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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  July 4, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PDT

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♪ yeah, it don't mean a thing all you got to do is sing doo-wa doo-wa doo-wa doo-wa ♪ ♪ doo-wa doo-wa doo-wa doo-wa it makes no difference if it's sweet or hot ♪ ♪ you just take that rhythm give it everything you got oh, it don't mean a thing all you got to do is sing ♪ ♪ doo-wa doo-wa doo-wa doo-wa ♪ [ scatting ] ♪ [ scatting ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: matthew morrison, nice job! nice job, boss. thank you very much. that was great. i want to thank my guests, jamie foxx, jimmy connors and, of course, matthew morrison. tomorrow night, kevin hart will
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be here! but, "jimmy fallon," happening right now. jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's what i'm talking about right there.
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welcome, everybody. thank you! thank you very much. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." you guys feeling good? [ cheers and applause ] i'm so excited. we have chris christie and chef mario batali on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] it's so great to have a guest who's so passionate about food and it's an honor to have mario batali here as well. [ laughter and applause ] hey guys, i thought this was cool. hillary clinton joined twitter this week. [ cheers ] pretty cool. and right after her first tweet, president obama tweeted her his own welcome to her. it was very nice. it looks like things are already getting a little competitive. look at this. here's obama's tweet. he said, "i'd like to welcome @hillaryclinton to twitter." that's nice. but i'm not sure hillary liked it because look her response. she said, "thanks for welcoming me, didn't know you were the president of twitter
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#yeahiwentthere." [ laughter ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: a lot of tension. here's how the president responded. he said, "not the president of twitter, just the leader of the free world #bittermuch #don'tmesswiththebest." >> steve: wow. [ applause ] >> jimmy: this seems to be escalating. and here's what hillary said after that, "yeah, well at least i don't spy on people #booyah #sorrynotsorry." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sorry, not sorry. here's obama's reply, "want me to show you some of bill emails? #noyoudon't #seriouslyyoureallydon't." [ laughter ] >> steve: wow. but wait! >> jimmy: here's hillary's last tweet, "sure and i'll show you how to run a country #checkmate #2016 #ladyprez." >> steve: whoa! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: -- on twitter, it's always about twitter. >> steve: always. >> jimmy: everybody's talking about this. in the recent interview with the
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"new york times," kanye west compared himself to steve jobs, calls himself the nucleus of culture and also said he was the michael jordan of music. i don't know if he's the michael jordan of music, but he's definitely the dennis rodman of crazy talk. [ laughter ] this was sweet. last night on "america's got talent." one contestant proposed to his girlfriend on stage right after his audition. though, i am not sure it went how he expected. check it out. [ screams and applause ] >> will you marry me? [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: no, that's -- you don't. >> steve: oh! >> jimmy: shouldn't have done -- they shouldn't have done that. waited for the answer. [ applause ] >> steve: howie. >> jimmy: yeah. some tech news here. this week, apple introduced a new laptop that supposedly has a an all day battery. yep, and how it works is don't turn on your laptop all day. [ laughter ] it works. speaking of apple though, yesterday at the worldwide developer's conference, apple unveiled a male voice option for digital assistant siri.
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yeah, of course the male siri and the female siri handle things a little differently. for instance, if i were to say, "siri, open google maps." here's the female siri's response. [ female digital voice ] >> here is google maps for you. >> jimmy: and here's the male siri's response. [ male digital voice ] >> i don't need to look at a map, i know where i'm going. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: listen to this, there is talk that one direction is trying to win over justin bieber's fans who aren't happy with bieber's recent behavior. those guys from one direction better be careful or this could result in the worlds most adorable first fight. [ laughter ] and finally, new jersey governor chris christie is facing criticism after deciding to hold a special election to fill the states vacant senate seats in mid-october rather than waiting until the general election in november. you know, i was going to make a joke about this story but i don't think it needs a joke. i think it needs to be slow jammed.
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you know what i'm talking about tariq? [ cheers ] >> tariq: yes, jimmy. i think the same. we're gonna slow jam this news. >> jimmy: that's right. i want to slow jam this news and i'm not the only one. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, i'm chris christie, governor of the great state of new jersey and i too would like to slow jam the news. >> jimmy: hit me three times! ♪ [ slow music plays ] >> as you know, new jersey has a vacant seat in the u.s. senate. now, i had the choice to either appoint a hand-picked replacement or let the people vote on their new senators. as a governor i have a responsibility to ensure the people have a voice in washington. that's why this special election is hugely important.
