, bartolo colon. reporting live at in oakland, bob redell. thank you for the update. another former player for the a's may be investigating but may be exonerated. gio gonzalez was listed among the biogenesis clients. the only substances gonzalez received espn was told were legal. playing for the washington nationals currently. we'll have much more on this widespread investigation going on throughout the morning. check our website for more information. just go to and search mlb. bay area now has three reported can a cases of hepatitis a linked to those frozen berries sold at costco. a 22-year-old woman from santa
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clara county was hospitalized after eating the berries in late may. two other cases have also been reported in the bay area. one in alameda county and the other in contra costa county. costco has pulled the townsend farms anti-objection dent blend from its shelves. susan g. ko men's three-day walk in san francisco will be the last in the bay area. canceling the event here and in six other cities across the country. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san francisco with the breast cancer charity and why they're canceling the event. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. these are their offices in san francisco on o'farrell street. this was really a difficult decision. the three-day walk brings a lot of awareness to breast cancer. but the participation levels are really hard to maintain. and what that means is that san francisco will be one of seven cities where the signature walk is canceled next year, 2014. participation at komen races has
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been down since its founder decided to stop sending funds to planned parenthood. that decision was later reversed by the organization believes the economy and competition from other charities could be factors in the decline as well. in the past, the susan g. komen thre three-day walk in the bay area has attracted thousands of people trying to end breast cancer and fund research. it's one of their biggest fund-raising tools. the walks generally held in about 14 cities canceled in seven. they include san francisco, washington, d.c., phoenix, boston, chicago, cleveland and tampa bay. apparently those cities not meet ing the fund-raising goals. this won't affect, though, the well-known race for the cure. if you're still interested, the one city in california where it will still be going on is san diego. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thanks a lot. >> where christie is reporting from, san francisco, plenty of
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fog there, the city by the bay. how is it looking elsewhere, meteorologist christina loren? >> it's looked good.lpñ good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. june gloom. when will the sun come through? that's not been the case so far this month. today we do want that june gloom. we've got a major, major warm-up headed our way once we lose this cloud cover starting tomorrow and especially on friday. for today, low, thick clouds forcing flight delays out of san francisco. you can see right at the surface we're doing okay. in fact, visibility right now is three miles or better all the way from santa rosa, north bay through the south bay. that's good news. mike and i will be tracking that for you, of course, as we usually do. temperatures are nice and crisp. you can actually roll down the windows and dry your hair. that's my little trick. 67 in san jose. 51 inñx÷gilroy. plenty of mid 50s to start in the east bay by noon today we'll climb into the 70s. it will be chilly at the coast, though, with low clouds clinging to the coastline all day long.
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hey, not too shabby when you consider 75 degrees as the high in san hojose. 72 for fremont. 61 cool for san francisco. you'll get your beach days. coming up, i'll show you exactly when in my next report. 6:08. as promised, here is mike inouye. >> metering lights are on just after 6:00 is when it happened. backup at the toll plaza, back toward the 880 crossing and building now. it's not so bad down the east shore freeway. a lighter volume of traffic. but also made lighter because of a new crash, unfortunately. this is your commute direction west 80. right around carlson approaching the merge off the san rafael bridge, crash involving up to four vehicles. your second lane from there. initial report again. still arriving on scene. we'll get more details. i can tell you this. slowdown, we see it here, from san pablo in toward richmond, slow commute off the carcenas
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bridge. berkeley may benefit, it at least for the time being. slow for the dublin interchange. 580 has a crash. westbound at1#ly grant line roa making things light into livermore as well. peninsula at palo alto, no problems. earlier crash cleared. back to you. >> we have your eyes on this one for us tomorrow. president obama is returning to the south bay tomorrow, causing some unforeseen headaches for soon-to-be graduates. at bernol intermediate school expected to graduate. but because of the tight security and closed roads, they may not be able to get there. the principal is encouraging people to jump on light reign rail. president obama's scheduled to lev town friday morning. special election to replace disgraced santa clara county supervisor appears to be heading for a run-off with all precincts reporting, cindy chavez is the
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votes to fill the district's district two seat. theresa alvarado had 37%. with neither candidate reaching 50%, there will be a run-off election. voters passing measure a last night. 71% agreed with that one. it hikes the utility user tax on things like gas, electricity, water from 6% up to 8%. / about $1 million a year for this general fund and will allow the city to keep its police force at its current staffing level. it is 6:10. coming up, the president's top security adviser steps down overnight. new tails on the controversial choice to replace him. one of the economic forecasts comes out. it's all good news. we'll take a look, coming up. license to drive at 105.
