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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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alameda fair and a super moon headed our way. i've got your full forecast including some rain showers. after early morning drama on two of your east bay 80s, we'll let you know how the nimitz and the east shore are shaping up now. we take you live to a city i used to call home, foster city, giving you a live look at the traffic heading across the san mateo bridge. a beautiful start to your friday on this june 21st. this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to one and all. we like to say friday as much as we can. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> new this morning, a small fire set off the sprinklers overnight at gordon beer in downtown san jose. the sprinklers put out the fire, but the head of one of them broke creating a soggy mess on the restaurant's second floor. the fire department came in to
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help mop everything up. the restaurant says it will open up on schedule this morning at 11:00. no word yet on what initially started that fire in an employee dressing area. today an iconic bay area restaurant all set to open again months after a de stating fire shuts it down. "today in the bay's" christie smith joining us live at chez panisse in berkeley with a preview of the restaurant's rise from the ashes. a lot of people smiling out there this morning, christie. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning, jon. happy friday. it's been nearly four long months since chez panisse served any of their delicious food in berkeley. it seems like whenever we come to cover the story people stop us and want to know when it's going to reopen. i wanted to steve to show you the front of the building here. this is all new. we watched them put this in over the months. there's actually a steel frame underneath it. the answer, of course, to when it's going to reopen is tonight in a way with a celebration and
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fund-raiser at $1,000 to $2,50 per person with proceeds going to the edible school yard project. that's a cool curriculum to teach students about healthy food choices. it's a private dinner. that program made it all the way to the white house. chez panisse was founded by alice waters, an icon and food activist in the california cuisine movement. the building created by artisans many years ago. on march 8 an overnight electrical fire caused about $200,000 in damage and shut down the world famous restaurant. originally it was believed that the restaurant could reopen quickly, but the dates kept getting pushed back, the original designer brought back in, much of the redwood cleaned by hand. in berkeley, so many people touched by the fire, the outpouring of support was huge. >> a young girl and her friend had a lemonade stand in front of their house, meyer lemons. she made lemonade and she came
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over and gave me a gift of $37 that they raised. it was so touching, so beautiful. >> reporter: you can see much more of that tonight, our own raj mathai sat down with chef alice waters in an interview in a rare one-on-one conversation. she talks about the fire, talks about the edible school yard project and much more tonight at 6:00. after the giants game at 11:00, i wanted to show you back here live, she mentioned the little girl with the meyer lemon. on thursday, it's kind of interesting, the dessert she's serving is a meyer lemon tart. you have to wonder if that has anything to do with the child that helped out. chez panisse opens to the public on monday. live in berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thanks so much. this morning bike riders are calling for changes to road safety in the wake of a deadly
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hit-and-run accident in down down san jose. residents started this petition on calling on may your chuck reed and other city leaders to create a safer environment for cyclists. the petition already has almost 100 signatures. the petition began after a driver in an suv hit and killed 55-year-old len ernest as he wrote his bike on the taylor street overpass of highway 87 on monday. that driver has not been found. also this morning, prosecutors say a stockton man convicted of killing his girlfriend and stuffing her body into a trash can in the bay area may have killed before. 35-year-old hav yea sandoval was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the murder of his 25-year-old girlfriend. her badly decomposed body was found inside of a trash can in pleasanton back in may of 2012, but she was not identified until several months later. prosecutors are saying the victim may be the third woman sandoval has killed in order to get out of a relationship.