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>> jimmy: aww yeah. [ laughter and applause ] chris christie's about to give new jersey a huge election. [ laughter ] and he's putting it in the hands of the people. so, watch out. because it's coming prematurely. [ laughter ] october 16th to be exact. ♪ october 16th chris christie wants to hear ♪ ♪ what you have to say so do the people at the nsa ♪ [ laughter ] >> the decisions that need to be made in washington are too great to be determined by an appointee for 18 months. what we don't need is another unelected politician just sitting around the congress, whether it's in the senate or the house of representatives. >> jimmy: mm-mm-mmm.
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take it from my man, the love gov. [ laughter ] when he sits around the house of representatives, he really sits around the house of representatives. [ laughter ] chris christie wants to make sure the next new jersey senator works long and hard. ♪ got to work long and hard you need to work hard to be a leader ♪ ♪ but not quite as hard as anthony wiener ♪ [ laughter and applause ] >> as governor, i won't allow political insiders and party elites to determine who republican and democratic nominees will be this fall. in this special election, it's not about playing politics. it's about doing the right thing. >> jimmy: you ain't lying, cc.
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now look at you, sounding all presidential like. you got something you want to announce on the show right now? [ music ends ] >> come on, jimmy. you think i would come on this show to announce a presidential run? >> jimmy: say whatever you want, but we know in 2016 -- >> tariq: ♪ baby you were born to run! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ slow music plays ] >> look -- now look, i know this election is going to cost taxpayers the money, but these costs can't be measured against the value of having an elected member of the united states senate. that's why i'm throwing my full weight behind this decision. >> jimmy: oh, oh, come on. come on now, christie cream donut. come on. how you gonna be setting me up like that? it's too easy, it's not even funny.
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>> isn't that what your audience says every night? [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: ouch. >> yeah, that's right, it hurts. so step off, brother. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: isn't that what your bathroom scale says every night? [ laughter ] >> tariq: ♪ bada bing bada boom ♪ >> this election ensures the people will choose. time to make it rain in the voting booth. >> tariq: ♪ the polls with be closing someone will be chosen it's time for the vote now no time for apposing ♪ ♪ one person will win and another will lose ♪ >> jimmy: and that is how we slow jam the news. >> oh yeah! >> jimmy: give it up for governor chris christie and the roots. ♪
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my goodness. right there! that's what i'm talking about. he's a good man, governor chris christie's the best. we have a big show tonight. he just slow jammed with us and he'll be back out to talk, our pal, governor chris christie is here. [ cheers and applause ] plus, a star from "icarly," she has a great new show called "sam and kat," jennette mccurdy will be joining us! [ cheers and applause ] she is so fun. she's so cute. he is one of the best chefs in the world and now his sons have their own cookbook. mario, benno and leo batali will be stopping by! >> steve: hey! [ cheers and applause ] hey! >> jimmy: i've known those kids for awhile. i love those guys. >> steve: lovely. >> jimmy: they're cool. hey, you guys, last week something huge happened. i know you know what i'm talking about. a major milestone was reached, justin bieber got his 40 millionth follower on twitter. that's right. [ scattered applause ] yeah, that's the reaction i wanted. thank you, so much. [ laughter ]
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and, you know, i was looking at his tweets. and i noticed that even though some of them were really short and simple, they were getting a crazy amount of re-tweets. so, for instance, last week i saw him tweet out, "having fun." and look at this, ended up getting almost 75,000 re-tweets. "having fun." -- no punctuation. nothing. just, "having fun." >> steve: and not the band fun.? >> jimmy: no. i don't know. "having fun." so, i thought -- we thought it would be fun to have one of our writers, arthur, tweet out the exact same thing as justin bieber once every day this week and see who gets more re-tweets, him, or justin bieber. so, let's bring him out and see how he did. arthur, come on out, buddy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: arthur meyer. arthur, good to see you again. >> you too. >> jimmy: now, it's wednesday. so i just want to -- now which justin bieber tweet did you go with today? >> okay, well, recently i saw justin bieber tweeted, "live life full." >> jimmy: yeah, "live life full." there you go, yeah. >> so, today i also tweeted "live life full." [ light laughter ]
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>> jimmy: all right now -- yeah. now, since we've been doing this on the show the past couple of days, you've actually been getting more and more re-tweets. >> yeah, it's crazy, i usually only get like two or three re-tweets, but lately, people are really responding to the tweets that i'm stealing from justin beiber. >> jimmy: yeah. it sounds like you might be pretty close today. who knows, maybe even you'll beat him. now, so far, how many re-tweets do you have for "live life full"? [ drum roll ] >> i have -- 307 re-tweets! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's a lot of re-tweets. >> it's really good! >> jimmy: yeah. and how many did justin bieber get for the exact same tweet? >> justin bieber got -- 130,989. >> jimmy: re-tweets. wow. >> re-tweets, yeah. [ sad tuba ] >> jimmy: that is a lot more than 307. >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: but that's still a lot of re-tweets for "live life full" for you, arthur. that's great. now, arthur, do you live life full? >> no, i don't. >> jimmy: yeah, okay. well, there you go. [ laughter ] arthur meyer, re-tweeting the same thing as justin bieber. [ applause ]
