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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's all ahead in a live report. b.a.r.t. clearly needs to understand that 30 days is all it is. >> the b.a.r.t. strike is over, at least for now it is. we will tell you why we might have to relive this one again all over next month. we'll tell you about that just ahead. and finally some heat relief and that means some relief for your pg&e bill. we'll let you know what the weekend holds in your full forecast. and things very light on the road right now. anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. no traffic trouble spots to report. we'll get you out there on time, 6:00 straight up. beautiful sunrise is coming up over the bay area on this friday, july 5th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, it is 6:00 on the nose. thank you for joining us as always, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we do have some breaking news in richmond where firefighters are on the scene of a deadly house fire. the fire started just before 2:45 this morning on 21st street near roosevelt avenue. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you any new live pictures and new information throughout the morning. also new this morning, those june employment reports, the numbers are out, just released here. employers adding a total of 195,000 jobs. unemployment remaining unchanged at 7.6%, but those numbers are pretty good. the job increase actually more than economists had predicted. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew will go in depth on all these job numbers throughout the entire morning and we'll have him along to tell you about it. good news for b.a.r.t. riders. starting this afternoon trains will be up and running once again. striking workers have agreed to temporarily end their strike despite not having agreed to a new contract. christie smith joins us with new details on what it means for riders this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. happy friday. you know, we've been speaking with commuters this morning and they certainly welcome the news of a temporary agreement between b.a.r.t. and its unions. they say they heard it on their way in as they were coming to catch one of these shuttle buses into san francisco at the walnut creek station. they're also wondering what's next. what will happen at the end of those 30 days. it was just before 11:00 last night when b.a.r.t. and its two largest unions that went on strike announced a 30-day extension on their current contract. that contract had expired on sunday. this temporarily ends the four-day strike that had commuters on buses and ferries and car pools, basically in gridlock, just trying to get to work. the decision came at the request of the state labor secretary and mediators. but there is still quite a bit of friction on both sides that has to be dealt with before this new contract deadline. riders say they just want a permanent solution, but fear that both sides are still far
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apart. >> both parties came to the recognition that it would be a longer period of time would be required to come to a resolution and as a consequence we signed a 30-day extension. we will work very hard to achieve an agreement by august the 4th, at which time the contract will expire again. >> i'd rather be prepared for the worst seriously. but the buses have been really, really accommodating and that's been fine. >> reporter: will it be nice actually sitting on a train on the way home, though? >> yes, it will! i'm looking forward to that very much. >> reporter: now, the union is telling us that they expect to go back to the bargaining table on monday. meantime, those bus bridges that have been in place this week still in effect for the morning at least at the five stations, including el cerrito, del norte, dubl dublin, pleasanton, fremont, walnut creek.
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these buses had been stopping at west oakland and today they're just going directly into the city. i wanted to stress, though, that this is for the morning. the trains expected to run sometime around 3:00 this afternoon. and at the press conference when asked, you know, what happens at the end of 30 days, could you guys go on strike again, one of the union representatives said that is a distinct possibility here. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we'll see if they work it out. as christie mentioned again, train service resumes at 3:00. that's because b.a.r.t. needs enough time to notify workers, inspect all the trains, make sure the tracks are clear before the trains can once again roll on the tracks at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll update our website as we continue to get information from b.a.r.t. and its unions. check out our home page for the most current schedules. you'll also see important news for this morning's commute scrolling across the bottom of your screen. this is a wild scene, chaos
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down in southern california as fireworks explode straight into a crowd of spectators. >> oh! oh! run, run! run! >> wow. this morning at least 28 people injured, some seriously. marla tellez is joining us from our newsroom. marla, everyone wondering why did they launch sideways instead of up in the air. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know why one of the launching stations tipped over, but it most certainly did. they say foul play is not suspected. they're calling this one an industrial accident. if you haven't seen this complete home video yet, here it is. just a few minutes into the show when everything goes terribly wrong. >> oh! oh! oh, my god! oh, oh! run! run, run! >> reporter: no matter how many times you see this, it still scares you. the fireworks started to shoot into the crowd of some 10,000 people. this happened about 9:20 last night at the rotary club's
