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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 12, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. good morning to you. it is 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we start off with a developing story in berkeley where an all-night search continues for a man who sexual assaulted a child in a playground bathroom. pleeps spent the day at the university avenue playground. people happy to hear the child is home safe and sound but we hear the suspect is still out there. >> reporter: the child is back with his family. i can tell yout that berkeley police have increased their patrols. we have seen them driving by
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this park. this is the bathroom where the boy says he was sexual assaulted. the man's description quite unusually. hair partially dyed green. the boy says the man touched him inappropriately in a bathroom at the berkeley marina right near adventure playground. he told his mom who called police. berkeley police were out overnight and this morning making their presence known. this morning some parents were at the park knowing what had happened. the report set off a huge manhunt yesterday afternoon with berkeley police and fish and game. they checked out cars leaving the area, launched a helicopter but couldn't find him. i spoke with a mom who says she saw the police activity at the leader. >> we were here during the day and decided to leave when the police started surrounding and
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go back to another playground. we are back this morning. >> why did you decide to come back? >> we are not going to let it ruin our vacation. i don't have fear of a perpetrator because i have a really tight family and i am watching my children constantly. >> it's like you can't trust public areas. we have all of these kids coming in here and you just want to be able to feel like your kids are safe that you can go to the park and that you will be able to send your kid to the bathroom and they will be safe and we can have a good time and not have to worry about this kind of stuff. >> reporter: the man is described as african-american with blond hair with green streaks dyed into it. he is about 40 to 50 years old wearing a green shirt and jeans and black sneakers.
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reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. this just in to our news room. police announcing an arrest in sunnyvale's first homicide of the year. detectives arresting steven bowie. a bouncer was shot and killed outside the bar early sunday morning. bowie this morning booked into jail on homicide charges. the fremont man accused of kidnapping a teenage girl so he could sexual assault herséf wie arraigned in court. the 16-year-old girl is okay but not before she was forced to run for her life. police say 23-year-old aaron rory surprised the girl when he popped up from the girl's back seat. investigators say he held a knife to her and ordered her to drive to a remote location and told her to undress. that is when the girl escaped.
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part of the escape was caught here on a neighbor's surveillance camera. you can see her running towards a woman who witnessed some of the panic. >> i saw this girl running in the middle of the street in her flip-flops. she was screaming for help. i said what's wrong. she said he's chasing me with a knife. i immediately said come here and we ran up the stairs. >> police tracked down rory in dublin where he works. he is being held without bail. the cleveland man accused of kidnapping and holding three women captive for more than ten years back in court this morning answering to more than 300 charges. >> reporter: facing over 300 charges of holding three women captive for a decade ariel castro kept his head down for an
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arraignment that lasted less than 90 seconds. >> we would like to enter a plea of not guilty. >> reporter: he is charged with kidnapping amanda berry, gina de jesus and michele knight. he kept them along with a 6-year-old girl in his house in cleveland, restraining them in times in chains. >> although certain charges in the indictment cannot be disputed. >> reporter: it is the count of aggravated murder for allegedly punching a woman in the stomach to terminate the pregnancy that has -- >> hard to think of a case where the perpetrator is accused of more depraved acts than this one. >> reporter: seem willing to plead everything else to avoid death. >> it is our hope to continue to
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work towards a resolution to avoid having an unnecessary trial about aggravated murder and the death penalty. the women were freed may 6th and haven't spoken publicly since their rescue but are expected to testify should castro actually stand trial. back here in the bay area investigators are back out at levistadium trying to figure out (o cf1 o until at least tomorrow. 63-year-old donald white was standing on a ladder under the counter weight of the elevator when the weight came down on him yesterday. the father of four was killed and work at the stadium has been immediately put on hold. california state lawmakers working to make sure when it comes to the new span of the bay bridge safety trumps meeting any kind of deadlines. the sacramento reporting a
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formal request to prevent crews from cutting corners or rushing work. the goal is finding out if officials overseeing the project have offered incentives to contractors to try to meet a labor day deadline. it is not clear if crews will be able to meet the labor day goal. a decision on the opening date should be expected and come sometime next month. the u.s. supreme court could rule on california's ban on same sex marriage as soon as tomorrow. this morning county clerks offices are gearing up for an influx of gay and lesbian couples ready to tie the knot if prop a is overturned. about 35 volunteers are taking part in special training at san francisco city hall to learn how to process marriage licenses and officiate weddings. if it is overturned the city is prepared to perform about 200