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we'll check back in tomorrow and see how's he's doing tomorrow. we'll be right back with more "late night," everybody! arthur! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the car that loves to have fun ♪ ♪ it's got something for everyone ♪ ♪ the car of the future many have said ♪ ♪ 'cause at the pump it's miles ahead ♪ ♪ and let's hum, hum, hum, hum ♪ let's hum ♪ a prius for everyone ♪ [ male announcer ] now get 0% apr financing for 60 months on the prius liftback, the number 1 selling hybrid. with plenty in stock, you can drive one home today. ♪ a prius for everyone
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is the 55th governor of new jersey. and we're thrilled to have him back on the show. please welcome, from all the way across the hudson river, the garden state's own governor chris christie! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:59 am
>> jimmy: welcome. welcome. governor christie, thank you for coming back. thank you for slow jamming with me. >> oh, that was great. i can't wait to mock brian williams. >> jimmy: brian williams, yeah. >> i'm a better slow jammer than him. that's gonna be really good. >> jimmy: we have to do that together. well, you're always such a good sport for us. and i've got to say thank you for being a good sport. >> you're welcome. >> jimmy: you're a good man. we love you. but you're slimming down, buddy. what's going down? what's up? >> oh, you haven't read the papers? >> jimmy: no, i don't read. >> no, listen. i had some surgery and i've lost some weight. we are continuing to lose weight. i'm feeling better. >> jimmy: well, what's going to happen to my monologue if you do this? i mean -- >> yeah, you're screwed. >> jimmy: i'm screwed. any reason why you did this? i know i've seen a couple interviews. >> well, you know, i mean, you might have noticed that i was a bit overweight. and, you know, it's just -- i got to turn 50 years old. and i thought i'm really lucky that i hadn't had any kind of real health problems up until i was 50.
1:00 am
and, you know, this is the time to get it taken care of, you know, and try to do it. >> jimmy: sometimes that stuff doesn't work. so it's a tricky procedure. >> well, you know, listen. i was back -- i had the surgery on a saturday. i was back to work on tuesday. >> jimmy: and you didn't tell anybody, right? i mean, i didn't find out until just, like, before the show. exactly, yeah. >> no, yeah, no, listen. i didn't think it was anybody's business but mine and my family's. but, you know, eventually, someone, you know, leaked the story out there. and, so, it's fine. i don't care that everybody knows. it's, you know, it's my business. it's my life. and i've got to do what i think is best for me and for mary pat and my kids. >> jimmy: yeah, i love that you're doing that. good for you. you have a great family. and i've got to say -- [ applause ] you're working hard. all the stuff. the awful -- hurricane sandy was just terrible what happened to -- >> yeah, listen. it was a tragedy for the people of my state, you know. 355,000 homes damaged or destroyed. you know, it's a long recovery and a long road back. but people have been so generous. you know, mary pat runs the hurricane sandy new jersey relief fund and raised about $36 million already from people
1:01 am
all over the world. >> jimmy: holy moly. >> people in new jersey, so -- >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. that's great. now, the -- how is the jersey shore? how is it? >> oh, you know, i was there memorial day weekend. and 22 of the 23 boardwalks are up and running. you know, the beaches are being replenished and are ready to take folks. you know, where we're having some problems is the housing still needs to be rebuilt, but there's still plenty of places for people who go down there and stay. the amusements are back. the restaurants are back open. the bars. >> jimmy: so, if you're watching out there, you want to good vacation, go to jersey shore. >> exactly. >> jimmy: it is the place to be this summer. [ cheers and applause ] it's really good. it's so fun. i've been there a bunch of times. always had fun. you've been going since you were a kid. >> yeah. >> jimmy: to jersey shore. >> yes. >> jimmy: look at you and the fam here. aw. >> showing embarrassing pictures of your guests. >> jimmy: it's always fun, right? how sweet is that? who's that now? is that the whole family? >> that's my immediate family. that's my dad and mom, my little sister, my younger brother and me. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> yeah, i think i was, like,
1:02 am
12 years old there. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. and you're still going back now. >> still going back. taking my kids back there now. so, it's a great place full of memories for me and for my family, and now we're building new memories with our family. it's great. >> jimmy: did you ever, in your college days, go, like, jersey shore it up? >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. we rented houses -- in fact, brian williams -- >> jimmy: something, and yeah. >> oh, the whole thing. you know, looking for -- looking for girls from staten island. you know, the whole thing. [ audience ohs ] oh, you know it's true. but we were -- we rented a house. i showed brian williams the house, actually. we were down in seaside heights. for those of you who want to go looking to see exactly what kind of great places i stayed in, 46 franklin avenue in seaside heights. it was -- we told the realtor that four of us were going down there to stay in the house, and there were 12 of us. >> jimmy: i did the same thing, yeah. >> and it was quite a week. it was quite a week. we had a really good time between high school and going off to college.