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that's right. we'll introduce you to one of the oldest drivers still allowed behind the wheel. ♪ (alarm clock buzzer) ♪ (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast.
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welcome back now. thanks for waking up with us. the time is 6:13. you may actually have to use your windshield wipers this morning with some drizzle generated by some thick, low clouds. that's our natural coolantd for today. tomorrow, we lose it and temperatures soar. i'll tell you how hot it's going to get where you live. that seven-day forecast coming up next. why does this shot of the east shore freeway look so great? because of a cash. partially because of that farther up the east shore freeway. we'll show you what's going on out of richmond. four vehicles involved in your middle freeway lanes. that update coming up. at 6:13, a check of today's top stories of the major league
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baseball is set to hear what the founder of miami anti-aging clinic knows about performance-enhancing drug use among players. a source says anthony bosch has agreed to a meeting that could lead to major suspensions of top players. >> susan g. komen will stop its walk in san francisco and several cities across the country. they've seen a 40% drop in participation over the past few years and no longer is reaching its fund-raising goals. the decision to end the thr three-day walk will not affect its well-known race for the cure. major change to president obama's national security team. tom donelin is resigning as national security adviser, replaced by susan rice, current u.s. ambassador to the u.n. it is 6:14. california economists don't have a crystal ball but something close. >> anderson forecast. scott mcgrew says it's one of the most serious, most extensive looks at the economy out there.
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i smell some wet ink. is it fresh off the printer? >> fresh off the printer. economists take it so seriously, they will only send it if you agree to wait to talk about it until they say it's okay. it's entirely good news for california. our economy will continue to grow faster than the rest of the united states. the report says technology now accounts for half of all job growth in california and construction is coming up fast. that's terrific news, because that sector was just whacked by the recession. our growth is now the second fastest in the country behind utah. the anderson forecast expects california unemployment will fall through 2013 and will average 9.1% this year. in 2014, they expect the unemployment rate to fall to 7.1%. now the situation in the rest of america, not so golden as the
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golden state. head economist at ucla says not only is america not in recovery, he says job growth is far too slow to even think about a nationwide recovery in the next few years. learner also blames too much government spending. that's something many economists i know would disagree with. jon and marla, i also disagree with the lerner -- dr. lerner in that he titles his portion of the report about missi ining recovery, great recovery, wherefore n$&ñart thou. but she's not asking where he is, but why dos he have the name he does? because if he had a different name she would be free to marry him. >> always going deep.
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thank you, scott. >> romeo, romeo, i've been saying that for a long time. >> looking for that guy. >> whatever it means. >> you'll really have to search for him. we have some thick fog out there. good morning to you. good-looking day shaping up. yeah, not just loving the air this morning. we have those low clouds moving all the way inland. and hey, if you're waking up, getting ready to hit the highway in the east bay where we know it can get hot, this is a welcomed sig sight. indicationative cooler afternoon. as we head through tomorrow morning, a third of cloud cover to start the day. low clouds not even reaching your inland cities. as a result, temperatures will soar. the natural ac stays on for today. that's the good news. 64 degrees in san francisco. 60 to start in sunnyvale. bad news, this is the last day. temperatures will soar as we continue to head into the week and this upcoming weekend looks really hot. saturday a great day to hit the beach.
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we'll tumble your temps sunday by 10, 15 degrees. if you really want the best beach weather so far this year, saturday. mark your calendars. for today, this is the setup. area of low pressure sits and spins to our south, call it a coastal eddy, kicking up clouds our way. cool ocean air moves all the way inland. we just saw that live picture in sunol. low cloudsst have made it that far. by tomorrow, high pressure moves in. what happens is the winds will turn. they'll shift offshore, pushing that marine layer right back out to sea. you don't have any marine influence. triple digits inland. we'll see more widespread triple digits this time. last weekend was a hot one. yeah, even hotter as we get into this weekend. mike is making the face. not a fan of the triple digits. we head throughout the day today, though, not just yet. you have one more day to get outdoors comfortably. 72 in fremont. beautiful conditions as we head through friday at the beach and saturday, it's going to be hot inland. and sunday, a little bit of a cooldown. major cooling monday into
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tuesday. we'll be back in the 70s. mike, there is some relief in that department. how about in your department? >> unfortunately i have two other things i'm going to make a face about. this first one, east shore freeway, has folks pretty sad out of san pablo, to richmond. we told you about the crash. reports are four vehicles are involved. now blocking your two left lanes. two right lanes getting by. that's not enough to take this morning commute, which is starting a big build. again, reports of injuries as well. we may have a slower time f this doesn't cloer quickly, they may call a sigalert. this may provide benefit coming off richmond/san rafael bridge. heading down the east shore freeway toward the bay bridge, because traffic is held up out of richmond. that's westbound into richmond where the big backup is. metering lights turned on just about 6:00 am. slow up the incline. no problems once you get into the city. giants game, playing the jays today at midday, 12:45. that will cause traffic here.