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they're now compiling evidence on the suspicious deaths of those women and they're hoping he will be denied parole when he's eligible in 2028. this morning the man accused of sunnyvale's first homicide in more than a year could enter a plea. prosecutors claim stephen craig bowie, junior, shot and killed david lucero outside the peacock lounge back on june 9th lucero was working as a bouncer during a hip-hop event at that club when he ended up in a fight with the suspect. police used surveillance video to identify bowie as the suspect. one other person was also shot and injured but is expected to survive. a 4-year-old girl very lucky and recovering this morning after a terrifying fall from a second story window. police say the girl was knocked unconscious after falling out of that window at a home on 23rd avenue near the intersection of east 15th street and oakland just yesterday. that little girl was unconscious when firefighters arrive, but
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she eventually came to moments later and she was able to actually answer some questions. firefighters say a bystander saw the fall, rushed over to help that little girl and that bystander, an aspiring firefighter then called 911 and was able to stabilize the child at this hour it is unclear where the girl's parents were at the time of that fall. police say this type of fall can be more common in summertime when the weather is hot and families decide to leave their windows open for some air. >> well, it is the first day of summer. >> officially we are here. >> we're in for a nice day. meteorologist christina loren, how high can we expect the temps to go? >> i know. let me get out of the way. i'm messing it up. 6:06. this is the bay bridge. it's friday morning, the first day of summertime, and even though we've already had temperatures just a couple weeks past at 110 in walnut creek, today we'll only hit the mid 80s
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in the warmest cities across the bay. we're hitting right about average for this time of year. that, of course, the beautiful start over san francisco. this is what we're waking up to in san jose, beautiful conditions, a little hazy, kind of a milky sky out there. you will notice that hayes will clear out later on as the winds pick up tonight. and as we head throughout the weekend, showers headed our way. we can reinforce the air quality already in place. 54 degrees right now in san jose. so "today in the bay" works like this. your hour by hour detail, by noon, 78 degrees inland 86 dress, bay side 72 degrees, comfortable there. meanwhile that's 67 degrees at the coast. want to point out we have showers headed our way over the course of the weekend. something else happening this weekend, the super moon. you'll get a better view of it on saturday night with the low clouds moving in sunday night and showers headed our way. i'll time out who is going to see that system first and how much rain we're expecting.
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6:07. want to check out the drive with mike. >> we'll go to the east bay, oakland area, we'll look at the maps. early drama coming down off university avenue, an early traffic break and early clearing. now you're back to the speed limit approaching the bay bridge. westbound into san francisco no major problems. no metering lights. an earlier as well, a few minutes ago, northbound 880, embarcadero, a big rig was off on the shoulder. sounds like it's cleared. a little slowing heading into downtown. a live look shows where we had an earlier traffic break and another crash southbound 880 early on around 66. that had a big backup, but it has fully recovered. fruitvale toward the coliseum at the limit. it looks pretty sparsely populated. it is a friday. we'll see a later bust coming in
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towards 7:00, 7:30. the drive over toward the peninsula side, traffic moves nicely across the bay here. westbound coming toward the toll plaza, the dumbarton bridge will be just fine for highway 84. >> 6:09. a star-studded event as a movie based on the life and depth of oscar grant opened at grand lake theater. last night several hollywood stars gathered in oakland for the premier of the movie "fraught vale station." octavia spencer plays oscar grant's mother. you see forest whitacre in the brown suit. he's one of the film's producers. the movie exams the 24-hour period before oscar grant was shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station on new year's day 2009. the film's director is oakland native ryan kugler. he felt grant's story needed to be told. >> it's hard myself being a
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young african-american male from this place, i think everyone was affected. >> coming up, just an unforgettable ride. >> ah! >> i love when bob redell does stories. a twist on this south bay roller coaster that left our own main man bob screaming for his life. >> i'm afraid we can just re-run that video when i talk about wall street as well. lots of screaming, panicking. we'll take a look coming up. did kim and kanye use a compass to name their newborn baby girl? we'll tell yonw which direction they went next. i'll take you live to rome where a press conference will be set up. big story this week, james gandolfini sadly and suddenly dies at the age of 51 of a heart attack. we're being told a family friend
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will step up to speak to the media. also reportedly the scheduled start of gandolfini's autopsy. more coming up after this break. "today in the bay" is back in a matter of minutes.