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fireworks show in simi valley, which is about 40 miles northwest of los angeles. in all 28 people are hurt, most with mild injuries. ventura county fire says four people are severely hurt. their injuries consistent with shrapnel and projectile-type injuries. one woman says she's just so grateful she and her young son were not sitting in the front. >> everything just kind of scattered outwards and everything started running. just a loud explosion. we felt the heat like pull back towards us. we were on the opposite side of the rec building of the and that was it, end of the show. then all of a sudden the sirens started coming. >> reporter: we're also just learning the injured range in age from 7 to 78 years old. again most with minor injuries. 50 emergency personnel were already on scene as is protocol for any legit fireworks show. now, according to the rotary club's website, they have been doing the show more than 40 years but this is only the second time they have worked with a pyrotechnic company out of new york called bay
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fireworks. i've been on their website. they serve the new york mets, walt disney world, nasa, so they seemingly are a reputable company. i have a call into bay fireworks and am waiting to hear back. coming up in my next report, we're going to go live to simi valley where we do have a reporter on scene and we'll get the very latest information from her. laura. >> thank you very much. this morning firefighters mopping up after two separate brush fires in the oakland hills overnight. both fires broke out in joaquin miller park around 11:30 last night on opposite sides of the park. 60 firefighters from both the oakland and cal fire departments were called to fight those fires. both were contained about 3:00 this morning. crews are still on the scene checking for hot spots. another brush fire in pittsburg under control after burning 50 acres following fourth of july festivities. this one was reported about 9:00 last night, the very same time the fireworks area where they were starting was going off. it moved from a large field into
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the 700 block of willow pass road near highway 4. homeowners from the nearby harbor lights community even tried to extinguish those flames themselves from their backyard. the fire department that responded to this fire is one of two fire houses in contra costa county scheduled to close its doors come monday. you may notice a little cooler as you head out the door this morning, just as you had told us, christina. cooler temperatures for this weekend. the sunrise beautiful. >> oh, yeah, it really is. good morning to you, laura and jon. 6:08. taking a live look bay bridge, beautiful start to the day here. you will notice it's a little choppier on the bay as we have some winds picking up. we're getting a gorgeous sunrise all across the bay area and we're running 16 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago in livermore, so you certainly notice that difference. temperatures back in the 50s this morning. we have not seen that any morning yet this week as far as being this widespread. look at all these 50s. 57 in livermore, 59 in oakland and 55 degrees in san francisco.
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happy friday. hopefully you had a great fourth of july. things are really looking up around the bay area. temperatures are going to drop off. they're making negotiations happen when it comes to the b.a.r.t. strike. this one thing we do want to point out is those b.a.r.t. trains aren't running until later on today. we'll get you updated with anthony in just a moment. 82 inland today, bayside 77. 62 at the coast. a lot of people in town for the fourth of july weekend. i'll have your full forecast and tell you what's going on around the bay area. that's all coming up as promised. first, let's get to that all-important traffic report. anthony, good morning to you. >> traffic is wide open this morning. we're not talking about any major slowdowns in any location, even approaching the bay bridge you'll notice wide open lanes there and that is really good news to see. if you are one of the lucky folks that gets to head into work this morning, you won't have much company on the roads. you can see as we take another perspective from our emeryville cam, very light as you approach richmond and over highway 4. let's also get you down towards
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880 past the oakland coliseum. you can see a little dark there but traffic is moving smoothly and a little farther south in san jose. 101 at 680, you'll notice things wide open there. even in the peninsula, can't forget about you guys, things wide open. really no major traffic spots to report. mike picked a good week all in all to take off. >> you just said it, though. if you're lucky enough to come to work today, and you are one of the chosen. all right. 6:10 right now. coming up, a former pope cleared for sainthood. the big decision just announced by the vatican next. we have the latest jobs numbers, they're good news. we'll take a look at why today is called zombie friday. plus a day of resistance. we'll tell you about the new call for revolution as egypt's political situation remains on edge. taking a live look outside, golden gate bridge. yeah, traffic a little lighter on this friday. a lot of people perhaps taking an extended weekend with cooler temperatures. we'll check with christina for a look at our forecast. if you had to get to bed
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early and didn't make it over to san francisco for the waterfront fireworks show, here's a little video for you so you can take it all in. back in a matter of minutes. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. here are today's top stories. b.a.r.t. trains will start running again this afternoon, at least for now. union workers reaching a temporary agreement to extend their contract for 30 days. but if there's no deal by next month, workers say they will be striking again. a horrible fireworks mishap in southern california sends 28 people to the hospital late last night. a viewer caught video of a massive explosion at the show in simi valley. investigators believe a cannon that launches the fireworks tipped over, sending the fireworks into- the crowd. and the late pope john paul ii along with pope john xxiii
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will become saints. pope francis has approvedje c cannonization. protesters are filling egypt's capital for today's friday of rage is what they're calling it. ousted president morsi's muslim brotherhood has called for a wave of protests. the brotherhood says it will not work with the new leadership but is urging followers to keep today's protests peaceful. egypt's military says it supports the right to peaceful protest but it's warning that violence and civil disobedience will harm civic peace. they have started arresting senior figures of the party, including morsi, who they flew from a seaside villa to a detention center in the capital of cairo. in bolivia, protesters
