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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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wee hours of the night, but that won't move the trains. this will have a big impact on the 4th of july. >> we have team coverage on the eve of that holiday. jeff is here to tell us how a shift in the weather could shape your plans. >> jean ellie is? san francisco where it might affect the fireworks but we'll begin in oakland at the site of the negotiations, terry? >> reporter: negotiator coming out of the building as we speak and so far, not a word. that's standard procedure. any announcement tonight about the strike from anybody? is anybody going to say anything tonight? will there be any statement from either side tonight? is anything going on -- okay. all right. what we're hearing from them is what we've been hearing all day long, talk to the mediators, so we're not hearing anything from either side. there is a gag order by state
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mediators on the talks. all we can do is what bart riders, 400,000 daily riders can do and that's wait. a pro-union rally outside the cal chance building loud at times, but not a peep about talks going on inside about bart management and unions. >> we made progress yesterday and hope to continue today. >> reporter: the spokesman said about the same thing. jeff burger says hire me. he stood outside the building today saying he would gladly take a job with bart right now with the current contract. >> the employees get paid well and there is people that would be willing to do the same thing and contribute to the pension. >> reporter: the bart buses bridging the west oakland station in san francisco were overwhelmed, long lines and packed buses. at the o dot coliseum tonight, lots of fans take bart to the game could not like paula and her daughters. >> i'm a handicapped person, so
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getting here so late has kind of impaired our ability to get in how we normally would with the shuttle and getting here. >> reporter: the ferguson family here from monterrey, they noticed extra cars on the road. >> it took a lot longer to get here. >> reporter: how much longer? >> about half an hour. >> reporter: really? >> yeah, and parking was worse, as well. >> reporter: a's fans do love their team but tonight i found no one cheering for bart in the area. as we saw, negotiator coming out. nothing to say to the media, nothing at all, not even no comment. there is a gag order here so negotiations can go forward. should the strike be settled right now, it would be at least 12 hours until bart trains could roll again and we have no word that there is any progress or anything at all with regards to
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talks. they were going on here and appear to be wrapping up for the night. >> okay. very good reporting, thank you, terry, appreciate it. let's bring in jean ellie and jean, tomorrow is traditionally a huge day for business and fun in the city but might be scaled back. >> reporter: well, raj, restaurant owners say they will be staffed for large crowds but without bart, they are concerned thousands of people will stay home. you can drive if you drive the traffic, but parking restrictions and traffic will make that difficult. fisherman's warf is a bay area favorite. she usually joins the crowd along the warf but while standing in line she says this year will be different. >> staying home. >> reporter: why? >> just a hassle of trying to -- without bart trying to get out
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here would be busy. >> reporter: she's not the only one declaring independence with crossing the bay without bart. >> stinks. i wish i could go in. i got friends. we'll make the most of it. alameda has a great parade. >> reporter: with no trains during the strike, they don't know how many will brave the traffic to celebrate in san francisco. >> everything is hand made and lights up for the 4th. >> reporter: venn todors hope f big crowds. opening ceremonies are set for noon. new green bike lanes to encourage bicyclests to hit the street and make more room on the sidewalk but the manager here is worried there will be lots of room. >> i won't be surprised that it will be slower, less people. >> reporter: over on the docks, tickets for fireworks boat tours are for sale. this captain is looking to hook
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customers. >> we're thinking with the boat strike, a lot of the people in the city won't be in a big rush to leave so we hope it will stay busy. it will be able to get here on public transportation here. beefing up the holiday service tomorrow and most ferries running on a holiday schedule. reporting live in san francisco. >> thank you, jean. another live look at downtown san francisco, fog free after a six-day heat wave that scorched the bay area. the excessive heat warning for inland communities continues on the 4th of july. our chief meteorologist has more and really, we'll see 100 temperatures in some of the inland areas. >> yeah, a hard time shaking this again for tomorrow. let's look at the hottest for today that will set us up for what we can expect for our 4th of july. 104 in lafayette and 100 down a