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welcome back and welcome to the first official day of summertime, bay area. taking a live look, the golden gate bridge, beautiful start to the day. no june gloom here. major changes headed our way. better beach conditions on one of your weekend days before the rain moves in. we're going to talk about rainfall moving in for three to four days next week as well. things are going to change around here. we want to make sure you're ready for it. 6:13 now. >> lots of sun in that shot and this as well. let me explain what's going on here. the overhang, that's the metering lights you see everyone waiting in line like at a race
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track which is up in sonoma. at the bay bridge the metering lights just turned on for this friday. we see the backup starting to form here. we'll point out the hot spots coming up. here is a quick check on the day's top stories, chez panisse reopening today. the iconic berkeley restaurant heavily damaged by a fire four months ago. tonight's dinner costing between $1,000 to $2,500 per person. newly released autopsy results confirm award winning actor james gandolfini died of a heart attack it happened earlier this week while on vacation in rome. gandolfini was just 51 years old. we are awaiting a press conference to start any moment from a gandolfini family friend. former enron ceo jeffrey skilling in court trying to get his sentence reduced. a federal judge expected to approve a deal that could free skilling in as little as four
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years in exchange skilling would drop all appeals and clear the way for more than $41 million to be distributed to the victims of enron's financial collapse. stocks were absolutely hammered again yesterday a full day after the fed said it would eventually stop propping up the economy. >> scott mcgrew is working on it, can't really figure out why it took investors so long to notice. >> this is such a mystery to me, jon. on wednesday, midday, middle of the week the fed says what we said it was going the say. it's going to slow and eventually stop quantitative easing. more than 24 hours later, by the close of business thursday, investors were still selling stocks like they hadn't noticed the fed and sold before that. it was supposed to be big news. in this day of quick trade, why the dow fell more than 300 points thursday kind of crazy late. the worst losses -- we may see
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almost a sale on stocks today. bond prices are way up and we said they would be as well. oracle is leaving the nasdaq. the redwood shores company will trade under the nyc today. it doesn't really affect your investments, but kind of an embarrassment for the nasdaq. oracle stocks down big on slower sales. two google doodles to show you this morning. one on the top, a welcome to summer. the other, a welcome to winter. today, as christina pointed out, the first day of summer or winter depending on where you live. google is serving up both today depending on which hemisphere. i know all the time is about the miami heat this morning. it seems strange to mention the memphis grizzlies. but thae that will be one of the things we talk about this week on "press here." the team owner is a silicon valley entrepreneur, self-made millionaire or billionaire depending on the share price of his company, ubiquity networks
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and we asked him about where he lives. >> do you really live in a two-bedroom apartment? >> yes, that's the truth. >> your valuation has wildly moved all over the place. lots of speculation. you are or have been a billionaire. >> yeah. i try not to pay attention to the short-term movements of the stock. >> we don't pay too much attention to wealth on "press here." it's interesting to watch the people who come in, they drive old beat-up cars, live in an apartment down the street because it ain't about the money. >> ladies, he's a bachelor. >> yes, a single handsome bachelor billionaire. >> right around my age. >> if you have a b in front of your wallet, you look very sexy. if you happen to be scrambling eggs, turn away from the tv.
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>> great america has opened a new wooden roller coaster in time for the summer season. what's striking is the size. the new ride looms over the park at 108 feet. at one point it drops riders at a 50-degree angle. what's it like to be in the front seat? our own bob redell found out the hard way. >> it's called gold striker. this is the eighth roller coaster. a lot of people seem to go metal and they want something fast. why wooden? >> wooden coasters have the opportunity to combine the nostalgia of the wood coaster. this attraction allowed us to bring that back and make it world class. this is next generation, cutting edgewood den:c coaster. you'll see why. >> the tallest and fastest in all of california. >> ah! >> ah! >> ah!
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whoa! how fastest? >> 56 miles per hour. >> 56 miles an hour! >> 85-degree banked turns. look at this one. >> oh, my god. wooden coasters don't normally run like this. [ inaudible ]. >> 85-degree banked turns. >> whoo! that was saw some.,úm >> get a little whiplash just watching it. >> almost caused up a lung out there. bob redell, love your stories. he's fun to watch. >> he is fun to watch. he's fun to work with, too. you should see how he is when he's not on tv. a good guy, good heart. take you outside to show you what we are working with at 6:19, it is clear. we've got a little haze, a
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little low cloud cover trying to develop, just not able to. we don't have the moisture available right now. at 6:20 straight up in the morning, that means if you've got to get to work at 6:30, you're really pushing it as we head throughout the day today, temperatures will be really comfortable for the first part of the day. it might be a little bit too uncomfortable in your home without the ac later on, especially in the extreme east bay, close to 96 degrees. the place to be around the bay and at the immediate coast, that's where we'll get the most comfortable readings. 61 in san mateo, 54 in san jose and 46 in gilroy for the first official day of summer. so at the coast g= today, 70 degrees. bay side 70 degrees for you. inland right around 86 degrees. we'll get even warmer as we head through your saturday. you want to keep that in mind. let's talk about whatjúz&am tonight. giants taking on the marlins. we want to put it to the marlins after the heat's big win. they can't have two big wins on their hands.
