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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nbc bay area with breaking news. >> good t(evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. thatt( breaking news i3ñá in so florida, a loud pop and a crowded deck collapsed at a miami sports bar. about 1xúw people fell into the water while they were watching the hometown miami heat in the nba finals tonight. nbc's justin finch from our sister station in miami hasu t very clatest. >> reporter: theq rescue effort continues on the ground, the north bay village just behind us
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here. b. at the shuckers bar where the deck evening. as people may have árjz thatko spurs game when that deck gave way and fell into thei] bay bel. we understand that all thosee1 f people, 24 people required transport to areñ hospitals. two of those people are being ¢ñ injured. the remainder ofñi that 100 are being calledfáw3 walking wounde bruises and things of that nature. we're told the worst of the injuries at this time seem to includebh6já teeth, bro bones, major scrapes and bruises here. this recovery effort involved divers in the water. miami-dade's fire department,q s well as other local agencies m1ñ trying to find the victims who in the waterq at this qtim. we understand this effort will eu) and well into the morning as c o area police take over andjfi] continue this investigation herd in north bay jfvillage. justin finch, nbc bay area news.
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>> all right, thank you, justin. investigators trying to figure out why a private plane crashed interview a hanger at an airport in southern californiyé now this airpol4÷ is east of l.k in chino. the jet was on a ramp when it jumped the block holding it and hanger. the mechanics were on board, but no one was injured. some dramaticñr videoxd fro wildfire. and at leat 360 homes have been destroyed. tonight about 40,000 people have beenxd evacuatedq from areas arr colorado springs, which is soutr of denver. the black forest wildfire is only about 5% contained. here inok the bay area nothg that bad, but the fire danger is very real. in the span of just three hours this afternoon, crews wereñi bu putting out flames all across the bay area. and withxd warming temperatures this jfweeken the riskñi isçó i growi
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about 15 minutes. new at 11:00, it's tense, it's bitter, and it's happening now. angryt( parents in the south ba are battling someqxd school leas from the santa clarajf unified district. they have waited for hours. and now as we approach midnight, they're finally gettingk&rqr) turn to voice th/i=xd fáconcer. this is a story we first broke last week, and it's boiling over tonight as we t(speak. nbc bay area's monte francis joins us from the school board headquarters. it's pretty late in the night. ,ó)p(pening now? >> rter: raj, this meeting ago, and the public comment part of the meeting started one hour ago. right now parents are inside. they are voicing their concerns, and they're making some demandsr bullying from trustee. >> reporter: as board members argued over theó agenda anni accused one another ofq bullyin, parents filled the hallway, waiting to air their@tp)q+ances about four santa clara unified board membersñi in q6(ticular.
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michelle e1ryan, board president christine colterman. they waited and waited.w3 uñ you only have to see one meeting to understand the danger ofjf outrageous. >> reporter: parentsfá galvaniz presented a no confidence petition, citing those four board members. it included more than 2,000 signatures and claims the micromanaging hasw3 led more th a dozen principals and other administrators to leave the district.i] >> it ist( alwayst( a privilege >> reporter: chris çóstampoles, the ire of much at the meeting claim he and others were elected to make changes in the district, including studentc proficiency, a%11e among the district's latino students. >> yes, i do48/hinkc there are somexde1 administrators leaving because of the results of the election. and from a community perspective, that's a great thing. >> how are you? thank you. >> reporter: one parent stoo6
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outside the meeting with+ a si, claiming stampolus in particular has been destructive for the district. >> he has hurt the publicx and that's not okay.xd and we're sick of it. >> reporter: but at least one teacher told us she doesn't feel it's the board+t( causing the turmoil. >> i've seen a lot of turmoil fromçó people who don't like things being shaken up. maybe thing!hould be shooken up.ñi >> reporter: i]and, again, afte almost six hours, this meeting is still under wayq ñ8onight. /ujtz won't be solved until the four board members are replaced.ok there is talk ofi]ñrh recall, ba withçó signatures from 20% of registered voters heret( in thi school district.çó live in santa clara tonight,i] monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monte. new at 11:00, at( fremont restaurant aears to be the latest victim of a telephone jf scam. here is how it worked. the business gets a call from someonee1 claiming to be from pe demanding immediate payment for allegedly past due bills.çóe1 latino lp
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businesses. it alsoiasays itslp employees nr ask for immediate payment over the qphone. the latest scam cost the (u)ant $500.fác xdñi securityi] was tight '# familia crowded into a san jose courtroom+ for arraignment toda. la gang case in santa clara county history, the caseñi accuses sev women and 27 men of a variety of crimes ranging from murder to bank robbery and assault. actually plead guilty, mostlyñro lesser crimes. others will be back inw3ñr cour next thursday forfá bailñi hear. santa clara county wants its money back from its own u9qe is targeting the to paid attorneys in the d.a.'si] office who got hundreds of hours of extra paid time off. the county says it's an inappropriate giveaway. this demand comes after ourxdw3 ìáhp &hc& susko exposed the da jeff rosen