1:03 am
>> jimmy: now, you're doing this thing now. you're speaking at the clinton global initiative america on friday. >> yes. >> jimmy: with bill clinton. >> yep. >> jimmy: that's very interesting, i think, of you to do. and exciting, of course. >> well, listen. i mean, president clinton is -- is, you know, a leader. and has always been very good to me. and he asked me to come out there and talk about the lessons that i learned about leadership in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. and i thought it would be a great thing to talk about and have him interview me, which is what's going to happen on friday. it's just a great opportunity for me to tell the story and tell new jersey's story, and i'm looking forward to it. >> jimmy: but it's interesting because -- >> he's a -- >> jimmy: [ whispering ] you're a republican. >> i'm a republican? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah. yeah, but, you know -- >> jimmy: is that weird? >> no. no, it's not. i'm governor first. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i mean, you know, from my perspective, it's, like, if people are good to you, no matter what party they're in, then you should be good back to them. and president clinton's been good to me, so -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know, i love that
1:04 am
about you. i think it's cool that you're doing that. and that's this friday. that's gonna be very, very interesting. >> this friday in chicago. it's gonna be great. >> jimmy: now, how's your family taking -- 'cause you're, like, super famous now, you know? i just read some poll, like, 80% of america loves you. everyone loves you. >> that 80% is not in my house, unfortunately. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: come on. no! >> no, you know, listen. the family -- it's taken some adjustment. my 9-year-old, bridget, said that her least favorite words in the world are, "i hate to interrupt the governor, but --" because she said, "if they really hate to interrupt, why are they interrupting?" you know? it's, like, that's what a 9-year-old thinks. so we go out to dinner, it gets a little bit hairy sometimes. but the family's adjusted really well, and i think are really enjoying the stuff we get to do. >> jimmy: but prince harry came to new jersey. >> ah, yes. >> jimmy: prince harry came. >> yes, he did. we were hanging with prince harry. >> jimmy: i mean, come on. hanging with prince harry. that's my favorite show on mtv, yeah. "hanging with prince harry," yeah. >> we're working on that. it's in development. >> jimmy: you should, yeah. what did you do with prince harry? >> well, you know, interestingly, prince harry, when he was serving in afghanistan, had a friend of his who he served with who's an army
1:05 am
reservist from the jersey shore. and that guy -- they got to be friends, and that guy had his house destroyed in hurricane sandy. so prince harry wanted to come and see everything for himself. so when he came to america, he wanted to do a stop at jersey shore, and he wanted firsthand to see the destruction that got on. and so, you know, i got to take prince harry around. and as you might imagine, jimmy, my 17-year-old daughter very interested in that part of daddy's job that day. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. all of a sudden, yeah. she's really into it. >> then all of a sudden, sarah. yeah, there she is. see there. >> jimmy: there, and mary pat right there. hey, guys. hey, nice to see you. [ applause ] welcome to the show. big fan of your dad. we love your dad so much. he's awesome. >> and she's a big fan of prince harry. >> jimmy: she is, yeah, yeah. she not a fan of -- >> well, she loves jimmy fallon, but in a different way. >> jimmy: yeah, come on. i was going to -- i want to show this thing. 'cause you and springsteen -- i know you love springsteen. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we always talk about this. >> yeah, we both do. >> jimmy: i love bruce springsteen so much. we all -- everybody loves bruce springsteen. [ cheers and applause ]
1:06 am
and he's a great guy. but you -- and he's new jersey. he's from new jersey. but, you guys, politically, you don't agree on all the same topics. >> not on the same page. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. but this year, you actually got to kind of get to know him because you did so many charity events with him. >> yeah, and, in fact, you know, one night when we were in the midst of the aftermath of the hurricane, one of my staff was getting really excited, like, after 11:00 and said, "you won't believe what happened tonight." and i was thinking it would be something bad. i said, "what?" he said, "springsteen's in rochester, and he gave you a shoutout from the stage." i was, like, in heaven. oh, yeah! [ laughter ] what did he say? and he said, oh, you're doing a great job and everyone's proud of you. and then we had the telethon here at nbc that matt lauer put on, and i came with the family to watch it. and afterwards came down and was talking to the performers who had helped us. and all of a sudden, i was talking to two of the guys from the e street band, max and steve, and i saw them kind of pulling away from me and looking over my shoulder. i was, like, what? you know, is this a hit? [ laughter ] i don't know what's going to happen. and so, i turned around, and it
