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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> announcer: nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. a call from one of the crew members to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. >> and that was the first sign of trouble, just seven seconds before the crash from the cockpit of this airplane. right now a live picture of the wreckage at sfo. we are learning more about why the plane went down and how one of the two teenage victims may have died in the chaos that followed the crash rather than in the crash itself. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. terry mcsweeney has the night off. just into our newsroom tonight, a picture from inside the cabin. you can see the oxygen masks. many of the chairs collapsed.
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you can only imagine the chaos of trying to get out. one day after the crash these recording devices are offering a tremendous amount of insight into what happened. we have team coverage tonight, including reports on the investigation and victims, plus new stories from survivors. but we begin with nbc bay area cheryl hurd and, cheryl, we learned one of the teenagers who died may not have been killed in the crash? >> that's right, diane. in fact, we just got off the phone with the san mateo county corner and he says that the families are on the way to his office to retrieve the bodies and until then he is not going to release a cause of death. still, there are questions being raised on how one of the girls died. >> as chaotic as the site was yesterday, i think a number of miracles occurred to save many more lives. >> reporter: following yesterday's crash, there were miracles and there were tragedies. as the ntsb combs over the crash site, new information is
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emerging about how one of the 16-year-old chinese students may have been killed in the crash of ar ace asiana flight 214. deborah hersman has the information. >> they're going to document the seating positions of those who were injured. >> reporter: at this point we are not certain where the two girls who died in the crash were sitting. nbc bay area has learned that the san mateo county corner's office got a call from the san francisco fire department. apparently members of the first response team were concerned that they may have played a role in the death of the girl whose body was found near the fuselage. published reports quoted the san francisco fire chief as saying that girl's injuries are consistent with being run over by a fire truck or other emergency vehicle. meanwhile, at today's press briefing ed lee praised the 225 first responders.
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he says hospital officials are crediting them with saving lives. >> with the injuries that they have notified us about that they were treating, they were saying that but for that triage work that was done at the crash site, some of these victims would not have survived. >> reporter: those first responders definitely saved lives. i spoke to two of them here today and they still had tears in their eyes. there's a news conference scheduled to hear from those first responders who would like to speak. i'm cheryl hud, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you for the update. the first warning of the problem came just seconds before the flight crashed at sfo. today the national transportation safety board released a second-by-second time line. our investigative reporter steven stock joins us with the
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last moments and what the crew asked for one and a half seconds before impact. >> diane, experts tell us the most critical and dangerous time of any flight is when you land. everything has to be done just right. in this case, those critical moments came just seconds before impact. >> reporter: crash scene investigators say information from the cockpit voice recorder and data recorder show exactly what happened in those final seven seconds. >> that is what amazes me about this situation. >> reporter: seven seconds that veteran commercial pilot and flight instructor jay rollins says were the difference between a normal landing and disaster. >> without speed, the aircraft will fall out of the sky. >> reporter: that's exactly what the preliminary data gathered by the ntsb showed happened. asiana airlines making its final approach with its engines idoling, no communication or indication that anything was
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wrong until seven seconds before impact when the voice recorder registered something. >> a call from one of the crew members to increase speed. >> reporter: that, say experts, was critical as the plane's speed had apparently gone way below what was required to land safely on the runway given the glide slope that the plane was on. the plane was supposed to be going at least 137 knots or about 158 miles an hour. >> and we're not talking about a few knots here or there, we're talking about a significant amount of speed below 137. >> reporter: that meant the plane was also losing altitude faster than it should have been. three seconds later, four seconds before impact, another critical point. >> the pilot's normal reaction will be to start to pull the nose up but he will also add power. >> reporter: a stick shaker, meaning an alarm went off in the cockpit, and the controls started shaking, indicating that as the pilot started to pull back on the stick and get the plane's nose in the air, the plane began to stall and then --
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>> a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> reporter: a second and a half before the impact the pilot and crew are still trying to gun the plane's engines and lift back off into the sky attempting to go around the airport and try again. >> at some point the aircraft will get so slow that it will start to drop below the flight path no matter how far you pull the nose up. in fact, pulling the nose up only makes it worse. >> now the question is why, why did that plane come in too low. why was it going too slow. investigators will spend the next few weeks trying to get an answer to that question why. diane? >> so, steerch, one quick question for you. any idea how long it will take to get that plane removed from the airport? >> ntsb expects to be here for another week. i suspect they'll try to get the plane off the runway or next to