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for orchestrating the unauthorized move. >> reporter: the message is clear. pay it back.xd us to correct this problem. >> reporter: for ajft( year and half, top paid attorneys were secretly given free time off. now the county is demanding itj >> it certainly wasn't the u&q of the contract. so i don't think it was a very >> reporter: it comes twoc monts after we exposed d.a. jeff rosmf directed time sheets be altered, and sick time hours to $at mov allowed attorneys to bank time off to use or cash out later.xd rosen told us in april it was to make up for a 5%é@ bonus lead attorneys lost in the wake of budget cuts. >> i directed this to happen. i wanted this to happen. this is exactly what i wan)%"jpc happen.lp+ >> reporter: isn't this falsifying a document? >> this is the opposite ofñi falsifying añi qdocument. this is making clear and transparent to the( ok we're doing, which is giving
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administrative leave in lieu of of >>nfporter: today he stood by that decision, calling it ac benefit attorneys lawfully earned,fá adding "i do not appreciate attempts by the county executive to bully myfá hardworking prosecutors." . >> personally, i would sort of hope that the d.a. would join the county in the effort to ask thew3 union to return the administrative e1time. >> the county executive's office ñiñ action thatfá has raised a numb of concerns from county administration. it demands attorneys given admin leave take those hours from it demands attorneys given admin leave take those hours from their vacation banks. if they lpdon't,fá expect an investigation. >> it is surprising to get this( letter? >> no. >> reporter: max is the president of the government attorney's association. >> somexd of the peopp on this 4éaist almost immediately give these hours jfback. and i know they were particularly concerned about how this could look if t!/(xd were perceived to have accepted administrative leave hours that
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the d.a.çó couldn't grant. >> reporter: heaññ two other aj4&rneys tried to give u1pi the hours before this5a letter. the d.a. it's veryok frustrating to meko see members -- hard-working lawyers inq thg3 d.a.'s office brought into the public eyexd such circumstance for doing nothing more than their jobéo cf1 o >> reporter: the union will be meeting with the countylp to discuss what will happen next. the attorney general is still into the admin leavei] giveaway. we'll of course bring you updates as wexd get them. back to you. >> thank you. fallout tonight from another of our investigative unit series. a san jose professor is off working at the university.t( the investigative unit first xdxy lecturer even after he admitted to crossing the line withq a office. he said it was consensual. the student said it was assault.
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tonight mathis is gone, but it's unclear if he resigned or wast( terminated. so fart( no explanation from th university president, despite if you have a tip for.jñ our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail to zv someone paid 80,000 bucks of estate that you can't build on our live okçóin,fá and it's bar bigger than your average car. we'll tell you where and why. the obama administration knows syria'sxd govert used chemical ñiweapons. so what happens next? and good evening. i'm jeff raqbó in the nbclpq ba area weather center. winds todayt( increasing our fi danger from 22 to 46 miles per hour. and a live look outsidee1 ofok sky camera in san francisco shows clear skies. let you know about increased the fogçó rollk3 back in just aw minutes. i'm kimberly tere live in the east bay witht( the detailsf a rear end crash that ended with the fatal shooting of a young man. that story coming up.
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who is in charge in san jose? first the police chief, and now the fire chief. willie mcdonald is leaving the bay area's biggest city and joining the las vegas fire department. mcdonald has served as san jose's chief since 2010. he says his new position in vegas is a unique professional opportunity. mcdonald's departure comes just months after san jose's police chief resigned. it started with a minor fender-bender and ended with the shooting death of a man who have celebrated his 23rd birthday today that shooting in oakland last night about 11:00 on the 5800 block of market. tonight police want to know what
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you know. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in berkeley, and that is a road rage incident we're talking about? >> reporter: that's exactly right, jessica. police say that the victim was playing basketball here on the cal berkeley campus before the shooting happened. he was actually on his way home. and we spoke to some people who played basketball with him last night who say that they are devastated, and call the murder senseless. >> he is a really cool kid. i mean, i think he started coming here maybe a couple of months ago right after he graduated. he was learning basically basketball. >> aya nakano would have been 23 years old today. the recent university of oregon graduate went to cal last night as usual to play basketball, and was on his way home to emeryville when police say he was rear-ended. that happened on stanford avenue and market. >> our victim pulled over to the curb in the 5800 block of market street. the suspect vehicle also pulled over. >> reporter: police say at that point there was some kind of
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confrontation between nakano and two men in the other car. that's when nakano was shot and killed. >> i don't understand it. but -- and i know exactly where it happened. i don't think he had the attitude to try to piss someone off. he is only 5'2", 5'3". >> i was shocked. i don't think he would say anything to provoke such an action, because he was a really humble guy. he would be cracking jokes and just like having a good time in the basketball. he was a good guy to get along with. so sad to see him go. >> reporter: police say nakano did exactly what he was supposed to do last night. >> he did the right thing. you're supposed to pull over, stop, exchange information. unfortunately, something did not work out, and we have someone that was killed over it. >> reporter: police say the shooting is tragic and want to remind people when you are in an accident, it's a good idea to pull over in a well lit and crowded area if possible. they also suggest calling someone to let them know where you are. and above all, trust your gut.