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smearing red paint on the walls of the u.s. consulate and now president morales threatening to throws that u.s. embassy altogether. morales says the u.s. pressured several european countries to deny airspace to its plane. that plane was grounded in austria back on tuesday following rumors that nsa secret leaker edward snowden was in fact on board. it turns out he was not actually on board that plane. in the meantime, some lawmakers in iceland have introduced a proposal to grant citizenship to edward snowden, but so far the idea hasn't received much support with just 6 out of 63 parliament members agreeing to the idea. snowden is believed to be stuck at a moscow airport transit area. he is seeking asylum from more than a dozen countries. fresh off the fourth of july, a lot of people do have the day off today but not the labor department. >> scott mcgrew. >> good morning to you, laura. we'll talk about these job
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numbers. we got the latest numbers, the june job numbers. 195,000 jobs added in the month of june. that is a good, solid number. we will take that. 7.6% unemployment. now, an important number also are the revisions they gave past months. april they added 50,000 to their estimates. may another 25,000. so we're adding 75,000 jobs just out of thin air. we really want to take some time and define where those jobs are coming from as well, how much people are making. not all jobs are equal in the sense that construction, for instance, tends to pay much better than retail and we're seeing good, solid jobs come in. quiet on wall street. they're going to open in 14 minutes. they're taking the news well. gold fell. gold is a hedge against bad news. futures call for a much stronger opening on the stock markets. they were closed thursday for
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independence day. the fed won't end low interest rates until unemployment pits 6.5%. many companies do give their employees this friday off. back during the two recent recessio recessions, companies knocked off for the whole week to save money. that's less common now. that's good news. today, though, is a time for journalists to pay extra attention. this is zombie friday. it's that work day stuck between a holiday thursday and a weekend. if you had really bad news to announce, let's say your yoga pants were see-through or you needed to fire your ceo or something, today is the day to do it because people aren't paying attention, exempt us. >> except tough guys like you. i thought you were going to say it was zombie friday because that's how we all feel after staying up late to watch those fireworks with the kids. it is friday, though, that's getting us through the day. as well as cooler temperatures, right? >> absolutely. christina loren is here to tell us about the good news. that smile on your face is refreshing just like the weather. >> i appreciate a weekend like
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no other. good morning to you, 6:17 now. thanks for waking us with us each and every day, especially if you don't have to go to work today. if you don't, you're going to get treated to a beautiful, beautiful day. it's 6:18 now. beautiful start over san francisco. you can see the top to your of the golden gate bridge, although there is some fog. that fog is our natural ac and it turns back on as we head throughout the day today. also getting a little bit of sunshine out there. we're going to see more fog develop the next couple of hours. onshore flow rather robust this morning. 55 degrees in the city, 57 in napa, sonoma 56 degrees. we had crazy thunderstorms yesterday morning. today you'll notice it's not as humid out there. that dry heat will return and temperatures are only going to climb into the 80s. this is the reason why. the winds are pretty strong but they're coming straight out of the west and that's that cool ocean air moving all the way through the delta. boy, they have been praying for that delta breeze in the central valley. today it's going to be strong
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enough cooling down the central valley 10 to 20 degrees. walnut creek 104 yesterday, today 82. livermore 103 yesterday, today 81. this weekend, the beaches are going to be a little cooler. san francisco just 70 degrees over the course of this afternoon. 68 in point reyes and pacifica 67 degrees so we're done with those 80-degree days in the city. they were pretty nice. if you want to hit big sur, what a beautiful weekend shaping up. 70s during the day, lows in the 50s, clear, mild conditions, a beautiful camping weekend down on the central coast. so here we go. today 81 degrees in livermore, 74 for fremont, 62 in san francisco. i'm not the only one smiling about these temperatures this morning. wait until you show you that seven-day forecast. here it comes. temperatures today holding steady in the upper 80s. we're going to keep those 80s going all the way through monday and tuesday. finally by wednesday peaking at about 90 grodegrees, but we're e
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with the triple digits for at least the next 15 days. all right, smiley, what are you watching on the roads? >> i'm loving that. it was so hot yesterday. i was in pleasanton and couldn't stop sweating. the 80s look real good. let's get you out to the bay bridge approach. you can see lots of wide open roads, no major issues to talk about. the metering lights are still not on so traffic is really flowing smoothly here. let's get you over to the traffic maps and you can see lots of green coming from richmond, even 880 past the coliseum and even 580, no trouble spots. we do have a car fire through the altamont pass. i'm not sure if this is a car fire or brush fire, but definitely some kind of activity happening here according to chp and our computers here. so a little slowing but it's not stop and go so that's good news. in the south bay, san jose wide open from 880 over to 237, even 280 through willow glen moving very smoothly. if you do have to go to work, really wide open roads await you. and, hey, it's friday. back to you.