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issue for muni. 29 sunset bus, reroute through a portion of merced heights. that will be in place likely until the afternoon. check muni's website and they'll get you the latest on those scheduling changes. look out across the bay for the foster city approach off the san mateo bridge. smooth drive. picking up the volume a little bit. no big issues and not a lot of traffic coming over from hayward just yet. for the east bay, the build for the tri-valley west 580. 84 through livermore. extra heavy flow this morning. no reason for that as far as any crashes through dublin or pleasanton. folks cutting through this area and backup grant line because of a crash causing folks to back up coming out of the altamont pass. quick shot of san jose, north 101. volume right there at 680. not a big deal. typically see that second burst. may see that summertime shift
6:21 am
happen i happening as some san jose schools graduate tomorrow with the president in town as well. back to you guys. >> mike, i know you'll love this story. this guy here is 105 years old and he is still behind the wheel. >> 105 years young, he prefers. >> of course he does. bob edward, oldest driver in new zealand and one of the oldest in the entire world. he learned to drive in a french car that had a lever instead of a steering wheel and got his license back in 1925. despite triedriving for almost decades, he has only been involved in one crash and only received one speeding ticket. when asked about driving at his age, edwards says he doesn't think he's old. drivers over the age of 80 must pass health and vision exams every two years to stay on the road. >> that is awesome! >> that is incredible. >> one ticket, one crash in 90 years? i had more than that the week after i got my license. >> teaching the student drive -- teaching us how to drive. >> 10:00 and 2:00?
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>> i think so. >> oh, i know. coming up -- uh-oh, better get maco. 65-car pile-up. what cause this had massive live look at the procession to honor four fallen firefighters in houston, texas. we'll have new details about today's memorial service next. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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protests are strerching into the sixth day in turkey, setting off fireworks and flares near the prime minutes tr's office in istanbul. apparently in response to police who sprayed water canons and fired tear gas to force protesters out of the area. protests started last friday when police disrupted a nonviolent rally to protest trees being torn down. to try to avoid the death penalty, expected to plead guilty today. accused of leaving his remote base in southern afghanistan and going on two nighttime raids. most of his victims, they were women and children. military judge will question him before deciding whether to accept the plea. traffic now moving once again on a freeway in china after a 56-car pile-up triggered
6:26 am
by thick fog. at least nine people died in a total of 16 crashes and almost 1,000 cars were stranded on a section of that road after the pile-up. evac wags are under way in missouri as floodwaters continue z mississippi river. mandatory evacuation for the town of west alton. 15% of the people living in that town have had to evacuate. the river now, the swelling due to heavy rain in that area. washington state patrol is looking for a second commercial truck that may have been on a washington bridge before it collapsed. a truck pulling a white trailer may have passed another truck with an oversized load as the bridgexl collapsed. verts don investigors don't think the second truck damaged the bridge but do think the oversized load did hit the rig. monumental turn out, as many
6:27 am
as 40,000 expected at a memorial service for four houston firefighters killed during a five-alarm fire at a motel. the service will be held at houston's reliant stadium. a live look at that procession in honor of those fallen firefighters this one is on its way to the stadium right now. the four firefighters were dr trapped when the motel collapsed when they were fighting the fire. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. 6:27. we'll be right back.
