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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> i believe that the american public needs to be aware of this fact. >> right now, at 11:00, a lawmaker demanding change after our investigation reveals children working in california's fields. also, preparing for what could be a record crowd at one of san francisco's biggest parties. >> come on, really? the holiday? that's not right. >> right or wrong, swimming a a areas at dozens of bay area
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parks might be threatening the fourth of july. an earthquake just before 9:00 p.m. the quake was centered 8 miles south of hausista. for more on this quake and our hot forecast, let's bring in rob mayetta. >> rog, we were getting reports both on social media and coming into the news room via the phone lines. people feeling this from salina to nearly south san jose. it was just off to the south and west of the san andreas fault. notice the area from weak to light. gym and darcy, filling that quake in san martin.
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a quake of that size, 3.9, not being felt anywhere further north than san jose. >> it is almost t-shirt wealther at 6:00 a.m. look at lunchtime at the upper 90s. tomorrow will be day one of several. we can see a hundred degree temperatures in parts of the bay area. we'll have a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, rob, we'll see you shortly. a lot of people making plans for the upcoming fourth of july holiday. but this might change your plans. union employees and maintenance crews at more than 60 parkings are threatening to go on strike. and that strike would start what officials say is the business yegs day of the year. george? >> well, rog, 65 parks would be
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impacted. >> they just want to have a good time for fourth of july. >> this is the best place for families. >> he was thishe was thinking o her family back for fourth of july. but after hearing east bay regional park workers may be striking next week, she may take her family elsewhere. >> life guardings will join may not nempx workers if a strike was to happen. and if that happens, they would be shut dourn. >> we're probably inclined to close swimming off that day. there's going to be a major impact to the public we're supposed to serve. >> the union has been seeking a new contract.
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the district says they told them that's not good enough. the union says it tomd them it's going to hold out until the fourth of july. >> this really is unfortunate for the public. and we're going to do our best to have the parks open and have them safe. >> families trying to make their holiday plans say it would be really disheartening. >> and just to be clear, all the parks remain open, even if the strike happens. they will just have limited services. and both sides will be meeting with the state mediator on monday to iron out the differences. we did reach out to the union, but that i had day not return our calls.
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glm okay, george, thank you. the bart strike. we're told that bart unions have now given that 72 hour notice to strike. that had means the system would shut down on monday if no deal is reached. this warning comes despite a sweetened offer from the transit agency. now, there are additional concerns that a.c. transit bus drivers could also walk off the job. tonight, fliers during the evening commute outlining this impact. the current labor deal expires on sunday. >> if the ac transit doesn't strike, there's no way they could accommodate the 400,000 daily passengers. >> ac transit doesn't have the capacity to take on the
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additional 400,000 passengers. >> right now, investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire that seriously damaged two homes and injured three firefighters in san ramone. you can see the damage down below. it took about two hours to get that fire under control. we're told it started on the fence line and then spread to those two homes. the fire seriously damaged the houses and killed one family's dog. >> thanks to the supreme court's
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decision regarding gay marriage. more than a million people are expected on sunday. security is a top concern. not everyone will be supporting the parade. jean? >> rog, police will have some help keeping an eye on those crowds. take a look. market street here, the parade route is already lined with rainbow flags. it will also be lined with security cameras, keeping an eye on the celebrations and demonstrations. >> protesters reminding he was a hero and was improperly removed as a grand marshal for sunday's parade. >> he exposed war crimes in iraq and afghanistan.
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>> the party really started last night when thousands of people gathered reveling in the supreme court's decision to lift the ban on same-sex marriage in california. >> amazing mile stoenl. >> clooef jones worked as a student intern. he says with the defeat of prop 8, this year's pride will be like no other. >> i miss my friends that aren't here with us today. but ir feel very, very fortunate. >> san francisco police say about one million people usually attend the parade. but the crowd is expected to be even bigger. police say plain clothes and uniformed police officers will be out in force. cameras will be set up along market street to monitor the parade route. san francisco feels like a safe place for the community. but jones says security is always a concern. >> i've just seen too much to be able to say oh, no, that's impossible.