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weddings the first day same-sex marriage becomes legal. pg&e wants to raise your gas and power bill. the utility company proposing an increase and for the average customer this amounts to about $12 more per month. pg&e says it needs the money to upgrade the distribution system to make them safer and more reliable. critics say the company has raised rates in the past for the same reason but hasn't followed through with the upgrade. holding a public hearing to discuss the proposed increase. this will start at 7:00 p.m. in the city council chamberred. the city is talking about banning public bird feeding in the interest of airline safety. the concern is for the planes flying into and out of san francisco international. people feeding birds at the bart station and other public areas
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attract more birds. officials say many birds end up at the airport. opponents say it is not clear enough. >> does it mean by 280 where we have eagles? does it mean in the park down the street by my house? >> there has been a total of 120 bird strikes at san francisco international airport. 12 of those resulted in damage to an aircraft. >> the council will vote on the ordinance next week. if passed first-time offenders will be fined up to $100. with all of the branda/a ne seats the bart trains the agency eyeing a different no cai
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from the outside looking in it looks like a giant fun obstacle course for adults but those who take on a tough mudder race realize it is one of the toughest events on the planet. >> who better to give it a shot than our very own bob ridell. >> reporter: it is billed as the most insane day of your life. 17 obstacles at the park in san jose. it is the gladiater run put on by one of the original
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gladiaters. can anyone do this or do you have to be in certain physical shape? >> you look like you are ready. >> reporter: i am an awesome specimen. can anyone do it? >> we have half men, half women. we have football players. i designed it so it is accessible to everybody. for some people just getting out here and competing is a win. for others you are in it to win it. i think you are in it to win it. >> reporter: they are still doing set up here. is there a name for this particular obstacle? >> i am into getting muddy. >> i like to get dirty with women but for today i willl let you get dirty with me. >> i give you the microphone.
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i need encouragement. >> this is a small fraction. the idea is to get through in one piece. that is real barbed wire. let's count down. >> reporter: i want some encouragement and refer to me as maggott. >> go. stay low. dig. hands and knees. really moving. keep driving. on race day you will be under water in mud. >> i think i need to lose a little bit of my back. >> you are looking good. >> what is the website? >> >> still got sunday. does the price of admission include a towel? >> a towel and a beer from san jose brewery. >> rock and run this weekend
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here at the joseph d grant park in san jose. i need a shower. >> i love bob. he should have given dan a big hug after that. >> he makes dirty look good. always going above and beyond the call of duty. so they used to have dirty seats but they fixed the seats. bart is taking aim at train noise. >> the agency exploring new ways to reduce the streaking and noises the riders have to listen to every day. right now bart grinds the noise down. however, that just wares the tracks out so the agency is looking at other ways to reduce vibration. bart says once it figures out how to fix the problem the next step will be a way to figure out a way to fund the way to fix it. after restarting dream liner flights out of san jose it is
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boosting the service. the airline will provide daily flights between san jose and tokyo starting this fall. currently there are no flights on tuesdays and thursdays. the boeing 787 was grounded almost six months after some of the planes experienced electrical problems. flights resumed out of san jose 11 days ago. sean parker dropped serious dollars on his recent wedding and now is paying more. today the california coastal commission expected to approve a $2.5 million fine set issalment with the internet billionaire. he got married in an outdoor ceremony. they reportedly spent millions building an artificial pond and gateway to go with mock ruins of a cottage and castle walls for the big day. clearly an understated event. the coastal commission went after parker for doing construction without having a
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permit but did allow the wedding to continue. parker will also have to ensure that everything from that kind of "game of thrones" wedding will be cleaned up. >> i thought that was j.t., that wasn't justin timberlake? >> the other j.t. good morning. exciting start for the company despite the fact what the company does is a bit less exciting. the software company works in traffic management, talking internet traffic. the company on the right raised about $125 million in its i.p.o. today is the first day of trading and shares are up by about a third. google continues to wait for a response from the federal government over an open letter sent to the justice department. google wants to be able to
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explain more about what it offerathize nation's biggest spy agency to help clear its name. there is a business angle here. google and microsoft have been pushing the cloud, the concept that you run business programs remotely on a server somewhere instead of in your own office. if you kept thet data in your office you know when the nsa shows up with a warrant but you don't know if they show up at google. the cloud has become less secure and one of the reasons why you are seeing corporations expressing more outrage than the average citizen. back to you. >> always has good points. thank you very much. bob ridell got muddy. brown mud. up above itkçm was blue skies. >> it is really nice out there. i am still caught up on the fact that that guy says he likes to get dirty with women usually. did he really say that?