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little bit from what we experienced on tuesday but still very, very excessive when it comes to the heat. the worst in the east bay. any 4th of july celebrations from the morning hours right through the evening, you want to make sure to take plenty of water, frequent breaks and even something like a hand-held fan could help you out. we'll have cooler temperatures coming on the way, and that as it builds off the coastline will increase the wind. that's horrible timing with these fireworks that will be lifting off tomorrow, not a good idea to lift those home fireworks off. winds could gust 15 to 30 and 10 to 20. not a good mix tomorrow with hot weather and also the winds increasing. details and much cooler changes in the seven-day forecast. okay. thank you, jeff. we also want to get back to the bart coverage. there could be an agreement ending the strike at any point. we talked with terry, at that point the negotiator were
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walking out but we invite you to stay up to date with us on air and online. tonight the kids are still in camp after a tragic accident. many from the bay area and witnessed a tree falling into their camp site this morning killing a camp counselor. this happened near yosemite. the tree hit a santa cruz student. this is a picture of her from her facebook page. stephanie has the story. >> reporter: it wfwas 8:30 in t morning. countless kids inside the dining hall eating breakfast, yards from where a tree suddenly collapsed killing a santa cruz senior. >> it's a scary incident. >> reporter: this was the second year in a row caroline hastings set her daughter juliette to the camp. the wait for information from the camp excruciating. >> one of the happiest times of summer, for something like to
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this happen is frightening to children. so without injuries, we wonder, you know, how are the kids scared? do they want to come home? >> reporter: it hurt four other women. by evening two were on their way back and two others recovering. not long before the news spread to a neighboring camp where the sheriff is this week with his family. >> that just floored everybody, and just kept us floored. >> reporter: so he walked a few miles. out of breathe he said it was vital to lend support. >> our hearts and prayers are out to even, but literally from what we could tell versus what we heard at the other camp, they are on top of it. >> reporter: camp leaders kept the kids far from the scene all day but there are grief counselors as they prepare to move forward with the schedule. third through ninth gradeers preparing to head home friday and a new bach arriving sunday. this mom said the thought of picking her daughter up early is
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relentless. >> putting my foot forward and going through the day and waiting for information, but until i see my child on a blog or personally, i'm going to not be able to rest. >> now she was active on the uc santa cruz campus you heard stephanie mentioned. she was well-liked and respected by her peers. a young woman who was headed for a bright future. george, i know you talked to people who worked with her at that campus radio station. >> reporter: yes, i did earlier tonight. she was supposed to return to santa cruz for the senior year and we talked to her co-workers at the campus radio station and they are trying to digest this horrible news. >> i don't think it's quite sunk in yet that she's not going to be back and doing radio anymore. >> reporter: she was the voice of world music on the uc santa cruz radio station.
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>> she embraced it, loved it. >> reporter: he was her broadcast advisor. >> her personality on the air is very much like her personality in person. she had a great sense of humor and you could tell that she was really intrigued by the music she was exploring. >> reporter: but the news of her death caused a void, station manager says that's an emptiness hard to describe. >> it's one of the things you hear, you don't know what to think or what to do and it still hasn't quite hit me yet. everything just feels really weird and surreal. >> reporter: they aren't surprised she was a youth camp staffer this summer. they say it fit her personality. >> working with children, seemed like a natural for her. she's got the right personality for it. >> reporter: the toughest part they admit will be this fall when school begins. her voice on radio won't be
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there. >> there will definitely be a void, a huge void. >> reporter: now, the radio station is planning to do a special tribute for her including recordings of her shoc and thoughts of those who worked with her. >> okay. thank you, george. the president is gone, the constitution suspended in egypt. a live look at cairo. what the military is doing again in charge. what's being done that allowed the great america's gold strike roller coaster to get moving again. i'm terry mcsweeney, we just got word about what the very latest is. we'll have it for you after the break. ♪
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happening now, bart and marathon leaders leaving the negotiation site. terry mcsweeney joins us live in oakland to tell us more. >> reporter: we got an update, something of a statement from the leadership, the union representatives in this strike. and they say they are going home for the night. tomorrow morning, early, they will meet union leaders are going to be meeting at 11:00. talks will resume with the un n unions involved in this strike. talks have gone on all day and wrapping up earlier tonight than this morning. they wrapped up at 3:00 a.m. they wrapped up at 11:20.