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at&t park, 57 degrees taking on miami. you can catch that game on nbc bay area starting at 7:00. we do it big here on nbc bay area when we get to carry those games. here is what we're working with on friday, saturday and sunday. if you're going to get your motor running and head to sonoma. a beautiful day on friday. saturday looking good, too. sunday things start to change. showers headed our way. let's talk about that. nascar fans, you'll be kai. if we see showers, lit be at the very end of the race on sunday. we stop the clock for you. as we head through saturday morning, take you through the changes. little low cloud cover tomorrow morning. as we head through your sunday, things will stay mostly sunny until about 1:00 p.m. we'll bring you showers about 7:00 p.m. when we meet back here on monday morning, we'll have showers right here in the south bay. we could pick up 1/2 inch of rain in the cities that get the most. it is going to be very interesting monday, tuesday, even the first part of wednesday
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when we start to dry out. we'll drop by ten degrees sunday, monday, tuesday, keep that umbrella by your side. if you do have to leave, mike knows what could slow you down. >> good morning. it would be the sunshine which isn't really a physical issue except for the fact that it gets you in the eyes and you might run into something physical. bring the sunglasses, keep thosc by your side as well as you're heading down through the area. folks are traveling south on 101 and southbound on 280, sometimes there as well on the freeway. we show you the maps and the speed sensors along the peninsula. no major issues getting over there, the san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge moving smoothly. an issue of note, northbound 280 as you come past the golf course, we have reports of an earlier crash involving, well, a car hit a deer there and there might be activity over on the shoulder still. i don't know the status of the deer but it was injured at the very least from the chp report.
6:23 am
some activity traveling north through the area. meanwhile the south bay moves smoothly throughout the rest of your northbound commute. no major drama here, 101 slowing. we're seeing a burst in volume for 87. we'll probably see slowing heading into downtown over the next few minutes. easy drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. let me show you the backup as you can't see the toll plaza because of the lighting. we have the backup coming off the over crossing there. you'll want to stick around for this one. after the entire world speculates and waits a week, looks like we finally know what kanye west and kim kardashian have named their newborn daughter. now the question is why? e news reporting that the girl's name is north west. i guess they'll call her norie for short. e news saying the baby doesn't have a middle name. you don't need. the little girl was borns five weeks early on june 15 at cedars-sinai hospital.
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>> glad she's okay. i don't agree with the name. we will be right back. in my humble opinion. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for
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at this hour the faa investigating a very close call by two airplanes over new york city. the federal aviation administration says a delta boeing 747 arriving at jfk came very close to another plane leaving laguardia back on june 13. the jumbo jet pilot apparently missed the approach to his landing and circled back to land
6:27 am
again. that's when those two planes came within 100 feet of each other. that is scary close. both planes ultimately managed to land safety. that is a close shave. 6:27. still ahead, shaking off a big fall. scott mcgrew will tell us if the stock market will bounce back after losing yesterday. is a champion boxer really the so-called button down bandit? the real twist in his legal saga next. ♪
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we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. is a boxing champion the button down bandit? we'll tell you what a grand jury just decided in a serial bank robbery case coming up next. a gorgeous live look at the bay. alcatraz in the distance. we'll have your morning forecast coming up with christina loren. >> right now we tark you live to
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new york city to ring it in. wall street, a couple of rough days. the s&p falling, its worst drop since 2011, but things looking good in the early going. coming up this friday, june 21st, this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us. it's 6:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. two straight days of enormous losses on the stock market may be coming to an end at least for now. scott mcgrew is live in the newsroom. he's been monitoring the numbers for us. a bit of a bounce. >> we do expect a bounce as we wait for the numbers to come across. if we see a bounce this morning, you can see it one or two ways. either we'll seeing a sale in stock, smart investors rushing in as we take a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can also see it as sort of a bounce. wall street likes to call these things dead cat bounces, the story being even a dead cat will bounce once. if you're a cat lover, i
6:31 am