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the runway in the next day or so so they can open up that runway 28 l for further air traffic and quit slowing down sfo's air traffic. >> makes sense. thank you, steven. the president of asiana airlines issued a statement apologizing. he said the three captains on that aircraft had been fully trained in compliance with korean regulations and had more than 10,000 flying hours between them. he went on to say, quote, we at asiana airlines would like to express our utmost sympathy and regret for the distress experienced by the pass sentences sen gers for oz flight 214 and their families as a result of this accident. we apologize most deeply. just into our newsroom, the owner of a popular martial arts studio was on the plane. he owns elite martial arts studio. he was traveling with nine others including his family and
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several students. he posted a message on the academy's facebook page shortly after the crash saying, quote, all is well, elite families and everyone is fine. everyone is home and resting after a long and exhausting day. thank you for all the good wishes. two paralyzed, two with severe road wash burns and broken bones. we are now getting a clear picture of the extent of the injuries for those who survived the crash. stephanie is with us at the bay area hospital. i understand this is the largest incident for that hospital? >> reporter: that's right. her civilian training with the air force helped prepare her for yesterday and keep her calm. and right now keeping calm is what one survivor tells us she's forced to do. >> reporter: when the plane crash landed, katie said darkness and ash filled the air and her mother ae's instincts
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kicked in. >> when the flight crashed i grabbed my son to avoid something getting on to him. >> reporter: along with five other four members, she said she escaped out of a hole where the bathroom had been ripped out. >> enough for two person to go out. i had the time to walk out because it was close to my seat so i take my baby and just take my carry on baggage. >> reporter: chief of surgery, dr. margaret knudson, said most patients were in the back like she was. she said the first wave of patients arrived 1/2 hour after the crash adding had it not been for first responders fast action, two more would likely have died. >> i have to say that whoever triaged these patients at the airport did a fabulous job because they got to us the sickest patients in the shortest period of time or i don't think
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those patients would have survived truly. >> i had a chance to talk with three of the kids that are recovering and they are -- i didn't want to ask them about anything that happened on the airplane because i think they're still experiencing a level of trauma, but they smiled at least. >> reporter: she has spent more than 24 hours at the hospital tending to her son whose left leg is broken. she said there's little time to be scared. >> yesterday night, yes, of course, i was scared. the thing was, okay, in my -- in my brain many times. >> reporter: and zong, like many other patients, have been trying to reunite with other family members who are at other hospitals split up after the crash. among the patients are flight attendants but no word yet because a couple patients are still unconscious. live at sf general, stephanie traung, nbc bay area. >> stephanie, thank you. the chinese con sul late is
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wo consulate is working to reunite the families. ten teachers were with them. the consulate is working to make sure all of the students and 250e67ers have the documents they 234r50ed to either return home or continue the trip to the united states. the consul general spoke through an interpreter about the students. >> translator: i was also moved by the fact that even the chinese, the passengers that were frightened or even traumatized by the accident but they didn't complain about it. some of them still are very much concerned with the safety of their classmates and their friends. >> there were a total of 141 chinese nationals on board that flight. coming up next at 6:00, we continue our coverage of the aftermath of flight 214. we'll take you back to sfo where
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many people are still having trouble getting to their next destination. stay with nbc bay area and for all of the information. we'll be right back.
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here is another look at the boeing 777 after it crashed.
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some passengers are still stranded at the airport. monty frances joins us at sfo where we understand the third runway opened up this afternoon. monty. >> that's right. that third runway reopened at 1:00 this afternoon. it appears to be helping out with the backlog. you can see outside the international terminal there is plenty of traffic. tonight passengers are still dealing with significant delays and cancellations. the sfo duty manager tells me that from midnight last night through today a total of 301 flights have been canceled. 159 departing and 162 arriving. they're 90 minutes late. that's where departing flights, call your carrier. for those stranded, they've even been having trouble finding hotel rooms. one woman called 40 hotels and they were all booked. several people told us they can't get out of here until tuesday because all of the flights are also booked. >> i'm here till tuesday morning
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trying to find somewhere to stay. don't know the area. you know, an adventure but, still, costs more money. >> we're due out at 5:00. we came in at 1:00 and came into chaos. but at least we weren't on that flight that had the problem. so we have a lot to be grateful for. they were very helpful here to get us a motel last night and rebook us. we're out of here at hopefully 10:30. >> reporter: now a handful of flights are set to depart. some airlines are not charging passengers to change their flights. diane, air traffic is getting back to normal at sfo but it is a slow process. live at sfo, monty francis, nbc bay area. >> most people are patient. thanks, monty. the boeing 777 is one of the