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>> good news too. we love when there are babies being born. lieutenant governor gavin newsom announcing the birth of a baby girl. he posted this message. today we welcomed the latest addition to our family, a very healthy baby girl, brooklynn newsom. to his wife he wrote you are amazing. good husband there. brooklynn is his third child and the couple's second daughter, so congratulations to them. >> big-time congratulations. love it. 6:21 right now. coming up, we have new details on the george zimmerman murder trial. we'll tell you which members of trayvon martin's family have been called to testify. and a dangerous drop from the brooklyn bridge. we'll tell you about the stunt worthy of spider-man that could land someone in jail.
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doctors treating nelson mandela are denying claims that the former south african president is in a vegetative state. a statement released by the current president cites doctors saying mandela is still in critical but stable condition. the initial report that mandela was being kept alive by a breathing machine came from court papers from a lawyer representing close members of his family. mandela is now entering his fourth week in a hospital in pretoria. in sanford, florida, a key day ahead for the prosecution in the second-degree murder trial of former neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. today the prosecution is
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expected to wrap up its questioning of witnesses and just moments ago, just minutes ago trayvon martin's mother finished up her testimony. the prosecution is right now questioning martin's brother. zimmerman claims he shot and killed martin in self-defense. 6:25. the sheriff's office says we may never know why a tree fell on a camp counselor in yosemite valley this week killing her. sheriffs say they're done in the investigation. they also say the tree had been inspect eed recently and showedo signs of disease. camp staff was having breakfast outside wednesday when the tree came crashing down, killing 21-year-old anise wittenberg. three others were hurt. new york police looking for a man who pulled off a fourth of july stunt on top of the brooklyn bridge. police received an emergency call yesterday saying a man was up there climbing on the bridge.
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when officers did arrive, that man rappelled down the bridge using some sort of hose. then he dropped right onto a building in brooklyn and then he simply vanished. officers at this point aren't sure exactly what he was doing up on that bridge in the first place. >> great weather that we're anticipating for today. and the weekend, it's friday. >> love fridays. >> let's check in with christina. >> hey, good morning to you, laura and jon. hopefully you two had a great fourth of july. a lot of people have today off and so that weekend has already started for you. get on outdoors inland today, because temperatures are going to drop by about 20 degrees. we're going to get spoiled for a stretch of time. i'll show you just how long in your seven-day outlook coming up next. first let's check that drive with anthony. >> good morning, yeah, we're talking about the bay bridge approach still wide open here. cars are moving free low, no slowdowns to report. we do have a car fire or brush fire moving through the altamont pass. not sure which one of those it is but it's causing some slowing
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but nothing really major. not stop and go so that's good news if you are just about to leave the house at 6:26. laura and jon, back to you. 6:27 now. still ahead, b.a.r.t. trains getting ready to roll once again, at least for now. we'll tell you what it will take for a permanent solution to take hold next. also, streets submerged in downtown danville. we have new details about exactly what caused an overnight flood and what's now being done to try to fix all the damage. and of course we're giving you live pictures right now, breaking news that we're following out of richmond this morning. that is a house fire that happened this morning, and it is deadly. we will get more details coming up for you. it is 6:27.
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welcome back ervg, everybod a friday morning.
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we take you live to new york city as they ring in the day. people probably clapping pretty hard out there. the jobs number is higher than expected, coming in at 195,000, so we'll see how the markets react to that, but probably some encouragement to get back into the market and start buying up some things. it is 6:30, good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we have new details about that breaking news we brought you right at the top of our newscast. richmond firefighters now on scene of a deadly house fire. in fact firefighters on scene just telling us a garage in back of that house on 21st near roosevelt had been converted into some sort of a living area and that is what went up in flames. they say two people inside that garage were killed. one other person did make it out alive and was rushed to kaiser hospital. we can tell you nobody else was hurt. arson investigators right now are on scene. while the cause of this fire has yet to be determined, the fire captain says there was an extension cord running from the main house out to the garage.