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this is a family show. we have a good looking day shaping up. everyone can agree it is nice around here. we are in the transitional period between spring and summer time. we get some of the best weather all year. 74 degrees right now in livermore. in addition to the mild temperatures we have a beautiful breeze from right off the ocean. that is nice cool air pumping in. the wind will pick up between 3:00 and 5:00. it will be gusty with gusts between 30 to 40 miles per hour at the immediate coast. high pressure is going to move in slowly for the next couple of days. temperatures are going to stay steady. we have another bay area stunner. things start to change for the weekend. friday warm. we jump temperatures to about 88 degrees inland. saturday temperatures drop off. we only see 83 degrees inland on saturday. that is going to be a good day for you to hit the beach because
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temperatures drop more as we head through father's day. 60 degrees at the coast. 70 degrees bay side and pretty much perfection inland at 76 degrees. today's highs comfortable for tomorrow. friday. we drop it off saturday into sunday. next week we keep the good times coming in. no ac necessary sunday through o tuesday. >> looks good for father's day. >> let the cool air come in. natural and organic. still to come an update on the condition of the giants' fan nearly beaten to death at the dodgers stadium a couple of years ago. co
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another twist in the tough road to recovery for injured fan
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bryan stow. a recent post on the family's blog says he is livingt at his parents' home because the insurance company has stopped paying for his rehab. the family says they are glad to have brian home but he has experienced a big setback from the lack of physical therapy. he was beaten in the parking lot of dodgers stadium on opening day two years ago. tough news for giants on the field. marco scutaro could be out for a considerable amount of time. he will be seeing a specialist today after he was hit by a pitch in the seventh inning. andrew baggarly says x-rays are negative meaning no fracture but there are worries scutaro could have damaged a tendon. managers were ejected in the
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eighth inning after conto hit a batter with the pitch. former oakland as :1&powere mark maguire ejected. he was in the middle of it all. he was one of the six people tossed from the game. the fight started after one of the dodgers was drilled in the face with a pitch. the dodgers won 5-3. >> it looked like old school baseball. we had mitch williams, curt gibson, all of those guys. new kitten has people seeing double in oregon. >> we'll show you why after the break.
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a quick programming note. our 11:00 newscast will be preempted for the next two days. the first two rounds of u.s. open golf tournament from noon
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to 2:00 here on nbc. the 11:00 a.m. newscast will return on monday. we found a very rare sight in oakland. a newborn kitten with two tiny faces. >> this is in oregon. the kitten was born yesterday morning with two faces. >> unbelievable. >> just one body. and apparently a health y set o lungs. the kitten's owner took it to the vet who checked it out and found everything in working order. deucy was found by a couple of neighborhood kids. her owner is feeding her warm kitten formula. >> i have never seen anything like that before. >> it is kind of creepy to look at but at the same time it is cute. >> happy the thing is in good condition. >> hope she has 18 lives. >> double.
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