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safest, long range planes in the world. there have only been two accidents before yesterday. our investigative reporter steven sock has been looking into the history of this airplane to see if that might have played a role in yesterday's tragedy. steven, what do you have? >> diane, the 777 aircrafts are made by boeing and there are currently 1100 of them flying around the world. this one was a 777 200 eror extended range aircraft. until yesterday there had only been two crashes involving the 777s. questions have been raised about a plane that landed short of the runway at heathrow airport in london. that was later determined to be a mechanical problem. >> the aircraft landed short very similar to this situation except when he landed short he landed on the ground and, therefore, he bounced onto the runway, caused excessive damage. the airplane was totaled but
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they didn't have nearly the fire and all that you saw in this situation. >> and, again, they did not have fatalities either in that one. this afternoon at a news conference the chair woman of the ntsb did say they were reviewing that crash in london but she also pointed out that the london crash involved different types of engines on that 777. those were rolls royce engines and they caused that landing short. the ones used on the landing yesterday were made by pratt and whitney. at this point investigators do not think there is a connection but they aren't ruling anything out out. diane? >> thank you, steven. stay with us for continuing coverage on air and online for the asiana crash. and right now we want to check in on the weather. it was beautiful out there today. rob, what do you have? >> looks like we have really locked in the summer micro patt
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area. 70 in oakland. right now you can see the extent of the sea breeze reaching inland into concord. brentwood. the cooler air. 64 currently in san francisco. the wind will help push not only that cooler marine air but all the low clouds right now starting to creep over downtown san francisco or up to the golden gate bridge across the bay and into the altiman pass. lots of fog. it's been 2,000 feet for the weekend. it will compress down a little bit tomorrow. more sunshine for inland valleys. the low clouds are pushed inland peeling back. then a little more sun on the coast tomorrow and our valley temperatures will warm up a few more degrees. today warmest spot near 90. tomorrow a few more low 90s. then we'll peak in the mid 90s come tuesday into some of the inland valleys.
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tonight as the low clouds come in it will give us one giant singular micro climate. keep our morning temperatures not too chilly. during the afternoon, mid 80s in san jose. up from the 79 we saw today. south of downtown san jose, we should see 90s. over towards pleasant ton well into the 90s for monday afternoon. back to san francisco, still in the 60s. going to stick around. 80s north bay. inland temperatures climbing a few degrees. monday into tuesday, the sea breeze will pick up. starting to kick in, wednesday, thursday, friday. inland temperatures drop off. we cool down with morning clouds. next weekend item to watch will be the temperatures climbing back up and the monsoon moisture and come in and kick off isolated showers. thank you, rob. we're back in a moment with more local news including an
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apartment fire on the peninsula that injured a dozen people. first, another look at this incredible photo inside the cabin of flight 214. this is taken from the national transportation safety board. it shows the oxygen masks down, the seats a mess and you can imagine the chaos of trying to get out of that cabin. we'll be right back.
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peninsula is still closed. people at the hallmark house apartments called to report the fire. emergency personnel closed woodside road this morning and said it might not reopen until midnight. crews arrived to find heavy
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flames and smoeke. crews also rushed 16 residents and two firefighters to the hospital. more than 100 firefighters responded. the injuries are not considered life threatening. >> occupants were saying they heard lots of alarms ringing and they were starting to do their evacuations and get out of the building. >> 97 people live in the apartment building. there's an evacuation center set up at the nearby fair oaks community center. the cause of that fire is still under investigation tonight. well, we could find out as soon as tomorrow whether the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open as planned on labor day weekend. cal trans officials plan to brief government leaders on their decision during a closed door meeting in sacramento. it's possible it could be delayed because of several construction probproblems we'rek in a moment with sports.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss with the "comcast sportsnet" newsroom. the giants were glad to be homecoming off that miserable 1-8 road trip. unfortunately they came home to a red hot dodgers team. they split the series. today one more chapter in this storied rivalry. rubber match, three-game set. giants/dodgers. at&t park. yeah, barry bonds had a good seat. 1-1. adrian gonzalez.
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he throws it towards sorenda. puig. bases loaded. ouch, a.j. ellis clears them. dodgers win 4-1 and take two of three in this series. >> i feel good. i feel good. obviously it's tough to lose a game like that. you know, we battled it. just, you know, one pitch at the end. >> he was good. hit his spot and everything. fastballs, sliders, change-ups. he felt great. he did a really, really good job. a's and royals in kansas city. that is josh reddick muscling up for his fourth home run of the season. the a's blowing this thing open at 7-1. just for good measure, a little eric sogard. just his fifth career home run. first of the season and the a's win 10-4. they take two out of three. kc heads to pittsburgh tomorrow.
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with qualifying bundles. thanks for choosing nbc bay area. 6:00. we will see you back here at 11:00. until then, have a good and safe evening.
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