1:07 am
was bruce. he put his hand out to shake my hand. i shook his hand. and he said, "come on, give me a hug." >> jimmy: no! >> yes. yes. >> jimmy: there it is right there. going in for the handshake, then it almost ended up being a hug right there. love your picture. come on, give me a hug. you can tell you're both getting in there. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: and did you hug him? >> yeah, we hugged. >> jimmy: you hugged bruce springsteen? >> i did. and he whispered in my ear. >> jimmy: no, he did not. >> he did. he just whispered. come on, jimmy. nothing bad. we whispered in my ear. he goes, "it's official. we're friends." >> jimmy: no. >> yes. >> jimmy: he's the coolest man. >> i was, like, you know. >> jimmy: he's the coolest man. >> i mean, i've been to 132 shows. >> jimmy: i mean, we've talked about this. he's a giant bruce springsteen fan. this is a major milestone. >> yeah, so, for him to whisper in my ear, "it's official. we're friends." that's it. >> jimmy: that's so cool. the next album, there's a song called "it's official, we're friends." >> if that's it, forget it. i might just quit this whole thing. >> jimmy: how was -- you've met other rock stars, too. >> well, actually, we got to meet bono and actually become friends with bono.
1:08 am
we met him in jordan. we were there visiting king abdullah and queen rania in jordan. and it turns out the king has a party. and who's at the party -- there's only, like, 20 people. and bono's there. now, the king's daughter is 12 years old. she's learning to play the guitar. so, he wants her to play the guitar for bono. so she comes and sits at this table. we're only, like, three or four tables of people. and bono says, "do you know any pop songs?" and she says, "i just learned 'hotel california'." so, bono turns to me and says, "gov, you know the words to 'hotel california,' right?" and i said, "sure." and he said, "okay, me and you, let's go." and bono and i, in the middle of the desert in jordan, sing "hotel california" together with king adbullah's daughter playing the guitar. is this a great job or what? [ applause ] >> jimmy: i think you're a rock star yourself, my friend. governor christie, thank you for everything you're doing. i want to stress the website that everyone go. and just give whatever you can. i just thank you from the bottom of --
1:09 am
all these people, like, that have been coming to our show from new jersey, we get to see them now and then, and they just go, like, i go, what do you think? how's it going? they go, getting better and better and better every single day. and everybody who's watching, come to new jersey. support the shore. and go to this website. and give it up for this guy. governor chris christie. [ cheers and applause ] thanks, brother. jennette mccurdy joins us next. come on back, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know our next guest as sam puckett on the long-running hit show, "icarly." and last saturday night, she and her co-star, ariana grande's new nickelodeon show, "sam and cat" debuted to record ratings. please welcome to the show a funny and talented performer. here's jennette mccurdy, everyone. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:15 am
>> jimmy: jennette, you are gorgeous. welcome back to see us. this is your first time as a guest on our show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but second or third time, i guess, at our show. >> yeah, we actually did a crossover episode on "icarly" with you guys last year. >> jimmy: yeah, which was so fun for us. it was, like, the best thing ever because we love your show so much. >> well, thanks. >> jimmy: we did a thing where "icarly" came to our show, and then you guys -- we did a random dance scene. it was "dance your hat and gloves off." there's you in the cast there. >> oh. >> jimmy: and then gibby's pants fell off. >> this guy. >> jimmy: yeah, and then we got sued by the f -- whatever we call it. the fcc or whatever we called it. it was super fun, though. we had the best time. and i loved -- it was one of my favorite things we've done on our show. we loved it so much. >> oh, geez. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it was awesome for all of us. >> jimmy: we're big fans. did you miss the cast you got for "icarly"? >> i do. i still hang out with miranda, like, three times a week. and i hang out with jerry and everybody, so -- >> jimmy: you do? you see miranda three times a week? how? >> well, we live, like, 10 minutes away from each other. so we usually, like, we'll go in her car and, like, drive around endlessly. and then we end up at her house.
