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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. jiet now at 5:00 we are looking live now at the wreckage of asiana airline flight 214 at sfo. we have new information on the final seconds of that flight that are providing insight into what went wrong. i am terry dwyer. we'll get to the investigation. first we begin with new information on one of the teenagers who was killed and the concerns tonight that she may have been killed after the plane crash. nbc bay area cheryl herd is at sfo. she begins our expanded team coverage of the crash of flight 214. cheryl. >> diane, there's no doubt about
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it, the 225 first responders definitely saved lives, but with all the chaos here yesterday, there are questions of how one of the girls died. as the ntsb combs over the crash site new information is emerging about how one of the 16-year-old chinese students may have been killed in the crash of asiana flight. >> they have documented the locations of rest of the two fatalities. they're going to be working now to document the seating positions of those who were injured. >> reporter: nbc bay area has learned that the san mateo county corner's office got a call from the san francisco fire department. apparently members of the first response team were concerned that they may have played a role in the death of the girl whose body was found near the fuse see laj. published reports quoted the san francisco fire chief as saying that girl's injuries are consistent with being run over
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by a fire truck or other emergency vehicle. the ntsb was not asked specific questions about her death but did say part of their investigation will focus on how emergency officials responded to the crash. >> the airport rescue and firefighting operations deployed 23 responders and 9 vehicles after the crash. >> reporter: the two girls who died were from china. they were coming to the u.s. to visit stanford university and then they were scheduled to go on to san fernando valley for a summer camp. live at sfo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay news. cheryl, thank you. seven seconds. we learned today that's how long pilots had to react to the unfolding disaster around them as flight 214 came in for a landing. today the national transportation safety board released a second-by-second time line leading up to the crash. steven stock joins us with
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details of those harrowing last moments before impact. steven? >> diane, experts tell us that the most critical and dangerous time of any flight is when you land. everything has to be done just right. in this case those vitt call moments came just seconds before impact. crash scene investigators say information from both the cockpit voice recorder and data recorder show exactly what happened in those final seven seconds. >> that is what amazes me about this situation. >> reporter: seven seconds that vet tral commercial pilot jay rollins says was the difference between normal landing and disaster. >> without speed the aircraft will fall out of the sky. >> reporter: that's exactly what the preliminary data from the ntsb shows happened. it's making its final approach to runway 28 l with its engines idoling. no communication or indication that anything was wrong until seven seconds before impact when
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the voice recorder registers something. >> a call from one of the crew members to increase speed. >> reporter: that, say experts, was critical as the plane's speed had apparently gone way below what was required to land safely on the runway given the glide slope that the plane was on. the plane was supposed to be going at least 137 knots or about 158 miles an hour. >> we're noti talking about a fw knots here or there, we're talking about a significant speed below 137. >> reporter: that meant the plane was losing altitude faster than it should have been. three seconds later, four seconds before impact, another critical point. >> the pilot's normal reaction will be to start to pull the nose up and he will also add power. >> reporter: a stick shaker, meaning an alarm went off in the cockpit and the controls started shaking indicating that as the pilot tried to apparently pull back on the stick and get the plaen's nose in the air, the plane began to stall and then.
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>> a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> reporter: a second and a half before the crash the pilot and crew are still trying to gun the plane's engines and lift back off into the sky. attempting to go around the airport and try around. >> at some point the aircraft will get so slow that it will stop below the glide path no matter how far you pull the nose up. in fact, pulling the nose up only makes it worse. >> reporter: now how does it make it worse? it makes the plane slow down even further and that apparently is what happened. the question tonight is why? why did the plane come in too low? why was it going too slow? ntsb investigators will spend the next few weeks trying to get an answer to that very question, why. diane. >> thanks, steven. that boeing 777 has one of the best safety records in the world. the two people killed in yesterday's crash were the first two deaths in the history of that aircraft.