apologize for the reference. i don't pick the animals on wall street. ìáhp && the dow, as you mentioned, fell 353 points yesterday wiping out two months of gains. now, the loss -- the second day of loss come after wednesday's news that the fed will step back from quantitative easing, stop injecting money into the economy by buying up bonds. we'll continue to monitor wall street as we get the first numbers across and keep you updated. marla and jon? >> we're lucky to have you doing that. thank you. house minority leader nancy pelosi back in the bay area talking about immigration reform. the congresswoman leading a roundtable discussion at the san francisco federal building. that discussion coming as capitol hill lawmakers say they are very close to working out a compromise immigration reform bill. that's major news. that bill would grant legal status to millions of people living in the u.s. illegally. it would also double the size of
6:32 am
the border patrol and would add drone surveillance and hundreds of miles of new fencing along that u.s.-mexico border. governor jerry brown is promising he will appeal a federal court's ruling that would require the state to almost immediately release thousands of california prisoners. a panel of federal judges has now ruled that the state must immediately release almost 10,000 inmates to relieve prison overcrowding. the order calls for the release to happen before the end of this year. since 2006 california has cut its prison population by 46,000 inmates after a previous court ruling determined that overcrowding was creating a health risk. in many cases thela6 state simp moved low-level non-violent offenders to county jails. governor brown says the release of more prisoners could endanger public safety. a east bay boxing champion has now been indicted on bank robbery. 42-year-old james page issing
6:33 am
cuesed of stealing more than $17,000 between march 6 and june 8 of this year. investigate verse been calling him the button down bandit. page was arrested on june 10th in oakland. investigators say he has admitted to robbing at least one bank in oakley. if youmy didn't know, he worlde welterweight title back in 1998. he fou faces 20 years in prison for each count of bank robbery. >> long fall. meteorologist christina loren, it is the first day of summer. you are serving up sun for us today. >> that's right, free of charge, free of charge. 6:33. good morning. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. looking good here. i am noticing some heavy delays on some of your traffic cams. we'll get to mike's report in a minute. looking good on the golden gate bridge. we'll take you to san jose where traffic is not even on the map here. actually a little bit passing through. i'm noticing some backups out
6:34 am
there. as you can see right now, nice and clear. temperatures are looking good. a little haze out there. good air quality. no low clouts to force flight delays out of sfo. if you're trying to get to the east coast, especially midwest, northeast, serious weather headed that way. already seeing delays out of boston, although all other airports are reported right on time. we'll keep you updated for your getaway friday. big race weekend in sonoma. we have showers headed our way on sunday. so we're going to get to your forecast, your seven-day in a few minutes. for today, the first official day of summer, inland, 78 degrees, 4:00 p.m. 86 degrees your lunchtime temperatures will be comfortable. that's when you want to close the windows in your home, keep whatever cool air you can as long as you can. 72 bay side, 67 at the coast. we'll time out the rain for you. he's a busy man. let people know what's happening
6:35 am
out there friday. >> except for one key spot -- we have the bay bridge backup. let me show you the san mateo bridge which is your alternate for the bay bridge. if you head out here, that's where you'll encounter the big backups. the maps show you as you're approaching the san mateo bridge coming out of oakland, there's a crash south 880 at 92. it happened over the last ten minutes, reportedly blocking two, maybe three lanes there. there are three to four vehicles involved. one of those sounds like is no longer on its wheels. they'll have to right that. however, despite all this dramatic reportifnñ they do talk about just minor injuries. that's good news as far as the human factor goes. but your commute, there's the slowing coming into hayward out of san leandro and oakland. the rest of your commute moving smoothly through oakland, west 580 and north 880 approaching the bay bridge. a little slowing down the eastshore freeway and the backup i showed you on the live camera at the toll plaza, only from the berkeley curve, slowing down and jamming up at the toll plaza
6:36 am
itself. the san francisco site, a smooth drive coming off the bridge. the giants are playing at&t park, 7:15. this will not affect your midday drive. we'll get a look at the south bay as well with northbound 101 coming toward us underneath 680. a mild build here, a new crash 101 farther south. i'll show you the rest of the south bay coming up. 6:36 right now. still ahead, new details in the george zimmerman trial. the key piece of the prosecution's case that could be excluded from the trial. we'll tell you about that today. early release. we'll tell you when the ceo in charge of enron during one of the biggest bankruptcies in history could get sprung from prison. >> scott mcgrew was just talking about a couple brutal days on wall street. hope springs eternal right now. early start on wall street, up just over 70 points right now. we will keep track of that and tell you what's happening as the money bounces around. minutes.