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>> the parade is on sunday. but those stepped up police patrols kicked in tomorrow for the celebration. reporting live in san francisco, jaenl ellie, nbc bay area news. >> we also learned today that the plaintiffs will be here for sunday's parade. paul katomi, jeff zarillo and sandy styre are all expected to take part. this weekend marks the 43rd and yul pride parade. >> well, is he a dedicated parent or thief? tonight, members at a pta south bay school say one of their own members stole thousands of dollars. >> police say dennis wrote checks to himself for more than $27,000. and he did it using nonexistent expenses or forging pta board member signatures.
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>> he wants to assure everyone that they will be made hole and that there will be no loss. >> we apologize for the technical difficulties. dennis is also suspected of stealing cash from school fundraisers. he's currently out on bail awaiting trial. >> a santa colllara man was arrested tonight. this was a joint raid. fields is being held on $25,000 bail. he has a court appearance next monday. police are looking for this man, 33-year-old john anthony martin. he's accused of walking into an apartment and groping a woman who was sleeping. this happened last sunday. she woke up and screamed. he ran off. martin is described as 6'6", 280
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pounds with brown hair. if you see him, you're asked to call the police immediately. >> it's a drop as nasa embarks on a new mission to a new mission. the satellite is designed to track the position in the lower atmosphere, hoping to explain why the sun's surface is so much cooler than its atmosphere. back here on earth, a potentially deadly fine in san jose home today. someone discovered several world war ii grenades. and that's when the bomb squad stepped in. the bomb squad buried the devices in the yard and then blew them up after evacuating the neighbors.
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>> i am so pleased that you are brirnging attention to this tragedy. >> how farms are using young children in the fields. just ahead, new details that could finally end the practice. and strange conditions a judge is setting for the colorado shooting suspect, james holmes. we're back in a moment. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs.
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oh, yeah! once you experience it, there's no going back. while we make room for our latest innovations, save $500 to $800 on the closeout of our memory foam and iseries bed sets. plus, free shipping, for five days only! only at the sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. some bizarre conditions set today for the future court appearances for james holmes. he's the colorado theater shooting suspect. a judge ruled that holmes would have to wear a harness
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underneath his clothes. if their client was shackled, it would make him look guilty. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 more during a movie theater shooting rampage last summer in aurora, colorado. >> massachusetts state prosecutors have now indicted taes. well, the senate approved historic immigration legislation today that could create a pathway to citizenship for millions of imgrants living illegally here in the united states. but it might stall in the house of representatives.
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>> the overwhelming vote sets that path way to citizenship. the legislation calls for 30 billion dlarsz to be spent on improving security. president obama hopes to have a final immigration reform bill on his desk by august. a california congresswoman working to change children in the fields. >> it's a proposal that failed in the past. our recent investigation could change all of this. >> that's exactly right. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the risk for teen workers under the age of 18 dying while working in ag ra culture is nearly 4 1/2 times higher.
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>> the congresswoman says she will not rst until new laws are passed to change that. >> we're having some technical difficulties. durpt to address this one? >> yes, we apparently are having some difficulties with this story. the congresswoman says she hopes to introduce the scare act to congress and hopes that this time it will pass. she first introduced it in 2001. she says now the momentum is gaining on capitol hill. rog, we'll have that report as soon as it's available. >> hang tight. we'll get to it in just a moment. rob, we're talking about this forecast that could be dangerously high for a lot of people. >> even though there aren't technically any heat advisories, tomorrow, we'll have our first chance at over a hundred degrees. tonight, the a.c. unit may still be spinning.
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question eve got mid 70s outside. a sea-breezed cooled 61 in san francisco. but, still, a slight on shore push of cooler air at the moment about to be replaced by some desert light heat. hard to believe that rain started with all of that moisture. it's this ridge of high pressure that has developed over arizona and southern nevada. we'll see 112 degrees tomorrow. during the north bai, east bai and south bay valleys, very likely topping a hundred degrees in a few spots, maybe as early as tomorrow, but certainly sunday into monday. that should be the peek of the heat wave.