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the question remains, will apple outgrow its spaceship campus before it's even built? and national security adviser steps down. we have details about his controversial pick for the replacement. out to wall street, early
6:30 am
look at the jobs showing slow growth as we wait for those official numbers due out on friday. for the record,3ñ if you're jus waking up, today is wednesday. it's june 5th. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. president obama's national security seat. tom donelin has announced his resignation, stepping down as the president's top national security adviser effect iive eay next month. now, replacing him bb u.n. ambassador susan rice. you may remember rice was supposed to be nominate d as secretary of state, but she bowed out because of the backlash over the benghazi terror attack. right now we take you live to washington, d.c. with a live look at the white house where we are just getting word that a suspicious package has been
6:31 am
found near a secured part of pennsylvania avenue not tar from t the white house. we are still learning new details and, of course, will bring those to you just as soon as we get them. >> new details in a late-night fbi raid at the state capital here in california. los angeles times reporting a raid at the office of state senator ron calderone is linked to a wide r investigation going on. that report not independently verified because the warrant is still under seal. for the record he is a democrat from the montebello area, elected to his very first term in 2006, currently chairs several committees, including the influential states insurance committee. steve jobs final public wish before he died, building a ma massive modern new apple campus in cupertino. a new report just release d abot
6:32 am
the so-called spaceship campus says apple will actually outfwroe the new campus before it's even built. scott mcgrew joins us live in our newsroom with details from that new report. scott? >> good morning, jon and marla. apple meets with the city of cupertino often. they go over plans for this new campus. one of the studies apple turned over to the city, the company plans to hire 7,400 more workers in the next few years. that would be a 50% increase over its current workforce. the idea of that new campus was to consolidate all of those workers spread out over cupertino into one spot. because they can't fit them in the current campus at infinite loop. every office building has an apple logo outside of it as you drive through. so apple wants to bring them all together. the problem with what we're learning is that if apple does hire that many people, as you said, marla, the campus will not
6:33 am
be big enough to hold them all. this is not a legal document they've submitted. apple isn't committed to hiring that many people. so, it could be the company giving a high estimate. you have to take it as a signal to investors. a lot of them are nervous about apple's future. they're saying, look, not only is it bright, it's gangbusters in a way they couldn't in an official, legal, financial filing. take this one perhaps with a grain of salt, but it is exciting news for the south bay one way or another. >> i guess you can't just build a bigger spaceship, huh? >> they could start now but it would delay it quite a bit, wouldn't it? >> yeah. thank you, scott. christina loren is here. youf been educating us about the low clouds keeping us cool. >> yeah. keeping us cool. typically, we talk about june gloom and it's something people complain about. much of the month of june can be
6:34 am
overcast. that's not going to be the case, at least in san francisco. through the next couple of days, we'll lose that cloud cover. as a result, we turn off that natural ac and temperatures soar. this morning, thick, low clouds are forcing flight delays out of sfo. check out with your carrier there. everywhere else seeing improving weather conditions for today. no other delays. we'll keep you updated all the way throughout the "today" show right here on nbc bay area. right at the surface is what we're tracking for you. it comes to visibilities, looking pretty good right now, except up in santa rosa. you drop two miles. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, you might fall to a mile and a half or mile visibility. we'll let you know if that is the case. give yourself extra time up in wine country to navigate around that fog this morning. 57 in san hojose. 55 in oakland and 54 in san francisco. ie, uniform temperatures with all that cloud cover coming in. this is where we're headed as we head throughout the day from the 50s into the 70s, by about noon inland, comfortable for your outdoor lunch plans, 7 5 as you break for lunch there.
6:35 am
81 to round out the day. not too hot just yet. 61 degrees. i'll have your full forecast and seven-day ready to go in my next report and let you know how hot it's going to be. you're so close to the "weekend now." make those outdoor plans. you still want to get outdoors. that's come iing up. 6:35. first, work through the weekend. mike is there to help you get there on time. >> getting heavier here. live shot west 80 underneath university avenue. all those headlights in your commute direction. look at the maps, earlier crash westbound 80 at carlson boulevard has cleared from lanes. all four lanes now clear. backup from richmond approaching the area, now let loose. you saw that burst of traffic. expect these sensors to start slowing. no longer getting a break. it will be slow down the berkeley curve with metering lights at the bay bridge. bigger backup there as well. give you a look outside and see how things are shaping up for
6:36 am
fremont. southbound 880 moves nicely in toward mission boulevard. picking up some company. still at the limit for 880 down in toward milpitasn'f and southy looks good as well. no problems for san jose. i'll show that to you coming up. >> right there, that's in fremont. fremont police warn people to steer clear. animal services was informed of a rattlesnake bite. a woman was bit when she attempted to take photos of a baby rattler. she was admitted to the hospital but as of right now there is no update on her status. joran van der sloot behind bars and getting married, shocking announcement from a convicted killer next. >> suburban mom with a double life. we'll tell you about the arrest that sounds like the hit show "weeds" come to life. and high schooler accused of
6:37 am
pumping out a younger student>xs a prostitute. the text message that tip off police next. found right by the white house. this happened moments ago. a live picture there of the white house. we'll bring you new details, coming up. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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convicted murderer joran van der sloot is reportedly planning to marry a peruvian woman while he is in prison.