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a florida judge is expected to make a key ruling today in the murder trial of former neighborhood watch volunteery1s george zimmerman. zimmerman is charged with killing 17-year-old trayvon martin. a judge will decide if an expert witness can testify for the prosecution about screams heard on 911 calls. the calls were made during an apparent struggle between martin
6:40 am
and zimmerman. zimmerman has maintained he acted in self-defense. today the former ceo of enron asking a judge to reduce his sentence. jeffrey skillings currently serving a 20-year prison sentence that could be cut to 14 years. with credit for time served and good behavior, he could be out of prison by 2017. in exchange for the reduced sentence skilling would drop all his remaining appeals including potentially explosive allegations of misconduct directed at a justice department task force. enron was at one time the seventh largest company in the entire united states it all collapsed in 2001 in what was at the time the largest bankruptcy in the nation's history. 6:40. coming up, a super soaker at a san jose brewery. we'll tell you what went off the sprinklers overnight. a triumphant return, an
6:41 am
exclusive restaurant, chez panisse makes a comeback. we'll sit down with chef alice waters. we'll have gadget friday as well and a live look at the big board on the new york stock exchange. dow industrials up 53 points. we'll be a tiny bit warmer today, first day of summer. kind of what you would expect it to look like in san jose at 6:41 in the morning. we'll see 15 hours of daylight today. but we do have rain on the way this weekend. don't cancel those plans just yet. we will give you the timeline for the incoming showers. traffic flows very smoothly through palo alto, 101 right here. just the sin e sunlight in your eyes is what you're dealing with. we have a crash on 101 farther south. we'll bring you the details coming up. the thing is bee,
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new this morning, we have a live look at door done biersch in downtown san jose. a small fire sets off the sprinklers overnight. the sprinklers did put the fire out t. bad news, the head of one of those sprinklers broke, just spraying water all over the second floor. the fire department on scene got there, helped mop things up. the restaurant says it will be opening up as scheduled this morning at 11:00. no word just yet on exactly what started this fire which happened in an employee dressing room. this morning a world renowned bay area restaurant is set to reopen months after a devastating fire shut it down. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us at chez panisse with more on the iconic restaurant's return. good morning, christie.
6:45 am
>> reporter: good morning, marla. i wanted to show you the front of the building that is all completely brand new. the morning of the fire, chef alice waters came her distraught. she was stunned but was really hopeful they could reopen soon. the dates kept getting pushed back. there was so much to put into it. restaurant employees came here and cleaned the redwood inside by hand because of the smoke damage. finally, though, the day is here. chez panisse is serving food again tonight with a celebration and fund-raiser for education programs at the berkeley-based edible skol yard project. that's a project that stretches all the way to the white house. it teaches students about healthy food choices. this is a private dinner, about $1,000 to $2,50. this was a long-time coming. the world famous restaurant has been open since 1971. it caught fire on march 8th. it made national headlines. waters is a pioneer in organic sustainable foods. to get the restaurant back, they brought in the original
6:46 am
designer. waters tells us what it was like getting notice that chez panisse was burning. she got a call from the gm. >> she said just don't panic, there's been a fire at the restaurant and i think you should come over now. and i got up and i was kind of stunned. it took me a little moment to realize that i needed to run and get in the car and come over to the restaurant. >> that's just a little bit from the interview with our own raj mathai. he sat down for an exclusive and rare one-on-one interview with alice waters considered one of the founders of california cuisine. she talks about the fire, her food philosophy and much more. that's tonight only on nbc bay area at 6:00 and then again after the giants game at 11:00. chez panisse is opening to the public on monday. they've got some amazing menus
6:47 am
posted here, monday the dessert wild fennel ice cream. sounds really good. never even heard of it. live in berkeley, christie smith torques day in the bay. >> it sounds very fresh. i'll take two scoops. >> i'll take four or five. how many you need? >> not any. how many do i need or how many do i want? >> she's smart. that's the better question. >> thanks for calling me smart. you just made my day. marla loves that restaurant. i, myself, have not been there. she has pretty good taste. 6:47. he's got nascar racing in your neckeel of the woods this weeke ms. tellez. 48 degrees to start? santa rosa. 47 in napa. it's going to be really nice out there for saturday especially. come sunday things will change. i want to point off right off the bat before we talk about anything else, we have rain in the forecast and we could be talking about a half inch to an inch of rain over the course of late sunday and through late