1:16 am
or we'll, like, go see a movie or we'll go back and watch, like, "teen mom" or something. >> jimmy: it's always fun to watch "teen mom," yeah. everyone's doing that, yeah. that's what i do, too. and how's jerry? how's jerry doing? jerry trainor? he's nuts. >> he's good. i have a good story. i just invited him to my 21st birthday. >> jimmy: happy early birthday. >> thank you. yay! [ applause ] >> jimmy: happy early birthday. >> thank you. i'm so excited. >> jimmy: what are you doing? >> i'm renting a party bus and going to vegas. >> jimmy: yeah! that's what you have to do. >> right? >> jimmy: yeah, 21. >> yeah. so, i invited jerry. and he wrote right back and he's, like, yeah, it's gonna have to be a game day decision. i'll let you know, though, sugar. like, i'll keep you posted. like -- >> jimmy: sugar, first of all. >> what does that mean? right? >> jimmy: that's your buddy for how many years on "icarly"? >> seven years. >> jimmy: seven years. >> come on, jerry. >> jimmy: sugar, yeah how gross, yeah. but that's fun. you're gonna go to vegas. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you're just gonna -- what? you're just gonna stay at a hotel and just do it up? >> i actually -- i love "cirque du soleil," so i'm going to go see, like, a couple "cirque du soleil" shows and, like, the
1:17 am
premiere of their new one. the michael jackson one. >> jimmy: we had jamie king on our show. >> i saw. i saw your dance. it was great. >> jimmy: yeah, i apologize. yeah, i'm not a good dancer at all. that's why i'm not in the show. but this is -- this is supposed to be an amazing show. >> yeah, there's supposed to be, like, a lot of lights. >> jimmy: there you go. a lot of lights. there you go. that's enough for me. i want to go through -- because i follow you on twitter, and i just think you're really funny on twitter. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're @jennettemccurdy. >> i am. >> jimmy: one -- you said, "every time sounds good autocorrects to sounds food, i leave it because food is better than good." that made me laugh. and then, this one -- >> it doesn't make them laugh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, they like it. they're getting there. this one's from @jennettemccurdy. it says, "whenever i hear something rustle in my bedroom, i go, narnia?" [ laughter ] and then this last one just made me laugh that. i was reading this last night. @jennettemccurdy. "so excited to be on @jimmyfallon tomorrow. i'm going to pee." and then, in parentheses -- "not from excitement, i just have to pee." [ laughter ]
1:18 am
that just made me laugh. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're a big fan of comedy. you're actually writing your own comedy now, right? >> yeah, i write all the time. i like doing sketches and just sort of meandering around. >> jimmy: who's your -- any big inspirations? >> tina fey. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, tina fey. >> yeah. yes! [ cheers ] >> jimmy: that's my girl. i love tina fey. >> she's my favorite. >> jimmy: she's the best. have you ever gotten to meet -- have you gotten to meet tina? >> i met her a couple -- well, sort of met her. she was at the kids' choice awards, and i was at the kids' choice awards a couple years ago. and she was, like, the big celebrity slimed guest. like, if you guys don't know, every year, the -- nickelodeon puts on these awards shows and they, like -- the big honoree gets slimed, as most honorees do. so, she, like, just wrenched. and we were -- we were on the same golf cart, like, going to our cars at the end of the night. and she was drenched in slime, so i was, like, sort nervous to say anything to her because it's not, like the best situation to be, like, hey, tina, i love you! you're the best! >> jimmy: she's ice cold, covered in slime. she's, like -- >> yeah, she was, like, avoiding me at all costs. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh.