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we are now of course working to get you more details on this one and we will have all those updates coming up later on in our newscast. this morning the b.a.r.t. strike is over, at least for now. overnight the union announced workers will go back on the job for the next 30 days while they try to hammer out a deal with b.a.r.t. trains will start running this afternoon starting at 3:00 so that workers will have enough time to inspect the trains and clear the tracks. we've got a live look at the walnut creek brchl.a.r.t. stati this morning. buses will take passengers from the stations directly to the embarcadero station during today's morning commute. walnut creek, el cerrito, dublin, pleasanton, west oakland and fremont. we'll update our website all morning long and all day long as we continue to get information from b.a.r.t. and the union. check out for more information and the most current schedules. you'll also see important
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information for the morning commute scrolling across the bottom of your screen. a day of retaliation. this morning egypt's muslim brotherhood calling for a wave of protests now that the military has ousted president mohamed morsi. tracie potts is monitoring that situation from washington, d.c. tracy, president obama right now with his national security team there developing a strategy, trying to figure out how to deal with egypt's political unrest. >> reporter: yeah, but jon it's a tough strategy to develop pause we don't know was it a military coup or the next step in democracy. what we've seen so far, massive crowds wangting the morsi government out. but live pictures coming f from cairo of the other side. these are the morsi supporters who want to see him reinstated. today the muslim brotherhood has called for protests among his supporters and we've already started to see some impact in the northeast region, the gaza border closed early today. a state of alert, heightened
6:33 am
state of alert in a couple of areas as a result of attacks in those areas. ahead of the muslim brotherhood is ready to turn himself in but we're told by the attorney that he's not yet been arrested. the bottom line, there's a lot going on in cairo. there's a lot going noon in egy. both sides clashing in some areas as both the u.s. government and egyptians try to figure out what's next to a democratic government there. >> tracie potts, thank you very much for the update. new this morning, road rage could be to blame for a confrontation that left one man shot in the face. east palo alto police say they found a 32-year-old man sitting on a sidewalk with a gunshot injury to his face on beach street around 12:45 this morning. police say it appears the shooting happened after a car crash turned into road rage. a suspect is still at large. the victim is in stable condition at a nearby hospital. this morning some good news
6:34 am
and some bad news for a major water main break in danville. the broken pipe has just finished draining and flooding is starting to subside, but you see the streets out there near the water main break will remain closed, at least through this morning. it was discovered overnight on harts avenue from diablo road to railroad avenue. a lot of those businesses in that area just have been simply flooded from the accident. the cause right now has not been determined. get a little break in the heat, i could say. >> and we are happy to take it. >> yeah, we are, especially on a friday with the weekend approaching. we want to check with christina right now. >> good morning to you, happy friday, hopefully you had a great fourth of july. 6:34 now. look at all this fog, the return of the natural ac in san francisco. we've got a gorgeous day shaping up. we're actually going to hold on to this stretch of seasonal averages all the way throughout next week. the reason why, because now that onshore flow is back in the bay area. that means we'll see westerly winds carry in that cool ocean air all the way through the
6:35 am
delta today. everywhere we see this blue, we're dropping by 20 degrees today. so it's a major heat relief especially in the central valley and extreme east bay. 55 degrees to start the day in san francisco, 61 in san jose, 54 in gilroy. 82 degrees inland, bayside 77, at the coast 62 degrees. you might just be happy with what i have for you, it just depends on what kind of weather you like. 6:35. i like to tease him a little bit, anthony, that's our tricks in tv. >> 60s to 80s, not bad. 80s to 100 this past week has just been unbearable. i'm from boston, so we're not used to heat like this. all right, let's get you over to the maps. you can see, yes, we've been telling you all morning long b.a.r.t.'s strike is over so trains will return by 3:00 this afternoon. if you're headed to work today, by this evening you can take it home and don't have to be stuck in traffic. although really not much traffic happening out there right now.
6:36 am
you can see lots of green on the maps approaching the bay bridge from every direction. we still have a brush fire, it's been confirmed that it is a brush fire. i think it's been put out by now. it was very small. you can see traffic not even slowing now through the altamont pass. earlier it was slow as folks were getting a glimpse of what was happening. in the south bay, lots of green on the map from 237 over to the lawrence expressway, just some slowing. otherwise, no traffic headaches this morning. really good to report. >> that's great. >> and it's friday. >> it is friday. >> no headaches, feel good friday, the world is right. 6:36 right now. that smile says it all too. still ahead, a stolen truck with a secret stash. we'll tell you about the investigation as to why a man loaded up with weapons and body armor was making his way near a major university campus. plus what went wrong? new details about what happened in the moments before 19 hotshot firefighters died in arizona. right now we give you a live
6:37 am
look from the south bay. how about that sunrise just beaming over san jose. that's enough to make you feel good. cooler temperatures out there, bathed in the sun. that's how you start a weekend. and you know what, if you didn't make it over to san francisco for the waterfront fireworks show, here's some video so you can take it all back in. we're back in two minutes.
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investigators still trying to figure out the intentions of
6:40 am
a nevada man arrested inside a stolen pickup truckloaded with weapons, body armor and suspected explosive devices. at a press conference investigators say they arrested the 21-year-old man near the campus of the university of washington. so far investigators are not releasing his name. the truck had been stolen in montana. the 19 hotshot firefighters killed during an intense wildfire down in arizona, they were encircled by dense smoke and flames. the "l.a. times" reporting the hotshots were trapped while they were trying to save a small housing subdivision near yarnell. the firefighters had set up an escape route for themselves, but a sudden thunderstorm and then the change with all the gusting winds down there and the change of direction, the fire just took over. as of today, that wildfire right now being reported 80% contained. >> so sad, they were so young. >> oh, my goodness that was rough. 6:40. coming up, a big boom and then chaos. >> oh! oh! oh, my god!