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there have been only two other serious accidents involving a 777. the most recent happened in 2008 at london's heathrow airport. that plane also touched down early, and coming up in justen minutes steven will be back to show us what role that crash may play in the investigation of the crash at sfo. so how about the survivors? we learned today that two people are paralyzed at san francisco general hospital. in all, 53 patients were admitted to that trauma center. 17 remain in the hospital tonight. 6 are in critical condition including a girl. and that's where we find nbc bay area's stephanie trang. stephanie? >> reporter: hi there, diane. we haven't seen many people come out. we've seen plenty go in. i spoke earlier with a couple from san jose. they were visiting their friends, a man has a head injury, the wife cannot walk. the three are mostly okay except for a broken finger. we're seeing a wide range of injuries coming out of this. the chief of surgery, they're
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saying something pretty striking. she said, had it not been for skilled first responders who triaged the most critically injured patients well, more people would have likely died. these are people who suffered severe internal bleeding and road rash all over their bodies. doctors said it looked like the people had been dragged over something. most of these patients were sitting in the back of the plane. that includes a woman from china with her family. she was able to climb out of the bathroom. >> i had no time to spare actually because i have five family member in hospital. i need time to take care of them, but yesterday night when i was there, yes, i was scared. the thing was, okay, in my brain many times. >> reporter: now her 4-year-old son is still here at sfo general with a broken leg. it could be a week before he
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leaves. she's also trying to get ahold of her sister who's apparently at stanford but hasn't been answering her cell phone. still trying to get a chance to see her in person. we're also getting a better idea of the more serious injuries. there are fractured spines with paralysis. i don't know if it's permanent. there's head trauma and orthopaedic injuries. the last update, san francisco mayor ed lee said he got to visit some patients, including three children who he said were in good spirits and smiling. so hopefully things progressing in the right direction. for now live at sf general, stephanie trang, bay area news. >> stephanie, thanks for the update. the chinese consulate is helping to adjust the 60 chinese students in the bay area. ten teachers were with them. the consulate is working to make sure all of the students and teachers have the documents they need to return home or to continue their trip in the
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united states. the consul general spoke through an interpreter about the students. >> translator: i was also moved by the fact that even the chinese, the passengers got frightened, even traumatized by the accident, but they didn't complain about it. some of them are still very much concerned with the safety of their classmates and their friends. >> there were a total of 141 chinese nationals on board that flight. almost 18 hours since the crash many people are trying to fly into or out of the bay area are dealing with significant delays. monty francis joins us from sfo with that part of the story tonight. hello, monty. >> diane, good evening. three of the four runways at sfo are still open. they're dealing with delays and
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cancellations. there's a lot of traffic. that third runway, 28 r located next to the runway where the plane crashed opened at 1:00 this afternoon. that should help accommodate the demand and clear the back log. the duty manager tells me from midnight last night and through today, a total of 301 flights have been canceled. 139 are departing and 162 are arriving flights. right now arriving flights are running on average about 90 minutes late. that's for departing flights to the airport to call your carrier. we just spoke to several people in the united terminal who told us they're basically stranded here until tuesday because all the flights are booked until then. on top of it, they've also had a hard time finding hotel rooms. >> we called 40 different hotels. all of them were booked. kind of stood there thinking, am i going to have to stay here overnight? >> tuesday afternoon so i'll get back tuesday night and i've been here since yesterday morning. >> how does that make you feel?
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>> well, sort of an adventure so that's for sure. lots of lines and making friends with people who are also stuck here. >> reporter: now a handful of flights scheduled to land today at sfo have instead been diverted to san jose and oakland, international. southwest airlines, they're not charging passengers the regular fees to change their tickets or destinations. you'll have to check with your individual carrier. some of the back log has been cleared. as you just heard, diane, there's still many passengers dealing with the latest cancellations. some are even stranded at sfo. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, monty. coming up next at 5:00, we continue our expanded coverage of the asiana crash including the specific call for help from bay area blood banks. we'll have more on the investigation into the crash. what we've learned from another bowing 777 crash and the role it could play into this investigation. we'll be right back.
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call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. involved in the crash is one of the safest. as we reported earlier, there have been only two other accidents involving that type of jet. our aviation expert steven stock
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has been looking into the history of this airplane to see if this had played a role. >> diane, 777 aircraft are made by boeing. there are 1100 currently flying around the world. until yesterday there had been only two crashes involving boeing 777s in the world. until yesterday none of those crashes involved fatalities. the questions have been raised by similar incidents. video from 2008 when a 777 landed short of the runway only at heathrow airport in london. that was later determined to be a mechanical problem. >> the aircraft landed short, very similar to this situation except when he landed short he landed on the ground, bounced onto the runway and cautioned excessive damage. the airplane was totaled but they didn't have nearly the fire and all that you saw in this situation. >> again, there were no fatalities. this afternoon the chairman of the ntsb did say they were
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reviewing that crash in london. she pointed out that the london crash involved different types of engines on the airplane. those were rolls royce engines. there was a freezeup. the ones used in the plane yesterday were made by pratt and whitney. so far investigators do not think there is a connection. however, they say they are currently not ruling anything out. we'll let you know as this investigation proceeds. diane. >> thank you, steven. blood centers in the bay area are asking for blood donations for victims of the plane crash. officials at the blood centers of the pacific say they are specifically looking for type o negative and type ab plasma. however, they are welcoming all donations at this point. the main sentences centers in san francisco and mill ray are accepting donations. officials say the july 4th holiday is a critical time for the holiday. the bay area went into the weekend with a one-day supply making the next five days critical. >> the blood donated today
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throughout these centers probably by late next week will already be transfused to help the people in the tragedy or to help others. i noticed there was a fire in redwood city where 16 people were injured. this is what we have to be prepared for. this is a blood center along with normal blood needed for surgeries and traumas. >> they brought in blood from outlying hospitals to support the bay area hospitals. they rely on continuing donations this weekend. when we come back, we'll have a change in the weather fors awe well as more local news. mom, frank ate the bones.