6:48 am
tuesday. around here as we kickoff the first official weekend and week of summertime. 52 in sunnyvale, 54 in san jose. cool air all week long. we had a really nice onshore flow. high pressure takes its grip over the bay area today and tomorrow. we'll peak in the upper 80s, not expectinging 90s in the forecast. but lit be warmer today and tomorrow. we'll stay nice and clear through saturday. if you want to take a peek at this super moon, you'll get better viewing on saturday than on sunday. that's when the sun, the earth and the moon all align. we'd love to see your pictures. we'll feature them on and our facebook page. when we meet back here at 11:00 a.m. on monday, we'll already have accumulated .10 inch in santa rosa. we continue that futurecast stop and again for you on tuesday at 3:00 p.m., we're expecting the bulk of the moisture to have come through. look at the totals, up to an
6:49 am
inch of rain on the way in santa rosa. upwards of .75 inch. in san jose it's rare to pick up .10 inch in june. in is rare june rain headed our way for the first week of summer. 77 in fremont, 79 in san jose. mike also a local man who has grown up here, not that out of the ordinary, but hey, mother nature, she sure likes to keep us on her toes. >> she does. christina said i'm not that out of the ordinary. i'm just interpreting. looking here at the san mateo bridge, this is moving very smoothly. this is not a problem. the span itself, but getting there, that is an issue. look at the map right here, a big backup south 880. as you head out of san leandro off of 288, where it's starting to build, slowing south 880 jams up approaching 92, right there before you get to the interchange, earlier reports of a crash involving possibly four vehicles blocking three lanes at
6:50 am
one point. now i'm hearing only your fast lane is blocked as you're heading southbound. this is a big distraction and that lane might be blocked for another 20 to 30 minutes. chp is calling for a sig alert. that's the definition. significant impact to your commute for 30 minutes or more. that's what's expected by chp. this will be an issue if you're heading through the area. if you can cut over and take a street or 92 over toward the bridget self, i would suggest you do that. out of oakland this is an issue. farther south we're seeing a smooth drive through the south bay. northbound routes start to bog down a little bit just a bit, down toward about 50 miles per hour at their worst as you head toward capital expressway and san jose international airport. look over here, i was covering up another crash. this is northbound 101 approaching grenald. i don't see any appreciable slowing. that is an issue to watch for as you're coming out of san jose
6:51 am
and morgan hill. in fremont, a live look at 880 as the traffic starts to build a bit for this portion of the freeway. a nice smooth drive. the peninsula not a problem. send it back to you. a nice brightly lit and smoothly-moving truck scale as well. >> thank you very much. 6:51 right now. police in plea three separate peninsula cities on the hunt for the very same man. investigators in all three cities believe this man, 24-year-old melvin bellard is responsible for a string of burglaries that started back in april. he allegedly broke into three homes in belmont in a matter of minutes. then police say he broke into a home in san mateo but this time a woman arrived home and surprised him. bellard took off in a white chevy malibu and was spotted by hillsborough police. a chase started. the suspect threw items out of the car while he was driving. his car was later found in san francisco. it had about $30,000 worth of stolen goods still inside.
6:52 am
>> his time will come i'm sure, especially doing so much like that. you can only get lucky so long until everything catches up with you. investigators tell us bellard does live in san francisco. he also has strong ties to the east bay. right now we are following breaking news from san jose. just minutes ago we learned a major resource shift is about to get under way at the san jose police department in an attempt to reduce violent crime. among the thing residents can expect, an additional 40 gang suppression officers on the streets every week starting immediately. by july that number will increase to a total of 64 officers on the streets every week. perhaps the most significant announcement, the san jose police department is about to create a new gang suppression united focused on known gang areas. the department had a previous -- previously had a similar unit but cut it as budget issues forced staff reduction over the past few years.