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>> if you don't feel safe, it's okay to leave that scene, go to another area, contact police and explain this is why i did what i did. >> reporter: police say the suspects were in a newer silver four-door sedan, possibly with some front end damage. they are looking for any witnesses who may have seen the accident or the altercation. if you are one of those people, oakland police does want to hear from you. live in berkeley, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. also in oakland, it could soon get harder to file a police report, get your home inspected, or even drive down the road without hitting a pothole. more than 3,000 of the city's union employees have now voted to authorize a strike if negotiations on a new contract fail. no word when the strike would begin, and no comment yet from the city. the last time oakland workers hit the picket lines was 1946. president obama says the red line has been crossed. today the white house announced it will intervene in syria's civil war. >> nbc bay area's janelle wang
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has more on this developing story. >> reporter: for months, president obama had threatened to take action if syrian president bashar al assad uses chemical weapons against rebels. and today a new intelligence assessment that was shared with both congress and key u.s. allies around the world says the regime is specifically sarin gas on a small scale, killing as many as 150 syrians. today's assessment is a confirmation of a preliminary intelligence report the president spoke about in april. >> knowing that potentially chemical weapons have been used inside of syria doesn't tell us when they were used, how they were use. >> reporter: since then, the white house disclosed today it has been quietly ramping up support for the syrian opposition, specifically, a group called the supreme military council. the white house has promise in order military support, but would not disclose any specifics. republican senator john mccain applauded the president's decision, but senator lindsey graham says the u.s. needs to make sure the weapons don't end
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up in the wrong hands. >> my goal is to make sure they're not used against us or israel, or allies throughout the world. >> reporter: also today the united nations released its latest figures on the death toll in syria. it estimates 93,000 people have been killed since the civil war began just over two years ago. other experts say that number is closer to 100,000. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. well, it made international headlines when a thousand people died after a building in the garment district in bangladesh collapsed back in april. tonight a study released by engineers there show massive flaws in the construction and design of more than 200 clothing factories in bangladesh. they say the buildings are mostly residential in nature and are not designed for weight and vibration that comes with making clothes. many retailers have signed a pledge to improve building construction. however, san francisco-based gap, which uses factories in bangladesh, has not signed that agreement. gap says it's copping up with
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its own safety plans. it is friday morning in iran, and people there are already heading to the polls. current iranian president mahmood ahmadinejad has termed out. a big turnout so mean good things for the centrist. a low turnout could likely favor one of the members of the hard line party. one week after his boss was in town, vice president joe biden will be in the area. he is flying in tomorrow on air force two. mr. biden will attend a fundraising for example in the upscale sea cliff. a private reception with the vice president will run you ten grand. here is a riddle for you. what is 8x12, hard as concrete and painted in yellow or white and. if you answered one block from at&t park, you're the winner. that's what this space is going for. once the new owner writes that check for $82,000, it will be yearly property taxes and monthly hoa dues to pay as well.
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the realtor who sold the space says you could consider it a bargain or maybe an investment. a parking space can add $100,000 to the price of a home or condo in south beach. live picture news of the bay bridge this evening. it looks beautiful, or could we call it the willie brown bridge? california lawmakers want to name the western span of the bridge in honor of the colorful former san francisco mayor. when brown was da mayor, he had significant input in the upgrade of the seismic portion of the bridge. >> it will have to have a fedora as well. >> there will be a lot of color on the bridge. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. the next couple of days we're going to start to see a little bit of a warm-up, and it's going to be dangerous. >> fire danger is increasing throughout the next 24 hours across the east bay, also for the south bay as the northwest wind gets going for tomorrow. but i really think the east bay is going to have the worst of this concern, especially in the hills above one thousand feet. temperatures in the 80s.