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today was day one of the races for the america's cup. it was more like time trials on the bay with the italian team making a protest over recent rule changes. nbc bay area's lauren scott has the report from san francisco. >> reporter: america's cup racing has gun and the sheer spectacle of one boat on the water has the. >> the italian luna rosa team not taking place. this match race showed man versus nature. >> there's a certain element where you're racing yourself regardless whether there's another boat on the course or not. the boat required really top coordination between all the guys to pull off. >> luna rosa skipper had this to
5:20 pm
say after watching the day's action from the docks. >> today what i saw was to be on shore. >> reporter: america's cup event authorities steven barkly says that the games manship is nothing new. >> in the preliminary rounds, in july that's the case. when we go to the knockout rounds they can still do that. one would suggest they probably won't because they probably won't be there for the next round. >> reporter: with nbc bay area's coverage of the race. rob, what do you have for us? >> pretty nice weather. the summer micro climates are well underway. the map behind me, 60s in san francisco. the low crowds creeping back in. closer to 90 around livermore. 75 in san jose. take your pick if you like 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s.
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we have you covered around the bay area. inland areas warmed up. the sea breeze is blasting into livermore. that will back off in the next 24 hours which will leave the temperatures climbing up. the fog, golden gate bridge on the west side of the peninsula. this is going to push pretty far inland tonight. we'll show you that coming up in our hour-by-hour forecast. an item to watch, friday into saturday, monsoon moisture which is off towards yosemite and the sierras. this will drift closer to us by next weekend. something to watch out for for fire danger concerns is more of that moisture out of the tropics and the desert southwest tries to get closer to the coastal mountains by the end of the week. in the meantime, the next 24 hours, low clouds. all the way into stockton tomorrow morning. that is a strong push of a 2,000 foot marine layer. during the day we get more sunshine. the coast should see more sunshine, a sign that we'll see
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more warmup. the temperatures are closer to the 90s inland. 50s to start off tomorrow morning with some mist possible on the coast. 85 in san jose. for tomorrow, low 90s south towards morgan hill. tri valley warming up. mid 90s approaching tuesday. not much change for san francisco. you'll see highs in the upper 60s and 70s around oakland. 80s into the north bay. temperatures climbing up. not nearly as hot as the heat we had last week. mid 90ed in the warmest spots. then by wednesday and thursday, sea breeze will fire up. it will cool us off a little bit. the items to watch will be the tropical clouds drifting in towards next sunday. when we come back we'll have a look at the giants dodgers game that went tied to the ninth inning and then sort of a heart breaker.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss in the "comcast sportsnet" newsroom. dodgers/giants. emotions always run high when these two get together. more often than not we get close, down to the wire kind of games. today was no exception. rubber game in the three game series at at&t. guess who was taking in the action? yeah, what's up, barry? he saw a good game. one run in the ninth, adrian gonzales hit it off posey. throws it away. that will be trouble. a couple of batters later with the bases loaded and two outs, a.j. ellis clears them all and puts the dodgers ahead to stay. 4-1, l.a. takes two of three in the series. in kansas city, rubber game between the a's and the royals. top three. already 5-1 oakland, josh
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reddick turns on one. his fourth home run of the year. a convincing two-run blast to make it 7-1. 8-4 in the seventh. eric sogard, little man, big stick. first home run of the season. a two-run shot. the a's pour it on and they beat kansas city by a score of 10-4. one quick soccer note, chris nolondoski named to the all-star team. more news coming up right after this.
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we do have other news today. more than a dozen people were injured today after a fire burned an apartment building in redwood city. people at the hallmark house apartments on woodside road called 911 around 2:00 this morning to report that fire. crews arrived to find heavy flames and smoke. more than 100 firefighters
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responded. crews rushed 16 residents and two firefighters to the hospital. those injuries are not considered life threatening. >> occupants stating that they heard a lot of alarms ringing and they were starting to do their evacuation to get out of the building. >> 97 people live in the amount building. there's an evacuation set up nearby at the fair oaks community center. the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. we could find out as soon as tomorrow whether the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open as planned on labor day weekend. cal leaders plan to brief people during a closed door meeting in sacramento. it's possible the grand opening could be delayed because of several construction problems we've reported that led to broken bolts and other safety issues. it's supposed to open on labor day weekend and we'll find out whether that will be delayed. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. we will have more on the crash
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at sfo tonight at 6:00. see you then. good night. on this sunday night, the investigation into the crash of asiana flight 214. the first readout from the black box is revealing a plane making its landing approach far slower than planned. and the crews' last second effort to avoid impact. >> i was trying. >> as passengers share their harrowing survival stories. search and rescue in a devastated town. dozens of people still missing after a deadly train explosion. we're there with the latest. severe weather, millions coping with excessive heat and flash flooding. and finally, the road is over. andy murray becomes the first british man to win at wimbledon in decades.


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