6:41 am
>> the explosive end to a fourth of july show, sending more than two dozen people to the hospital. we'll take a look at what went wrong next in a live report. and happy to report you made it through the hottest point of the heat wave. the heat breaks today, a 20-degree dropoff. you made it to the weekend. fantastic conditions for your outdoor plans. we're going to take a look at some events happening across the bay area and the weather that is going to comfortably accommodate you this weekend. and your roadways are wide open. one of our more congested roads the san mateo bridge. otherwise, if you're about to take off, you've got nothing but wide open spaces. we'll talk about your morning commute after this.
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right now we want to bring you some updated news breaking in richmond this morning. a deadly house fire has killed two people living in a converted garage in the 600 block of 21st street near roosevelt. this one happened just before 3:00 this morning. the fire captain on scene telling us the garage that was destroyed had three people living inside it, he says. one of those people was able to make it out alive and was taken to kaiser hospital. no cause of this fire has been confirmed, but the chief telling us there was an extension cord running from the main house out back to the garage. oh! oh, run! run! run, run! >> chaos in southern california as fireworks explode straight into a crowd of spectators. this morning at least 28 people are injured, some seriously. today in the bay's marla tellez
6:45 am
joins us live in our newsroom. marla, why did the fireworks launch sideways instead of up in the air? >> reporter: laura, that's a question investigators are still trying to figure out, what caused one of the launching stations to tip over and ignite. this horrifying situation, just minutes into the show. >> oh! oh, my god! oh, oh, run! run! >> reporter: it is frightening to watch every time you see this. at this point officials are calling this one an industrial accident. this happened just before 9:30 in seimi valley at the rotary club's annual fireworks show. the pyrotechnics company that put on the show is basedn new york. they do have crews headed to the scene to remove the remaining fireworks. that's where we have toni guinyard live there. i know you spoke to a witness who described the explosion like something straight out of afghanistan. >> reporter: yes. that was a gentleman who stopped
6:46 am
by and said he had been to several of these fireworks shows over the years. he said he has never seen anything like this. right now i want to show your viewers this scene here. that's the center of the soccer field. that's where the fireworks were being launched right now -- last night. right now that the sun is rising, we have a better view of what had taken place. you see all of the debris. an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people were here for the fireworks show. i spoke with simi valley police this morning. based on its preliminary investigation, as you mentioned one of those launching stations malfunctioned and exploded, it fell over. other launchers were damaged, causing rounds of fireworks to shoot into the crowd. this happened shortly after the first of the pyrotechnics were ignited. most of the crowd was at least 350 feet away from the launch. that's the distance required by fire code. but the fireworks shot out in every direction. >> we saw about three minutes of the show. there was some that went up in
6:47 am
the air and everything just kind of scattered outwards. everybody started running. just a loud explosion. we felt the heat like pull back towards us. we were on the side of the rec building. and that was it. end of the show. >> reporter: a couple of people told me they started diving behind their chairs, others ran for cover. there were children crying, parents looking for their kids. again, 28 people ranging in age from 8 to 78 years old were injured. most of those injuries minor, caused by shrapnel shooting out into the crowd. again, reinforcing what you've already said, cal osha has been notified because they think that this is an industrial accident. i can also tell you i see a number of people returning to pick up their blankets and chairs and tables that they had set up for what was supposed to be an annual rotary club fireworks show that turned out to be something a lot different than expected. i'm toni guinyard reporting live from simi valley. back to you in the studio. >> okay, thanks so much. now, we wanted to show you a
6:48 am
photo we just received from the simi valley police department if we can bring that up. it shows an officer's gun belt that was nicked in a couple of places by what's thought to be a piece of shrapnel from that explosion. you have to look closely but you can see those nicks. luckily this officer was not hurt but he may need a new belt. she mentioned 28 in all injured. those who were injured, 28 in all, 19 said to be still in the hospital this morning. and i just got an update and i can tell you that they are all listed in stable condition. jon? >> marla, thank you very much. another tough fourth of july seeing a home in north san jose gutted after a barbecue yesterday. a propane tank exploded while a family was out there cooking. that fire spread very quickly but firefighters were able to knock it down before it actually spread to other homes on sydney drive. while firefighters were there mopping up, another fire sparked, a separate one, two blocks away. witnesses there say a bottle rocket fell into trees and they
6:49 am