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also humidity that will be from about 20 to 30%. so, again, in the east bay, we'll have the fire danger elevated. likely as we head throughout all of summer we're going to see that fire danger increased for us. throughout friday a little bit of cloud cover the coastline. not a big fog event expected for us. and mainly sunny skies right through 4:00 p.m. across the bay. also the interior valleys. temperatures jumping in the upper 80s as we head throughout 4:00 p.m. we just saw the bay bridge. take a look at again because it looks so beautiful tonight. no fog here from emeryville looking back towards san francisco. in facts hard to find any kind of marine layer tonight near downtown sf. well, the pattern is looking more like february and also march here out in the pacific. we have this upper-level area of low pressure spinning out here that continues to get closer. it's going to be good enough to keep, well, the fog moving back in as we head namely throughout saturday and sunday. it will keep the rainfall off to the north, also with some of the colder air. and some of the hot weather we'll get for tomorrow is going to be pushing towards the south.
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looks like fog is going to become a factor here back in the forecast as we head throughout saturday morning. that's when we'll start to notice the larger changes for us where everyone is expected to wake up with some sort of cloud cover, back for the east bay right up towards the coastline. otherwise for tomorrow we'll see the temperatures increasing with some of the hottest levels, just like we had for today in the extreme south bay. 86 in morgan hill. 89 in gilroy. 84 in san jose. 78 in santa cruz. also 87 in sunnyvale. and for the east bay, some of the most widespread, hottest temperatures will be located here. here is the thing. the wind is going to move right across a lot of these east bay hills. it's going to do what we call abatic warming. it's going to take parcels of air. as it gets forced down the hills, the air has no choice but to heat up. 88 in dublin. 89 in livermore and 88 expected in walnut creek. for san francisco, go 70 for you. 87 in santa rosa. 76 in berkeley. on the seven-day forecast, temperatures do start to cool off as we mention as that fog
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returns saturday and sunday with 70s inland and 60s at the coastline. and as summer officially begins next week, wouldn't you know it, we have more temperatures that will feel more spring-like than summer-like. mother nature hasn't made up her mind in three years here in the bay area. looks like summer is going to be just as wacky. >> it's a three-year forecast. that's my prediction. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. up next, a part of our local history lost to time. her story coming up.
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one of the last survivors of the 1906 san francisco earthquake has died. winnie hook passed away on tuesday at the age of 107. she is shown here in a picture from the 2012 dinner honoring the survivors. winnie's passing leaves us with just two remaining survivors of that earthquake. 107-year-old william del monte, and 111 ruth neuman. a very big win for a pint-sized fighter. the little girl who won a nationally publicized battle to
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get an adult lung transplant is now recovering from a successful life-saving surgery in philadelphia. 10-year-old sarah murnaghan is expected to be breathing on her own in just a couple of days. before she had her surgery, sarah was in a medically induced coma with just days to live because of badly damaged lungs from cystic fibrosis. the surgery was only possible after a court order that allowed her on to an adult transplant list. well, there is a big change coming for bay area football fans. >> a dramatic day for the a's and giants. dave feldman joins us next. ready?
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happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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49er and giants fans, listen up. the nfl is tightening security, and that means limiting the size and the type of bags that you can bring into a stadium. it starts this preseason games. you can only bring in small bags, believe it or not, that are see-through. purses still okay, as listening as they're no larger than a clutch. let's head over to sports 689.
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you can't get anything in a clutch. >> i just found out what a clutch is, feldy. >> we'll tell you after the show. >> i appreciate that all right. forget about the ninth inning drama. yankees and a's created some 18-inning drama this afternoon at the coliseum. it started in the day and finished in the night. yankees and a's. a's looking for the sweep of the yankees. jump to the bottom of the 18th. game tied at two. mariano rivera and bases loaded. nate freiman with the broken single to left. a's score and 18 to sweep the yankees. giants looking to avoid the sweep in pittsburgh. top 6, giants up 6-0. hunter pence, bang. a three-run home run to left center. his 11th of the season. and the giants win, 10-0. heat and spurs, game four of the nba finals. the spurs lead 2-1.
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11-year-old sebastian de la cruz performed the star spangled banner before game three. he did a wonderful job, but he was bashed on twitter. spurs invited him back and let him sing for game fourth quarter, handy did great. fourth quarter, miami up seven. dwyane wade with the steal. he had six steals on the night. later in the fourth, wade with the driving layup. he finished with 32. heat win, 109-93. series tied at two. and the brooklyn nets formally introduced former cal great jason kidd as their new head coach. best of luck to the former california golden bear. i'm dave feldman. raj and jeff, back with more right after this. have a good night.
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tonight a 9-year-old south bay boy fighting a supershuman battle got a little inspiration from one of his favorite things. >> peter is battling a form of lymphoma. today he got invited to hang out
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at santa clara-based anybots on behalf of the make a wish foundation. peter got to see how they worked and then got to take one home. how about that, to keep. santa clara also declared this peter's day officially on the city books. >> they even bucked it in the car. really cute. >> the limo. >> yes. and it had a bow tie. >> thanks for watching tonight. wow, the track looks perfect.
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