6:40 am
the couple is waiting for permission from prison authority s who hold the wedding in two weeks. van der sloot denies the reports. and denies that he is getting married to avoid extradition to the u.s. also suspected in the 2005 disappearance of natalee holloway, american student who vanished during a trip to aruba. a pot grower by night, mom by day. marijuana grow that the d.a. says 45-year-old andrea sanderlin operated out of new york warehouse. dea says the warehouse is filled with $3 million worth of hydroponic marijuana and state- state-of-the-art technology. mother of two is being charged with narcotics trafficking and will face up to ten years in prison. a high school cheerleader in minnesota is accused of puimpin
6:41 am
a younger student online, taking her to see potential customers and pocketing the money. montea marie parker is accuse of setting up an ad on the girl's mother called police after reading text messages between her daughter and parker. parker will appear in court next week. a charity walk for cancer canceled in san francisco. what's fueling the controversial decision. plus a baseball bombshell. speculation that could lead to suspensions for several bay area stars. techno counties for half of job growth in california. what's the other half? we'll take a look. low clouds spanning all the way inland this morning. sunol, staying comfy today and then an early taste of summer sizzle. when the blazing heat arrives at your 'h&÷doorstep. morning commute simmers here in the south bay, heading toward the richmond/san rafael bridge.
6:42 am
slowdowns on the east bay. what's the latest for the east shore freeway.
6:43 am
6:44 am
right now, we want to give you another live look at the white house with breaking news there. the just getting word a suspicious package has been found near a secure part of pennsylvania avenue not to far from the white house. reporter for nbc news is reporting parts of pennsylvania avenue have been shut down. we'll keep our eye on that one. so far, as far as we know, no one at the white house or surrounding areas has been evacuated. but we still have information coming in. we will keep you posted. we're still learning the new details and, of course, we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them in our newsroom.
6:45 am
susan g. komen's three-day cancer walk will be the last held in the bay area and several major cities. overnight, organizers canceled the event starting in 2014. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san francisco with what's behind this sudden move. christie, good morning. >> good morning to you. the organization says this was a difficult decision to make. but that it's hard to sustain such a huge event in 14 cities with the participation levels that they're getting. so they're cutting it down to just seven cities. that is starting next year in 2014 for their signature three-day walk. what that means is that san francisco, washington, d.c., phoenix, boston, chicago, cleveland and tampa bay won't be participating next year. the susan g. komen for the cure fou foundation says one of its biggest fund-raising tools for breast cancer awareness and research is this three-day walk but also it's one of their most expensive to put on.
6:46 am
the seven cities apparently not meeting their fund-raising goals were picked. participation is down across the board as the found er decided t stop sending proceeds to planned parenthood. the walk will continue in seven other cities including san diego. this won't affect their popular race for the cure. again, everything is the same this year. this asks the event next year. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. 6:46 right now. christina loren is back. we're always looking forward to the weekend. today looks like it might just be perfect. >> it is. like we were talking about before, seize the day. don't let it get past you. you might be kicking yourself tomorrow when temperatures climb by 10 degrees from where we're headed today. the reason for the cooler weather today is that marine layer.
6:47 am
it is thick this morning. it's moved all the way inland. that's a good sign for temperatures to only climb into the 80s. we'll keep in that bay for today. when we lose that cloud cover it will get hot very quickly. best time of the day right el the coolest point of the day, just after sunrise. sun doesn't set until 8:28 pm. as a result, very warm weather. 57 to start in san jose, 50 in gilroy. down in gilroy, just had a tweet that the warmer it gets the more robust that garlic smell s it is ripe out there already. so, count on that to be the case as we head through the next couple of days and accumulate that daytime heating. most of your wind is coming onshore. onshore flow strong enough to keep temperatures right about at average, just a touch below average. day than even yesterday with cool -- more
6:48 am
clouds to start. you probably can get by opening your windows today without running that ac. you'll need it probabl+o as we get into this weekend. temperatures really jump. we'll jump by ten degrees tomorrow, an additional ten getting into your friday. friday is when we're expecting dry winds to really ramp up. dry northerly winds crow ate elevated fire danger around here. we'll be watching that for you very closely. here at nbc bay area starting friday and all weekend long. today, beautiful conditions. 72 in fremont. 71 oakland. little cool in the city by the bay. your warmer days, ooh, they're coming in quickly. look at this. thursday into friday. temperatures really climb. we'll be at the century mark inland on saturday. and then temps will tumble sunday. beach day, better conditions saturday. sunday, better conditions inland and monday into tuesday, the 70s return. ie, comfortable weather. let's check on that ride, mike. >> looking at a really nice drive around the bay.