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still enough that this heat is mainly for our inland valleys. very likely, it will take upmost of the 7-day forecast. keep yourself hydrated and cut back on out door activity. check in on kids and elderly and bring the pets indoors. we're going to see these upper 90s chlts air pollution is also part of the problem. turning unhealthy by saturday. tomorrow morning, some patchy fog for your morning commute. morning temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so as we jump into the
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afternoon, we'll see those temperatures climbing into the 90s. and into the upper 90s to near a hundred degrees. san francisco, that's a nice place to break away from the heat. the mid and low 70s there on the coast. look at the temperatures straight on through the weekend. hot temperatures in the valleys. you'll see those temperatures staying hot until at least tuesday and then we cool down by the middle of next week. >> we want to get back to that story we were talking about. >> we've been in the fields with children since last april avenue our after our story first aired, it got the attention of people on capitol hill. she will not rest until laws are passed working to protect children in agriculture.
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>> it's the beginning of a long summer. and these young middle schoolers are out of class helping their dads unpack. but unlike most youth, these kids are not on vacation. instead, they're helping their families move into a local migrant worker camp. and many of them are preparing to work all summer. some of them in the fields of california's central valley. putting in 10-12 hour days in 100 degree heat. >> kids from a very small age until teenagers and soon as they get an opportunity, they start working on the field, as well. >> for 14 months now, nbc bay area's investigative unit has followed some of the hardest work there is.
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pruning, picking and packing. >> who else has worked in the field? >> we've found dozens of people here, more in the united states, who said they've been working in the tomato fields, peach orchards and everything in between since they were 13 years old. some since the ripe age of eight. >> we need to stop this. this is a national disgrace. that we need to stop. >> that's why this month, congresswoman lu cil le has once again introduced the care act to congress.
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riegtsd now, these are children who are being hired to work on these farms. >> if it becomes law, the same would be given to children working in agriculture as children who would recollect in any other industry in america. >> they are not protected under the same child labor standards as children in every other industry. >> she says there are exceptions in her proposed law. >> i believe that the american public needs to be aware of this fact. and that is why i am pleased that you and others are bringing attention to this tragedy in our country.
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>> she says if she fails again, she will keep introducing it until children in the fields get equal protection as all the other children receive currently in america. we will be watching. >> we early morning you to give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. we're back in a moment.
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we want to recap and update our breaking news now. within the last hour, barts unions have officially given notice that they'll go on strike. that means they will shut down on monday if there's no deal reached. both sides continue to negotiate. that's the upside there. transit leaderings warned that it would create massive headaches.
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if you're around here in 1997 during bart's last strike, you know the gridlock that it caused on so many freeways. that can still work out a deal in the next 72 hours.
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hi, everybody. no giants tonight, no as and the warriors didn't really have a pick in the nba graft. but then the warriors started wheeling and dealing. they selected serbian guard. one of the best guards in all of europe. can play both positions, point or two guard. good at taking the ball to the rack. meanwhile, the sack ra men toe kings had the 7th overall pick.
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they chose ben mclamore out of kansas with the pick. and there were reports earlier in the day that the kings want today trade to get him. turns out, they didn't have to. he was taken with the first pick of the second round. he was traded to portland. he was the pac-12 player of the year.
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okay, let me get this straight. tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m., it's already going to be hot. >> absolutely. by lurng time, look, 101 degrees tomorrow. mid 90s, upper 90s we're going to peek with those temperatures
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holding off until wednesday and fourth of july next thursday. >> it's a big week coming up, thanks, rob. we also have the latest on the strike. that's on our morning news beginning at 4:30 a.m. have a great day, everyone. ♪
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and the nocturnals. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hey! [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much! oh, man, what a crowd. you -- you sound like bert and ernie when the supreme court overturned the defense of marriage act. yeah. [ laughter and applause ] well, that's the big story. yesterday, the supreme court opened the door for same sex marriage to resume in california.


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