caught fire in seconds. now, the flames were put out before they could actually spread to a nearby home or any homes there. happy to report, nobody in either of those fires was hurt. firefighters also mopping up after two separate brush fires in the oakland hills. those fires broke out in joaquin miller park about 11:30 last night on opposite sides of the park. 60 firefighters from both the oakland and cal fire departments were called in to fight those fires. both fires were contained about 3:00 this morning, but crews are still on the scene checking for those hot spots. and this morning a 50-acre brush fire under control thanks to the pittsburg fire department, which is scheduled to close its doors monday. crews responding to that fire about 9:00 last night, the very same time fireworks in that area were starting. we have live pictures for you. our chopper over scene right now this morning. this one moved from a large field into willow pass road near highway 4. homeowners from the nearby
6:50 am
harbor lights community even tried to extinguish those flames from their own backyards. you can see the scorched grass out there. the fire department is one of two fire houses in contra costa county now scheduled to be closing and shutting down shop. >> gosh, you see how close it got to those homes there too. they're lucky. >> absolutely. we're all lucky this weekend because the temperatures are going to cool down a little bit. >> finally,ksc 20 degrees cool today. yeah, we had seven days of that heat. it was excessive. and today we're really going to drop your temperatures. it's already much cooler out there this morning. we want to start with this live picture over san jose. beautiful start to the day here. let's get right to your temperatures this morning. as they are comfortable out there. we are in the 50s. 55 degrees in san francisco, 57 to start in napa. and 57 in livermore. meanwhile here in san jose, beautiful san jose, 61 degrees. we're headed towards the 70s today. it's going to be absolutely perfect out there, especially when you consider where we have been. yesterday, for example, walnut creek hit 104 degrees.
6:51 am
today 82 degrees on the way for you. 103 in livermore yesterday, 81 degrees today. even right here in the south bay, south san jose yesterday hit 96 degrees. today, more like the upper 70s, so major heat relief. and with a lot of people in town for the big fourth of july weekend, a lot of people celebrating that four days off. i can tell you right now it will be cooler at the beach but still staying comfortable. 70 degrees in the san francisco in the heat of the day today. a little cooler on the ocean beach side, about 67 there. tonight giants taking on the rival dodgers and we've got this game right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00 p.m. the weather will be really comfortable out there, 57 degrees when the sun goes down. make sure you do have a jacket ready to go, but certainly tolerable temperatures for that game. beautiful summer evening for a baseball game. but you don't have to get out, just keep it right here on nbc bay area. 77 los gatos and 68 in santa cruz. let's get into that weekend and
6:52 am
beyond. temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s. by wednesday, 90 degrees. boy, that's a big ole smile. you've just been standing by happily over here. i know i can appreciate this heat break, you certainly can too. >> i sure too. i was in pleasanton and it was so hot. it was hard to n joy the fourth just because it was so unbearable to be outside so 60s to 80s real good. the bay bridge approach is wide open too, no major incidents to tell you about. also we are starting to see traffic pick up just a bit. i've been noticing something in san francisco, in fact on our traffic maps you can see we do have a stall on the bridge itself heading over into san francisco but this is what i want to show you. 101 moving through the city, through chinatown, even golden gate park, traffic is a little heavy and even this evening i would suspect with the giants game we'll look at traffic really starting to back up. i would suspect a lot of folks headed up into woin country because traffic is really heavy.
6:53 am
we have an accident on 280 between los altos and cupertino at magdelina avenue. >> kind of like the sound of that cupertini. later on this afternoon, b.a.r.t. service back on track across the bay area. striking workers agreeing to temporarily end their strike despite not having a new contract in place. christie smith is live in walnut creek with more details on what all this means for b.a.r.t. riders. christie, good morning. >> reporter: happy friday. there is a real sense of relief this morning among commuters. they tell me they are eager to get back on those b.a.r.t. trains, which they're hoping to do this afternoon. right now what they're doing is waiting for one of the bus bridges to take them into san francisco. this is what they have been doing all week. they're also a little bit concerned about what might happen next when this temporary contract agreement ends in 30
6:54 am
days. b.a.r.t. and its two striking unions made the announcement just after 11:00 last night after hours of negotiations in oakland, that trains will be rolling again today by 3:00 p.m. the decision came at the urging of the state labor secretary and also mediators. this morning commuters are still frustrated with the strike that's gone on for four days. of course it left 400,000 brchl b.a.r.t. riders just trying to get to work. the unions go back to the bargaining table on monday. there is still friction on both sides. in fact even b.a.r.t.'s gm said we still have a wide gap of disagreements to bridge and that's what worries commuters. >> well, i don't know if they're -- i mean they're negotiating, but it's such polar opposites so it's hard to know whether it's 30 days and 30 days we're back in the same situation. >> i'd rather be prepared for the worst, seriously.