6:49 am
summertime shift may be kicking in, or at least graduation shift as schools are getting off and people are adjusting for those schedules as well. south bay, 101, 87 and 85 starting to show speeds into the 50s. where it's orange, upper 40s and low 50s through the area. concern, north 101, showing you our camera located right there. build just kicking in -- woerks camera was frozen. now it's moving, as at the traffic. not quite as bad as you first thought. fooled you. north 101, continuing to build for the morning commute. we look up further in the peninsula, how light it is through palo alto. easy drive north past ravenswood, san mateo, san francisco. very easy drive on that side of the bay. we'll show you the maps as we're talking about slowing as you're coming down the berkeley curve off the berkeley area. slower drive and metering lights are on at the toll plaza. big backup as you're coming down out of pinole and in toward richmond. carlton, accident has cleared from the roadway. that big backup has lasted there. that will probably stick around.
6:50 am
fortunately, a lighter volume through the east bay as well. still slowing, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:50. crews have pulled an suv out of the water at berkeley aquatic park. it ended up there following an overnight chase. officers started to follow a black suv about 10:30 last night. the chase made its way through berkeley ending that at that aquatic park. the driver was able to get out of the vehicle and swim his way become to shore on his own. officers then took him into custo custody. no word yet on the charges he will be facing. chp tells us they believe he might have had a run-in with san francisco police before the chase. more details overnight. an armed man on a boat was killed after an officer fired shots in self-defense. police got a call for an argument inside a boat in the a
6:51 am
vallejo marina. police say a man pointed a gun at the officer who responded to the call. fearing for his safety, the officer fired and hit the man, said to be in his 40s. he was then taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. we are happy to report no one else was hurt during this shooting. arm ed bankry suspect in action. a group of men are wanted for three brazen bank robberies. one at the cathay bank in millbrae, one in san francisco. hard to make it out in these pictures. here is a better look at one here. authorities say one happened atwells fargo. the other april 19th. in all, three robberies. the men jump behind the teller's counter and took money. two witnesses say the men took off in a light colored sechlt dan similar to a ford taurus. investigators don't know why a car was speeding before it
6:52 am
crashed in fremont, killing a toddler and injuring his parents. the car was traveling at freeway speed when the driver simply lost control, hit the tree. the boy was thrown from that car inside of his car seat. his father, who was behind the wheel, has major injuries. the mother has life-threatening injuries right now. and the family was apparently heading out to a water park. a san jose man accused of smashing his car through the front entrance of a walmart will be in court today. hamid zayed is accused of attempted murder and reckless driving. he drove into the walmart off story road easter sunday and then just began hitting customers with a large metal club. all of the victims survived. he also faces charges of driving a car into a gas station on capital expressway. sfo baggage handler in court today on charges of stealing from passengers' checked
6:53 am
luggage. 45-year-old george reyes is set to enter a plea later today. he was arrested during a sting operation that involved planting ipads in purses and luggage and then tracking them. they were ultimately found inside of reyes' car. san jose woman known as the chili finger lady will soon be back behind bars. mercury news says a judge sentenced 47-year-old anna ayalla to two years in prison for lying to police after her son accidentally shot himself in the ankle. her son is a convicted felon who is not supposed to have a gun. she spent four years in prison for lying about finding a severed finger in a bowl of wen wendy's chili in 2005. this one is major. it could turn out to be one of the largest drug scandals ever in major league baseball. players with some bay area ties are front and center on this one. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in front of starter for the a's, bartolo
6:54 am
colon and melky cabrera could be back in hot water. >> at least 20 could be suspended as a result of this new drug scandal just 0f÷ developing. espn is reporting nbc news has not been able to independently confirm that in a couple of days an informant for major league baseball is expected to link a's baseball player bartolo colon and form er player rq.melky kc. founder the biogenesis outside miami. he will name the players and in exchange mlb will drop a lawsuit they have filed against bosch. bartolo colon was suspended last year for elevated levels of testosterone. so was melky cabrera, who now plays for the toronto blue jays.