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they will meet with union leadership tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. they will be back here with the staid mediators to resume negotiations. they will still be talking, i guess, that's the positive development. >> terry, thank you. so no deal tonight but possibly a deal tomorrow. we want to turn our attention to international news. it is thursday morning already in egypt. the country is waking up to a brand-new day and government. these are live pictures of tahrir square in cairo. president mohamed morsi has been ousted. richard angle reports from cairo. >> reporter: it's the cry of millions of egyptians, an outpouring of joy and relief that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, the end of an experiment in political islam gone wrong. >> i'm crying because i'm so happy, so happy we get rid of them. >> we are now free egypt, out of
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the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: as army helicopters flew over tahrir square, egyptians lit them up with laser thanking the military for driving out mohamed morsi. the celebrations were triggered by this highly anticipated announcement, the army chief on national television outlining a road map. morsi, the constitution suspended the head of the court, the new president but only until early election and what about morsi and his supporters? they are calling this a coup, a plot. >> the u.s. embassy, which is just in the back of this square has ordered the departure of all non-emergency personnel and their family and advising american citizens in egypt to
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leave. in arizona firefighters think they are gaining control of a wildfire. a force of more than 600 are battling the fire. it's killed 19 firefighters that happened on sunday. now crews say they have made their first big progress and the fire is 45% contained. this is the deadliest wildfire in the u.s. in 80 years and crews fear by the time it's over, they could find more bodies. it could trigger another exit of experienced police officers in san jose. the police officers association has lost it's arbitration battle with the city. they were fighting over salary and retirement benefits. sources say the ruling means a cap on cashing out on a crude vacation and a cap on cashing out on sick time and means officers will not get back the 10% in pay they had previously
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given up to help the city balance books. >> it will hurt, and i'm just hoping it doesn't hurt for a long time that people. it becomes acceptable to be an average department. >> the city manager's office confirms the verdict is in but can't comment on the specifics. the city charter prohibits public disclosure for ten days. both sides can negotiate a better deal. one of the biggest junior colleges in the country faces an uncertain future tonight. city college of san francisco will lose it's accreditation in july of next year. that drastic decision was handed down today by the accrediting commission for junior colleges. city college failed to fix financial and educational deficiencies. the school plans to appeal. in the meantime, the campus will remain open and accredited. it has the makings of a courtroom drama if it makes it.
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major league baseball hired one of the most prominent trial attorneys in the anti-trust lawsuit filed by the city of san jose. that attorney is john kekker a partner in the san francisco firm. his list of high-profile clients include google and lance armstrong. that's a courtroom showdown between him and another heavy weight who leads san jose's case. the city accuses the league of violating federal laws by blocking the effort. let's bring in the chief meteorologist. the eve of the holiday, good firewor fireworks weather? >> yeah, for at least 75% of the viewing area, some of you will be very hot for us. right now we're continuing to deal with this odd weather pattern. it is very rare to get any kind of lightning strikes in the bay area to begin with but when you find them in california at night, these nocturnal
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thunderstorms is another layer of rareness and finding it now off to the north of santa rosa. if you're in santa rosa look to the north. you'll see lightning strike in the horizon. in fact, some could move your way as we head throughout the next two hours. that's the greatest spot of isolated lightning strikes in the next 45 minutes to maybe two hours but all of the bay area will have a ton of humidity. dew points in the 50s and 60s. humid for the bay area. temperatures mild, 81 in liver more right now, 70 san jose and you got the on shore flow in san francisco helping to keep us cooler. let's get you into the first look at the 4th of july forecast and we will have fog at the coastline. it won't be clear from the morning into the afternoon. we'll start with the low cloud cover and linger into the noon hour and then by 4:00 p.m., mostly sunny skies at the coastline and another scorcher at 100 degrees. that represents a lot of the
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east bay. let's get you outside to the live hd sky cam ra network and you can see currently we have clear skies, those mild conditions off towards san francisco, a few slivers of stratus moving throughout downtown. a beautiful shot right now with again a little fog for tomorrow. the thing that is sparking off the fog is the jet stream. it's starting to get closer to us. the other thing it will do is pick up the wind for tomorrow and then gradually decreasing our temperatures. i do think everyone will wake up with some sort of cloud cover here. you can see the counties highlighted. by 1: 00 p.m., a little cloud cover left. on the 4th of july, mainly a clear forecast. still cloud cover near san francisco but the fireworks should be lifted off. for tomorrow, a quick look here, 92 san jose, 95 in gill roy, upper 90s to low 100s in the east bay for san francisco and 73 for you and 87.