6:55 am
but the buses have been really, really accommodating. that's been fine. >> will it be nice actually sitting on a train on the way home, though? >> yes, it will. i'm looking forward to that very much. >> reporter: now, one union representative said they could actually pick up the strike again if a deal isn't reached by august 4th. meantime again, b.a.r.t. still running those bus bridges this morning into san francisco from five stations. walnut creek, dublin pleasanton, fremont, el cerrito, del norte and west oakland. instead of transferring into west oakland, they'll be driving directly in. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. relief is in sight. we will update our website all day long as we continue to get information from b.a.r.t. and its unions. make sure to check out our home page at for all the new information and the most current schedules. we also have important information for you for the morning commute at the bottom of your screen. >> and it means you can go into
6:56 am
the city for dinner. if you have a few drinks, you can definitely take b.a.r.t. home. >> scott mcgrew, always good advice. you have a gadget to prove it. >> yeah, i do. we were talking about this earlier, about drinking and driving. when it comes to driving, it's best to leave it to nondrinkers, even if you have just one glass of wine. get a designated driver. that said, our gadget this gadget friday is a personal breathalyzer that works with your iphone. it's almost the exact same size as a zippo lighter for those of you old enough to remember those. it's called bac tack, blood alcohol content. runs on a rechargeable battery. there's a tube in the upper right-hand side. you blow like you see on the tv show "cops" until you get a beep on your iphone and your lef of inebriation is displayed on your phone. it uses a fuel cell just like a police breathalyzer, same sort of technology. weirdly enough, you can share your results on facebook and twitter. this is a map of people using the device in san francisco. the purples and the reds are the
6:57 am
more impaired people. the greens, there's a whole group of them there, absolutely staying sober. now, the way i see it again, if you're impaired, you're impaired after the very first sip. remember, jon and laura, you can be arrested for impaired driving even if you're under the limit of 0.08. bottom line, don't use this to see if you're safe to drive. because if you're using it, you probably shouldn't be driving it anyway. now, for science, we did test it out. the instructions say you have to wait a half an hour before blowing into it. i will give it credit. i took a glass -- had a glass of wine, blew right into it and it set off some alarms that said you need to get some medical help. >> where's that video? >> was that this morning, scott? >> yeah, just a few minutes ago. >> nice. >> and yes, you can see the slow curve. it was educational. somebody who was much bigger than i am, somebody much smaller than i am, way different responses to alcohol and that was educational.
6:58 am
>> that would be interesting to see. >> i'll meet you at my desk. >> cheers to the weekend. scott mcgrew, thanks a lot. a little wine to get it going. well, the giants barry zito doing something very special for the troops this fourth of july. zito promising to give $500 for every strikeout pitched in the entire major leagues on independence day yesterday. all that money will go to the nonprofit welcome back veterans. this idea was inspired by zito's father, joe, who sadly died just a few weeks ago. the man loved what the fourth of july stood for. so we did a little math on this one this morning. it looks like there were a total of 218 strikeouts this morning -- that we found from yesterday in the majors. laura has totaled it up for us. >> carry the one. >> $109,000. so mr. zito donating a big chunk of cash to a great cause. >> that's nice. a tribute to his father as well. >> beautiful. a beautiful forecast too. we're excited about this one, christina. >> and the giants had a game
6:59 am
right here on nbc bay area tonight at 7:00. zito always doing great things for the troops. you should check out his history. good morning to you. a beautiful day shaping up. 82 inland, bayside 77, 62 at the coast. if you miss the outlook i'm here every 15 minutes all the way through 11:30 just like every day. let's check your drive once more with anthony. >> things are real wide open at the bay bridge approach. i've been telling you all morning long the metering lights have not been turned on yet so zooming on through. san francisco, traffic is heavy leaving the city. on 101 through chinatown over towards golden gate and also on highway 1 through daly city up towards the sunset district so i imagine some folks taking an extended vacation today up to wine country. no major traffic reports. >> anthony, we appreciate you filling in for mike this week. it's been a busy one with b.a.r.t. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update for you. >> that's right. enjoy the coolest temperatures, go out and have a great weekend.
7:00 am
we'll see you back on monday. you heading over to mcgrew's desk? >> i am. have a good one. ♪ ♪ good morning. a fourth of july fireworks show in california goes horribly >> oh! oh, my god! dozens injured as spectators flee the explosions and smoke. we are live with the investigation into what went wrong. happening right now. trayvon martin's mother takes the witness stand at the george zimmerman murder trial as the prosecution gets set to rest. and it is summer in the city as john mayer takes to our concert stage. the seven-time grammy winner getting ready to rock the plaza today, friday, july 5, 2013.


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