1:19 am
>> i was, like, trying to make eye contact. >> jimmy: no! my goodness. >> like a creep. like, hey, tina. >> jimmy: oh, my god. well, i'll tell her you said hi. you'll have another opportunity. well, "sam and cat." congratulations on this. >> thank you. >> jimmy: everybody watch it. "sam and cat." it's on nickelodeon. [ applause ] it's you, ariana grande you're playing characters that we know. that we love. can you set up the show at all? >> yeah. "sam and cat" is a double spinoff of "icarly" and "victorious." sam is this feisty tomboy and cat is the flighty girly-girl who become roommates, and they start a baby-sitting business together. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. sounds like a bad idea. >> it is. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i mean, good idea for a show. bad idea to go in that business. yeah. babysitting with you guys. well, we have a clip of the very funny and the very talented jennette mccurdy and ariana grande in their new hit show, "sam and cat." look at this. >> hey, can you take darby? he's happy. >> no, you guys, i don't have time to. i gotta go. >> whoa, i don't want this beef. [ laughter ] oh, yes. pretty flowers.
1:20 am
go tell your mom to find another babysitter. >> our mom left for work. she dances near the airport. >> just come with us. >> you left the baby in the bush. >> i'm getting the baby! >> let's go. ♪ >> jimmy: the baby! our thanks to jennette mccurdy. watch her new show, "sam and cat," saturdays at 8:00 p.m. on nickelodeon. it's really funny. we're cooking with the batali boys after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this is it. this is what matters. the experience of a product. how will it make someone feel?
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm here with one of the chefs greatest in the world and his two sons who are the two also greatest chefs in the world. they have their cookbook titled "the batali brothers cookbook," which his in stores right now. please welcome to the show, my dear friends mario, benno and leo batali! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, batali boys! what's happening, dudes? all good? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: awesome, pal. what are we doing here, mario? >> first thing, we're just going to make a cocktail to get us in the mood.
1:26 am
>> jimmy: thank you, my friend. >> and then we're going to let the boys go on. do you want to muddle? >> jimmy: do i -- >> can you start muddling? >> jimmy: yeah, of course. muddling? what is muddling, again? >> muddling is just pressing things against mint and sugar. this case, it's going to be raspberry. we're going to make a raspberry mint lemonade. you have muddled to the maximum, sir. >> jimmy: thank you, my friend. >> join us there. >> jimmy: look at this. >> what i like to do is take a little angostura bitters and throw it in each cup. >> jimmy: that's the secret. >> then we add the lemonade. >> jimmy: come on. >> and that is for the children or what we call the boys. the brothers. >> jimmy: not children. hey, watch it, dad. >> and then over here for the adults, we just add a little bit of hooch to make the interview process less painful. >> jimmy: thank you my friend. here we go. nice little limoncello. >> there we go -- straws everybody. one, two, three. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. cheers everybody. oh, you didn't get any -- good stuff. >> i'm working, i'm working. >> jimmy: here we go. cheers guys. >> cheers gentlemen. >> jimmy: love you guys. >> all right, so what are we making!? benno batali on the sloppy joes. >> we're gonna make some sloppy, sloppy joes here. >> jimmy: love it, brother. what do we got?
1:27 am
>> so, why don't you start out -- first we got some ground chuck, here. >> jimmy: yeah. >> just -- it's been browning in the pan for the past few minutes. so why don't you start by adding some sugar. >> jimmy: don't tell me what to do! >> okay -- >> jimmy: i'm just kidding. i'll add the sugar. some on buddy. all right, what do you -- all right. so, i add the sugar. what do we got here? >> that was the sugar, that's the salt. you can add a pinch of that. >> jimmy: oh, i was gonna add the whole thing. >> no. >> jimmy: okay, good. just add a pinch of that. >> yeah, that's great. >> jimmy: this is why i need you to tell me what's going down. >> tomato paste. >> we got some tomato paste. i'll let you squeeze that. >> jimmy: thank you my friend. >> about five tablespoons, so go crazy. >> jimmy: i don't -- okay, i don't know what means. >> just like this. >> jimmy: perfect. >> that's great. >> jimmy: that's five tablespoons exactly. genius. >> and then, to make. >> jimmy: i brush my teeth with this stuff every morning. >> to make the joes sloppy, extra sloppy, we add salsa. so, would you care to dump the salsa in? >> jimmy: yeah, i'm good with salsa. >> you're good with salsa? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here we go. >> hold on, hold on. what happened to your finger pal? >> jimmy: i cut it making salsa last week. [ laughter ] all the salsa, or no? >> yeah, all the salsa. >> jimmy: all right brother. good man. >> i guess if you had an
1:28 am
emotional worry about the salsa being part of your life. >> jimmy: yeah, i just got over it right now. >> and now we add the secret ingredient that the children never know about, a little cold beer. >> jimmy: hey! there you go. you got a little sloppy joe fun time. >> and then so, right now, this is kind of a basic sloppy joe. so, you can always add -- this is ground -- chipotle seeds. and that's some other spices. >> jimmy: all right. are we going to do all these spices? >> do you like it -- or do you like it spicy? >> jimmy: i like it spicy. [ talking over each other ] here we go. it looks good already. i want to eat this. this is better than anything i've ever made in my life. you guys are one-fourth my age. all right -- and now, what do we do? so -- you'll let that simmer for a little while -- >> yes, then we'll let this simmer. >> jimmy: we'll go over to my man over here. leo, what's going down, my man? >> we're making italian corn. so, this is just summer sweet corn that's been sitting on this grill. and so, what you do is you take this and you roll it. it's been covered with olive oil. you roll it in balsamic vinegar. >> jimmy: uh-hah. ooh. >> if you had use of both hand it would probably be a lot easier. >> jimmy: yeah, well, i can't because of the salsa incident. >> and then you roll it in some parmigiano cheese.