6:55 am
he was in a game against the giants, first time since last year's suspension. in last night's game he told usa today he was unaware of this new report. he said if he were suspended again, it would be harsh punishment, because he believes he has already served his sentence. bosch is also expected to name yankees superstar alex rodriguez, who has before admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and ryan braun, 2wmvp in 2011. he plays for the brewers, which the oakland a's will be playing against four hours for now. starting pitching for the a's this morning, bartolo colon. outside in oakland, bob redell. >> big one there. bob, thank you very much. another former player for the a's may be investigated but may be cleared and declared innocent.
6:56 am
the biogenesis clients but a source from espn says the only substancesdh gonzalez receive friday that clinic were legal. more on that widespread investigation coming up at 7:00 on the "today" show. of course, you can always go online to our website for any details, and search mlb. barry bonds' wife has quietly dropped her request for liz bonds had initially cited irreconcilable differences in a lawsuit she filed last month in l.a. county. she requested a legal separation not a divorce. the couple married in 1998 and moved to beverly hills in 2003. well, it could have been the niners. a lot of people here in the bay area thought it should have been the niners. today, the president welcoming the super bowl champion baltimore ravens out to the white house. do i sound a little biased on that read? the ravens, as you likely want
6:57 am
to forget, beat the niners 34-31 this past january. it was painful down in new orleans. the ravens, coached by john harbaugh, and niners coached by jim harbaugh. >> he got to meet judge judy. >> that's right. >> he and jack hanging out. she makes $45 million a year, a he lot more than the president. new economic data in our newsroom this morning. >> scott mcgrew has been pouring over it for us. we get a sneak peek ahead of time from adp, kpt that deals with payroll. they have a pretty good idea how many jobs are added based on how many paychecks they're printing. their numbers this morning, rather tepid. now a separate report issued this morning by economists at ucla says california's economy
6:58 am
is gangbusters. we have the second fastest growing economy in the united states behind utah. while tech accounts for half of all new jobs, construction is hñ returning, too. that's great news. construction really took the biggest hit in the recession. so if you don't want to be an engineer, grab a hammer. anderson forecast also tells us what it thinks is ahead for house prices. and i have those numbers on my desk right now, jon and marla. i'll have a summary for you in time for our 11:00 am news. >> always good breaking it down for us. thank you, scott. good morning, christina. >> good morning. i'll be monitoring him every icgrew, to make sue you have that. that's big time information. good day shaping up. everybody wants to live in california for another reason as well. gorgeous conditions here. 81 degrees inland. 73 bayside. at the coast today, 61 degrees. and then we crank that heat. seize the day. let's check that drive. good morning, mike. >> california traffic not as popular as the weather. we're looking at a nice drive.
6:59 am
berkeley, earlier crash cleared from the richmond area. pinole in toward berkeley, slow drive. rest of the bay looking good. right around mckee, a big rig lost a tire that caused that big backup i showed you on the live shot. gentle slowing up to the airport. and 85 as well, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. one final check on the day's top storyies. susan g. komen stopping its three-day walk in san francisco. the organization says it has seen an almost 40 percent drop in participation over the past few years. the decision to end the three-day walk will not affect its well-known race for the cure. a major change to president obama's national security team. tom donelin is retire iing as national security adviser. he he will be replaced by susan rice, current u.s. ambassador to the u.n. of course, we will still be following that big story regarding the mlb. the "today" show will have more on that for you in a few seconds. >> that one could be monumental.
7:00 am
more at our 11:00 am newscast. join us then if you happen to be around the tv. see you then. have a great one. good morning. good morning. major league scandal. a new report that professional baseball is set to suspend around 20 players, including yankees' superstar alex rodriguez for using performance-enhancing drugs. this morning, new details on what would be the largest drug case iamerican sports history. developing right now, floodwaters rising in missouri overnight, several levees giving way. residents being forced out of their homes. >> just trying to get out and get my neighbors out. >> and more rain is on the way. and "today investigation". a mysterious new device being used by thieves to break into cars electronically. >> we are stumped. we don't know what the


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