6:53 am
those changes will start today. this announcement comes just two days after 16-year-old manuel urzoua became the city's 25th death of the year. the attack happened on virginia avenue near the intersection of story and king roads. police also need your help finding the family of this man who was severely beaten in downtown san jose. myung shin oh remains at santa clara valley medical center. because he's unable to communicate, they need relatives to make critical medical decisions for him. the victim was beaten up over the highway 87 overpass between san fernando and santa clara streets back on june 9th. police also looking for any witnesses to the attack. a 16-year-old boy is behind bars this morning for allegedly stabbing another teenager in gilroy. police say a 17-year-old boy walked into the er at saint louise regional hospital around
6:54 am
8:15 wednesday night with a stab wound to his upper body. he told police he was stabbed near the corner of 10th street and monterey road just off highway 101. police set up a perimeter and were able to track down and arrest a 16-year-old suspect nearby. police say the stabbing is likely gang related. in just a matter of months, the golden gate bridge may no longer be the only bay area span to feature all electronic tolling. in fact, the "mercury news" reporting this morning a couple more bay area bridges could go all electronic within a year. the most likely span would be the dumbarton bridge and then lit likely extend to the carcinas or benicia bridges. the bay bridge will likely be the last one converted to electric-only tolls of the it's being said that could take as many as five years. the commute through the south bay is about to get a little faster. new car pool lanes will open on monday on interstate 880 at
6:55 am
brokaw road. the $70 million project also added a car pool lane on the southbound on-ramp from brokaw. next week san jose engineers will begin retiming the traffic signals on brokaw where morning backups have been nasty during this entire project. now the time we all wait for on this day. scott mcgrew joining us for gadget friday with a look at the number after a rough week on wall street. >> a bit of a bounce this morning. >> good morning. i'll have both for you. we'll do gadget friday. let's start with the numbers, taking a look at the big board. new york stock exchange live in new york city, dow up 53 points or as you can see about a third of a percent. we've got a bit of a bounce after two incredibly rough days on wall street as we begin to see what the economy looks like or wall street rather looks like without the propping up of the fed. let's talk wine coolers, not the bartles & jaymes kind, but the cooling kind of wine. our gadget this gadget friday a
6:56 am
mixture of form and function. it's a wine sleeve designed by restaurant designer martin castner. you were talking about chez panisse. castner designs ultra modern restaurants like lima. the idea is you freeze this sleeve. the idea is you just pop it over the top of the wine. it keeps the wine very cold. it is expensive. you one there as well that you've been playing with. it makes a wonderful, yet somewhat gaudy bracelet. but it keeps you cool. it's easiest if you grab it from the top and push down from the top, otherwise it's a bit of a finger trap sort of thing, but $150, very expensive. you do want to have nice cold wine. >> what about just a bucket of ice? >> old school. >> oh, that is so 2012.
6:57 am
>> i know. here we are in 2013. what am i thinking? >> marla. >> notice the way she's sliding the wine away. >> on my side. >> last week you got a flashlight. >> yeah, thanks. >> the gifts keep coming. speaking of gifts, the weather outside, beautiful. >> delightful. christina loren is here. >> really nice. no introduction necessary. i like to keep my mad dog 20/20 ice cold. we've got a good looking day shaping up. temperatures today for the first official day of summertime, 86 inland, bay side 72, coast 67. we have delays to hear about. >> big delays. 880 southbound out of san leandro still jammed, the fast lane still blocked at 92. the sig alert in effect by chp. the northbound side shows a considerable amount slowing, down below 50 as you're heading
6:58 am
up out of union city toward the same interchange, toward the san mateo bridge. we'll look at the north bay with a smooth drive southbound, no problems through san rafael. highway 37 going to be especially crowded because of the nascar sprint cup action going on today through sunday. back to you. >> okay, mike. thanks. one final check of the day's top stories. newly released autopsy results confirm award-winning actor james gandolfini died of a heart attack. it happened earlier this week while he was vacationing in rome. gandolfini was just 51 years old. former enron ceo jeffrey skilling in court looking the get his sentence reduced. a federal judge expected to approve a deal that could free skilling in as little as four years. in exchange, he would drop all appeals and clear the way for more than $41 million to be distributed to drik tims of enron's financial collapse. >> the world famous chez panisse restaurant is reopening its
6:59 am
doors. it was heavy damaged by a fire almost four months ago. tonight they'll have an invitation only fund-raiser. the restaurant will open for general reservations on monday. celebrity chef paula dean was scheduled to appear on the "today" show this morning. it looks like that is not the case. she is a no-show. he was supposed to talk about her recent admission regarding her use of racial slurs. she apparently did fly to new york last night but did not make it to the show this morning. we'll let the "today" show explain all coming up in a matter of minutes to say why paula dean wasn't on board. >> ms. dean has some explaining to do. >> lots of it. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> it is the weekend. friday is here to go out and enjoy. christina loren says get out the stunner shades and take it all in. >> thank you for being with us. have a great weekend everybody. >> see you monday.
7:00 am
>> we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for our midday newscast. we'll see you then. good morning. terrifying near miss. two passenger planes come within 200 feet of each other over new york city. this morning, the nervous moments in the cockpit and >> traffic, 12:00. >> and the new concerns being what's behind the big losses and should investors brace for even more volatility? and paula deen under fire after revealing in sworn testimony she used racial slurs. she was scheduled to do an interview with us this morning live in our studio but we just found out she is a no show


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