1:29 am
>> what's parmigiano cheese!? >> the king of cheeses. >> the undisputed king of cheeses! >> jimmy: the undisputed of cheeses. >> exactly. >> jimmy: i like that my friend. and -- what are you -- what kicks you wearing these days? because i know you -- >> i got, right now, nike rush run. >> jimmy: oh, the rush run? >> yeah. >> jimmy: rush and run? that's not rush and run? >> no, no. [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: russell simmons. >> what are you wearing today? >> jimmy: what am i wearing? these are like tom ford loafers. [ laughter ] >> they cost more than your college education. >> jimmy: i'm such an old man. all right, this is rocking. batali, i heard you have a video or something, my friend? >> well, actually yeah. me and my dad and michael j. fox were out playing golf -- we were playing with you one day. so, let's take a look at the clip, shall we, ladies and gentlemen? [ cheers and applause ] this is jimmy fallon playing golf. >> jimmy fallon. >> wee! >> jimmy: one. that's good. >> two, three, four. [ beep ] six, seven, eight.
1:30 am
nine, ten, eleven. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. no, a little far. a little far there. >> twelve. >> jimmy: twelve. come on! it's getting close. >> thirteen. >> jimmy: there you go. get in the hole. oh, my gosh. a little short. a little short. fifteen. come on, baby! [ laughter ] oh, my gosh -- sixteen! ♪ >> so, on the first hole, you're only fourteen over. you're looking good. >> jimmy: i'm looking good. i'm only fourteen over. you know what's so sad? i wasn't even embarrassed about that. >> fourteen straight. >> jimmy: seventeen? [ talking over each other ] we gonna start plating right here? >> put some on, right here. come on. >> jimmy: you guys, i love this book, by the way -- it's filled with some good summer jams. when you're going out there you want to make some sloppy joes, have some italian corn. [ talking over each other ] raspberry lemonade. >> are you going to come out at join us in michigan? >> jimmy: dude, you know i got to party down with the batali's. >> hold on, right here. let's make sure mr. fallon gets the first taste. he's the big shot here and he's soon to own the complete late
1:31 am
night event by going to 11:30, ladies and gentlemen. i'm very excited about that! [ cheers and applause ] he's always got to take care of the band. >> jimmy: got to take care of the band as well, yeah. [ talking over each other ] questlove -- he's in the restaurant bis, now. all right, ready? i'm gonna try it right now. >> these guys have no plates over there. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. here we go. ready? >> hold on, hold on. go, go, go. what do you think? how is it? good. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> are they sloppy, sloppy? >> jimmy: the best! >> are they too spicy? >> jimmy: huh-uh. >> do they need some beverages? >> jimmy: this is so good -- right here. i love these dudes, right here. [ cheers and applause ] mario, benno, leo batali. "the batali brothers cookbook" right here. it's in stores right now. by the way, "the chew" airs weekdays on abc. so you can see more of mario. we love you guys. we'll be right back -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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[ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to governor chris christie, jennette mccurdy, mario, benno, and leo batali. that's my boys right there. and the greatest band in late night, the roots. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "carson daly." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
1:35 am
♪ ♪


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