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the south bay temperatures in the mid 70s as fireworks lift off and the east bay with mid 70s at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow and mainly clear and in san francisco a little cloud cover, the coolest 4th of july with mid 60s at 9:00 p.m. and you can get more on nbc bay that will continue through saturday and sunday. 60s at the coastline. >> i'm ready for a barbecue right now. >> sounds good. just ahead, america's cup festivities getting underway tomorrow. which ones you can check out for free. >> on the subject of fireworks, may not be the 4th jet but a spectacular show, we'll show it to you when we come back.
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okay. months of hype and controversy
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but the america's cup is here. the opening ceremony is tomorrow. >> and starts with a ribbon cutting at the park. later in the day the sailors of the 14 will be introduced at the new america's cup pavilion and on friday the sailboats on the water in a parade led by the san francisco fire department boat. sunday the racing begins, the iss issue, of course, will be getting to the city. well can you hear it now? if you can, that's not good. great america's newest roller coaster reopened following noise complaints from the neighbors in santa clara and looks a little different. you see it? gold striker was temporarily shut down yesterday. it was getting rave reviews but people were screaming too loud on the roller coaster and the neighbors in santa clara were not happy about it. great america quickly build this, a 70 foot tunnel over part
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of the ride to muffle the screaming riders. hopefully it works. we're back in a minute with dave feldman with sports.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the san francisco giants lost nine of the last ten games, including eight of nine on the last road trip and scored fewer runs in ten of the last 13 including tonight in cincinnati where it wasn't a pretty sight. giants and reds top five, reds up 1-0. tony homers, so that's good. the two-run shot and the giants take the lead 2-1. but in the bottom of the sixth chris with a solo home run to left. third of the season, and equalizer we're tied at two. both top 11, two on, two outs for sin shoe choo. the reds are winners 3-2. how would the oakland a's do
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hosting the cubs? full house at the coliseum. bottom fourth, 2-0 cubs. moss, solo home run to right. a's down 2-1. top eight, runner on second, brian triples to left field. 3-1 cubs and that's your final score. the a's go down. >> you know, we just had a tough time figuring out garza, you know, for bart, you know, the first run, the ball gets by. you know, ball in the dirt gets by and base hit the first run and then, you know, one home run after that, and other than that he was doing the same things that we've seen him do allyear. >> on a happy note, congratulations to 49ers defensive back and former cal stand out on getting married to carry washington. he spent eight seasons with the oakland raiders, reportedly tied
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the knot in idaho last week. she was the star in the hit comedy jango unchained. the news continues with more after this. happy 4th of july, everybody.
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a gallery of the 4th of july tradition. >> stepping on the scale in new york for the nathan's hot dog eating contest. have you seen him eat? >> yes. >> he's the champ. weighing in at 20 -- 210 pounds. last year's winner, the female there was 101 pounds. >> i want can't watch that. >> it's about dipping it in water. >> can you do that? >> thanks for joining us tonight. we leave you one more time with the a's fireworks show after the sold out a's game.
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>> it was spectacular. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and "pumpcasting." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. hi, everybody. welcome to the show. hey, some -- some exciting news from the world of sports. listen to this. it seems tim tebow has signed with the new england patriots. how about that? ye


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